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Made in Nigeria: Meet The Multi-Million Dollar Poor Leather Men At Kano Tannery | Pulse TV
This another Made in Nigeria product, leather, at the epic Kano Tannery in Northern Nigeria. The Kano Leather Tannery has been around for up to 120years. Meet those who run the Kano Leather Tannery, find out the history of the tannery and the massive output that comes out of the poor company with huge potentials. Some of the finest leathers in the world were produced at Kano Tannery, but exported abroad for your favorite designer shoes, bags and belts. Kano Leather Tannery produces all sorts of leathers, ranging from snake skin to cattle skin. Zakariyya Muhammed-Awwal is the Secretary at Kano Leather Tannery. While Ismail Dauda is the Vice Secretary. Maiiirma Kofar Wombai Tannery Association runs the Kano Leather Tannery company. One snake skin at the Kano Leather Tannery sells for N8,000. Kano Leather Tannery produces 5,000 to 8,000 snake skins in a month. And any type of skin that has hair can be tennerised there. Kano Leather Tannery have the capacity to tennerise skins such as goat, sheep, snake, python, anaconda and so on. Watch the steps for product your finest leathers out of the animal skins at Kano Tannery. Their production processes are majorly manual. One unpopular problem with made in Nigeria products is capital to scale. Kano Tannery is in need of capital to scale their operations as well. Kano Tannery can produce more quality leather at larger numbers daily if they get investment to buy more chemicals, get more hands and machinery to deliver. Pulse.ng is Nigeria's online news platform. 24/7 news, gist, music, movies, lifestyle, events, sports and more. SUBSCRIBE HERE FOR MORE https://www.youtube.com/user/PulseNigeria247 VISIT OUR WEBSITE http://www.pulse.ng FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/pulsenigeria247 TWITTER http://www.twitter.com/pulsenigeria247
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Mr Guy Baldwin On Human Pup Play In The Leather Community | Sirius Pup Australia
Mr Guy Baldwin Shares His Impression On The Emergence Of Human Pup Play In The Leather Community. This year while attending CLAW (2017) I was proud to have been able to sit and share time with leather icon Mr Guy Baldwin. This segment is part of a greater interview on with Mr Baldwin after his key note speech on the origins of masculinity and men from a gay man's perspective. I appreciate his open sharing and will continue to edit the hour long video. In this segment he shares his own thoughts and impression with the emergency of the pup play scene from his unique perspective of a leather man. I look forward to sharing further videos from this engaging interview. Regards, Gpup Alpha, Sirus Pup Australia. You can learn more about human pup play by visiting: http://www.siriuspup.net http://thehappypup.com http://pupsafeproject.org http://packpup.net http://pupplay.net
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Leather Men Berlin Folsom 2013
Leather men from the waist down
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Men's Leather Dress Gloves Guide & How To Find A Quality Glove in Peccary, Lamb Nappa Leather...
Discover the Quality Hallmarks of men's leather gloves & what to look for when you invest in a pair. https://gentl.mn/gloves-quality-hallmarks To buy men's dress gloves of top quality, click here: https://gentl.mn/1qm0WRd Gloves have been around for centuries and they're meant to protect your fingers and your hands from the cold and from outside influences. A hundred years ago, men would wear gloves a status symbol and so oftentimes, you'd see gentlemen wear white gloves that they could change six or seven times a day to display their wealth. Same was true for lighter colored gloves and the whole glove culture was much more developed. Hand or machine sewn - Generally, hand sewn gloves are used for textured leathers like peccary or Carpincho versus thin hair sheep or lamb skin leathers are sewn by machine. - Formal events also call for machine sewn gloves and the way you achieve this neat look is actually by sewing them inside out. - Machine sewn gloves are maybe a bit more durable because the stitches are closer together and it's less expensive to produce gloves that's why the majority of gloves are made that way. -If you want something special and unique, go with a hand sewn kind but in general, every man should have at least one pair of machine sewn gloves for formal events, maybe in a darker color like grey or one pair of hand sewn gloves for more casual outings. Lining - A hundred years ago, unlined gloves were really popular and I still love to wear them during in between seasons; during spring and fall because when it's not too cold, not too warm, your fingers aren't going to sweat but you still have some layer of protection and it looks really elegant. - The majority of all gloves you see today are lined. The reason for it is that it keeps you warmer at the same time, it makes the gloves look a little more bulky so if you want the most elegant gloves you can get, get a machine sewn glove that is unlined. Closure system - Most men's gloves today come with side slits that's easy and expensive to produce. Sometimes they also go with a elastic and you can sometimes find snap buttons or maybe even buckles but that's usually more common for women. - Traditionally, very elegant gentlemen would only wear button gloves because they would sit close to the wrist, they would work with french cuffs and barrel cuffs and they would just look more elegant in your hand. Details - First you want to look at the points of the gloves, that's usually those three seams at the back of a glove, it's very traditional, it looks great and the more detailed and intricate they are, the more likely it is that you have a high-quality glove. - look at the piping and the seams. Are they straight? Are they crooked? Are they neat? The neater and finer they are, the better your glove will be. Quirks - Quirks are these little diamond or triangular shape things in between your fingers and you can see here that it's just an additional piece of leather that facilitates moving your hands. - It makes it much more comfortable to wear your gloves and therefore, all Fort Belvedere gloves have this feature. If you see gloves with quirks, you can comfortably buy them because chances are it's going to be a high-quality glove. Glove colors - In the 1930's, elegant men would wear grey gloves because they are much more versatile, it provides a nice contrast with your outfit but you can wear them with black, charcoal, navy, green, grey and many other colors. - Also, if you want to stand out from the crowd, having a color in grey or maybe burgundy red or chamois yellow really helps you to create something unique that people will see and it looks really tasteful and elegant. Fit of the glove - As you know there's a saying "It should fit like a glove" but what exactly does it mean? Please see our separate video about glove fit and sizing. Leather and lining - This is an extensive topic and we will cover this in another video. Stay tuned for more videos on men's gloves. ======================================= To never miss any of our videos again, sign up here for free: https://gentl.mn/1q1TYjp Want to see more videos? Subscribe to our channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/thegentlemansgazette ======================================= Gentleman's Gazette https://gentl.mn/1qm0WRd https://www.gentlemansgazette.com/ Facebook: https://www.Facebook.com/gentlemansgazette Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gentlemansgazette/ FREE EBOOK: https://gentl.mn/1q1TYjp
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How to make leather men's Bracelets at home
In this video, we have shown the making of leather men's bracelets in an easy way...........
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Leather Guide: Jackets & Pants 2012 at RevZilla.com
Leather Guide: Jackets & Pants 2012 http://www.revzilla.com/summer?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=Leather_Guide:_Jackets_And_Pants_2012 Our top eight picks for leather motorcycle jackets and pants for 2012 warm weather riding. Gear featured in this video, in order of appearance: Icon Overlord Leather Jacket http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/icon-overlord-leather-jacket Icon Overlord Prime Leather Jacket http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/icon-overlord-prime-jacket REV'IT! Ignition 2 Jacket & Gear 2 Pants http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/revit-ignition-2-jacket http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/revit-gear-2-leather-pants Dainese Racing Leather Jacket & Delta Pro Pants http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-racing-leather-jacket http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-delta-pro-leather-pants Alpinestars GP-R Leather Jacket & GP Plus Pants http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/alpinestars-gp-r-leather-jacket-2011 http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/alpinestars-gp-plus-leather-pants REVIT Rebel Leather Jacket http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/revit-rebel-leather-jacket Roland Sands Design Ronin Leather Jacket http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/roland-sands-design-ronin-leather-jacket Dainese Avro Leather Jacket http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-avro-leather-jacket Alpinestars Tech 1-R Leather Jacket http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/alpinestars-tech-1-r-leather-jacket
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Leather Shirts for Men
A dazzling collection of Shirts for Men. Shop now at http://bit.ly/RousingRalph
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DIY LEATHER BRACELETS  | Adjustable | Braided | Leather | Bracelets | How To Make Leather Bracelets
learn DIY LEATHER BRACELETS | Adjustable | Braided | Leather | Bracelets | How To Make Leather Bracelets Art & craft studio teaches you about leather jewelry ideas, trendy leather bracelet diy, leather diy projects, leather bracelet, leather bracelet for men, leather bracelet making, leather bracelet tutorial, leather bracelet knots, leather bracelet diy, leather bracelets for men tutorial, leather bracelet making tutorial, how to make leather bracelet, leather bracelet make at home, leather mystery braid bracelet, leather braid bracelet, leather cuff bracelet, leather adjustable bracelets, leather bracelet, knot bracelet, leather wrap bracelets, how to make a awesome leather bracelet, paracord bracelet and leather diy projects...... please subscribe for more upcoming video..........
