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How to use: your Magic Vac(R) Jumbo 30/30 Evo/30 Evo Plus
-Structure in stainless steel •• Professional performance ensured by the powerful double pump •• Easy to use with self-locking hooking levers •• Triple seal setting: dry food, moist food and very moist food •• Completely automatic cycle •• Manual cycle with instantaneous sealing function for fragile foods •• Special sealing option for custom bags •• Specific cycle to create vacuum in containers •• Upper part can be detached for easy cleaning •• Dishwasher safe removable liquid-collecting tray •• Highly heat dissipating sealing bar •• Specific cycle for “quick vacuum marinating” (12 minutes in the special ACO1073 container) •• Analogue vacuum gauge •• Compliant with the ErP Directive on energy consumption •• Suitable for intensive use
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MCS - Magic Vac.wmv
The Magic Vac Jumbo - Commercial Catering Vacuum Packer
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MAGIC VAC вакуумный упаковщик
Magic Vac JUMBO 30 EVO профессиональный вакуумный упаковщик / http://magazin-aloni.ru/market/2/5/
Magic Vac - 半商用真空機 Jumbo 30
特色: 不鏽鋼設計 專業性能強力雙泵 3段密封設定 - 乾、濕、非常濕 自選即時密封易碎食物
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Henkelman Jumbo 30 Vacuum Packaging Machine
An overview of the Henkelman Jumbo 30 Vacuum Packaging Machine. For the best prices in the UK and 1,000 FREE POUCHES contact The Vacuum Pouch Company. We supply the complete range of Henkelman Vac Packers.
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Magic Vac® MAXIMA 2 Dupla vákuumpumpa 18L/perc teljesítménnyel
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Magic Vac Jumbo 30   Envasadora al vacío, 130 W, color plateado
En este vídeo os muestro la "Magic Vac Jumbo 30 Envasadora al vacío, 130 W, color plateado" Comentarios Búsqueda Rápida.Para más detalles sobre este producto y para la compra por favor visite: https://googledrive.com/host/0B3LuwTlnZ2BUMVVUY3M1WC04VWc/displisocawbyterhytave1980.html
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How to: use your Magic Vac® Genius
- Robust pump, vacuum value (60 cm/Hg) - 0.8 bar - Automatic - Man Seal feature, the possibility of hand sealing for fragile foods - Waterproofed controls - Vacuum chamber with “patented” liquid stop tray - Professional sealing bar with heat disperser - Cable compartment - Sealing bar: 30 cm
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Set of 6 Clear Large and Jumbo Vacuum Bags
http://www.bid.tv/ Set of 6 Clear Large and Jumbo Vacuum Bags - 4 Large Size and 2 Jumbo Size. Compress & store your bedding, clothing, towels and coats in these fantastic airtight & waterproof space bags. This set contains two jumbo space saver vacuum bags, which can each hold up to two bedding sets, four pillows & 12 sweaters of jackets at a time, & four large vacuum bags. When full they can be easily stored under the bed or into the cupboard or wardrobe. These bags are easy to use & creates extra storage in the same amount of space. They also provide protection against dirt, bugs, moisture & odours. Set of 6 Large & Jumbo Vacuum Bags - 4 Large & 2 Jumbo Dimensions: Large - 50 x 85 x 25cm Jumbo - 90 x 110 x 44cm
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SuperPack Set of 4 Jumbo Stackable Vacuum Seal Storage Totes with Jill Bauer
For More Information or to Buy: http://www.qvc.com/.product.V33200.html?cm_ven=YT&cm_cat=AU&cm_pla=JILLBAUER_20150314_p2MQkfPy40c&cm_ite=HOU_PRODUCTDETAIL_V33200 1-800-455-8838, item# V33200 This previously recorded video may not represent current pricing and availability.
