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Oracle || Date functions Part-1 by dinesh
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Oracle Date Format
http://www.databasestar.com/oracle-to_date/ - A video that explains the different date formats in the Oracle SQL database.
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Oracle TO_DATE Function Explained with Examples
https://www.databasestar.com/oracle-to_date/ The Oracle TO_DATE function is one of the most useful conversion functions in Oracle. It can be a little confusing though. The TO_DATE function is used to convert a character value to a date value. You can use it to convert a string that is in the format of a date, into a date data type. Why would you use this? Converting a character to a date is helpful if you want to insert a date into a column in a table. Being specific about the format (explicit) is better than assuming the conversion will be done for you (implicit). This TO_DATE function only converts to a DATE data type. If you want to convert to the other datetime data types, you’ll have to use other functions such as TO_TIMESTAMP or TO_TIMESTAMP_TZ. The syntax for this function is: TO_DATE(charvalue [, format_mask [, nls_date_language]]) The parameters for this function are: Charvalue: This is the character value that you want to convert to a date. It’s the main input of the function. Format_mask: This is the format that the input value, the charvalue, is in. This is used to help convert your character value into a date, as your character may be in a different format to the default. Nls_date_language: this is used to determine how the output is displayed. For more information about the Oracle TO_DATE function, including all of the SQL shown in this video and the examples, read the related article here: https://www.databasestar.com/oracle-to_date/
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TO CHAR and TO DATE Function with RR Date Format: SQL Tutorial 46
Please watch: "Install Oracle Database 12c Release 2 on Windows 10 Professional 64 bit" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5705VFJmku0 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Custom date time format in Oracle SQL Developer?
From Oracle SQL Developer's menu go to Tools -- Preferences. From the Preferences dialog, select Database -- NLS from the left panel. From the list of NLS parameters, enter DD-MON-RR HH24:MI:SS or for 24-Hour, DD-MON-YY HH24:MI:SS Or just for an active session use below instead. alter SESSION set NLS_DATE_FORMAT = 'required_date_format' i.e. alter SESSION set NLS_DATE_FORMAT = 'DD-MM-YYYY HH24:MI:SS' into the Date Format field. Save and close the dialog.
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Oracle SQL Video Tutorial 18 - Working with DATE functions
Oracle SQL Video Tutorials 18 - Working with DATE functions explained
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Oracle SQL PLSQL 12C Tutorial 23 – Date Manipulation
This video describes the various Date Manipulation methods that we can use on table data. This includes To_char, To_date, Date formats etc. It includes the following functions that include, TO_CHAR, TO_DATE, ‘TH’, ‘SP’, ‘SPTH’ ETC. All the commands explained with syntax and example. The background music comes from Ross Bugden - Music channel. Link mentioned below: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQKGLOK2FqmVgVwYferltKQ and music link is : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BY0U432m8W0
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How to find database fields for an OBIEE report?
Often it is required to investigate what is the database source (table field) for an OBIEE report field(s) or to find out if in BI data model (repository) you can find a specific information(field). To speed up the investigation process I have decide to export the BI repository documentation and in this way I'm able to quickly progress with my analysis and also to respond immediately to any kind of questions. On one hand you have the OBIEE report with details about Subject area, Presentation Table and Presentation column and on the other hand BI repository documentation with complete details about Business Model, Logical Table, Logical Column, Logical Table Source, Database, Physical Catalog, Physical Schema, Physical Table and Physical Column. For full post and additional documents visit http://oracle-ebs-hands-on.blogspot.com/2014/06/how-to-find-database-fields-for-obiee.html
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Oracle SQL PLSQL 12C Tutorial 23 – Date Manipulation
This video describes the various Date Manipulation methods that we can use on table data. This includes To_char, To_date, Date formats etc. It includes the following functions that include, TO_CHAR, TO_DATE, ‘TH’, ‘SP’, ‘SPTH’ ETC. All the commands explained with syntax and example. Gymnopedie No 3 by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100785 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
OBIEE Training - How to Create an OBIEE 11g Analysis
Read the full OBIEE 11g tutorial here: https://www.fireboxtraining.com/blog/2014/07/07/create-analysis-obiee-11g-tutorial This OBIEE training tutorial demonstrates how to create a simple analysis that uses a sectioned report as well as analysis prompt. We will also apply conditional formatting to highlight certain fields if the revenue value is a certain value or higher. Discover more about learning programming for business at https://www.fireboxtraining.com/
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OBIEE12C Introduction and Reporting
Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (sometimes referred to as Oracle Business Intelligence) provides a full range of business intelligence capabilities that allow you to: Collect up-to-date data from your organization Present the data in easy-to-understand formats (such as tables and graphs) Deliver data in a timely fashion to the employees in your organization Enroll for our complete trainings at: www.apps2fusion.com/packages Also, visit us at : http://apps2fusion.com/ Contact us at: [email protected] or +44-207-193-5456 | +1-650-318-5241 Follow Us On: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/apps2fusion Twitter: https://twitter.com/apps2fusion LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/apps... Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/apps2fusion
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Elements of the Date Format Model: SQL Tutorial 42
Please watch: "Install Oracle Database 12c Release 2 on Windows 10 Professional 64 bit" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5705VFJmku0 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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31 average response time
This course is designed to teach people in a workshop format how to plan and conduct a performance test. The objectives of this course is to define the processes, tools, issues and challenges for performance testing in a variety of web environments. Working through a series of self paced video tutorials, you will learn to develop a workable strategy for performance testing of an enterprise system.This course does not focus on problem analysis, tuning, debugging, or tools. Access premium QA courses at udemy Selenium: https://www.udemy.com/web-application-testing-with-selenium/ QTP : https://www.udemy.com/hp-quick-test-professional/ Foundation of Performance Testing: https://www.udemy.com/web-application-performance-testing/ For Full Course Experience Please Go To http://mentorsnet.org/course_preview?course_id=55 Full Course Experience Includes 1. Access to course videos and exercises 2. View & manage your progress/pace 3. In-class projects and code reviews 4. Personal guidance from your Mentors
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Oracle MONTHS_BETWEEN Function
https://www.databasestar.com/oracle-months_between/ The Oracle MONTHS_BETWEEN function allows you to find the number of months between two dates. You can enter two dates and the function returns the difference. This function is often used as part of other calculations. Sometimes you’ll want to know the difference between two dates to perform other functions. The syntax of the MONTHS_BETWEEN function is: MONTHS_BETWEEN(date1, date2) What do these two parameters mean? The function performs date1 minus date2. So, if date1 is larger, the result is positive. If date2 is larger, then the result is negative. What data type is returned? It depends on the values you provide. If the dates are both on the same day of the month (e.g. both on the 10th of the month), then the result is an integer or whole number. If not, then the result will be a decimal value. For more information on the MONTHS_BETWEEN function, including the code used in this video and examples, read the related article here: https://www.databasestar.com/oracle-months_between/
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In this video i'm going to demonstrate you about oracle sql single row functions step by step. concat funcation, substr function, instr function, lpad function, rpad function, trim function, replace function.
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Mm yy rr oo mm
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Here is a step by step Guide to Generate E-Way Bill (EWB-01) online: Step 1: Login to e-way bill system. Enter the Username, password and Captcha code, Click on ‘Login’ E-way bills Step 2: Click on ‘Generate new’ under ‘E-waybill’ option appearing on the left-hand side of the dashboard. 1) Transaction Type: Select ‘Outward’ if you are a supplier of consignment Select ‘Inward’ if you are a recipient of consignment. 2) Sub-type: Select the relevant sub-type applicable to you: If transaction type selected is Outward, following subtypes appear: f transaction type selected is Inward, following subtypes appear: ote: SKD/CKD- Semi knocked down condition/ Complete knocked down condition 3) Document type: Select either of Invoice / Bill/ challan/ credit note/ Bill of entry or others if not Listed 4) Document No. : Enter the document/invoice number 5) Document Date: Select the date of Invoice or challan or Document. Note: The system will not allow the user to enter the future date. 6) From/ To: Depending on whether you are a supplier or a recipient, enter the To / From section details. Note: If the supplier/client is unregistered, then mention ‘URP’ in the field GSTIN, indicating that the supplier/client is an ‘Unregistered Person’. 7) Item Details: Add the details of the consignment (HSN code-wise) in this section: Product name Description HSN Code Quantity, Unit, Value/Taxable value Tax rates of CGST and SGST or IGST (in %) Tax rate of Cess, if any charged (in %) Note: On the implementation of E-way bills, Based on the details entered here, corresponding entries can also be auto-populated in the respective GST Return while filing on GST portal. 8) Transporter details: The mode of transport(Road/rail/ship/air) and the approximate distance covered (in KM) needs to be compulsorily mentioned in this part. Apart from above, Either of the details can be mentioned: Transporter name, transporter ID, transporter Doc. No. & Date. OR Vehicle number in which consignment is being transported. Format: AB12AB1234 or AB12A1234 or AB121234 or ABC1234
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Creating constraints in oracle Data Integrator
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Arithmetic Operators with Dates: SQL Tutorial 36
Please watch: "Install Oracle Database 12c Release 2 on Windows 10 Professional 64 bit" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5705VFJmku0 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Migrate data from DB2 table to Oracle
Migrate data from DB2 table to Oracle, by DB2ToOracle, http://www.withdata.com/db2tooracle/ . Download link: http://www.withdata.com/down/DB2ToOracle.exe .
