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Black Sea Adventure in Turkey
When you think "adventure travel," your mind probably doesn't immediately jump to "northern Turkey." But it should. Because as it turns out, the Black Sea region in the north of Turkey has some of the most diverse, beautiful terrain in the world. The coast is separated from the rest of Turkey by a giant mountain range, which means the area not only has beaches, but also has mountain hikes, white water rafting, kayaking over crystal clear lakes, and killer mountain biking trails. You can have a cup of tea in the remote desert oasis town of Yedigoller, you can ride a motor-driven parachute from the top of the Hagia Sophia Museum in Trabzon, you can visit the ancient Ottoman Haho Monastery, or you can chill in the Alpine resort town of Ayder. Or all of the above. If you needed any further proof, check out this video we made of some of the awesomeness you can get up to in the Black Sea region of Turkey. Find more great content at http://www.matadornetwork.com
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Turkey's Black Sea Mountains from the Air
THE BLACK SEA REGION of northern Turkey encompasses a mixture of miniature biomes that gives unique separation to both the culture and geography of this part of the country. Access inland from the coast is limited to a few deep and narrow valleys because of massive mountain ranges that form an almost unbroken wall separating the coast from the interior. The coastal side of the mountains are speckled with dense forests and an abundance of flora and fauna. The famous Tea Gardens of Rize and the Hagia Sophia Museum in the historical city of Trabzon are great places to spend the day. Rivers cascade through the rocky gorges of the north-facing mountains, where rafting and hiking to remote waterfalls are popular activities. The high mountain lakes and villages of the Haldizen Valley and Soganli Summit near the town of Uzungöl are quick escapes from the coast and perfect for a mountain bike ride. The peaks force the clouds to disgorge, leaving central Anatolia, on the interior side of the coastal ranges, in a permanent rain shadow desert. Here, the remote villages of Sırakonak and Yedigöller require a tolerance to winding one-way roads but provide access to cerulean desert lakes, waterfall oases, and some amazing Ottoman architecture (including the ancient Haho Monastery and Tortum Lake and Waterfall, featured in the video). In the eastern side of the Black Sea region, the Kaçkar Mountains tower to an impressive 4,000 meters. The glaciated granite range has contrasting southern slopes patched with green summer cow pastures, fruit orchards, and honey farms near the beautiful towns of Şavşat and Ayder. The high mountain lake of Karagöl and impressive valley views in Şavşat can make you feel like you're in the Alps, as fat dairy cows munch grass and produce the country's best milk and butter. The geothermal town of Ayder, which sits below the Kavrun Plateau, is the jumping-off point for trekking into the Kaçkars. The Black Sea region is a real anomaly, guaranteed to break any stereotypes you may hold about Turkey. With the short summer season ensuring the area sees few package tourists, most foreign visitors are the adventurous type who come here to get off the beaten track. Here's a taste of what you'll find. Find more great content at http://www.matadornetwork.com
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Black Sea Coast, Tour of Turkey, Part I; Expedition Defender I
Our homeland; Turkey... and its Black Sea Sea Coast Line... Compilation of our our trip all the way from Istanbul through Black Sea Coast, Eastern Anatolia, South Eastern Anatolia, Central Anatolia, Mediterrenean and Aegean Coast to back to Istanbul... 9,600 km. (6,000 miles) in 52 days... One of the best expeditions we have ever had... Enjoy...
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Black Sea Cycle Touring!
Some clips from my journey across northern Turkey, loads more content on the site... http://augustinwarner.com/
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TURKEY/BLACK SEA - Province RIZE - Çamlıhemşin - Turkish Folk Song
TURKEY/BLACK SEA - Province RIZE - Çamlıhemşin - Amazing landscapes & Turkish Folk Song Some information: Çamlıhemşin is a small town and district of Rize Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey. With its mountains and valleys in all shades of green Çamlıhemşin has a reputation as one of the most attractive parts of the eastern Black Sea region, particularly with the autumn foliage. Çamlıhemşin is high in the Fırtına Valley, which leads down to the Black Sea coast, and is an important access point to the Kaçkar mountains. This is a hilly area surrounded by very high mountains that poke up into the clouds, and watered by the Hala River and other streams running down the Black Sea. It rains here all year round, temperatures drop to minus 7 °C in winter and reach 25 °C in summer. The countryside here is a gorgeous mix of meadows and valleys and in recent years the district has begun to attract tourists, people on trekking holidays in the Kaçkar. There are now small hotels and guest houses throughout the district. The local cuisine includes muhlama, the fondue-type hot cheese, butter and flour pudding. About the climate: Çamlıhemşin has an oceanic climate. Places of interest: Çamlıhemşin has a number of places for hiking and escaping into the countryside, including: -Ayder - the village has mineral baths and plenty of accommodation for visitors. The Fırtına Valley, which runs through the heart of Çamlıhemşin, and is spanned by the Ottoman-era Fırtına River bridges. -Kale-i Balâ a castle high on a rock -Zilkale, a medieval era castle Video by Yuşa ÇİFTCİ
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Turkey Plane Accident: Plane skids off runway on Black Sea coast
A passenger plane has skidded off the runway while landing at Trabzon airport in north-eastern Turkey. As Christine Pirovolakis reports, the Pegasus Airlines flight was just metres away from plunging into the Black Sea.
