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Behind The Scene: Newfangled Pinup Girl PRO Tutorial
I Guarantee I Can Teach You to Master Photoshop. Learn How: https://phlearn.com/aaronwillteachyou We've wanted to do a pinup photo shoot for a long time, but we also wanted to make it stand out from all of the other pinup photos out there by adding a concept to it. Check out the full post at: http://phlearn.com/bts-newfangled-pinup Concept Website: http://phlearn.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Phlearn Twitter: https://twitter.com/aknacer Google+: https://plus.google.com/105267656376269695918/posts For more tutorials and how to videos check out our extensive Photoshop and photography video channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/PhlearnLLC We cover everything from Photoshop tutorials, photography tutorials, how to videos and more!
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Vintage Photos of Betty Brosmer a popular pin up model
Betty Brosmer was born August 2, 1935. She was an american bodybuilder and physical fitness expert. During the 1950s, she was a popular commercial model and pin-up girl. Betty Brosmer is recognized as one of Hollywood's hottest women. And now enjoy this beautiful collection of Betty Brosmer vintage photos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53oi3_riS-4 Hello Dear friend! Youth Gene - is the channel where you can find interesting facts from history you probably didn’t learn before. We collect the most rare historic photos because each historical photograph has a story to tell, each of them documents a major event in human history. And we know that history repeats itself. Subscribe to YOUTH GENE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi7m7_Bcq9ZBpVcYZUXRl5A?sub_confirmation=1
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Top 10 Famous Pinup Girls Posters
Top 10 Famous Pinup Girls Posters America's entrance into World War II back in 1941 triggered the golden age of pinups, pictures of smiling women in a range of clothing-challenged situations. The racy photos adorned lonely servicemen's lockers, the walls of barracks, and even the sides of planes. For the first time in its history, the US military unofficially sanctioned this kind of art: pinup pictures, magazines and calendars were shipped and distributed among the troops, often at government expense, in order to 'raise morale' and remind the young men what they were fighting for. Text version: http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-famous-pinups.php Coming up: 10. Rita Hayworth 9. Ava Gardner 8. Bomber Girls 7. Elvgren Girls 6. Veronica Lake 5. Zoe Mozert 4. Jane Russell 3. Vargas Girls 2. Bettie Page 1. Betty Grable Source/Other reading:
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Rat Rod Girls: Rat Rod Pin Up Photos, Rat Rod Ladies
Rat Rod Girls: Rat Rod Pin Up Photos, Rat Rod Ladies. Rat Rod Cars And Girls. Rat Rod Trucks And Girls. Pin Ups And Rat Rods! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE . Hot Rods, & women are a great combination, check out these pictures. Some of the head lights used really compliment the cars. Rat Rods, Hot Rods Pin-up girls, Rock n Roll, Rockabilly, Classic cars we have is all. Get ready to Jive. Hot Rods Photography. Scotter Hot Sauce, David .
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Vintage Classic Pinup Photos of Women During the Early 1950s!
Vintage Classic Pinup Photos of Women During the Early 1950s! Models, actresses, singers unknown and known.
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Rat Rod Girls: Rat Rod Pin Up Photos, Rat Rod Ladies
Rat Rod Girls: Rat Rod Pin Up Photos, Rat Rod Ladies. Rat Rod Cars And Girls. Rat Rod Trucks And Girls. Pin Ups And Rat Rods! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE . Pin-up Women, Hot Rods, Rat Rods and more at the Church of Chop, sponsored by Mark Scharf of Renegade Magazine. Iron Horse Saloon host the Turkey Rod . Hot Rods And Rat Rods: Rat Rod Girls Rat Rod Pin Up Photos Rat Rod Ladies #Babes #HotRodGirls #RatRodGirls #MuscleCarGirls #HotGirls #HotRods . Rat Rods, Hot Rods Pin-up girls, Rock n Roll, Rockabilly, Classic cars we have is all. Get ready to Jive. Hot Rods Photography. Scotter Hot Sauce, David .
