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Having Multiple Brand Names for Amazon FBA??

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Tania (1 month ago)
I have a question Im really stuck on: should I have a different business email for each brand or should I just have one business email thats generic for all of the brands? Really confused about this!!! How does everyone do it!!!?
Tania (1 month ago)
Ok fantastic! Thank you so much for letting me know!!! Its difficult when you're doing everything all alone for the first time!. Best regards, Tania
Millionaire Millennial (1 month ago)
I have different domains/emails for each brand :)
Erik Swanson (1 month ago)
should i have each brand on a different account?
Millionaire Millennial (1 month ago)
no, that's not necessary
Kirpa the sherpa (2 months ago)
How do you set up multiple brands under one amazon seller account?
Anael Parrau (3 months ago)
Thanks for your content. 1- With a single seller account, can I have multiple brand names (for free) even if they are not registered as trademark name (450$)? 2- Under which tab can we do this in the central seller please? Thanks. Best
UzaiR HassaN (7 months ago)
My issue is we have a different brand name on which we listed diferent item later then we change the name of the brand and new listing were listed with the new name but now when i click on the old listing the brand or store name is still old and it will show only the item listed with that brand?? Please give any possible advice you have i only want to have one name on all the listings. Thank you
Jaison Fernando (7 months ago)
will it possible to do change the brand name in existing product list by our own through edit option?
Ozzy Sphabmixay (8 months ago)
Hey Jordan! Say if I wanted to brand my store/seller name instead, e.g. "Ozzy's" And then, create multiple brands for each product category, e.g. "Ozzy s kitchen," "Ozzy outdoor," "Ozzy s Toys," etc. What are your thoughts on this method of approach? Based off your experiences, would you think this method is AS efficient or LESS than creating different brand names for each product? E.g. "Sharp Kitchen Ware," "Prepared Outdoors," "Fun Toys," etc. Also, IF creating different brands for each product, what types of brand name(s) do you see often? Brand names that are made up words, 1 word, 2 words, etc. Thanks for the informative video, keep up the great work!
Ozzy Sphabmixay (8 months ago)
I know the first example looks plain, but it just seems much more simple and efficient in terms of longevity, and if I ever want to branch outside of Amazon? Also, less to trademark as well? I ask this because big name companies like Sony and Samsung don't really have different brand names for their products. Instead, they would have products like Samsung or Sony washers, vaccums, watches, etc. Hoping you get what I mean, thanks again. 👍🏼
Erik Swanson (9 months ago)
hey so i have a question. if you have one account, but register multiple brands, do they all have different store fronts? Do you have multiple different accounts?
Deep Motivation (10 months ago)
if u have an established Amazon business in one country and u make money in that currency, so if u r immigrating to some other country, can u change ur business account and use the other bank account without any problems?
Peacewithin (1 year ago)
Hey Jordan, great video and fantastic channel dude:) so my question is: i have a general store name and would like to branch out into branding other items that i come along with and into clothing. so since i have 'smart finds'as the name i set up the amazon account under and then i set up brand registry as 'oracle', how would this be displayed? and would i be able to set up another brand say 'see' as well as the 'oracle' so in summary i have set up a generic amazon seller account which fits with a retail arbitrage model but would like to focus in on a niche on clothing and require to set up a brand for this, is this is possible or does it have to be the main name that i have set the amazon account under? i am well confused about the whole thing :/ i am just starting out and have my 1st inventory shipment coming in to my account shortly but feel that i may need to re-evaluate the whole naming side of things. as the main business model is retail arbitrage, but i am looking at amazon merch and other avenues in amazon. so you could say that i am trying to keep all my options open and would like to go down the branding side but i am confused that say a create the brand 'SEE' For clothing would all my items from retail arbitrage be in that ? really would appreciate your help and advice on this :))
Benjamin Roberts (1 year ago)
Multiple brands makes the most sense! Regarding choosing the name of your seller account or store, do you suggest something more generic for that?
T C (1 year ago)
If a supplier gives you permission to sell their brand items that is different from your company name for amazon, can you do that even though in the “seller by:...” section, will be a different name?
Madi 123 (1 year ago)
What if your llc name is available in your state but its taken on Amazon. Its weird because companies in different states can have the same name. Ideally I would want to brand under my llc name not some Amazon name that Im forced to create. Any advice there?
