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If You See Square Waves In The Ocean, Get Out Of The Water Immediately
Watch The Best Story On Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlp659DiW3g If You See Square Waves In The Ocean, Get Out Of The Water Immediately We’re used to the relaxing sounds of gentle waves hitting the shoreline, but did you know that there are different types of waves? I’m not talking about big waves like tsunamis, but a natural phenomenon known as square waves. These waves are called a “cross sea,” which forms when waves collide from different angles and form squares in the ocean. You might have never heard of or even seen waves like this, but they do exist, and they’re very dangerous. The pictures of square waves are enchanting. It almost feels these waves are inspired from a science fiction tale like the Matrix, in which the pieces of the world are about to fall apart. In areas where “cross seas” are common, residents would beg to differ. Île de Ré, an island off the west coast of France, experiencing square waves. When waves from one weather system continue to move in the same direction, even though there has been a shift in wind, it causes waves made by the new wind to run at an angle, creating a dangerous pattern. It looks harmless on the surface, but underwater, there are powerful currents that can capsize and throw large ships up in the air. The reason why is because boats are made to hit currents head on, but if waves are coming from all different angles, there’s no escape. Rare image of square waves. Cross seas also create extremely dangerous riptides, so make sure you’re not anywhere close to the water when this natural phenomenon occurs. Luckily, square waves don’t happen often, but it’s important to know what they mean and how to stay safe. A cross sea covering as far as the eye can see. 1. The convergence of the Baltic and North Seas This ocean phenomenon is believed to even be mentioned in the Quran. In Denmark, there’s a clear line that separates the Baltic and North Seas because these waters never mix together. The reason is because of the difference in densities in the two seas. Think of it like this: Why doesn’t oil and water mix? 2. Red Tide The Red Tide is also called “Algal Blooming.” Not all red tides are harmful to humans and marine life, but it’s best to stay out of these waters just in case. 3. Bioluminescent shores This mesmerizing display of bioluminescence was found in Tathra, New South Wales. These gorgeous nighttime beaches that can be found on every adventurer’s bucket list is caused by bioluminescent plankton in warm coastal waters. When these plankton are under stress, they make the water glow as a defence mechanism, attracting predators to eat the predator trying to eat them. Some people believe underwater circles were created by aliens. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding underwater crop circles after they were found near the waters of a Japanese island. Some think these intricate underwater sand designs were created by an extraterrestrial being, while others think this is the work of puffer fish. It’s more widely believed that these fish draw these circles and decorate them with shells to attract a mate. Did you know square waves exist? Share this article with a friend! #SquareWaves #Ocean #GetOutOfTheWater Subscribe Our YouTube Channel Newzmagazine.com For More
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Most MYSTERIOUS Ocean Phenomena!
Check out the most mysterious ocean phenomena! From bizarre and strange deep sea mysteries to ocean phenomenon you won't believe actually exist, this top 10 list of unexplained natural phenoma is very mysterious! Subscribe For New Videos! http://goo.gl/UIzLeB Watch our "STRANGEST Artifacts Ever Discovered!" video here: https://youtu.be/gG0XGt3jFZA Watch our "SECRETS Casinos DON'T Want You To Find Out!" video here: https://youtu.be/hAoABuvzOZM Watch our "RAREST And Most EXPENSIVE Cars In The World!" video here: https://youtu.be/MtCnWSqqilg 13. A Steaming Sea While not unknown in terms of cause, it is still mysterious that this happens at all. Above certain bodies of water, depending on temperature and the weather around it, a sea or ocean can actually appear to "steam". It has also been called other things like a foggy or smokey sea. 12. Sea Foam From "boiling" seas to seas that can apparently create foam, this is by and large one of the weirdest things that people can see if they go to the ocean. As you can see, it's literal foam, and it piles up rather high along the shoreline. Now, unlike the steam I showed you before, this one doesn't have a definitive explanation. 11. The Mystery Of The USS Scorpion The USS Scorpion was a nuclear submarine that disappeared in 1968. It was a fast attack submarine and was known for its special operations. It was able to film a soviet missile launch and flee the scene before being caught. There were 99 crewmen aboard and when it tried to deliver a signal, and failed to return to port on time, it was presumed lost. 10. Beached Whales You’ve probably all seen the pictures and footage of people trying to help a whale get off of the beach and into the water once more. It is a rare and impactful thing to see such a large creature stuck and helpless in the sand. But, have you ever asked...how did it get on the beach in the first place? 9. The Green Flash While not technically an ocean thing, it's a series of events that is influenced by the ocean. If you look at the sunrise or sunset over certain bodies of water, you'll sometimes see a "green flash". Have any of you seen it?? Let me know in the comments because I used to live near the beach but have never seen a green flash myself! 8. Underwater Volcanoes Now, everyone's heard of a Volcano, but, when you think of them, you likely think about the massive body of land rising from the depths, or a long dormant entity erupting with great power and destroying everything in its path like Pompeii. Yet, under the water, volcanoes erupt more than you think. In fact, it happens in a way that is both mysterious, and beautiful. 7. Rogue Waves Anyone who's sailed in seas with massive waves know that there are several things to fear. But few are as terrifying and fearsome as Rogue Waves. Though there are explanations as to why they happen, it doesn't help the ships that get hit by them. 6. Bimini Road All roads lead to Rome, and many people are wondering if that’s the case with Bimini Road in the Bahamas. Researchers and archaeologists of all kinds have come to study the huge, flat stones that are set perfectly for about half a mile long. 5. Red Tide Some of these phenomena are downright deadly. Such as the infamous Red Tide. No, not the Alabama football team, the actual Red Tide! This event is one of the most dangerous things threatening the ocean and its inhabitants, and it even threatens humanity. 4. The Convergence The Convergence is another name for the meeting of the Baltic Sea with the North Sea in Skagen, Denmark. These are two bodies of water that very naturally come together off the coast of Denmark. Here’s a map so you can see what I’m talking about!! 3. Bioluminescence For creatures under the sea, there are some who have learned a very interesting technique to ward off foes, Bioluminescence. Or more literally, the ability to make yourself glow. It's not hard to imagine the shock and fear of seeing something you're about to eat begin to glow with blinding light. 2. Atlantis The legend of Atlantis is one of the greatest stories ever told. But the question has always been, is it really a legend? The story goes as far back as Plato, who is not known to be a liar, and yet, despite numerous surveys of the ocean, it's never been found. 1. The Bermuda Triangle The holy grail, perhaps the most unexplained phenomena in the history of the oceans...the Bermuda Triangle. This place, which spans from Florida to Puerto Rico to Bermuda, has claimed the lives of many, and has sunken both ships and planes and many other things that dare to infringe upon its waters. Everyone was scared that you could go there and just disappear. Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!
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STRANGEST Things Happening In The Ocean!
