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Jonas Storsve, Curator of the Cabinet d'Art Graphique, Centre Pompidou, Paris Achim Hochdörfer, Curator, Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, Vienna Dr. Nicholas Cullinan, Curator of International Modern Art, Tate Modern, London Moderator | Mirta d'Argenzio, Curator, Rome
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Grâce au legs de Denis et Annie Rouart, en 1993, le Musée Marmottan Monet jouit d’un très riche ensemble Berthe Morisot qui constitue la plus grande collection au monde d’œuvres de cette artiste conservée dans un musée. De plus, Denis Rouart étant le fils de Julie Manet, elle-même fille de Berthe Morisot et d’Eugène Manet, la collection provient directement de l’artiste. La collection est complétée trois ans plus tard avec le legs de Thérèse et Julien Rouart (ce dernier également petit-fils de Berthe Morisot) comportant trois tableaux de Morisot ainsi que du mobilier Empire provenant du salon de l’artiste. La grande amitié de leurs parents, Ernest et Julie Rouart, avec Hector Lefuel, le premier conservateur du musée, contribua probablement à ces deux legs généreux. Ainsi, Le le musée héberge plus de 80 œuvres de l’artiste : huiles sur toile, aquarelles, pastels et dessins, sans oublier les sept carnets de dessins mis en dépôt par la famille Rouart. Parmi les plus beaux tableaux de cet ensemble, figurent l’Autoportrait de l’artiste ainsi qu’Au bal, ce dernier legs de Mme Donop de Monchy (il ne provient pas de la famille mais du legs de Mme Donop de Monchy). Signalons aussi deux portraits du mari de Berthe Morisot : Eugène Manet à l’île de Wight et Eugène Manet et sa fille dans le jardin de Bougival. En 1997 la collection fait l’objet d’une exposition et d’un catalogue : Berthe Morisot ou l’audace raisonnée. Fondation Denis et Annie Rouart. http://pkaslanian.fr/Site/index.html
Online Scholarly Catalogue Demonstration
The Online Scholarly Catalogue produced by the Art Institute of Chicago with funding from the Getty Foundation represents an innovative approach to publishing primary art historical research using digital media. You can read the preview of the catalogue introduced by this video here: http://publications.artic.edu/reader/monet-paintings-and-drawings-art-institute-chicago
[Peek Into] A Picnic With Monet
If you visit a book shop to buy a book, then probably you can peek into the book. If you are an online shopper, then your information is pretty limited. I thought it would be nice to share quick peeking into books I bought for my children so you can decide more wisely. Enjoy!
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Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse
(26 Jan 2016) LEAD-IN: Artists inspired by gardens, and how nature is tamed by humans, are the central themes of a major new exhibition in London. Masterpieces from Monet to Matisse reveal the artists' love affair with nature's colour and light, as a means of expression. STORY-LINE: Thought to depict Claude Monet's cousin on the lawns of his aunt's garden, "Lady in the Garden" is an early work of the impressionist. Sunlight fills the space, giving life to the foliage and flowers. It's picturesque views like this that make the latest exhibition at London's Royal Academy a welcome departure from city life. Focussed solely on paintings of flowers and the modern garden from the mid 19th Century to the early 20th Century, botanical beauties fill the gallery space. "Monet Painting in His Garden at Argenteuil" by Pierre-Augustre Renoir captures Monet's lifelong devotion to gardening and painting. Exhibition curator Ann Dumas explains that Monet is at the core of this exhibition. "He (Monet) was not only obviously a very great artist, but he was a phenomenal gardener and I think people often don't realise just to what extent he was a really serious horticulturalist and a very knowledgeable botanist. And the garden and the art kind of intertwine throughout his career as a complete sort of symbiosis. So he's the foundation of the exhibition and his working dates provide its chronological framework." The curators have travelled the world, convincing galleries and private owners to temporarily part with precious artworks. As well as a remarkable collection of Monet's, it's filled with pieces from other impressionists, post-impressionists and avant-garde artists. "The Garden in the Rue Cortot, Montmartre" shows a wilder version of a garden, overgrown with bright dabs of colour punctuating the scene. The exhibition also includes a portrait of famed American stained-glass designer Louis Comfort Tiffany, by Joaquin Sorolla, who manages to show a range of shades in the artist's white suit. Of course, the subject is also placed within a colourful garden. Some here, like, Jordi Barcia, UK Correspondent for Spanish National Radio, were concerned this exhibition would work: "To be honest I was a little bit in fear at first because it can be too much for a single motif in an exhibition. But now that I've seen it through to the end I think it's breathtaking." Henri Matisse transports us to Tangier, Morocco, where an exotic palm tree inspired these fevered brush strokes. Nearby, splotches of eye catching colour fill the frame of Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky's "Murnau The Garden II". The curators say the period that this exhibition covers was not only an exciting time in art, but an exciting time in gardening and horticulture. The range of artworks and their settings has art writer, Michael Farr, predicting the exhibition will be a big success. "Well I think it's fabulous, I mean it's the most wonderful, you get lost in it, it's like in a garden the hedges and greenhouses and things you get lost in and you're surrounded by wonderful paintings, particularly Monet because he's the starting and ending point of this exhibition. We see wonderful, the whole range of his flower painting which is much more extensive than one is likely to have realised." Claude Monet's garden at Giverny at Normandy in Northern France proved a source of inspiration for the impressionist. His water garden, lovingly assembled, prompted the creation of some of his best loved works. Even as the fighting of World War One encroached and the other residents of Giverny fled, he stayed behind at his canvases. Dumas says Monet began to see his artworks at a patriotic effort. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/f541c63eb5f6308453f933957341bff2 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Inheriting a work of art by one of the great Impressionist masters should be a joy, but for Patrick Rice it was a mixed blessing. His small oil painting depicting a ballet dancer on stage has always been thought to be a work by Edgar Hilaire Degas. Unfortunately, since the 1970s, experts have not agreed. The painting, which could be worth around half-a-million pounds if it is a Degas, is currently worth £200. In a last ditch attempt to discover the truth, Patrick and his son Jonathan ask Fiona Bruce and Philip Mould to handle the case. Although bought as a Degas from a reputable London dealer in 1945 by Patrick's father, the painting, titled Danseuse Bleue et Contrebasses, failed to make the official record of Degas, the catalogue raisonne. As far as auction houses and experts are concerned, if it's not in the catalogue then it's not by Degas, and cannot be sold as such. Fiona and Philip follow the painting back through time to try to prove that it was created by one of France's greatest painters. It is a journey that takes them to Paris, Hamburg and Berlin. Could the picture be a fake created, like many others, amidst the chaos of World War Two? Or will the scholars responsible for authentification bring Patrick and his family life-changing news?
