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Жихарка -- Zhikharka -- A Russian cartoon with English subs
A cartoon based on a Russian fairy tale.
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MISS NEW YEAR, USSR, cartoon, 1991 (with ENGLISH subtitles)
A cartoon, made in the period of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Therefore, the story has several "holes". However, the fox girl is painted nice. Beauty pageant was held in the forest house of culture. With the help of deception a little crow has won the title.Of course, in the end, justice has been done. Soyuzmultfilm, 1991
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'THE PAINTED FOX' cartoon, USSR, 1953 (with English subtitles)
Based on a Ukrainian folk tale. About how the animals punish thieving fox. directed by Alexander Ivanov written by Nikolai Abramov, B. Brodsky SOYUZMULTFILM, 1953
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THE FOX AND THE THRUSH, USSR, cartoon, 1946 (with English subtitles)
Cartoon based on a Russian folk tale. The evil and greedy fox is trying to eat a thrush and his family. Dodgy thrush comes up different ways to ward off the fox. In the end, thrush punishes a fox - he leads the fox to the dogs. SOYUZMULTFILM, 1946
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Zhiharka - The most popular cartoon in Russia! | Cartoon for Children in English
Zhiharka | Cartoon for Children in English | Animation series - “Mountain of Gems” ★★★ Subscribe to Cartoon ★★★ http://bit.ly/SubscribeToCartoon ➜ Watch Piglet All series: ► http://bit.ly/2eVBMT2 ➜ Watch Super cartoons for kids: ► http://bit.ly/2fTuT9b ➜ Watch Pig Baby Piggy Compilation: ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nqr9Rqe5Ajk ________________________________ ♥ Like ✓ Subscribe ✎ Comment
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Nu Pogodi - Russian Cartoon - Episode 1 (1969)
Episode 1 of the most iconic Soviet-Era cartoon. Enjoy. A xx
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Troekurovo russian commercial fox video
The fox advertizing video for "Troyekurovo" poultry farm.
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THE TAILS, cartoon, 1966, USSR (with ENGLISH subtitles)
The main implication of this cartoon: Everyone must to carry their own destiny. Soyuzmultfilm, 1966
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We met the world’s first domesticated foxes
This week, we meet the very cute and very bizarre result of an almost 60-year-long experiment: they’re foxes that have been specially bred for their dog-like friendliness toward people. We do a little behavior research of our own, and discover what scientists continue to learn from the world’s most famous experiment in domestication. The fox experiment continues under the supervision of Lyudmila Trut at the Institute of Cytology and Genetics. Her book “How to Tame a Fox (and Build a Dog)”, co-authored by Lee Alan Dugatkin, details the history and science behind the experiment. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2FqJZMl Like Verge Science on Facebook: http://bit.ly/2hoSukO Follow on Twitter: http://bit.ly/2Kr29B9 Follow on Instagram: https://goo.gl/7ZeLvX Read More: http://www.theverge.com Community guidelines: http://bit.ly/2D0hlAv Subscribe to Verge on YouTube for explainers, product reviews, technology news, and more: http://goo.gl/G5RXGs gene editing
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Heather Fox - Furry Cartoon from 1998
There once was a time when furry fandom was just a loosely organized offshoot of comic/sci-fi/fantasy fandom dedicated to animal characters in movies, TV, comics and video games. There once was a time when there were no anti-social elitist/seperatist furries using the term "human" with the same hate-filled tone of voice the KKK uses the word "nigger", and there were no anti-furry hatemongerers screaming "Yiff in Hell". There once was a time when furry fandom was fun. But somewhere along the line a lot of furry fans started taking themselves much too seriously. Over the years they turned furry fandom into a sub-culture, almost like a cult. And like any cult it garnered alot of hateful backlash. And that backlash compelled them to bizarre acts which incurred more hate which lead to even more bizarre behavior... There once was a time when I was much more involved in the fandom. And inspired by Eric Schwartz' animated cartoon "A Walk In The Park" (which has been uploaded several times to YouTube) I tried my hand at animation, and eventually I created my first animated cartoon, "Heather Fox", way back in 1998...back when furry fandom was fun. I miss those days of long ago.