Check out the strangest things happening in the ocean! This top 10 list of strange and unexplained underwater mysteries has some of the most surprising facts about the deep sea! Subscribe For New Videos! http://goo.gl/UIzLeB Watch our "STRANGEST Things Found In The Ocean!" video here: https://youtu.be/XYfqi5VNgac Watch our "STRANGEST Things Found In The Philippines!" video here: https://youtu.be/vwIIeiOhTJ0 Watch our "Most STRANGE Things Found On The Beach!" video here: https://youtu.be/cQjpze_4z5U 10. Undersea Rivers It’s easy to look at the ocean and see it as a large mass of water, without many of the features that we see on dry land. But the ocean is full of surprises!! Researchers discovered in the 1980s that things weren’t quite as simple as that, when technology allowed them to map the ocean’s floor for the first time. 9. Crop Circles Crop circles can be creepy. Whether you believe crop circles in farmers’ fields are a result of alien activity or just some artistic people, similar crop circles were found under the water. Researchers were scratching their heads as to how they were being formed. They were first discovered in 1995 off the coast of Japan, and soon a large number of them had been found in the surrounding waters. 8. Hydrothermal Vents In 1977, a team of researchers set off to investigate a temperature anomaly that had been discovered to the northeast of the Galapagos Islands, and what they found changed our understanding of the underwater environment. 7. Red Tide A red tide can occur in virtually every coastal region in the world. In fact, it has been reported in every US state with a shoreline, and incidences are thought to be on the rise. 6. The Julia Sound There’s a lot we don’t understand about the underwater world, especially certain noises that can be difficult to explain. One such noise is known as the ‘Julia’ sound, and was recorded on March 1st 1999. This low whining was so loud that it could be heard across the entire equatorial Pacific ocean autonomous hydrophone array. 5. Black Holes When you think of a black hole, you probably think of outer space, but now, scientists have discovered that black holes are closer than you think. Black holes can suck up matter from anything around them and nothing can escape, not even sound or light. 4. Fairy Circles When tourists and researchers started noticing strange bald patches in the seagrass meadows of the Mediterranean and Baltic seas, they were stumped as to what might be causing them. They were perfect rings with no vegetation. Affectionately known as ‘fairy circles’, they are clearly observable from overhead images of the deep blue ocean and, in some cases, from shore. 3. Internal Waves We’ve all seen images of giant waves on the ocean’s surface, but did you know that the largest waves of all are hidden out of view, deep below what we can see? Known as internal waves, the biggest are found in the Luzon Strait of the South China sea, and can reach up to 550 feet (167 m) tall. Located between Taiwan and the Philippines, these internal waves sound pretty strange! 2. Bioluminescence One of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see in the sea is bioluminescence. It can be caused by a wide variety of creatures such as bacteria, plankton, worms, snails, fish, jellyfish, and even sharks! 1. The Icy Finger of Death The Icy Finger of Death is undoubtedly the strangest thing that happens in the ocean, and potentially one of the most deadly. It’s a phenomenon that’s only recently been discovered happening beneath icebergs, and has fatal consequences for any slow-moving animal caught in its path. Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!
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Top 10 Ocean Phenomena
Credit: Green flash by Mila Zinkova http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/profile/86788/
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Video by WRAPPED video gamyba, Lietuva: http://www.videogamyba.lt http://www.facebook.com/videogamyba http://www.instagram.com/videogamyba.lt Baltic Sea Coast We are proud and happy to be a country on the coast of the Baltic Sea, one of the most beautiful coasts in Europe. Of course, the greenish sea and the white fine and clean sand attracts holidaymakers mostly in the hottest summer days, but people can be seen walking along the beach there even in early spring or late autumn. Palanga is the most popular seaside resort, followed by the Curonian Spit, a long and narrow peninsula washed by the Baltic Sea on one side and the Curonian Lagoon on the other. The beaches in Nida and Juodkrantė, two of the four settlements on this peninsula, fly the Blue Flag year after year. The Blue Flag is a privilege of those beaches and piers only which satisfy the requirements of the international Foundation for Environmental Education. The compliance with the requirements is verified by the Lithuanian Green Movement and the Foundation for Environmental Protection during each holiday season. If any shortcomings are found, the Blue Flag must be hauled down and can be hoisted again only after all the shortcomings have been eliminated. The Baltic Sea is not very saline, as it is diluted by much fresh water flowing into it from rivers, rain and snow. Moon-caused tides are hardly felt at all in the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea has a wide shelf and a lagoon-type coast sloping very gently, which is an advantage for holidaymaking families with small children. The Klaipėda Seaport on the Baltic Sea is an ice-free port. Although it freezes-up in winter, the ice is thin and no icebreakers are needed to keep it navigable. Credits: Bensound, lietuva.lt Video by WRAPPED video gamyba, Lietuva: http://www.videogamyba.lt http://www.facebook.com/videogamyba http://www.instagram.com/videogamyba.lt
North Sea Big Wave
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Amazing!! Where the Baltic and North Seas meet
Amazing!! Where the Baltic and North Seas meet all about this channel in here https://goo.gl/D1zMrA In the resort town of Skagen you can watch an amazing natural phenomenon. This city is the northernmost point of Denmark, where the Baltic and North Seas meet. The two opposing tides in this place can not merge because they have different densities. The province of Skagen located in Denmark has witnessed the beauty of the convergence of the two seas. It is characterized by a clear line which separates the two water and shows a magnificent display of natural beauty. Also mentioned in holy Koran, this sea meet is due to the difference in density of both sea waters which appear as adividing line on the ocean. There is a clear difference in the color of the waters coming from two different seas. At the headland at Grenen, the northernmost point of Denmark, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet. Because of their different densities, a clear dividing line can be seen. As a result of turbulent seas, beachings and shipwrecks were common.These frequent losses combined with the town's strategic location as the gateway to the Baltic led to Skagen being the site of one of Denmark's earliest lighthouses.
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THE BALTIC SEA 2011 - Nikon D7000
30 Minutes at the Baltic Sea in Germany. Filmed with a Nikon D7000. Unfortunately I had no tripod and so it was all filmed from the hand. Pity!
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Sandy Wadden Sea-like Beach/ Investigating Middle Denmark, Djursland
This beach at St Sjørup in Denmark, Northern Europe, at the entrance to The Baltic Sea, is a large semi-permanent sandbar, that one wades out to in bare feet on hot summer days. No significant tide to worry about. Clean, water, lots of space, and child friendly.