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Bien conserver sous vide avec MAGIC VAC
Découvrez la conservation sous vide avec les machines Magic Vac, des produits fiables, fabriqués en Italie, simples d’utilisation. Vous conserverez vos aliments et préparations jusqu’à 5 fois plus longtemps qu’auparavant, pour ne rien gâcher ;)
Space Saver Vacuum Bags
Review for the Space Saver Vacuum Storage Bags. http://amzn.to/2huSxqK If you would like me to review anything please contact me: [email protected]
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Premium Space Saver  Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags Review, Best vacuum storage bags around
If you like these you can buy them here: http://amzn.to/2eczGSd
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Вакуумный упаковщик MAXIMA-2
http://ekodomus-market.ru/catalog/vakuumnaya_sistema/vakuumnyy_upakovshchik/591/ Вакуумный упаковщик Magic MAXIMA-2 это новое слово в бытовом вакуумном оборудование. Все этапы вакуумирования разделены и могут выполнять как автоматически, так и отдельно друг от друга. Это позволяет вакуумировать любые продукты. Помимо этого в аппарате присутствует функция маринования, которая за 15 минут может замариновать мяса, будто простояло целые сутки.
Space Saver Premium Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bag (Fun Test!)
Manufacturers description: 6 X JUMBO SIZE BAGS FOR EXTRA LARGE ITEMS! Store away your duvet, bed sheets, towels, blankets, and more! 80% more space than other bags on the market! SQUEEZES EVERY BIT OF AIR OUT OF THE BAG! The unique Double-Zip Seal and the Triple-Seal Turbo Valve are designed to get every ounce of air OUT of the bag in the suction process - and nothing gets back in! Other storage bags let air back in, and defeat the purpose. Not these! NO MOLD, MILDEW, OR BACTERIA! Anti-microbial materials mean you won't have to worry about the long-term effects of storage in an air-tight bag. It's practically STERILE inside these bags - like you could use them for surgery! FREE TRAVEL PUMP INCLUDED! When you're travelling and want the MOST space so you don't have to take a lot of luggage, these storage bags are PERFECT! And when you have to re-pack for the return trip, just use our FREE convenient Travel Pump, and your bags will be air-tight vacuum-packed again! LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE! From workmanship to function to anything else, we want you to be TOTALLY HAPPY - if any of the SpaceSaver bags don't hold their seal (ever), simply contact us and we'll rush you free replacements (FOR LIFE!). You take NO RISK by ordering today! Review: If like me, space is an issue, this product is for you. This jumbo vacuum storage bag is amazing. Its really simple to use and will save you so much space, just put your items in, seal the blue strip using your fingers or the clip provided. Unscrew the plastic cap, using a hoover, suck the air out....job done, your duvet is flat as a pancake! The quality of these are really good. I would definitely recommend this item to family and friends. Tip: forget the travel pump, it takes ages Amazon Unboxed
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Vacuum Storage Saver Bags vs Roll Up Space Saver Compression Travel Bag Review | Amazon Cheap Deals
I love Amazon deals! We love to travel and anything that makes traveling easier is worth trying out. Love always finds Amazon coupon codes so we purchased both of these space saver bags for testing before our next trip. Here is our unboxing and review. I was surprised for the cheap price that both bags worked really well. both bags combined would of cost us around $40 but instead we paid around $5. to get these deals we follow 2 different Facebook groups 1. $10 Under Amzing Deal Product 2. i love cheap deals and freebies Vacuum Storage Saver Bags 4 Pack https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07C7426P2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 mysuntown Roll-Up Space Saver Compression Bags https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072PVL4M8/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Facebook groups i follow for Super good Deals!!! KICKASS Deals | Promos | Glitches | & Free Stuff https://www.facebook.com/groups/kickassdealaddicts/ 10Bestes Amzing Deals https://www.facebook.com/groups/1517983338299125/ I Love Cheap Deals and Freebies https://www.facebook.com/groups/iheartcheapdeals/ #unboxing #onlinedeals #reviews
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JML Vac Pack
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Jumbo Rubber Roach
Get it here: https://www.52magic.com/4793_Jumbo-Rubber-Roach.html
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SuperPack Set of 4 Jumbo Stackable Vacuum Seal Storage Totes with Nancy Hornback
For More Information or to Buy: http://www.qvc.com/.product.V33200.html?cm_ven=YT&cm_cat=AU&cm_pla=NANCYHORNBACK_20150804_YU1jfvtUg8k&cm_ite=HOU_PRODUCTDETAIL_V33200 1-800-455-8838, item# V33200 This previously recorded video may not represent current pricing and availability.
