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Beginners Guide to Cross-Country Skiing
In this video we introduce you to the sport of cross-country skiing (classic style). Starting with a look at the equipment, we then show you how to ski the standard diagonal stride. We next turn to skiing up and down hills with the herringbone and snowplough techniques. This video is ideal for anyone starting out in cross-country skiing or looking to improve their technique. Links to chapters: Equipment: https://youtu.be/mjbuwmUzUhQ?t=35s Diagonal stride: https://youtu.be/mjbuwmUzUhQ?t=2m24s Going uphill: https://youtu.be/mjbuwmUzUhQ?t=5m20s Going downhill: https://youtu.be/mjbuwmUzUhQ?t=6m47s Final tips: https://youtu.be/mjbuwmUzUhQ?t=9m33s
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The Elements of Cross-country Skiing: Classic Technique
Saul explains the various elements of cross-country skiing. This chapter explains the dynamics of classic skiing technique including: diagonal stride, double pole, kick double pole, herring bone, snow plow, tuck and step turns.
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The Elements of Cross-country Skiing; Skate Skiing
Saul explains the various elements of cross-country skiing. This chapter explains the dynamics of skate skiing technique including: one skate, two skate, offset, diagonal skate, double pole and when to use these techniques.
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The Beginner's Guide to Classic Cross Country Skiing
Introduction to Cross Country Skiing - The Basic Diagonal Stride. Learn all about XC Skiing in Tirol: http://www.tyrol.com/things-to-do/sports/cross-country-skiing Thomas is a cross country skiing instructor here at the Cross Country Academy in Seefeld. He is going to be teaching you some basic cross country skiing techniques so you can get out and enjoy a great form of exercise and a new winter sport. https://www.blog.tirol/en/2016/01/getting-started-in-cross-country-skiing-classic-skate-skiing-techniques/
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The Beginner's Guide to Skate Skiing - Cross Country Skiing
Introduction to Skate Skiing - For Getting Started in Skate Skiing. Learn all about XC Skiing in Tirol: http://www.tyrol.com/things-to-do/sports/cross-country-skiing Thomas is a cross country skiing instructor here at the Cross Country Academy in Seefeld. He is going to be teaching you today some basic skate skiing techniques so you can get out and enjoy a great form of exercise and a new winter sport. http://blogtirol.at/en/2016/01/getting-started-in-cross-country-skiing-classic-skate-skiing-techniques
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Cross or X Country Skiing-Free Skate Technique
Learn to free skate with this new video by CANSI instuctor Keith Nicol. Try my new on line ski instructional programme- more info at: http://keithnicol.blogspot.ca/2018/02/on-line-instruction-new-way-to-improve.html Brought to you by Rossignol and Infinity Poles
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YOU still think Cross Country Skiing is BORING ?I [XC Skiing-passion]WORLDSFIRST FLIP on ROLLSKI
and you still think that the cross-country skiing is boring? Worldsfirst Rollski Flip ! damn I am stoked!! can`t actually believe this was worlds first But the BIG thing I want to show with this video is that your passion never gets boring if you play around and if you are CREATIVE EVERYTHING is POSSIBLE! and it was a great training too __ So it`s quite fun to enjoy xc skiing in Summer as well and of course adding some stunts & style to it almost like by the Extreme Cross Country Ski Competition Red Bull Nordix almost as fun as XC Skiing Oslo Vinterpark! Or Skiing One Of Those Nordic Days like Team Valoche! Thanks for your support guys! __ __ Starring: Ruben Kretzschi Edit by: Ruben Kretzschi __ Shoot by Sony Nex 5n Shoot by Canon g1x Mark II __ Song: Garage
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Johannes Høsflot Klæbo AMAZING WIN - Men's sprint [C] - Final - Kuusamo 2017
Season's Opening - Men's Classic Sprint - Final - Ruka-Kuusamo (24/11/2017)
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Cross Country Skiing: Classic or Skate?