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Oracle Business Intelligence || OBIEE Pivote Table Development
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How To Create A Basic OBIEE 11g Repository - Oracle BI 11g Training
Check out our full written tutorial at this link: https://www.fireboxtraining.com/blog/2014/12/03/create-obiee-11g-repository-tutorial You can request this specific OBIEE repositories course here - https://www.fireboxtraining.com/obiee-11g-building-repositories This video demonstrates how to create a basic OBIEE 11g repository. We create a connection to the database on the physical layer, then pull in the necessary tables. We create aliases for each of the tables, then ensure that the necessary joins are in place. After exposing the objects on the presentation layer, we can then 'swap out' the repository, making it the current OBIEE repository. More OBIEE courses and tutorials are located here - https://www.fireboxtraining.com/obiee-training
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Working with Date Functions and Date Formatting in Excel
This video lesson is a response to two YouTube viewers who wanted my help to learn how to use Excel's Date Functions and Excel's Custom Formatting to reveal the results that they were expecting in each cell. For the first viewer: I demonstrate how to use the =DATE(Year(), Month()=9, DAY()) Function to create a date that is 9 moths after the starting date. For my second viewer, I show him how to create and apply a CUSTOM date format of yyyy-mm-dd - (Year, Month, Day) - to the DESTINATION cells when he uses Copy & Paste. This is a two step process as you will see in this video. Finally, I show you how to take advantage of the NETWORKDAYS() and WORKDAY() Functions in Excel - including an optional list of mandated Holidays in the USA. Please visit my online shopping website - http://shop.thecompanyrocks.com - to view all of my videos and to explore the many resources that I offer you. Danny Rocks The Company Rocks
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OBIEE hierarchies
OBIEE real time tutorial
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Restricting Group with the HAVING Clause: SQL Tutorial 60
Please watch: "Install Oracle Database 12c Release 2 on Windows 10 Professional 64 bit" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5705VFJmku0 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- : SQL Tutorial
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15 Create a Calculation Measure Using Answers
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The Archdragon Tournament - Details
Visit the Australian CFV Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/groups/111489365600982/ Hi, Psychol0gist here free-wheeling with Silent Tom for a small announcement on a Tournament that's coinciding with the weekend of Booster Set 05 Release for Cardfight Vanguard in Australia. Both English and Japanese formats be played. It is an Australian-located tournament, in the heart of Melbourne at Games Lab and there will be prizes and games galore so don't be shy. Come on down to the Archdragon. Located at Games Laboratory, Corner of Bourke and Elizabeth Street, in the Galleria. Date: 15th of January
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Variables with BI Office
Adding Sophistication to your Analysis Using Variables in bioXL For comments, discussions, and additional BI Office information, visit our user community at https://community.pyramidanalytics.com/!
