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Women Who Travel For SEX Sun, sea and gigolos Full Documentary

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Text Comments (141)
Kerem kıcı (7 days ago)
haah amk cigoloda yaptılar bizi.
David Goodin (29 days ago)
they are ugly as hell
Gustavo Rodriguez (1 month ago)
There's these women then there's Lauren Southern, Tomi Lauren the prime example of what the Anglo Race can provide in beauty, class, elegance and culture. it's a shame these degenerates are brining their children for a sex tourist trip, Imagine if a 50 year old guy brought his 11 year old son with him to Pattya, I assume CPS, the police, the FBI, CIA, and the entire community would call for his arrest.
No One (6 days ago)
your not anglo saxon u ugly raped produced mutt the europeans raped ur ancestors and made u and here sucking up to them
bilu 65 (1 month ago)
Come here in kenya
magali Morris (1 month ago)
This is a real disease nowadays if you are not deviant and easy your are anormal😕😱😳.in USA that's hard to know if a woman is a street Walker or not because they dressed up like horny dogs without leach I am chock too much sex kill the sex to live in a hook up generation is a kind of hell .
magali Morris (1 month ago)
how women mother's can to act this way 🤢🤢🤢🤢 😡 i complain the gigolos who need to have sex with those STD's trash can on legs for to survive shame on them😠😠😠🤢🤢🤢😳😳😳😵😵😵😱😱😱please take the kids away from those moms
James Moran (1 month ago)
George Orwell's "1984" was a prediction of Britain under multiculturalism but it turned out much worse. Google "KALERGI PLAN" to find out about #WhiteGenocide
James Moran (1 month ago)
They could have called this documentary "When Two Skanks Became Three."
James Moran (1 month ago)
They look like the sort of skanks whose fannies smell like cat food.
James Moran (1 month ago)
If you ever wondered how serial rapists and killers are created look at the eleven year old boy.
Dino Do (1 month ago)
She wants sex for herself is okay, but bring her young one to this place so they can see what she does is sickening and so selfish and unfit mother. I don't care how good looking of the women are if she shown no class and bad behavior tour her children. That's made her so urgly!
James Moran (1 month ago)
Pair of slags.
James Sempy (1 month ago)
ugly shameless vulgaire old ladies .... bringing AIDS back home !!!
Beyza Yildiz (1 month ago)
Governement should forbid those pigs to come turkiye They are just bringing more mst and aids in turkiye.
Large Coke (1 month ago)
Beyza Yildiz these women are the least of turkeys problems
Beyza Yildiz (1 month ago)
Those women are pédophile, buying sex with young boy. Disgusting women And those boys are shame for Turks
Beyza Yildiz (1 month ago)
Can't believe that those ugly british women think that they are better than Turkish girl in bed 😂😂 silly pig
Beyza Yildiz (1 month ago)
What a shame for Turkiye and Turkish
Kamran S.Khan (2 months ago)
therefore AIDS & HIV spreading all over the world may GOD protect us from fornication and illegal sex
George (2 months ago)
The Cancer of Europe summarized in one video.
Bharat Sarmalkar (2 months ago)
11 and 17 yr old for a sex trip? They could do whatever the fu#k they wanted to do with their lives but why spoil ur children. Ridiculous, absolutely hate those 2 cougars. Disgrace.
Gio (2 months ago)
These old bags are disgusting. If you want to be a sex tourist, thats your choice, but for CRYING OUT LOUD, do not drag your kids along with you. That poor boy, what a great vacation he had. Instead of doing nice and funny things with his family he is seeing his mom acting like a cheap slut whoring around. How embarrased he will be when his friends are seeing this docu. Scarred for life.
dustysnoop (2 months ago)
They are seriously low scumbags
dustysnoop (2 months ago)
Not asked for anything...he got a nice hotel for two weeks
Manny Mann (2 months ago)
And these animals came to civilised India.
Xattack21 1 (2 months ago)
Gee, those british sluts can be bitches, but why taking their MINOR offsping with them???? No morals at all....
Karl Scher (2 months ago)
Poor guys. That money is hard earned indeed...
Vikram Singh (2 months ago)
Hi im gigolo my no . 9354106401 coll me
virender yadav (2 months ago)
Nice cultural.Good business
yash96819 (3 months ago)
Soja So (3 months ago)
I thought woman only went to africa for sex tourism
Apsey boy (3 months ago)
Plenty of old white hoes in Turkey,all looking like the back of a bus,they can't get anyone at home so they pay young male prostitutes in the likes of Turkey,Gambia etc.
uglyblokeonabike (3 months ago)
What a couple of scrubbers I bet few men would touch these slags in their own country!
