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Textiles Product Analysis Group FAB
Tensile Strength Test
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Design & Technology NEA: Analysis of Design Context
This video explains ways in which a student of product design, could approach analysing a given design context.
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Design & Technology NEA: Product Analysis
This video explains how and why we as designers, might analyse products.
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https://dtengineeringteaching.org.uk/2016/07/01/design-technology-textiles-resources-product-analysis-of-branded-clothing/ via ripl.com
NanoAwareness  Nanotechnology applied to cosmetics and cosmetic textile products
NanoAwareness is an informative audiovisual content project, designed by the SAMCA Nanotechnology Chair of the University of Zaragoza to demonstrate how research in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology is present in many of the everyday objects that surround us. The project is presented from an innovative approach: each episode starts from the meeting and analysis of a consumer product that we find in our daily with some special feature and we will make a trip to the center of the object. On this journey inside, we analyze how the product and its components are in the nanometric scale and how the qualities it has are possible in part or in whole thanks to Nanoscience and the manipulation of matter on this scale. This project has been funded by the Fundacion Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología (FECYT) - Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad and the Catedra SAMCA of Nanotechnology.
Synthetic fibers and what they're good at | FABRIC GUIDE | Justine Leconte
Some of the questions this new video series will tackle: How to recognize fabrics? What's a knitted fabric? What's a woven fabric? What kind of garment can you use them for? Which fabrics are better quality and more expensive? (...) This episode covers the main manufactured (synthetic) fibers and their properties: - rayon - acetate - nylon - polyester - acrylic - spandex - modacrylic Thumbs up if you liked this video :-) New videos: Wednesday 4pm & Sunday 12pm (Paris/Berlin time). Take care! Justine ************************************* To contribute subtitles under any of my videos: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?tab=2&c=UChxkFSjTE7nLCHsDk8_pRhg Thanks a lot to everyone who has already translated some of my videos! ************************** MORE VIDEOS: Part 1 of the series: fabric weight and woven vs. knitted: https://youtu.be/DtUOA2BhAkw Part 2 of the series: natural fibers and what they're good at: https://youtu.be/PzdqTIXBZC8 What the colors you wear say about you: https://youtu.be/HkuJ14Ir9MQ How to find out your undertone: https://youtu.be/hw_ie8PUXGI The right hair color for your skin: https://youtu.be/iN7GA7_rN9U ************************** LINKS & THINGS MENTIONED - I AM WEARING: Lipstick: - Visuals: vintage ads by Dilo and Du Pont Music: - ************************** SOCIAL My website (current collection): www.justineleconte.com/shop Instagram: JustineLeconte Facebook: Justine Leconte Fashion Twitter: JustineLeconteO Pinterest: jleconteberlin Newsletter registration (info about new projects & re-stock): https://goo.gl/5TEqQC Business requests only: [email protected] * Legal disclosure: those links are affiliate links. There are here for you to see the products and prices. If you buy a product through these links, I get a small share of the price (without the product being more expensive for you). You don’t have to use those links. It is up to you :-) #fashion #fabrics #textile #tutorial
Outstanding Product Design/Textiles Project
The them given to Tilly was "Outrageous" . As you can see she has carried out the brief with great style and attention to detail
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Product analysis guide
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Product analysis
This tutorial explains how you undertake product analysis of a product similar to the one you are taking forward to further your understanding of the product and a product that is already being produced commercially
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Textiles Analysis Project
Strength test
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Product Analysis.AVI
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Product analysis ;)
Please do not take this video or us seriously. This is only a joke and we appologise if we insult anybody. :D
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Task Analysis - GCSE Resistant Materials
15 minute talk through of using accessfm to create a mind map an rich picture.
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GCSEPod DT - Graphic Products - Users, Needs, Research and Analysis
Designers need to be able to identify problems, recognise a need, and produce a design brief and specification for their project. They also need to analyse the task and research what is needed for a successful project. Want to see more? Visit www.gcsepod.com or call 0191 2111 999
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Textile/Softlines Testing - Fiber Analysis - Bureau Veritas CPS - North China
How textile products are tested for fiber analysis in Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services laboratory in North China?