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Magic Bag Jumbo Deluxe (1506)
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Вакуумный упаковщик Jumbo Plus упаковка колбасной нарезки
Вакуумный упаковщик Jumbo Plus упаковка колбасной нарезки http://vacuum-packer.ru/katalog/vakuumnyy-upakovshchik-jumbo-plus http://vakuumnye-pakety.ru http://vacuum.msk.ru
SWEEPY CLEAN MAGIC VAC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazing cleaning device from sweepy clean magic cleaning incorporated devices technology...
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Magic VAC VCC 150 Contenitore sottovuoto rettangolare da 1,5 l
Magic VAC VCC 150 Contenitore sottovuoto rettangolare da 1,5 l http://bit.ly/2swJ5Md
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SpaceSaver Premium Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags
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Magic Vac - 家用抽真空機 Futura
Magic Vac 意大利真空機
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Vacuum Bags for Travel - Packing with Vacuum Bags.
I had to pack a lot of clothes and even a blanket. Since I lent my big luggage; I only had a small bag/suitcase available. So I was in trouble, until I found out this way to pack all my stuff in vacuum bags. I might have saved double the size 👌 Now I was able to pack everything in my tiny luggage. The bag was 30kg’s, it felt like a heavy brick haha. Hope this video can help you if you also having trouble packing a lot with little space. ⭐️ If you are looking for those kind of vacuum bags you can get some here: https://amzn.to/2LDuNjL Thank you for watching 😁 Please subscribe to my YouTube channel: http://subscribe.bobbee.nl #Travel #Packingtips #Vacuumbags
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Magic vacuum
Magic vacuum LOL
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Jumbo Litter Mat - What is The Largest Cat Litter Mat Available?
http://tpmr.com/i/58375 Jumbo Litter Mat - What is The Largest Cat Litter Mat Available? Got messy cats that sometimes miss their tray? Tired of kitty-litter scatter? Today we found a cat litter mat from Easyology, that cats AND their owners love Jumbo 47" x 36" - Plenty of room for two litter trays, and has anti-skid natural rubber backing Durable, elegant, efficient litter trapping design.... .....patented technology means this mat traps 37% more - minimizing mess! Soft to touch - Ideal for sensitive kitties & kittens Comfortable woven fibers clean cat’s paws like a doormat, without snagging their claws Simply shake it off, vacuum it...... ....or give it a quick rinse to clean it! Cat friendly – non-toxic, BPA and Phthalate-free. Handles any kind of cat litter; pine, crystal or regular. Protect your floors from litter scatter in style - the modern, patterned material and chic colors compliment any home decor. Easyology offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee..... ..... If you don't save time and money using the Premium Cat Litter mat..... .....then they will refund your money with no questions asked! Purchase today from Amazon http://tpmr.com/i/58375
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Magic Vac - 一般儲存VS真空儲存
真空儲存食物的好處: 防潮 防霉 防止細菌滋生 延長保質期
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Jumbo Vacuum Space Saver Storage Bags Reviews
Thank you guys for watching! For the full information & more reviews, please find on: http://amzn.to/1WZbjYh
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Counting with Magic Numbers! Learn Numbers and Counting with Imaginary Dave and Tree Bear
Learn numbers and counting with Imaginary Dave, Tree Bear and Dizzy Lizzy as Dave tries to count. But the magic numbers have other pans. They keep jumping and popping up and messing up Imaginary Dave's count. What will Dave do? A kids' video brought to you by the numbers 1, 2,3,4 and 5! Featuring numbers from our Melissa & Doug Jumbo Numbers Wooden Chunky Puzzle which has the numbers 1 to 20. Click here for more videos from the Imagination Room where our motto is "Build! Play! Create!" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY-I8zTNE372gmUBkVWmDEg https://www.youtube.com/c/imaginationroom If you are looking for more videos with Tree Bear, try our playlist here! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnLgB9YoEgTU36KipfDQYENHrIEvUsE_- ATTRIBUTION: The music and sound effects in this video is courtesy of the following artists who have kindly contributed their awesome talents to the Creative Commons. If we have misattributed or inadvertently infringed, please let us know so we can correct any mistakes. Special thanks to Freesound.org and Sound Bible! Your sounds are genius! Music: https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music: "Punky" from Bensound.com Sitcom Pack » Laugh Track 1-5.mp3 by LittleRainySeasons https://freesound.org/people/LittleRainySeasons/sounds/395408/ Thanks Little Rainy Seasons! These were tons of fun! Audience Reactions! » Approx 800 Laugh 1.wav by Lonemonk https://freesound.org/people/lonemonk/sounds/72842/ Bell, Candle Damper, A (H4n).wav" by InspectorJ of Freesound.org Quick_Smash_001.wav by JoelAudio https://www.freesound.org/people/JoelAudio/sounds/135465/ This work is licensed under the Attribution License.