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How To Be a Pinup Model Series: Posing Part 1 by CHERRY DOLLFACE
Here is the next installment to my "How to be a pinup model" series. Today I will be teaching you how to pose-- standing, sitting, and laying down. I also go over hands and feet specifically and show you examples of everything using photos. Subscribe for NEW videos every Tuesday and Thursday! http://bit.ly/1NLy0Hf RELATED VIDEOS: Intro by Shoebox87 Productions http://shoebox87.wix.com/creative-media FOLLOW ME: Instagram: http://bit.ly/1J2xPUp Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1NLyA86 Twitter: http://bit.ly/1RiGcVC Blog: http://bit.ly/1KKHntd MAIL: PO Box 10113 Burbank, CA 91510 For business inquiries, please email [email protected] I love to show the average gal how to feel beautiful and a little different! I mostly focus on vintage inspirations! I teach everything from vintage hair and makeup, to vintage style, to DIY, to cooking. I also show you events in my life, days in my life, and general silliness. I love to make women of all shapes, sizes, ages, races, and everything else feel confident, empowered and unique. Life is too short to take yourself so seriously! Let's DANCE! FTC: Some of these links are affiliate links which I make a small commission percentage through. You do not have to use these links, but if you would like to support me in that way you're welcome to! I do not endorse products or brands that I do not wholly support and believe in the quality of. Intro and Outro song: Red Headed Woman by Deke Dickerson ___________________________ Watch more Cherry: Most Recent: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE0678B787033C19B Vintage Hair Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL54724A5D3D3CA051 Vintage Makeup Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ck1AWVSVfXk&list=PLxIfuFcsAcUJwZmL7NdRMl1SAGPCNpM_4 Vintage Reviews, Hauls and Style: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4E2A56F0403DEAD2
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How To Create a Retro Pin-Up Poster in Photoshop
In today's Adobe Photoshop tutorial I'll show you how to create an effect that mimics the painterly look of early 20th century pin-ups. We'll take a modern digital photograph and give it an antique appearance with a cocktail of Photoshop filters to replicate the visual traits of those original pin-up posters. Various adjustments will convert the photo into a hand-painted illustration, then an old paper texture will help distress the artwork and turn it into a vintage pin-up print. ⭐️ Check out Envato Elements for Unlimited Downloads of 800,000+ Stock & Design Assets - https://spoon.graphics/envato 📦 Join my mailing list and get a FREE design resources bundle! http://spoon.graphics/freebundle ► See The Final Result! - https://spoon.graphics/2FhInX8 ► Beautiful Young Woman by Zoom Team - https://spoon.graphics/2Cs7INq ► Old Paper Texture by Lukasz Szwaj - https://spoon.graphics/2U3cCuh ► Signpainter Housescript - https://spoon.graphics/2EVTDcA #Photoshop #PhotoshopTutorial #AdobePhotoshop Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator design tutorials from Chris Spooner of Spoon Graphics. Subscribe to learn how to create stunning artwork as I share my tips and tricks in video format. Join my mailing list: http://blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/subscribe Visit my design blog: http://blog.spoongraphics.co.uk Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/chrisspooner Join me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/spoongraphics ⭐️ Get Photoshop and other Adobe CC programs here: https://spoon.graphics/adobe
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How to edit a pin up photo in photoshop
How to edit a pin up photo in photoshop! Here you'll see step by step how I edit a pinup boudoir photo in photoshop. To see more pinup photos that I've airbrushed visit: http://clevelandsboudoirphotographer.com/pinup/
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Classic Hollywood Pin Ups – Beautiful and Sexy Portrait Photos of 60 Famous Actresses from Hollywood
America’s entrance into World War II back in 1941 triggered the golden age of pinups, pictures of smiling women in a range of clothing-challenged situations. The racy photos adorned lonely servicemen’s lockers, the walls of barracks, and even the sides of planes. For the first time in its history, the US military unofficially sanctioned this kind of art: pinup pictures, magazines and calendars were shipped and distributed among the troops, often at government expense, in order to ‘raise morale’ and remind the young men what they were fighting for. The heyday of the pinup was the 1940s and 50s, but pinup art is still around.