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Biogeochemical modeling in the Baltic Sea, RCO-SCOBI, future climate projections
A presentation by Markus Meier from SMHI and Stockholm University, on the PhD course: Modeling to study the Baltic Sea ecosystem - possibilities and challenges To BEAMs homepage: http://www.smf.su.se/beam
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Baltic sea, waves
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Study Sound - 2 hours relaxing sounds from different beaches - NO LOOP
Filmed 5 different beaches for you - Enjoy and relax . 0:01 Beach No. 1 - Salty Baltic Ocean . 30:00 Beach No. 2 - Rocky Beach 1:00:00 Beach No. 3 - Sandy Beach 1:30:00 Beach No. 4 - Peninsula (Halbinsel von Rerik) 2:00:00 Beach No. 5 - Into the Ocean
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Germany: Baltic Sea towns flooded after strongest storm in over a decade
The streets of Lubeck were submerged 40 cm (16 inches) deep in water on Wednesday, after several towns on the German Baltic Sea coast flooded following the strongest storm to hit the area since 2006. Baltic Sea water levels were between 150 and 170 centimeters (59 to 67 inches) higher than normal prior to the flood and it was reported that at least eight cars had to be pulled from flooded areas in Lubeck. Kiel, Rostock, Flensburg, Eckernforde, Wismar, Warnemunde and Usedom were also affected by flooding. There are no reported injuries. Video ID: 20170105-002 Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly.tv Contact: [email protected] Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ruptly Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ruptly
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Night Locking at Liverpool (MV Dirona channel)
We arrive at the entrance to the busy port of Liverpool UK towards the end of the day, cruise up the River Mersey to Liverpool as dusk fades to night, and then pass through the Brunswick Lock and tie off at Liverpool Marina at night. The River Mersey has a tidal range of 33ft (10m) on spring tides, the second highest in Britain after the River Severn. The banks dry at low tide, so most of the Liverpool docks are behind locks. With our draft, the earliest we could enter Brunswick Lock to reach Liverpool Marina is with 22ft (6.7m) of tide. This was well after dark at 5:45pm following an overnight run from Belfast. This is not the ideal time to be approaching an unfamiliar area and entering a lock back lit by a busy city but weather conditions and tides made that our best option. With so many lights ashore, Brunswick Lock was hard to even find in the shore-side clutter of light until we were quite close. As we neared, the strongly lit locks became visible over the lights of the city behind. The Brunswick Lock gate is 8m wide, so we can easily fit our 5m beam through with a meter and a half, or five feet, to spare on each side. But it sure looked tight as we approached. For additional context see http://mvdirona.com/2018/02/night-locking-at-liverpool-video/
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Baltic Sea Boat Ride
Erasmus international office 2012 trip to Rostock and Rügen.
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A Cruise on the Baltic Sea
A small impression of our last cruise in the Baltic Sea. Special thanks to Keilan Creech for using his amazing song 'Honey Waits'. Visit his websites and enjoy more of his music: www.keilancreech.com www.keilancreech.bandcamp.com
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Wales - The headstrong coast of the Crown
There's no reason for anyone to rush in Wales - if only there wasn't the tide that keeps everyone on their toes: from the cockle collector, the Punch & Judy puppeteer on the beach, to the female parish priest of Saint Cwyfan, the little "Church in the Sea". If her sermon is too long, the entire congregation is stuck on the church island. Countless Holly-wood films have been shot on the spectacular Welsh coast, but the Mars robot, which moves across the beach at Clarach Bay, is real. The landscape is reminiscent of the red planet - a perfect test mission for the Mars mission planned by the European Space Agency, or ESA
Tide Case Study
Hurley 18 at baltic sea
Baltic sea at the near of Damp/ Kappeln/ Schleimünde , 4-6 knots of wind, 5-6 knots of speed, fun-fun-fun for a beginner! Comments are too quite, sorry
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Group 8 - Baltic Sea
Group 8, educational video, fish in the Baltic Sea
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‎Tides ‎Dream Interpretation
‎Tides ‎Dream Interpretation | Meaning of Dreams Tides | Tides Dreams Explained | Dream Interpretation | Dreaming of Tides | Tides Dream Interpretation | Dream Meanings for Tides | Tides Dreams Explained | Dream Moods Dream Dictionary | Dream Moods Dream Themes: Tides Symbol | Tides - Dream Moods: Your Dream Symbol Interpretation | Common Dreams: Tides - The Hidden Meanings | Tides Dream Dictionary | Tides Dream Symbol | ‎Meaning of Dreams Tides | dream of seeing a Tides | Tides dream | Tides dream meaning | dream of Tides | what does Tides mean in a dream? | What does it mean when you dream about Tides? | What does it mean when you dreams about Tides? | What does it mean when you have a dream about Tides? | meaning of a Tides dream | Interpretation of Tides Dream | Dream Interpretation Tides | Dreaming of Tides: The Meaning of Tides In Dreams | Interpretation of a dream in which you saw (Tides) | Dream Symbols – Tides | Tides Interpretations & Meanings | Dream Dictionary Tides | Dream interpretation Tides, meaning of dream about Tides | Dream Bible - Dream Interpretation of Tides |
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Dog rescued from Floating ice in Baltic Sea
Dog rescued from Floating ice in Baltic Sea
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LOOKOUT! Toxic Starfish!
Please SUBSCRIBE - http://bit.ly/BWchannel Tour Tickets on Sale! - http://bit.ly/bravetickets Pre-Order Coyote’s Book - http://bit.ly/BOOKbraveadventures Watch More - http://bit.ly/OLgoldticket On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote and Mark go on their first official scuba diving adventure off the coast of Hawaii! The Hawaiian Islands, a well known divers paradise, boast some of the most amazing collections of marine life in the world…so the Brave Wilderness team figured “why not start at the top?!” If enjoying the clear blue waters off the coast of Kauai wasn’t enough, toward the end of their first dive Coyote discovers the infamous “Crown of Thorns” Sea Star and IT IS HUGE! Being one of the largest and most bizarre looking sea stars on earth, get this, the Crown of Thorns is also highly venomous! So will Coyote get spiked trying to display this aquatic pincushion to the cameras? Get ready to find out and meet one Toxic Starfish! HUGE thanks to Dive Masters Mike Hanna and Brian O’Hara for making this adventure possible and keeping Coyote and Mark safe on their first scuba diving adventure! If you’re ever in Kauai and want a first class scuba diving experience make sure to contact Mike and Brain and tell them Coyote sent you! - http://bit.ly/diveinkauai Special thanks to Aron Sanchez our marine life expert, please check out his channel here - http://bit.ly/waterbodychannel Hey Coyote Pack! Coyote and the crew are going ON TOUR all across the Eastern United States and are super excited to finally meet members of the Coyote Pack in person! If you want the chance to meet Coyote, Mark and Mario make sure to buy tickets soon, because they are going fast! East Coast Tour Dates and Ticket Links 9-13-17 **SECRET SHOW** - Columbus, OH - http://bit.ly/BRAVEcolumbus 9-15-17 New York, NY - http://bit.ly/BRAVEnewyork 9-16-17 Washington, DC - http://bit.ly/BRAVEwashingtondc 9-17-17 Philadelphia, PA - http://bit.ly/BRAVEphilly 9-18-17 Richmond, VA - http://bit.ly/BRAVErichmond 9-19-17 Charlotte, NC - http://bit.ly/BRAVEcharlotte 9-21-17 Orlando, FL - http://bit.ly/BRAVEorlando 9-22-17 Tampa, FL - http://bit.ly/BRAVEtampa 9-23-17 Fort Lauderdale, FL - http://bit.ly/BRAVEftlauderdale 9-24-17 Atlanta, GA - http://bit.ly/BRAVEatlanta In addition to the tour, Coyote is also announcing the Golden Adventure Ticket! A ticket that gains you access to a very exclusive REAL adventure with Coyote and the crew. Only a limited number of tickets will be given out at the tour