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Funny Face Morph Video
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Morph face after effects tutorial
Face morphing is fun, face morphing is cool and so is after effects. In this after effects tutorial i'll show you how I do a face morph, with out any third party plugins. NONE, you can do this with plain vanilla after effects. So fire up AE and lets get started. My Tip Jar: http://goo.gl/rYpW42 ⭐️ UNLIMITED STOCK DOWNLOADS Access to over 600,000 ready-to-use After Effects Templates, Stock Footage, Fonts, Templates and more! http://cinemaspice.net/envato to help support this channel. Don't forget to share this video. You never know who among your friends is a closet After Effects user. Thanks. Twitter https://twitter.com/longlivemikey Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecinemaspice/ If you need stock footage, photos and even After Effects templates. Go check out Envato Elements. http://cinemaspice.net/envato to help support this channel. Don't forget to share this video. You never know who among your friends is a closet After Effects user. Thanks. Twitter https://twitter.com/longlivemikey Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecinemaspice/
Face Blender:Funny Morph Face Demo
App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.llapps.funnyface
Views: 16188 loloapps
Michael Jackson Morph
An intriguing morph showing Michael's changing face through the years set to a medley of his music. Mesmerizing! Check out my stuff: http://redercreative.com/Clients/Wordpress/ Thanks for watching!
Views: 1358226 Benjamin Reder
Funny Face Morph
Views: 112 Jessie Boo
Face Morph-Face Fun- Ageing apps
Face Morph-Face Fun- Ageing apps http://telephoon.blogspot.in/2010/09/face-morph-ageing-app-for-apple-iphone.html Excerpts from blog: its an app For Apple iPhone, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4 (fourth generation) {iOS 4 or later iGadgets} here is an interesting fun entertainment free app in Apple iTunes store, AGE MY FACE, using Age My Face free app you can view how would you look when you would be old and an aged person, Do not feel shy, aging is a process from the nature which is uni-directional and everybody has to go-through this process only once in his lifetime, it would be fun to watch yourself as an aged guy on Apple iPhone / iPod Touch for free, Age My Face free Apple app contains 8 all different masks ... More related Fun face morphing apps: http://telephoon.blogspot.in/2011/09/teeth-braces-app-for-ipad-iphone-ipod.html http://telephoon.blogspot.in/2010/11/faceshake-photo-app-for-iphone-ipad.html http://telephoon.blogspot.in/2011/08/3d-face-morph-windows-7-ios-app.html http://telephoon.blogspot.in/2010/09/face-fun-facetime-app-for-ipad-iphone.html http://telephoon.blogspot.in/2010/09/3d-face-motion-effect-app-for-iphone.html More such posts: http://telephoon.blogspot.com Share, Subscribe and Bookmark us, Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/telephoonblogspotcom/289282094420988 Twitter: http://twitter.com/talkfree7 Related: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/age-my-face-free-aging-tool/id379459295?mt=8
Views: 266 Kartik Shradha
Heavy Rain but 500% facial animations
Leave a "J-SON" in the comments. The same chapter but 200%: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4-t-IiqG_A Heavy Rain Boundary Break: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUhoS2gZJeA In memory of Kitty0706.
Views: 2059235 DPO23
Face morph app fun
What... No ice cream for me?
Views: 361 Éva Grace
After Effects Tutorial:  Face Morph & Tracking
College Final Project If you enjoyed this tutorial, please check out videocopilot.com If you have any questions you can comment below, or you can try asking the guys over at creativecow.net
Views: 62102 Phatpug
Michael Jackson Face Morph (3D)
Morph sequence of Michael Jackson from age 11 until shortly before his death. Musical accompaniment is a piano version of "Smile" which was MJs favorite song.
Views: 675961 HerBunk
Funny face morphs
Views: 47 Scott DeThomas
Great site to morph your faces!
Hey YouTube! In this video i am going to show you a fun site to morph your face or someone else's face! It is going to keep you busy for hours! With the amount of effects this site has, this is surely the best photo morphing website I've ever seen! ****************************************************************** SITE: http://www.photofunia.com/ ****************************************************************** Enjoy! Please Comment, Like and Subscribe!