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Vintage Hollywood and Pinup Photography Tutorial
Want to learn how to shoot 1940's Hollywood style or Modern Pinup style? Then check out my video tutorial!
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Chicago Pinup Girl Boudoir & Pinup Photography
http://www.ChicagoPinupGirl.com https://www.facebook.com/ChicagoPinupGirl We are a Chicago Based Pinup & Boudoir photography business. Feel free to contact us @ [email protected] Makeup & Hair-styling are provided in all our packages as well as wardrobe for all sizes. If your on a limited budget we do have buddy packages; Every package can be split with a friend just add on 1 additional makeup and hair styling. We pride ourselves in being the most affordable Pinup & Boudoir photographers in Chicago IL.
50 DUANE BRYERS' INCREDIBLE PAINTINGS OF HILDA, the Forgotten Plus-Size Pinup Girl from the 1950s
50 Duane Bryers' Incredible Paintings of Hilda, the Forgotten Plus-Size Pinup Girl from the 1950s: The typical 1950s pin-up girl was slim and conventionally-posed. But a recently-unearthed collection of images has revealed the less familiar Hilda, a plus-sized redhead who broke the mold with her plump figure and light-hearted demeanor. Hilda, the creation of illustrator Duane Bryers (191-2012) and pin-up art's best kept secret. Voluptuous in all the right places, a little clumsy but not at all shy about her figure, Hilda was one of the only atypical plus-sized pin-up queens to grace the pages of American calendars from the 1950s up until the early 1980s, and achieved moderate notoriety in the 1960s. Not only was Hilda one of the only plus-sized pin-up girls of her time, but she also displayed a fun, carefree and somewhat clumsy attitude, making her all the more charming. Labels: 1950s, art, funny, illustration, women
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How to Create a Pin-Up Poster in Adobe Photoshop
Create an old fashioned pin-up poster in Adobe Photoshop using Filters, Adjustment Layers, selection methods and textures. Make sure to check out my other Photoshop tutorials. Links below! Image used from Shutterstock: http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-106268015/stock-photo-beautiful-young-woman-with-pin-up-make-up-and-hairstyle-posing-over-pink-background.html Tools used in this tutorial: Quick Selection Tool: This selection method works very similar to a brush, allowing you to brush over the areas you wish to turn into a selection. By default, every stroke adds to your selection. If you wish to deselect some areas, hold down your Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac) key and brush. Refine Edge: When you initially create a selection, it's likely to be very sharp around the edges, and likely won't contain hair or fur. Refine Edge will allow you to not only soften out those edges, but you'll be able to use Smart Radius to grab hair and fur which may not have been selected. Layer Masks: If there's an area of your layer that you wish to hide (or bring back), Layer Masks will help you do that. Painting using a black brush will hide portions of the layer, and painting with a white brush will reveal them. Black and white gradients can also be used. Adjustment Layers: By using an Adjustment Layers, you're able to change targeted areas of your photo without damaging the original layer. These can either be applied to the full image, or specific areas using selections or Layer Masks. At any point in the future, you can either make changes to the adjustment, hide it, or delete it completely. MORE FROM ICEFLOWSTUDIOS: Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=iceflowstudios Website! http://www.iceflowstudios.com Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/iceflowstudios Twitter! http://www.twitter.com/pinsky Google+! http://gplus.to/pinsky Howard Pinsky provides free #graphicdesign tutorials covering #CreativeCloud, Adobe #Photoshop, Lightroom, and Adobe XD to the graphic design and photography community. To date, the videos uploaded to this channel channel have been viewed over 80 million times. No matter what you're looking to learn in Photoshop, you're bound to find it in our library of over 350 tutorials. Topics include: Text Effects in Photoshop, Photo Composition, Photo Retouching, The Basics of Photoshop, Designing in Photoshop, Special Effects, and more! While new videos will be taught using the latest version of Photoshop, you'll find videos covering Photoshop CC, Photoshop CS6, CS5, CS4, and CS3. For more information on Adobe Photoshop, check out Adobe's website at: http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop.html For the written version of most of our tutorials, check out: http://www.iceflowstudios.com/