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Textiles 2 consumer bag analysis
Team RAD !
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Final Product Analysis
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LSU's sensory analysis center conducts consumer research
A new sensory analysis center on LSU’s campus can provide evaluation, testing and consumer research on food products, pharmaceuticals, fragrances and textiles. LSU AgCenter correspondent Tobie Blanchard says the center can handle a range of testing needs.
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Global Medical Textiles Industry 2016 Report & Analysis
Get Report Details @ http://www.bigmarketresearch.com/global-medical-textiles-industry-2016-deep-research-report-market The Global Medical Textiles Industry 2016 Deep Market Research Report is an in-depth market report prepared by market analysts with valuable inputs from industry experts. The report offers an in-depth insight into the key market status, current and future market trends, business profile of key market players, market challenges along with the strategies adopted by key market players to gain a stronghold in the market. The analysis covers the changing market dynamics in terms of covering basic parameters such as product classification, applications, end-users, and cost/revenue structure. Crucial information on R&D status and technology sources of key market players of Global Medical Textiles industry is offered in the report. Furthermore, the study offers a detailed analysis of key market growth drivers and restraints along with impact analysis of the same. Get Report Enquiry @ http://www.bigmarketresearch.com/report-enquiry/608355 Table of Contents 1 Industry Overview of Medical Textiles 1.1 Definition and Specifications of Medical Textiles 1.1.1 Definition of Medical Textiles 1.1.2 Specifications of Medical Textiles 1.2 Classification of Medical Textiles 1.2.1 Wound care material 1.2.2 Hygiene material 2 Manufacturing Cost Structure Analysis of Medical Textiles 2.1 Raw Material Suppliers and Price Analysis of Medical Textiles 2.2 Equipment Suppliers and Price Analysis of Medical Textiles 2.3 Labor Cost Analysis of Medical Textiles 2.4 Other Costs Analysis of Medical Textiles 2.5 Manufacturing Cost Structure Analysis of Medical Textiles 2.6 Manufacturing Process Analysis of Medical Textiles
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Product analysis 8
iPhone sketching 8
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Antimicrobial Textiles Market by Product & Data Validation, Analysis and Forecast 2022
This report mainly covers the Antimicrobial Textiles product type, while we can also offer any product survey report related to the Antimicrobial Textiles industry chain. Buy the complete Antimicrobial Textiles report with Comprehensive table of contents @ https://emarketorg.com/pro/global-antimicrobial-textiles-market-by-manufacturers-countries-type-and-application-forecast-to-2022/
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Bast Fiber Fabric Market (Industry) Trends
Bast Fiber Fabric Market (Industry) http://www.researchbeam.com/global-bast-fiber-fabric-industry-2015-deep-research-report-market Developments and Trends Of Market, Technology, And Competitive Landscape, Product Specification, Manufacturing Process, And Product Cost Structure. Global Bast-Fiber Fabric Industry 2015 Deep Market Research Report is a professional and depth research report on Global Bast-fiber Fabric industry. For overview analysis, the report introduces Bast-fiber Fabric basic information including definition, classification, application, industry chain structure, industry overview, policy analysis, and news analysis, etc.For international and China market analysis, the report analyzes Bast-fiber Fabric markets in China and other countries or regions (such as US, Europe, Japan, etc) by presenting research on global products of different types and applications, developments and trends of market, technology, and competitive landscape, and leading suppliers and countries’ 2009-2014 capacity, production, cost, price, profit, production value, and gross margin. For leading suppliers, related information is listed as products, customers, application, capacity, market position, and company contact information, etc. 2015-2020 forecast on capacity, production, cost, price, profit, production value, and gross margin for these markets are also included.
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GCSE Product Design Coursework
Pop-Art based lamp design
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Technical textile markets
Bharat Book Bureau provides the report; on “Technical textile markets product developments and innovations”. The report includes information and analysis relating to the following innovative companies. https://www.bharatbook.com/textiles-and-apparel-market-research-reports-246153/technical-textile-product-developments-innovations1.html
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GCSE coursework 1 - introduction, writing a brief and analysis
a video setting the scene for the coursework project and discussing the analysis section.
