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♪ "Like An Enderman" - Minecraft Song

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Please leave a LIKE and SUB HERE! → http://goo.gl/nGHJ06 ♫ NOW ON iTUNES! - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/like-an-enderman-single/id586251039 Join The ThnxCya Website! http://teamthnxcya.net/ Do you fancy owning your own Minecraft server? I HIGHLY recommend McProHosting! Check them out here to get a discount! https://mcprohosting.com/?promo=ThnxCya Please support the music by clicking this Link to share on twitter! - http://clicktotweet.com/b3900 Animator - http://www.youtube.com/user/BurnedVirus More Music is available on iTunes! - https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/thnxcya/id504112734 Lyrics Verse Watch you now, while you turn something into nothing, Look its raining now, you better believe me sir i aint bluffing. Gonna creep you now, but not creep like those green things that you often see Cumon TNT? that don't bother me! Im like Slenderman, Do it properly! You saw me there, just one glimpse then im gone, but not for long! Coz i bet your scared, this town aint built for two, just for one, Stay aware, coz im just chilling over here, NOPE! Over there. I like to stare, coz im both your biggest fan and your worst nightmare! Pre Chorus The truth hurts, coz this is my world, you'd better know, you'd better know. I wont stop coz i want your blocks, just so you know, just so you know, just so you know. Chrous LIke an Enderman Like an Enderman - HEY, Heya stevie, HEY - I am creepy. The truth hurts, coz this is my world, you'd better know, you'd better know. I wont stop coz i want your blocks, just so you know, just so you know, just so you know. Like an Enderman! This is a Minecraft Parody Of ‪PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/V‬ iTunes http://tinyurl.com/72sk55f Twitter http://twitter.com/ThnxCya Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Thnxcya BandCamp http://thnxcya.bandcamp.com Music - incompetech.com For the most AWESOME Dedicated Minecraft Servers I recommend McPowerHosting Check them out at this link! - http://bit.ly/ThnxCya Or https://www.facebook.com/McPowerHosting https://twitter.com/McPowerHosting This video contains Minecraft let's play / mod showcase and or song / parody gameplay, uploaded under standard youtube license by ThnxCya. Please do not re upload
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Text Comments (43711)
Rowby (2 hours ago)
Blazing Curse (12 hours ago)
why is black man watching me
Silvin8tor (13 hours ago)
I only listen to REAL music
GALAXY STARS (16 hours ago)
Gangnom style? NAH Like An Enderman? YAAAAAAS
Midnight_HypeYT (16 hours ago)
This my type of music in 2019
X-BOW (18 hours ago)
This song made his whole career.
MeowCatElijah (1 day ago)
This is old
Jim_Almeida (1 day ago)
There’s squirrels on my roof and I’m trying to sleep and they won’t shut up.
I saw this years ago and forgot about and found it again. My childhood memories are compelling me
Magical_Nub (1 day ago)
They’re now my least favorite mobs followed by zombies.
ben sullivan (1 day ago)
i feel like thxcya stays awake at night thinking about this
Deimos (1 day ago)
You stole my song ): ( I didn’t upload it )
정준으이 (2 days ago)
안녕하세요 한국인 모여라 Hello im korean come
한국인 (2 days ago)
Is it gangnam style? 이거강남스타일아님?
lonelyywolfy (2 days ago)
No god no save me now save me from this bad song and put me in I'll make some cake song
At least it’s not Fortnite Oh wait minecraft is good
chonky coon (2 days ago)
Is been seven years and this is still the number one song
Um Mayed (3 days ago)
Mikael HD (3 days ago)
In Pixel gun
Overdozed Guy (3 days ago)
the worst mmv
Dynamations (4 days ago)
0:25 still the best line in the whole video
Ethan Smith (4 days ago)
I did not even though ThnxCya Was The One who made this
Argenteus (4 days ago)
I remember when everyone else went nuts over "Diggin' Minecraft Style" but I was the only want who knew this masterpiece.
Grim - Gaming Videos (4 days ago)
Alex2008 theOMG (4 days ago)
Like an ender dragon XD
Mert Kulaş YT (4 days ago)
Vensa (5 days ago)
15th century anyone?
Damian Rozgowski (5 days ago)
Dobra muza
Capt Woods (5 days ago)
dex (5 days ago)
Minecraft style was better, change my mind.
Ty__ (5 days ago)
I remember this part of my life so well. life before worrying about day after day and my grades. Back in the day with SkyDoesMinecraft, AsfJerome, Bajan Canadian, Ssundee, Deadlox all of those guys. I miss those times. the simpler times 😢
TheCodamanCrew (5 days ago)
Better than Minecraft Style
CopiluMirific (5 days ago)
I would watch this every day when I was 7. I thought it was the best song ever although not knowing English enough to even understand it. God... 6 years ago. Time sure flies fast.