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Girls Transform Into Pinups
"I want to dress like this everyday!" Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedyellow MUSIC Quirky Moments Jiggle Stomp Hully Gully JBossa Hyper Twang Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. With special thanks to: Sasha Dobies from Sherbet Birdie Pin-up Photography http://www.sherbetbirdie.com/ Lucy Topp www.lucytoppmakeup.com.au Hola Chicka Boutique – www.holachicaboutique.com Retrospec'd Clothing – www.retrospecd.com GET MORE BUZZFEED www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam www.facebook.com/buzzfeedvideo www.instagram.com/buzzfeedvideo www.buzzfeed.com/video www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo www.youtube.com/buzzfeedyellow www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet BUZZFEED YELLOW More fun, inspiring, interesting videos from the BuzzFeed crew. New videos posted daily! Subscribe for more BuzzFeedYellow! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedyellow
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GOT MILK?: Photographer Takes Amazing Photos of Pin-Up Girls Wearing Only Milk
A London based photographer gave the classic pin-up a new twist..with milk. Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz splashed milk onto models over and over again, taking multiple images. The final photos were created by layering the multiple photos with hundred of individual snapshots and some Photoshop magic.
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Pin Up Girl - Making Of - Irene M Photography
mini making of de la sesion con: Model: Marta Bukhtyak Photographer: Irene M Photography MUAH: Gloria Ferron Assistant: Martin Goam Muchisimas gracias al restaurante "Urban Diner Almeria" por prestarnos sus instalaciones.
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Behind the scenes - Pinup Girl photo shoot at WigWam Village - Boudoir Louisville
Go behind the scenes with pinup and boudoir photographer Ryan Armbrust of Boudoir Louisville as he shoots Catherine Jones at the Wigwam Village in Cave City Kentucky. We shot with a snazzy '55 Chevy Bel Air hot rod. GREAT car! If you ever wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes at a pinup girl photo shoot, this is your chance! Everyone loves pinup girls and hot rod cars! Put them both together and turn an award winning photographer loose on the scene, you end up with some fantastic pictures!
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BTS Pinup Photo Shoot
Behind the scenes of a two day photo shoot for a pin-up contestant Vivien Astaire. Vintage dresses & hats, a 54 Chev, war planes and learning to ride a bike in heels are just a few of the experiences on this photo shoot. Incredible makeup by the very talented Lisa Booth and hair styled by the multitalented model, Jess (Vivien Astaire). Special thanks to all the generous people who dedicated their time or items to this photo shoot. Photographer: Matt-Hickey.com MakeUp Artist: Lisa Booth Model: Vivien Astaire
Vixen Pin Up Photography
Our new film about Vixen Pinup Photography won first place AND the Audience Choice award for the 2010 Every Picture Tells a Story Film festival! Thanks to Nikki Moreno, Candypants Cunningham, Curtis Smith, David Winger for making the film with me :)
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2016 Rat Rods, Hot Rods, Pin-up, Girls, Rockabilly, Rock n Roll, Step back in time
Rat Rods, Hot Rods Pin-up girls, Rock n Roll, Rockabilly, Classic cars we have is all. Get ready to Jive. Hot Rods Photography. Scotter Hot Sauce, David Shumate, Scarlette Saintclare, Church Of Chop, World Famous, Iron Horse Saloon, Sexy, hot Beautiful Women, Cars,
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Pin Up Girl Photo Shoot
Photo shoot with a dazzling beauty posing all over my rat rod. Please watch in HD !
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Behind the scenes with Boudoir Louisville - Roadside Grocery Pinup Girl Photo Shoot
Go behind the scenes with the Boudoir Louisville team as they shoot a lovely pinup girl at a vintage 1954 roadside grocery store in Louisville, Kentucky.
