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8 Clothing Tricks Most Guys Don't Know

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Text Comments (2844)
SadChats (11 minutes ago)
Your belt is really nice. How does it call?
Richard P. Franklin (20 minutes ago)
When I was a teenager, my grandma used to sew a small loop onto my pants right where the button was. I'd put the prong of the buckle through the loop first and then buckle the belt as usual. That way, the buckle would stay centred, and the pants would never slip from under the belt. There you go: the "boner" problem solved. Might not work with prongless buckles though.
ForAnubis Raiju (21 minutes ago)
Shirt stay.. the moment you drop your pants in front of the girl she will not stop laughin till the next morning xD
Geovani Smith (36 minutes ago)
"Looks like Woody is ready to go." lol
Rylan Busby Wilkes (53 minutes ago)
You look like a faggit
grabinie official (54 minutes ago)
Useless. We are men. No women.
Andrew Guttry (1 hour ago)
Is this a video for idiots? What a pointless video-and what's that thing on your head?
MIXED BAG VLOGS & VIDS (2 hours ago)
Loved the video, not the last tip though. I'm way to OCD
Skylogistic Ssss (2 hours ago)
Not good idea man
Philip Robertson III (2 hours ago)
I have a dark secret to reveal.
Fero R. (2 hours ago)
i don't like jeans they squeeze my bulge (-.-)
Ameen Raed (2 hours ago)
Sub to me
Paul Bengtsson (6 hours ago)
I just wondering, is shirt stay on first date a good thing..... :-)
Maurice Smith (6 hours ago)
This is so epic
Jonathan Klamas (6 hours ago)
3:11 i have a problem with finding pants because am tall and skinny
Blessed AndFavored (6 hours ago)
Adrian Gudino (8 hours ago)
Nah I'm just good at zipping. Doesn't unzip unless I make it so.
eddyvideostar (8 hours ago)
To: Tom and Community: If you work out, for mass or whatever. If you can buy supplements as the powdered protein, which is really just milk and sugar, then you can visit the tailors to build your attire. You sweat the small details regarding your regime, then you can clean up the details of your clothing integument.
Wynand du Toit (8 hours ago)
Look good using your brain.
mopardude1000 (8 hours ago)
"Dont act like your not impressed...optical illusion, pleat in the pants"
Eddie Figueroa (8 hours ago)
Saved the last for best hanging the pants or slacks
Ryan Freese (9 hours ago)
Man up and be a real man. Real men don’t care about these things.
justin Case (9 hours ago)
Fantastic! Thanks.
Mukee Kingsterio (9 hours ago)
The alpha m ki copy Mt kr
OG Gallery Crew Leeds (10 hours ago)
Can you imagine if you pulled that hottie u been lusting after over in the club you get home she drops to her knees for some good old Bj action then bam you guessed it "SHE SAY WAY ARE YOU WEARING BRACERS UP SIDE DOWN" AH AH AH and then run off laughing lol. Instead Of sellotape buy a bigger shirt that fits better i would say what a crank. And as for shirt collars why don't you just iron the collar when ironing the shirt,
yucky buttz (10 hours ago)
Is this video a fuckin' joke or just gay?
Reiq (10 hours ago)
I use my wife’s edible KY for stuck zipper.👍
Zeddzdedd (13 hours ago)
Stop shouting man
Nitish Singh (13 hours ago)
Oh look it’s an alpha ripoff
Jacob Fry (14 hours ago)
Why are you fucking yelling
Simon Heard (14 hours ago)
A shirt stay! WTF! Listen, I like to look good but I'm not gonna sacrifice my masculinity in order to do so.
GoOdGrIeF (14 hours ago)
Woody's ready to play
No matter all the harsh criticism about your tips & advices,but you really get gorgeous legs & a delicious butt!!!!.That`s what really matter to me!!!. :-) !!!!.Greetings!!!.
TheKevinGHutton (18 hours ago)
Hands up if this is the most patronising thing you've heard today. Also, this guy is skinny as hell so, of course his clothes fit perfectly.
Sherita’s Kitchen (18 hours ago)
Cool video
A. - (19 hours ago)
Daniel (21 hours ago)
wher is tricks with big dick ?
Gary Russ (22 hours ago)
Regular sex with my many female fans prevents public boners , and ironically provides Vaseline for my zipper, 2 birds, one stone.
Warachot D (22 hours ago)
super flek (22 hours ago)
Thanks for the tips bro 👍
edi pulomas (23 hours ago)
Good but a little bit over threat...
Abdou Krib (1 day ago)
LiZardX (1 day ago)
SHAUNDIGITY (1 day ago)
How do you get rid of bread head? this guy has at least half a loaf sitting on his head!
CD (1 day ago)
Marines know about shirt stays.
Apophis (1 day ago)
shirtstay...like upside down suspenders?
ALL Rounder (1 day ago)
Where are you from???
Ganesh Vaidya (1 day ago)
Very faltu bakwas
Why did yt recommend this to me? I have no interest in fashion just darts so what the hell was it recommend for, are yt secretly spying on me and thought I need to improve my dress sense? I don't care, I like looking like a slob, it's comfy.
Barney Lynch (1 day ago)
They say that fashion starts at the top and works its way down (A nice shirt is more necessary than nice pants, nice shoes are pointless if your outfit is garbage). That being said, what the hell is happening on the top of your head?
kir (1 day ago)
Brothers be wearing braces to keep their trousers up and shirt stays to keep their shirts down I’m done, stop the world, I’m getting off
Guys should not take advice from straight man... they all look mostly the same. 🤣😄
Marcshélle De Marcio C (21 hours ago)
+Juan David no i dont think so. But i wouldn't know.