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Chapter 1 Giverny and Monet's Home and Garden in 2018
My mistake, the cruise took place in 2018. This shore excursion to us to Giverny where we visited the home of Claude Monet and strolled through the gardens. It was a wonderful visit that provided us with the opportunity to view many of Monet's beautiful artwork.
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VELAZQUEZ: THE COMPLETE WORKS JOSÉ LÓPEZ-REY & O. DELENDA Book Number: 76018 Product format: Hardback Light, colour and penetrating portraits from Spain's Golden Age luminary. Velázquez in Seville, Madrid and The Court, Meeting with Rubens and the First Journey to Italy, The Great Hall of the Buen Retiro Palace, Torre De La Parada, Dwarfs and Jesters, His Last Works in the Workshop are among the chapter headings of this ultimate monograph on one of the most admired European painters who ever lived. Manet called him "the greatest painter of all." Picasso was so inspired by his masterpiece Las Meninas that he painted 44 variations of it. Francis Bacon painted a study of his portrait of Pope Innocent X. Monet and Renoir, Corot and Courbet, Degas and Dalí - for so many champions of art history, the ultimate soundboard was, and remains, Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez (1599-1660). This updated catalogue raisonné brings together Velázquez's complete works, jaw-droppingly reproduced in extra-large format, with a selection of enlarged details and brand new photography of recently restored paintings, achieved through the joint initiative of publishers Taschen and the Wildenstein Institute. The book's dazzling images are accompanied by insightful commentary from José López-Rey on Velázquez's interest in human life and his equal attention to all subjects, from an old woman frying eggs to a pope or king, as well as his commitment to colour and light, which would influence the Impressionists over two centuries later. The book is a critical biography and includes all his works including a number in relatively poor condition which were enlarged or cut down or folded to fit wall space. Over one third of his extant paintings have been exposed to pollution in the Prado's galleries as for example the Foul Ochre in the background of the portrait of the buffoon Pablo de Valladolid. At this huge size we marvel at the mastery of his portraiture, many with religious themes, eyes glowing and looking directly at us. The centre page fold-out is truly spectacular and features The Surrender of Breda (Las Lanzas) with the lances pointing heavenward and horse turning away. Queen Isobelle on horseback is one of the many reproduced in full page and also close up detail. His depictions of dogs, dwarfs, hunting, beautiful women in traditional dress, moustachioed men and clerics and of course children and clergymen are stunning to behold in detail. Concordance and bibliographies. Hardcover with fold-out, 11.4 x 15.6", 416 pages, satin page marker. Boxed with carry handle. New from Taschen. Product is still available in limited quantities Bibliophile price: £100.00
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Albert Lebourg (1849-1928) A collection of paintings 4K Ultra HD
Albert Lebourg (1849-1928, birth name Albert-Marie Lebourg, also called Albert-Charles Lebourg and Charles Albert Lebourg, was a French Impressionist and Post-Impressionist landscape painter of the Rouen School (l'École de Rouen). Member of the Société des Artistes Français, he actively worked in a luminous Impressionist style, creating more than 2,000 landscapes during his lifetime. The artist was represented by Galerie Mancini in Paris in 1896, in 1899 and 1910 by : Galerie Bernheim-Jeune, 1903 and 1906 at the Galerie Paul Rosenberg, and 1918 and 1923 at Galerie Georges Petit. Initially studying at Évreux Lycée, Albert Lebourg, with interests in architecture, entered the École des Beaux-Arts of Rouen at a very young age. He studied art with Gustave Morin at l'Academie de peinture et de dessins, Rouen. Afterward, the artist was briefly a student of Jean-Paul Laurens. In 1876, Lebourg exhibited his works for the first time together with Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and other artists on the Boulevard Montmartre. Lebourg was referred to be appointed as a drawing professor at the Société des Beaux-Arts in Algiers after being noticed in Rouen by the art collector Laurent Laperlier. There he met Jean Seignemartin, who he inspired to bring more clarity and light into his paintings. In 1873 Lebourg married and remained in Algiers until the summer of 1877 when he resigned from his teaching position and returned to Paris with numerous paintings of the casbah, mosques and the Admiralty. In the Fourth Impressionist Exhibition of 1879 Lebourg exhibited 30 works with Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro and Edgar Degas, presenting paintings and drawings executed in Algiers. In the Fifth Impressionist Exhibition or 1880 he exhibited 20 works depicting Rouen, Paris and Algiers. In 1883 he was admitted to the Salon (Paris) with his work entitled Matinée à Dieppe. In 1887 he exhibited at the acclaimed Les XX exhibition, with Walter Sickert, Camille Pissarro, Berthe Morisot and Georges-Pierre Seurat exhibit, with Seurat and Signac present at the opening. The major work shown is Seurat's A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. Lebourg remained occupied in all four seasons painting animated scenes of the Seine in and near Rouen and Paris. He energetically painted in Auvergne, Normandy and Île-de-France, finally settling in Puteaux where he remained from 1888 to 1895, availing himself to the surroundings of Paris, painting what he would regard as his best works. He wrote at the time: "I will paint often at the banks of the Seine: Nanterre, Rueil, Chatou, Bougival, Port-Marly. These are a source of themes and very beautiful landscapes". He became a member of the Société des Artistes Français beginning in 1893. Lebourg moved to the Netherlands in 1895, where he would stay two years. He exhibited to great acclaim at the Mancini Gallery in Paris and won the Silver Medal at the Exposition Universelle (1900). In 1903 a retrospective exhibition was organized presenting 111 works at the Gallerie Rosenberg, the art gallery of Paul Rosenberg at 21 rue de la Boétie in Paris. While his fame was firmly established by 1910 he continued exhibiting annually at the Salon. In 1918 another retrospective was organized in Paris. At the home of Impressionist art collector François Depeaux (1853–1920), Lebourg had the opportunity to converse many times with Camille Pissarro, Claude Monet, and Robert Antoine Pinchon (an artist who greatly admired him). 13 November 1909, the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rouen opened a show with fifty-two paintings: thirteen by Lebourg, three by Monet, nine by Sisley, one by Renoir, three by Armand Guillaumin, five by Joseph Delattre, two by Charles Frechon and four by Robert Antoine Pinchon. And in 1918, in the same museum, Lebourg was represented along with Bonnard, Boudin, Camoin, Cross, Guillaumin, Luce, Matisse, Monet, Signac and Vuillard and Pinchon. He suffered a stroke in September 1920 that paralyzed the left side of his body. He nevertheless remarried in February 1921. A Catalogue Raisonné was organized that year that included 2,137 works and was released in 1923, which garnered united praise by the press. He was named Chevalier of the Legion of Honour on 27 June 1903, and breveted Officer of the Legion of Honour 22 April 1924 Albert Lebourg died in Rouen on 7 January 1928. Lebourg’s works are exhibited at the Musée d’Orsay, Petit-Palais and Carnavalet in Paris, as well as museums in Bayonne, Clermont-Ferrand, Le Havre, Dunkerque, Lille, Strasbourg, Sceaux and above all Rouen at the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rouen https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Lebourg Thank you, please subscribe for future videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0gMk3w9hw8BbtqoUpEMKeg?sub_confirmation=1