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HOW TO STYLE A LEATHER JACKET | Men's Fashion | Outfit Inspiration 2017
Learn how to style a leather jacket! ● MY INSTAGRAM - https://goo.gl/jmK8if ● SUBSCRIBE TO ALEX COSTA - https://goo.gl/RQdFEH ● Facebook - http://goo.gl/BYNdnw ● Twitter - https://goo.gl/ML7aaw ● Snapchat - xmadeinbrazil Topic of discussion: Which was your favorite style? If you don't own a leather jacket yet, you're slacking! There are so many different ways of styling a leather jacket, it's a no-brainer! In this video I show you how to style a men's leather jacket in a casual, formal, dressed up, edgy, modern, and other ways. All with the same leather jacket! One tip I will give you, is to save up and buy a durable jacket. It will last you years and you'll get more bang for your buck. They're great whether you're a streetstyle kinda man, or have a formal, dressier style. Leather Jacket by Topman Chelsea Boots by Common Projects Dark Black Jeans by Club Monaco Faded Black Jeans by Lucky Jeans Sweatpants by UnderArmour Black shoes by Clae Sneakers by Adidas Check out my other videos: Men's Outfit Inspiration: https://goo.gl/5fLRTj 4 Easy Winter Outfits for Men: https://goo.gl/HQGXcX Best Men's Hairstyle 2017: https://goo.gl/UUIBXk How to style a leather jacket | Men's fashion 2017 trends On my channel you will find videos about men's fashion, trends, hair, health, fitness, overall lifestyle, and of course, my personal life. This includes my friends, family, and work, so please be mindful and keep a positive vibe in the comment section. Don't forget to subscribe and make sure to hit that like button if you enjoyed the video!
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Best LEATHER BAGS for men? (NOT sponsored) My favorite weekender bag and briefcases
SUB TO EGTV ON YT → https://effgnt.co/EGYOUTUBE BE A PATRON & GET REWARDED → https://effgnt.co/patreon S H O P T H I S V I D E O » LeDaveed Slim Briefcase: https://fave.co/2pSU9zV » Saddleback Leather Flight Bag: http://shrsl.com/16qc5 » Hook & Albert Garment Weekender: https://fave.co/2x4peUo ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- Hey fellas! In today's video I want to show you my 3 favorite leather bags that are in my current collection, how I use each one, and 3 specific things I love about each of them. They’re all a bit different, but after watching this video I hope you discover one that fits your needs perfectly. Here's a quick summary of all 3: Bag #1: The LeDaveed Slim Leather Briefcase https://effgnt.co/2wKIZAp This is a slim, elegant, luxury leather briefcase perfect for the guy who prefers to travel light and doesn't need to carry much stuff with him to work every day. Bag #2: The Saddleback Leather Flight Bag http://shrsl.com/16qc5 This bag is great for the guy who actually DOES have a ton of stuff to carry with him every day. Plenty of room, well structured, and tough, this bag can take a beating and will look incredible as it ages. Bag #3: The Hook & Albert Garment Weekender: https://fave.co/2x4peUo For a short weekend trip (or maybe a week-long trip for someone who has a Lean Wardrobe), this garment weekender is perfect. You can easily pack suits or sportcoats as it lays flat without worrying about wrinkles. It also zips up into a weekender bag to easily store the rest of your clothes and shoes. ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- MY VIDEO / BUSINESS TOOLS » Build your email list — https://effgnt.co/egck » The best web hosting (20% off) — https://effgnt.co/egwpe » 1st Camera (Canon SL2) – https://amzn.to/2Lpz9ui » 2nd Camera (Canon EOS M6) — https://amzn.to/2wcJmGI » Lens (24mm f/2.8) — https://amzn.to/2riXB7q » Lens (50mm f/1.8) — https://amzn.to/2w90VHE » Tripod — https://amzn.to/2LorCvt » Laptop — https://amzn.to/2JPZzDG » Mic — https://amzn.to/2riRksd SHOP ALL MY RECOMMENDATIONS https://effortlessgent.com/shop *some of these are affiliate links, which means I earn a few cents (at no cost to you) if you make a purchase. Thanks for supporting the Effortless Gent channel! ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- WANT TO DRESS BETTER? http://effgnt.co/SUBYT MATCH CLOTHES LIKE A PRO (code 'egyt' for 40% off): http://effgnt.co/mcpro INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/effortlessgent JOIN OUR COMMUNITY http://facebook.com/groups/effortlessgent ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------- MUSIC BY https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads
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Leather and wire kumihimo bracelet for men and women
In this tutorial show you how to make a leather and wire kumihimo bracelet. It can work great for both men and women depending what colour you choose to use. Please feel free to give it a go yourself and I hope you enjoy. --------------- Materials on Amazon (affiliate): Square kumihimo disk - http://amzn.to/2CXvTBK 1.5mm leather cord - https://amzn.to/2r7G6HY 13mm ribbon ends - https://amzn.to/2jid3Nw E6000 glue - http://amzn.to/2oEmSIs Flush cutters - http://amzn.to/2xUCHkQ --------------- Materials: 0.6mm round wire (22 gauge) 1.5mm round leather cord 13mm ribbon ends Findings --------------- Kumihimo starter kit in my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/264785378/kumihimo-starter-kit?ref=hp_rv --------------- Kumihimo starter kit on my website: https://www.csldesigns.uk/shop/kumihimo-starter-kit --------------- My Amazon page with beads, cabochons and gemstones: https://www.amazon.com/shop/csldesigns --------------- Arts and Crafts channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/CSLdesignsArtsAndCrafts --------------- My favourite tools: https://kit.com/CSLdesigns/favourite-tools --------------- My camera setup: https://kit.com/CSLdesigns/my-camera-setup --------------- Why not start your own Etsy shop with 40 free listings using this link: http://etsy.me/1v0OtkO --------------- Where else to find me: Website: www.csldesigns.uk Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CSLdesignsuk Instagram: @csldesigns --------------- I earn a small commission on all affiliate links above at no extra cost to you, and it helps me continue to provide more content and tutorials on my channel.
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Where To Buy BADASS Leather Jackets This Season & 4 BADASS Ways To Wear Them!
MVMT Makes BADASS Watches! http://www.mvmtwatches.com/alpham Go check out my personal picks and grab them at a discount! http://www.mvmtwatches.com/alpham Special alpha m. thank you to MVMT watches for making such sexy watches and for sponsoring this awesome video! Tiege Hanley LOVES your face! Enter code ALPHATIEGE25 for 25% off your first system http://tiege.com Pete & Pedro Sea Salt Spray 25% Off Entire Order (SALT25) https://peteandpedro.com/product/salt/ Magic Mirror: http://amzn.to/2wjOofH Check out my NEW website: http://www.alpham.com The BEST Hair Styling Products http://www.peteandpedro.com Check Out My Favorite Product The Fashion Anchor http://www.fashionanchor.com All Things Alpha M. http://www.alpham.com Pete & Pedro: http://www.peteandpedro.com My Website: http://www.iamalpham.com My Services and Products: http://www.aaronmarino.com Best Hair Product: http://www.peteandpedro.com Tiege Hanley Skin Care: http://www.tiege.com Best Grooming Tool: http://bit.ly/2tiyTXO All promotion and advertising inquiries: [email protected] Alpha M. App: http://www.alphamapp.com/ Best Hair Product: http://www.peteandpedro.com Free Hairstyle E-Book: http://www.iamalpham.com/ezine FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/IAmAlphaM Twitter: https://twitter.com/IAmAlphaM Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aaronmarino/ My Businesses: http://www.alpham.com Alpha M. Consulting: http://www.aaronmarino.com i am alpha m: http://www.iamalpham.com Pete & Pedro: http://www.peteandpedro.com MENfluential Media: http://www.menfluential.com StyleCon: http://www.mensstylecon.com Let's talk about leather jackets! In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is letting you know where to go to get one and how to wear them. A leather jacket can make you look like a sex machine -- but they're expensive! Make sure to stick to classic styles and avoid trendy colors & styles. The Best Selections & Outfits For above $500, Bloomingdales has an incredible selection. Check out All Saints although they're trendier in styles. Nordstrom is also a store with a great selection. The Coach brand is another option (which Alpha gets non-stop inquiries about his now discontinued brown Coach jacket), but it's the most expensive of the group. For under $500, Lucky Brand has some incredible jackets like Diesel. Macy's also has an insane collection. How to Style Your Leather Jacket 1. Bad boy boots + denim + cool belt + simple tee shirt + cool watch 2. Green cargo pants + chukkas + camo belt + simple white tee + cool watch 3. Dark denim + monk straps + simple white tee + cool watch 4. Gray jeans + black leather sneaks + 3 Wolf Moon shirt (a joke, or was it?) Accessories A watch is critical and an essential for every guy's wardrobe. Alpha loves watches from low to high end as he's a 'watch slut'. MVMT has recently launched smaller cases which has gotten Alpha very excited. He displays this super sexy timepiece. Also, he's curated a collection of dynamite selections. Take advantage of the discount and add a cool watch to your seasonal style!
