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Set in the background of a rural village in the outskirts of India, Karkarsh depicts the hardships of a woman. Shankar, a villager, doubts his wife for infidelity. He stoops down to an extent of taking a loyalty test on her with the help of some Pandits. In this case, Shankar beleives in his friends who are agaisnt his wife. Due to this loyalty test, he puts his wife through several tortures and problems. Watch How Shankar's wife proves her innocence which also forms the climax of the movie.
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kuldeep s (18 days ago)
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Vikas Aggarwal (21 days ago)
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Hasnain Khan (21 days ago)
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krisnna pal singh (30 days ago)
Last dialogue was epic... Man : Do baarish hui nhi or engineer sir per topa lagaye firr aa gaye Women : agar hum log apne pul ka dhyan khud rakhe to bahar wale ko bulane ki kya jarirat... Lolz 😂😂😂
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AMIT Indora (1 month ago)
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Imran khan (1 month ago)
Shrikant Suryawanshi (1 month ago)
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