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Philip de Laszlo: A collection of 223 paintings (HD)
Philip de Laszlo: A collection of 223 paintings (HD) Description: "Philip Alexius de László (30 April 1869 – 22 November 1937) was a Hungarian painter known particularly for his portraits of royal and aristocratic personages. In 1900, he married Lucy Guinness of Stillorgan, County Dublin, and became a British subject in 1914. László was born in humble circumstances in Budapest as Laub Fülöp (Hungarian style with the surname first), the eldest son of Adolf and Johanna Laub, a tailor and seamstress of Jewish origin. Fülöp and his younger brother Marczi changed their surname to László in 1891. He was apprenticed at an early age to a photographer while studying art, eventually earning a place at the National Academy of Art, where he studied under Bertalan Székely and Károly Lotz. He followed this with studies in Munich and Paris. László's portrait of Pope Leo XIII earned him a Grand Gold Medal at the Paris International Exhibition in 1900. In 1903 László moved from Budapest to Vienna. In 1907 he moved to England and remained based in London for the remainder of his life, although endlessly travelling the world to fulfill commissions. In 1900, László married Lucy Madeleine Guinness, a member of the banking branch of the Guinness family and a sister of Henry Guinness. They had first met in Munich in 1892, but for some years had been forbidden to see each other. The couple had six children and 17 grandchildren. László became interested in Catholicism as a young man, probably through his friendship with the Valentins, an elderly Bavarian couple. He was baptised into the Hungarian Catholic Church in 1894 ... "he never worshipped regularly but read the Bible and was a firm believer in God and the Christian story". His faith was especially strengthened by his visit to the Vatican in 1900, where he met and painted the aging Pope Leo XIII. László converted to Anglicanism upon his marriage, and his children were raised as Protestants. At a lecture to the Fisher Society in 1934, he said "I believe that to worship nature is a religious duty. I see in nature the fullest revelation of the Divinity, and my faith is that only by acceptance of this revelation and by striving to realise it in all its perfection can I prove my worship to be sincere". László's patrons awarded him numerous honours and medals. In 1909 he was invested MVO by Edward VII. In 1912 he was ennobled by King Franz Joseph of Hungary; his surname then became "László de Lombos", but he soon was using the name "de László". Despite his British citizenship, his marriage and five British sons, de László was interned for over twelve months in 1917 and 1918 during the First World War. He was exonerated and released in June 1919. Due to overwork de László suffered heart problems for the last years of his life. In October 1937 he had a heart attack and died a month later at his home in Hampstead, London. In 1939, Portrait of a Painter. The Authorized Life of Philip de László by Owen Rutter, written in conjunction with de László, was published. In 2010 Yale University Press published De László, His Life and Art by Duff Hart-Davis and Dr. Caroline Corbeau-Parsons. His reputation still remains largely as a society portrait painter, but well numbered amongst his sitters were industrialists and scientists, politicians and painters, men and women of letters and many other eminent, as well as ordinary, people. Family members and a team of editors are compiling a catalogue raisonné published online and in progress. His oeuvre currently numbers almost 4,000 works, including drawings." --- MUSIC: Chris Zabriskie - There's Probably No Time There's Probably No Time by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://chriszabriskie.com/uvp/ Artist: http://chriszabriskie.com/ SUBSCRIBE: www.youtube.com/c/LearnFromMasters?sub_confirmation=1 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LearnFromMasters/ Google+: https://plus.google.com/+LearnFromMasters Contact: [email protected] SUPPORT MY WORK AT: https://www.patreon.com/LearnFromMasters --- Thank you so much for your support!
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The Art of Claude Oscar Monet with rare footage
Claude Oscar Monet was the creator of impressionism. His paintings adorn the walls of the most prestigious meseums in the world. Hope you enjoy the video. To view a gallery of his works click here http://www.artworkonly.com/artreproductions/artist/claude-monet.html
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Cy Twombly and NPR story voiceover
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Fake or Fortune - SE7EO1 - William Nicholson
A William Nicolson painting, of a glass jug, plates and two pears, was purchased by a collector from the estate of her aunt, Lillian Browse, a respected gallery owner and author of Nicholson's catalogue raisonné. The painting is not included, however, in the current catalogue raisonné compiled by expert Patricia Reed. A wealth of new scientific and documentary evidence was collected, including provenance to a previous wealthy London art-collector, x-ray evidence to show the board had originally borne a painting of freesias (missing from Nicolson's catalogue), and a comparison of the pigments in the paint with traces left in an original painting box owned by Nicolson's grandson. Reed does not change her opinion, however, stating that there is insufficient evidence to show that it was definitely by Nicholson.[45] and not someone working alongside him.[
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Chirstina talks about Marcel Dyf
MARCEL DYF (FRENCH 1899 - 1985) IRIS ET ROSES oil on canvas, signed 29 x 24 inches (74 x 61 cm) provenance : Catalogue Raisonné No ID 4859. Painted in 1975. label verso: Registration Number: 37214, no. 157. Authenticity confirmed in writing by Claudine Dyf, widow of the artist and leading authority in Dyf's work. Note : Marcel Dyf was born in Paris on October 7th 1899. In his youth he showed a marked ability for painting. At the age of 23 he took the step of becoming a professional artist and devoted himself entirely to painting. He soon became known not only in France, but also in England, America, Canada, Germany and Algeria. Among his most successful exhibitions were those at the Petrides Gallery in Paris in 1949, 1951 and 1953. Today Dyf has an international reputation. Noted for his portraits and depictions of bouquets of flowers, his inspiration often came from his wife, Claudine, who posed for him many times. His pastoral scenes capture the French countryside with unique colour, light and vibrancy.
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Ross King, best selling author speaks to Huffington Post about Claude Monet
Ross King, RBC Taylor Prize finalist and author of Mad Enchantment: Claude Monet and the Painting of the Water Lilies, speaks researching the life and work of Claude Monet and Georges Clemenceau.