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Magic Saver Bag
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Vac-U Former Plastic Molding Machine Kids Toy Set
Check this set out! It is a Vac-U Forming set that takes a sheet of plastic and forms it into a car body. I make 3 cars with the set. Find Here ▶ http://bit.ly/Magic-Maker-Vac-U-Former Lucky Penny Thoughts: I like checking out vintage toys and seeing how they work. Once I get started, I never know what will happen. This worked great and did exactly what it said it would do on the box! Make cars. The shell ended up being thinner then I expected, but it still ended up being a use able car. Later! LPS-Dave ▶▶ Product Info Vac-U Former Plastic Mold Machine Kids Toy Set - 1993, Toymax Inc. #9388 0:08 Checking out the box 1:31 - Checking out the parts 6:12 - Putting the first car shape in the machine 8:28 - The first car is made! (Blue) 9:22 - Taking the first car out and starting the black car 12:20 - Prepping car - cutting the body out 19:23 - Taking the black car out 20:20 - Adding the decals to the blue car 27:06 - Cutting the black car out - Forming the red car 36:05 - Taking the red car out of the mold 36:50 - Cutting the red car out with an exacto knife 38:17 - Finishing the red car, final thoughts & two other sets ▶▶ Watch More Videos Games, Vintage & New: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MH8fg9dnKzg&index=1&list=PL27_x9U5H26vuQCxN_t7EWASxQIlw7Kgc ▶▶ Follow Us TWITTER http://twitter.com/luckypennyshop FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/LuckyPennyShop INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/LuckyPennyShop GOOGLE+ https://plus.google.com/+luckypennyshop PINTEREST http://www.pinterest.com/luckypennyshop/ LPS WEBSITE http://www.luckypennyshop.com/ Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music Sound Effects by http://audiomicro.com/sound-effects This video is not intended as an endorsement of the product shown. We were not paid or provided other non-monetary advantages or incentives to show this product.
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Do vacuum storage bags really work?
Video review of the GreenCo Space Saver Storage Bags! Do they really work? How much space do they save? What do you get for the $$? You can purchase this item on Amazon: http://amzn.to/234HGGA (affiliate link) *Disclosure: I received this item in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. Video channel for my website http://www.workoutwithdi.com Fitness instructor and personal trainer, sharing information and changing lives ONE WORKOUT at a time! I'll be sharing more workout videos on my youtube channel so subscribe! ◘ Check out my blog http://www.workoutwithdi.com ◘ Find me on facebook http://www.facebook.com/workoutwithdi ◘ Follow me on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/workoutwithdi ◘ Ping me on pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/workoutwithdi/ ◘ Check out my instagram http://instagram.com/workoutwithdi
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Vacuum Storage Bags
Demonstration of our Vacuum Storage Bags available in our online store - http://www.vacuumstorage.co.uk Vacuum storage bags are the best way to save space in any household. Simply place your bulky items such as duvets, pillows, clothing or soft toys and vacuum out the air!
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Homitt Vacuum Storage Bags, Space Saver Jumbo Compression Bags Reviews
Please take a minute to watch this video. For more info, please go to : http://amzn.to/1WZbjYh
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We got into a bathtub full of Liquid Glass Thinking Putty!