Interested in cross country skiing? It's a great way to enjoy winter and get exercise. Ski Vermont helps differentiate between the two styles: classic cross country skiing and skate skiing.
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Classic vs. skate: the 2 types of cross-country skiing | CBC Sports
Olympic champion Beckie Scott explains the difference between classic and skate (or freestyle) cross-country skiing techniques. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/CBCSportsSubscribe Stay Informed with CBC Sports: http://bit.ly/CBCSportsWebsite About CBC Sports: The voice of Canadian athletes, fans and the Olympic Games. Connect with CBC Sports Online: Twitter: http://bit.ly/CBCSportsTwitter Facebook: http://bit.ly/CBCSportsFB Instagram: http://bit.ly/CBCSportsInsta Google+: http://bit.ly/CBCSportsGooglePlus Classic vs. skate: the 2 types of cross-country skiing | CBC Sports https://www.youtube.com/user/CBCSports
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Sci Fondo_Skating Style On Board-GOPro - XCSki Tecnique Skating Cross Country Skiing
* SCI Fondo On Board* Location: Claviere - Piemonte / Arpy - Valle D'Aosta - Italy Athletes: Marco Ranaldi Date: Dicembre 2012 / Gennaio 2013 Credits: NordicSPORTAcademy di Marco Ranaldi - http:/www.nordicsportacademy.it
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basic cross country skiing style
This is just a quick demo from last year on cross country skiing and what it even looks like
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Men’s cross-country skiing. 1.6km sprint. Classic style - 28th Winter Universiade 2017, Almaty
Almaty - February 2 1 Gold: Ivan Lyuft (Kazakhstan) – 3:53.60 2 Silver: Vladimir Frolov (Russia) – 3:54.30 3 Bronze: Egor Berezin (Russia) – 3:54.57 30 athletes made to the quarterfinal of the cross-country skiing tournament. In qualifications, Louis Schwartz took the first place having covered 1.6km in 3:51.28. Konstantin Bortsov from Kazakhstan was second, and Andre Kjetil Bjerkrheim from Norway was third. Many athletes consider sprint in cross-country skiing to be the most difficult discipline that requires a lot of stamina. Men’s quarterfinal was unfortunate for many spectators. Konstantin Bortsov could not hold the balance on a turn and fell. This prevented him from continuing to the next stage. Louis Schwartz, who was the leader of the qualification round, also fell and came last as a result. In men’s sprint, athletes from Russia and Kazakhstan were dominating in numbers. 4 member in each team made it to the semifinal. Teams of Belarus, Japan, Norway and Czech Republic each had a member who made it to the semifinal. There was a fall in the semifinal race. Alexandr Voronov, an athlete from Belarus, В полуфинале также не обошлось без падений: белорусский лыжник Александр Воронов came off the track. Fortunately, his was not injured. He was left behind by 1 minute and 20 seconds. In the final, Russia competed against Kazakhstan. Ivan Lyuft, one of the home team members, unexpectedly took over his competitors 300 meters before the finish. “I didn’t expect this result. I thought I was a lucky loser before I got to the final. I watched my competitors from the start and it was clear they found the race challenging. I became the leader of the race on the second rise. Then I thought I might be able to win and pushed myself to the limit,” said Lyuft. Vladimir Frolov and Egor Berezin from Russia took the second and the third place respectively. Stay tuned with FISU and follow us on our different social platforms! Subscribe to our Youtube Channel : ‪http://www.youtube.com/subscribe_widget?p=fisutv‬ Follow us on: Facebook: ‪https://www.facebook.co/FISU.InternationalUniversitySport ‬Twitter: ‪https://twitter.com/FISUnetwork ‬flicker: ‪http://www.flickr.com/people/fisu_network/‬ Visit the official website of the FISU Movement at http://www.fisu.net for all information on University Games, Sports and Athletes, National FISU Committees and FISU News.
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Cross Country Skiing - Downhill Style
#spc70 RecWell students push me outside my comfort zone to go downhill skiing.
