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"A Bushel and a Peck" from Guys and Dolls at The 5th Avenue Theatre
The slickest high rollers are in town, and they're depending on Nathan Detroit to score a secret spot for their floating crap game. Trouble is, he's $1,000 shy. Throw in Sarah Brown, who's short on sinners at the mission; Sky Masterson, who accepts Nathan's $1000 bet that he can't lure Sarah Brown to Havana; Miss Adelaide, who's desperate to marry Nathan; the meddling Police Lieutenant Brannigan; and the lively lyrics and music of Frank Loesser, and you've got an evening to remember—you can bet on it! http://www.5thavenue.org/show/guysanddolls1011/
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Guys and Dolls Act 2, March 6, 2015
Guys and Dolls Act 2, performed Friday, March 6, 2015 Act 1 is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPBmT3XpFS4 Frank Loesser-Music and Lyrics Abe Burrows & Joe Swerling-Book John Zisa-Director Matthew Erpelding-Music Director Gabrielle Kadets-Choreographer Yvonne Winfrey-Assistant Director/Technical Director/Sound Design Janet Mills-Orchestra Director/Conductor Stephanie Gonzalez-Scenic Design Beth Jacksier-Lighting Design Rosemary Stein-Costume Design Christy Borg-Art Design Peter Griffin-Supervising Producer CAST Gabrielle Amiet-Hot Box Girl Jessica Bezek-Sarah Brown Malcolm Bornmann-Arvide Abernathy Jack Burger-Liver Lips Louie TaylorRae Carter-Hot Box Girl James Casieri-Gambler Matthew Conti-Gambler Danielle Costanzo-Mission Band Shalaka Fadnis-Hot Box Girl Giuliano Falcone-Nathan Detroit Michael Feder-Lt. Brannigan Zac Fletcher-Rusty Charlie Tim Granzow-Mission Band Elanor Gross-Hot Box Girl Bryan Hill-Nicely-Nicely Maya Hill-Mission Band Michael Hill-Hot Box Emcee Noah Kochis-Mission Band Karlie Lorenz-Adelaide Bella Lundquist-Hot Box Girl Barbara MacGuigan-Martha Jaclyn Marrero-Hot Box Girl Thomas McLaughlin-Big Jule Patrick Meara-Calvin Andres Moledo-Waiter in Havana Luke Nash-Harry the Horse Francesca Nong-Hot Box Girl Madison Parker-Hot Box Girl Alexis Peart-Matilda Cartright Gillian Rice-Hot Box Girl Alyssa Roman-Hot Box Girl Julia Rutman- Mission Band Lily Rutman-Mission Band Ethan Seftor-Benny Jacqueline Silva-Hot Box Girl Samkit Siyal-Mission Band Preston Snyder-Wiethop-Mission Band Davis Warren-Joey Biltmore Katie Weinstein-Agatha Ian Willick-Society Max Uri Zerbib-Sky Masterston ORCHESTRA Jillian Ashcraft-violin Reinah Bauer-violin Grace Daniel-violin Theo Evans-violin AnyiQian-violin Catherine Zhang-violin Leonard Kim-cello Cecily Mills-cello Cathy Nadar-flute Helen Sun-flute, piccolo Sophia Burnham-Lemaire-oboe, percussion Hannah Witmer-English horn, percussion Mary Emily Ballas-clarinet Sarah Knoll-clarinet Kenneth Shaw-clarinet, alto saxophone Jane von Jaglinsky-clarinet, tenor saxophone Emily Witmer-alto saxophone Max Donaldson- tenor saxophone Donald Lebentritt-baritone Saxophone, bass clarinet Vinnie Borselli-trumpet Will Flemming-trumpet Ben Wyckoff-trumpet Jan Lewis-french horn Chris Nadar-trombone Robert Mills-Keyboard Brent Wills-percussion PRODUCTION CREW Megan Jones-stage manager Haley Fuller-stage manager Liv Olcott-assistant stage manager Max Clark-production assistant Laura Zoog-assistant technical director Jessie Beyer-costume assistant Naomi Kinnamon-costume assistant Natalie Kinnamon-costume assistant Cameron Filepas-senior lighting technician Michaela Pietrinferno-senior sound technician Marcus Jones-associate sound technician Thomas Sherman-associate lighting technician Isaac Pokryska-associate lighting technician Daniel Nemec-senior set design Allison Willick-running crew Lindsay Sanford-running crew Tanya Vcere-running crew Callie Considine-running crew Luke Sferra-running crew Jacob Pokryska-running crew Nancy McKeon-running crew Holly Jones-running crew Kanon Shambora-running crew Julia Toto-running crew Ava Bejgrowicz-props Michelle Glauberzon-usher Aba Tieku-usher Kyleigh McGregor-usher Cassie Lieu-usher TELEVISION CREW Sofia Stepanoff-camera Jake Cseremsak-camera Charlie Storck-camera Grady Meyer-camera Chris Murray-sound Paul Radford-technical director Sabrina Gomez-director Frank Flegeal-supervising director
Guys and Dolls- Sue Me
These are the lyrics for the song "Sue Me" from the 1992 Guys and Dolls Revival
Views: 131277 mulletman175
Frank Sinatra, Stubby Kaye, and Johnny Silver - "Guys And Dolls" from Guys And Dolls (1955)
This movie was made over 60 years ago and the play is older than that, and not much has changed when it comes to guys and dolls!