We filled up a bathtub with 500 pounds of crystal clear Liquid Glass Thinking Putty. Buy at Vat19: https://goo.gl/mmLsKp Can the putty bath be escaped? Enjoy! ******************* Please subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/user/vat19com Hundreds more curiously awesome products: http://www.vat19.com/?adid=youtube Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/vat19 Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/vat19 ******************* To check out the latest curiously awesome products from Vat19.com, click here: http://www.vat19.com/new?adid=youtube For the most popular items on Vat19, click here: http://www.vat19.com/most-popular?adid=youtube
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Vacuum Magic 0.13 demo
This video shows the new trial area (Wipe Out) and the new boss battle (Papa Koules). Vacuum Magic is a fast-paced action game. The point of the game is using your magical vacuum field to collect food and defend against monsters. Food and certain monsters can also be spat out and used as a projectile against other monsters. Vacuum Magic can be played by up to six players, either cooperatively, or against each other. The game is open source and can be downloaded free of charge. http://apocalypse.rulez.org/vacuum
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Orbeez LadyBug Scooper RC | Official Orbeez
See ALL the BEST Orbeez videos in this playlist: https://youtu.be/zZAnEAf6nXI?list=FLtrVmHIm5rEO0qFwTvnAl7w Power up your remote control and make your ladybug scoot around the floor collecting Orbeez in its shell. The Ladybug blinks, lights up & makes chirping sounds as it moves around cleaning up. You can also push the Ladybug manually to collect all the Orbeez & with the press of a button you can dispense the Orbeez (through its rear end!) Check out some other recommended fun sweet videos! Orbeez Archer Challenge https://youtu.be/j2xIsR0xMtc?list=PL-K81HsJEj68YWKhmPtBef_OytHeNsHjj Million Orbeez Car Ride https://youtu.be/Bn3zLMpVaGw?list=PL-K81HsJEj69pTnrABtFbtqp29H2fcQyk Orbeez Filled Pencil Bag and GIANT PILLOW for Back to School DIY Challenge | Official Orbeez https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQcF8XbJc3w&list=FLtrVmHIm5rEO0qFwTvnAl7w Orbeez Human Hamster Ball https://youtu.be/zZAnEAf6nXI?list=PL-K81HsJEj68YWKhmPtBef_OytHeNsHjj Orbeez Sweet Treats Studio Instructional https://youtu.be/ECayNNb3R3Q?list=PL-K81HsJEj68YWKhmPtBef_OytHeNsHjj The World’s BIGGEST Orbeez Crush Tank Challenge https://youtu.be/TNj-W9U8_Gc?list=FLtrVmHIm5rEO0qFwTvnAl7w Orbeez DIY Boots https://youtu.be/MGiKDC23uQY?list=PL-K81HsJEj69pTnrABtFbtqp29H2fcQyk Liquid Nitro Orbeez Smash Science https://youtu.be/UVT2TDKk-wI?list=FLtrVmHIm5rEO0qFwTvnAl7w Orbeez & refills available at Target, Walmart, Amazon, Toys R Us, or Kmart! Orbeez LadyBug Scooper RC | Official Orbeez - Official Orbeezone
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Упаковка колбасной нарезки по 220 гр
Упаковка колбасной нарезки по 220 грамм на вакуумном упаковщике Henkelman серии Jumbo Технические характеристики оборудования Вы можете узнать посетив сайт компании ООО "Вакуум-упаковочные системы" http://vacuum.msk.ru http://tray-sealer.ru http://vacuum-packer.ru http://vakuumnye-pakety.ru Наш телефон: (495) 502-22-03
Great size Sodynee® 6Pcs 40In x 30In Premium Jumbo Space Saver Vacuum Seal Storage Bags for really l
Thanks for watching this video. For the full information & more reviews, please find on: http://amzn.to/1WZbjYh
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Sticky Buddy Dub
Grab a buddy, it's time to get Sticky! 20 Million VIEWS! Wow! We made a t-shirt to celebrate: https://teespring.com/StickyBuddy Jaboody Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jaboody-Dubs/320897884600625 Jaboody Twitter: http://twitter.com/jaboodydubs Jaboody Instagram: http://instagram.com/jaboodydubsofficial Jaboody Studios: http://www.youtube.com/user/JaboOodyStudios
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Вакуумный упаковщик Boxer 42 II
