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[MV] Secret Garden OST - That Woman (Baek Ji Young) [KARAOKE + Eng Sub]
Baek Ji Young - That Woman ( Secret Garden OST) Karaoke + Rom + English Sub.. Any Comments and ratings would be appreciated XD~
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[Secret Garden OST] That Woman- Baek Ji Young  || Lyrics Korean/English
No copyright infringement intended I DO NOT OWN THE AUDIO. I'm only using this for entertainment purposes Where to find me! Tumblr ► https://d--spicable.tumblr.com Other youtube ► http://youtube.com/xbbysong
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[2016 DMC Festival] Baek JiYoung - That Woman, 백지영 - 그 여자 20161008
Baek JiYoung - That Woman, 백지영 - 그 여자 [2016 DMC Festival Asia Music Network Big Concert] 20161008
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hyun bin-that man lyrics (eng+korea sub) ost secret garden
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That woman ( secret garden OST )
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Baek Ji Young-That Woman(Secret Garden OST) [sub español+Romanización+Hangul]
Ame la voz de Ji Yong en esta canción le da una entonación y un sentimiento inigualable. y la canción es simplemente hermosa. Espero que les guste y si es así Dedito Arriba Dedíquenla,Disfrútenla, Comenten Que Dios los Bendiga Siempre
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Baek Ji Young - That Woman [Eng. Sub]
Song: That Woman Singer: Baek ji Young Album: Secret Graden OST I am watching this drama.. since Dr. Champ's ending is near, I decided to watch this drama next.. and is not disappointed.. what a lovely and cute drama.. Hyun Bin is really really funny here.. hilarious.. I am a big fan of Ha Ji Won, so she's a big factor as to why i am watching this drama right now.. and telling you, it's a must watch.. hoping that it has a good run as it go along.. and does not disappoint till the end.. Anyways, I am not really fond of this song, i thought it is too slow.. but i just decided to sub it.. it has a good meaning though.. If you want to download this or other songs and videos I subbed go to my blog: http://community.livejournal.com/popdomination/ :] you can also download albums from Korean, Japanese, Filipino, & Americans songs... I also started a twitter, If you want to talk or something.. http://twitter.com/mizkrazykool :]
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That Woman - Baek Ji Young Lyrics
That Woman - Baek Ji Young Lyrics From the Korean Drama SECRET GARDEN !
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Ailee - That Woman | 에일리 - 그 여자 [Immortal Songs 2]
Ailee - That Woman | 에일리 - 그 여자 ------------------------------------------------ Subscribe KBS World Official YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/kbsworld ------------------------------------------------ KBS World is a TV channel for international audiences provided by KBS, the flagship public service broadcaster in Korea. Enjoy Korea's latest and most popular K-Drama, K-Pop, K-Entertainment & K-Documentary with multilingual subtitles, by subscribing KBS World official YouTube. ------------------------------------------------ 대한민국 대표 해외채널 KBS World를 유튜브에서 만나세요. KBS World는 전세계 시청자에게 재미있고 유익한 한류 콘텐츠를 영어 자막과 함께 제공하는 No.1 한류 채널입니다. KBS World 유튜브 채널을 구독하고 최신 드라마, K-Pop, 예능, 다큐멘터리 정보를 받아보세요. ------------------------------------------------ [Visit KBS World Official Pages] Homepage: http://www.kbsworld.co.kr Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kbsworld Twitter: http://twitter.com/kbsworldtv Google+: http://plus.google.com/+kbsworldtv KakaoTalk: @kbs_world (http://plus.kakao.com/friend/@kbs_world) Instagram: @kbsworldtv Tumblr: http://kbsworld.tumblr.com
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JUNG EUN JI 정은지: You Are My Garden 그대란 정원 Lyrics [Han/Rom/Eng]
Jung Eun Ji's OST for 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon' :) As expected, Eunji's vocals slayed!!! I love this OST! And especially when it is played during the drama ^^ I love this drama too~ Do support both Eunji and the drama :D Watch 'You Are My Garden' Official MV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUUk7ktOy4Y Do like, share, subscribe to us and comment for constructive feedback or which video to do next!! p.s sorry for any mistakes!! --- No copyright infringement intended! All audio and pictures belong to Plan A Entertainment HAN: klyrics ROM: klyrics ENG: klyrics We are sisters who really love kpop and are making lyric videos for all the fans out there~ so please do support 'ㅅ'
