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Silverstar - Music is Magic (DCUP Deep Bitch remix)
Out now on Chookie: http://goo.gl/zDPkY
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Silverstar - Music Is Magic (Official Video)
Silverstar - Music is Magic is out now on Chookie http://goo.gl/zDPkY Video made by: Tim White - Director/Producer/Editor (www.whitelie.com.au) James Ballard - DOP (http://www.j-ballard.com) Production Support by Xperience Films Morocco (http://www.xperiencefilmsmorocco.com) Colourist - Roslyn Di Sisto
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Silverstar - Music is Magic
nageR.mesmeriZed´ Inspired by majestic casual http://www.youtube.com/user/majesticcasual Song Silverstar - Music is magic https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/music-is-magic-single/id636185818 https://soundcloud.com/chookiemusic Photo Even Flow III by Nikolas Simonovikis http://500px.com/photo/3832341
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Silverstar - Music Is Magic (Phil Colors Remix)
Read! Picture Made By: cORE Follow Him : https://www.youtube.com/user/core332 Artist: Silverstar Mix: Phil Colors Remix Genre: Deep House Download FREE: https://soundcloud.com/philcolors/silverstar-music-is-magic-phil-colors TO OWNERS & COPYRIGHT HOLDERS:NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. This CHANNEL CLAIMS NO RIGHTS OR OWNERSHIP over the contents posted. If you wish for a track to be removed contact me [email protected] PLEASE and it will be deleted immediately.I don't want my channel deleted.My only goal is to promote quality music.
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Silverstar - Music Is Magic (Phil Colors Remix)
Genre: Deep House ✖ Silverstar: » Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/silverstar-1 » Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/artist/silver-star/61359 ✖ Phil Colors: » Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/philcolors » Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/artist/phil-colors/264576 » Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/philcolorsmusic ✖ Promotional use only, Will remove on request ✖
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Silverstar - Music Is Magic (DCUP Deep Bitch Remix)
All copyrights belong to their rightful owners. If you are an author and distribute your copyright infringement please contact us and the video will be removed within 24 hours. Mail: [email protected] Silverstar - Music Is Magic (DCUP Deep Bitch Remix) : https://youtu.be/cn4w1RDdP-o Subscribe!): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEuf7qOBQuykq8h_zBHQaSg?sub_confirmation=1
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Silverstar - Music is Magic (DCUP deep remix) [FREE YOUTUBE MUSIC]
Music for Youtube without copyright. FREE MUSIC! Monetization - AVAILABLE! FOLLOW MY CHANNEL
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City of Magic - Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete Music Extended
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete music that has been extended to play for at least 15.5 minutes. This video was uploaded from http://www.smashcustommusic.com/2950 This stream was submitted by darksamus77. Full Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6akIKaXBeU0dVNXIUKxurSPX-j4wy8DL
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Magic emperor Ghaleon
The magic emperor captures Quark
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Music is Magic at the London Palladium
The Music Man Project presents "Music is Magic", live at the world famous London Palladium on June 21st 2015. Visit www.themusicmanproject.co.uk for more information. "Music is Magic" © David Stanley 2015 Show trailer by Paul Carpenter Films www.paulcarpenterfilms.com
Lunar: Silver Star Story - Magical Weapon Nash
10: Magical Weapon Nash All Tracks come from the Soundtrack included with the original release of Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete on Playstation. **I do not own this** No Copyright infringement is intended. All music, Images and likeness of Characters portrayed of Lunar is owned by it's respective Copyright holders both in Japan, as well as in North America.
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Lunar: Silver Star Harmony | Part 25 | Magic Music -Azure Plays
The Black Dragon awaits! Twitter: https://twitter.com/Azure_Brian Side Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SideShowTails
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Lunar Silver Star Harmony OST - 22 - Go! Magical Weapon Nash
Track twenty-two from the Lunar Harmony of Silver Star Pre-Order Limited Soundtrack. Composed/Arranged by Noriyuki Iwadare. All content copyright 2009 Game Arts/GungHo Works.
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Lunar Silver Star Harmony OST - 17 - A Dream of Darkness ~Magic Emperor Ghaleon~
Track seventeen from the Lunar Harmony of Silver Star Pre-Order Limited Soundtrack. Composed/Arranged by Noriyuki Iwadare. All content copyright 2009 Game Arts/GungHo Works.