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Analysis of product
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Manufacturing and Private Labeling Products for Amazon Part 2: Analyze
This video is a guide showing you how to analyze items to manufacture or private label. It is the second part in the series. In this video, we look at Amazon, Google Trends, and Google Keyword Planner for product analysis. Visit sellerlabs.com for more info.
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Technical Textiles Market - Global Industry Analysis 2014 - 2020: FMI
Technical textiles are used for non- aesthetic purposes and are high performance textile products known for their specialty functions. Technical textiles are different from conventional textiles which are used for decorative purposes. Technical textiles excel in their performance and are woven or non-woven from synthetic and natural fibers. The global technical textiles market is expanding with the ever increasing end use applications of technical textile products in diverse fields of agriculture, automobile, healthcare, transportation, construction as it is been seen as a product beyond clothing application. http://goo.gl/A1szAR
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The life cycle of a t-shirt - Angel Chang
Learn more about TED-Ed Clubs here: https://ed.ted.com/clubs Visit the TED-Ed Clubs YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCskU_g7t6b5ecsA1CTS3y9Q View full lesson: https://ed.ted.com/lessons/the-life-cycle-of-a-t-shirt-angel-chang Consider the classic white t-shirt. Annually, we sell and buy 2 billion t-shirts globally, making it one of the most common garments in the world. But how and where is the average t-shirt made, and what’s its environmental impact? Angel Chang traces the life cycle of a t-shirt. Lesson by Angel Chang, directed by TED-Ed. Thank you so much to our patrons for your support! Without you, this video would not be possible. Alexandra Panzer, Jordan Tang, Christopher Jimenez, Juan, Tracey Tobkin, Alex Neal, Louie Lapat, Emily Lam, Kathryn J Hammond, Elliot Poulin, Sam, Noel Situ, Oyuntsengel Tseyen-Oidov. Check out TED-ED's Patreon page here: https://www.patreon.com/teded
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Smart Textiles Market by Trend, Technology and Application Forecast up to 2024
Axiom MRC added Smart Textiles Market Report, By Product Type, Crop Type, Application and Geography – Global Market Share, Trend Analysis & Forecast Up To 2024
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-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at http://www.powtoon.com/join -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool animated clips and animated presentations for your website, office meeting, sales pitch, nonprofit fundraiser, product launch, video resume, or anything else you could use an animated explainer video. PowToon's animation templates help you create animated presentations and animated explainer videos from scratch. Anyone can produce awesome animations quickly with PowToon, without the cost or hassle other professional animation services require.
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Fibre to Fabric [Hindi]
In this video Malvika Choudhary explains about fibres and fabric which are our basic needs.There is an explanation of different kind of fibres,their advantages and disadvantages.Its english version is also available.For more detail visit www.suvidhyaa.com or email at [email protected]
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Norafin Industries - innovative product solutions for technical textiles
Norafin Industries; all-encompassing product solutions for technical textiles; applications in the fields of protective wear, filtration, composites and technical applications.