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Secret Garden  ~ That Woman (rom/eng sub)
Secret Garden korean drama Artist: Baek Ji Young Song: That Women ( 그여자 ) romanization (credit to:geniskencur) translation (credit to:antisocialnot) I just love that one woman I love her wholeheartedly I follow her around like a shadow everyday That woman is laughing & crying Just how much more do I have to gaze at you alone This love that came like the wind, this beggar like love If I continue this way, will you love me? Just come a little nearer One step closer but flee with 2 legs I who love you am next to you now That woman who comes. that woman is cautious that's why you have to learn to smile what she can't tell her best friend her heart's full of tears. that's why, that woman when she loved you the same way yet another fool, yet another fool can't you hug me before you go? i want to receive love everyday in my heart, just in my heart i shout and that woman's next to me again. that woman's not me its not that she knows she doesn't know cause she's a fool Just how much more do I have to gaze at you alone This love that came like the wind, this beggar like love If I continue this way, will you love me? Just come a little nearer One step closer but flee with 2 legs I who love you am next to you now That woman who comes.
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[2015 MBC Music festival] 2015 MBC 가요대제전 Baek Ji-Young & JONG HYUN - The Woman 20151231
Baek Ji-Young&JONG HYUN - The Woman 백지영&종현 - 그 여자
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That Woman- Baek Ji Young (Secret Garden OST) English Cover
Lyrics are not an exact translation I don't use sheet music Thank you for watching Subscribe if you like what you see :) :) Lyrics: A shadow in the darkness always behind you She's always by your side but you don't have a clue ' Everyday she'll call your name hoping you'll turn around and say But you'll just walk right through her That woman who loves you Invisible and silent to you In someone else's hands What could she do? She sits in loneliness You've torn her happiness And you freely walk away not knowing what you did And even in the darkness There is light with one look from your eyes Every wrong becomes right Forever in my heart Forever in my mind You have held the missing pieces ever since the start
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Hyun Bin - That Man (그남자)  (That Woman) * Secret garden * MV Edit [HD 1080p]
"Hyun Bin": Korean singer. My Channel is MVKorea: http://www.youtube.com/MVKorea * Thanks Korean Singer, Thanks for visiting.
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THAT WOMAN{secret garden}(korean w/_english trans)-♫♥ Baek Ji Young ♫♥.wmv
Created by: இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ— -- gem645 --------- I wish you'd listen to the Song I play... 'Coz the lyrics speaks the Words I fail to say... ╔══╗♫♪♫ ║██║ ║♫ღ║♥ღ♫ Songs from my heart ♫ღ♥ ╚══╝ *The music content of this video is owned by its rightful and lawful owner/owners. This video is posted for the sole purpose of entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.
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That Woman (Secret Garden OST) Violin Cover - Baek Ji Young - Daniel Jang
Violin cover of That Woman by Baek Ji Young (Secret Garden OST) Hope you like it! Also, feel free to share and subscribe! You can support me by buying my covers here! Pt 1: http://www.loudr.fm/release/violin-covers-pt-i/xxPsp Pt 2: https://loudr.fm/release/violin-covers-pt-ii/xRP2V Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/djang90 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/metalsides Tumblr: http://danjang.tumblr.com Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/djang _________________________________________ To God be all glory because without Him I am nothing.