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201 Men's Black Leather Vest at LeatherUp.com
Men's Black Leather Vest http://www.leatherup.com/p/Mens-Leather-Vests/Mens-Black-Leather-Vest/42939.html Amazing top quality leather classic vest, comes with front snap button closure, two front pockets and one interior left chest pocket. This vest is made of soft touch leather, a great value and quality all in one. Buy direct from our factory and save! Item Details: -Soft lightweight leather vest -Classic Leather Vest Style -Top selling item -Snap Closure -Interior left chest pocket -Great Fit -Buy with confidence from the #1 Online Leather Store -Lowest Price, Highest Quality Guaranteed Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeatherUp Google+ https://plus.google.com/+leatherup Twitter: https://twitter.com/leatherupcom
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Best Peccary Gloves - Men's Leather Dress Glove Buying Guide - Fort Belvedere
We break down the essentials when it comes to producing high-end PECCARY Gloves: https://gentl.mn/peccary-leather What is hydro peccary? Basically, it is a peccary leather skin of the highest grade from Peru, tanned in Germany, however, we are the first company in the world to add an agent to the leather that makes it water resistant. Basically, we wanted a leather that was more functional in everyday life without sacrificing the marshmallow soft subtleness as well as characteristic of the natural peccary leather. So Fort Belvedere hydro peccary leather is the softest glove leather you can find in the world today, at the same time, it is also water resistant and stain resistant. So are Fort Belvedere hydro peccary gloves waterproof? Well no, they're not. They're not quite like a rubber glove because they have seams that are made by hand. Because of that, water can penetrate that, but in general, for everyday activities, it's totally fine and we like to call it water-resistant. So apart from the hydro peccary leather that is really the first and only of its kind in the world today, what else makes our gloves so special? One is that they are hand cut by master cutters in Hungary with over 30 years of glove cutting experience. The era of cutting is a dying trade and you'll probably find less than a hundred people in the world who really know that craft. Now it may sound easy to just cut a glove shape from a piece of leather, however, because peccary is a wild animal, it has lots of scars and holes and a skilled cutter has to cut around them to get the maximum yield for every skin. Now, we have reduced that seam which means your glove is made from one piece of leather reaching from here, all the way over here, that means you can only use the very highest quality skins because lower quality skins will have more imperfections. Once the Fort Belvedere hydro peccary gloves are cut, they are then hand sewn in Hungary by very skilled sewers who have specialized in glove making for over a century. The fourth hallmark of a Fort Belvedere hydro peccary glove is the hand-stitched points which are the three lines you see on the back of the hand or the back of the glove. The points don't serve a functional purpose and they're merely decorative because of that, we wanted to keep it in line with the hand stitching. The fifth thing that makes our gloves special are the quirks. By that, I mean the little triangles in between your fingers that add an extra room of movement for your hand without feeling constricted at any point in time. The sixth hallmark of our gloves is the lining. In the past, we used alpaca linings for our peccary gloves because alpaca is actually warmer than cashmere, at the same time, it is not as soft. Because peccary leather itself is very soft, we wanted to make sure to get the softest lining we can that is likewise warm and so we chose Italian finished cashmere. The seventh thing that makes Fort Belvedere gloves different is the contrasting elements at the piping, at the buttons, and the quirks, and the thread. We use the dark Fort Belvedere signature green color and it adds a visual contrast which is quite interesting, handsome, and at the same time, recognizable. Last but not least, Fort Belvedere gloves feature a button closure which has a distinct 1920s and 30s style. The idea is to create something that helps you keep your hands warm and at the same time, look elegant. Again, it's a little detail that takes more time and it's more expensive to produce but we believe is worth it and it's something you will not find in other gloves. How High-End Leather Gloves Are Made: https://gentl.mn/2AGhmgc SHOP THE VIDEO: 1. Houndstooth Bourette Silk Tie in Burgundy Red Cream - https://gentl.mn/2j3mukf 2. Reversible Scarf in Burgundy Red and Blue - https://gentl.mn/2Ak4fhO 3. Violet Marguerite Silk Boutonniere - https://gentl.mn/2AiIaQw 4. HydroPeccary Gloves Cashmere Lined - https://gentl.mn/2Aizyt8 5. Light Grey Boot Laces - https://gentl.mn/2nesXx4 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to stay updated? Sign up here for free: https://gentl.mn/2hZ0CoT Want to see more videos? Subscribe to our channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/thegentlemansgazette --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gentleman's Gazette https://gentl.mn/2AgfeLv Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gentlemansgazette FREE EBOOK: https://gentl.mn/2hZ0CoT
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Take A Look At The Yazole Faux Leather MENS Watch Chronos Watches CRS36 B
Get This Watch Cheaper Than Anywhere else at http://www.ChronosWatches.co.uk. FREE SHIPPING on ALL UK orders and low price FAST SHIPPING to the rest of the world! Buy with confidence from Chronos Watches with our 60 day return policy! Chronos Watches is the fastest growing online retailer of designer luxury watches. We only stock watches sourced from official stockists. We supply watches for men, ladies and children. We stock brands such as Emporio Armani, Police, Globenfeld, Casio, Sekonda, Crosshatch, Michael Kors and Kenneth Cole. Chronos Watches the UK's fastest growing luxury watch website. Model We here at Chronos Watches are very active in social media. Below are the links in which you can get in touch with us however you choose. Here is a direct link to our website, make sure you bookmark us! Http://wwwChronosWatches.co.uk Here is a link to our Facebook Page... https://www.facebook.com/ChronosWatchesUK/ If it's Twitter you prefer, here's our Twitter handle... https://twitter.com/chronosWUK We upload videos of every watch we stock through the following video sharing sites... YouTube... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIUyZN9LHxYR171QIokC1xw Daily Motion... http://www.dailymotion.com/chronoswatches We update and maintain several blogs... Google Plus... https://plus.google.com/107293560885545383088/posts Blogger... http://chronoswatches.blogspot.co.uk/ Tumblr... http://chronoswatches.tumblr.com/ Wordpress... https://chronoswatches.wordpress.com/ We also have a few photo sharing profiles where we post photo albums of every watch we stock... Pinterest... https://uk.pinterest.com/chronoswatchesu/ At Chronos Watches we believe we should be accesible to our customers that's why we have created multiple social media accounts for you to get in touch with us.