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Avril Lavigne - Hello Kitty
Download the "Avril Lavigne" album here: http://smarturl.it/avril-lavigne Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/track/40NOI5V57KUAxMhGxXFNXH Follow Avril: http://www.avrillavigne.com http://youtube.com/AvrilLavigneVEVO http://twitter.com/AvrilLavigne http://facebook.com/avrillavigne http://instagram.com/avrillavigne
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From blobs to relational tables: Where do I store my Data? (Google Cloud Next '17)
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers many options for storing your data. From Cloud Storage (Multi-regional, Nearline, Coldline) to the various database services (Cloud Datastore, Cloud SQL, Cloud Bigtable) and data warehousing (BigQuery), learn about the most common workloads and common patterns for data storage. Dominic Preuss and Dave Nettleton discuss decision criteria and the various tradeoffs to consider when choosing your method of data storage. Missed the conference? Watch all the talks here: https://goo.gl/c1Vs3h Watch more talks about Infrastructure & Operations here: https://goo.gl/k2LOYG
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Opening 5 random packs of cardfight vanguard  episode 1
this is WindUpTsukumo im moving my vanguard stuff to this channel this will be a series with a episode anywhere from a 1 to 4 weeks no set date yet yes the midnight crow is for trade everything is for trade refs TeamShunketsu x11 BlackFeatherCrow x6 Kunaiman9u9 x6 HoboKing14 x2 MegaSparrk96 x1 TheSnappingTurtle1 x1 AGZ46334 x2 rockstarHH x1 TeamSwagg52 x1 TeamCudder x1 Brionac234 x3 Tigermix83 x2 TheCreator1996 x1 GorillioVanillio x1 necrofear331 x1 MyJoysWorld x1 raym8624 x1 TeamBronut x1 Mysticman4X x1 NARANagi x1 Huntrshado x1 yugiohandbleachfan x1 Ninjamon101 x1 xXRENAKIXx x1 cardfight vanguard for cardfight vanguard only higest wants cardfight vanguard maiden of libra x1 sp battle sister chocolate x2 rr battle sister cocoa x1 sp battle sister cocoa x2 rr lozenge magus x1 sp CEO Amaterasu x1 rrr scarlet witch coco x1 rrr luck bird x2 silent tom x3 rr goddess of the full moon tsukuyomi x3 goddess of the full moon tsukuyomi x1 sp goddess of the half moon tsukuyomi x3 circle magus x2 godhawk ichibyoshi x3 oracle guardian blue-eyes x2 oracle guardian red-eyes x1 goddess of the crescent moon tsukuyomi x1 fairthful angel x1 secretary angel x1 victory maker x1 emi sendou pack of 60 must be useable new or used as long as there useable trade bait mid narukami rr and rrr stuff great nature rr and rrr tuf low king of knights alfred x3 rrr blaster blade x1 rrr blaster blade x1 trail deck flash shield x4 rr future knight llew x1 rr soul saver dragon x2 rrr young pegasus knight x2 r
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All Mpeg 4 Settopbox Software/Firmware File Download Kaise Kare ?
Please watch: "🇮🇳15 August Independence day special Heart Touching Video| Respect For Indian National Flag" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYLI203vE9s --~-- For Firmware File Download Link : https://goo.gl/Ec3y4w Friends Aap Yeh Video Dekhkar All MPEG 4 Set top box ka Software/Firmware File Download Kar sakte Hai. Aap Apne Box Mein Alphabox Firmware,Xcuiser Firmware, X 24 openbox Firmware,Hd Box Firmware etc Software Yaha Se Download Kar Sakte Hai.
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Aarya 2
Move: Arya 2 Starring: Allu Arjun, Kajal Aggarwal, Navdeep, Shraddha Das, Brahmanandam, Mukesh Rishi Director: Sukumar Producer: Aditya Babu Written by: Sukumar, Vema Reddy Music: Devi Sri Prasad Cinematography: B. Rajasekhar Editing by: Marthand K. Venkatesh Released date :November 27, 2009 (Telugu) Story: Ajay reflects on his friendship with Arya and recollects how he met him during their stay in an orphanage. Arya virtually forced himself upon him, even tattooed his name on his arm, and proclaimed to be his best friend - but ended up only embarrassing him. After Ajay gets adopted, he heaves a sigh of relief but Arya does re-enter his life as an adult when the former is the CEO of Aj's Electronics. Ajay offers him a job conditionally that he behaves himself, and the latter undergoes a transformation and everyone believes that he is 'Mr. Perfect'. Complications arise after Geetha Reddy joins the firm and Arya shows her his true unstable and unpredictable colors - compelling her to admit that she is in love with Ajay. While both friends bicker as to who should wed her - Geetha's influential father has other plans - for he plans to wed her with Subhash - by hook or by crook Songs: 1. Mr Perfect 2. Uppenantha 3. Baby He Loves You 4. Ringa Ringa 5. Karige Loga 6. My Love Is Gone 7. Karige Loga Watch more movies @ http://www.youtube.com/volgavideo http://www.youtube.com/user/newvolgavideo/videos?view=1