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[TJ노래방] 그여자(시크릿가든OST) - 백지영 (The woman - Baek Ji Young) / TJ Karaoke
그여자(시크릿가든OST) -- 백지영 TJ 노래방 곡번호.33282 그리고 언제 어디서나 노래방처럼 노래할 수 있는 TJ KARAOKE를 “구독”하세요! “구독”을 하면 채널을 매번 검색해서 찾는 번거로움없이 바로 TJ KARAOKE 채널로 와서 가요, 팝송, 발라드, 댄스, 힙합, 트로트, 노래방 인기곡 등 다양한 장르의 반주와 매일매일 업데이트되는 따끈따끈한 최신곡을 이용할 수 있습니다. 반주/반주곡/노래방/MR/엠알/INST/instrumental If you want more K-Pop Karaoke? Subscribe TJ KARAOKE !! http://www.youtube.com/user/ziller K-Pop Karaoke will be updated everyweek もっと多いkpopカラオケが欲しいなら? TJカラオケを購読してください! K-pop カラオケは毎週アップデートします。 ▣ Another TJ Karaoke Service? ▶ WEBSITE Visit : http://www.ziller.co.kr (WEB Karaoke) ▶ ZillerSong Mobile : Android/IOS ▶ K-POP STAR Global Package : Android/IOS ▶ TJ TV Karaoke (Korean ONLY) : KT OllehTV , LG U+TV, SK BTV ▶ 'DREAM SINGER VS' with ZILLERSONG ('DREAM SINGER VS' is the Kind of TV Shows that produced by TVN KOREA) ▣ 더 많은 TJ 노래방을 즐기시려면? ▶ 웹 : http://www.ziller.co.kr ▶ 드림싱어 VS with 질러송 ▶ 질러 TV 노래방
Secret Garden OST - That Man [DUET MIX] Hyun bin + Baek Ji young
Here is what you get when you mix the female and male version of That Man, together! Baek Ji Young's version + Hyun bin's version together.
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02  나타나 (Appear) (Female ver) OST Secret Garden part 4
02 나타나 (Appear) (Female ver) OST Secret Garden part 4 앨범종류: 싱글 장르: OST 스타일: TV 드라마 발매일: 2010.12.27 유통사: 소니뮤직 Traklist: 01 너는 나의 봄이다 - Sung Si Kyung 02 나타나 (Female Ver.) - Yoari 03 You Are My Everything - 정하윤
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Bebe Mignon - One Woman [Eng. Sub]
Song: One Woman Singer: Bebe Mignon Orig. Singer: Kim Jong Kook Album: Secret Graden OST if you're thinking that you might have heard of this song.. yes, you might.. since the original singer of the song is Kim Jong Kook.. it was a song when Eun hye and Kim Jong Kook scandal broke out.. if you remember it.. Anyways, Secret Graden already ended, di you like it? no? I personally am 50-50 about it.. it was crack-tastic and LOL-lastic drama.. but I feel like towards the end they rushed it.. and what about that switch boy-girl, girl-boy thingy? hmm.. 50-50 too, for me.. i was waiting for them to head further into that arena.. but they didn't.. still, i like this drama.. i had fun and cried watching it.. and their OST is awesome and gorgeous.. :] If you want to download this or other songs and videos I subbed go to my blog: http://community.livejournal.com/popdomination/ :] you can also download albums from Korean, Japanese, Filipino, & Americans songs... I also started a twitter, If you want to talk or something.. http://twitter.com/mizkrazykool :]
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Baek Ji Young - That Woman Eng Sub & Romanization Lyrics
Baek Ji Young - That Woman Eng Sub, Secret Garden OST Credits: Pictures: Google Romanization: Romanization.Wordpress.com English Translation: Random Sources
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That Women-Secret Garden OST.Baek Ji Young
That Women-Secret Garden OST.Baek Ji Young
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You're My Spring - Secret Garden OST (English Sub)
You're My Spring - Sung Si Kyung Secret Garden OST
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♪ OST Secret Garden | Baek Ji Young - That Women (Español | Spanish Cover) by Marisabelaz