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EXHIBITION ON SCREEN: The Impressionists Clip - Monet and Durand-Ruel
Clip from the upcoming film EXHIBITION ON SCREEN film The Impressionists: And the Man who Made Them, in cinemas across the US from 14th July. Find out more and book tickets for a cinema screening near you: http://www.exhibitiononscreen.com/ Based on the Inventing Impressionism exhibition at the National Gallery London (in collaboration with the Musée du Luxembourg, Musée d’Orsay and Philadelphia Museum of Art), EXHIBITION ON SCREEN The Impressionists: And the Man who Made Them, focuses on 19th Century Parisian art collector Paul Durand-Ruel. It was his continual support, championing, financial backing and refusal to give up that established one of the most loved and recognisable movements in Western art – Impressionism. Want to find out more about Event Cinema? http://www.artsalliance.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/ArtsAlliance... Twitter @AA_EventCinema
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Martin Johnson Heade art
Martin Johnson Heade art Music, Eugen Doga http://eugendoga.musicaneo.com/ Martin Johnson Heade (August 11, 1819-September 4, 1904) was a prolific American painter known for his salt marsh landscapes, seascapes, portraits of tropical birds, and still lifes. His painting style and subject matter, while derived from the romanticism of the time, is regarded by art historians as a significant departure from that of his peers. He was first taught by his father, Paul Joosten Wouwerman, an historical painter of moderate ability. According to a contemporary account he had also studied with Frans Hals (1581/85-1666). Art historians have come to disagree with the common view that Heade is a Hudson River School painter, a view given wide currency by Heade's inclusion in a landmark exhibition of Hudson River School landscapes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1987. The leading Heade scholar and author of Heade's catalogue raisonne, Theodore E. Stebbins, Jr., wrote some years after the 1987 Hudson River School exhibition that "...other scholars-myself included-have increasingly come to doubt that Heade is most usefully seen as standing within that school." According to the Heade catalogue raisonne, only around 40 percent of his paintings were landscapes. The remaining majority were still lifes, paintings of birds, and portraits, subjects unrelated to the Hudson River School. Of Heade's landscapes, perhaps only 25 percent were painted of traditional Hudson River School subject matter. Heade had less interest in topographically accurate views than the Hudson River painters, and instead focused on mood and the effects of light. Stebbins writes, "If the paintings of the shore as well as the more conventional compositions...might lead one to think of Heade as a Hudson River School painter, the [marsh scenes] make it clear that he was not." https://www.martin-johnson-heade.org/biography.html I do not own the right in any of the song and imaged used in this video. I have used the song and images for purely entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is required.
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Pedro Silva - Gizmo EP - Monet / Clip
Release date: 2014-07-16 Catalog# MONET011 Pedro silva brings his new work, also includes a remix of Mene. Tracklist: 1. Pedro Silva - Gizmo (Original Mix) 2. Pedro Silva - Shaipur (Original Mix) 3. Pedro Silva - Gizmo (Mene Remix) Buy: http://www.beatport.com/release/gizmo/1338961 Follow us https://www.facebook.com/monet.records?fref=ts
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Fake or Fortune S04 E02 Renoir
Nicky Philipps, a portrait artist renowned for her pictures of the royal family, has asked the Fake or Fortune team to investigate a painting which hangs on the walls of Picton Castle, once the Philipps family seat. The work was bought in the 1930s by Nicky's great-grandfather, Sir Laurence Philipps, who believed it to be by celebrated impressionist Pierre Auguste Renoir. But the painting has been dogged by doubt for half a century, and two art world authorities can't agree whether it's genuine or fake.
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JÉRÔME BOSCH (1450-1516) – Une vie, une œuvre [2016]
Par Luc Ponette et Jean-Claude Loiseau. Émission diffusée sur France Culture le 14.09.2003, redifusée le 31.12.2016. Avec la collaboration de Claire Poinsignon, Lionel Quantin et Annelise Signoret. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Intervenants : - Roger Van Schoute : docteur en archéologie et histoire de l'art, professeur émérite de l'Université catholique de Louvain, professeur à l'Institut supérieur d'histoire de l'art et d'archéologie de Bruxelles. - Claude-Henri Rocquet : poète et dramaturge, auteur de 'Jérôme Bosch et l'étoile des mages' (éd. Mame 1995). - Jacques Darriulat : écrivain, a enseigné la philosophie de l’art à l’université Paris-Sorbonne, il est l’auteur de 'Jérôme Bosch et la fable populaire' (éd. de la Lagune 1995) et d’un site consacré à la philosophie : www.jdarriulat.net - Héloisa Novaes : artiste peintre, née à Sâo Joâo del Rei, Minas Gerais, Brésil, vit et travaille à Paris. - Patrick Roegiers : écrivain, auteur de 'Le Mal du Pays' (éd. du Seuil 2003). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jérôme Bosch (vers 1450 - 1516) est un des artistes les plus étonnants de l'histoire de l'art occidental. Peu de peintres ont suscité autant de fascination chez les historiens de l'art comme chez le grand public. Ses scènes fantastiques, ses monstres bizarres, ses représentations énigmatiques l'ont fait apparaître tantôt comme un catholique, tantôt comme un hérétique de la secte des adamites, tantôt comme un révolutionnaire ou même comme un toxicomane... C'est peu de dire qu'il a suscité la controverse. Cette émission veut replacer Jérôme Bosch dans le cadre de sa ville des Pays-Bas, à la fin du Moyen-Age, considérant l'artiste comme un produit de son milieu urbain, mais également comme un peintre de génie disposant non seulement d'une immense puissance d'invention mais aussi d'une surprenante maîtrise technique. Des prolongements inattendus de son œuvre sont observés dans l'art contemporain. BIBLIOGRAPHIE : - José Luis Lopez-Linares, 'Le Mystère Jérôme Bosch',Epicentre, 2016. - Guillaume Cassegrain, 'Les Triptyques de Jerôme Bosch', Chêne, 2016. - Stefan Fischer, 'Jérôme Bosch : l'oeuvre complet', Taschen, 2016. - 'Jérôme Bosch, peintre et dessinateur : catalogue raisonné', Actes Sud, 2016. - 'Jérôme Bosch - Visions de génie : Catalogue de l'exposition', 2016. - Roger Van Schoute et Monique Verboomen, 'Jérôme Bosch', La Renaissance du livre, 2007. - Claude-Henri Rocquet, 'Jérôme Bosch et l'étoile des mages', Mame, 1995. - Jacques Darriulat, 'Jérôme Bosch et la fable populaire', La Lagune, 1995. - Patrick Roegiers, 'Le mal du pays : autobiographie de la Belgique', Seuil, 2003. LIENS : - Le Bosch Research and Conservation Project, créé par le musée de Bois-le-Duc, a mené des analyses dans les musées du monde entier sur 45 peintures et dessins de Bosch afin d’établir le catalogue raisonné de l’oeuvre de Bosch. http://bit.ly/2IwHVoP - Les multiples lectures du Jardin des délices de J. Bosch, à lire sur Le coin de l’énigme. http://bit.ly/2FPa5cO - Site consacré à Jérôme Bosch : biographie, peintures, expositions… par Jacques Riand. http://bit.ly/2G6KcZg
Jack Whitten Opening-Day Talk
Join artist Jack Whitten and art historian Richard Shiff for a wide-ranging discussion about the artist’s decades-long commitment to the medium of painting. Shiff, a renowned scholar and professor at the University of Texas at Austin, will engage Whitten in a dialogue about his survey exhibition as well as the past, present, and future of painting. Shiff is Effie Marie Cain Regents Chair in Art at the University of Texas at Austin, where he directs the Center for the Study of Modernism. His broad range of publications includes Cézanne and the End of Impressionism (1984), Critical Terms for Art History (coedited, 1996, 2003), Barnett Newman: A Catalogue Raisonné (coauthored, 2004), Doubt (2008), Between Sense and de Kooning (2011), and Ellsworth Kelly: New York Drawings 1954-1962 (2014).