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Official DEAD TRIGGER 2 Launch Trailer
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MATA | Navarasa Nayaka Jaggesh | R N Sudarshan | Kannada Full HD Movie | Comedy Movie
Watch Jaggesh & R N Sudarshan playing lead role from Mata. Also starring Mandya Ramesh, Asif Farooki, Tabla Nani on Srs Media Vision Full Movie Channel..!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For More info: YouTube: http://goo.gl/iEPTNH Twitter: https://twitter.com/srsmediavision Google +: https://plus.google.com/+srsmediavision Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/srsmediavision ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Film: MATA Starcast: JAGGESH, R N SUDARSHAN, Mandya Ramesh Music: V Manohar, Udayaravi (Chennai) Director: Guruprasad Producer: K P Srikanth, M Kantaraj Banner: Company Films Year: 2006 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Songs: 01 Gajavadana Hey Ramba 02 Thande Thaayi Neene Ella 03. Wanted Ond Olle Gand 04. Kaajolu Kappagilve 05. Thappu Maadadavru 06. Jayathe Jayathe Singers: Chethan Sosca, B Jayashree, Chorus, Gurukiran, Hemanth, Chaithra, C Ashwath Lyrics: Ku Ra Seetharama Shastry, V Manohar, Kaviraj, Chathurmukha ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VISIT OUR OTHER CHANNELS:- SRS Media Vision | Kannada Full Movies: https://goo.gl/272EAU SRS Media Vision Entertainment: https://goo.gl/yoFGhH SRS Media Vision Kannada Comedy: https://goo.gl/J3ohQ2 SRS Media Vision Sandalwood Films: https://goo.gl/6x3LZR SRS Media Vision Kannada: https://goo.gl/cEuKzf
SQL 11g Tutorial in Bangla # 15 Working with dates in SQL Statement
Oracle Database 11g SQL series tutorial in Bangla
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05  emp and dept tables
emp and dept table creation script create table dept( deptno number(2,0), dname varchar2(14), loc varchar2(13), constraint pk_dept primary key (deptno) ); create table emp( empno number(4,0), ename varchar2(10), job varchar2(9), mgr number(4,0), hiredate date, sal number(7,2), comm number(7,2), deptno number(2,0), constraint pk_emp primary key (empno), constraint fk_deptno foreign key (deptno) references dept (deptno) ); insert into dept values(10, 'ACCOUNTING', 'NEW YORK'); insert into dept values(20, 'RESEARCH', 'DALLAS'); insert into dept values(30, 'SALES', 'CHICAGO'); insert into dept values(40, 'OPERATIONS', 'BOSTON'); insert into emp values( 7839, 'KING', 'PRESIDENT', null, to_date('17-11-1981','dd-mm-yyyy'), 5000, null, 10 ); insert into emp values( 7698, 'BLAKE', 'MANAGER', 7839, to_date('1-5-1981','dd-mm-yyyy'), 2850, null, 30 ); insert into emp values( 7782, 'CLARK', 'MANAGER', 7839, to_date('9-6-1981','dd-mm-yyyy'), 2450, null, 10 ); insert into emp values( 7566, 'JONES', 'MANAGER', 7839, to_date('2-4-1981','dd-mm-yyyy'), 2975, null, 20 ); insert into emp values( 7788, 'SCOTT', 'ANALYST', 7566, to_date('13-JUL-87','dd-mm-rr') - 85, 3000, null, 20 ); insert into emp values( 7902, 'FORD', 'ANALYST', 7566, to_date('3-12-1981','dd-mm-yyyy'), 3000, null, 20 ); insert into emp values( 7369, 'SMITH', 'CLERK', 7902, to_date('17-12-1980','dd-mm-yyyy'), 800, null, 20 ); insert into emp values( 7499, 'ALLEN', 'SALESMAN', 7698, to_date('20-2-1981','dd-mm-yyyy'), 1600, 300, 30 ); insert into emp values( 7521, 'WARD', 'SALESMAN', 7698, to_date('22-2-1981','dd-mm-yyyy'), 1250, 500, 30 ); insert into emp values( 7654, 'MARTIN', 'SALESMAN', 7698, to_date('28-9-1981','dd-mm-yyyy'), 1250, 1400, 30 ); insert into emp values( 7844, 'TURNER', 'SALESMAN', 7698, to_date('8-9-1981','dd-mm-yyyy'), 1500, 0, 30 ); insert into emp values( 7876, 'ADAMS', 'CLERK', 7788, to_date('13-JUL-87', 'dd-mm-rr') - 51, 1100, null, 20 ); insert into emp values( 7900, 'JAMES', 'CLERK', 7698, to_date('3-12-1981','dd-mm-yyyy'), 950, null, 30 ); insert into emp values( 7934, 'MILLER', 'CLERK', 7782, to_date('23-1-1982','dd-mm-yyyy'), 1300, null, 10 );
