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NEW Men's Luxury Summer Sale 2018 Pt. 2 – Shoes (6UK,7US,40EU): Gucci, Hermès, Louis Vuitton & more

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PAYMENT TERMS Offered prices are final, so any messages with other offered prices or trades will be ignored and deleted. All prices in US dollars. Payment accept through PayPal (will send an invoice for interested buyers). DM me on Instagram @SartorialPhil or send me an email at [email protected] with the item name. -- SHIPPING TERMS Shipping fees are the responsibility of the buyers and will be calculated based on location; shipping fee will be exactly the cost quoted by USPS (or UPS/DHL for certain international addresses). I will provide the box if necessary. For international addresses, declared value for customs will be sale price. I cannot mark items as $0, so any custom fees that may be incurred is the responsibility of the buyer. -- ITEMS FOR SALE (PART TWO) SOLD – Balenciaga Speed Trainers 39 Black/White $525 (30% off $750 retail) SOLD – Gucci Fur Princetown GG Marmont Slippers $695 (30% off $995 retail) SOLD – Gucci Queercore/Iowa Buckle Brogue Boots $930 (40% off $1550 retail) 6:15 – Hender Scheme x Adidas Leather NMD $800 (20% off $1000 retail) 8:10 – Loewe Low-Top Leather/Suede Sneakers $350 (40% off $590 retail) SOLD – Fendi Cut-Out Leather Sneakers $345 (50% off $690 retail) 10:38 – Louis Vuitton Victory Deep Red High Tops 6.5UK $625 (30% off $895 retail) SOLD – Hermès Electric Blue Izmir Epsom Leather Sandals 40.5 $495 (30% off $710 retail) PART ONE (LEATHER GOODS): https://youtu.be/mNCNhES3Apw PART THREE (GUCCI RTW): https://youtu.be/I51cKVZxzdg -- Subscribe for more videos, check out my Instagram page @SatorialPhil for the latest updates and exclusive content. Contact me via email (in profile) for business inquiries. Thank you for watching.
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Zeke Oconnor (5 months ago)
I’m interested in the Gucci boots!
SartorialPhil (5 months ago)
Sold already, just updated the listings in the description
Jon (11 months ago)
They're my size!! but still a bit too expensive for me. Are you planning on a used shoes sale? so the prices can be more affordable? I understand the prices for these, they are pretty much new. By the way, loved the Loewe and the Fendi : )
Niel Wong (11 months ago)
ya after this you will learn to be less impulsive, buying is easy but getting rid is hard and losing money at it while doing that as well. I certainly learnt mine very well indeed
SartorialPhil (11 months ago)
Yes, less learned, especially for shoes. But I found by buying less, I'm buying more expensive items...so not sure if it's helping my budget in the end 😅
Mathew B. (11 months ago)
Why do you buy so many luxury goods if you don’t end up using most of them? Just curious.
SartorialPhil (11 months ago)
Yeah, sometimes we're afraid to damage/use them 😅 that's definitely been the case with many of my items.
SartorialPhil (11 months ago)
This is just a fad with starting my channel, but I never spend more than I can make. I am in the software business, but have also been investing.
SartorialPhil (11 months ago)
Most of these are impulse purchase, especially when traveling overseas and Paris is just full of luxury. Part of it is also due to starting my channel and feeling compelled to get new things frequently. I have changed my behavior and am being more selective of what luxury items I purchase now.
MrRocktex1978 (11 months ago)
I have the same problem. I buy luxury items and cant seem to make them practical. I have an LV suitcase that I purchased new in 1994 that is almost 25 years ago and I still have not used it once. CAn u belive it? I think it comes from the fact that we work hard to get these items and we tend to want to baby them and take care of them. The trick is using the item and treating it no differently that if it was a 9.99 tshirt or 29,99 tennis shoes. But that is not easy to some people. Making luxury practical is not as easy as it appears. Also, you have to have the occasion to use your items and u have to be a wise buyer to make sure that the item will work for u and even then its not easy

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