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USSR cartoon "The enchanted boy" (Zakoldovanyy malchik) eng.sub
The Enchanted Boy (Russian: Заколдованный мальчик, Zakoldovanyy malchik) is a 1955 Soviet/Russian traditionally-animated feature film directed by Vladimir Polkovnikov and Aleksandra Snezhko-Blotskaya. It was produced at the Soyuzmultfilm studio in Moscow. All rights reserved: Quiz Group Pro. The film is an adaptation of The Wonderful Adventures of Nils by Selma Lagerlöf. The naughty boy Nils, who delights in torturing animals, is bewitched by a tomte. Now shrunken to a small size and able to talk to animals, he flies across Lapland on the backs of wild geese. During these dangerous travels he does many noble deeds, and, at the same time, searches for the tomte who would take the spell away.
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'PETUSHOK THE GOLDEN COCK COMB', cartoon, USSR, 1955 (with English subtitles)
It is a screen version of Russian national fairy tale in processing of L. N. Tolstoy. Friends the Cat, the Ouzel and the Cockerel live together. The artful Fox some times tries to steal the Cockerel, but friends rescue him, and eventually the Fox is punished. directed by Petr Nossov, D. Anpilov written by Petr Nossov SOYUZMULTFILM, 1955
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About Sidorov Vova, USSR, cartoon, 1985 (with English subtitles))
Edifying cartoon. About lazy and spoiled Sidorov Vova. About how he went to serve in the army together with his relatives.
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"An orphan fox" cartoon, Russia, 2004 (with English subtitles)
Based on the Bashkir folk tale. Fox wanted to separate friends, but nothing she has not turned out! Directed by Sergey Gordeev © Pilot studio, 2004
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Russian Animated film "A Cat and a Fox"
http://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/mul-tfil-my-gora-samocvetov/id475263094?mt=8 Short video of amazing Russian cartoon in English.
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Great Russian Cartoons - Чуня (Choonya)
Here's a cute cartoon of Чуня, a young pig making new friends. Many thanks to Robert and Yulia for writing out the text. Sorry it took me so long to add them. For more material for learning Russian, check out our website: http://elearnrussian.com
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Watch Cartoon Online - Fox Pop Cartoon Show by Spirited Game Play
Watch Cartoon Online - Fox Pop Cartoon Show by Spirited Game Play A classic Warner Brothers Cartoon. A fox steals a radio and begins to destroy it. Two birds ask him why he's doing it and the fox begins to tell his story. Hearing that silver foxes are all the rage in high society, a fox paints himself silver and gets himself trapped, finding out too late that it's only his fur anyone is interested in.
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Cartoon about tanks "Birth of sovie monster KV 44"
My version of famous "Soviet Monster KV 44" in this tank cartoon. If you like a tanks and you want see how my drawn KV44 was born on Dr.Tankenstein´s secret factory, probably that´s video will interesting for you. Thank you guys for watching, enjoy and subscribe to Valhalla Toons channel for more my new cartoons about tanks and about their adventures.
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Crazy Russian Cartoon
Official Facebook page: https://facebook.com/OGOHollywood Russian dude tries to get a call girl but as a result rants his way thru the crazy adventure which starts at his native city, but quickly escalates as a gran scale intergalactic domination conflict resulting in a massive destruction and an alien death toll. One of the most popular Russian shock cartoon web shows is now available in English too! Warning! This video might have a strong language unacceptable to minors!