Madi 123 (1 year ago)
Its tough finding a name that can go for all the different products that I want.
Steve Finch (1 year ago)
The brand name Millionaire Millennial is pretty dang good if you ask me. Thanks for your video advice !
Steve Finch (1 year ago)
The brand name Millionaire Millennial is pretty dang good if you ask me. Thanks for your video advice !
Jon D. (1 year ago)
2 questions: 1.) If you find the exact same product that is selling well under two separate brand names and Amazon is selling one of the brands but not the other is it still safe to sell the one that Amazon is not? 2.) How do you become an "other seller" for that specific brand if the non-branded product is available on Alibaba?
Andre Pow (1 year ago)
Thanks for this video. One question, that will mean I will have to wait easily 6-9 months while launching my new second brand?
Ramblin Man (1 year ago)
It actually makes more sense in my opinion to have one brand for all of your products. It seems more organized, it's definitely more cost effective. I certainly do not want to pay for trademark every time I come out with a new product. Also, you have to get a new logo designed. Think of well known brand names, such as Nike, or Under Armour. It would be very similar to this.
Carlos Lopez Valles (1 year ago)
Hey there!! Thanks for the information! Its been very helpul. One thing I dont have clear.. I am not a US citizen and I registered an LLC. Under that same LLC can I make different brands within the same amazon account? Or do I need different accounts (one for each brand) all of them under the sams LLC? Or do I need one LLC per product if I wanted to have multiple specific brand names? Thanks!
Carlos Lopez Valles (1 year ago)
Rohan Gilmour Thanks man!
Rohan Gilmour (1 year ago)
dont over complicate it. Under that same LLC can I make different brands within the same amazon account? Yes. Only do one LLC. Only one seller account.
Damen Sutherland (1 year ago)
What is fba
Bhim Singh (1 year ago)
Is manufacturer's authorization necessary for listing private label products.
Nigel Noonga (1 year ago)
Say we go down the multiple brands route, we probably should have a different logo for each brand?
Lynch Chorizo (1 year ago)
what would i do if i want to sell iphones on amazon
Carlos Feng (1 year ago)
Hi, question.. Do you have to register everytime you create a brand for a category?
GeXExtremist (1 year ago)
do you recommend that your store name is also your business name on amazon and have your brands underneath etc.
Oscar Sheen (1 year ago)
Hi MM. I have a generic sellers name and I'm manufacturing my own products. My generic sellers name doesn't sound like a dodgy scam name, and it can be used across product ranges, as I expand. With the scam factor omitted, would I be better to use the generic name across by products, or should I brand each category item. Also, I would like the option of selling certain products to investors in the future. What do you thin MM? Thank you.
You can use the overarching brand for everything and that will work. However you want to structure it!
Akshay Nawani (1 year ago)
Millionaire Millennial Hello. Jordan. Could you please explain if dropshipping is done from AliExpress to Ebay. Then the customer would get the Aliexpress/Amazon packaging and invoice of the original price in it. What should be done to avoid these situations? Please answer. And Paypal also holds the money right? For how many days? Regards
Patrick Byrne (1 year ago)
Then you can't drop-ship from amazon to ebay, right? Amazon ships in Amazon box, with Amazon tape. No way around it! Amazon customers are becoming accustom to fast ship times, unlike ebay.
Akshay Nawani (1 year ago)
Millionaire Millennial but there is no option of "NOT TO KEEP AN INVOICE IN THE ORDER" on amazon!!
No one on ebay will care and aliexpress does not have it's own special packaging like Amazon anyway. Ask for no invoice when you order. They can hold it for a few days.
fast and tune (1 year ago)
one question, multiple bards for categories, but you must have a site, for all the brands? ... or something, does Amazon verify? ... let me know
fast and tune (1 year ago)
what is on the white board behind you?
L P (1 year ago)
How can you have multiple brand names? Lets say your seller name is TechCo LLC , when you go buy something on amazon....in the Ad its always going to state: . Details Sold by TechCo LLC and Fulfilled by Amazon. Theres no setting in Seller account to set up multiple brand names
When you make a new product listing it asks for the brand. You put the BRAND in there. your store name can be whatever you want it to be.
Mihir Pradhan (1 year ago)
Can you make a video on how much money to initially invest when starting to sell on Amazon and Ebay? Even some vague values for minimum and recommended investment would be helpful for people just starting out. Also what are the options for people who cannot invest much?
