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How Oracle SQL Query Process

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Text Comments (13)
Ashish Pachpor (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot for this Session ..Its really helpful.
NIKUNJ SAKARIA (1 year ago)
Where is the 2nd part ? ...Thanks a lot for this Session ..Its really helpful
Raunak Kasliwal (2 years ago)
Thanks Amit for the session. please provide the link of other session :)
Rishi Rawat (2 years ago)
Excellent...where is second part "(buffer cache of SGA"
atul jain (2 years ago)
Thanks a lot Amit to sharing this informative session. Clears many doubts here.
Raman Vishwanath (3 years ago)
More Details - Email - [email protected] [email protected] Call us - +919977997254 visit www.bispsolutions.com
yogesh shelke (3 years ago)
+Raman Vishwanath Hi Can you give me the link of next part of the video ? Plz :) It is most interesting video yeah i know voice is interupting but still full of knowledge. Thanks in advance
Rama Mohan (3 years ago)
It could be great if you share your next part "Buffer cache of SGA"...and i have one question at  36th minute....It is showing two sql statement in libarary cache for Bind variable also ...can you explain on this
Sandeep Bhadouriya (3 years ago)
Please share 2nd part "Buffer cache of SGA" ???
Rajesh Chaudhary (4 years ago)
1) what if we use query like: select to_char(systimestamp,'HH24:MI:SSxFF'),ename from scott.emp where rownum=1; Here we are displaying time, which is continuously changing on every execution. will the query stored same as we've written or its stored with its real values. ?? 2) Just assume If we've use another query which slight different form 1st one where we are passing diff-2 value via parameter from any application/program like: SCRATCH CODE:: for i in 1..10 do sqlplus scott/[email protected]<<EOF select * from emp where rownum='$i'; EOF done Now here you can see SQL statements getting change on every new cycle of loop via "$i" parameter value. So will it store one OR 10 query in Library cache of SGA ?? please give your needful  suggestion on above points.
Kshitij Biyani (4 years ago)
Unable to hear a single word and the image is also not clear. Kindly upload the video with good voice and image.
ASHish Mate (4 years ago)
where is second part (buffer cache of SGA ) ?
Artem Ivashchenko (5 years ago)
An interesting topic, but the sound is so poor. However thanks for your job.

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