Dirk Scholten (4 months ago)
When I was in Turkey i had some turkish friends and these guys fuck everything, I think they're gay as well! They said I wasnt a real man becouse I didnt behave like them.
Engin dalcı (4 months ago)
85% of those who did it were Kurdish origin. Not turkish. Kurdish tourism operators have always already in turkey. Turkish men prefer young russian girls.
Engin dalcı (1 month ago)
Beyza Yildiz  I've worked for years. You're lying
Beyza Yildiz (1 month ago)
Engin dalcı oo no not only kurts I saw so many turkish doing same in marmaris
Zionslayer1 (4 months ago)
Carlos David Navarrete (4 months ago)
Western Civ is doomed.
Kelvin Macharia (4 months ago)
wow interesting
Aiesha Mumford (4 months ago)
A possible extended backstory for slasher film 'Maniac'.
Benito Lopez (4 months ago)
Cockney slags bringing their kids on holiday and even Terry's bastard grandchild, who lives off of British taxpayers. Oh well, no need to worry. Tony Blaire's "wonderful" MULTICULTURALISM will make the UK Muslim within a short time. These white trash hos will be a thing of the past. I love how Terry's daughter makes fun of the "big-nosed, dirty, greasy, Turkish men." Don't worry honey, the Muzzies will be your future masters in the UK. You white- trash, narcissitic, self-absorbed, decadent, toothless, drunk,Anglos, will be history shortly. Pity poor Bradley, how much psychological damage his mum has wrought upon him. I hope they paid you ladies well to make this documentary. Hope it was worth all of the humiliation.
صوت الشعب (4 months ago)
Hello, any british woman who wants to travel to Morocco for sexual pleasure im here and this is my whatsup 00212634845476 live ur life and do not care what people saying 💜💜💜
THEFISATV (4 months ago)
Im tunisian we hade this women’s in early 2000,my friend fucket one in the toilet and her husband was in the swimming pool,a women bring her daughter to me she said can you take her virginity,I was virgin my self,whene a women whant it she worst
10pennysweets (5 months ago)
KickAss (5 months ago)
What u getting for your 13th birthday son... 'A prostitute off you' That boys 11 ... Those mothers are tramps & that's fine but that little boy shouldn't be watching or listening to what's going on there... Its morally wrong.
Egmont Hallstatt (5 months ago)
I much rather have the company of so called "loose" British women like these 2 British women in this video than the company of Christian women. Oh, the stench of hypocrisy of Christian women leave me gasping for fresh air. And any of you moralists interested in spending some time in the confessional with a Catholic priest? No? I thought so.
Ricky christ (5 months ago)
that's a man!
Petra Seifert (5 months ago)
This is so disgusting!!!!
Be/ rose Maryminati (5 months ago)
Its hypocritically obnoxious that how women in search for sex are being accused of being the reason of their sons hating women for them, but I ask the same people, will you say same about the daughters of the men who go in search of sex to brothels? Will not their daughters grow up hating men?
12:58 How can a scraggy, leather faced old muppet talk about being ‘particular’ when it comes to her choice of men? With her Fraggle Rock looking ass. These worn out old slags have to travel to Turkey just to get some mediocre Turkish dick.
Chicago Gyrl (5 months ago)
All your husband's wanted were VISAS. Do you think they actually wanted women as old and ugly as you??!! A 23 year old?! These women are disgusting, trash!
Chicago Gyrl (5 months ago)
Yep! It doesn't matter what you look like, or how old you are, as long as you can pay, OBVIOUSLY!!!!
Chicago Gyrl (5 months ago)
Father Pete O'Fyle Ha! No, I can see that from this video, women going to Africa, Jamaica, and from all the sexpats going to Thailand and the Philippines! I've never had to pay a man to be with me, idiot! I've been married for 23 years!!!
Father Moe Lester (5 months ago)
Chicago Gyrl you should know
Chicago Gyrl (5 months ago)
Both of these women are uglier than hell !!! No wonder they need to go to a poor country to buy sex!!!!
Chicago Gyrl (5 months ago)
I don't understand where these women get all this money to go. Even if she said she saves, she does not make much money. And all the new clothes! These women are using credit cards, for sure!!!!