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Vintage Pin  Up Girls by Raphael Kircher - Photo Slideshow
A collection of Raphael Kirchner's Art Nouveau and Pin Up girls pictures. Kirchner lived from 1875 to 1917 and his images were popular with soldiers during World War 1. The pictures featured I am advised are all copyright free. View my blog www.colingreenphotography.co.uk
Pinup Girl Photo Shoot in a Hot Rod Garage!
Pinup Girl Photo Shoot in a Hot Rod Garage! from Bombshell - Pinup Girl TV. Like this? Watch the latest episode of Bombshell - Pinup Girl TV on Blip! http://blip.tv/bombshell/watch Join Boudoir Louisville as they shoot Zsu Zsu Star in a hot rod garage! We explain the use of the Pocket Wizard Flex TTL system as well. This shoot was shot using a Nikon D4 with a 24-70mm F2.8 lens. For lighting, we used 4 Nikon SB 910 flashes and the Pocket Wizard system. To view more of our lovely pinups, visit us online, http://www.boudoirlouisville.com See all episodes of Bombshell - Pinup Girl TV http://blip.tv/bombshell#EpisodeArchive Visit Bombshell - Pinup Girl TV's series page http://blip.tv/bombshell
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Classic Pin-Up Girls Before and After Editing
A pin-up model (known as a pin-up girl for a female and less commonly male pin-up for a male) is a model whose mass-produced pictures see wide appeal as popular culture. Pin-ups are intended for informal display, i.e. meant to be "pinned-up" on a wall. Pin-up models may be glamour models, fashion models, or actors. These pictures are also sometimes known as cheesecake photos. The term pin-up may refer to drawings, paintings, and other illustrations as well as photographs. The term was first attested to in English in 1941; however, the practice is documented back at least to the 1890s. The pin-up images could be cut out of magazines or newspapers, or on a postcard or lithograph. Such pictures often appear on wall or desk calendars. Posters of pin-ups were mass-produced and became popular from the mid 20th century. "Electro Cabello" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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pin up girls photo shoot
a video montage of our photo shoot
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Hot show girls at PIN UP Photo-shooting Darling Cabaret in Prague
Making a photoshoot with our girls is always fun but also hard work. Hours and hours of making the best makeup, dressing up and catching the best shoot. But shooting our girls is still more fun than anything else. Take a look and you will see. And if you want to see the real show come and visit Darling cabaret. You will not regret! CHECK OUT WEBSITE 👉 http://www.kabaret.cz/ FOLLOW US FOR UPDATES Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/darlingcabaret/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darlingcabaret/ Google+: https://plus.google.com/+DarlingCabaretPraha Tumblr: https://darlingcabaret.tumblr.com
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Pin Up+Girls+photo+shoot HD
Pin Up+Girls+photo+shoot HD
Behind the Scenes with Boudoir Louisville - Navy Girl Pinup Photo Shoot
The Boudoir Louisville gang shoots Navy themed pinup photos in studio. A captains wheel from one of the appraisers on the tv show American Pickers was used as a prop.