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HOW To Make Leather Adjustable Bracelets at Home | men’s Jewelry ideas
Hi 👋 everyone, in this video we have shown the How to make leather bracelets, Adjustable bracelet tutorial !!! I make lots of DIY videos, about everything from DIY jewellery! #leatherbracelet #mensbracelet #howtomakeleatherbracelet #bracelet
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LP1000 Leather Pants Review at Jafrum.com
LP1000 Leather Pants for Sale at Cheap Discount Prices on Jafrum.com.Buy it here: http://www.jafrum.com/Motorcycle-Pants/Mens-Pants/LP1000 Be sure to check out our full selection of Motorcycle Pants on Jafrum.com here:http://www.jafrum.com/Motorcycle-Pants LP1000 Leather Pants Features: Men's Black Leather Overpants
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B7210 Xelement 'Vented' Mens Leather Cool Rider Jacket at LeatherUp.com
Xelement 'Vented' Mens Leather Cool Rider Jacket http://www.leatherup.com/p/Mens-Motorcycle-Jackets/Mens-Leather-Vented-Cool-Rider-Jacket/42598.html Get ready to take the road by storm with the Men's Leather Vented Cool Rider Jacket. This jacket is tough, made of high quality buffalo leather, it can handle anything you throw at it. With cool features like a quilted zip out vest liner, antique brass hardware, zipper vents on front, back and sleeve, several zippered pockets throughout and cool side lace details. Buy with confidence from the web's #1 leather store. Item Details: -Antique Brass Hardware -Zip out polyester quilted vest liner and non-removable polyester lining (attached to the jacket) -Zipper Vents on Front, back and sleeve -Side Laces -Several zippered pockets -Premium Quality High Grade Buffalo Leather Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeatherUp Google+ https://plus.google.com/+leatherup Twitter: https://twitter.com/leatherupcom
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Xelement Men's Six Button Leather Vest at LeatherUp
Xelement Men's Six Button Leather Vest http://www.leatherup.com/p/Mens-Xelement-Leather-Vests/Xelement-Mens-Six-Button-Leather-Vest/97334.html Item Details: -Six button snap -Lace tie-ups on sides -Front zippered hand pockets -Polyester lining -2 interior pockets with snap button closure (one on each side) -2 chest snap pockets -Premium leather as always Follow us on: Blog http://Blog.LeatherUp.com/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LeatherUp Twitter https://twitter.com/leatherupcom Google+ https://plus.google.com/+leatherUp/ Instagram https://instagram.com/leatherup/
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Best Men's Leather Jackets + How To Wear - Bomber, Biker, Cafe Racer
See my favorite leather jackets + ways to wear them: http://awest.me/leatherjackets I finally did my long overdue update to my original leather jackets video. See rest of description for outfit details and links to these leather jackets. See my OLD leather jacket video in the "Related Videos Section" below. It's horribly embarrassing! __ FREE MEN'S STYLE EBOOKS To download my free ebooks click here → http://awest.me/ebooks __ SOCIAL MEDIA & EMAIL NEWSLETTER ● Instagram → http://instagram.com/ashleypweston ● Twitter → http://twitter.com/ashleypweston ● Email Newsletter → http://awest.me/newsletter __ RELATED & MENTIONED VIDEOS ● Old Leather Jackets Video → https://youtu.be/VJeYh4tSlJE ● Other Fall/Winter Jackets - Bomber, Utility, Trucker → https://youtu.be/XKSQNuVPmqA ● Men's Fall & Winter Essentials → https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPCBY2ZswqeiQvJJngYGkB5U8wYGxVjkN ● Men's Year-Round Wardrobe Essentials → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-rtOd4_A-o&list=PLPCBY2ZswqeiP27d697feCyaYize8tjtz ● Men's Grooming Essentials → https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPCBY2ZswqeiBfGZGNOy6Dbfc1AsdIkQc ● Men's Dating Tips & Tricks → https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPCBY2Zswqei0GdWSv9uSGug4feaKr_38 ● Men's Clothing Fit Guide → https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPCBY2ZswqegNl2lqybXfo12j7Fp4m2dL ● Men's Essential Accessories → https://youtu.be/v4Z-gvgLEXM?list=PLPCBY2ZswqeidH4XVx8JP6mZGuQtYtxY1 ● Spring & Summer Essentials → https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPCBY2ZswqegJMf7u7lAuboaQYdTNnHAa
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Men's Black Braided Leather Bracelet | SelectMensJewelry.com
• High quality authentic leather • Secure snap closure • 9" long Available at: http://selectmensjewelry.com/men-s-black-braided-leather-bracelet-500.html
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Wardrobe Essential: Men's Leather Lace-Up Boots | Spree
Shop more videos: http://bit.ly/1T3gaBM Leather lace-up boots are essential to every man's wardrobe. The Courtland Boot from Wolverine is timeless, comfortable, and guaranteed to last. SUBSCRIBE NOW for more 'Watch & Shop' videos from Spree: http://bit.ly/1Rud5Lg Other videos we think you'd like: Henley Shirts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-9Oc... Men's Accessories Round-Up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxOmi... Travel Essentials for Every Man : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFeuL... Spree is bringing you a live shopping experience you've never seen before. 'Watch & Shop' with us at www.spree.co. We're currently in Beta (test mode), so give us your feedback and let us know what you think in the comments! Other places to hang out with us: Like us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/spreeonfacebook Tag us on Instagram: http://bit.ly/spreeoninstagram Send us a Tweet: http://bit.ly/spreeontwitter Follow us on Pinterest: http://bit.ly/spreeonpinterest Just feel like saying "Hi"? Or need someone to talk to about your latest shopping obsession? Drop us a line at [email protected] -- we'd love to hear from you! Life is short, buy the shoes. #SPREESQUAD
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dharavi market google map : http://tinyurl.com/jkqexk4 Ur indian consumer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RhqHE3JRvE&t=419s Gear i use : Gopro : http://amzn.to/2aipCHB Budget Gopro : http://amzn.to/2av9IIq Sj4000 : http://amzn.to/2avamWb Gopro mic : http://amzn.to/2aiq60k Tripod : http://amzn.to/2aiqc8n Canon : http://amzn.to/2av9lgS Sj5000 elite : http://amzn.to/2avbvx6 Motorcycle : USB charger : http://amzn.to/2aiqThP http://amzn.to/2avcugU Facebook page Mumbiker nikhil : https://www.facebook.com/Mumbiker-Nikhil-1485406921724673/timeline/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/nikkkhil/ Subscribe to me i put new videos every week. If there is anything you want me to cover then do let me know.
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Best Men`s Leather Sandal || Leather Sandal for Men 2018
Best Men`s Leather Sandal.Leather Sandal for Men 2018 You might need to consider wearing best Leather Sandal outside as they make an extraordinary contrasting option to shoes and they are anything but difficult to slip on and off as are shoes but at the same time are sufficiently solid that you can around the house: https://www.yOOFOSoutube.com/watch?v=yAGsGPwNf3k&feature=youtu.be Buy it from Amazon: No. 10: Camel Men's Fisherman Sandals Leather https://amzn.to/2jMFtPQ No.9: Birkenstock Unisex Boston Habana Oiled Leather https://amzn.to/2rcd4a6 No. 8: New Olukai Men's Hiapo Sandal Soft Leather https://amzn.to/2wlY7Hk No. 7: BATZ Alex Handmade Leather Mens Slip-On Sandals https://amzn.to/2Ibx32t (6) OluKai Waimea - Men's Leather Comfort Sandal https://amzn.to/2I7PdSs No. 5: Reef Men's Leather Cushion Sandal https://amzn.to/2I73cEQ No. 4: OluKai Men's Ohana Koa Thong Sandal https://amzn.to/2Kx7g2P No. 3: Olukai Mea Ola - Men's Supportive Sandal https://amzn.to/2I6zGCx No. 2: Men's OluKai Mea Ola Leather Slide Sandals https://amzn.to/2FBc3N1 No. 1: Rockport Men's Darwyn Xband Slide Sandal https://amzn.to/2rAjNtU ================== Full Description: ================== 10. Camel Men's Fisherman Sandals Leather When you go with Camel , dynamic variables are empowered and light your yearnings. Urban individuals race to the grasp of nature and stir another feeling to discover another themselves. After over a time of advancement, there are in excess of 4000 stores now,sales outlets crosswise over in excess of 110 nations around the globe and turn into the principal favored brand for men ' s shoes and open air . 9. Birkenstock Unisex Boston Habana Oiled Leather This is the genuine article. Stopper, cowhide, a clasp or two: these are the straightforward thoughts that have made feet cheerful for more than two hundred years, and that is the first Birkenstock. You walk, the shoe molds to your foot. The state of the Original Birkenstock Footbed empowers body weight to be appropriated equally finished the entire foot, furnishing it with ideal help. 8. New Olukai Men's Hiapo Sandal Soft Leather It's name translates to first born" which is a little ironic considering these might be the last sandals you ever buy. Classically styled island slides feature soft pigskin leather embossed artwork on the EVA footbed articulated seams on the toe strap an anatomically correct arch support and a non-marking outsole with grippy traction pads. Olukai." 