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10 Animated Movies That Were Changed In Other Countries

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Kids Movies That Were Changed in Other Countries Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6 _________________________________________________________ Other Videos You Will Like: 10 Disney Characters That Are Different In Other Countries https://youtu.be/42zR8ColBPU 10 Game Characters That Look Different In Other Countries https://youtu.be/p3iUoAhp7-M 10 Toy Knockoffs From Other Countries https://youtu.be/68Vk9gMsB8c 10 STRANGE School Rules In Other Countries https://youtu.be/b9oKsiDbSs8 It’s hard enough to make an animated film. It takes years for them to be produced, thanks largely in part to how long it takes the render and animate the scenes. But then the animators of these films actually take the time to tweak certain scenes for different regions around the world. Case in point, the rousing speech Buzz gives the other toys in Toy Story 2 is set to the American flag and anthem in the U.S. version, but is changed everywhere else in the world. Rochelle in Planes is Canadian in North America but her nationality, name and paint job differ depending where else you watch it. In a similar move, the news anchors in Zootopia are different and representative of the country in question. Language barriers are always an issue for countries that don’t speak or read English, so animators actually alter any scenes that have prominent English in them. Monsters University altered some colorful cupcakes and changed a “scary” banner to use symbols at one of the games. In Ratatouille, which is set in France, the English language was removed from a letter and other texts and swapped to French. In Up, the words “Paradise Falls” mean nothing if you can’t read them. So the animators fixed that. Wreck it Ralph has a background character unique to Japan, despite the original version of the character being a homage to a great Japanese filmmaker. Inside Out made a few changes as well, from a simple vegetable swap to changing an entire scene for the sake of sports.
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little snow sunshine (5 hours ago)
Dallas Martinez (15 hours ago)
I’m so confused though... in cases like changing the scene to football and swapping words for pictures... wouldn’t it be less work, time and money to make it the same in both America AND other countries?
Return of the planet of the apes
# WHATSOEVER (1 day ago)
The joke that flash makes in zootopia is different in some countries, such as mine :p Ps: I’m from Brazil
Matthew Smith (1 day ago)
Ralph Breaks the Internet is rubbish compared to the first one!
I also noticed that in Disney „Coco” in English version, one of the skeletons coming back from the land of the living says that he bring back some churrios, but in Polish version he says that hes bringing back cookies 😁
Mattpotato Darby (1 day ago)
Anyone gonna mention the fact that this had 8 movies mentioned in it as opposed to 10?
Megan OConnor (2 days ago)
Rise of the planets of the apes? Edit:Yaaay
torrace12 (4 days ago)
as long as the producers directors etc think that they are better then the viewers this kind of changes will just make their productions worse
Audrey Talbot (5 days ago)
Fun fact: France renamed zootopia zootopie and Spain renamed it zootropolois
bonnie fluff13 (5 days ago)
Planet apps
Red Riley123 (6 days ago)
Fam im 11. Im in high-school.
moon bobo (6 days ago)
I'm so annoyed they didn't show us what happened to the smiley face cupcake in monster uni like the original change from "be my pal" to "LAME"
Wheezy Grace (6 days ago)
It says USA but people say United Stats Of America USOA instead of USA
Kyro Conure (7 days ago)
2:34 *Nick:* What do you call a three-humped camel? *Flash:* I don't know, what do you call a- *Judy:* three-humped camel. *ZOOTOPIA!* *Me:* I don't get it...
Saff Vlogs (7 days ago)
Rise of the planet apes!!😊
Summer Playz gacha! (9 days ago)
🐒🔝world= Planet of apes.
kavika13 (9 days ago)
Video starts at 0:40
toshiohime (9 days ago)
I can only speculate that they changed the looks of the Japanese character for wreck it Ralph cause that the beauty standard of asia
Tiger And Me (10 days ago)
Ok ok you need broccoli INSTEAD Ok ok you need green peppers XD
lemonboy plays (10 days ago)
Rise of the planet of apes
Ranio chaitidi (10 days ago)
In Greece Moana is called Viana because it’s easier to pronounce
Rage Gamer (11 days ago)
Movie is called:space chimps:)
viviennart (11 days ago)
Those small few word changes I don't get... Other countries can just add small subtitles (as they usually do, at leash where I live) for signs in a movie. It's also a bonus, since you can at least learn a few new english words. The broccoli/pepper situation I would understand if it was set in that country.