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Лиса и дрозд | видео для детей | The Fox And The Thrush | Cartoon Stories For Kids | Kids Tv Russia
Kids Tv Russia предлагает вам популярные и лучшие русские анимированные рассказы "Лиса и дрозд" для детей. Подпишитесь на наш канал для получения дополнительных обновлений о детских моральных историях и детских рифмах с огромной коллекцией на русском языке с творческой анимацией и лучшими персонажами. Visit our website http://www.uspstudios.co/ for more Children’s Nursery Rhymes & Kids Videos ============================================ Music and Lyrics: Copyright USP Studios™ Video: Copyright USP Studios™ ============================================ Bob The Train App - Download Now https://goo.gl/6euK1b
Great Russian Cartoons - Первый Урок (First Lesson)
Here's a cute cartoon, Первый Урок (First Lesson), three young bear cubs learn a lesson about bees. A big thanks to Yuri for doing the subtitles. :). For more material for learning Russian, check out our website: http://elearnrussian.com
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Russian VO Parodies - HOUSE MD cures FOX cartoons
Original:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ypi0Ogcy-I Наш пабдик: http://vk.com/russianvoparodies
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'THE FOX, THE BEAR AND THE MOTORCYCLE AND SIDECAR', cartoon, USSR, 1969 (with English subtitles)
Good Master Bear enjoys creating various types of transport - bikes, bicycles and so on. One day, he suffered from his own goodness, agreeing to sell the Fox sidecar from his new motorcycle. By purchasing a sidecar, Fox, referring to the Forest Code, immediately begins to blackmail and extort against the Bears had not just a sidecar, but the whole motorcycle: now the master has himself to ride a motorcycle and carry the Fox, where she orders. directed by Petr Nossov written by V. Kapninsky SOYUZMULTFILM, 1969
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A BAG FULL OF APPLES, cartoon, USSR, 1974 (with English subtitles)
Cult Soviet cartoon. The plot is that kindness and generosity are always rewarded. directed by Vitold Bordzilovsky written by Vladimir Suteyev art director Vladimir Arbekov artist D. Anpilov animators Olga Orlova, Joseph Kuroyan, Oleg Safronov, Victor Likhachev, Anatoly Abarenov, Oleg Komarov, T. Pomerantseva, N. Kukolev, Fedor Yeldinov, Alexander Davydov, Ivan Davydov cameraman Michael Druyan executive producer Lubov' Butyrina music Michael Ziv sound Vladimir Kutuzov script editor Petr Frolov voice artists Gotlib Roninson, L. Kataeva, Anatoly Papanov (Wolf) , Boris Vladimirov (Crow), T. Dmitrieva, Sergei Martinson, Boris Runge, George Vitsin (Hare) , Boris Andreyev cutter G. Smirnova
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CAUGHT A FISH!, cartoon, USSR, 1983 (with ENGLISH subtitles) (see link below!)
LINK TO SEE: https://vk.com/video210553547_456239779 Russian folk interpretation of the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm. The old man went fishing. With the help of cunning, the fox stole fish. She then deceived naive wolf, who also wanted to caught a fish... Sverdlovsk film studio, 1983
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"the cat and the fox" cartoon, 2004 (with English subtitles)
The cat kicked out, and the fox picked him up and use it to scare animals. Based on the Russian folk tale. Directed by Konstantin Bronzit © Pilot studio 2004
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Арта Монстр - Мультики про танки
Мультик про танки по мотивам игры World of Tanks. В данном видео вы увидите: предысторию того как появилась советская арта монстр и танк-ремонтник ! Помогите HomeAnimations достигнуть 2.000.000 подписчиков Кликните, чтобы подписаться! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Bc-4nV2-Tk4Af2rqrmrjA ►Не забывайте оценить ТанкоМульт и оставить свои комментарии! Подписка и репосты - приветствуются! Мне будет очень приятно ощутить вашу поддержку! ►Две новые серии каждую неделю! ►http://vk.com/homeanimations Тут можно узнать всю инфу и задать вопросы Рисунки и анимация: Костриков Александр Анимация создана в программе Adobe Flash Pro #homeanimations #мультики_про_танки #танки #про_танки_мультики #танки_мультики #мультики_про_world_of_tanks #мультики #Крепость_танк #Арта_Монстр
Jil byl pes (cartoon), english subtitles
This is on the best soviet cartoons, 1982 year. It's called "There once was a dog". It' a must see for everyone. :)
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The Three Little Pigs and Big Bad Wolf | Disney Cartoons
The Three Little Pigs and Big Bad Wolf | HD Animated Fairy Tales for Children | Full Story Three little pigs is a fairy tale featuring talking animals. This story is . Do you like the story of three little pigs. Here is a 3D version of the popular folk tale. This is a moral story for children that teaches about the values of hard labour . The Three Little Pigs - The Practical Pig - The Big Bad Wolf - disney Silly Symphony. Remake of the classic story of three little pigs and a big bad wolf This is fairy tale cartoon animation for kids More videos for children from Surprise Cartoon: 1) .