7. BATZ Alex Handmade Leather Mens Slip-On Sandals Chosen finest quality calfskin uppers, Twofold versatile additions, Anatomic footbed, Longitudinal curve bolster, Cushioned transverse curve bolster, Additional permeable calfskin lining, Hostile to slip, Gel+ flexible foam, 6. OluKai Waimea - Men's Leather Comfort Sandal Upgrade your island style with the intricate design and meticulously crafted OluKai® Waimea sandal! Uppers of high-character, full grain leather. Soft microfiber lining. Hand-sewn leather toe post. Measurements: Weight: 10 oz Product measurements were taken using size 11, width D - Medium. Please note that measurements may vary by size. 5. Reef Men's Leather Cushion Sandal Full grain leather upper with microfiber lining. Stretch leather footbed, molded to a super soft PU cushion midsole.Anatomical arch support.Molded rubber sponge footbed 4. OluKai Men's Ohana Koa Thong Sandal Anatomical compression-molded EVA midsole with a brushed ICEVA drop-in footbed.Our vegan friendly footwear offers the durability, traction and support you expect from OluKai while using 100% high­-quality synthetic materials, 0% animal products. Lightweight, quick-drying, breathable and durable materials built for in and around water. 3. Olukai Mea Ola - Men's Supportive Sandal From dawn to nightfall and past, the Mea Ola will inject the spirit with the quiet island style of OluKai™. (May-Ah Oh-La) - Translation: Creature. Estimations: Weight: 10 oz Product estimations were taken utilizing size 8, width D - Medium. If it's not too much trouble take note of that estimations may shift by measure. 2. Men's OluKai Mea Ola Leather Slide Sandal The leather-wrapped EVA midsole is anatomically contoured for a good fit, arch support, and comfort that lasts, while the leather-wrapped outsole with non-marking molded rubber offers plenty of traction and a steady summer step. 1. Rockport Men's Darwyn Xband Slide Sandal From pool gatherings to patio bbqs, the Darwyn Collection is perfect for all of summer exercises. simple walk throughout the entire season. Stay with us: Blog : https://bestshoesonlin.blogspot.com Website: Pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/bestshoeson... Twitter: https://twitter.com/bestshoesonlin Contact us: [email protected] Subscribe and watch this video again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAGsGPwNf3k
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Accessories For Men: Matching Metals & Leathers
Should ALL of your metals match? Should ALL leathers match. We discuss it right here. Suits from mortsandmore.com Ties & Accessories at mortsandmore.com/shop Please send all your questions to [email protected] Website: http://www.mortsandmore.com Morts & More Memo: http://eepurl.com/baoTnb Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/mortsandmore Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/company/morts... Twitter: http://twitter.com/mortsandmore Music taken from "Audemar" by Big Cakes - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjJKxl54bfU
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Men's Leather Skull Wallet / DIY / Make Video
Men's Leather Skull Wallet / DIY / Make Video I was looking at some biker wallets. I wanted to make one. So check out how I go about creating this one. Like, Comment and Subscribe!!! Follow me on https://www.facebook.com/escagedowoodworking https://twitter.com/Eloy_Escagedo https://www.instagram.com/escagedowoodworking/ https://www.pinterest.com/EloyEscagedo/ SnapChat escagedowoodworking
How to Wear Brown Shoes | Men's Leather Dress Shoes Oxford Derby
Learn How To Wear Brown Shoes, how to combine them and when not to wear brown shoes. In this comprehensive video. http://gentl.mn/rock-your-brown-shoes #shoes #dressshoes #notsponsored In today's video, we're going to talk about how to wear brown shoes, how to combine them and when not to wear brown shoes. In the 19th century, Beau Brummel set the tone for men's fashion. He was a big proponent of black eveningwear and so people also wore black shoes. At that time, rules like "No brown in town" or "No brown after six" just ensured that people dressed in a socially acceptable way. By the 1930s, Edward, the prince of Wales, became the arbiter and he basically dictated what people wore. If he would wear something, the general public would pick it up shortly thereafter and he was a big fan of brown slip on shoes. Oftentimes, he would wear brown and white Spectator shoes and so brown became more acceptable in the general public. If you want to learn more about history, check out our article on How to wear brown shoes here. Today, dress codes are much more relaxed than they were fifteen or sixteen years ago. If you wear a well-fitting suit today or a combination, you are much better dressed than the average person. So "No brown in town" or "No brown after six" are simply not valid anymore. What matters is that you look good. It's much better to wear a well-fitting suit in Brown shoes than to wear an ill-fitting suit with black shoes in town after 6 pm. Most debonair Italians I know only wear black shoes for funerals, for weddings and for black tie, white tie events. Otherwise, they go with brown and so can you. One of the really nice things about brown leather is that it develops a patina, unlike black shoes. That means over time, you get this nice look of the leather and it's really pleasant and it's not something you can achieve with dark shoes. Also, you can really see leather textures on brown shoes much better such as scotch grain, or pebble grain or suede. With black, they just disappear. Unlike black, brown comes in a variety of shades so you can really create a unique color palette in your shoe closet. Here are some guidelines on how to wear brown shoes but keep in mind that it's just that. It's a guideline and it's never absolute. It's just here to help you create your own look. Three piece business suits, two-piece business suits, solid, small patterns, fine stripes, Glen plaids, this is what we're talking about here right now. If your suit is black, you should wear black shoes. When you should have a black suit to begin with, is another question but don't combine black suits with brown shoes. Just stick with black. For Charcoal suits, I personally prefer black over brown, even dark brown because I think it just works together much better. Definitely avoid Tan and you can try it with a dark reddish brown or red pair of shoes. For mid-grey suits, black works but in terms of brown, you can really start combining now, you can wear dark brown, maybe burgundy red and you can even try lighter shades of brown. For dark Navy suits, black is an option but you really want to go with brown for a more modern look. I think burgundy is outstanding, tan can work, mid brown can work and it's really all up to you and how much contrast you want to create. For a lighter navy, I think black oftentimes looks better but again, you can try to ease in with darker shades of brown, chocolate brown, medium brown, maybe add suede as a texture to counteract the worsted business suit style and can work really well. For Khakis, dark brown works well or reddish browns or mid browns especially if they're like tan, khaki, beige and it's really versatile and looks much better than anything black so stay away from black and try to keep enough contrast between your khakis, your pants and your shoes. If you have tan colors, what's really great is Cordovan or Burgundy red. To never miss any of our videos again, sign up here for free: http://gentl.mn/1ox3ytA
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Weekender Bag - Men's Essential Accessories - Duffle Holdall Carryall Leather Canvas
http://awest.me/weekender - for my in-depth article that includes my "Honorable Mentions" bags that just missed the cut. https://youtu.be/pNT8ZLIlQqk?t=47m33s - For my reference at the end of the video from one of my favorite youtubers and 2pac songs - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xX5VCY28_Xo My other luggage/travel videos: Backpacks/RuckSacks - https://youtu.be/1ZnxTwZ4BHQ Briefcase/Messenger Bags - https://youtu.be/Cwl1xoqqKxg Dopp Kits/Toiletry Bags - https://youtu.be/uggYDy7f44Q http://awest.me/ebooks - to download my free ebooks about the style mistakes you're probably making and the seasonal essentials you should own. Follow Me On: SnapChat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/ashleypweston Twitter - http://twitter.com/ashleypweston Instagram - http://instagram.com/ashleypweston Facebook - http://facebook.com/ashleywestonstylist Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/ashleypweston
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Birdman, Lil Wayne - Leather So Soft
Music video by Birdman & Lil Wayne performing Leather So Soft. (C) 2006 Cash Money Records/Universal Records
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Nike Cortez Leather - White - White On-feet video at Exclucity
Shop.Exclucitylife.com For more info on how to purchase the shoe please contact us at (514) 846-8887 or (416) 815 8887 We are located at: DOWNTOWN TORONTO: 552 Queen Street West (Corner Queen & Bathurst) Toronto, ON M5V 2B5 (416) 815-8887 WEST ISLAND: 4870 Rene-Emard, Pierrefonds, Montreal QC H9A 2Y1 You can contact us at (514) 626-4434 DOWNTOWN MONTREAL: 1326 Notre-Dame O. Montreal QC H3C 1K7 (514) 846-8887 DIX30/BROSSARD 9415 Leduc Suite 35, Brossard, Qc, J4Y-0A5 (450) 443-8887 QUARTIER LAVAL 790 Boul Le Corbusier, Laval, Qc, H7N-0A8 (450) 681-8777 or E-mail us at [email protected] Please follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Exclucity You can also like us on Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/ExclucityFacebook Follow us on Intagram at Exclucity Check us out at exclucity.tumblr.com