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Stefano Ritteri's set 51:42 Deep grooving tech house Yolanda Be Cool's set 00:00 Electro house Like this? Check out more Mixmag Labs here: http://bit.ly/LZ14yA TRACKLIST: 1. Music Is Magic (DCUP Deep Bitch Mix) -- Silverstar (Chookie Music) 2. Group Therapy - Makes No Sense (Food Music) 3. You Were Wrong -- Vhyce (No Brainer Records) 4. Blehh Wiki Wiki -Thomaz Krauze (Acid Fruits) 5. Work (Simple Jack Remix - Amine Edge & Dance Edit) - Victor Ruiz (Sick Society) 6. Roof Ride Back -- Motez (Food Music) 7. Black December - Bixel Boys (Unreleased) 8. Higher -- Destructo (Boysnoize Records) 9. My Girl - Amine Edge & Dance (Mr. Nice Guy) 10. Breakthrough -- Wordlife (Club Mod) 11. Hush Hush - Young Skeeter and Wax Motif (Dim Mak Records) 12. Sweat Naked (Etienne De Crecy Remix) - Yolanda Be Cool (Dim Mak Records) STEFANO RITTERI: Cajmere - Let's Work Wehbba - The real thing Samuel Dan - Hey Girl Beatamines - Swaggin Jakkin Rabbit - The Truth Sable Sheep - Upon Burining Sky Piemont - Blender Mr G- Hear me out Tim Wright - Thirst Stefano Ritteri & Robosonic - She was on my mind P. Gorbachev - Last Days Stefano Ritteri - The Partylife Stimming -Bright Star Anaxander - 7ways Stefano Ritteri - Who's the chosen fool
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Lunar Silver Star Harmony - Go Go Go! ~ Final Battle VS Ghaleon [Extended w/ DL Link]
Before we begin, I would like to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for my life, and all the gifts which I've been given in it, including the ability to make this extension. Your name be glorified, my Savior, even in something as small as this. Amen. MP3 Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?lsf6jpr379nsgn2 (Actual runtime of the MP3 is 16:44) Lunar Extensions Folder: http://www.mediafire.com/?v3zuesb3ekhst "What complete and utter nonsense. Perhaps you should demonstrate the power that gives you such confidence. Then once and for all, we will see who is fit to be the supreme ruler... and who is DEAD!" "Those who underestimate the strength of the human heart are destined to fail. And that means /you/, Ghaleon!" Magic Emperor Ghaleon and Dragonmaster Alex Just as the Big Bad requires the Biggest Bad Shoulderpads in the world, decisive battles to determine the fate of the world need decisive battle themes to get your adrenaline pumping. Welcome once again, or perhaps for the first time, to Amateur Extension Theater 2000. I'm your quirky, shoulderpad-less host, Alkahest. (Probably just as well, those things look like they'd snap my spine... or irradiate me.) Okay, so I've spoiled who the final boss of Lunar Silver Star Harmony is. Come on, gang, it's been out since the mid 90s; this is kind of a Darth Vader is Luke's dad spoiler thing. .... You didn't know that?! I mean... er... I... uh... look! Over there! 'Go Go Go!', apart from having a rather curious if not entirely unfitting title, is one of my favorite final boss themes out there. Funnily enough, I first discovered it in midi form, without any clue what game it came from, or when it played. Many times as it's been remade along with Lunar Silver Star, I daresay this is Noriyuki Iwadare's finest rendition of it. The trumpet segments are especially well done. A fitting theme for the final clash with the greatest villain of Lunar's history. .... How'd this get left off the Harmony Sound Selections OST, anyway? Disclaimer: This MP3 extension was uploaded purely for entertainment purposes, and in no way profits me. All rights are reserved to their respective creators, and videos are subject to removal per their request. Image taken from RPGamer.com's LSSC screenshot archive.
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Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete - Magical Weapon Nash
Song gotten from somewhere on the Internet.
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Let's Listen! Lunar: the Silver Star - Vane
Theme music for the magical city of Vane. This also plays in Black Rose Street.