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Nordic Skiing Technique - Traditional Style - Diagonal Stride
Olympic and World cup racers demonstrate the traditional cross country (nordic) skiing technique. Diagonal Stride For the comprehensive professional version visit www.xczone.tv.
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Cross-country skiing course - skating technique
Skating technique without poles
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on snow - a film about xc skiing
On Snow tells the story of kindred spirits, athleticism, lifestyle, and adventure across a Canadian Winterscape. The film mixes modern XC skiing, breathtaking action tracking cinematography with a rocking sound track craft its own funky and highly caffeinated style. The question of what it means to be on-snow is answered by way of anecdotal devices, narrative and motion; de-constructing the popular notions of cross-country skiing from the arcane to the extreme, while indulging in a bit of "culture jamming" along the way; whether that be developing a penchant for coffee or using snow boarders as slalom gates. It is a fast-paced, funny, frequently candid, and exhilarating ride on snow. "It is a fast-paced, funny, frequently candid, and exhilarating ride on snow." Copyright and Filmed by xczone.tv Music Fully Purchased and Licensed for this use by xczonetv
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Cross Country Skiing - VIDEOGRAPHIC
Cross-country skiing has been an Olympic sport since the first Winter Games in Chamonix in 1924. The course is hilly, alternating between uphill and downhill slopes and is completed as quickly as possible. There are two ski styles: the classic, also known as the 'straight-striding technique'... And the freestyle or 'skating technique' -- the faster of the two.VIDEOGRAPHIC
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Classic Cross-Country Skiing Techniques Apply to Backcountry Cross-Country Skiing
People often ask me if prefer to cross-country ski on groomed trails or in the backcountry. My answer is that I prefer to develop my classic cross-country technique on the groomers and then take those skills into the backcountry. Here's a long-winded version to that answer with plenty of annoying jump-cuts. I had to take a machete to all of the clips. I created this video on March 7, 2017, in Washoe Meadows State Park. Although I advocate venturing out of your comfort zone, you need to know your limits and when to turn back. Tahoe Trail Guide and its contributors are not liable for property loss or damage, personal injury, or death. Always consult multiple sources when venturing into the backcountry, and always be prepared for the worst case scenario. Your safety is your responsibility. For more information, visit https://TahoeTrailGuide.com
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Cross-country skiing Ladie's Mass Start 15 km Classic style -  28th Winter Universiade 2017, Almaty
Almaty 7 February., The pedestal in the final women’s cross-country ski race was the same as in the first start at the Universiade. Ski race. Women. Mass start 15 km. Classic style: Lillia Vasilieva (Russia) – 44:09.7 Anna Nechaevskaya (Russia) – 44:11.7 Anna Shevchenko (Kazakhstan) – 44:17.5 Women skiers completed 15km race in classic style at the Universiade. 40 skiers from 14 countries competed for the last time at the Games-2017. Main favorites of the race were athletes from Russia and Kazakhstan. First kilometers of the distance were headed by Russian skiers. Behind them were kept by representatives of Kazakhstan. At around 2.6 kilometers a group of seven racers created a 10-second backlog from the nearest pursuers. At the cut-off of 10 km the number of contenders for medals remained even less. Less than a kilometer from the finish Russians Lillia Vasilieva and Anna Nechaevskаya attempted to break away from the Anna Shevchenko. They managed to create a gap. - Russians began to rise sharply. I tried to catch up, - shared her impressions of the race Anna Shevchenko. - At the end of lifting I cut the deficit, and it played a key role. I could not catch up and was left behind. And there has been no place to compete, just worked up to the end, to stay third. On the finish line Lillia and Anna competed for the gold medal. - Lillia has rolled me on a long descent, - says Anna Nechaevskaya. – Her skiing worked very well. And closer to the finish line the track goes under the slope. I could not to catch up with her. Lillia was stronger today, I congratulate her-said Anna Nechaevskaya. Stay tuned with FISU and follow us on our different social platforms! Subscribe to our Youtube Channel : ‪http://www.youtube.com/subscribe_widget?p=fisutv‬ Follow us on: Facebook: ‪https://www.facebook.co/FISU.InternationalUniversitySport ‬Twitter: ‪https://twitter.com/FISUnetwork ‬flicker: ‪http://www.flickr.com/people/fisu_network/‬ Visit the official website of the FISU Movement at http://www.fisu.net for all information on University Games, Sports and Athletes, National FISU Committees and FISU News.
