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India's Russian Beach | Arambol 🇷🇺

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🇮🇳 In the north of Goa is a secluded beach resort called Arambol which is full of Russian tourists and Russian speaking Indians. I went up there to meet some people and take a look around
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Text Comments (3773)
j walker (21 hours ago)
Russians are ball bags....nearly as bad as the English
matthew hill (23 hours ago)
Titan (1 day ago)
Scum of d universe and d wank ass Russian come 2nd Muslims r No 1
Guerrilla Mkt (14 hours ago)
Curious about your 3rd place... Chinese?
X-eo5 (1 day ago)
Russians fixing stomach issues with a bit of alcohol, of course lol
Felice Chiapperini (1 day ago)
Filthy ocean
Robert Sistrunk (1 day ago)
Baby shark da doo doo doo....
MrValetol (1 day ago)
You are such a cool dude
Vrominator X (2 days ago)
They should rename that place Motorboat City
Randomnick123 (2 days ago)
5:14 Harald Baldr :D
B A (2 days ago)
What is funny in Goa is russians who pretend to be the original hippies and beatniks - all of which ran away years ago. But once you see each hippie girl joined by a guy in Adidas flip-flops, with bowl-cut hair, potbelly and a gold chain, you know who these are...
Shubham Barde (2 days ago)
Oww beautiful 😆...ole ole ..ole...🤣🤣
Peter Broadey (2 days ago)
To speak many languages is really useful. Well done to you.
James Crud (2 days ago)
People skills level 9000.
Karim (2 days ago)
Why are you guys spending so much time in india?
Pave Mrsić (2 days ago)
Disgusting color of sea
suresh kumar (3 days ago)
Sexy women
Buzzolan Leo (3 days ago)
im a normal Eastern Europe girl, my name is Irina
I only clicked for those tits.. What a dissapointment. (gave it a like tho)
Brad Horner (3 days ago)
Watch out for salt spray on that camera, it's a killer.
Uendi Vejsiu (3 days ago)
What type of cameras do you use for vlogs?
TS Knle (3 days ago)
You should get yourself a Russian girl😀
Lester Diamond (3 days ago)
Ur videos r super cool
Ayush Das (3 days ago)
Respect to that little Indian Girl. And Cheers to Monsieur Bald for singing that song at the end
Themba Sapam (3 days ago)
And you let her test your coconut hah bald bhai?
TheRiffingFatboy (3 days ago)
4:40 feels like the begging of a porno
Vashj Leydi (3 days ago)
Bobs and vagene
pattherealist (3 days ago)
Good video. Thanks for sharing!
Aralan (3 days ago)
like cesenatico
אלון ברוייר (3 days ago)
Your filmes is very intersting. I live in a country where there is many rusian speakers but unfortently i do not know this langwhich.
tuskuniversal (4 days ago)
Jesus Christ dude how many languages do you speak
Tigor (4 days ago)
It must be nice if you can also learn Bahasa, this language is widely used in Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Southern part of Thailand and Philippines)
al Qadri_ (4 days ago)
Are you the human google traslate?
viren Joshi (4 days ago)
assholes have come to goa and ruined it , fcking russians gtfo of goa , assholes
dubb (4 days ago)
irina neets a nice tit fuck
Vadim Noir (4 days ago)
4:13 Gora mean's white. its like calling africans a nigger lol hindus such a rasist's but no one cares if someone call white people gora lol
Kolbolt Gaming (4 days ago)
I want a Russian babushka
Piggy Collector (5 days ago)
Amazing 😉
Anuj Khandelwal (5 days ago)
Man how does this guy know so much about India. He speaks hindi
Yutheeka Borkar (5 days ago)
Everybody keeps talking about arambol as if it's some secret. The real secret places in Goa are on this zulu.lu , on this website you'll code out that Goa's about more than its beaches and alcohol
Vijay Kumar (5 days ago)
Holay! Holay! Holay! lmao
Karl Fawcett (6 days ago)
4:17 Whites are best
AHTOIIIKA (6 days ago)
Очень круто !)
Paul Bell (7 days ago)
Nice top bollocks on the ruskie ladies. 👀
Kurt H (8 days ago)
ever heard of the ganjes river? indian seafood no thanks
Nisco Racing (9 days ago)
That outro was magnificent!
Hrishi Alda (9 days ago)
Kala skin gora skin mangta
Harshel Dua (11 days ago)
The ending killed me 🤣
leah perrson (11 days ago)
I just love your confidence.