Maito sensei (6 months ago)
what country is this?
Father Moe Lester (5 months ago)
Maito sensei turkey
Anna Moseeva (7 months ago)
yes, it's not all Downtown Abbey in Britain)))
Pratik Smith (7 months ago)
chill down people. look at these women. these ugly hoes would never get bf in their country so traveling other countries to get sex!
insidejob2012 (7 months ago)
Tina (8 months ago)
Bringing your children along on a sex tourism trip? G-d, that’s BAD. And the 17 yr old girl doesn’t come back that night; anything could have happened to her! G-d, that’s SCARY. I don’t think the women are physically ugly, but their behaviour is so scary and irresponsible. That poor 11 year old boy.
A word springs to mind, and I feel terrible saying this but slappers!
Chicago Gyrl (5 months ago)
In The Beginning Was The Word Oh! A whore!
UK slang for, well, you know....... a type of woman.
Chicago Gyrl (5 months ago)
In The Beginning Was The Word What is a slapper?
No Name (8 months ago)
if you ever wonder how serial killers are born and raised look @ the 11 year young boy
GG Melendez (8 months ago)
Are these the british versions of american redneck trailer trash?? I guess the boy is a future skin head neo nazi
Chicago Gyrl (5 months ago)
GG Melendez Definitely looks like it, with the tattoo on her arm!!!
GG Melendez (8 months ago)
I thought all British women were like princess diana
q1w2e3r4ge5t6y7u8i9o (17 days ago)
Yeah, after the accident maybe.😀😁😂
AYALE AMA87 (5 months ago)
In The Beginning Was The Word Alright I'll have a look
AYALE AMA87 You’re clearly not British because they’re not typical at all. Sure they come from a certain class known as working class, but even working class people aren’t a monolith, I’m working class and British (although I live in the US now) but I’m not like them. They’re just uneducated and dumb as fuck. They’re also from the north of the country hence their strong accents. The funniest Brits in my opinion are the posh ones with money and the aristocrats, they’re hilarious. Watch a show called Keeping Up Appearances right here on YouTube and you’ll see how middle class Brits who think they’re highbrow act!
GG Melendez Well then you’re an idiot.
TheAflammable (8 months ago)
This is one funny video. That old women is not in reality.
Some One (9 months ago)
This is worse than don bukake Burke back yard bestiality
Nikhil Sukumar (10 months ago)
Why do humans need sex always is the million dollar question.
Mariam Al Alawi (10 months ago)
You are free to do ur sex holiday no one cares bt brining ur kids along thts wrong on all levels. Wht a role model to ur kids bravo for ruining ur kids life
wonderful world (10 months ago)
disgusting ever family sex .
J H (11 months ago)
i bet the daughter of the blonde scratter is knocking out brown babies left right n centre by now,
Chicago Gyrl (5 months ago)
Beni Blaze What is a scratter?
J H (11 months ago)
what a couple of shameless slappers i really feel sorry for their young lads because their mothers are an absolute filthy disgrace.
Prabhjot Kaur (11 months ago)
hi uk 07712594502
Father Moe Lester (5 months ago)
Prabhjot Kaur show bob show vageena
samhouston2000 (11 months ago)
This is so wrong from so many aspects, I am lost for words to say anything. I would say one thing though. Please leave you, children, home. you women are a disgrace to the humanity. These women seriously need counseling and some help. The Turkish men know better. Acting like complete animals.
Prabhjot Kaur (11 months ago)
samhouston2000 07712594502 hi sarah
CircleOfSorrow (11 months ago)
Gross 😲
OJay88 (1 year ago)
9:19 "They say they can't get sex before marriage and that why they are sleeping with British women. Because they can't get sex off Muslim women." Delusional old white broad: "No, it is because we are better. We are better at it."  LMAO. Sure. They are not even screwing y'all FOR the sex. They are doing it for money.
Brad Carroll (7 months ago)
OJay88 have to make sure I made enough to pay for the glass eyes, because I’d have to gouge my eyes out before being within arms reach of these gag haggs.