Views: 579 FaceTheVenom
Face Morph Photo Booth Challenge
This is me attempting the Photo Booth Challenge tag. The only one watching was my bunny, though. He reacted to my face changing and morphing in a funny way. This was inspired by Jenna Marble's Photo Booth Tag video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQq4-3crqGA&feature=c4-overview&list=UU9gFih9rw0zNCK3ZtoKQQyA
funny face morph
funny little kid screws around and dosent know he is being filmed
Views: 573 Makit Nazty
Syd's hilarious face morph
Fun with photo booth While playing around with photobooth on one of the schools macbooks, she unintentially recorded herself. My 7th grade boys found the video and showed it to :) She starts out humming the kstate fight song!
Views: 286 Trista Gish
face morph
pulling faces
Views: 761 darkrevelations
priya prakash varrier funny face morph troll
No offense just fun .
Views: 341594 ManoSpeaks
Funny special VII Morphing
Funny photo film of photos that blend together, using Morphing. Titel: "Rise with the sun" by Karpa. http://www.jaqverstappen.nl/. Morphingsite: https://www.facebook.com/Drakre52.
Views: 3386 Drakre52
Funny Cupid Face Morph
Funny Cupid.
Views: 8 Face Swap Kids
Funny Celebrity Face Morph Angelina Jolie , Megan Fox,,
Funny face morph clip Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, George Clooney, Ryan Seacrest, Michelle Pleiffer, Ben Affleck , Verne Troyer, Paris Hilton and Hugh Grant PS. my orginal work I took pics mix to music,,,,
Views: 1484 jmFILMandSOUND
Ellen discovered the face morph.
so funny
Views: 73 Amy Regan
Funny animated morphing faces of famous people
Morphing pictures of famous people include Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, Pamela Anderson, Miley Cirus.
Views: 634 Collin Bru
Toshi and Choo Li Face Morph Special Funny
Okay, here's the thing, I finally had my brother's permission to upload this thing, but I told him I would put this on private (check!^^) and I wouldn't show this with anybody (uhhh...-,-) But anyway, you guys aren't just anybody to me HAHA ^^... We filmed this about 2 months ago but since I have really nothing fun to share with you guys this time, I figured maybe this'll do..for now kk I hope you guys enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed doing this craziness! I hope Nadine remembers that she has the same app on her laptop and we used to do something like this back in the dorms, except it was lipsynching to Maroon 5's songs and dancing to it!.. Oh GOOD TIMES!~~ Miss you both looooove you Janelle and Nadz! Love, Choo Li
face morph gone wrong
Views: 21 Matt Matt
fun morph software
Views: 3133 gautam kumar
Face Craze! App | FUNNIEST APP EVER | Photo Morph | Face Blender | Download FaceCraze!
Download Face Craze!: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/face-craze!/id528948265?mt=8 Face Craze! is the hilarious new entertainment app (by CJE APPS) that allows you to morph, mash and combine your facial features with one of the many faces of our quirky models -- to create an entirely new person! It's hysterical! Ever wonder what you and your friends would look like as a totally different person? Stop wondering! Automatically "pop in" the physical attributes of any photographed face to one of our model's and the resulting image that will crack you and your friends up for days. Amaze and entertain everyone you know! The entire world is going Face Craze-y! Test it out on yourself, friends, co-workers, family -- even your favorite celebrities to see what they'd look like! It's a great conversation starter. Achieve extremely realistic results in mere seconds; Face Craze! is extremely easy to use, with big buttons and a sleek, straightforward userface. Simply import a photo from your library or take a new one using your camera, adjust the facial recognition markers, and choose a model's face. Immediately, you'll have entertaining, high-quality images that you can Tweet, email, save and share on Facebook. The app comes with thirty-six different models so you'll definitely have lots of time to play around! Available for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
Views: 9095 facecrazeapp
Morph - Face Changing
Some funny faces you have there!