Views: 1487 Christina Hildebrandt
GCE Design and Technology - Product Design Resistant Materials: CA Marking Training - Unit 4
This pre-recorded event is designed to support teachers with the marking and internal standardisation of this internally assessed unit. Ideal for teachers currently delivering the GCE Design & Technology - Resistant Materials specification Delegates will: - Recap on specification requirements and look at what makes a suitable Resistant Materials product - Exploring the requirements around 2D and 3D outcomes - Understanding and applying the assessment criteria with marking activities - Cover effective administration and how to meet all requirements for submission Pearson has reviewed the format and content of all its training events to ensure that the security of its examinations cannot be compromised. This pre-recorded event can count as 1 hour of CPD
Global Textile Composites Consumption Industry 2016 -  Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecas
Get More Details @ http://www.bigmarketresearch.com/global-textile-composites-consumption-industry-2016-deep-research-report-market Global Textile Composites Consumption Industry 2016 Deep Market Research Report offers an in-depth analysis overview of the industry dynamics, current and future market trends, profile of key manufacturers, detailed segmentation and forecast along with the strategies adopted by key market players to consolidate their market positions. The analysis covers key industry parameters in terms of market definition, classification of the product, materials specification, key manufacturing technology and processes and the price trends of major products across different regions. This report offers an in-depth insight into the current market trends, key market drivers and the restraining factors, market challenges along with burning issues along with the key market imperatives impacting the growth of the market. For Enquiry about this report please visit @ http://www.bigmarketresearch.com/report-enquiry/605928 The study on Global Textile Composites Consumption makes a detailed analysis of the upstream raw materials demand, downstream client demand and future industry growth prospects. The study explores the profile of manufacturing plants across major regions in terms of their raw materials analysis, technology sources along with R&D status of the key products. The study highlights the pricing structure of the product offerings of the major companies across different countries and the reasons responsible for the change. The study provides segmentation and market share in major geographical locations along with a detailed market forecast of the market in the aforementioned regions amid the period 2009-2019. Table of Contents 1 Industry Overview of Textile Composites 1.1 Definition and Specifications of Textile Composites
Stakeholders in textiles and apparel bank on UNCTAD 14 to market products
Stakeholders in the textile and apparel industry are banking on the upcoming fourteenth United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD 14, to woo investors as well as increase market access for their goods. The government has been putting in place various incentives to revive the sector whose fortunes have been dwindling over the last few years.
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Textile Engineering & Technology Mock Interview 3 of 28
Realistic Textile Engineering & Technology Interviews: 3 of 28 - Fashion Art & Technology, Chemistry of Intermediates & Dyes, and Engineering Marketing. For infinite number of professional interviews (exactly as you experience in professional companies - Technical + HR), visit https://InterviewMax.com. This interview series covers graduate syllabus and the syllabus of Masters degree to a great extent. For example, the key topics like, Embroidery- general rules for hand and machine embroidery. Introduction to sewing machines used for embroidery. Knowledge, classification & practice of hand embroidery stitches-stitches, designs, colors and material used. Different Forms of Embroidery: eyelet work, cutwork, Richelieu work, lace work, drawn thread and fabric work, patch work, mirror work, appliqué, shaded embroidery, shadow work, badala work, bead and sequins work, bobbin thread embroidery etc. Classification of Embroidery Machines: Types of embroidery machines and their working- vertical embroidery machines, multi-head embroidery machines-Special attachments in Embroidery machines. CAD Softwares used for embroideries- process of designing, types of stitch applications, punching. Frames & backing materials- Types & Purposes. Estimating, costing & marketing of finished embroidery goods. Costumes of India. History of Indian costumes, Traditional costumes of different states, Accessories and Garment used in India, Costumes of Pakistan, Srilanka, Burma, China & Japan. Elements of Fashion art: Sketching and Drawing, Fashion Classification And Types of Fashion, Origin of Fashion language, Philosophy of Design, street Fashion, Study of leading Fashion Designers-French, Italian, American, Indian & English.Concepts of Fashion Design- Definition of Fashion Designing, Initial steps of Fashion Designing, Designing Equipments, Computer Aided Designing, Knowledge of Latest Fashions-Based on Age, Sex, Nationality, Occupation, Socio Economic Status. Study of Dacca Muslin, Jamdhani, Himrus & Amrus, Carpets, Kasmir shawls, Kancheepuram & Baluchari saris, Paithani Saris, Bandhani, Patola, Ikkat, Kalamkari & other styles of printing and dyeing textiles. Factors determining changes in Costumes from period to period, Embroidery Machines, Stabilize Hoop and Stitch Decorative, Virtual Apprentice Fashion Designer, Machine Embroidery, Apparel Manufacturing, Sewn Product Analysis. For details visit the website https://InterviewMax.com
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ProductAI - Textiles Detection and Search
--- ProductAI - AI for Product Recognition Visual Product Search and Tagging APIs Designed for Industry Verticals ProductAI® provides state-of-the-art APIs for visual product recognition based on artificial intelligence. The ProductAI® cloud platform equips businesses with image retrieval and auto-tagging for industry verticals such as fashion, furniture, cars, textiles and wine. Based on cutting-edge deep learning and computer vision R&D, developed by a world-class team of scientists and engineers hailing from Microsoft Research, Google and Oxford's famed VGG lab, product recognition with market-leading accuracy is now accessible to any developer for pennies on the dollar. http://www.productai.com/ ---
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E-textiles 2017-2027: Technologies, Markets, Players
Mr James Hayward, Senior Technology Analyst, IDTechEx discusses his latest report: E-textiles 2017-2027: Technologies, Markets, Players. E-textiles (electronic textiles) involve the integration of electronic components into or onto textiles. This report provides a comprehensive review of all of the main techniques being used and developed today, including over 100 example companies and interviews from more than 25 key players. The report concludes that the e-textile market will approach $5bn in product revenue by 2027. For more information please visit our website: http://www.idtechex.com/textiles
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Manufacturing and Private Labeling Products for Amazon Part 4: Designing Your Product
This video is a guide showing you how to design a product that you plan to manufacture. It is the fourth part in the series. In this video, we examine designing websites such as Freelancer.com and discuss how to design a product from scratch. Visit sellerlabs.com for more info.