stops, so make sure to show up and try to find one! *No purchase is necessary to have a chance to find a ticket at the venues, but you do need to show up! Will you be one of the few to find Golden Adventure Ticket and join the team in the field?! We sure hope! Either way, these next few months are going to be a blast! We’ll see you all very soon! Beyond the Tide explores the mysterious world of the ocean and brings you closer than ever to its most fascinating creatures. Whether it’s tide pools, lagoons or the deepest depths of the sea Coyote Peterson and the Brave Wilderness crew will take you there! The Brave Wilderness Channel is your one stop connection to a wild world of adventure and amazing up close animal encounters! Follow along with adventurer and animal expert Coyote Peterson and his crew as they lead you on four exciting expedition series including the Emmy Award Winning Breaking Trail, Dragon Tails, Coyote’s Backyard and Beyond the Tide - featuring everything from Grizzly Bears and Crocodiles to Rattlesnakes and Tarantulas…each episode offers an opportunity to learn something new. So SUBSCRIBE NOW and join the adventure that brings you closer to the most beloved, bizarre and misunderstood creatures known to man! GET READY...things are about to get WILD! New Episodes Every Wednesday and Friday at 7AM EST! Subscribe Now! https://www.youtube.com/BraveWilderness Buy Coyote’s Book! http://bit.ly/BOOKbraveadventures Official Website: https://www.BraveWilderness.com Brave Wilderness on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bravewilderness/ Coyote Peterson on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoyotePeterson Coyote Peterson on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CoyotePeterson Coyote Peterson on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/CoyotePeterson Coyote Peterson G+: https://plus.google.com/100310803754690323805/about
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🔴WEATHER FROM HELL🔴 - Storm Gertrude. North Sea January 2016
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Cherry Venture Shipwreck Remains - High Tide 4x4's in Waves
Hey Guys and Gals! We were up at Teewah Beach, Double Island Point on the weekend and it was about an hour before high tide. The Cherry Venture shipwreck remains have been washed out of the sand by the very high tides we have been having up here and have made an obstruction on the beach. There is no way around the wreck except driving through the ocean waves, many people made it through fine but at full high tide or a larger high tide it would be impassable hours before and after high. Just thought id make this video as a little reminder to watch the tide times and pick the best time to travel to DI and back as you might get caught out! There is no way off the beach if you get stuck between the Cherry Venture and the Rainbow Beach Rocks. Cheers Guys! Thanks a lot for watching and reading this :D Cheers ! Check us out on the social networks! https://www.instagram.com/landcruisin/ https://www.facebook.com/Lowrangenick/
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Sailing the North Sea Nonstop [Ep. 13]
SAILING ACROSS THE NORTH SEA NONSTOP In a four-day, three-night voyage, we sailed 317 nautical miles across the North Sea nonstop from Helgoland to Dunkirk. Our highs and lows were in sync with the high and low tides that make the North Sea unique . . . and dangerous. Come along for the ride! We are Maik and Michelle, two sailors from different worlds and different cultures with very different perspectives about sailing around the world together on our 43-foot, steel ketch, Seefalke. We also have different levels of sailing experience. Maik (a German) has sailed for more than 20 years, while Michelle (an American) has only been sailing five years. Our crew includes two Beagles, Cap’n Jack and Scout! Come along for the ride to follow our journey! We also love to cover cool travel destinations and the amazing sea creatures we discover along the way! For deeper insight, please read our online blogs! Michelle’s Logbook - “How to Get Your Sea Legs” https://www.sailorsandseadogs.com/blog/ Maik’s Navigation Corner - “How to Skipper a Boat” https://www.sailorsandseadogs.com/maiks-logbook/ Don’t forget to follow us on social media! Facebook: Sailors & Seadogs Instagram: @sailorsandseadogs Twitter: @SailorsSeadogs Please JOIN OUR CREW for exclusive content and cool rewards! https://www.patreon.com/sailorsandseadogs/memberships OUR GEAR Main Camera: https://amzn.to/2KuRCIW Action Camera: https://amzn.to/2NmoKjU Camera Stabilizer: https://amzn.to/2u5wyhf Solar Powered Device Charger: https://amzn.to/2NRNyR5 Drone Camera: https://amzn.to/2Ksi4y7 MOBi (Man Overboard Indicator) from NASA Marine: https://amzn.to/2mTCFSH AIS SART (Search And Rescue Transponder): https://www.easyais.com/en/easyrescue-ais-sart/ EPIRB: https://amzn.to/2v2wArf SEADOG GEAR Dog Life Jackets: https://amzn.to/2LMu6qz Tethers: https://amzn.to/2uY6iqq Harnesses: https://amzn.to/2Ar3dnA Protect our Oceans and Wildlife by Supporting Sea Shepherd Conservation Society https://seashepherd.org/support-us/ MUSIC: Licensed under artlist.io license No. 203488 The Great Escape by Ian Post (Electric Storm) DISCLOSURE: Some of the links above are affiliate links. As a friend of Sailors and Seadogs, you allow us to earn a small commission if you make a purchase through our affiliate links! We only disclose links for products that we use and love, and believe you will love too. If you shop on Amazon, you can support this channel at no cost to you by using the link: www.amazon.com/?tag=sailorsandsea-20 CHECK OUT OUR PLAYLISTS! Binge watch all of our sailing journey EPISODES in ORDER! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWbM8IK3C58&list=PLkhG0GdKuAFV3WqXtFo7PywDdDArDpzoD Travel with us to amazing SAILING DESTINATIONS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtEPDzwV0iU&list=PLkhG0GdKuAFWX_10z9arAza-Mc2Hm2KSC Learn all about the cool WILDLIFE AT SEA that we discover on our sailing adventures! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdudRUTs4lU&list=PLkhG0GdKuAFUblEYiiYXPV0wnBlvZ9nMT Learn How to Skipper a Boat with deep sailing content in MAIK’S NAVIGATION CORNER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYelSe7XBYM&list=PLkhG0GdKuAFWTzw55j6h2sxbdnJOoUsgs We often upload EXTRAS - mini movies with bloopers and quick clips about sailing with dogs, living on a sailboat, and other short glances into our adventures while sailing around the world: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bE8KxXD_k08&list=PLkhG0GdKuAFVMUOqn9gyairHzyxWsg6WM
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The day we left the dock   #10
It took three years. Three years from the day Ryan texted me with that crazy idea: why not quit our jobs, buy a boat and go sail the world, and see where the winds take us! We had no idea how to sail, knew nothing about boats, and had only been dating for three months. I said yes, and the adventure began. On Tuesday the 5th of June 2018, three years later, we began our voyage on our boat, Polar Seal. We first sailed from Nacka to Nynäshamn, at the doors of Stockholm’s archipelago, before attempting to cross the Baltic from Nynäshamn to Bornholm. Sailing Stockholm’s archipelago always is a bit shaky. That day, we were sailing downwind, which is always a bit deceiving, as the winds get funneled between the islands and shifting in all directions. The day was a success, and we arrived in Nynäshamn without any issue. We wish we could say the same about our attempt to cross the Baltic between Nynäshamn and Bornholm the next day. As soon as we exited the harbor, the winds got uncomfortably high, blowing 30 knots straight to our face. We ended up battling against waves and decided to turn to a nearby anchorage to wait for some better weather. That’s the time my camera chose to fall in the cabin and our GPS/chart plotter broke. We made the decision to turn around, go back to port and ended up back in Nynäshamn. "Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted!" - Randy Pausch We set sails again on the next day, and made a successful, uneventful passage to Bornholm. Next: we are going to Kiel, where we will take the Kiel canal before crossing the North Sea. Right now, we are in Denmark, Rönne, adjusting to our new lifestyle and enjoying every bit of it. Let the sailing adventure begin!