Views: 269785 Night Owl TV
If I were a bell-Guys & Dolls
Jean Simmons and Marlon Brando as Sarah Brown and Sky Masterson. Notably, this is Brando's only musical film role. Jean Simmons sings undubbed and makes a delightful drunk in this number.
Views: 161328 ZSy264
Guys and Dolls girls arms
via YouTube Capture
Views: 99 VHBacklight
Good Luck Charlie - Guys & Dolls
Spencer stops by the Duncan household to apologize to Teddy, but Bob steps in to give his own advice - man to man! Watch Good Luck Charlie on Disney Channel and visit the website at: http://www.disney.co.uk/DisneyChannel/supersites/good-luck-charlie/ Like our official Disney Channel Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/DisneyChannelUK
Views: 1376851 DisneyChannelUK
GUYS AND DOLLS: "Take Back your Mink" Hot Box Number
GUYS AND DOLLS' Hot Box Dancers sing Take Back Your Mink June 2009 At El Camino Marcee theater.
Views: 40988 NutsArePeopleToo
Good Luck Charlie ● S03E16 Guys and Dolls
Good Luck Charlie ● S03E16 Guys and Dolls
Views: 3288 Gary Joyce
Guys and Dolls Jr. - Bushel and a Peck
Guys and Dolls Jr. at Springhouse Middle School Featuring: Skylar Gutman (me :D) as Miss Adelaide and all the super duperly awesome Hot Box Girls :)
Views: 18918 Skylar Lee
Hot Box Girls Guys and Dolls
Sofia and Gabriela
Views: 925 Rafael Alba
Take Back Your Mink, from Guys And Dolls (1955)
Take Back Your Mink (1950) Music and Lyrics by Frank Loesser Sung by Vivian Blaine and The Goldwyn Girls
Views: 5513 gudulabavon
Guys & Dolls, West Islip High School HOT BOX
Views: 1309 Greg Kelton
Celia Mei Rubin as the HAVANA GIRL in GUYS AND DOLLS UK National Tour.
Views: 152 CeliaMei1
Guys and Dolls "bushel and a peck"
musical "guys and dolls" 2005 london original cast "bushel and a peck".
Views: 526013 ewan0331
Dean Martin And Frank Sinatra - Guys and Dolls
I do not own rights for the song, I just made a video using it. Hi guys, here's the lyrics if you want to sing with the legends. :D What's playing at the Roxy? I'll tell you what's playing at the Roxy A picture about a Minnesota man falls in love with a Mississippi girl That he sacrifices everything and moves all the way to Biloxi That's what's playing at the Roxy What's in the daily news? I'll tell you what's in the daily news Story about a man bought his wife, a small ruby With what otherwise would have been his union dues That's what's in the daily news What's happening all over? I'll tell you what's happening all over Guy sitting home by a television set That used to be something of a rover That's what's happening all over Love is the thing that has nipped them And it looks like Nathan's just another victim When you see a guy reach for stars in the sky You can bet that he's doing it for some doll When you spot a John waiting out in the rain Chances are he's insane as only a John can be for a Jane When you meet a gent paying all kinds of rent For a flat that could flatten the Taj Mahal Call it sad, call it funny but it's better than even money That the guy's only doing it for some doll When you see a Joe saving half of his dough You can bet there'll be mink in it for some doll When a bum buys wine like a bum can't afford It's a cinch that the bum is under the thumb of some little broad When you meet a mug lately out of the jug And he's still lifting platinum [Unverified] Call it hell, call it heaven but it's probable twelve to seven That the guy's only doing it for some doll
Views: 83222 Clark200666
Hotbox Girls (Guys and Dolls Musical) ICSV
A clip from our school musical.