BenjaMint (5 days ago)
MEGAKAWON9 ! (5 days ago)
Nostalgic :')
José Luis Rodriguez (5 days ago)
I used to dance this on my old times now just all the kids dance just fornite 😢
Theis Lykkegaard (5 days ago)
Eclipze (6 days ago)
1:07 my last braincells during a math test
Suna Yasal (6 days ago)
Çok güzel ya gülmekten yazamıyorum😂😂😂🤣
kittydog (6 days ago)
Zom X (5 days ago)
Samuel da Samurai (6 days ago)
Happy 10th anniversary, Minecraft!
BAN HAMMER (6 days ago)
This is old ;-;
I love this song so much it is so funny and just lol
Res Jose (6 days ago)
Too scary for kids. Ik going back to digging minecraft style. #ganngam style
Mykipro3 - Roblox (6 days ago)
i used to watch this when i was 4 or 5 lol
Arthur Morgan (6 days ago)
I remember watching this when I was 9 I’m 16 now
Bridgette Morales (6 days ago)
I remember this since i was little This reaveled my childhood😂
Ocoe (6 days ago)
Oh my gosh, the nostalgia is real! Happy 10th Anniversary Minecraft!!! 😄
Elect0nic Creeper (6 days ago)
Everyone talked about this in school back in 2013
Liam Ford (7 days ago)
Back when i was 12 or 13 damn that was a Time , with my buddys back Then But now im 17 allmost 18 and smoke weed with them so all good
Hans5958 (7 days ago)
Smh just do peaceful difficulty how hard is it
Jevil _ (7 days ago)
This Is back When Endermans have Blue Eyes
This is amazing
kidonfire ! (7 days ago)
Angel Angel (7 days ago)
Jake Garner (7 days ago)
I miss James' songs
SKULL RIDER (7 days ago)
Old but gold
PyroToast3 (7 days ago)
One of the only true good minecraft parodies
Who da frick disliked this?
Igi122 (8 days ago)
10-13 year old team unite! i mean like you know like 10-13 years old right now not when this came out
Igi122 (8 days ago)
oh god the nostalgia back when i was 6
닭통비갈왕원수 (8 days ago)
lincon loud (8 days ago)
This is funny and it's a hybrid of gangmanstyle
Aiden Gaming (8 days ago)
Minecraft style is better
Dededab God (8 days ago)
I remember when I was in 2nd grade and this was played during my schools "Mindcraft" themed talent show
ItsPenguin73 (8 days ago)
I remember memorizing the lyrics and singing this all the time
emma3400 emma3400 (8 days ago)
This was legit 98% if my childhood and nothing compares to it
kittensandkats mk (8 days ago)
Ah, My cringeworthy childhood comes back to haunt me, I see
Oblivian (8 days ago)
I wish I could say I didn’t go hard to this back in the day
シCuteChocoChipx (8 days ago)
Another one of my childhood mating calls
Raptorlord101 (8 days ago)
Oh boy this is a throw back
Rosemary Wiser (3 days ago)
this is so 2012 it hurts BTW WHY ARE HIS EYES BLUE
Tamoko _thepotat (9 days ago)
I still remember that i thought this was cool
Edwin Zeng (9 days ago)
Is this my life?
Theis Dramon (9 days ago)
This is garbage... I love it
951mark (9 days ago)
Rochelle David (9 days ago)
Thank for adding blue eyes i like it my fave collor
Odezu 666 (9 days ago)
I used to have this as my ringtone.
Dude 4001 (9 days ago)
Kiki Backuo (9 days ago)
Who else is watching thing in 2019 for nostalgia
watch u now while u turn something into nothin look its raining u better believe me sir i aint bluffing gonna creep u now but not creep like those green things that u offen see come TNT that dont bother me im like slenderman do it properly
Aadil Shaik (10 days ago)
Great now i have a knew ediction
This is on pandora for some reason?
Rodha chhetri (10 days ago)
But I like purple ship
Milly Lessin (10 days ago)
Also anyone watching in 2040???????
If only they for saw the future... Pether Nortal and long chest still haunt me
BLUE EYED QH (10 days ago)
Amelie Rosado (10 days ago)
Dejan Miskov (11 days ago)
Best song when i was kid
Lata Suman (11 days ago)
2019 guys
vinod c. sahay Sahay (11 days ago)
i love enderman because the eyes
Rose Link (11 days ago)
A big flooding wall of nostalgia hit me in the face
Legends Official (11 days ago)
Only OGs will remember this
Lilly Loving Heart (11 days ago)
the enderman is fucking creepy. look at the way the limbs bend. it's so weird
Teagan Frase (11 days ago)
I watched this when I was like, 6 or 7. Now I’m 11. I still play Minecraft, but now people think it’s worse that Fortnite or Roblox, and now it’s basically a meme. I wish the golden age of Minecraft would come back 😭😭
Maria tube (11 days ago)
I remember that when i was 7 my dad and i went to a circus and it sang yhe original song and i was confused why it did not say like an Enderman XD

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