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calm baltic sea, warm summer morning...
sound recordered with ZoomH4n, video from Kodak Z990
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ASMR on Diamond Lake at Sunrise on Paddle Boat
ASMR on Diamond Lake in Michigan just after sunrise. No commentary. Copyright © 2019 Apau Hawaii Tours Interested in booking a tour? https://www.apauhawaiitours.com My recommendations: https://www.amazon.com/shop/apauhawaiitours NEW 2019 Calendar available (designed by Robert Crist) https://www.createphotocalendars.com/Shop/apauhawaiitoursllc The best water filter on the planet: https://amzn.to/2QiPhAi T-shirts and other stuff available at: https://www.redbubble.com/people/apauhawaiitours Click on the pictures and you will see what items are available. Mahalo! Also, some amazing merchandise available from Doing Hawaii: https://www.redbubble.com/people/doinghawaii Check out DoingHawaii channel for some great information: https://www.youtube.com/user/DoingHawaii Check out my new channel: ASMR Hawaii https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR3SfGkp4A22TXglQKKrqMg Interested in helping financially so I can continue to share Hawaii? https://www.apauhawaiitours.com/leilani-estates-video-updates #hawaii #bigisland #privatetours
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1 Week of Doldrums
Behind the Scenes episode 2 Sailing our old Baltic cutter Narhval from British Columbia to Australia. These short raw behind the scenes videos capture our trip, all the madness and the honesty of Captain and first mate. In this video, The skinny Captain talks about the doldrums, sailing, the incredible colours of our surroundings and being in love with Charmaine, our self steering gear :-) These were testing times for both of us, lack of sleep with constant squalls all night and then no wind all day. 10 days of this, Captain slowly going bonkers. You wake up with the sun and then sleep when she goes down over the orange horizon. The tides always moving in and out, in and out, like your breath, the moon appearing and then disappearing again. Here in this place you feel part of Mother Nature, you really feel part of everything. The sounds, the smells and the ocean it’s all mesmerising. When you're out in so much endless blue, one could find peace within themselves.. A wooden floating home with a different view everyday. You tend to focus on the present moment, that’s all there is. You notice your judgments but then let them pass more quickly. Much love to all of our lovely inspiring followers. Simon and Eryn. Please don’t forget to subscribe ;-)
Ship Simulator: Maritime Search and Rescue | Tutorial | 4K 2160p
Ship Simulator: Maritime Search and Rescue Developer: Reality Twist GmbH Publisher: Rondomedia Genre: Action, Simulation Release Date: 2 Jul 2014 Platform: Windows Mode: Single player Link: http://www.ship-simulator-maritime-sar.com/ Steam link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/274010/ My thanks to Rondomedia for this exclusive preview copy of Ship Simulator: Maritime Search and Rescue now available for pre-order on Steam and will be officially released on July 2nd. This graphically stunning game is work still in progress and will be continuously improved until its release. Follow my Let's plays on my second channel Dali HD Gaming 2. You set sail as others return to dry land. Wind force 12. Breakers beat on the bow deck, spray blows across the bridge. On the high seas: face the sheer force of the elements! And you're steering them -- the most powerful rescue vessels of the Maritime Search and Rescue Service in search of castaways. As a sea rescuer, you put your life on the line -- to save the lives of others! Extinguish fires, salvage damaged ships, direct search and rescue operations, stay in constant radio contact with the Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Center and save lives in 20 different missions. Together with your crew, you'll become acquainted with the hard day-to-day life of a sea rescuer and make the high seas a little bit safer. So, choose your vessel and your location on the North or Baltic Sea, switch on your radio and get ready! Features: -Rescuing: Steer the salvage cruisers HERMANN MARWEDE and HARRO KOEBKE across the stormy seas. Deploy boats to rescue people in distress at sea! -Engaging: Take on the role of the foreman (captain) of the rescue cruiser, and move around the ships freely in first-person perspective! View your ship from numerous camera angles, from inside and out! -Absorbing: Featuring up to 30 main and supporting characters, elaborately dubbed and with fascinating background stories. Get to know your crew and radio in regularly to the Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Center. -Wide-ranging: Two scenarios (North Sea and Baltic Sea) provide a wide range of missions. -Salvaging: Salvage ships! Pump water out of shipwrecks! Extinguish fires on the open seas! Rescue people in distress at sea! The game features the entire spectrum of sea rescue missions. -Changing: Experience realistic water, waves and weather that react in real time to the operation, time of day, and the ships and their movements. Sail in bright sunshine or the most raging storms, crystal clear twilight or dense morning fog! -Challenging: Take note of tide conditions, use the nautical chart to navigate and deal with the many problems of the On-Scene Coordinator! Steer the ship using either simplified or realistic controls! -Collaborating: Produced by simulation and game experts kindly supported by the German Maritime Search and Rescue Service (DGzRS) Minimum system requirements: Windows Vista/7/8 AMD Athlon 64 X2, Intel Core2Duo or comparable dual core processor min. 2.4 GHz, 8 GB RAM AMD HD5870 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX470 (CrossfireX not supported) DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with Shader 3.0 support (1,5 GB VRAM) 2.7 GB hard disk space. Steam-Account required! To watch in best quality just click on the quality settings tab on the bottom right corner of video and choose either '1080p' or '1440p' or '2160p' Subscribe to Dali HD Gaming channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=mtvkriar91 Subscribe to Dali HD Gaming 2nd channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=dalihdgaming Dali HD Gaming google+ community: https://plus.google.com/communities/114526689102521245587 My google+: https://plus.google.com/101372516019068599825/posts/p/pub Twitter: https://twitter.com/DaliHDGaming Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DaliHdGaming?ref=hl Blogger: http://dalihdgaming.blogspot.com/ *No animals, creatures, aliens, androids, mutants, monsters or zombies were harmed during the production of this video.