Mihir Pradhan (1 year ago)
Yep, the total amount to invest. I'm going to start soon, but I'm kinda looking for a sweet spot. Don't want to invest too less or too much.
Do you mean total amount to invest? Like $1000 to start out or something?
Ahmed Nasef (1 year ago)
hey jordan i want to consult a lawyer or some business person over my bank account issue please nominate one that you trust
Ava Yaju (1 year ago)
what you said at 1:50 that you don't need to register trademark or amazon brand registry. Can we register it to have the same benefits as the first brand?
Ava Yaju yes
Ayrton Cook (1 year ago)
dude you look like an amazon selling version of Seth Rogen
sitinij (1 year ago)
Why you keep window blinds closed during filming?
Jason C (1 year ago)
Do you need to register a brand legally or register a business name?
Iamaninvestment (1 year ago)
Do u offer any courses to help me accelerate my learning curve with Amazon. I have been really dealing with adversity - I have made a comment to never give up. I've watched many videos. I am in need of a mentor, extra education- Whatever measure I need to take.
Iamaninvestment (1 year ago)
Okay Great, thanks for the response. Will do!
Iamaninvestment yea I sure do. check out the video I did about my mentorship program! its a great fit
Dennis Cooper (1 year ago)
Great video ,Jordan!! thanks also.. what are the soundtracks names that you use at the intro and at the end of your videos?
casimon26 (1 year ago)
Do you have to have multiple Amazon seller accounts if you have multiple brands?
Connor Fackrell (1 year ago)
No, When you create the listing it will ask you what the brand for that product is. Your company (seller) name is different from the brand name for a product.
casimon26 no, you're only allowed 1 per household.
Jenny Then (1 year ago)
What is the cost to trademark a name/Company, i've seen costs range from $275 to $750?
Jenny Then yep thats about right. $450 is normal
Mitch Parker (1 year ago)
Glad to see an expert talking about Amazon, I was planning on making a video about something like this but seems like you have a lot of it covered! Subbed, curious to see what other type of content you are going to make.
Alissa Lyn (1 year ago)
I'm so confused about how to start branding my products O.O
Patrick Byrne (1 year ago)
Hey Alissa, When you discuss products with suppliers, say Alibaba suppliers, many of them do what is called Original Equipment Manufacturing service (OEM). This means you have the manufacture place your company name, logo, or both on the product you are sourcing from them. You decide to buy a coffee mug, for example. You ask supplier to place "Alissa Coffee Mugs Co." on the actually coffee mugs. So, when you sell on Amazon, you will be selling your branded coffee mug. Many manufactures can also change, or modify existing products to separate you from competition. Like a coffee mug with two handles, or different shaped mugs. When you get bigger, you can look into creating your own design that the manufacture doesn't currently make, but is complete capable of creating from scratch your product. Good luck, and have fun!
crustytubes0ck5 #OG (1 year ago)
It's all about how you want your product to look really nobody can tell you that that's for sure. I would start on Fiverr or 99designs if you need help with the logo other than that I would just look at competitors to see how they branded their products and then you'll have somewhat of an idea on how you want yours to look
Alissa Lyn (1 year ago)
thanks for your comment! It's not so much the coming up with a name I need help with, it's actually going about branding my items through suppliers that I'm confused about. Like do I literally just tell suppliers to brand it with my name? I'm lost haha
crustytubes0ck5 #OG (1 year ago)
Alissa Buck it will come to you I had the hardest time coming up with one and I finally just googled name combiner. From there I knew I wanted my brand to be named after my 2 daughters so I put in first and middle names and boom. The Roslynn Collection was born. Works perfect for the baby category hope this helps. Good luck!! :edit: I know Jordan mentioned Fiverr in one of his videos they do great work for logos and design in general. Also try 99designs they have a whole brand starter pack but it's like $600 for it. I personally would rather take that 600 and put it towards facebook marketing but to each his/her own.
Auzzzy Auzzzy (1 year ago)
Do you know if there is a brand and trademark checker to ensure that the name you created hasn't already been used? Great content!
crustytubes0ck5 #OG (1 year ago)
Austen Murray Google "USPTO" doesn't check brand. If used namecheckr.com and see if your brand is taken on domains and social media if it's not taken chances are it hasn't been thought of yet lol
Auzzzy Auzzzy (1 year ago)

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