Robot Jetten (11 days ago)
1:40 Baby shark, dum dum, tududum
Mokross (11 days ago)
oh, nice.. a Harald Baldr cameo at 1:02 :)
Bruno Bastos (11 days ago)
strange russians in india in a former Portuguese colonie
z z (11 days ago)
Fair skin is revered in many quarters of the world,especially on women,I found out years back when I asked Vietnamese girls in my company why they cover up in the sun.Unlike some white people I do not feel pale and less attractive because of it,rather I am moderately fair skinned but also a bit olive hued and find woman love my skin color - both the fair skinned and darker skinned women.Some SJW types balk about white imposing beaut standards or privilege,that's a bunch on leftist noise,east asians very much put a premium on the more fair skinned ladies but do not care about blonde or brown hair (although red hair seems somewhat trendy with them).Fair skinned ladies(whatever the hair color) who are pretty and modest are most revered it seems.I think it's biology at work myself.
К (11 days ago)
Greeting from MOW
Д С (12 days ago)
These fuckin Russians everywhere...
Д С (12 days ago)
These fuckin Russians everywhere...
Rajendramb Pachpadra (12 days ago)
Apki Hindi bahut achhi hai
Dim TV Alanya dimtv.tv (13 days ago)
VanMedia (13 days ago)
Nha trang is vietnam is much nicer, and also filled with Russians
ROMAN PANMEI (13 days ago)
Mr.Bald is M16 British spy or James Bond, he can speak Russian n Hindi very fluently lol
Baby koay (13 days ago)
That must be Russian escort
Debadyuti Ghosh (13 days ago)
the signing OMG it's horribly beautiful 😂😂
Anurag Rathore (14 days ago)
Cyka Blyat!
sumukh deshprabhu (14 days ago)
How do you speak so good russian and hindi Mr. Bald
sumukh deshprabhu (14 days ago)
Goa is the best
JamesTavRule (14 days ago)
This is so perfect for Ben because he can speak both Hindi and Russian. I bet he had a field day here!
sangamesh daphalapur (15 days ago)
anees p. n (15 days ago)
I love ur language skills..i wish i had that
Dave Tan (17 days ago)
Did you bump into Jason there?
Genecop Coppola (17 days ago)
Well done, I did the bulk of my traveling in the 80s...will begin again, soon. I really enjoy your work, TY
Alex Webber (17 days ago)
That titty Thumbnail tho
Charlie Parker (17 days ago)
Quite amazing to me that that young girl spoke Russian.
Prince Mandyal (17 days ago)
It's not a Russian beach it's cheap beach that's why there is. Lots of prople
zico falcao (17 days ago)
I stay away from Indian beach.
Alexa (18 days ago)
*Индусы разят же, ааааахахххаха*
Easy Freezy (18 days ago)
I've no idea why these Russians over and over return to their cold Gulag even though they have enough money to leave it forever for living in peace by the warm ocean. Maybe they make money on Kremlin tyranny and like their jobs, and that's the answer to the riddle.
Md Kalimullah (18 days ago)
soton000 (18 days ago)
Irina is well equipped by nature ;-)
Gatta Cicova (18 days ago)
Amadeus190890 (18 days ago)
Wow. That lass has wonderful knockers at 3:31.
aditya deshmukh (18 days ago)
Jab koi ladki Dekhi mera dil bole ole. Ole
D Quinn (18 days ago)
Russian town in India? They must have plenty of Bhabibushkas
T.W. M. (18 days ago)
Nice job. But I would never want to live there
Beautiful m.r bolt what. A song jab bhi koi ladki dekho mera dil deewana bole. Beautiful
den lykin (19 days ago)
химтрейлы с праздничком..
Marek Matej (19 days ago)
poop beach :-D
MGTOW Stan (19 days ago)
My next resting destination
Alex P. (19 days ago)
I wonder if the English guy knows the story behind how Russia and India bonded together? Here is a hint, it has something to do with England.... ;) Anyways, I'm Russian, and I love India too!!
w (19 days ago)
5:17 very cute. Привет для тебя из России
L J (19 days ago)
Your conversation skills are either on point or everyone who's not from the U.S. is extremely friendly. There's people here that call the police just for saying hello or simply having a camera.
Lalit Abgad (20 days ago)
herald understand russian language????
Leonardo Luga (21 days ago)
K.james Carters (21 days ago)
Shame the playlist is all over the place. I’m watching this in a weird old order
Tin aur (22 days ago)
that little girl surprised me by her russian language and your song.
#NoSoyBoy (22 days ago)
Compared to the lovely Philippines.... not even a match.
Kirill Trandin (22 days ago)
Girl "благодарю" Bald "ну-ка изволь" hahahaha
me n me (22 days ago)
me n me (22 days ago)
Love your fleuntcie in language
Sky Dreams (22 days ago)
Wow just wow.dude are u google translate? 😂
Suresh Vadgama (22 days ago)
You are a miracle I love you

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