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How to do cross-country skate style ski waxing
This video shows you how to do basic glide waxing for cross-country skate style skis. This is not racing waxing, just a regular stuff. The cameraman in this video was JV10: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXfAECmjI54JMfxozcUFZCw
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Cross-Country Skiing- Classic Style-Diagonal Stride. Side And Front View
Teknikkvideo av klassisk diagonalgang. Utøver: William Helstad Areas for improvement: Shifting weight from one ski to the other should come as a result of having the whole body sway from side to side. NOT just the torso as seen in the front view.
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Classic vs Skate XC Ski Equipment
A common question amongst new skiers. Elise explains the difference between classic style and skate style ski equipment. Stay tuned for classic and skate technique videos. Is there a cross country ski tutorial you would like to see? Leave us a comment of send us an email with your questions [email protected] Visit us online at http://www.windsorparknordic.ca
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Forward Body Lean in Cross-country Skiing
Visit: http://crosscountryskitechnique.com for more info
XC Skiing Training: "Ski Safety" 1942 US Army Cross Country Skiing Training Film
Outdoor Recreation, Camping, Survival playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2B3A5C50229C95E1 US Army Training Film playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0C7C6CCF1C0DEBB3 more at http://quickfound.net/ "SAFETY PRECAUTIONS IN CONNECTION WITH EXCESSIVE SPEED AND FAULTY ADJUSTMENTS--REMEDIES FOR OVER-HEATING, SUNBURN AND SNOWBLINDNESS." US Army training film TF7-680 Reupload of a previously uploaded film, in one piece instead of multiple parts, and with improved video & sound. Public domain film from the US National Archives, slightly cropped to remove uneven edges, with the aspect ratio corrected, and one-pass brightness-contrast-color correction & mild video noise reduction applied. The soundtrack was also processed with volume normalization, noise reduction, clipping reduction, and/or equalization (the resulting sound, though not perfect, is far less noisy than the original). http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross-country_skiing Cross-country skiing (commonly abbreviated XC skiing) is a winter sport in which participants propel themselves across snow-covered terrain using skis and poles. It is popular in many places with large snowfields, primarily Northern Europe, Canada, and Alaska. Cross-country skiing is part of the Nordic skiing sport family, which also includes ski jumping, and a combination sport of cross-country skiing and ski jumping called Nordic combined. Free-technique cross-country skiing is also the method of locomotion in the combination sport of Biathlon, which adds rifle marksmanship to skiing. Another combination sport is ski-orienteering, which adds the skill of map navigation along snow trails and tracks. Related sports are backcountry skiing and Telemark skiing. The ski touring article provides an overview of different ski styles and techniques... History Cross-country skiing originated in Fennoscandian countries in prehistoric times. It was still widely practiced in the 19th century as a way of moving from place to place in winter. Elk, deer and other animals were hunted by skiing. Nowadays many people in countries with strong cross-country skiing traditions — like Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia — have used or regularly use skis. By contrast skiing is relatively new in North America and was introduced by Norwegian and Swedish immigrants in the 1850s. Snowshoe Thompson is widely credited for introducing the sport to California in the USA. In Canada pioneers included Aldolf Olsen, Sigurd and Hans Lockeberg and Jackrabbit Johannsen. In Canada, although Johannsen never claimed to be the first skier in Canada, he had a major role in stimulating an interest in the sport. He organized races, officiated events, and served as a guide, coach, and consultant for numerous skiing organizations, many of which he helped to found. An enthusiastic teacher, he helped coach Canada's Olympic team in 1932. At the age of 55, he shocked his Canadian Olympic pupils as he accompanied the team step by step through its rigorous training schedule—and still he had energy to spare. This was, however, still quite far from being the twilight of Jackrabbit's incredible skiing career, as he didn't ski his last official race until the age of 75, and still glided through the snowy woods on a daily basis well past the age of 100. This form of skiing has been used by explorers as a means of transport, and all Nordic armies have ski-trained infantry for winter operations. Skis gave important mobility to the Finnish army during the Winter War and allowed the small groups of Finns to beat large armies of Russians. Similar tactics that utilize skis have been used in many times by the Finns and Karelians in the past. Pre-modern skiing troops were armed with crossbows and ski poles which had a spearhead on the other end. Traditionally, all of the equipment was made of natural materials: wooden skis and bamboo poles with leather hand straps. Footwear was usually sturdy leather boots with thick soles. Bindings evolved from simple straps made of twisted wood-based thread, to the so-called Kandahar binding with the fastening of both the boot's front and back, to the 'Rat Trap' front-only binding, which is today known as the Nordic norm, and has evolved in various modern bindings...