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Cy Twombly’s Rhapsody in Blue
Cy Twombly’s majestic " Untitled (New York City)" is an exceptional example —and the only one with blue loops — from his famed Blackboard series. This work is a highlight of Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Evening Auction on 11 May in New York. Learn More: http://www.sothebys.com/en/auctions/ecatalogue/2015/contemporary-art-evening-auction-n09500/lot.21.html Download The Sotheby’s App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sothebys/id1061156465?mt=8 FOR MORE NEWS FROM SOTHEBY’S Newsletter:http://www.sothebys.com/en/news-video/blogs/all-blogs/sothebys/2017/05/stay-connected.html Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sothebys/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sothebys Twitter: https://twitter.com/sothebys Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/sothebys Weibo: http://www.weibo.com/sothebyshongkong?is_hot=1 WeChat: sothebyshongkong Snapchat: Sothebys
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My Cy Twombly.wmv
Personal reflections on the work of Cy Twombly
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Mary Jacobus - Twombly's Books
How does literary reference affect the interpretation of largely abstract works? In her recent book, Reading Cy Twombly: Poetry in Paint (Princeton University Press, 2016), Mary Jacobus focuses on the artist’s use of poetry in his work, which often includes handwritten words and phrases—-naming or quoting poets ranging from Sappho, Homer, and Virgil to Mallarmé, Rilke, and Cavafy. In the artist’s own words, he “never really separated painting and literature.” Mary Jacobus's opening presentation will be followed by a wide-ranging discussion with Peter de Bolla (English) and Alyce Mahon (Art History) spanning both Twombly's work (currently the focus of a Pompidou retrospective) and that of his friend Robert Rauschenberg (currently the focus of a Tate Modern retrospective). Mary Jacobus, Professor Emerita of English at the University of Cambridge, was Director of CRASSH from 2006-2011. She has written widely on Romanticism, feminism, psychoanalysis, and visual art. Alyce Mahon is a Reader in Modern and Contemporary Art History at the Department of History of Art. She is currently researching the American Surrealist Dorothea Tanning (1910-2012) and curating the first major retrospective exhibition of Tanning for the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid for 2018-2019. Peter de Bolla is Professor of Cultural History and Aesthetics and Direct of the Concept Lab at CRASSH.
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Nicola del Roscio about Cy Twombly. November 2016
Nicola del Roscio interview about Cy Twombly. Centre Pompidou retrospective. Paris. Contemporary art. American Art. November 2016 Subscribe to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvy44cd-9WOcC3jyhoupYQA?sub_confirmation=1 Subscribe to my newsletter “JBH Reports” and receive two reports per week: http://eepurl.com/bN1jU9 Read more on my blog: https://judithbenhamouhuet.com/ Find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/judithbenhamouhuetreports/ Find me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/judithbenhamouhuet/ Please consider supporting JBH Reports: https://judithbenhamouhuet.com/donations/donatingsupporting/
Discussing Cy Twombly Part 1
Sir Nick Serota and Nicholas Cullinan discuss Cy Twombly's work. www.dulwichpicturegallery.org.uk
Cy Twombly’s 'Untitled'
Laura Paulson, Chairman, Post-War and Contemporary Art, discusses Cy Twombly’s Untitled, 1970, to be offered in the upcoming Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale on 12 November 2014 in New York. http://www.christies.com/lotfinder/paintings/cy-twombly-untitled-5846075-details.aspx
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Lecture: Cy Twombly's Things
Kate Nesin, associate curator of contemporary art, discusses her book "Cy Twombly’s Things", the first full-length English-language study of this influential artist’s distinctive sculptural practice.
Cy Twombly's 'Untitled' | 2014 World Auction Record
Cy Twombly’s Untitled realized $69,605,000, setting a world auction record for the artist, in the Post-War & Contemporary Art Evening Sale on 12 November 2014 in New York. http://www.christies.com/lotfinder/paintings/cy-twombly-untitled-5846075-details.aspx
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US artist Cy Twombly dies at 83
Famed American painter Cy Twombly, who first found the limelight with his calligraphic paintings in the late 1950s, has died in Rome aged 83.
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Book Talk: Mary Jocobus - Reading Cy Twombly: Poetry in Paint
Contemporary critic Mary Jacobus takes us to a place where poetry and canvas meet, sharing insights on the artist Cy Twombly’s inspiration in his abstract works. Her new book Reading Cy Twombly (Princeton University Press; August, 2016), is an illuminating study that focuses on the artist’s use of poetry in his paintings and drawings, many of which include handwritten words and phrases—naming or quoting poets ranging from Sappho, Homer, and Virgil to Mallarmé, Rilke, and Cavafy. The careful examination of Twombly’s scrawled quotations and verbal scribbles allows us to have a captivating conversation with the artist’s imagination. In the artist’s own words, he “never really separated painting and literature.” Mary Jacobus is professor emerita of English at the University of Cambridge, Anderson Professor of English and Women's Studies at Cornell from 1980-2000, and Honorary Fellow of Lady Margaret Hall at the University of Oxford. In 2011-12, she returned to Cornell as M. H. Abrams Distinguished Visiting Professor. She has written widely on visual art, Romanticism, feminism, and psychoanalysis. Her recent books include The Poetics of Psychoanalysis: In the Wake of Klein and Romantic Things: A Tree, a Rock, a Cloud. In a Chats in the Stacks book talk hosted by Olin Library, discover how poetic reference affects the interpretation of works of art.