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OVERDOSE: Thizz - Music is Magic
A song by my son Mikie
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Music is magic RIchie Havens
Napoliopera 1984. Pezzo: Music is Magic (Richie Havens) Drums: Freddy Malfi Bass: Tony Wamsley Alto Sax: Roberto Fix Electric Guitar: Franco Giacoia Fender Rhodes: Massimo Volpe Percussion: Gianni Imparato-Fabrizio D'Angelo Vocals: Richie Havens
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Lunar: Silver Star Story Remastered - Feeling of Fight
Enjoy =] Download this and more here - http://www.box.net/shared/ofu44q3afu
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Lunar: Silver Star Harmony: Original Soundtrack | High Quality | Noriyuki Iwadare
Lunar: The Silver Star is a RPG originally developed for Sega/Mega-CD utilizing the up-and-coming CD-ROM format. It went on to become the 2nd most selling Mega-CD game of all time. Being both critically and commercially successful, Lunar: The Silver Star received multiple sequels including THREE different remakes. This is the original soundtrack for the most recent remake, Lunar: Silver Star Harmony for the PSP. Enjoy~ Arranged by: Noriyuki Iwadare, Michiko Naruke Piano by: Noriyuki Iwadare - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 00:00:05 - Yell of the Black Star 00:02:27 - Battle of Light and Shadow 00:05:08 - Tales: Father and Mother 00:07:04 - Tsu Ba Sa 2009 (feat. Kyoko Hikami) 00:10:50 - Light of the Blue Star 00:12:34 - Hometown ~Burg~ 00:14:34 - Let's Take a Walk 00:16:14 - Dragon ~Entrusted Thoughts~ 00:18:05 - The Pier that Invites the Sea Breeze 00:19:47 - Wind's Nocturne 2009 (feat. Kyoko Hikami) 00:24:16 - Free City ~Meribia~ 00:26:23 - Magic City ~Vane~ 00:28:00 - Falling Asleep in the Light 00:30:35 - Thieves' Bazaar ~Reza~ 00:32:10 - Guided Friends 00:34:14 - A Boy Going the Distance 00:35:57 - A Dream of Darkness 00:37:06 - Cave ~Dragon's Trial~ 00:38:29 - A Newcomer Draws Near 00:40:05 - A Moment's Rest 00:42:11 - Conspiracy 00:43:34 - Go! Magical Weapon Hi-Nash 00:44:58 - Roaring Land 00:46:23 - Breakthrough. And Then Reversal. 00:48:02 - Victory! 00:48:41 - Flying Through the Air 00:50:31 - The Towering Grindery 00:52:13 - To Protect Those Important to You 00:54:31 - Return from the Legend 00:56:17 - Melody of That Day 00:57:44 - Then a Door to Adventure Is Opened 01:00:00 - (Piano Solo) Let's Take a Walk 01:02:58 - (Piano Solo) The Pier that Invites the Sea Breeze 01:06:14 - (Piano Solo) Then a Door to Adventure Is Opened - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete - The Magic City of Vane
RPGamers.net FMVs @ http://www.rpgamers.net/video/
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Let's Play! Lunar the Silver Star Part 10: Alex's Magic Power is Unleashed!
Part 10: So Dross stole our diamond, and we head to Mel for assistance! Instead of helping us, Mel thinks it's a fabulous idea for us to prove our adventuring might by tackling this problem all by our lonesome. Jerk! We then head into the sewers to discover the monsters are way too tough to tackle without some form of magic. We head to Black Rose Street (aka Magic Central) and meet Nash. Some guy unlocks Alex's magic power. While Nash doesn't come with us, Alex can certainly tackle monsters on his own! Well, after some serious level grinding, anyway.
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Silverstar- Somewhere In America (lyric video)
We're a band called Silverstar and this is a lyric video for our original song "Somewhere In America" you can buy the song on iTunes now! like us on facebook www.facebook.com/silverstarband follow us on twitter @Silverstarband @dennydynamite @josephlipari @hughieed subscribe to our youtube channel www.youtube.com/silverstarband
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Lunar: The Silver Star ~ Sega CD - The Grindery
***FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY, NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED*** Plays inside The Grindery, The Magic Emperor's moving fortress.
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Lunar: Silver Star (SCD) Final Battle
Ending: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnMvsQLXzJQ The final battle against the Magic emperor Ghaleon. Compared to the PS1 and the GBA version, Ghaleon has a rather demonic 2nd form in this game.