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Cross country skiing with style!
Funny performance by Abby in Norway 2007
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Fundamentals of cross country skiing technique
The Original Cross Country Skiing Technique Fundamentals TM Instructional Beginner to Intermediate, 1hrs This title is also available in the new Learn to Nordic Skiing DVD for a much better deal. The fundamentals of both classic and skating cross-country skiing are concisely packaged and delivered in 60min by World Cup athletes and coaches. Additional, generous ski tips are contributed by USSA/Cdn National and Factory Teams, pro-elite skiers, top coaches and instructors. It is a professional video production presenting crystal clear images, multiple angles, slow motion, 3D computer modeling, expert commentary and analysis. The format is based upon successful formula for master's camps that target the cross-country skiing aficionado.
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Saul's Advanced Waxing Technique for Cross Country Skis
The technique of waxing classic or skate skis. Including, restoring the structure in the glide zones, steel brush, fibertex, hot-scrape cleaning, hot waxing, priming the glide zone with soft glide wax, final glide wax, scraping, and brushing. Adapted from Velotique's advanced waxing clinic. velotique.com
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Cross Country Madness on the Perisher Loops
Perfect weather and perfect snow were the only ingredients required for this classic style cross country ski recipe. We had a bit of old style fun, filming this over a couple of days on the Perisher loops. This was a great warm-up for our day trip across the upper reaches of the Snowy River later in the week.
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Cross Country Skiing Downhill Terrain Tips
Learn to confidently ski downhill terrain on cross country skis.
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NORDIC FREESTYLE - The New Extreme Sport
RAD Godfrey Productions Presents a new extreme sport- NORDIC FREESTYLE
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xc-skiing classic technique: the diagonal stride
See the nordic skiing / xc skiing technique diagonal striding shown by the cross-country skiing school http://www.skischule-klingenthal.de. The most famous and a easy technique in cross-country skiing. Take care about the diagonal working of arms and legs. Don't forget to wax your skis with grip wax :-) Enjoy! Music: Kevin MacLeod - http://incompetech.com/ Video made and released by Patexsport
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How to Mount Cross Country Ski Bindings - Skate Skis Salomon SNS Install
http://www.therecreationalist.com If you are in a pinch, this is how to mount your own cross country ski bindings DIY style. It is a little risky without the professional jig for drilling the holes, but if you are careful it will work out. I am a total amature at this, so consult with a pro if your skis are expensive or you if you are not confident in your own skills. Drill at your own risk. Here is a link to more photos and written instructions: http://www.therecreationalist.com/how-to-mount-cross-country-ski-bindings
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nordic skiing stunts HD - fun
Awesome stunts and bloopers on done on cross-country (nordic) skis under self-generated speed and power. Footage from the advanced nordic skiing DVD film project and shooting the Ultimate Skiing showdown http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ektfgA1PWy0 XCZONE.TV and and the NaturalFitnessLab. www.xczone.tv
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Nordic Skiing Technique - Ski Skating - Offset - V1
World cup racers demonstrate the cross country (nordic) ski skiing technique. Offset or V1 Technique. All rights owned by xczonetv
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Cross Country Skiing in Fernie
Five groomed trail areas with over 50km to explore while surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. This short video provides a glimpse of the nordic skiing around Fernie, British Columbia https://tourismfernie.com/activities/cross-country-skiing
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Cross Country Skiing - Brazilian Style II
SECOND time for a Brazilian in Norway going downhill on cross country skis... Boa sorte!!