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"Biter bit!" cartoon, USSR, 1983 (with English subtitles)
Tale of how little mouse beat a fox. Directed by Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin © Souyuzmultfilm, 1983
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'How the Fox Tried to Catch Up with a Hare' cartoon, USSR, 1979 (with English subtitles)
This film is about the artful fox and kind, but ingenuous Hare whom the Fox decided to eat. directed by Anatoly Solin written by Grigory Oster SOYUZMULTFILM, 1979
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THE FOX AND THE WOLF, cartoon, USSR, 1958 (with ENGLISH subtitles)
An old man and old women lived together. One day the old man told his wife to bake some bread for he was going fishing. He later caught a whole truckload of fish and began to head home happy with his luck. On his way he saw a fox curled up on the side of the road. He crept up on the fox and found that it wasn’t moving at all...
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The Rain - funny cartoons || Log Jam series
The Rain - funny cartoons || Log Jam series Log Jam is an animation series about three "professional" musicians, the Bear, the Rabbit and the Wolf. They are trying to rehearse in the forest regardless of the circumstances. Created by: Alexey Alexeev Produced by: András Erkel, Peter Drake Studio Baestarts in association with Nickelodeon UK Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Sk0hO9 Follow on G+: https://goo.gl/bjMC6q Find us on Facebook: https://goo.gl/AWYGlQ
AN ORDINARY FOX (1992), Russia, cartoon, with English subtitles
Tale about impudent fox, who had quarreled with his friend.
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Топ 30 - Мультики про танки
30 минут лучших 30 Серий Мультика про танки в одном видео Спасибо за просмотр , Подпишитесь пожалуйста ! Помогите HomeAnimations достигнуть 50.000 подписчиков Кликните, чтобы подписаться! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Bc-4nV2-Tk4Af2rqrmrjA ►Не забывайте оценить ТанкоМульт и оставить свои комментарии! Подписка и репосты - приветствуются! Мне будет очень приятно ощутить вашу поддержку! ►Две новые серии каждую неделю! ►http://vk.com/homeanimations Тут можно узнать всю инфу и задать вопросы Рисунки и анимация: Костриков Александр Анимация создана в программе Adobe Flash Pro JOIN VSP GROUP PARTNER PROGRAM: https://youpartnerwsp.com/ru/join?9456 #homeanimations #мультики_про_танки #танки #про_танки_мультики #танки_мультики #мультики_про_world_of_tank
Funny Cartoon For Adults Want with a Hot mermaid
Funny Cartoon For Adults Want with a Hot mermaid funny cartoons for adults. Fisherman caught a mermaid, she called him to her ... And what happened in the movie look ... Russian cartoons are very popular with adults. Watch Russian cartoons without registering on MultimaniaTV. Newest cartoons in 2015, see the whole family Educational Russian cartoons available without registration See the best cartoons in Russian, and create a positive mood all the kids! Fishing Mermaid Laugh or Cry - Mermaid Cartoon Funny video clip. Mermaid and fisherman. Bad ending. Humor cartoons movie. cartoons for children, cartoons full movie, cartoons for babies, cartoons for children disney, cartoons funny, cartoons as animes, cartoons and heroes, cartoons barbie, cartoons channel, cartoons kids, cartoons movies 2015, cartoons tom and jerry, cartoons hd full movie.
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IN SOVIET RUSSIA! SML - Jeffy the Puppet (Yo Mama Cartoon)
Yo Mama - In Soviet Russia Jeffy joke by Brody Foxx DOWNLOAD QUIDD ►http://bit.ly/2rJwUtB ADD ME ► My username is BrodyFoxx WATCH MORE 100 Jokes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XG8b7WhANNA 250 Jokes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sv1fDOwyK4s 300 Jokes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQFxCxfhNUI Discord ► https://discordapp.com/invite/yomama Twitter (@BrodyFoxx) ► http://twitter.com/brodyfoxx My Game ► http://bit.ly/2CaUJ4M Snapchat ► FollowYoMama
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LOONEY TUNES (Best of Looney Toons): BUGS BUNNY CARTOON COMPILATION (For Children) (HD 1080p)
This compilation includes some of the all-time best classic Bugs Bunny Cartoons from the Golden-Era. All episodes have been remastered in HD 1080, the times and details are listed below. 00:10 The Wacky Wabbit Bugs Bunny (1942) (Remastered HD 1080p) 7:32 Case of the Missing Hare (Bugs Bunny) (1942) (Remastered) (HD 1080p) 15:44 The Wabbit Who Came to Supper (Bugs Bunny) (1942) (Remastered) (HD 1080p) 23:51 Falling Hare (Bugs Bunny) (1943) (Remastered) (HD 1080p) 32:18 Wackiki Wabbit (Bugs Bunny) (1943) (Remastered) (HD 1080p) 39:00 A Corny Concerto (Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd & Porky Pig) (1943) (Remastered) (HD 1080p) 46:55 Fresh Hare (Bugs Bunny) (1942) (Remastered) (HD 1080p) 54:25 Any Bonds Today (Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd) (1942) (Remastered) (HD 1080p) 8thManDVD.com and all content © 2015 ComedyMX LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use is prohibited. The looney tunes (commonly mistaken as Looney Toons) and Merrie Melodies series features characters such as bugs bunny, daffy duck & porky pig. The looney tunes cartoons, movies and new looney tunes show have been produced for years. The looney tunes full episodes, produced by the official looney tunes are available on DVD and TV.