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Michael Jackson - Bad (Shortened Version)
For the first short film for one of five consecutive record-breaking No. 1 hits from Bad, Michael Jackson and director Martin Scorsese created an epic 18-minute tale of urban and racial challenges in the 1980s. "Bad" was named the second greatest of Michael's short films by Rolling Stone in 2014. Buy/Listen to Bad 25: Amazon - http://smarturl.it/mj_bad25_amzn?IQid=ytd.mj.bad iTunes - http://smarturl.it/MJ_Bad25A_iTunes?IQid=ytd.mj.bad Official Store - http://smarturl.it/MJBAD25_OS?IQid=ytd.mj.bad Spotify - http://smarturl.it/MJ_Bad_Sptfy?IQid=ytd.mj.bad Written and Composed by Michael Jackson Produced by Quincy Jones for Quincy Jones Productions Co-Produced by Michael Jackson for MJJ Productions, Inc. From the album Bad, released August 31, 1987 Released as a single September 7, 1987 THE SHORT FILM Director: Martin Scorsese Primary Production Location: New York City, New York Michael Jackson's short film for "Bad" was the first of nine short films produced for recordings from Bad, one of the best selling albums of all time. The "Bad" single hit No. 1 in three countries in 1987, topping the charts in the United States, Spain and the Netherlands and reaching Top 5 in the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia and elsewhere. In the U.S., "Bad" was the second of five consecutive No. 1 singles from one album on the Billboard Hot 100-making Michael the first artist to achieve this milestone. Inspired by the real-life story of Edmund Perry, a prep school graduate from Harlem whose shooting death by a plainclothes policeman galvanized New York City, "Bad" stars Michael as Darryl, a student returning to his inner-city home while on break from a prestigious academy. In the short film's extended black and white sequence, Darryl comes into conflict with his neighborhood friends (led by actor Wesley Snipes in a breakthrough role) after showing discomfort over their attempts at petty crime. Angrily dismissed by his friends for no longer being "bad," Darryl challenges them in an abandoned subway station. As the film suddenly transitions to color, Darryl, clad in the black leather outfit Michael wears on the Bad album sleeve, leads a troupe of dancers in a high energy performance of "Bad," asserting his toughness without resorting to violence and ultimately earning the respect of his peers. Follow the Official Michael Jackson Accounts: Facebook - http://smarturl.it/mj_facebook?IQid=ytd.mj.bad Twitter - http://smarturl.it/mj_twitter?IQid=ytd.mj.bad Spotify - http://smarturl.it/mj_spotify?IQid=ytd.mj.bad Newsletter - http://smarturl.it/mj_newsletter?IQid=ytd.mj.bad YouTube - http://smarturl.it/mj_youtube?IQid=ytd.mj.bad Website - http://smarturl.it/mj_website?IQid=ytd.mj.bad
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BEST Men's SHOE MATERIAL? | Leather vs Suede vs Nubuck vs Fabric Comparison
▶️ SUBSCRIBE to EveryMan for free: https://goo.gl/zHmGzH ▶️ HIRE ME AS YOUR PERSONAL STYLE CONSULTANT: https://goo.gl/qkS4yu ▶️ PRODUCT LINKS: Adidas Gazelles: (UK) http://amzn.to/2ymHGKH (USA) http://amzn.to/2xKn67B Chukka boots (very close): (UK) http://amzn.to/2ynEGO6 (USA) http://amzn.to/2xLA70z Nubuck trainers: (UK) https://www.clarksoutlet.co.uk/p/261125877 (USA) http://amzn.to/2x0TQVK Best Converse: (UK) http://amzn.to/2gLsm0m (USA) http://amzn.to/2xK6mbI ▶️ The Equipment I Used To Film This Video: Camera: (UK) http://amzn.to/2lynz5c (USA) http://amzn.to/2meqVeV Microphone: (UK) http://amzn.to/2mrGkot (USA) http://amzn.to/2melAnY Backdrop: (UK) http://amzn.to/2lynFtA (USA) http://amzn.to/2mjFH11 Lighting Kit: (UK) http://amzn.to/2lyBF6l (USA) http://amzn.to/2lMcz4E ▶️ GET IN TOUCH: Website: https://goo.gl/9diWt5 Facebook: https://goo.gl/6Wfb6j Twitter: https://goo.gl/ut1RRP Instagram: https://goo.gl/DkRRBE ▶️ WATCH MY LATEST VIDEO: https://goo.gl/9rCmBx ▶️ Channel Cover Art Creator: https://goo.gl/kDfxHP ▶️ Music (Lakey Inspired): https://goo.gl/GgaR13 ▶️ Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. I do use affiliate links when linking products in the description. This helps me to afford products to use in videos and does not affect you.
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Lil Wayne - Mirror ft. Bruno Mars
Music video by Lil Wayne performing Mirror. © 2012 Cash Money Records/Young Money Ent./Universal Rec. #VEVOCertified on May 11, 2012. http://www.vevo.com/certified http://www.youtube.com/vevocertified
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Xelement Hip Length Mens Black Leather Gun Pocket Shirt at LeatherUp
Xelement Hip Length Mens Black Leather Gun Pocket Shirt http://www.leatherup.com/p/Mens-Xelement-Jackets/Xelement-Hip-Length-Mens-Black-Leather-Gun-Pocket-Shirt/413227.html Item Details: - Premium Genuine black Cowhide Leather - Built-in left and right side vertical gun pockets with snap - button closure-Hip Length-Front 6 snap button up closure - Shirt Style Collar - Two front hand zippered pockets - Two button snap horizontal chest pockets - Two interior button close pockets - Snap button adjustable cuffs - YKK hardware - Non-removable full polyester lining - Hanging loop built into jacket collar Follow us on: Blog http://Blog.LeatherUp.com/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LeatherUp Twitter https://twitter.com/leatherupcom Google+ https://plus.google.com/+leatherUp/ Instagram https://instagram.com/leatherup/
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The North Face Chilkat Leather Boot - Men's
For more information: http://www.backcountry.com/the-north-face-chilkat-leather-boot-mens
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Leather Strip Slicer made from Wood and Razors
Today we've got our buddy Garret in the workshop showing us how to make a leather lace cutter, perfect for DIY whip making! Subscribe & “Ring the Bell”: https://goo.gl/618xWm Razor Blades: https://amzn.to/2Oy05tg Threaded Rod: https://amzn.to/2LThtKl Get TKOR Merch: https://goo.gl/i5ehRg See What Else I’m Up To: Instagram: https://goo.gl/C0Q1YU Facebook: https://goo.gl/EWo7S7 Pinterest: https://goo.gl/Gbffq4 Business Inquiries: For sponsorship requests or business opportunities please contact me directly: https://goo.gl/Z2L6yM Music by: Henrik Andersson - "Highway Blues" Karl Svensson - "Choking (Instrumental)" Anders Schill Paulsen - "Brighton Breakdown" Royalty Free Music from Epidemic Sound: https://goo.gl/jlJWJO WARNING: This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK. ✌️👑 RANDOM NATION: TRANSLATE this video and you'll GET CREDIT! Click Here: https://goo.gl/9Na1pZ Want credit TRANSLATING other videos? Click Here to see where else you can contribute: https://goo.gl/Dmpwbq THANK YOU!! ✌️👑
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Lady Gaga - Million Reasons
LADY GAGA / JOANNE NEW ALBUM / OUT NOW iTunes: http://gaga.lk/Joanne Apple Music: http://gaga.lk/JoanneAP Spotify: http://gaga.lk/JoanneSP Google Play: http://gaga.lk/JoanneGP Amazon: http://gaga.lk/JoanneAMZ LadyGaga.com:http://gaga.lk/GagaStore FOLLOW LADY GAGA: Facebook: http://gaga.lk/facebook Twitter: http://gaga.lk/Twitter Instagram: http://gaga.lk/Instagram Snapchat: http://gaga.lk/Snapchat Spotify: http://gaga.lk/Spotify EMAIL LIST: http://gaga.lk/News Music video by Lady Gaga performing Million Reasons. (C) 2016 Interscope Records http://vevo.ly/zxo4Yb
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Sakshi Agarwal Sets the Ramp on Fire at Leather Fashion Show 2016
Sakshi Agarwal Sets the Ramp on Fire at Leather Fashion Show 2016. Well who is this beauty? Watch to know more! Click here to Subscribe "GALATTA TAMIL" YouTube Channel : http://goo.gl/J4TyOo Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GalattaMedia Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/galattadotcom Check Out our Website: http://www.galatta.com
Billy Joel - Piano Man (Video)
In 1973, Billy Joel released his legendary 'Piano Man' album. Listen to Billy Joel perform the title track 'Piano Man'. http://smarturl.it/BJ_CJPM_YT?IQid=yt... Listen to the Piano Man album in full now http://smarturl.it/BJ_DSTFMR_YT?IQid=... Listen to more of Billy Joel's top tracks. iTunes: http://smarturl.it/BJ_TEBJ_iTunes?IQi... Amazon: http://smarturl.it/BJ_TEBJ_Amzn?IQid=... Spotify: http://smarturl.it/BillyJoel_Spotify?... Google Play: http://smarturl.it/BJ_Gplay?IQid=ytd.... Facebook: http://smarturl.it/BJ_YD_FB?IQid=ytd.... Twitter: http://smarturl.it/BJ_YD_T?IQid=ytd.b... Subscribe: http://smarturl.it/BJ_YD_YT?IQid=ytd.... Lyrics: He says, 'Son can you play me a memory I'm not really sure how it goes But it's sad and it's sweet And I knew it complete When I wore a younger man's clothes' Sing us a song you're the piano man Sing us a song tonight Well we're all in the mood for a melody And you've got us feeling alright Billy Joel's official YouTube channel features music videos, live performances, interviews, TV appearances and more. Best known for his first hit song, 'Piano Man', in 1973, Billy has written and recorded thirty- three Top 40 hits in the UnitedStates. He is a six-time Grammy Award winner, a 23-time Grammy nominee and one of the world's best-selling artists of all time, having sold over 150 million records worldwide. Billy Joel is the sixth-best-selling recording artist and the third-best-selling solo artist in the United States.