Juan David (22 hours ago)
Is he straight ? .... I though he was gay
Kadeen Willacey (1 day ago)
This popped up... I watched and read the comments. Men are hilarious. Shirt stays aren't bad at all. Just be confident guys!😉
Soultrain 440 (1 day ago)
Man! I used to watch this guy 4 years ago or so and he just popped up again in my feed! Bro has been On Top of good fashion for men for a Long Time! Kickin ass bro
andrik lira (1 day ago)
Where did you get that belt, looks stylish
Chris Grubisa (1 day ago)
wtf ..... 👎
Josh Andrew (1 day ago)
Yo this guy is a rip of Alfa M WTF
Thomas Michael (1 day ago)
Nice Yachtmaster!
Big North Marty (1 day ago)
Ahhh yes sweety before you go down on me, do you mind removing my shirtstay?
Fernando Hernandez (1 day ago)
Shirtstay???? I have dreamed about making them, I never thought they existed
Bran Kind (1 day ago)
Buddy, I'm 60 yrs old and I didn't vote on letting Third World ugly shit like you into my country. We need an idiot like you to tell us how to wear clothes we invented? Give me a break. Your people still wear robes. It's funny how your kind thinks they are Americans just because you speak English and live here...or were born here. Trump will change all that shit soon. Count on it.
Claudio Cruzat (1 day ago)
Gay men do stuff that is somehow funny but you go far beyond reason !!
Marvin Jimenez (1 day ago)
I just wear a sports coat, button the top button and only iron the front of the shirt. That's my tip.
Peter D. (1 day ago)
shirt stay. nah. tuck it in your underwear, but most women will laugh if u undress because it is funny looking, esp. if you stretch the ends towards the feet. how do slim women do it when they wear a tap. shirt? anyway, egomaniacs can be female too. denying it would be ... sexist.
Smiling Wolf Media (1 day ago)
I knew I was in trouble when I saw the boufant hairdo on the speaker here. Cheap Arab techno and 300 dollar shirts anyone? What about 1,000 dollar shoes we only wear to the diplomats club? Comedy. Please don't respond, I need more attention.
mokotramp (1 day ago)
Did I really just see that shitty elastic shirt thing? I'm just thankful I don't have too tuck my shirt in, and look gay!
CollinLeBeast (1 day ago)
3:18 joses nasty ass outie
Niice 😎
...buy pants that fit, tie your shirt to your socks 🤣😂. It takes an hour to tuck your shirt in, but the at least the uncomfortable feeling of confinement lasts all day. At least one of these hacks should involve having your testicles removed and just wearing a dress. ...the last two were alright
Jannes Schueller (1 day ago)
Fuck that , wanna get Huge
Eric Von Zipper (1 day ago)
Believe me no one cares what the fuck I am wearing or why!
Danny Roe (1 day ago)
Jose, anyone who served in the Marine Corps knows about shirt stays! FYI. Look at the Marine's "dress blues" uniform they have been rocking everything you have been saying for the last 100 yrs https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AbylW2cKvZM
Jussy Bandz (1 day ago)
This blew my mind😶😶
Angel Nieves (1 day ago)
Bro the shirt stay best thing you’ve showed me and the advice for betting fitting pants
pork chop (1 day ago)
Nothing can stop my package bulge from showing.....nothing.
C (1 day ago)
Cool dude....thanks.
Captain Cinema (1 day ago)
I like it when the pants crotch bunches up and looks like I got a healthy junk. Be PROUD, guys. Anyone gets offended, who cares? Who gives a flying ratsass about prudes?
dylan christensen (1 day ago)
You don't need to yell and act like a spaz
Langi Beats (1 day ago)
If she dont like you in a sweat suit, she isn't the chick for you. Stop trying so damn hard fellas.
Titus Judah (1 day ago)
I just came here for the bulge.
buje182 (1 day ago)
Thank you. I hope i can have my 6 minutes back
77garga (1 day ago)
only muffin top i see is his hair
Laurent Jacquemin (1 day ago)
I worked in high-end men's fashion for several years in my 20's and know about shirt stays ad they do work great. But back then I couldn't afford them. So I made up my no cost version that works just as well. I wear trunk style boxer briefs. I tuck my shirt into my trunks, with the front of the shirt coming through the front of each leg of my trunks and the tail just tucked into the seat of my trunks. This keeps the shirt just about perfect. If I need a quick fix, I can just pop into the men's room, unzip my pants and yank (no pun intended!) on my shirt sides and then off I go. However, shirt stays are a much classier way to keep your shirt tucked in.
Satvik Mishra (1 day ago)
yi lo (1 day ago)
I'm not going into the girls bathroom
RustyX2010 (1 day ago)
Just go MGTOW!
Phil Tay (1 day ago)
The hanger trick.. BRILLIANT
TimIsGreat 34 (1 day ago)
I’ve always found not caring works well
NypherHunter (2 days ago)
Andre Bryant (2 days ago)
Wash and hang dry your good stuff extra work but that dryer kills klothes
Gil T (2 days ago)
Irritating voice 🤢
Raul B Pimentel (2 days ago)
Gay stupid fuck
DJ NEW YORK (2 days ago)
U got my sub bro 💪💪💪💪
Frank Rizzo (2 days ago)
I was here for the excess fabric of the waist and it was a 'waist' of time 😡
Sebas Jung (2 days ago)
the meaning of life
vip vikas (2 days ago)
Bhai hindi àati hai kya
Jayvon (2 days ago)
For the pants was also hoping you'd mention how to ensure you don't have a crease by using a certain hanger type.
Willy khamissi (2 days ago)
This is for gay ppl .. guys don't care ..
fastguitar (2 days ago)
I cant believe I've never heard of a shirt stay, you would think they would have a commercial never seen one one tv

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