Views: 694 Amal-Hope Asha
Guys and Dolls - Adelaide's Lament
"Adelaide's Lament" from the 1992 Revival Cast Recording of "Guys and Dolls"
Views: 366858 BwayDreamer1128
A Bushel & a Peck from Guys & Dolls
Southeast Alabama Community Theatre's (SEACT) take on Bushel & a Peck from Guys & Dolls; May 2011. This scene takes place in the Hotbox club & features Miss Adelaide and the Hotbox Dancers. Hotbox dancers: Tomya Moore, Courtney Hart, Nalarence Davis, Robin Spears. Adelaide: Kendell Shows
Views: 3797 kendellshows
CCHS Production of Guys and Dolls
This production of Guys and Dolls was performed by Coyle and Cassidy High School from March 31st to April 2nd. Amazing performance and lasting memories for all of the cast and crew. Music Direction: Ms. Sarah Mawn Stage Direction: Ms. Carol Mecca Choreographer: Ms. Erin Moriarty Characters (in order of appearance): - Nicely Nicely Johnson - Louis Sorrenti - Benny Southstreet - Lily Rannacher - Nathan Detroit - Jacob Caron - Sarah Brown - Mary Rondelli - Arvida Abernathy - Bridget Eddlem - Agatha - Leila Olegario - Calvin - Zachary Mahfouz - Harry the Horse - Christa Aparicio - Lieutenant Brannigan - David Howe - Miss Adelaide - Emelia Dumas - Sky Masterson - Louis Brechter - Joey Biltmore - Zachary Mahfouz - Master of Ceremonies - Nathaniel Kogut - Mimi - Olivia Fonseca - General Matilda B. Cartwright - Fiona Devine - Big Julie - Carrie Rodriguez - Hot Box Girls - Allie Damigella, Sophia DeSousa, Brianna Duffy, Olivia Fonseca, Jade Goetz, Haleigh Hunt - Waitresses - Carrie Sullivan, Jessica Williams - Crapshooters - Krystal Freitas, Tori Gouldrup, Nicole Mitchell, Jill Noons, Matt Santos Crew: - Set Painters - Krystal Freitas, Alexandra Baker, Ailinn Santos, Abbie McCabe, Amelia McCabe, & full cast - Lighting - Meghan Mello & Alexa Van Voorhis - Backstage - Chace Carmo, Will Burgess, Ailinn Santos, Abbie McCabe Musicians: - Conductor - Sarah Mawn - Keyboard - David Renoni - Percussion - Jon Francis - Reed 1 - Anne Kelton - Reed 2 - Hallie Bardsley - Trumpet 1 - Ollie MacFadden - Trumpet 2 - Zack Grady - Flute - Emily Francis - Bass Clarinet - Rachel McLaughlin - Bass - Ian Aaberg - Keyboard (Sunday) - Yini Hao Musical Numbers + Times: Act 1 - Overture (0:00) - Runyonland (3:44) - Fugue for Tinhorns - Nicely, Benny & Nathan (6:17) - Follow the Fold - Sarah, Arvida, Agatha & Calvin (7:54) - The Oldest Established - Nicely, Benny, Nathan & Full Cast (13:38) - I'll Know - Sarah & Sky (29:02) - Bushel and a Peck - Adelaide & Hot Box Girls (35:38) - Adelaide's Lament - Adelaide (43:45) - Guys and Dolls - Nathan, Benny & Nicely (47:58) - Havana - Full Cast feat. Nathaniel Kogut and Brianna Duffy (58:35) - If I Were a Bell - Sarah (1:03:16) - My Time of Day - Sky (1:08:12) - I've Never Been in Love Before - Sky & Sarah (1:09:34) Act 2 - Take Back Your Mink - Adelaide & Hot Box Girls (1:15:50) - Adelaide's Second Lament - Adelaide (1:22:02) - More I Cannot Wish You - Arvida (1:24:45) - Crapshooter's Ballet - Full Cast feat. Nathaniel Kogut, Sophia DeSousa, Olivia Fonseca, and Brianna Duffy (1:28:29) - Luck Be a Lady - Sky & Full Cast (1:39:07) - Sue Me - Adelaide & Nathan (1:44:57) - Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat - Nicely & Full Cast (1:51:44) - Marry the Man Today - Adelaide & Sarah (1:59:28) - The Happy Ending - Full Cast (2:04:18)
Views: 612 Louis Sorrenti
Behind the scenes of Guys and Dolls with Hot Box Girls
Heres a behind the scenes look at my high school production of guys and dolls. Interviews with Candy, Audrey, Honey, Holly,Angie, Alyssax2 and Megan.