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Pin-Up Girl Shoot 2015
Photography by Jared Elliot (Jared Elliott Photography) Email: [email protected] Facebook/Jared-Elliott-Photography Videography and editing by Jonathan Guzman (Last Minute productions) Email: [email protected] Youtube Channel: jagshookup Model: Kayla Kratz Makeup and Hair by Victoria Hesketh Music By 1st song Brologue - Wasted https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWUR6hxvO7Hj9DojqbgjpDw 2nd song Coming Home by SirensCeol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ewGL1NpD84 outtro: Different Heaven ft. ReesaLunn - Pentakill : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRIluVcLl0M
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DollHouse Photography transforms pensioners to pin-up girls
Age is no barrier to beauty, as these stunning photographs of women aged up to 78 prove.   The incredible before and after images show how make-up, hair styling, clever lighting and editing can turn any woman into a pin-up girl. Chrissy Sparks, 35, from Birmingham, is the woman behind DollHouse Photography, which offers her clients the chance to feel sexy and glamorous - no matter their age or size - in an editorial-style boudoir shoot. She helped Joanna, 58, Jane 65, Tricia, 60, Pauline, 78,
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Aubrey London Pinup Girl - Topsy Turvy Photo Shoot - Modern Pinup Wedding Style
Hey girls, this is what I did today and I just wanted to make a cool little video to share with you! The hats bows and veils are by http://topsyturvydesign.com and the train case is from http://pinupgirlclothing.com I hope you like the little video I made and turn up the volume to hear the music...it's one of my favorite songs by Basement Jaxx! Take Care girls and don't forget to visit my site, http://aubreylondonpinup.com xoxo Aubrey
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Pin Up Picnic Girls photo session
Video z sesji fotograficznej Pin Up Picnic Girls w V-Force Poznań
Behind the Scenes of a Pin-Up Girl Photo Shoot
Ladies, you can get the look, confidence and sexiness of a pin-up girl and capture the moment on camera! Sophie LaMore of Flirtini Photography let GalTime's Michelle Yarn go behind the scenes of a shoot to show you how to unleash YOUR inner pin-up girl! MORE INFO AT: http://www.GalTime.com http://www.FlirtiniPhotography.com
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Choose a fun Vintage Pinup Girl photo session. Then purchase as an add-on or EARN as a FREE BONUS, a collage video.
Sailor Girl Pin Up Shoot By Bo Tie Photography
Sailor Girl Pin-Up Photoshoot www.bo-tiephotography.co.za Model & MAU - Janine Korvessis & Stylicious Divas. Photography - Christiaan Botes from Bo-Tie Photography Big thanx to Peter Clayton from Benoni Sailing Club for Location and assistance.
Boudoir Louisville's assistant does her 1st Pinup Girl Photo
Britt has been bossing our clients around for the past 3 years. She has NEVER done her own pinup girl photo shoot. That just seemed WRONG! While the Boudoir Louisville gang was on location in Pennsylvania shooting for Retro Lovely Magazine, Britt was pressured into shooting by some of the other gals! ;
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Here's a collection of 30 black and white photos of old Hollywood star Christmas pin-ups. New video every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! This video has been made possible by Myrtle Turner and Olga Tarczewski and her contribution in patreon! Visit my Twitter! https://twitter.com/WonderfulLifeYT Visit my Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/Wonderful-Life-1605378549491283/ Visit my Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/wonderfullifeyt/ Support me on patreon. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3132462&ty=h
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Do you like photos of girls in vintage Pin-Up style?
Photos of beautiful girls in the style of Pin-Up. They look exciting. Each photo holds some unsolved mystery. #PinUp #VintageStyle Фотографии красивых девушек в стиле Пин-Ап. Они выглядят захватывающе. Каждая фотография хранит какую-то нераскрытую тайну. Fotos de chicas guapas en Estilo PIN-Up. Se ven emocionantes. Cada foto guarda un secreto sin resolver.
Veterans Strike Sultry Poses for Pinup Photo Shoot
It's a throwback to the 1940's as a few good women struck some sultry poses for the a calendar titled, "Pin-Ups for Vets." It features real-life veterans trading their uniforms for some very sexy outfits.
Views: 629 Inside Edition
The 2010 "Girls of La Strada" Pinup Shoot
http://www.lastradaon2nd.com/shop.html Photo Shoot of the "2010 Pinup Girls of La Strada" calendar, raising money for Pancreatic cancer research!
Views: 45480 LaStradaPinupGirls
Pinup Picnic photo shoot - Behind the scenes with Boudoir Louisville
Follow pinup photographer Ryan Armbrust as he photographs pinup girl Kitty Pratt on a picnic with a cute little dog. It was 101 degrees outside, but that didn't stop the Boudoir Louisville team from snapping some great shots. Visit our main website for more! http://www.boudoirlouisville.com
Views: 3185 Boudoir Louisville
A Pin-Up shoot with Portland Pin-Ups
Mike Long from Portland Pin-Ups demonstrates a typical Pin-Up shoot with model Mandy Apple and make-up artist, Hollie Olsen
Views: 4235 Mike Long
Boudoir Louisville - Pinup Girls go to the Carnival! - Behind the scenes photo shoot
Go behind the scenes with pinup photographer Ryan Armbrust of Boudoir Louisville as he shoots 2 pinup girls on the midway of the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville, Kentucky.