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mlp im not the one (silver star) pmv
this does have some animation on it the song is i'm not the one by 3OH!3
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Let's Listen! Lunar: the Silver Star - Ghaleon's Theme
Ghaleon! What are you doing?! Noooo! Ahem. This is the theme associated with Ghaleon.
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SilverStar Mountain Resort - Bird's Eye View
Amazing aerial footage taken at SilverStar Mountain Resort, January 2, 2016. Mid-mountain village, 3,282 acres of skiable terrain, four mountain faces, 132 runs and 7 metres of annual all-natural snowfall. All under a perfect blue sky. SilverStar Mountain Resort is British Columbia's 3rd largest ski resort boasting over 3,282 acres of ski & snowboard terrain spread across 4 mountain faces. SilverStar was recently voted the Best Ski Resort in the Okanagan for the 4th year in a row. In addition to overall Best Ski Resort, SilverStar was named the Best Family Resort, Best Tourist Attraction & Best Place for Adrenaline Rush! SilverStar enjoys over 7 metres (23 FEET) of annual "champagne" powder snowfall. With four distinct mountain faces and 132 runs, the progressive terrain is perfect for learning and attracts every level of skier and snowboarder. For the more adventurous, the backside of the mountain offers an uncrowded paradise of over 1,900 acres of steep and deep, black and double black diamond runs. The colourful mid-mountain village offers true ski-in, ski-out access to the slopes, and Canada’s first all-inclusive lift ticket provides affordable, family-friendly fun for guests with unlimited access to seven fun activities: skiing, snowboarding, 105 km of Nordic skiing trails, snowshoeing, fat biking, tubing and skating. You can do it all at SilverStar Ski Resort. For more information or to book your on mountain accommodations please visit: http://www.skisilverstar.com Follow us on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/SilverStarMyMtn Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SilverStarMtnResort
Sideshow Ramblers play Atlas at Silver Star Cafe's Plaza Palooza music series, 6-28-12
Dancing on a summer night: funk, groove and rock from Park City local band Sideshow Ramblers, at Silver Star Cafe's summer-only Plaza Palooza concert series!
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Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete - Mysterious Cave
Song gotten from somewhere on the Internet.
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POV - blue fire Megacoaster powered by GAZPROM / Europa-Park - OFFICIAL ONRIDE
http://www.europapark.de/de/park/attraktionen-shows/blue-fire-megacoaster-powered-by-gazprom https://www.gazprom-germania.de/abenteuer-energie/blue-fire.html Auf einer Strecke von über 1.000 Metern reihen sich die Thrill-Elemente nur so aneinander. Erstmals steht der Europa-Park mit dieser Achterbahn kopf - und das gleich vier Mal: Neben dem höchsten Looping einer Katapultbahn in Europa, einer gewagten 360°-Schraube und zwei weiteren Überkopf-Elementen steht ein Hump durch den Looping auf dem Programm! Und das alles bei Geschwindigkeiten von über 100 km/h.
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Lunar Silver Star Harmony - Boss 21: Magic emperor Ghaleon (3 of 4)
Game: Lunar - Harmony of Silver Star Platform: PlayStation Portable Language: Japanese キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!! キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!! キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!! キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!! Alex: lvl 38 Kyle: lvl 38 Nash: lvl 38 Mia: lvl 37 Jessica: lvl 37
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Lunar Silver Star Harmony OST: A Brief Repose
All good RPGs need "cute shenanigans" music.
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Jah Powers Riddim Silver Star Megamix (Maximum Sound) 2006
Jah Powers Riddim, Maximum Sound ,I wish I could go back, come rescue me, Dav'ille, Stubborn woman, Natural Black, Things will be better , Jah Mason, Tell me the reason why, Ras Shiloh, Poor man's place. Turbulence, Can't live like this, Anthony B, Stronger, Fantan Mojah , 2006, August 2012
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Lunar: The Silver Star ~ Sega CD - Battle Theme
***FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY, NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED*** Plays during battles triggered on the overworld map and in dungeons.
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Don't Stop l MLP meme l Happy birthday Silver Star!