Views: 13214 Seller Labs
Global Fabric Analysing Glass Industry Chain Analysis | Share | 2015
Fabric Analysing Glass Market @ Big Market Research offers Global Fabric Analysing Glass Industry 2015. Get complete report @ http://www.bigmarketresearch.com/global-electric-car-tire-industry-2015-research-report-market 2015 Global Fabric Analysing Glass Industry Report is a professional and in-depth research report on the worlds major regional market conditions of the Fabric Analysing Glass industry, focusing on the main regions (North America, Europe and Asia) and the main countries (United States, Germany, Japan and China). The report includes six parts, dealing with: 1.) basic information; 2.) the Asia Fabric Analysing Glass industry; 3.) the North American Fabric Analysing Glass industry; 4.) the European Fabric Analysing Glass industry; 5.) market entry and investment feasibility; and 6.) the report conclusion. Enquire About Report @ http://www.bigmarketresearch.com/report-enquiry/243680 Part I Fabric Analysing Glass Industry Overview Table of Contents Chapter One Fabric Analysing Glass Industry Overview 1.1 Fabric Analysing Glass Definition 1.2 Fabric Analysing Glass Classification Analysis 1.3 Fabric Analysing Glass Application Analysis 1.4 Fabric Analysing Glass Industry Chain Structure Analysis 1.5 Fabric Analysing Glass Industry Development Overview 1.6 Fabric Analysing Glass Global Market Comparison Analysis Chapter Two Fabric Analysing Glass Up and Down Stream Industry Analysis 2.1 Upstream Raw Materials Analysis 2.1.1 Upstream Raw Materials Price Analysis 2.1.2 Upstream Raw Materials Market Analysis 2.1.3 Upstream Raw Materials Market Trend 2.2 Down Stream Market Analysis 2.1.1 Down Stream Market Analysis 2.2.2 Down Stream Demand Analysis 2.2.3 Down Stream Market Trend Analysis
Views: 12 Madhuri Deshmukh
Sintex Plastics Technology Ltd
The Bharat Vijay Mills Ltd) is the world largest producer of plastic water tank. It is also Asia's largest manufacturer of corduroy fabrics. Sintex has a strong presence in 4 continents, i.e Europe, America, Africa, and Asia. Presence in the countries like France, Germany and USA. It is primarily into Building Material Solutions, Textiles Solutions & Custom moulding Solutions. Its manufacturing includes a wide range of plastic products including prefabricated structures, industrial custom moulding products, monolithic constructions and water storage tanks. In the textile segment, the company focuses on niche segment specialising in men's shirting.
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Textile Recognition
Recognition of textile parameters and geometry using image analysis. 3D textile geometry is needed for simulation of inkjet printing on textiles.
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Design & Technology NEA: Initial Design Ideas
This video gives an insight into how to present and annotate initial design ideas.