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Turkey.Home - Black Sea Timelapse - A week in Turkey
Watch more timelapse videos on Turkey.Home channel: https://goo.gl/CaFkTq Watch a super-fast tour of the gorgeous Black Sea region of Turkey The Black Sea region of Turkey is full of unparalleled beauty, from the plateaus of Rize to the history of Trabzon. It’s a magical place with its own culinary traditions, incredible greenery and warm hospitality. #Turkey #Homeof #BeautifulNature
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Black Sea Travel  / Trabzon -Turkey
Black Sea Travel / Trabzon -Turkey
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drone flying over black sea coast of turkey
Amazing beauties of Blacksea Coast Side
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Turkey.Home - Black Sea Region: Feel The Nature
Watch more Turkey videos on Turkey Home channel: https://goo.gl/gn2Kc3 Get lost in the green, touch to the clouds and feel the nature under your skin. Black Sea Region of Turkey: Simply inspiring... #Turkey #Homeof #Greenery
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North Coast of Turkey - The Black Sea
Some FUN!
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Best Tourist Attractions: Black Sea Coast of Turkey
Best Tourist Attractions and Best Places... Black Sea Coast of Turkey, fantastic region of Turkey... We will show you the best tourist attactions, top popular touristic places of Black Sea Region of Turkey...
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North East of Turkey - Ayder - Part I الطبيعة التركية في الحدود مع جورجيا - أيدير
North East of Turkey has a stunning combination of the Kashkar mountains along with the black sea view. The area is still not very touristy and so you get to discover a lot more of the Turkish food&culture. Things to do. 1. Fly over to Trabzon city 2. Rent a car from the airport 3. Drive through the mountains 4. Go for a swim in the black sea 5. Make sure you have internet data for maps and Google translation to communicate with the locals Restaurant : Eylul - Ayder Hotels: there are many resorts in ayder and also wooden houses for rent For any further info contact me on my Instagram Houda.Ballaji 😘
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Yachting on the Black Sea | Amasra - Turkey: Day 5
SUBSCRIBE!!! The city of Amasra, situated on the north coast of Turkey has a lot to offer. From delicious sea food to wonderful beaches. We couldn't left the place without a yacht ride through the coastline. Music: https://soundcloud.com/jeff-kaale/for-love Discovery Hit by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1300023 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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TURKEY - Black Sea to ANKARA, suddenly AKP Demonstration | Peter Ambis Travel VLOG Travelling Beard
Music: Flakron INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/travelling_beard FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TravellingBeard/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/realPeterAmbis This is a video how Ali and Peter Ambis are travelling from the black sea region in the north of turkey to Ankara the capital of Turkey. First, we find some snow in turkey which we found at the base of an old avalanche. Then of course we look for something to eat and find on a Yayla a very nice family and we eat turkish cuisine! Turkish bean soup was the best! At one point Ali starts a fight with a turkish gas station guy, but don't worry Ali likes to bargain so it was fine later. Some talks about the turkish housing crisis (will there be one?) and suddendly we are in the middle of ANKARA at a AKP demonstration for democracy (thats what the told us at least) and for Atatürk https://www.instagram.com/peterambis/ https://www.facebook.com/PetAmbis/ Intro: Music ⓒ - Kevin MacLeod
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Kumbat Mountain - Gerisun Turkey ( Black Sea Region )
road trip to Kumabt Mountain Area in Gerisun on the black sea shore north Turkey and stop at Kuzalan waterfall...جمال الطبيعه في جبال و شلالات كوبات - الشمال التركي
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Black Sea Dancers
In Trabzon along the northeastern coast of the Black Sea in Turkey, these dancers performed a typical folklore dance for us. I saw them gathered closely around a video on an I-phone watching themselves and I decided to make this high quality video for them as a thank you.
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Black Sea Region Trabzon-TURKEY
Black Sea Region Trabzon-TURKEY
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Turkey.Home - Black Sea Adventure in Turkey
Watch more adventure videos on Turkey.Home channel: https://goo.gl/xNa248 Calling all adventure lovers! Whether hiking through the Kaçkar Mountains, biking over the stunning vistas of the Ayder Plateau, rafting through Çoruh River or visiting the fascinating history of Zilkale, the Black Sea offers endless opportunities for you to conquer nature amidst the mystery and beauty of this magical region. #Turkey #Homeof #Adventure
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Road Trip Along Turkey's Black Sea Coast From Istanbul To Safranbolu
Here is the corresponding article: https://solaristraveller.com/places-to-visit-in-turkey-road-trip/ I went on a Road Trip around Turkey's North Coast in May 2015. It is one of the most amazing parts of Turkey yet hardly any tourists visit. Discover the area by watching this video. If you’ve enjoyed this video you might want to read the corresponding article on Solaris Traveller at www.solaristraveller.com. Solaris Traveller is a travel website about destinations off the beaten track.