*SURPRISE!!!* original meme by griffigroff and Happy Birthday Silver Star! ouo oh I'm SO HAPPY IT'S FINALLY DONE!! hope chu like it! THIS AMAZING FRIEND'S CHANNEL : http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3MkgWjLTy412l58hAYVAzg about this meme Song:don't stop Character:Silver Star and Snowflake Wonder Programe used firealpaca mspaint windows live movie maker yeahhhhh at last thanks for watching! hope you all enjoy it! if you like this vid,press the like button to support,if you don't,press the dislike button or leave a comment! Feel free to subscribe!For more animations or speedpaints cx Follow Snowflake in : Deviant Art : http://snowflakewonder.deviantart.com/ Google + : https://plus.google.com/+SnowflakeWon... Twitter : https://twitter.com/snowflakeranery Subscibe today to be a "PIRATE"! :D Just love pirates xD ~Snowflake Wonder
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Lunar: Silver Star Harmony Custom OST: GO GO GO! (Looped Once)
The epic final boss theme from the PSP Lunar game. My god, it's awesome. I heard it a few minutes ago in the game, and decided to loop it. Original Composer: Noriyuki Iwadare
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Lunar Silver Star Story Complete - The 8-Bit Duke
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete for Sony PlayStation review by The 8-Bit Duke, released in 1999 by Working Designs. Only a handful of games can really make you care about the characters they present, and even fewer allow you to become emotionally invested in their success. Do you have a video game that you simply love for this reason? That the game is more than just an entertaining time sink, but that you must see it to the end because you've been engrossed into its world and it simply refuses to let go? This is common in books and some films, but less so in video games. The Lunar series of games accomplishes this. Lunar: The Silver Star, and it's subsequent PlayStation remake, is the first game that made me feel something other than entertainment from a video game. I have never been so enamored with a video game's cast and plot as I have this classic from Game Arts. Lunar: The Silver Star, was originally released on the Sega CD, and is one of the best games for the add-on around. It was followed by a sequel, Lunar: Eternal Blue, and both games received remakes on the Saturn and PlayStation, with Silver Star getting other versions of the GameBoy Advance and PlayStation Portable. With some story changes to each version, different gameplay styles in one, and other little tweaks and such, I think the PlayStation version of Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, is my favorite version of the game. Lunar Silver Star Story Complete, and the original Lunar The Silver Star, is a love story, told with some of the most well rounded and fleshed out characters I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing in a work of interactive entertainment. Not only is Lunar one of my favorite role-playing games of all time, but it simply is the most important video game in my life; a title I'm sure it will hold onto for years. WARNING: Some spoilers for the game are ahead. Lunar: The Silver Star on the Sega CD, Silver Star Story on the Playstation, (ps1, PSone, PSX,) Lunar Legend on the Game Boy Advance (GBA) and Silver Star Harmony on the PlayStation Portable (PSP) is a role playing game (RPG) developed by Game Arts and Studio Alex, with several English releases by Working Designs and XSeed Games. Unlike games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Ultima, Earthbound or similar games, Lunar: Silver Star creates an enchanting world that draws the player in. With a love story, charming characters, and more. Lunar was localized and published by Working Designs, lead by Victory Ireland, in the early, mid, and late 1990s and become a cult hit role playing game (rpg) thanks to a great translation and likable cast that forms some of the best rpg characters. There's more great articles and videos for your eyeballs to gander at over on www.thepunkeffect.com! Music Credits: Various Tracks from Lunar: The Silver Star, Lunar: Silver Star Story, and Lunar: Silver Star Harmony Songs "Magnitude" & "Biosludge Groover" by Zircon (@zirconST) http://facebook.com/zirconmusic http://zirconstudios.bandcamp.com http://soundcloud.com/zircon-1 http://youtube.com/zirconST http://zirconmusic.com Thank you for one great year of Youtube magic! Here's to another! :D Check out More 8-Bit Duke Episodes! Adventures in Piracy - Super Mario World NES: http://youtu.be/iP7kkffx5kQ The Legend of the Ghost Lion : http://youtu.be/CaAdEOqYRDI The Legend of Zelda - The Minish Cap: http://youtu.be/TGgifeywCg4 Laura Bow - The Colonel's Bequest: http://youtu.be/Ycpq-P9CSLA Snatcher: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlZ-7zE_GTvK8UKklv2NCLhyq1hyjvxeO Wario Land - Shake It: http://youtu.be/pmu_L5IsTek River City Ransom: http://youtu.be/1NiBE4jF9qM The Bits: Wario's Woods: http://youtu.be/v272RBdqYyA The Bits: Fortune Street: http://youtu.be/6_EwelvkFVc
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Schleich Barn Tour - March 2019 |Silver Star Stables|
This is my new and updated barn tour! Enjoy! :) My other channel: Myia Equestrian My instagrams: schleichhorselover_200 and myia_equestrian My tack shop: www.ssstackshop.etsy.com I do not own the music.