Cryptic Rhea (11 days ago)
No we shouldnt have to change our movies. they were made in America to appeal to American audiances.
SugarCane_9696 (11 days ago)
I'd rather eat broccoli than eat bell pepper
Jack Stahle (11 days ago)
Return of the planet of the apes
Mohamed Isse (12 days ago)
Fun fact: Pixar didn’t change all of these things in Norway
randomness (12 days ago)
Other countries already edit our films to fit their social norms. I think it means a lot to audience members when films are catered to them.
Jacob Hoss (12 days ago)
You mean that in France they changed the text from English to French?? Mind = blown.
IMAPROOF - Fortnite (13 days ago)
Fun fact: in USA Zootopia is named Zootopia.
Vladimir Rusev (13 days ago)
I am no fan of any "localisations". Miyazaki's Nausicaa was first butchered, and became "Warriors of the wind". That "Wariors of the wind" is shining example of what happens when "localisations" become wild, and they eventually, always do. Back then, that forced Miazaki to add "non-edit" clause to his movies for foreign releases.
Mohammed Enamul Hoque (13 days ago)
Pixar editors are really intelligent
Katherine Ortega (14 days ago)
nice vid! interesting! :3
GamingWithOwen (14 days ago)
I mean eight
GamingWithOwen (14 days ago)
That was nine changes
NeptuneStar (14 days ago)
OH, thats why i shouldn't watch movies in other countries..
Clevername (14 days ago)
Um, apes don't have tails. That puzzle is "Rise of the Planet of the Monkeys" apparently. Way to screw up the puzzle.
Emma Rose (14 days ago)
2:30 pretty sure they’re faces in the English (England not America) version. That’s really weird, seeing as we speak English too! 😂
ItsYoKaii (15 days ago)
Triggrd not called zootopia -.-
Riley Mentor (15 days ago)
cars 2
Joy Copen (15 days ago)
I think it's pretty obvious to say that the reason Minty Miyazaki was changed is cause of her skintone. Japan is pretty colorist and she looked darker than how most Japanese characters are presented.
Eti Robi (15 days ago)
Well, in Pokemon movies and animes, instead of letting Onigiris (rice balls), wich is a really popular snack in Japan, they put donnuts in some countries, like USA.
robokiwi (15 days ago)
Actually in ratatouille they are speaking and reading in French but to the audience it’s English.
leokid6 (16 days ago)
La planete des sienge
Nzredwolf (16 days ago)
you said monsters university twice!!
FeatheredGryphon (17 days ago)
It's fun to change few scenes but well. When I was a kid, I've seen hockey in cartoons, and my country doesn't even play hockey, like at all. I've seen scenes that was "inappriopriat" in my country, meaning that we have different things, culture and this won't do. But I knew it's a cartoon, not about my country. Also, I believe people are well aware from the beginning of their lives, what is America.
TheStealth Foxy (17 days ago)
Hi there just wanted to let you have my phone
Iqra Khan (18 days ago)
In my country we watched riley's father day dreaming about soccer. not hockey u r right.
48Dodger (18 days ago)
Other than changing the original language so I could understand it, I wonder if any of the dialog was changed in Kimba the White Lion, circa 1960's aka "The real Lion King"...lol. (California)
Die Greta ! (18 days ago)
In Germany it's not moana it's Vaiana and in Italy it oceania
Raymond Salas (18 days ago)
Rise of the planet of the apes for the emojis
James Lloyd (19 days ago)
naked ness
Little Cripple (19 days ago)
I was watching a Japanese movie and was disgusted to see Japanese letters on screen. They should have change them to English to accomadate my sensitive nature. What prics
salazizzle (19 days ago)
"Ten" movies yet you repeated the last two. So "eight" movies.
Gaëlle Nkero Capito (19 days ago)
North American monkey?
MarsalaWine (19 days ago)
I watched Shrek for the first time in Central America... they changed the songs and the jokes to make sense culturally. They were songs that were popular there, because ours wouldn't mean anything to them.