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How The Travel Industry affects our lives - VPRO documentary
The travel industry has been growing excessively so that some places have reached the limit of capacity. How is the travel industry reacting on that? Is the travel industry trying to prevent a collapse? Nowadays everybody travels. Flying has become affordable and people take the opportunity to see the world. Unfortunately, that has lead to a new phenomenon called over tourism. Since the rise of mass tourism, people travel the world on a large scale and for little money. There seems to be no end to that growth because only more people want to go on holiday and that can be cheaper. But now that the coral reefs are disappearing, local residents have to move and even tourists are being attacked physically, a limit seems to have been reached. How to turn this tide? Globally, tourism is the largest growth sector, one in ten jobs is tourism related. In addition to the great economic benefits, however, there are also concerns about the manageability of tourist flows. Cities are threatening to become unlivable and residents are stirring. Moreover, the permanent movement of people contributes almost five percent to global warming. But going on vacation has become an all-male right. Everyone needs at least a week off with the hectic lives that we lead. And more and more the tourist expects the destination to be adapted to his needs, while the local population and the planet pay the bill. Now even the inventor of the travel guide Lonely Planet asks himself what he has done. Are the glory days of tourism over? Can you still go on holiday every year with good decency? VPRO Backlight on the phenomenon of over tourism and the future of travel. Original title: Reizen is het nieuwe roken Originally broadcasted by VPRO in 2018. © VPRO Backlight May 2018 On VPRO broadcast you will find nonfiction videos with English subtitles, French subtitles and Spanish subtitles, such as documentaries, short interviews and documentary series. VPRO Documentary publishes one new subtitled documentary about current affairs, finance, sustainability, climate change or politics every week. We research subjects like politics, world economy, society and science with experts and try to grasp the essence of prominent trends and developments. Subscribe to our channel for great, subtitled, recent documentaries. Visit additional youtube channels bij VPRO broadcast: VPRO Broadcast, all international VPRO programs: https://www.youtube.com/VPRObroadcast VPRO DOK, German only documentaries: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBi0VEPANmiT5zOoGvCi8Sg VPRO Metropolis, remarkable stories from all over the world: https://www.youtube.com/user/VPROmetropolis VPRO World Stories, the travel series of VPRO: https://www.youtube.com/VPROworldstories VPRO Extra, additional footage and one off's: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTLrhK07g6LP-JtT0VVE56A www.VPRObroadcast.com Credits: Director: Sabine Lubbe Bakker English, French and Spanish subtitles: Ericsson. French and Spanish subtitles are co-funded by European Union.
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King George Dock Tide Time 2007
*There is no audio due to the very strong winds on the day. Please put with the lift music* Tide time at King George Dock in Hull. Frigg (IMO 8015881) is joined by Swinderby heading back to the River Hull to collect processed oil, and Rix tanker Harrier heads back to Immingham while on the River Rix Owl smashes through the short chop. Jon Clark says this of Swinderby: Swinderby was built as a Trent gravel barge and was built so wide to keep the length under 150feet, that being the length at which a third member of crew would have been required on the tideway. If you want the tonnage but you can't go longer or deeper then going wider in the only option left ! I'm really dragging up the memories here but I'm fairly certain Swinderby was built for Lincoln and Hull Marine.
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Sabaton - Lejonet Från Norden (Lyrics Svenska & English)
Gustav II Adolf (1594-1632), also known by his Latinized name "Gustavus Adolphus Magnus" was King of Sweden from 1611 until his death. With the aid of Imperial Chancellor Axel Oxenstierna, he successfully fought wars against Denmark, Russia and Poland. In 1628 he intervened in the Thirty Years War on the Protestant side. The year 1631 saw him bring the Catholic imperial army to a bitter defeat at Breitenfeld near Leipzig, thus turning the tide of the war. In Nuremberg, Gustav Adolf opposed the imperial generalissimo Wallenstein for the first time. After the indecisive battle, Wallenstein moved north to avoid further conflict, but was followed and in November of 1632 the Battle of Lützen took place. Gustavus Adolphus was killed while leading a cavalry charge. German Protestants soon idealized the king as their heroic savior and he became known by the names ""Der Löwe aus Mitternacht" (The Lion of Midnight) and "The Lion of the North". The name of the intro "Dominium Maris Baltici" is the Latin name of Gustav Adolf's primary aim, the dominion of the Baltic Sea. English version: http://youtu.be/QLt0lerdgKs CAUTION! I won't tolerate any racist, discriminatory or in any other form inappropriate comments! This song neither glorifies war, nor National Socialism, but should be considered as a historical work. "No, we don't glorify anything, we just tell stories about things that have happened." (Rikard Sundén, founding member of Sabaton) Please support Sabaton and purchase their current album Carolus Rex.
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Chill Out Videos Volume 1: Baltic sea
Baltic sea (Ostsee), a short look at a beach
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Longest Ice Road on Baltic Sea open for ride
Europe’s longest ice road, the 26 km long road connecting Estonian mainland and second-largest island Hiiumaa Travelling on the ice is part of the history and culture of the Estonian islands. The ice road stretches across the frozen surface of the Baltic Sea. यूरोपीय देश एस्टोनिया आइस रोड लोगों के लिए खोल दी है| जमे हुए समुद्र से जाने वाली इस रोड पर सीट बेल्ट पहनकर गाड़ी चलाना मना है। साथ ही, सूरज डूबने के बाद भी यहां ड्राइविंग की परमिशन नहीं है।2010 में यहां का सबसे लंबा आइस हाईवे फरवरी में सिर्फ 11 दिन के लिए खुला था।
Russo-Japanese War | The Largest Battle Before WW1 (1904-1905) 2/2
Last week we saw the Japanese launch a surprise attack on the Russians at Port Arthur and the early stages of the ensuing Russo-Japanese war. This week, we’ll look at the final stages of the war, showcasing the largest modern-era battle mankind had seen up until that point and an epic 7-month voyage of the Russian Baltic fleet to Vladivostok… And no, they wouldn’t reach Vladivostok. The content of this video covers events, people or concepts via a lecture-style presentation that is educational and historical in nature. Every video is original content by House of History. The events relating to conflict in this video are portrayed in their historical context without either value judgment or an ideological message attached to it. There is no intent to shock, upset or disgust. The goal of my channel is to make interesting lecture-style videos, no more, no less. Thank you for taking the time to check out House of History, I hope you will find the films informative, interesting and enjoyable! If you have any feedback, questions or criticism feel free to leave a comment. Your opinion truly aids me in improving the content of the channel! If you have a question, feel free to leave a comment and I will either write a reply, answer your question in a Q&A video, or make an entire video about it! Time Codes: 0:37 The Battle of the Shaho River 3:28 Siege of Port Arthur 5:18 The Battle of Mukden 7:01 The Baltic Fleet 9:24 Roosevelt Mediates Sources: Bushkovitch, P. (2011). A concise history of Russia. Cambridge University Press. Hosking, G. A. (2001). Russia and the Russians: A history. Harvard University Press. Warner, D., & Warner, P. (2002). The tide at sunrise: a history of the Russo-Japanese War, 1904-1905. Psychology Press. Photos, paintings and imagery: Public Domain, Wikicommons #HouseofHistory #HistoryofRussia #HistoryofJapan
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Sea Rescue - Full length documentary
The Ouessant « rail », off Bretagne, in France, famous for its dangerosity, is a real maritime highway. More than 150 boats take it each day, making of this part of the Iroise sea the most dangerous navigation area in the world. To monitor and protect the ships as well as the littoral, an alarm operation watch continuously on this area. For this documentary, we followed the crew of the open sea tug « Abeille Bourbon » during several rescue operations.