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Cross Country Skiing - Brazilian Style
First time for a Brazilian in Norway going downhill on cross country skis... Boa sorte!!
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Sci Fondo_Classic Style On Board-GOPro - XCSki Tecnique Classic Cross Country Skiing
* SCI Fondo On Board* Location: Riale/Val Formazza (VB) - Piemonte - Italy Athletes: Marco Ranaldi Date: Gennaio 2013 Credits: NordicSPORTAcademy di Marco Ranaldi - http:/www.nordicsportacademy.it
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Fischer XC Control My Style Cross-Country Ski Boots (For Women)
See more about Fischer XC Control My Style Cross-Country Ski Boots (For Women): http://stp.me/y/5894X/
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Cross-country skiing technique: Classic diagonal
https://www.sportalbert.de Detailed description: Exercises: - Alternating leg-push with swinging-through arms - Weight shift to the push-off leg - Powerful leg stretching - Pole usage at the level of the binding - Bend upper body forward - Shift weight to the push-off leg - Bend legs slightly just before the push-off - Move gliding leg forward - Shoulder and hip move diagonally to each other www.sportalbert.de
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xc-skiing technique: the Siitonen-Skate right
That's the siitonen-skate or finnstep on the right side. Use this kind of skating technique to improve and train your skiing style. Take care about the edge of your skis and press it into the snow to find the perfect grip. It helps you to get more speed on nordic skis. Here you'll find nordic skiing instruction: http://www.skischule-klingenthal.de Music: Kevin MacLeod - http://incompetech.com/ Video made and released by Patexsport
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Cross-Country Skiing in Thai Style
Cross-Country Skiing in Thai Style / เล่นสกีข้ามประเทศในสไตล์ไทย Location: South Finland Date: 26.01.2013
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Cross Country Skiing basics
Jason Parkin shows us how easy it is to begin the fun sport of cross country skiing
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30 km Women Cross Country Skiing Oslo Holmenkollen 2018
Results: http://medias4.fis-ski.com/pdf/2018/CC/2242/2018CC2242RL.pdf
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Cross-country skiing technique: Classic double-pole
https://www.sportalbert.de Detailed description: - Poles are put down in parallel - Position between ski-tip and binding - Bend upper body forward - Swing through hands at knee height - Powerful arm stretching - Arms are swung forward up to shoulder height www.sportalbert.de
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Traditional Crafts Of Norway - Episode 2 - Wooden Ski Making
This video shows the process of making traditional wooden skis for cross country skiing in Telemark style – with unfixed/free heel. Aasmund Kleiv is a ski maker from Morgedal in Telemark region, Norway. It is the same region where Sondre Nordheim lived who is known as the father of Telemark skiing and pioneer of modern skiing. The making of skis begins with going in the woods and choosing a proper tree, then comes the shaping of the wood and the most important and difficult part – steam bending the tips of the skis. The movie was made in 1975 and is based on a script by sports historian Jakob Vaage. http://www.northmen.com http://www.facebook.com/northmenguild http://www.instagram.com/northmenguild
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Cross-Country Ski in BruceGreySimcoe
Glide or skate the snowy trails of BruceGreySimcoe. Whatever your skill level or style, there's a trail for you! Lessons, rentals and packages available. Make BruceGreySimcoe your "go to" Nordic ski destination this winter! http://www.brucegreysimcoe.com
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Cross country skiing freestyle
Skiing in Hliðarfjall, Iceland.
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