ENTRA2013 (19 days ago)
The awkward moment when the animated movies are all made by either Disney or Pixar. 😂😂
Phoenix Dragon (19 days ago)
Planet apes
So Ronery (19 days ago)
If you don’t like bell peppers and broccoli, you’re no longer my friend.
Air Mizrat (19 days ago)
They are afraid of offending certain groups of people which is why the movies were changed in other countries. Same reason why Starbucks no longer has the snowflake on the holiday cups because they are afraid of offending Muslims and other groups of people that don't celebrate Christmas.
Sarah Simmons (20 days ago)
I sawed that 1 the wreck-it ralphn yestrarday
cool thanks
Lily DIY (20 days ago)
I understand English because I’m Australian dahhh
katy's world (21 days ago)
It's Tánea not Tańya
Midnight star (21 days ago)
My clothes.
VMP (21 days ago)
I know Pixar and many other companies have millions, but you know how much of a pain of an ass it is for your boss to be like, "Hey I know you done and all, but could you like change large plot-device scenes so our bros over in japan can not notice anything different, thanks again."
SciiWizard (21 days ago)
I don't know if this is a national change, but I saw a change in two of the same Lion King movies. They are the same movie but the scene where Simba takes down Zazu changed! In one movie I saw, Simba was chasing a gofer while Zazu was singing a song before getting jumped on. Then in a different one, Simba was chasing a grasshopper, Zazu wasn't singing at all, there was no gofer present at all.
Jordan Norton (21 days ago)
return of the planet of the apes? idk lol
Zalan Szabo (22 days ago)
Planeet of the apes
anita436 (22 days ago)
Lol, I love broccoli ❤
Benjamin Rye (22 days ago)
Jeg dræber jer
Mai Le (22 days ago)
Broccoli is nice but green peppers aren't, just saying (maybe it's an Asian thing because some of greens taste like broccoli does a little)
Miss Bossy (22 days ago)
Sir Wolfs (23 days ago)
Space monkeys
Wade Collins (23 days ago)
the emojis mean the move called monkey up
Miki Haneda (23 days ago)
l'm japanese and l LOVE brocklli!
7nnah.is.radical (23 days ago)
rise of the planet of the apes
Sarah Almondes (24 days ago)
Lol I am from Brazil and that is true! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
AK Living (24 days ago)
The movie is The Rise Of The World Of The Apes
Sara Aliyeva (24 days ago)
Am I the only person who loves broccoli? Literally tho... they taste great with olive oil 😋
Wajd AlDawsari (24 days ago)
I never knew the cupcakes said be my pal 🤯
aarush yadav (24 days ago)
Plantet of the apes haven't watched the whole vid yet
This comment got 1 like in 1 day That's an average of 1 day And you clicked read more for no reason
Hunter Davis (25 days ago)
Fun fact the person who plays the manager in Cars is voiced by a different actor in the UK!
Brian Rommel (25 days ago)
Missed the “You go 2 sleep” gesture from Monsters Inc which was changed in international versions.
Monkey up
Jeffboi 1.0 boi (25 days ago)
Global warming
Kristen Moyers (26 days ago)
i think the emoji is the rise of the planet and the apes i hope it is that was a good movie
TheErnieforss (26 days ago)
I heard Mexico shrek is a hell a lot funnier than American shrek
Jesse-Jukka Paananen (26 days ago)
Cars 2 yellow car
Aleuck (26 days ago)
Movies with completely different stories in different contries? Easy, it already exists: Nausicäa of the Valley of the Wind. The murican version is completely different from the original.
Bill C (26 days ago)
tazza azzo (26 days ago)
Iv seen both versions for toy story 2 and I was so confused and thought I was seeing things omg
Ade Gbenjo (26 days ago)
Wait is this...from THAT episode!? 😢
Jackie the Donut (26 days ago)
So was zootopia
Galaxy Playz (26 days ago)
Monkey god
Taylor Mcelroy (26 days ago)
Rise of the plant of the apes
Ben C (26 days ago)
What the heck? Bell pepper and broccoli are delicious.

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