Guys & Dolls Jr. (Cast 1)
This production of Guys & Dolls Jr. was done by elementary and middle school kids in Carlsbad, CA. This show is part of the Broadway Junior Collection from Music Theater International (MTI). Thursday Performance Cast 1 - Thursday
Views: 14506 Rick Schwartz
Kitty Kat/Hot Box Girls/Guys and Dolls
Katie Stephens performs on stage live with Port Huron Northern Drama Club Guys and Dolls Spring 2013 production.
Views: 556 amr73kes
Guys And Dolls (3 of 4)
Performed Nov 14th - 17th, 2013 FOR OPTIMAL VIEWING go to the You Can't Take It With You playlist. This limits the space and time in between scenes. Link here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3EDxcOM2y2kHrkfGRteggVfYeWXlHksd Royal Oak Drama Club proudly presents Guys And Dolls. Based off of the characters by: Damon Runyon Directed by: Ed Nahhat and Brittany Ward Vocal Direction by: Debora Buffa Musical Direction by: David Jensen Scenic and Light Design: Shannon Kennedy Costume Design: Chelsea Criger Cast Hannah Wielgat: Adelaide Calvin Brown: Nathan Detroit Meghan Lynch: Sarah Brown Max Sanders: Sky Masterson Bobby Daratony: Arvide / Havana Dancer Matt Harmon: Nicely Nicely Johnson Jarod Clark: Benny Southstreet Aiden Walsh: Lt. Brannigan / Crapshoot Josh Young: Rusty Charlie Jordan Scheaffer: Harry The Horse Lucas Valone: Big Jule Grace Holcomb: General Cartwrite / Crapshooter Mike Miller: MC Charlie / Cuban Waiter / Crapshooter/ Drunk Deryk Nagengast: Angie The Ox / Prizefighter / Havana Dancer Nickolas Latimer: Joey Biltmore / New York Cop / Hot Box Waiter Leah King: Hot Box Girl / Cuban Dancer / Crapshooter Kendall Neary: Lady Luck Ballerina / Hot Box Dancer / Crapshooter Julia Sager: Hot Box Girl / Crapshooter / Havana Dancer Ingrid Everts: Vernon / Crapshooter / Havana Dancer Aurora Haziri: Mimi / Scranton Slim Katie Stapelman: Allison / Crapshooter / Brandy Bottle Bates Kristina Samborski: Ferguson / Crapshooter Paige Bradley: Calvin / Crapshooter Nylia McMillan: Martha / Crapshooter Abby Walsh: Agatha / Crapshooter Isabel Aklestad: Hot Box Girl / Liver Lips Louie Kara Barbieri: Society Max / Tour Guide Emily Martin:Hot Box Girl / Crapshooter / Tourist Catherine Morrow: Tourist / Hot Box Girl / The Greek Sarah Saville: Bowery Joe / Crapshooter / Tourist Abby Bailey: Hot Box Girl Aritz Mediola: Crapshooter Crew Madison (Mo) Ozdych, Abby Bailey, Ariana Quesada, Keegen Murphy, Maureen Murphy, Camden Barnes, Tyler Salah, Samantha Bekemeyer, Alex Davenport, Derek Spencer, Sarah Saville, Brendan Hunter, Nylia McMillan, Mike Miller, Matt Harmon, Deryk Nagengast, Iris Partlan, Alison Peel, Ali Plummer, Abby Walsh, Aiden Walsh, Josh Young, Chelsea Criger, Julia Sager, Christiana Bej, Lilith Cheetham, Samantha Cloutier, Katie Colavecchia, Violet Erlandson, Jordan Scheaffer, Gwen Hutchinson, Grace Novak, Emily VanHaitsma, Omar Romolino, Jacob Walbridge, Bassam Romolino, Doug Vollmer, Brianna Williams, Marianne Bennett, Paige Bradley, Kiera Grobbel, Nicole Sczechowski, Allison Young, Calvin Brown, Megan Ross, Lucas Valone, Lindsey Chidester, Teagan Lewis, Catherine Morrow, Kendall Neary, Ingrid Everts, Hannia Garcia, Sylvia Jarrus, Emily Martin, Katie Riley, Taylor Williams, Oksana Matiyash, Kara Barbiere, Abby Sokoll, Leah King, Julia Sager, and Daisy Ozdych