Вакуумный упаковщик Boxer 42 II Вакуумный упаковщик на http://vacuum-packer.ru Вакуумные пакеты на http://vakuumnye-pakety.ru Всё о вакуумной упаковке на http://vacuum.msk.ru Запайщики лотков на http://tray-sealer.ru
Sodynee® 6Pcs 40In x 30In Premium Jumbo Space Saver Vacuum Seal Storage Bags Reviews
This Product Availble On: http://amzn.to/1iusfVB
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Storage Genie Vacuum Storage Bags -  Space Bags (8pcs Combo) Jumbo, Large & Medium Size
https://www.amazon.com/StorageGenie-Storage-Requested-GUARANTEED-Comforters/dp/B01KW00FZ2 SPACE SAVING VACUUM BAGS - Combination of top 3 most useful sizes for putting away baby clothes, children’s outgrown wardrobe, seasonal clothing, wedding dress, jackets, sweaters, winter coats, stuffed animals and toys, pillows, blankets, comforters, quilt, duvets, bedding sets, linens, towels, bed sheets and more! It is also perfect for moving, camping, traveling, packing etc. ITEMS INCLUDED Total of 8 space saving bags: 2 Extra Large bags (40inX30in) 4 large sized bags (32inX24in) 2 medium bags (24inX18in) 8 Sliders one for each bag 1 Travel Pump Thank you card 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE; your satisfaction is our priority; In the unlikely event that our Storage Genie set of premium space-saving bags don't meet all of your needs, we'll refund you the full price *No Questions Asked* STAY AIRTIGHT FOR A LONG TIME; No more losing compression, re-inflating or air seeping back in CAREFULLY MADE, THICK & DURABLE CLEAR REUSABLE PLASTIC MATERIAL; No more ripped, torn or punctured items. Ideal home & kitchen solutions, bathroom & closet organizer perfect for small spaces PASSED AIR, WATER AND PRESSURE TEST; Protects against moisture, mildew, odor, allergens, dust and dirt. AS SEEN ON TV FREE FAST & EASY-TO-USE TRAVEL PUMP; Well-constructed manual pump for quick deflation of these flat spacesaver bags. Perfect for carry on luggage What are you waiting for? Buy now! https://www.amazon.com/StorageGenie-Storage-Requested-GUARANTEED-Comforters/dp/B01KW00FZ2 Visit us at http://storagegenie.net/ for more info.
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JML Vac Pack
http://www.jml.sg/index.php/vac-pack-large.html http://www.jml.sg/index.php/vac-pack-tv-offer.html
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MiniVac является самым компактным профессиональным вакуумным упаковщиком на рынке. Швейцарский прибор, очень простой в использовании и надежный. Он поставляется с вставкой для жидкости которая позволяет запечатывать продукты содержащие жидкости. Машина полностью изготовлена из нержавеющей стали (INOX) и оснащена высокоэффективным вакуумным насосом. 40 лет непрерывной работы воплощены в каждом устройстве VAC-STAR. Все компоненты для вакуумных машин VAC-Star, разработаны и изготовлены благодаря усилиям наших лучших инженеров. Собственные производственные возможности и многолетний опыт являются гарантией высоких стандартов качества и обеспечивают доступность запасных частей на долгие годы. Это является одним из основных конкурентных преимуществ Vac Star, который в отличии от многих других компаний не просто сборочный завод, а производитель, который гордится своими традициями. Благодаря страсти к инновациям, точности, мастерству, Vac-Star в состоянии производить технику высочайшего качества в лучших традициях продуктов с шильдиком «swiss made». Именно это клиенты со всего мира ценят в Vac-Star. Купить ВАКУУМНЫЙ УПАКОВЩИК MINIVAC VAC-STAR https://health-tehnika.ru/product/vakuumnyy-upakovschik-minivac-vac-star Сайт магазина "Техника Здоровья" https://health-tehnika.ru/ Другие рецепты и полезные статьи Вы найдете на наших ресурсах👇 ♥ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/health.tehnika/ ♥ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/health_tehn... ♥ Вконтакте - https://vk.com/ht_zozh ♥ Одноклассники - https://ok.ru/group/54143660064893
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