Version en español latino de "That Women", cantada por Baek Ji Young para el drama Secret Garden 2016: el audio esta editado por una empresa japonesa, me sacaron el video del canal, les escribí diciendo que mi cover tenia "mi voz" y me borraron el instru y dejaron solo la voz... OMO no sabia que las empresas podían hacer eso XD ❤ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/#!/Marisabelaz ❤ FACE: http://www.facebook.com/Marisabelaz Oasssssss XD sep, subo una lenta.. de OST! Tenía pensado poner el MV de la serie pero no me convencia, tenía pensando poner la parodia de Big bang XD o de Teen Top pero mata el sentimiento jajaja, asi que así nomas XP please no sean duros con este cover, se que varía del original, a la hora de empezar algunas frases o tiempos, pero es que yo la cante solo oyendo el instrumental y como que me inspire más en el momento y las variaciones vinieron solas XD igual a Manury le gusto y como es su lyric ps su opinión es sagrada! 👌 Letra: manury / uchuicha 👌 Interprete XD: Marisabelaz 👌 Mixer audio - video: marrisabelaz me gusta appear! amo la voz de kim bum soo! pronto XD jajaja bueno esto va dedicado a todas las girls que me pidieron este cover, las mismas que me lo pidieron en el cover de 4MEN "REASON", gracias x oir!, hice lo mejor que pude :D 🎧 MP3: http://www.4shared.com/audio/1rlLYAWJ/That_Women_OST_SECRET_GARDEN_M.html 14/5/11 #84 - Más comentados (hoy) - Corea del Sur #48 - Más comentados (hoy) - Música - Corea del Sur
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[INDO SUB] BAEK JI YOUNG(백지영) - THAT WOMAN(그여자) (SECRET GARDEN OST Part 1) by soonbaes
*Terima kasih sudah menonton *Jangan lupa like, comment, dan subscribe channel kita ya:) Artist: BAEK JI YOUNG Song: THAT WOMAN Album: SECRET GARDEN OST I do not own the music, photos and lyrics Credit rightful to the owners No copyright infringement intended
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Bruce Springsteen Secret Garden HD, Jerry Maguire Soundtrack (flac)
My music video of Bruce Springsteen's beautiful song "Secret Garden". This piece was originally released on February 27th, 1995 on album Greatest Hits. Almost two years later "Secret Garden" gained a lot of popularity thanks to "Jerry Maguire" - Cameron Crowe's sport drama. I recommend both the movie (with Tom Cruise, Renée Zellweger, Cuba Gooding jr., Jonathan Lipnicki, Ray Mohr, Kelly Preston) and great collection of songs appreciated by filmmakers (The Who, Neil Young, Elvis Presley, Paul McCartney, Nancy Wilson, Bob Dylan and others). Lyrics below. -------------------------------------------------------------- PL: Znana i lubiana piosenka Bruce'a Springsteena, "Secret Garden", część swojej popularności zawdzięcza filmowi "Jerry Maguire". Utwór pierwotnie pojawił się w albumie Greatest Hits wydanym 27 lutego 1995 roku. Prawie dwa lata później "Secret Garden" stał się częścią ścieżki dźwiękowej filmu. Oba te utwory zainspirowały mnie do stworzenia własnego teledysku. Polecam zarówno świetny dramat Camerona Crowe'a, jak i znakomity soundtrack. Na płycie znajdują się utwory m.in. The Who, Elvisa Presleya, Neila Younga, Paula McCartneya, Nancy Wilson i Boba Dylana. -------------------------------------------------------------- LYRICS (słowa): She'll let you in her house, If you come knockin' late at night. She'll let you in her mind, If the words you say are right. If you pay the price, She'll let you deep inside, But there's a secret garden she hides. She'll let you in her car, To go drivin' 'round. She'll let you into the parts of herself, That'll bring you down. She'll let you in her heart, If you got a hammer and a vise, But into her secret garden, don't think twice. You've gone a million miles, How far'd you get, To that place where you can't remember, And you can't forget. She'll lead you down a path. There'll be tenderness in the air. She'll let you come just far enough, So you know she's really there. Then she'll look at you and smile, And her eyes will say, She's got a secret garden, Where everything you want, Where everything you need, Will always stay, A million miles away. Enjoy!