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Worth Every Penny - 12 Expensive Products For Men That Are Worth Their Money - Gentleman's Gazette
Learn more about the products mentioned, here: https://gentl.mn/expensive-things-worth-the-price Also check out 10 cheap but awesome items here https://www.gentlemansgazette.com/cheap-items-worth-their-money/?utm_campaign=social-lead-gen&utm_medium=video&utm_source=youtube&utm_content=12-worthy-things&utm_term=youtube-description How To Combine Socks, Shoes & Pants - https://gentl.mn/2A3E4vf How High-End Leather Gloves Are Made - https://gentl.mn/2z2l2HL 100 USD vs. 500 USD Men’s Dress Shoes - https://gentl.mn/2znutlY #notsponsored #gentlemansgazette #musthaves What are the twelve expensive items that are worth their money? 01:02 Leather Weekender Most quality leather bags will likely run you around $1,000 or more simply because of the high-end leather. 02:10 Quality Socks At $40, it is relatively expensive and if you go with materials like silk or cashmere, you go out to 75 or $100- $120. 03:24 Overcoat Yes, you can find overcoats for less than 200 dollars but a quality overcoat from natural materials such as wool, or cashmere, will run you at least a thousand dollars or more. 04:41 Well-fitting Gloves Usually price point wise, you have to invest between hundred fifty dollars, if you want to go with peccary leather, we're talking more about three hundred plus dollars. 05:50 Precious Metal Cufflinks Price-wise, it can range all the way from 300 dollars up to $25,000. 07:28 Pinky Rings They're just a wonderful addition to a classic gentleman's wardrobe and it's not something a lot of other people will wear. 08:06 Montblanc Meisterstuck Of course, there are lots of other great manufacturers of fountain pens. Italian ones such as Omas, maybe Parker, or you name it, however, the Montblanc Meisterstuck pen has been around for a very long time. 09:44 Goodyear Welted Shoes Which style you want heavily depends on what kind of lifestyle you live. A good year welted pair of shoes is usually made from a higher-quality leather than a glued pair of shoes. 11:11 Quality Belt I know belts are probably not something you might deem expensive because you can find them for $10 but you can also find some for $3,000. 13:22 Professional Camera I know most people today use cell phones and they think they are pro cameras but they're actually not. 14:39 Wallet A wallet is something you wear every day, you pull it out when you maybe pay for a business meal, and overall, it develops a nice patina if it's made of quality letter. 15:16 Smartphone Personally, I'd love to buy a modular phone so I could do exactly what I want without creating too much waste because as you know, with the technological advances in the smartphone market, we've new things coming out every month almost and because of that, we have a lot of old phones that are just discarded which is a huge waste and a big ecological problem. SHOP THE VIDEO: 1. Edelweiss Boutonniere - https://gentl.mn/2ijAXHp 2. Two-Tone Knit Tie in Charcoal and Cognac Yellow - https://gentl.mn/2z9TOPa 3. Wine Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange Silk Wool Medallion Pocket Square - https://gentl.mn/2yjj868 4. Fort Belvedere Gloves - https://gentl.mn/2ijIK7Y 5. Gold Monkey's Fist Knot Cuff Links - https://gentl.mn/2A3XjEJ 6. Over The Calf Socks - https://gentl.mn/2ijVewp 7. Leather Wallet - https://gentl.mn/2A70z2m #expensiveproducts #worthit #notsponsored --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to stay updated? Sign up here for free: https://gentl.mn/2z53jgE Want to see more videos? Subscribe to our channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/thegentlemansgazette --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gentleman's Gazette https://gentl.mn/2ijqR9u Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gentlemansgazette FREE EBOOK: https://gentl.mn/2z53jgE
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How an American Made Vest is Crafted at Fox Creek Leather
Fox Creek Leather presents a process video for our Full Back Buffalo Nickel Vest, made on location in Grayson County, Virginia.
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The Dirty Coal Train - Man in the Black Leather
Video by Francisca Marvão. Track from the "Super Scum" LP
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How Solovair Leather Shoes Are Made
British shoe manufacturer Solovair has been making shoes in the UK since 1881, and it still uses traditional Puritan sewing machines. Over its long history Solovair has made boots for the British army and in 1959 it helped to create the first pair of Dr. Martens boots. With over 400 unique styles of shoes, Solovair makes 10,000 shoes and boots each year. For more from Solovair, visit: https://www.solovair-shoes.com The INSIDER team believes that life is an adventure! Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: https://thisisinsider.com INSIDER on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thisisinsider/ INSIDER on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thisisinsider/ INSIDER on Twitter: https://twitter.com/thisisinsider INSIDER on Snapchat: https://insder.co/2KJLtVo
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Timberland Men's Euro Hiker Leather and Fabric Hiking Boot
Buy now at: http://www.altrec.com/timberland/mens-euro-hiker-leather-and-fabric-hiking-boot Watch our Timberland Men's Euro Hiker Leather and Fabric Hiking Boot Video and learn more about recommended features. Altrec.com offers free shipping on most orders and a 100% satisfaction guarantee!
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B263 Xelement Men's Bulletproof Style Leather Vest at LeatherUp.com
Xelement Men's Bulletproof Style Tactical Street Cowhide Leather Vest http://www.leatherup.com/p/Mens-Leather-Vests/Mens-Bulletproof-Design-Cowhide-Leather-Vest/56295.html This Bulletproof Style Tatical Street Vest by Xelement offers the details of a standard bullet proof style vest without the bulk. Adjustable straps makes this vest perfect to be worn over a t-shirt or a heavier jacket. Constructed from 100% Premium Leather, also features a hidden velcro closure chest pocket, interior pockets and comes fully lined. Item Details: -100% Premium Leather -Bulletproof style tactical street vest -Front zipper closure -Adjustable Velcro side straps -Adjustable shoulder Velcro tabs with leather -Front right side chest concealed pocket with Velcro closure (hidden on seam) -Interior left and right slanted zipper closure pockets -Polyester satin lining Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeatherUp Google+ https://plus.google.com/+leatherup Twitter: https://twitter.com/leatherupcom
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5 Tips For Buying A Quality Briefcase | What To Look For In Leather Briefcases
http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/quality-leather-briefcase/ - Click here to read the article Tips For Buying A Quality Briefcase | What To Look For In Leather Briefcases | How To Buy Your First Professional Bag Interested to own highly rated briefcases from Kattee, click here to purchase on Amazon.com http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/344-amz-kattee-briefcases Quality leather briefcases can be EXPENSIVE. Anywhere from 150 to 1500+ dollars. Why such a wide range of prices? What's the difference between a lower end bag and one that costs over a thousand dollars? And how do you buy the best leather professional bag for your needs? These are the questions we answer in this video and article. Specifically we cover 9 qualities to look for when buying a leather briefcase. If you use this checklist, you can rest assured you're going to buy the right back for your needs! Are you ready to up your style? Click here for the BEST style course on the planet! https://thestylesystem.com/?utm_source=Youtube To read the full article, click here http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/quality-leather-briefcase/ Video Summary: 1:12 - "Check the Quality of the Material" 1:34 - "Three Types of Leather" 1:50 - "What is Full Grain Leather?" 2:41 - "What is Top Grain Leather?" 3:47 - "What is Genuine Leather?" 4:00 - "What is Fake Leather?" 4:58 - "The Hardware of the Briefcase" 5:54 - "The Style of the Briefcase" 7:12 - "The Size of the Briefcase" 8:12 - "Your Lifestyle" https://www.facebook.com/RealMenRealStyle/ - Like Us On Facebook! https://www.instagram.com/rmrstyle/ - Follow Us On Instagram https://twitter.com/rmrstyle - Tweet Us! https://www.pinterest.com/rmrstyle/ - Follow Us On Pinterest