Views: 264 Digitrix LV
Multi Faces Face Morph Blender
Multi Faces Face Morph Blender is the best free photo editor and versatile app. Multi Faces Face Morph Blender allows you to create funny faces. Animals are over best friends. You like tigers? Do you want to look like a cat? Then this Multi Faces Face Morph Blender is best for you. This app has a magic which converts your face to animal face. Multi Faces Face Morph Blender creates stunning animal eyes and faces on your faces and make you unique. Show some magic on your photos using Multi Faces Face Morph Blender. Use different filters on your pictures. Features of Multi Faces Face Morph Blender: - Switch your face to other face. - Automatic face detection feature. - Face Morph. - Face split. - Mix your face with animal face. Download Now https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.seebsolutions.multifaces.facemorphblender
Views: 104 Haseeb Javaid
Face swap and face morph
Face morphing animals and humans -great fun
Views: 1934 Jason Marsh
Zayn Malik Face Morph
Zayn Malik Face Morph
Views: 16259 TM
Barack Obama - Face Morph
Morph animation - "floating morphs" / done in FantaMorph and After Effects.... just for fun... / by Alicia7777777 / made in Wonderland ;) ------- Music composed and played by Alicia7777777. To download music and listen to the complete version: http://www.realmusic.ru/alicia7777777/music/ http://www.lastfm.ru/label/Alicia7777777 http://www.reverbnation.com/alicia7777777 Musica composta e suonata da Alicia7777777
Views: 3286 Alicja7777777
awesome funny morph
made with morpheus photo morpher
Views: 141 funnystatuss
Angelina Jolie upcoming movie | funny morph
Hey Guys, I have done a morphing first time Angelina Jolie face morphed to Brad Pitt. JUST FOR FUN!!! Angelina jolie hot Angelina jolie kiss Angelina jolie Mr & Mrs smith Angelina jolie tomb raider Angelina Jolie upcoming movies Funny morph Angelina Jolie face to Brad Pitt face, funny morph, Angelina jolie sex
Views: 131 Saravanan Nagarajan
Funny Morph
Views: 939 daviidboon
funny morph!!!!!!
watch me morph
Fun Morph 2
Fun Morph 2
Views: 1865 princas31
Fun Morph
Fun Morph
Views: 435 princas31
Scary face morph
using after effects i was able to create this
Views: 4676 willyang1
Funny Morph Man
funny morphing video
Views: 1752 damodamien
Morph Funny Live Wallpaper (Android APP)
Tired of boring and repetitive mobile phone themes? Install these wallpaper, choose a photo with a face: your face, friend's face or celebrity's face and see how funny it can become! Please, let us know in comments what kind of effects would you like to be included in this appliction. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fds.lwpPhotoEffects.trial
Views: 5762 alex khu
wicked funny morph movie
i made a couple morphes on a website and decided to make dis
Views: 81 markyy80
priya prakash varrier funny face morph troll
Lssc l.like S.subscribe S.share C.comment
Views: 52 paul robert
Jonah is bored ep 1 funny morphs
this video is about a website called morph thing check the website out.Make sure to leave comments of what face I should morph next dandlion rambow peace out.
Views: 53 Jones TV
Mario face morph HD (FUNNY MOMENTS)
Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?zfw2wx125g55o4k
Views: 519 LilLime
Where is the boy (Tag) -  Barbershop Multitrack + Face morph effect
Enjoy this little video multitrack on a tag which is part of the classic barbershop tag book. I couldn't find anything more appropriate to sing on a funny face morph effect that you can download from: http://download.cnet.com/3055-2140_4-174448.html?&tag=pdl-redir You can find a video tutorial on : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RG6w5RihaYI The video depicts a time lapse of almost 30 years.
Views: 967 Mirko Conti
Face Morph App | Face Morphing Application Features And Specifications | ABN Entertainment
Face Morph App, Face Morphing Application Features And Specifications. For More Latest Technologies News Updates Stay tuned To ABN Entertainment. ABN Entertainment Is a Brand New channel. It's completely an Entertainment Channel. We Provide you a lot of Stuff Regarding latest Telugu Events, sports, social events, food, travel, fashion, gadgets, lifestyle, Bollywood, Tollywood. Subscribe to Our Channel: https://bit.ly/2PaQ9FU Like Us on Facebook: https://bit.ly/2O0sdbM Follow Us On Twitter: https://bit.ly/2Oz7MCi
Views: 66 ABN Entertainment
Morphing feminine to masculine, ftm morph :-)
Yesterday i found a funny tool: you can morph your face into different things, from female to male and the other way around, from young to old and so on. Somehow i like the look the program gave me as a "boy" so i decided to put it on here. If you're interested you can find the tool here: http://morph.cs.st-andrews.ac.uk//Transformer
Views: 8707 strukturreform
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Views: 3435607 UnspeakableGaming

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