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Secret Garden OST (THAT WOMEN) PIANO By Sanad Jung
PLEASE IGNORE MY MESSED UP ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! SECRET GARGEN OST song "That Women's" PIANO By Sanad Jung PLAYED BY EAR!!! I DID an LOT Of Mistakes!!! You Can JOIN My Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/sanadjung --------------------------------------------- Hope you will Like IT!! and Feel Free To Share / RATE / COMMENT!!
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That Man / That Woman Secret Garden English Cover
I don't watch many K-dramas but Ashley does. She recommended that I do this song. I know Xmas was 2 months ago, but it's kind of a heartbreak song as well, just in time for Valentines! Give someone some love this year! We have something special in the works for all of you. Thank you for supporting us! We have come a long way but it's just the beginning. Make sure you subscribe to both channels. Kpop: youtube.com/ashilia4life JD Relic: youtube.com/jdrelic Follow: Twitter: @JDRelic FB: facebook.com/jdrelic Thanks to Jason for Editing this video! Subscribe to him here: http://www.youtube.com/user/DMoonCakeProductions http://www.facebook.com/#!/MoonCakeProductions?sk=wall And special shout out to Anh @ youtube.com/atvile -- for letting us use parts of her English cover for this song. Make sure you check out her cover of "That Woman" @ http://youtu.be/qt7eBJ9J7Gw DL:http://www.mediafire.com/?acb7ef1tljyomo3 Lyrics: A shadow in the darkness Always behind you He's always by your side but You don't have a clue Everyday he'll call your name Hoping you'll turn around and stay But you just walk right through me Knowing I love you Invisible and silent To you In someone else's hands What could he do? He sits in loneliness You've torn his happiness And you freely walked away not knowing what you did Oh And even in the darkness There is light With one look in your eyes Every wrong becomes right Forever in my heart Forever in my mind You have always held the pieces from the very start That man is standing by you If you'd only knew He's always right beside you But you don't have a clue Everyday he'll call your name Hoping you'll turn around and stay But you just walk right through me Knowing I love you Chorus I don't want to be the one who's loving you I didn't know that you would play me like a fool Did you know that I'm not easy? Just how much more do I have to do? To get you loving me What can I do? To love you from afar Just like a beggar's heart If I love you secretly then will you love me too? Just come a little closer to me When I'm next to you, You move away quietly I'm the one who loves you The one who stands besides you That man who loving you.
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scent of a woman [That Man | Secret Garden OST] MV
Please subscribe at my backup account: http://www.youtube.com/user/MoonPrism22MV Hello, finally here is a complete mv :D i've been so busy this days, i just got a job (and i'm very happy for it lols) but i havent had free time to edit videos until now I hope you guys enjoy this video, i know is very very simple, but i had such a hard time finding a song that could fit and still this one dosn't fit at all but i tried my best with the clips and the lyrics :P this is a very good drama, i loved the ending so much! if you havent watch it, give it a try, you won't regret! ;D drama and music credits at the video :) Thanks for watching! ^^ ps: i regret adding the lyrics lols is distracting from the clips and my watermark cover it and i just noticed now lol coming soon: protect the boss mv korean drama mix @tutorials channel- how to make a yt bg
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Secret Garden OST- That Women w/ beatz
1stshinlock beatz subscribe , rate, comment!`
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정은지 (Jeong Eun Ji) - 그대란 정원 (힘쎈여자 도봉순 OST) [Music Video]
JTBC 드라마의 새 역사를 쓸 '힘쎈여자 도봉순'의 OST 첫 주자로 에이핑크 정은지 출격! 듣기/다운로드: http://WMK.lnk.to/DBS1 ▶OST Pt. 2 - 수란 (Suran) "Heartbeat" http://WMK.lnk.to/DBS2 ▶OST Pt. 3 - 스탠딩 에그 (Standing Egg) "어떨까" http://WMK.lnk.to/DBS3 ▶OST Pt. 4 - 김청하 (I.O.I) "두근두근" http://WMK.lnk.to/DBS4 ▶OST Pt. 5 - 마마무 (MAMAMOO) "Double Trouble Couple" http://WMK.lnk.to/DBS5
[HD] Hyun Bin 130420 Hong Kong Fan Meeting - singing "That Man"
Please do not edit or re-upload. [subtitles]. [cutting]...