Views: 1179 LordAfroChicken jr
Guys and Dolls - I'll Know
"I'll Know" from the 1992 Revival Cast Recording of "Guys and Dolls"
Views: 330188 BwayDreamer1128
Guys and Dolls: hotbox girls
Views: 134 Catherine Salvatore
Guys and Dolls Jr.  FULL PERFORMANCE
Full footage of the performance of "Guys and Dolls Jr." The show was put on by Horizon Charter School and was performed at 'Upper Room Community Church' in Auburn, California on May 5-6, 2017. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 107.Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include as (1) the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes; (2) the nature of the copyrighted work; (3) the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and (4) the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (C) 1951 by Jo Swerling, Abe Burrows, and Frank Loesser. Lyrics (C) 1949, 1950, 1951, 1955 by Frank Music Corp. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Filmed and Edited by: TristanandLance Studios ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to send fan mail? TristanandLance Studios P.O. Box 683 Georgetown, California 95634 United States of America IG: legendarygamer21 Twitter: filmer123456 Snapchat: filmer123456 Lance's IG: lancegerkan Lance's Snapchat: dude5063 *Please Like, Comment, and Subscribe!!!!*
Views: 7603 TristanandLance
Cox Mill Musical  (Guys & Dolls) A Bushel & A Peck
Miss Adelaide & the Hot Box Girls dancing
Views: 173 cristallacy
Guys and Dolls-Bushel and a Peck
Guys and Dolls high school production. Miss Adelaide sings Bushel and a Peck with the Hot Box Girls.
Views: 8385 WWLDD
Guys and Dolls - Hot Box Dancers
Guys and Dolls Hot Box Dancers Hot Box Girls in Havana Herricks Middle School
Views: 7473 BILLYCHIU.com
A Bushel and a Peck / Adelaide's Lament - Guys and Dolls
This video features the songs A Bushel and a Peck and Adelaide's Lament from the 2013 production of Guys and Dolls at Kaneland Harter Middle School. The Hot Box Girls and Adelaide sing A Bushel and A Peck and Adelaide's Lament is a solo who Adelaide (Demi Graham) sings.
Views: 1429 Demi Graham
Guys and Dolls - Fugue For Tinhorns
"Fugue For Tinhorns" from the 1992 Revival Cast Recording of "Guys and Dolls"
Views: 193862 BwayDreamer1128
Guys and Dolls at The Marriott Theatre
Guys and Dolls January 26 — March 27, 2011 Bringing to life the Broadway fantasy world of high rollers, loveable lowlifes, and Salvation Army soul savers, GUYS AND DOLLS takes you to a time when "guys was guys and girls was dolls." With thrilling dance and a timeless score including "Luck Be a Lady" this brassy classic will make your heart sing, your soul soar, and your belly laugh. You can bet on that.
Views: 2519 The Marriott Theatre
Breylee and Rayna - "Bushel and a Peck" in "Guys and Dolls"
Breylee as "Adelaide," and Rayna as a "Hot Box Girl," performing "Bushel and a Peck" with the rest of the Hot Box Girls, in Guys and Dolls.
Views: 125 jeffandtren
Marlon Brando   Guys and Dolls
Views: 125400 vitormcz

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