Cy Twombly Exhibiton at MUMOK Vienna
Der 1928 geborene amerikanische Künstler Cy Twombly ist einer der einflussreichsten Künstler des 20. Jahrhunderts. Ausgehend vom Abstrakten Expressionismus entwickelte er einen eigenwilligen Stil mit schriftartigen Zeichen, den er auf großformatigen Leinwänden ins Monumentale steigert. Die Präsentation im MUMOK die erste in Österreich vereint Werke aus allen Schaffensphasen und präsentiert einen eigens für die Ausstellung geschaffenen neuen Werkzyklus. In Twomblys Bildern und Skulpturen wird die mediterrane Welt antiker Mythen heraufbeschworen, wobei er gerade das Beiläufige und Untergründige ins Zentrum rückt. Der Wechsel zwischen Sensibilität und Vulgarität, filigraner Technik und Expressivität macht die ungeheure Spannung seiner Arbeiten aus. Die retrospektiv angelegte Ausstellung führt die bisher zumeist getrennt gezeigten Gattungen Skulptur, Malerei, Zeichnung, Grafik und Fotografie zusammen. Die Werke werden so präsentiert, dass die gegenseitige Reflexion, die Beeinflussung und Bereicherung der einzelnen Medien deutlich wird und ästhetische und konzeptuelle Leitlinien von Twomblys Kunst sichtbar werden: die Etablierung der Farbe Weiß, die Verwendung von Schrift, die Bedeutung von Collage-Prinzipien und ästhetische Ausdrucksmittel wie das melancholische Herabfließen der pastos aufgetragenen Farbe. Bisher ist kaum bekannt, dass sich Twombly seit seiner Zeit am Black Mountain College in den frühen 50er Jahren kontinuierlich mit Fotografie beschäftigt. Im Rahmen der Wiener Ausstellung wird erstmals dieses reiche fotografische Oeuvre in eine Darstellung von Twomblys Werk integrieren. Kurator: Achim Hochdörfer
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Wassily Kandinsky Painter
Wassily Kandinsky World renowned artist Wassily Kandinsky is known as the creator of abstract art. Born in 1866 in Moscow, Kandinsky not only had a love for art, but he loved music as well. His love of music was inspired by his parents who both played the piano. He moved from Moscow to Odessa when he was five years old. He would continue to study music and art throughout the years. However, when he attended the University in Moscow he decided to study law. Studying law was something his parents encouraged him to do and he was very successful in the field of study. After studying law for six years, Wassily Kandinsky would go on to become a law professor. He would also marry his cousin Anna Chimyakina, who he would eventually divorce in 1903. Kandinsky taught law, but his true passion was art. He gave up his law career to pursue his interest in art. One of the main inspirations for his career change was Monet. It was Monet's painting "Haystacks" that helped to influence Kandinsky's abstract artwork. Kandinsky found the abstract nature of Monet's painting to be very perplexing. It not only perplexed Kandinsky, but it also inspired his abstract paintings. After Wassily Kandinsky divorced Anna Chimyakina, he toured Europe for several years with his new love interest, Gabriela Munter. It was during this time period that Kandinsky really started to explore the world of art in more depth. Kandinsky rarely included people in his paintings. A majority of his paintings were landscapes, especially during the period that he toured Europe. His love of music was one of the main driving forces behind his paintings, along with his spirituality. Kandinsky also had a love for vivid colors, which can been seen in his paintings. In 1906, Wassily Kandinsky was residing in Paris with Gabriela Munter. After he parted ways with Munter, Kandinsky would move to Bavaria. In Bavaria he was able to focus on art and using color in his paintings. It was an emotional time for Kandinsky and his emotions are reflected in his paintings after he moved to Bavaria. Kandinsky's artwork was showcased throughout Europe and caused controversy among art critics. Kandinsky did not let the controversy stop him from creating works of art. He was also inspired to write a number books throughout his life, including his book "Concerning the Spiritual in Art." The book helped to define the meaning of abstract art. For more information about http://www.wassily-kandinsky.org Wassily Kandinsky, please visit [http://www.wassily-kandinsky.org]http://www.wassily-kandinsky.org. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?Wassily-Kandinsky&id=6598001 Wassily Kandinsky wassily kandinsky painting kandinsky paintings kandinsky biography wassily kandinsky biography wassily kandinsky painting artist wassily kandinsky Wassily Kandinsky - Painter wassily kandinsky artwork
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Charles M. Russell One Century Ago
Dr. Brian W. Dippie focuses on one year in the life of Charles Russell—1915—when Montana's favorite son was in his prime as both man and artist. At that time Russell was an international figure who made his home in Great Falls, Montana, where his roots ran deep and old friendships and vivid memories of his youthful days on the range nurtured an artistic vision of "The West That Has Passed," a vision that still appeals to a legion of admirers today. Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Victoria, BC and a specialist in the history of western American art, Dippie has published extensively on Russell, Frederic Remington, and George Catlin. Here, he speaks at Montana's Charlie Russell: 21st Century Perspectives on the Cowboy Artist, hosted by the Montana Historical Society in June 2015.
Cy Twombly - Conference par Pascal Verrier - Part 1
Pour commencer le nouvel an, professeur de philo Pascal Verrier organized a visit to the Twombly exhibit at the Pompidou... More than twenty of his students and friends showed up and discovered Twombly in the remarkable optique of this discerning mind. Also see Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPEvKb-OrPs&feature=youtu.be
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Works from the Cy Twombly Foundation
Laura Paulson, Chairman, Post-War and Contemporary Art, discusses highlights from the Cy Twombly Foundation, to be offered in the upcoming Post-War and Contemporary Art sales from 12-13 November in New York. http://www.christies.com/auctions/post-war-and-contemporary-art-new-york-november-2014/works-from-the-cy-twombly-foundation/#about-section
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My 3 year old is better than Cy Twombly
My son is a better artist than Cy Twombly - Eric Armusik http://www.ericarmusik.com
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Between Heaven and Hell: The Drawings of Jusepe de Ribera LONG VERSION
Drawing played a central role in the art of Jusepe de Ribera (1591-1652). Born in Valencia, Ribera spent most of his career in Naples where he significantly influenced the course of artistic production in the seventeenth century. Although little is known of his youth, training, and journey from Spain to Italy, Ribera is recorded in Rome in 1606, in Parma in 1611, and in Naples from 1616 until his death in 1652. After arriving in Italy, Ribera encountered the revolutionary paintings of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571-1610), whose distinctive qualities Ribera adopted in his own work, prompting him to be recognized as a Caravaggesque artist. Yet unlike Caravaggio, who famously did not make drawings on paper, Ribera was both an extraordinary painter and a prolific graphic artist. He produced a remarkable corpus of drawings as well as an important group of prints, and it is the strength of his works on paper – in addition to his paintings – that sets Ribera apart from his Caravaggist contemporaries. "Between Heaven and Hell: The Drawings of Jusepe de Ribera" coincides with the joint publication by the Museo Nacional del Prado and the Meadows Museum of the first complete catalogue raisonné of the artist’s drawings. The study is authored by Dr. Gabriele Finaldi, former deputy director of the Museo del Prado and now director of the National Gallery in London, together with Dr. Edward Payne, former Meadows/Mellon/Prado curatorial fellow and now the senior curator of Spanish art at Auckland Castle in County Durham, as well as Doña Elena Cenalmor Bruquetas from the Museo del Prado. A total of 157 autograph sheets have been identified and catalogued by the authors, although Ribera certainly produced many more drawings during his lifetime, perhaps even double the number that survives. Sheets by Ribera are widely dispersed in public and private collections throughout the world. This exhibition showcases highlights by Ribera from collections in Canada, France, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Drawings are displayed in the context of related paintings and prints, and the exhibition is organized not chronologically but thematically in order to create striking juxtapositions between works across the trajectory of Ribera’s career. "Between Heaven and Hell" celebrates the variety of Ribera’s drawings, the technical skill in his use of pen, ink, and chalk, and the extraordinary originality of his subject matter, spanning anatomical figure studies and lively street scenes, to capricious subjects and scenes of martyrdom and torture. On view at the Meadows Museum will be a total of forty-six drawings, twelve prints, eleven paintings, and one relief sculpture. Curated by Dr. Finaldi at the Prado venue and Dr. Payne at the Meadows venue, the project represents a continuation of the longstanding and productive collaboration between the two museums. "Between Heaven and Hell: The Drawings of Jusepe de Ribera" is the first major monographic exhibition organized on the artist in the United States in the last twenty-five years, and the most comprehensive presentation ever dedicated to the artist’s drawings. This exhibition has been organized by the Meadows Museum and the Museo Nacional del Prado and funded by a generous gift from The Meadows Foundation.
