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PIA Flight PK-786 forgets passenger's luggage at London airport

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PIA forgets passenger's luggage at London airport Subscribe to our channel for more updates: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0CbUVRC1d1RvunYbp3w2qQ Visit our website: http://lahorenews.tv To watch news live, visit: http://lahorenews.tv/live
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Nasser Sheikh (28 days ago)
Staff grammar is really poor and conversation out of contact. Never get through the customer services. "Corrupted Management"
Nasser Sheikh (28 days ago)
PLS service is really "shit" Customer Service really disgusting. Staff really not helpful. Never reply to customers complaints. Never travel with. I would rather travel with Emirates via Dubai. And pay more.
Stonuk (12 days ago)
It costs less to fly with Emirates then PIA. I have not used PIA for over 15 years now, because I care about my life and my family.
Desert Dune (28 days ago)
lakk lannat on mangment of PIA

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