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076. That Woman (geu yeo ja) - Baek Ji Young (Secret Garden OST) - (Cover Español)
No Copyright Infringement Intended *I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO * [please don't delete it] Copyright : SBS Título : The Woman Albúm : Secret Garden OST Artista : Baek Ji Young --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Comentario: Esta es la versión femenina.. (aunk la voz no lo paresca XD)... es la k mas me gusta... pq es mas emotiva... Espero k les guste... haber si logro acabar las k me faltan... saludos... Para más lyrics visiten mi blog: http://manury.blogspot.com/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extras: Las adaptaciones son mías (no el contenido audiovisual ) pero uso de guía diferentes traducciones para comparar mi propia interpretación... para asi no perder la esencia ni el mensaje que la canción quiere expresar... Traducción en inglés: kimchinbab (wordpress), kakakcashier (blogspot), Music + Chichan-Onew + Anonim (?)
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Baek Ji Young (백지영) That Woman - 그여자 Secret Garden OST piano version
this is one of the nicer songs in the korean drama Secret Garden. Hope that u guys like it though i made a few mistakes here and there..lols!! everything is played by ear and not from score... (:
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Cover Hyun Bin-That Man (Ost.Secret Garden) Tari with Fauzan
[TARI💦|💃🎤🎵] sang That Man Ost. Secret Garden really well! Check out this great cover they made! starmaker https://go.onelink.me/2172530114?pid=share
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♪ OST Secret Garden | Kim Bum Soo (김범수) - Appear (spanish cover) by Marisabelaz
mp3 abajo!! MI VIDEO ESTA BLOKEADO EN ALEMANIA... Y A MI QUE!?! XD TWITTER: https://twitter.com/#!/Marisabelaz TUMBLR: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/marisabelaz Por si me pierdo :) https://www.youtube.com/mizawood https://www.youtube.com/mrmizawood Por si me pierdo :) https://www.youtube.com/mizawood https://www.youtube.com/mrmizawood FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/Marisabelaz hasta ahora no creo que el hyun bin que sale en la serie sea el mismo de sam son, mire por donde le mire no es... mi hermana me dice que si peor yo no lo acepto. en fin, me pidieron la song, me gusta como canta kim bum son, lo ame desde escalera al cielo, y el dueto con taeyeon en different, su voz me gusta. la letra es buena, "trata de como me flecharon!" XD y aunque me costo, siento que mi voz no salio con naturalidad, hasta un poco forzado XD en fin... quizas si lo volviese a cantar... pero tengo covers por hacer, la verdad quiero cantar más pero... tengo mezclas de teen top, perfume y to you y siguen ahi meses... a perfume le he dado una mirada y termine rehaciendo todo menos el rap XD y to you sigue ahi, solo las voces, debo recantar xq desafine en ese entonces XD mi my lady de exo ps la kor esta, pero en español no me sale una bendita frase, del mismo grupo "dont cry" esta listo, pero quiero dejarlo ahi, se que si lo dejo ahi y luego lo escucho podre notar si hay desafinaciones... x eso mismo a growl no lo he tocado pa naa, solo lo he cantado ahi como quien va a karaoke XD tengo mas.... pero me da flojera subir jajaja XD nos vemos.... mp3: https://app.box.com/s/1b73ptwts8hz96b5htk8
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[thai sub] that woman - baek ji young  ost. secret garden
ผลงานไทบซับชิ้นที่ 2 อาจแปลถูกผิดบ้าง เพราะแปลจากภาษาอังกฤษจากหลายแหล่ง แต่ก็พยายามเต็มที่แล้วนะคะ ยังไงก็ฝากผลงานด้วยนะคะ
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