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Discussing Cy Twombly Part 2
Sir Nick Serota and Nicholas Cullinan discuss Cy Twombly's Work. www.dulwichpicturegallery.org.uk
Famous Oil Painting Masterpieces For Sale | Galleries of the Great Artists of The World
Famous Oil Painting Masterpieces For Sale - Galleries of the Great Artists of The World Authentic Hand Painted Canvas Art (Famous Masterpieces) Free Shipping.... http://www.FamousArtistsofHistory.com/FamousArtistPaintingsOnYourWall.php Galleries of the Great Artists of The World and Their Famous Artist Oil Paintings, Find hand painted, oil replicas of some of the most famous artist's work. Oil Reproductions of famous artist oil paintings created to mimic original works of art. Find art by Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Gustav Klimt, Pierre Renoir, Leonardo Da Vinci, Edgar Degas, Paul Cezanne, William Bradford, Edward Hopper, Henri Rousseau, Mary Cassatt, Camille Pissarro, Winslow Homer, Egon Schiele, Edvard Munch, Edward Potthast, John Sargent, Joseph Turner, Martin Heade, Paul Gauguin, Charles Marian Russell, Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait, Alfred Sisley, Edouard Manet, Amedeo Modigliani, Franz Marc, Toulouse-Lautrec, and many more. The artwork of masterfully reproduced oil paintings inspired by such classics as "The Last Supper," by Leonardo Da Vinci, "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo Da Vinci, "The Virgin of the Rocks," by Leonardo Da Vinci, "Luncheon of the Boating Party," by Pierre Auguste Renoir, "Boating on the Seine," by Pierre Auguste Renoir, "The Garden at Fontenay, 1874," by Pierre Auguste Renoir, "Malcesine on Lake Garda," by Gustav Klimt, "The Kiss," by Gustav Klimt, "Le tre eta della donna (Mother and Child)," by Gustav Klimt, "Poppy Field in Argenteuil," by Claude Monet, "The Water-Lily Pond, Water Irises," by Claude Monet, "Water Lilies," by Claude Monet, "Night Hawks, 1942," by Edward Hopper, "Panther Among Icebergs in Melville Bay," by William Bradford, "Cafe Terrace at Night" by Vincent Van Gogh, and "Ruby Throated Hummingbird," by Martin Johnson Heade. Each of these gorgeously recreated oil paintings channels its original creator's masterful craft, retaining the spirit of both the painter and the painting in an effortless rendering. The list below is a small selection of the Famous Paintings available.... 1) The Kiss, Gustav Klimt, 20X24 inch canvas, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Price: $128.00, In Stock! Ships in 1-2 days 2) Branches of an Almond Tree in Blossom (Interpretation in Red), Vincent Van Gogh, 40X30 inch canvas, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Price: $259.00, In Stock! Ships in 1-2 days 3) Red Boats at Argenteuil, Claude Monet, 24X20 inch canvas, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Price: $139.00, In Stock! Ships in 1-2 days 4) Moon, Justyna Kopania, 36X24 inch canvas, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Price: $188.00, In Stock! Ships in 1-2 days 5) Water Lilies (pink), Claude Monet, 24X20 inch canvas, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Price: $139.00, In Stock! Ships in 1-2 days 6) Irises, Vincent Van Gogh, 24X20 inch canvas, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Price: $139.00, In Stock! Ships in 1-2 days 7) Starry Night, Vincent Van Gogh, 36X24 inch canvas, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Price: $186.00, In Stock! Ships in 1-2 days 8) Ruby Throated Hummingbird, Martin Johnson Heade, 20X24 inch canvas, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Price: $188.00, In Stock! Ships in 1-2 days 9) Malcesine on Lake Garda, Gustav Klimt, 24X36 inch canvas, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Price: $172.00, In Stock! Ships in 1-2 days 10) The Last Supper, Leonardo Da Vinci, 36X24 inch canvas, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Price: $448.00 11) Tintern Abbey, William Turner, 24X36 inch canvas, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Price: $288.00, In Stock! Ships in 1-2 days 12) Smoke of a .45, Charles Marion Russell, 36 x 24 inch canvas, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Price: $188.00, In Stock! Ships in 1-2 days 13) Night Hawks, 1942, Edward Hopper, 24 x 20 inch canvas, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Price: $129.00, In Stock! Ships in 1-2 days 14) Panther Among Icebergs in Melville Bay, William Bradford, 40 x 30 inch canvas, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Price: $228.00, In Stock! Ships in 1-2 days 15) Luncheon of the Boating Party, Pierre Auguste Renoir, 24X20 inch canvas, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Price: $178.00 16) Still Life Flowers in Vase, Paul Cezzane, 24X20 inch canvas, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Price: $129.00, In Stock! Ships in 1-2 days 17) View of Paris, Rue d-Amsterdam, Camille Pissarro, 20X24 inch canvas, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Price: $129.00, In Stock! Ships in 1-2 days 18) A Bar at the Folies-Bergere, Edouard Manet, 40X30 inch canvas, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Price: $299.00, In Stock! Ships in 1-2 days Authentic Hand Painted Canvas Art (Famous Masterpieces) Free Shipping and Free Returns.... http://www.FamousArtistsofHistory.com/FamousArtistPaintingsOnYourWall.php
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Thomas Gainsborough: A collection of 500 paintings (HD)
Thomas Gainsborough: A collection of 500 paintings (HD) Description: "Thomas Gainsborough was an 18th century English painter famous for his versatility. As an artist he initially gained fame for his technique of painting landscapes and became quite well-known for the manner in which he depicted light with his brushstrokes. Eventually he started painting portraits as he needed more income to provide for his family. He proved to be very talented at portraiture too and soon he began receiving commissions from the rich and the noble, including King George III himself. He completed many paintings for the king and was at one time considered to be a contender for the position of the royal painter. However, the king was obliged to select someone else to this position though Gainsborough remained the king’s favorite. Born to an artistically inclined mother who loved painting, Thomas too developed a love for the arts at a young age. His father, a weaver, supported and encouraged his son’s pursuits and sent him to study etching, painting and portraiture under the renowned William Hogarth. He soon embarked on a career as a professional artist and gained much appreciation for his landscapes. Another area of his interest was portraiture and he became a favorite of the royal family after painting the portraits of King George III and his queen. At the time of his death he was counted among the most distinguished portraitists of his era." --- SUBSCRIBE: www.youtube.com/c/LearnFromMasters?sub_confirmation=1 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LearnFromMasters/ Google+: https://plus.google.com/+LearnFromMasters Contact: [email protected] --- Thanks for all support!