OJay88 (1 year ago)
She is a hotel cleaner who scrapes and saves to travel abroad and buy dick?! LMAO
Misandry Today (1 year ago)
#ThotLivesMatter the Documentary.
tsfcancerman (1 year ago)
Looked more like they were in a gay bar since the men was humping men
tsfcancerman (1 year ago)
Real bad parents when you bring your kids to do this
tsfcancerman (1 year ago)
Good they know what they want just to bad they might end up slapped around like a ragdoll because they want love and the females dont got much to say in turkey, and the same with men beeing fleeced for money just because they want love
Krista Coakley (1 year ago)
I understand why British men want nothing to do with them .
Prabhjot Kaur (11 months ago)
Krista Coakley 07712594502
Sherrie Freebird (1 year ago)
Why don't they use that money to pay for dental work, plastic surgery, and makeovers? These women are as bad as the creeps who travel Asia for sex.
No trigger warning (1 year ago)
@31:00 my god poor kid.
Succourtash (1 year ago)
what ever (2 months ago)
Juliana I agree. Very disgusting.
Kelvin Macharia (4 months ago)
Juliane Victoria Engelstad Ihle definitly
Prabhjot Kaur (11 months ago)
Juliane Victoria Engelstad Ihle 07712594502
adel saidi (1 year ago)
Sharina Griffin (2 years ago)
terry's son will grow up hating woman because of her. poor kid
Benito Lopez (4 months ago)
SOOO true!
Father Moe Lester (5 months ago)
Sharina Griffin I'll take care of him....
Walker Smith (8 months ago)
Sharina Griffin i hate my bitch mother. Ive isolated her from my kids.
adel saidi (1 year ago)
that is not fair
idylle♡doll (2 years ago)
Hilarious to see all these bigots thinking that when men do it, it's accepted and he must be sad and lonely but if women do it they're instant slags. At least these women aren't raping child sex slaves or exploiting young sex workers all over the world like the copious amount of American and British men with families back home. Do you realise how many young children are forced into the sex trade and there wouldn't be a market for it unless the western men didn't seek it, so who is worse?
Neil Liddle (9 months ago)
idylle♡doll, can you provide some data to back up your statements and also the source. According to the UN, to take Thailand as an example, most child sex abuse is committed by Thais on Thais. Still, why let facts get in the way of an ignorant factually incorrect rant.
mrpatt1983 (11 months ago)
idylle♡doll How many people think it is fine when men do it except for the men themselves? I don't think very many. You seem like you are justifying what these degenerate mothers are doing because there are men who have done something worse. It's a very lousy argument.
idylle♡doll (2 years ago)
Thank you, I do agree with your points for the most part as well and [email protected] "lay person" I have so many inside jokes with my friends about "lay people" and we have a good laugh just laughing at ourselves too as its funny we call them that but undeniably apt ;-) Likewise, I do enjoy a good debate or a banter with an intelligent person such as yourself, I based from your comments. Again, you've made some very good points and hopefully people may read and open their eyes. Have a lovely day! x
Timothy Wood (2 years ago)
The presumptions are based on the negative. As you have pointed out the positive-where there are problems-it also must be tested against the negative, what it is not. That men or women do something more or less does not make it more or less right. I also agreed with your statements for the most part, the problem is to generalize that men and women do it for different reasons, the end result is still the same. What we so often hear about is that men do sex tourism to exploit women, and women do it for fun. Well, the women are also exploiting the men in the latter, while the men who exploit women do it for fun as well. So the point is that there is very much a gray area and gender is not the best basis for this behavior. Economic, social, cultural, family institutions would be a much better indicator of why people do this for example. In the video, the 11 yo boy is most definitely going to end up being one of those guys that will probably be aggressive (and I wouldn't be surprised if he became violent) towards women. But to focus only on his actions and not see the moral breakdown of the family (such as the daughter's reprehensible actions that was textbook mimicry of her mothers actions). Anyway ya my points may have come off as somewhat aggressive so my apologies on that. It is difficult talking about such situations without the voice inflection. It is unfortunate people would take media at face value, being a sociology major, I find it rather rare to talk to the lay person about such topics. I happened to notice you had a vid about practicing law, so of course I was excited to go at this subject with an intelligent person. Anyway, enough rambling from me! Thanks for being level headed about this (and yes I will concede that you are right about those facts of course. It was unfortunate for me to learn about 'sex tourists' while visiting Ukraine prior to the events that happened. It was all too common and being American in Ukraine, I was labelled as such, despite going to learn about culture and people :/ ) 
idylle♡doll (2 years ago)
+Timothy Wood I agree with you and you've made presumptions based on my very generalised statement. My comment was to be taken at face value simply for the people who think it's fine when men do it but not okay when women do it. I don't think either doing this is a positive thing but I was simply saying this situation in particular is not as bad as the situations involving the more common situation which is child sex tourism because children being harmed is always worse and the child sex industry statistically is mostly sought by men. I never said women were innocent and my comment was specific to these women alone...it does not negate that women exploit children as I know they do but it's less common. I agree with your points on society has commoditised sex but my statement was meant to be taken with a grain of salt specifically to make one point and it is to those people who are only bashing because they are women. Never said they weren't acting like pigs.