Views: 5058 Boudoir Louisville
Sexy Ybor City Pinup Girls photoshoot - Born to Ride 749
Born To Ride Magazine and web present the hottest women of Ybor City during a hot photo shoot with Harley Davidson motorcycles.
Sexy Boudoir, Pin-up Girl photo shoot with Norma, including before and after results. Specializing in Women's Boudoir, Vintage Hollywood and Pin-Up Calendar Girl photography. Video was created by Pixies Photography from Chaska, MN.
Views: 4580 Pixies Photography
Behind the Scenes: Pinup Girl photo shoot at the carnival!
Tag along with pinup photographer Ryan Armbrust of Boudoir Louisville as he snaps some fun pinup girl shots at the Kentucky State Fair! If you like behind the scenes photography videos, this one is for you! Visit our main website for more! http://www.boudoirlouisville.com
Views: 2371 Boudoir Louisville
Alana Blanchard Surfer Retro Pinup Swimsuit Photo Shoot: Ep. 302
Alana Surfer Girl (Season 3, episode 2): Pro Surfer Alana Blanchard stops off in Los Angeles ahead of the US Open Of Surfing competition. First stop is a photo shoot with SURFER Magazine where Alana nails the retro vibe of the all day swimsuit shoot. Surfing and a healthy diet keep Alana fit, but she opts to push herself further with a workout at Athletic Gaines, an NFL training gym sessioned by some of the heaviest hitters of the NFL combine. See how she fares during this grueling core workout. New episodes of 'Alana" Surfer Girl' release every Monday on Network A. Get caught up—Watch the entire "Alana Surfer Girls" series: http://bit.ly/N9b3VU Go to SURFER Magazine for more behind-the-scenes photos: http://www.surfermag.com/features/alana-blanchard/ Baby Monster The Fear of Charlie Sunrise https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/baby-monster/id446122972 Silver Furs Away We Go https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/silver-firs/id615506576 PHOTO by Dean Bradshaw/http://www.deanbradshaw.com/ See more of Alana in SURFER Mag: http://www.surfermag.com Thanks to Jamal Liggin at Athletic Gaines: http://athleticgaines.com/ Subscribe to Network A! ‪‪‪http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=networka‬ Check out the new http://www.networka.com/ Like us on Facebook: ‪‪‪https://www.facebook.com/networka‬‬‬ Follow us on Twitter: ‪‪‪http://www.twitter.com/networka‬‬‬ Follow us on Tumblr: ‪‪‪http://networka.tumblr.com‬‬‬ Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/networka Follow us on Google+: www.google.com/+NetworkA
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Alberto Vargas (pin-up art)
Alberto Vargas (1896 -- 1982) Альберто Варгас (Alberto Vargas) - В 1940-х годах фамилия Варгас являлась синонимом живописи в стиле pin-up. Таким образом отдавалась дань уважения самому знаменитому художнику в данном направлении. Родившийся 9 февраля 1896 года в Перу, Альберт был сыном известного фотографа Макса Варгаса. Когда мальчику исполнилось тринадцать лет, отец стал самостоятельно обучать сына искусству живописи. Однажды, в 1911 году, сопровождая Макса в Париж, Альберто увидел журнал «La Vie Parisienne» с обложкой, созданной Рафаэлем Киркнером. Это изображение произвело на Альберто неизгладимое впечатление. Первое знакомство Варгаса с Америкой произошло в полдень на Бродвее, когда его буквально закружила огромная толпа девушек, работающих в офисах, спешащих на обед. Именно в тот момент Альберто решил, что посвятит всю свою жизнь прославлению красоты, грации и изящества американских девушек...
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