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Conversation about the Cy Twombly Gallery: Paul Winkler and Carol Mancusi-Ungaro
The Cy Twombly Gallery (opened in 1995), a collaboration of the Menil Collection and Dia Art Foundation, is the subject of a book published by the Cy Twombly Foundation. The book features essays by the Menil’s former director, Paul Winkler, and Carol Mancusi-Ungaro, former chief conservator of the Menil Collection, who speak about Cy Twombly and the history of the gallery. A book signing follows the talk. Public Program of the Menil Collection, Houston, Texas. October 13, 2013.
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Tribute to Kandinsky... Oil on canvas Music 'The Pianoman'' Billy Joël
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Famous Oil Painting Masterpieces of Charles Marian Russell | Amazing Artwork Reproductions for Sale
Famous Oil Painting Masterpieces of Charles Marian Russell - Amazing Artwork Reproductions for Sale Authentic Hand Painted Canvas Art (Famous Masterpieces) Free Shipping.... http://www.FamousArtistsofHistory.com/FamousArtistPaintingsOnYourWall.php Charles Marian Russell Oil Paintings Known as "the Cowboy Artist," Charles Marion Russell's career spanned many decades and consisted of more than 2,000 works of art. The prolific artist gained gradual success during the late 1800s, when he lived the life of a frontiersman in Montana - although, he was originally from St. Louis, Mo. Russell worked odd jobs on farms until he began to gain notoriety for his art, which typically focused on life in the frontier. The artist lived closely alongside Native Americans for some time, which is where he gained much of the in-depth knowledge that allowed him to add accuracy to his artwork. A typical Russell piece could cover topics ranging from cowboys to wide-open landscapes. The artwork of masterfully reproduced oil paintings inspired by such classics as "Smoke of a .45," by Charles Marian Russell, "The Surround," by Charles Marian Russell, "A Slick Rider," by Charles Marian Russell. Each of these gorgeously recreated oil paintings channels its original creator's masterful craft, retaining the spirit of both the painter and the painting in an effortless rendering. The list below is a small selection of the Famous Paintings available.... 1) Smoke of a .45, Charles Marion Russell, 36 x 24 inch canvas, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Price: $188.00, In Stock! Ships in 1-2 days 2) The Surround, Charles Marion Russell, 36X24 inch canvas, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Price: $288.00, In Stock! Ships in 1-2 days 3) Mexico, Charles Marion Russell, 24X20 inch canvas, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Price: $149.00, In Stock! Ships in 1-2 days 4) Indians Hunting Buffalo, Charles Marion Russell, 24X20 inch canvas, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Price: $149.00 5) Christmas Dinner for the Men on the Trail, Charles Marion Russell, 24X20 inch canvas, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Price: $149.00, In Stock! Ships in 1-2 days 6) A Slick Rider, Charles Marion Russell, 20X24 inch canvas, Hand Painted Canvas Art, Price: $149.00, In Stock! Ships in 1-2 days Authentic Hand Painted Canvas Art (Famous Masterpieces) Free Shipping and Free Returns.... http://www.FamousArtistsofHistory.com/FamousArtistPaintingsOnYourWall.php
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Cy Twombly en el Museo Jumex
CY TWOMBLY. "PARADISE" MUSEO JUMEX Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra #303, Col. Ampliación Granada http://fundacionjumex.org Nacido en Lexington, Virginia, y fallecido en Roma hace tres años, Cy Twombly tiene una obra que encierra mútliples misterios y revelaciones, y es expuesta por primera vez en Latinoamérica, en el Museo Jumex.
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Mary Jacobus dicusses Cy Twombly, Part 1
This Humanities Center Lecture features Mary Jacobus and Benjamin Buchloh in an event entitled "Achilles' Horses, Twombly's War:Monuments, Mourning and Mars." This was recorded on April 19, 2010 at the Barker Center at Harvard University.
Views: 17944 Ozmund Field
CY TWOMBLY "9 discours sur Commode"
Analyse des "9 discours sur Commode" de CY TWOMBLY par Christian MONJOU. Christian Monjou nous propose un décryptage de l’œuvre de CY Twombly, une découverte de son environnement d'influence et de référence. Il nous aide à en saisir l'originalité, à adopter une posture, un regard qui nous en rendent l'accès plus puissant. Retrouvez l'intégralité de la conférence sur CY TWOMBLY sur http://aurisqueduregard.fr/
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John Twachtman - "Paradise Rocks, Newport", ca. 1889
Ira Spanierman discusses one of his favorite painters, John Henry Twachtman (1853-1902), one of the group of American artists known as The Ten. Mr. Spanierman touches on Twachtman's skillful use of negative space and subtle brushwork, which earned him a reputation as being a painter's painter. Twachtman created an important group of works in the summer of 1889 on a visit to Newport, Rhode Island. One of these is the present painting, "Paradise Rocks, Newport," ca. 1889, which could be considered a pivotal work in his oeuvre as it both draws from the lessons of his French period and moves towards the personalized aesthetic he would refine in the years ahead. The John Henry Twachtman catalogue raisonné, co-authored by Ira Spanierman and Lisa N. Peters, P.h.D., is currently in its final stages. For more information on Twachtman please visit www.spanierman.com.
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