THE PILL, cartoon (1983, USSR, with English subtitles)
Cartoon that satirizes greed and speculation on the deficit of goods. Based on the specifics of life in the Soviet Union during the end of the Soviet period. "Soyuzmultfilm" studio
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Spiderman Cartoon-Spidey meet Carnage part1
piderman Cartoon-Spidey meet Carnage part1
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Antoshka russian  children song and cartoon.  Антошка, Антошка! Пойдем копать картошку
This is funny old russian cartoon "Antoshka" well known among all russians. This cartoon is about lazy boy who didn't work so didn't have a meal after. All right belongs to "SOYUZMULTFILM". Наш любимый Антошка, который и на гармошке отказывался играть и картошку копать. "Это мы не проходили, Это нам не задавали". ОЧень понятный мультик для детей любого возраста. Все права принадлежат "СОЮЗМУЛЬТФИЛЬМУ" Для частног опросмотра.
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Толкование сновидений | Татарская сказка | Interpretation Of Dreams | Russian Cartoon Stories
Kids Tv Russia предлагает вам популярные и лучшие русские анимированные рассказы "Толкование сновидений" Подпишитесь на наш канал для получения дополнительных обновлений о детских моральных историях и детских рифмах с огромной коллекцией на русском языке с творческой анимацией и лучшими персонажами. Visit our website http://www.uspstudios.co/ for more Children’s Nursery Rhymes & Kids Videos ============================================ Music and Lyrics: Copyright USP Studios™ Video: Copyright USP Studios™ ============================================ Bob The Train App - Download Now https://goo.gl/6euK1b
Приключения пингвинёнка Лоло | The Adventures of Penguin Lolo | Russian cartoon with RU subtitles
Watching Russian cartoon with Russian subtitles (for beginners) or without subtitles (for intermediate) is the best way to improve Listening skill! Watch the cartoon a few times, write down new phrases and words, watch untill you won't understand at least 90% of sounding speech and repeat by characters to improve your pronunciation as well! This is Soviet cartoon, that tells a story of a little penguin Lolo, who liked adventures a lot and that's why often found himself in different interesting situations. Write in comments what do you think about this cartoon and how complicated was to understand it in Russian. Good luck, guys ;)
Views: 43640 RU-LAND CLUB
The little mushroom house 1958 Gribok teremok English subs Russian cartoon
Subtitles can be chosen and activated with button at bottom screen. Animation directed by Vladimir Polkovnikov written by Vladimir Suteyev
How Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Should Have Ended
If you were under deep cover with the world's most deranged terrorist, would you keep your cool or buckle under the pressure? There are many ways Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 should have ended. Here's one particularly personal possibility... first personal, that is. Watch More HISHEs: https://bit.ly/HISHEPlaylist Subscribe to HISHE: https://bit.ly/HISHEsubscribe Get some HISHE gear over at: http://www.dftba.com/hishe Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/HISHETwitter Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/hishegram/ Like us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/HISHE-FB --------------Previous Episodes-------------------- BAT BLOOD - A Batman V Superman AND Bad Blood Parody ft. Batman: http://bit.ly/BatBlood How Big Hero 6 Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/BigHero6HISHE Villain Pub - The New Smile: http://bit.ly/VPNewSmile How Jurassic World Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/JurassicWorldHISHE How Inside Out Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/InsideOutHISHE How The Avengers: Age of Ultron Should Have Ended - Part Two: http://bit.ly/UltronPartTwo How The Avengers: Age of Ultron Should Have Ended - Part One: http://bit.ly/UltronPart1 Super Cafe: Batman v Superman - It’s On! http://bit.ly/SuperCafeItsOn How Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/NinjaTurtlesHISHE Batman Meets Galadriel: http://bit.ly/BatmanMeetsGaladriel How The Battle of the Five Armies Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/Battleof5ArmiesHISHE March Update - Painting the Elf Army: http://bit.ly/PaintingElfArmy