Putrifying Eagor (2 years ago)
What utter white English Trash,please for the love of God,don't believe this represents the average British Woman, these are just total slippers.
Rude Chick (1 month ago)
Putrifying Eagor In the Name of God don't bring Race into this matter! The Women's are Evils Color doesn't matter!!! Color Women do the same. Its about the Women not the Race or Color
mahmood hassan (3 months ago)
yeah I believe you ..they come from the moon !!
Father Moe Lester (5 months ago)
Putrifying Eagor £4 blowjobs in Liverpool you filthy scousers
angieluv79 (1 year ago)
Putrifying Eagor These are some ugly women!
Angelia Wilds (2 years ago)
Gross, now I feel like I need a bath to wash the funk off
mahmood hassan (3 months ago)
adel saidi ..Couse she is wet on a black cock
adel saidi (1 year ago)
why you be happy
Mike Johnson (2 years ago)
Look up the definition of douche bag low-life in Webster's dictionary and you'll find a picture of these two morons. Yep, there they are!
Doctor Reno (2 years ago)
Why is it that EVERY one of these pictures (even the ones that are supposedly candid) look like they are posed-for... I suppose the only white women who they can get to pose with a black guy are hookers or some other "professional." It is sort of sad how many black guys believe this crap and run off as though every blonde in the universe "wants" them (how f***ing stupid can you get) and then black women wonder, and rightly so, why they can't get a guy. Simply put; the antagonism and violence we see every day in the US is manufactured, and well constructed, for the specific purpose at pissing off both blacks and whites and it's worked pretty well since it's beginnings in the early 1970's.
Bead Perkins (2 years ago)
Not that I'd ever pay for a facial but that beautician was chewing gum. Ewwwww. Trash.
Brad Carroll (7 months ago)
That’s what you picked out as trashy from this video?!?!?!?! Are you alive?
fairy dust6978 (8 months ago)
Since when does chewing gum qualify a person as "trash"??? She's not the one traveling the world to pay for sex.
Bead Perkins (2 years ago)
I am ashamed to be British. 'Who wouldn't?' I wouldn't, you trashy women. There is more to life than cheap sex and a common ego.
kayfabe (2 years ago)
real trash
Prabhjot Kaur (11 months ago)
kayfabe 07712594502
ZanetkaPL (2 years ago)
Negligent and low class mothers.. Disgusting to bring under age children and subject them to this behaviour
Be/ rose Maryminati (5 months ago)
ZanetkaPL so what else they should do?? Both men and women wants sex equally but men are not equal to women as its still a woman's duty to look after children and men are exempted from it. So unlike men women have to carry their children wherever they go as their husbands or partners are incapable of sharing the responsibility
Andrew McCoy (2 years ago)
All the best to them but probably not best for a 50 year old women to bring there 11 year old Son and 17 Year old Son on a Sex trip!
Egmont Hallstatt (5 months ago)
Hi Malin Johansson, I strongly suspect that the reason the kids were brought along is because the women could not afford to pay for a babysitter or they have no close relatives living nearby to look after the kids for a few weeks. Besides, kids nowadays can have access to a lot more xxx-rated material on their iphones than hearing about their mums verbalising about how hot the Turkish waiter looks. Life is short. Let's have as much sex and fun as we can before we kick the bucket. If anyone really wanst to moralise, they should start with the clergy, the politicians, and then the Christians, not with some single mums whose pursuit of sex and pleasure harms no one.
shan gondal (10 months ago)
Andrew McCoy shame on be wigth did ever feeel it
Malin Johansson (10 months ago)
Andrew McCoy Exactly i have no issue of people doing What they want BUT to bring kids on a trip like that and being so vocal about it in front of them is just wrong. Treating her daughter like her best friend/drinking Buddy/ helper is not okay and to do This in front of a girl that has been seeing This for all her teenage years not good...not good at all..

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