Views: 370 Bridge Academy D&T
Textile Design & Colour Realistic Interview, Viva Voce
Ignore text-bookish interview videos, where you are just a ring-side observer. Instead, engage yourself in realistic professional interviews at www.InterviewMax.com. These are the type of interviews you must face, and pass – if you want to ensure a successful career in line with your hard-earned qualifications. In InterviewMax professional interviews, you are a participant and involve yourselves. You feel the heat of the interview, and experience the consequences!!! This interview (Textile Design & Color Interview)has been extracted from the ‘Textile Production Engineering Interview Simulator and Trainer’ that has 52 topics and over 5100 questions. For example, Textile design & colour, Elements Of Colour - Light and colour phenomenon. Physical basis of colour emissions, absorption of light. Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colours. Complementary colours, Hues, Tints and Shades. Colours in combination and colours in contrast. Application of colour to woven fabrics. Influence of fabric characteristics (weave) on appearance of colour. Chromatic circle, colour vision - Pigment theory of colour, colour wheel, etc. Colour Harmony and Colour Modification - Achromatic Harmony, Monochromatic Harmony, Analogous Harmony, High Key, Low Key, Mid Key Harmony, Change in Hue, Change in Value, neutralised colour. Elements and Principles of Design :- Natural Motif, Decorative Motif, Geometric Motif, Abstract Motif, line, direction, shape, size, texture, value, colour, repetition, alternation, harmony, gradation, contrast, dominance and subordination, unity balance. Origin and basis of patterns from historic and modern fabrics. Survey of designing methods, studio and workshop techniques. Free hand sketching, enlarging and arrangement of motifs. All over repeating design, half drop, diamond, ogee, weaved line, rectangular drop reverse, sateens, Effect of raw material, weave and finish on the appearance and ornamentation of fabrics. The Interview Simulator & Trainer helps every Textile Production Engineering Professional to respond meaningfully on the spot – in job interviews, viva examinations, technical presentations, client interactions etc. Want to know how it can transform your life? Visit www.InterviewMax.com. Attend your next interview or viva examination with an undue advantage! This simulator gives you the realistic professional interview experience – any number of times, until you reach the level of interaction that is required by your dream job. It is customisable! You can choose the specific topics for each of your interview/viva examinations from: Scouring & Bleaching, Textile Design & Colour, Textile Fibres, Fibre Physics, Yarn Preparation & Weaving, Analytical Textile Chemistry, Chemical & Physical Analysis of Textiles, Chemistry of Intermediates & Dyes, Applications of Textile Auxiliaries, Technology of Dyeing, Technology of Finishing, Technology of Printing, Processing of Garments, Management of Dye House, New Technologies in Textile Processing, Textile Costing, Technical Textile, Modern Spinning Technology, Modern Weaving Technology, Process Control & Quality in Spinning, Process Control & Quality in Weaving, Fashion Art & Technology, Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Drives & Controls, Electrical Machines, Electronic Instrumentation, PLC & SCADA Applications, Chemical Process Safety, Corrosion Engineering, Mechanical Operations for Textile Engineers, Plastics in textile Packaging. Reliability Engineering, Project Management, Engineering Habits of Mind, Critical Thinking, 21st Century Skills, Product Design Methodology, Energy Conservation, Engineering Economics, Engineering Ethics, Ergonomics & Human Factors, Safety, Responsibility & Rights, Industrial Relations, Office/Factory Management, Operations Research, Production Management, Engineering Marketing, Behavioural Science, Finance for Engineers, Quality Assurance, World Class Manufacturing of textile production accessories. (Each of the above topics contains 80 to 110 questions.)
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Strategic Analysis Global Smart Fabrics and Textiles Industry, 2016
Avail more information from Sample Brochure of report @ http://tinyurl.com/j2rox38 Global Smart Fabrics and Textiles industry, focusing on the main regions (North America, Europe and Asia) and the main countries (United States, Germany, Japan and China). Then it analyzed the world's main region market conditions, including the product price, profit, capacity, production, capacity utilization, supply, demand and industry growth rate etc. In the end, the report introduced new project SWOT analysis, investment feasibility analysis, and investment return analysis. Read analysis @ http://tinyurl.com/jfkuj57
Views: 4 Myra Ginsburg

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