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Watch this movie in HD, enable the HD Option! Music: by audionautix.com [www.audionautix.com] Camera: Sony HDR-CX900E The layout part of Scandinavia is the largest and technically most challenging part of Miniatur Wunderland. In 2005 Scandinavia was opened by the consuls of the countries which have been reproduced in the Wunderland. The northern Baltic Sea is filled with 33,000 litres of running water and marks the centre of this layout part. There are many different ships crossing the ocean. Currently, the fleet on the North Baltic Sea consists of 25 ships. We are developing an autopilot which enables 15-20 ships to navigate on the sea controlled by a computer. The ships are manually navigated presently. Scandinavia has many highlights to offer even without the revolutionary autopilot. The interaction of water, snow, and light is unique in Wunderland. The simulation of high and low tide every 30 minutes is groundbreaking. However, there are a lot more attractions, such as an "adult" film set behind a dune, flying fairies, and a ghost ship on the Arctic Sea. The Scandinavian section is 300 m² large, and is one of the most popular layouts for visitors and employees. (Quelle: http://www.miniatur-wunderland.com)
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Gentle Tides
Provided to YouTube by The state51 Conspiracy Gentle Tides · Dormir Profundamente · Sleepy Times · Spa Music Paradise Instant Stress Relief Collection - Complete Pack of 16 Soothing Tracks for Reducing Your Anxiety and Worry and for Instant Deep Sleep ℗ 2018 Baltic Spa Released on: 2018-03-09 Auto-generated by YouTube.
German Army Manoeuvres.  Landing Operations On The Baltic Coast
German Reichswhr take part in warlike practice when Infantry Division constructs pontoon bridge. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/eb2ab9ae092349279608f55a77348065 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Germany gripped by severe storm
Germany has been hit by what's thought to be its biggest storm in ten years. Emergency service workers have described conditions as unbearable. The stormy weather has led to flooding along Germany's Baltic Sea coast and caused some damage to seaside promenades. … READ MORE : http://www.euronews.com/2017/01/05/germany-gripped-by-severe-storm What are the top stories today? Click to watch: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSyY1udCyYqBeDOz400FlseNGNqReKkFd euronews: the most watched news channel in Europe Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=euronews euronews is available in 13 languages: https://www.youtube.com/user/euronewsnetwork/channels In English: Website: http://www.euronews.com/news Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/euronews Twitter: http://twitter.com/euronews Google+: http://google.com/+euronews VKontakte: http://vk.com/en.euronews
The future as the EU sees it - UKIP MEP Louise Bours
http://www.ukipmeps.org | http://www.ukip.org/join • European Parliament, Strasbourg, 27 April 2015 • Louise BOURS MEP (North West), UK Independence Party (UKIP), Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) group. http://www.louiseboursmep.co.uk - #LouiseBours • Debate: • Debate: Multiannual plan for the stocks of cod, herring and sprat in the Baltic Sea and the fisheries exploiting those stocks - Report: Jarosław Wałęsa (A8-0128/2015) Report on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing a multiannual plan for the stocks of cod, herring and sprat in the Baltic Sea and the fisheries exploiting those stocks, amending Council Regulation (EC) No 2187/2005 and repealing Council Regulation (EC) No 1098/2007 [COM(2014)0614 - C8-0174/2014 - 2014/0285(COD)] Committee on Fisheries .................... • Video: EbS (European Parliament) .................................. • EU Member States: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom
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The German Occupation of Lithuania - Unrest in Russia I THE GREAT WAR - Week 61
Ian Sumner "The First Battle of the Marne 1914" (Affiliate Link): http://astore.amazon.com/thegreatwarchannel-20/detail/1846035023 When the Germans take Vilnius, they set their plans of "germanizing" the whole area into motion. Erich Ludendorff believes that Courland and other areas near East Prussia are culturally German and that he's returning them to the Fatherland. While the Russian Army is now in a much better defensive position after their Great Retreat, civil unrest across the country is becoming a problem. Huge losses and the difficult supply situation are making it difficult to maintain order. At the same time, Bulgaria is mobilizing her troops, foreshadowing yet another front in this World War. » HOW CAN I SUPPORT YOUR CHANNEL? You can support us by sharing our videos with your friends and spreading the word about our work.You can also support us financially on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thegreatwar Patreon is a platform for creators like us, that enables us to get monthly financial support from the community in exchange for cool perks. » PARTNER CHANNELS IT’S HISTORY: http://bit.ly/ITSHISTORYSHOW DER ERSTE WELTKRIEG: http://bit.ly/1wkyt » WHERE CAN I GET MORE INFORMATION ABOUT WORLD WAR I AND WHERE ELSE CAN I FIND YOU? We’re offering background knowledge, news, a glimpse behind the scenes and much more on: reddit: http://bit.ly/TheGreatSubReddit Facebook: http://bit.ly/WW1FB Twitter: http://bit.ly/WW1Series Instagram: http://bit.ly/ZpMYPL » CAN I EMBED YOUR VIDEOS ON MY WEBSITE? Of course, you can embed our videos on your website. We are happy if you show our channel to your friends, fellow students, classmates, professors, teachers or neighbours. Or just share our videos on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc. We are also happy to get your feedback, criticism or ideas in the comments. If you have interesting historical questions, just post them and we will answer in our OUT OF THE TRENCHES videos. You can find a selection of answers to the most frequently asked questions here: http://bit.ly/OOtrenches » CAN I SHOW YOUR VIDEOS IN CLASS? Of course! Tell your teachers or professors about our channel and our videos. We’re happy if we can contribute with our videos. If you are a teacher and have questions about our show, you can get in contact with us on one of our social media presences. » WHAT ARE YOUR SOURCES? Videos: British Pathé Pictures: Mostly Picture Alliance Background Map: http://d-maps.com/carte.php?num_car=6030&lang=en Literature (excerpt): Gilbert, Martin. The First World War. A Complete History, Holt Paperbacks, 2004. Hart, Peter. The Great War. A Combat History of the First World War, Oxford University Press, 2013. Hart, Peter. The Great War. 1914-1918, Profile Books, 2013. Stone, Norman. World War One. A Short History, Penguin, 2008. Keegan, John. The First World War, Vintage, 2000. Hastings, Max. Catastrophe 1914. Europe Goes To War, Knopf, 2013. Hirschfeld, Gerhard. Enzyklopädie