Movie Mash: The Hunger Games and Robocop: http://bit.ly/HungerGamesRobocopMash Super Cafe: And The Reboot Goes To: http://bit.ly/SuperCafeReboot Extras - Painting the Quicksilver Scene: http://bit.ly/ExtraQuicksilver Total Spoilage - Lord of the Rings: http://bit.ly/LordoftheRingsSpoilage How X-Men: Days of Future Past Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/X-MenDOFPHISHE Jurrassic World - Raptor Training: http://bit.ly/RaptorTraining Movie Mash: Gremlins and Taken: http://bit.ly/GremlinsTakenHISHE HISHE 2015 Announcements: http://bit.ly/HISHE2015News How to Train Your Dragon 2 HISHE: http://bit.ly/Dragon2HISHE Lego HISHE- Sand People are Bad Shots: http://bit.ly/LegoSandPeopleHISHE How Guardians of the Galaxy Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/GuardiansHISHE Lego Batman is Jelly: http://bit.ly/LegoBatmanHISHE How The Avengers: Age of Ultron Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/UltronTeaserHISHE HISHE Bonus Bundle: http://bit.ly/BonusBundleHISHE How The Maze Runner Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/MazeRunnerHISHE Megatron Misses Shia: http://bit.ly/MegatronMissesShiaHISHE How The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/ASM2HISHE Villain Pub- To The Tailor: http://bit.ly/VP-ToTheTailorHISHE The Lego HISHE 2 (The Alternate Ending): http://bit.ly/LegoHISHE2 How the Batman v Superman SDCC Teaser Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/BatmanVSupermanHISHE How Captain America: The Winter Soldier Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/CaptainAmericaWSHISHE HISHE @ SDCC 2014: http://bit.ly/ComicCon2014HISHE How Godzilla Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/GodzillaHISHE Villain Pub- To Battle!: http://bit.ly/VP-ToBattleHISHE How Frozen Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/FrozenHISHE The Lego HISHE: http://bit.ly/TheLegoHISHE How The Batman Begins Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/BatmanBeginsHISHE How The Phantom Menace Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/PhantomMenaceHISHE How The Desolation of Smaug Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/SmaugHISHE How Thor The Dark World Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/ThorDarkWorldHISHE Super Cafe: Who’s a Hero: http://bit.ly/SCWhoHISHE Doctor Who: How Doomsday Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/DrWhoDoomsdayHISHE How World War Z Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/WWZHISHE How Star Trek Into Darkness Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/StarTrekDarknessHISHE How Pacific Rim Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/PacificRimHISHE Super Cafe: Versus http://bit.ly/SCVersusHISHE How Man Of Steel Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/ManofSteelHISHE How Fast and Furious 6 Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/FF6HISHE How Iron Man 3 Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/IronMan3HISHE How Oblivion Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/OblivionHISHE How Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/LastCrusadeHISHE Super Cafe: Swingers Tribute: http://bit.ly/SCSwingersHISHE Stan Lee’s Star Wars HISHE: http://bit.ly/StanLeeHISHE How Portal Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/PortalHISHE How The Hobbit Should Have Ended: http://bit.ly/HobbitHISHE
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Russian Christian cartoons 2017 teaching kids how to be good kid and love jesuss.
Created by VideoShow:http://videoshowapp.com/free
Views: 7058 MiNi Me
About love (Russian Cartoons, USSR, 1981)
Cartoon film for adults and children
Views: 15065 MEXAHIZM
Andrei Svislotskiy, a Russian Cartoon from 1992
Andrei Svislotskiy is a Russian cartoon by Igor Kovalyov. The movie surrealistically depicts rural life in Russia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrei_Svislotskiy
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How to Draw a Cartoon Fox
How to draw a cartoon fox sketch. This is my first video (well, not the first one, but kind of first about "How to draw something"). English is not my native language, thats why I have this accent (I speak russian, ukrainian and english). Just a simple sketch of foxes head in cartoon style with a smile on her face. Drawing tools: Wacom Intuos 3 Adobe Photoshop CS6 Music: Apple loops - Latino Neighborhood