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The Secret to Making Things Happen | Steve Sims, Founder of The Bluefish
In this video, Steve Sims, Founder and CEO of The Bluefish shares the tools that have helped him do the impossible! Steve is famous for creating incredible experiences for clients of his company, The Bluefish. Entrepreneur magazine called him, "The Modern Day Wizard of Oz." ------------------------------------ For more great videos subscribe here - https://goo.gl/uEAeNp This episode was 10 months in the making. See the video about how it came to be - https://youtu.be/K7wcKv5SKzE ------------------------------------- MORE ABOUT STEVE Bluefishing by Steve Sims - https://amzn.to/2PKBW2U text UGLYWORKS to 345345 visit SteveDSims.com to get his newsletter Host - Brendan Carr Executive Producers - Jay Menez, Will Collette, Brendan Carr Director - Jay Menez
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License and Registration Required For Shop and Service Sector
बिजनेस का ख्याल आते ही सबसे पहले मन में यही सवाल उभरता है कि इसके लिए कौन-कौन से रजिस्ट्रेशन, लाइसेंस या मंजूरियां लेनी होंगी। ►Watch this playlist for more business ideas-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhKaqhTgibk&list=PLWLTel3df0Wgv5sRLuJLEhKrInxdHAHJf ►Watch our top videos here – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWLTel3df0Wh89J7Pj0mcO7qXy2ZnTic2 ►Subscribe to our channel, click here http://www.youtube.com/channel/UClgBpQ1Q60e7ky56P62PMRg ►Twitter: http://twitter.com/swetatechtips ►Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Swetatechtips ►Google +: http://plus.google.com/+SwetaTechTips ►Website: http://swetatechtips.com ►Jyada business idea ke liye ish playlist ko dekhiye –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhKaqhTgibk&list=PLWLTel3df0Wgv5sRLuJLEhKrInxdHAHJf ► Hamare sabse zyada dekhe gaye video, yahan dekhiye -https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWLTel3df0Wh89J7Pj0mcO7qXy2ZnTic2 ► Hamare YouTube channel ko subscribe karne ke liye, yahan click kariye-http://www.youtube.com/channel/UClgBpQ1Q60e7ky56P62PMRg ► ज्यादा बिज़नेस आईडिया के लिए यहाँ देखिये - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhKaqhTgibk&list=PLWLTel3df0Wgv5sRLuJLEhKrInxdHAHJf ► हमारे सबसे लोकप्रिय वीडियो, यहाँ देखिये – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWLTel3df0Wh89J7Pj0mcO7qXy2ZnTic2 ► हमारे यूट्यूब चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करने के लिए, यहाँ क्लिक करें -http://www.youtube.com/channel/UClgBpQ1Q60e7ky56P62PMRg About: Sweta Tech Tips channel provides videos related to different business ideas to startup own business, technology, computer. New video is posted every day. Source-Pramod Rai This video is non promotional, created only to provide information. This channel is not responsible for any profit or loss in any business. Its all depends on your business strategy and your hard work. You must research yourself before start any business. About: Sweta Tech Tips channel provides videos related to different business ideas to startup own business. We are not responsible for company related problem like Transaction, Online transaction, Machine, Raw Material, etc. Please research yourself before contact to company. ©Copyright Sweta Tech Tips
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Railway ALP & Technician Syllabus , Exam Pattern 2018 |
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файл слишком велик для конечной файловой системы.mp4
Почему надо делать так, как показано в ролике и технические моменты Вы узнаете в этой статье http://megocomp.ru/fayl-slishkom-velik-dlya-konetchnoy-faylovoy-sistem/ под видеороликом
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Delete / Remove Records In Database Table: PHP & MySQL
http://technotip.com/1802/delete-remove-records-database-table-php-mysql/ Video tutorial demonstrates deleting / removing of data / records from the database table.
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