Erster Weltkrieg, Schöningh Paderborn, 2004 Michalka, Wolfgang. Der Erste Weltkrieg. Wirkung, Wahrnehmung, Analyse, Seehamer Verlag GmbH, 2000 Leonhard, Jörn. Die Büchse der Pandora: Geschichte des Ersten Weltkrieges, C.H. Beck, 2014 If you want to buy some of the books we use or recommend during our show, check out our Amazon Store: http://bit.ly/TGWAmazon NOTE: This store uses affiliate links which grant us a commission if you buy a product there. » WHAT IS “THE GREAT WAR” PROJECT? THE GREAT WAR covers the events exactly 100 years ago: The story of World War I in realtime. Featuring: The unique archive material of British Pathé. Indy Neidell takes you on a journey into the past to show you what really happened and how it all could spiral into more than four years of dire war. Subscribe to our channel and don’t miss our new episodes every Thursday. » WHO IS REPLYING TO MY COMMENTS? AND WHO IS BEHIND THIS PROJECT? Most of the comments are written by our social media manager Florian. He is posting links, facts and backstage material on our social media channels. But from time to time, Indy reads and answers comments with his personal account, too. The Team responsible for THE GREAT WAR is even bigger: - CREDITS - Presented by : Indiana Neidell Written by: Indiana Neidell Director: David Voss Director of Photography: Toni Steller Sound: Toni Steller Sound Design: Bojan Novic Editing: Toni Steller Research by: Indiana Neidell Fact checking: Latoya Wild, David Voss A Mediakraft Networks Original Channel Based on a concept by Spartacus Olsson Author: Indiana Neidell Visual Concept: Astrid Deinhard-Olsson Executive Producer: Astrid Deinhard-Olsson and Spartacus Olsson Producer: David Voss Social Media Manager: Florian Wittig Contains licenced Material by British Pathé All rights reserved - © Mediakraft Networks GmbH, 2015
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Pebble of the Sea
Oh, pebble of the sea Tumbling in the wake Will you come ashore for me? Riding against the swirling tide There's no need for the weathered land When you're swimming in the blue. Graceful and free, I wish I could be Another pebble of the sea Drifting next to you. "Pebble of the Sea" written by Matthew Andrako Come read more of my poetry: http://meandrak.wordpress.com
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US intelligence: China have world’s most powerful & deadly naval gun ready for warfare by 2025
US intelligence: China have world’s most powerful & deadly naval gun ready for warfare by 2025 - China just tested the world's most powerful naval gun, and US intelligence says it will be ready for warfare by 2025 China tested the world's most powerful naval gun earlier this month, and it is expected to be ready for warfare by 2025, according to people with direct knowledge of a U.S. intelligence report. China's railgun was first seen in 2011 and underwent testing in 2014, according to the people, who spoke to C N B C on the condition of anonymity. Between 2015 and 2017, the weapon was calibrated to strike at extended ranges, increasing its lethality. By December 2017, the weapon was successfully mounted on a warship and began at-sea testing, a feat no other nation has accomplished. The Chinese are expected to complete at-sea testing by 2023. The development comes at a moment when tensions between China and the U.S. are already high, underscored by crucial trade talks that were scheduled to move to Washington on Wednesday. Railguns use electromagnetic energy instead of gunpowder to propel rounds, and China's is capable of striking a target 124 miles away at speeds of up to 1.6 miles per second, according to the people who have knowledge of the intelligence report. For perspective, a shot fired from Washington could reach Philadelphia in under 90 seconds. Railguns have long appeared on Russian, Iranian and U.S. military wish lists as cost-effective weapons that give navies the might of a cannon with the range of a precision-guided missile. The rounds used in China's railgun cost $25,000 to $50,000 each, according to the intelligence assessment. Though not an exact comparison since the weapons have different technologies, the U.S. Navy's Tomahawk cruise missile has an estimated price tag of $1.4 million each. The U.S. Navy's railgun, which is years away from being operational, remains a classified system still in development under the Office of Naval Research. China's sprint to develop a weapon of this magnitude, coupled with coastal defense systems, represents a significant addition to Beijing's military arsenal in one of the most contested regions of the world: the South China Sea. In May, C N B C learned that China quietly installed anti-ship cruise missiles and surface-to-air missile systems on three of its fortified outposts west of the Philippines in the sea, a move that allows Beijing to further project its power in the hotly disputed waters. Home to more than 200 specks of land, the South China Sea serves as a gateway to global shipping routes where $3.4 trillion of trade passes annually. The numerous overlapping sovereign claims to islands, reefs and rocks — many of which disappear under high tide — have turned the waters into an armed camp. Beijing holds the lion's share of these features with about 27 outposts. Subscribe Now : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0IlEuu4TA9wq1u60tLMqBw?sub_confirmation=1 Facebook: https://facebook.com/USMilitaryNewsVideos Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/militaryvideos_ Twitter:
Exploding WW2 German Anti Tank Mines at Pembroke Bay, Guernsey
Three WW2 German anti-tank mines (Teller mines) get detonated one at a time on Pembroke Bay, Guernsey in the Channel Islands on the 22nd February 2012. On the beaches, these were quite often tied to concrete, triangle pyramid shaped posts called betontetraeder, which translates as concrete tetrahedron. The sea would sometimes detach them from the posts but the Germans didn't bother to find them, they just got out a new one and tied that in it's place. Teller mines were capable of blasting the tracks off any WW2 tank or destroying a lightly armoured vehicle. Only the weight of a vehicle driving over a Teller mine could have set them off, so no person on the beach was in danger. Both Pembroke and L'Ancresse bays were given a thorough search by metal detector around the low tide mark and no other mines were found. Read the blog and see photos from the woman who found them here http://www.zoomus.co.uk/blog/anti-tank-mine-found-on-pembroke-beach-in-guernsey/ During World War 2 the Channel Islands were occupied for five years by Adolf Hitler's German Nazi forces. In Guernsey many tens of thousands of mines were buried by the Germans, but we had the last laugh as after the war finished the German soldiers were made to clear them all. Obviously some were missed. Guernsey was liberated on the 9th May 1945 and Liberation Day is celebrated every year on the 9th May.
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