Lunar Silver Star Harmony Comeplete Soundtrack
All rights goes to Game Arts This is a psp that was released back in 2010 WINGS and Nocturne of the Wind Were Sung By Jennifer Stigile and she did an fantasic job Track List 01 WINGS 2009(0:00) 02 Nocturne of the Wind 2009(3:44) 03 Silver Light(8:05) 04 Cry of the Black Star(PSP Only)(9:44) 05 Battle of Light and Darkness(PSP Only)(14:20) 06 Story Time with Mom and Dad(PSP Only)(18:46) 07 Fighting Spirits(21:58) 08 Bar(24:40) 09 Stand and Fight(27:21) 10 Mysterious Party(30:26) 11 Go Go Go!(32:54) 12 Fun Travelling(36:29) 13 Toward the Horizon(38:59) 14 Burg(42:03) 15 Traffic(46:08) 16 Street Corner(49:09) 17 Song of Blue Dragon(51:30) 18 Meribia(53:18) 19 City of Magic(56:28) 20 Thieves' Bazaar(58:52) 21 In the Darkness(1:01:22) 22 Silent Place(1:03:38) 23 Mysterious Cave(1:08:58) 24 Dragon Cave(1:12:56) 25 Hurry Up!(1:14:44) 26 Breakthrough(1:16:44) 27 Brilliance(1:20:03) 28 Tumultuous Seas(1:23:10) 29 Mourning Bell(1:25:07) 30 Now the Story Begins(1:27:38) 31 Have a Big Dream(1:33:32) 32 Dragon Holy Spirit(1:36:27) 33 Dragon Someday(1:42:12) 34 Mother(1:43:44) 35 Modern Boy(1:47:32) 36 Four Heroes(1:50:49) 37 Darkness Comes(1:54:14) 38 Fairy Rain(1:55:35) 39 Pretty Girl(1:58:42) 40 It's Me!(2:00:33) 41 Magic Emperor Ghaleon(2:03:37) 42 Sadness(2:05:33) 43 Green Earth(2:08:53) 44 Feeling of Fight(2:12:43) 45 Tamur(2:15:13) 46 Mist(2:18:49) 47 Intrigue(2:21:24) 48 Determination(2:23:51) 49 Stand Up to Destiny(2:27:27) 50 Let the Wind Blow(2:30:07) 51 Solitary Wolf(2:31:29) 52 Reach for the Front(2:34:28) 53 Steel Movement(2:38:38) 54 Fighters(2:41:01) 55 Broken Blade(2:44:00) 56 Relax(2:46:34) 57 Recollection A(2:49:07) 58 Recollection B(2:51:28) 59 Machinery(2:53:26) 60 Winners(2:57:52) 61 Victory(2:58:45) 62 Fanfare(3:00:00) 63 Blue Dragon's(3:00:24) 64 Magical Weapon Nash(3:02:12) 65 Going for a Midday Stroll (Piano Solo)(3:04:06) 66 Soft Tones on the Sea Breeze (Piano Solo)(3:07:03) 67 As Adventure Beckons Us On (Piano Solo)(3:10:17) 68 Toward the Horizon alt(3:13:36) 69 Burg alt(3:16:39) 70 Traffic alt(3:20:45) 71 Unknown Track 1(3:23:46) 72 Unknown Track 2(3:24:52) 73 Unknown Track 3(3:29:56) 74 Unknown Track 4(3:34:50) 75 Unknown Track 5(3:35:34) 76 Unknown Track 6(3:36:18) 77 Unknown Track 7(3:37:02) 78 Unknown Track 8(3:37:46) 79 Unknown Track 9(3:38:30) 80 Unknown Track 10(3:39:14) 81 Unknown Track 11(3:39:58) 82 Unknown Track 12(3:40:42) #LunarSilverStarHarmony
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PS1 - Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete 'Stand and Fight'
From the Playstation soundtrack
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