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XS-5890 Xelement 'Classic' Mens Black Leather Jacket at LeatherUp.com
Xelement 'XS-5890 Classic' Mens Black Leather Jacket http://www.leatherup.com/p/Mens-Motorcycle-Armored-Jackets/Xelement-XS-5890-Armored-Black-Leather-Classic-Biker-Jacket/114524.html Item Details: -Premium abrasion-resistant, thick buffalo leather -Stitched with high strength nylon thread -Removable and comfortable CE approved armor in shoulders and elbows -Snap-off collar that can stay firmlly fixed to chest -Front zippered closure -Pockets included: 2 zippered front hand pockets, 1 interior zippered pocket, and 1 interior snap-button pocket -Adjustable waist straps -Adjustable belt -Insulating, zip-out quilted vest liner -Non-removable polyester lining (attached to the jacket) -Zippered cuffs -CE approved armor passing the highest level EN1621-1 & EN1621-2 impact tests -Level-3 Advanced Technology Armor: Ergonomic design, higher impact absorption, free movement. Level-3 Armor is the next generation in armor technology -Please note: Only size 3X and 4X have a back seam running down the back Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeatherUp Google+ https://plus.google.com/+leatherup Twitter: https://twitter.com/leatherupcom
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Allen Edmonds Review: Park Avenue Cordovan Cap-Toe Oxfords | Kirby Allison
Hi, I’m Kirby Allison, in today’s video, we’re going to review the Allen Edmonds Park Avenue in Cordovan. Recognizing us as one of the leading authorities on luxury men’s dress shoes worldwide, Allen Edmonds has graciously agreed to grant us access to their entire collection of shoes to review for you on this YouTube Channel. They have merely loaned us the shoes, which we appreciate and return after the video is filmed, and have no financial relationship, or an affiliate partnership, whatsoever. In this review series, we seek to review brands we admire and that we think are good at various price points for our viewers and then explain what we think is good about them. We will not select a brand to review if we think it is no good in the first place. There is plenty of that elsewhere, and it is easy to find on YouTube. Shop Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Cordovan Cap-toe Oxfords: http://bit.ly/AECordovan Shop Hanger Project: https://www.hangerproject.com PRODUCT FEATURED IN VIDEO Saphir Cordovan Cream Shoe Polish http://bit.ly/2OJpLCe Medium Horsehair Shoe Polishing Brush http://bit.ly/2PtfnU7 Cordovan Shoeshine Starter Kit http://bit.ly/2QFbJmI RELATED VIDEOS How to Polish Cordovan Shoes https://youtu.be/LCj2dyD1pFk How To Mirror Shine Cordovan Boots https://youtu.be/ch0-YuyWzi0 How To Remove Creases From Cordovan Shoes https://youtu.be/XvX51DlliCM Saphir Cordovan Cream Shoe Polish https://youtu.be/KQMQnQ8EzK8 Q&A 20 - Cordovan Leather https://youtu.be/NgUiU9GKCPA BRAND OVERVIEW 0:53 Allen Edmonds is one of the few remaining “great American shoemakers,” still making their premium leather dress shoes here in the United States. Allen Edmonds makes an excellent Goodyear welted leather dress shoe that, if properly polished and resoled, can last a lifetime. SHOE INTRODUCTION 1:45 The Park Avenues in Cordovan are very special shoes and made to a higher standard than Allen Edmond’s standard calfskin shoes. These retail for $695, which is a $270 premium over the same shoe made in calfskin. However, the price is totally substantiated by the cost of the premium materials used in this shoe. DESIGN 2:34 The Allen Edmonds Park Avenue is a beautiful, elegant, traditional design. It features a three-piece pattern and construction (toe cap, vamp, and back quarters), with elegant single, double and triple-stitching that gives the shoe additional visual detail. The Park Avenue features a traditional, round toe shape for which Allen Edmonds is famous. The Park Avenue is further differentiated as one of only a couple styles with six-eyelets, which beautifully elongates the silhouette. MATERIAL 4:47 All of Allen Edmond’s cordovan is sourced from Horween Leather in Chicago, the only cordovan leather tanning factory left in the western hemisphere. Horween’s name is synonymous with shell cordovan. On Allen Edmond’s cordovan shoes, both of the finest available in the world today. All of their cordovan shoes are exclusively made with JR Rendenbach oak-bark tanned leather outsoles and heels. CONSTRUCTION 8:11 Allen Edmond is best-known for their full 360-degree Goodyear welted construction, which allows leather dress shoes to be easily resoled without compromising the integrity of the shoe. The welt is a thin strip of leather that is sewn to the insole. The outsole is then stitched to the welt. This allows the outsole to be pulled off and replaced without damaging the construction of the shoe. AVAILABLE FINISHES 8:46 The Allen Edmond Park Avenue Cordovan Cap-Toe Oxford comes in three finishes: black, brown, and the iconic Horween cordovan color #8, which they call burgundy. You cannot go wrong with any of these finishes, and you couldn’t go wrong owning them all! But the cordovan color #8, or burgundy, is the iconic color most widely associated with cordovan leather. SUMMARY AND ENDING 10:37 The Allen Edmonds Park Avenue in Cordovan is a truly iconic American-made shoe that is constructed with the highest quality materials available anywhere in the world. At $695 they are certainly an investment, but one well worth it. VIDEOS TO WATCH BERLUTI KNOT https://youtu.be/kXHemBywew4 $50 EBAY CHALLENGE https://youtu.be/pr_UHaGkJNE PRESIDENTIAL SHOE SHINE https://youtu.be/britfLQMkgI BLOG https://www.hangerproject.com/blog/ FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/KAhangerproject TWITTER https://twitter.com/HangerProject INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/hangerproject FAQ’s https://www.hangerproject.com/customer-service/ Hashtags: #KirbyAllison #AllenEdmonds #ShoeReview
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DHARAVI LEATHER MARKET | Mumbai | Leather jackets at a cheap price !
In this video we have explored Dharavi,Mumbai's Leather market.Which is the second largest leather market in India.Get to know how to identify genuine leather from fake ones.Also get to know the price range and bargaining margin of this market. EXCLUSIVE - UIC T-Shirt : http://bit.ly/2gVvfxL CAT Bag shown in the video : http://fkrt.it/mFQ38!NNNN # P.O.BOX details - p.o.box number - 9238 , post office, Ghatkopar [west] , mumbai-400086, Maharashtra,India. #WTV ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #MUSIC CREDITS 1.Lakey Inspired , Jordan Reddington Heres the link to his Awesome Collection : http://bit.ly/1X1LXrS 2.Fareoh - Cloud Ten [NCS Release] NCS playlist on Spotify → http://spoti.fi/1Oc1TpI ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Gear : 1.Vlog camera : http://fkrt.it/LpssDTuuuN 2.Yunteng 188 Extendable Selfie Stick : http://amzn.to/1SYzUZa 3.JOBY Tripod : http://amzn.to/2grXXFq 4.My Mobile : http://fkrt.it/SvFmNuuuuN 5.Sony Tripod : http://amzn.to/1Punfvr 6.DSLR Camera : http://amzn.to/2gmicjP 7.Voiceover Mic : http://amzn.to/1TpZPvO 8.Pop Filter : http://amzn.to/1Twft7Y 9. 32GB Memory Card : http://amzn.to/2gmjnjn 10. Zoom H1 : http://amzn.to/2gnpJQy Playlist to Weekly Tuesday Vlogs : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2mfaOtBuwyTAXaJFnanFTuFLaa3lnG2f ----------------------------------------­­---------------------------------------­-­--------------------------- #urindianconsumer !!==–..__..-=-._; !!==–[email protected]=-._; !!==–..__..-=-._; !! !! !! !! !! \\\|||\\\|||\\\ \\\|||\\\|||\\\Ur Indian Consumer \\\|||\\\|||\\\\\\|||\\\|||\\\ Subscribe to Ur IndianConsumer : http://goo.gl/SIFH0N Facebook Page [ur like will make my day ] : http://goo.gl/IdsPmP Twitter page : https://twitter.com/prasadvedpathak Google + page : https://plus.google.com/+UrIndianConsumer Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/urindianconsumer/ Snapchat id : uicprasad \\\|||\\\|||\\\ \\\|||\\\|||\\\Ur Indian Consumer \\\|||\\\|||\\\\\\|||\\\|||\\\
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Reef Leather Smoothy Sandal - Men's
For more information visit; http://www.backcountry.com/reef-leather-smoothy-sandal-mens
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