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'SOSYETE KIZI SUZAN' This song has jumping words that are HALF NONSENSE and HALF making SOCIAL COMMENT on differences between the RICH and the POOR in TURKEY. In this way the negative responses to LAZ PEOPLE from some Western Turks is responded to in ISMAIL TÜRÜT'S song. The THREAT of the story is that the girl is city, rich with her own mind and independence. She then meets the working class Turkish Male who is also characterised in the song with his 'hammering eyes' and lascivious ways. However, the secular city rich girl is then criticised for her western appearance by the working class male commenting on DOUBLE STANDARDS of MALES and FEMALES in that TURKISH SOCIETY of the 1990s. İSMAİL TÜRÜT [b. 1965] is a RADICAL and REFRESHING PROVINCIAL ICON of TURKEY. He is the SAME GEMINI-SNAKE horoscope as KHAARTOUM on this CHANNEL but a DIFFERENT GENERATION...But I see İSMAİL TÜRÜT'S REVOLUTIONARY PROTECTION of LAZ and TURKISH CULTURE and MUSIC. The SINGER/COMPOSER will NOT COMPROMISE on his BLACK SEA MUSIC, LYRICS, PRONUNCIATION or POLITICAL SPEECH in SONGS. İSMAİL TÜRÜT is really a LEGEND of a TURKEY when PROVINCIAL STARS were DEEPLY IMPORTANT to the TURKISH PSYCHE. LOCAL MUSIC now is DEEPLY FRIGHTENING to MODERN YOUTH who wish to be 'CITY' and feel anything TRADITIONAL is 'IGNORANT' and 'LOW CLASS'...But throwing away CENTURIES of CULTURE and IDENTITY is probably the most IGNORANT THING that HUMANS CAN DO...So they are a PARADOX of CULTURE-LESS BEINGS DRESSED UP as PEOPLE FROM FOREIGN COUNTRIES they have NEVER VISITED... ; )K İSMAİL TÜRÜT has been INVOLVED in MANY EXTREME POLITICAL SITUATIONS as 'MAKE NO PLAN' song that THREATENS NEIGHBOUR COUNTIES not to think of INVADING TURKEY. THE LAZ of NORTHERN BLACK SEA TURKEY The LAZ people are an ancient community found in NORTH EAST TURKEY beyond SAMSUN up into GEORGIA. The history of the LAZ PEOPLE dates back to the 6th Century. The ROMAN EMPIRE allowed them to live in an autonomous area: KINGDOM of LAZICA. They were then taken over by the BYZANTINE EMPIRE and were CHRISTIAN. The OTTOMANS then converted them to HANAFI SUNNI ISLAM. The LAZ have a LANGUAGE is more influenced from GEORGIA and it not written. LAZ PEOPLE have a rich FOLKLORE and the MUSIC and DANCES are HIGHLY ORIGINAL but are influenced by cultures surrounding the region. Many LAZ in the TURKISH REPUBLIC lost their LAZ LANGUAGE under ATATÜRK'S language revolution where NEW TURKISH with WESTERN SCRIPT was IMPLIMENTED in the last 1920s and local langauges were FORBIDDEN until the late 1990s. LAZ PEOPLE and 'KRO' CULTURE The LAZ origin people often speak with a strong ACCENT which can be RIDICULED by people from WESTERN TURKEY, especially in ISTANBUL. The CULTURE of KARADENIZ was largely unknown in TURKEY until MEDIA IMPROVED and singers like ISMAIL TÜRÜT and later, DAVUT GÜLOGLU popularised LAZ POP MUSIC. Even then, like KURDISH or ANKARA singers, the use of the insult 'KRO' [meaning 'Brave Boy' in KURDISH used to undermine countryside people] is used to 'put down' LAZ PEOPLE by some WESTERN TURKS in SNOBBERY. Mostly due to the ACCENT of speaking and the RICH CULTURE of the BLACK SEA that the LAZ keep alive. So there is some DISCRIMANATION against LAZ PEOPLE in TURKEY. ISMAIL TÜRÜT ISMAIL TÜRÜT was born in RIZE in NORTH EASTERN TURKEY in 1965. He was born into a poor family. His father was a labourer and mother a housewife. The young TÜRÜT would spend a lot of time hanging around the CINEMA and dreamed of becoming a SINGER. He began to sing at weddings then moved to ISTANBUL in 1979 where he started performing in CASINOS and NIGHTCLUBS. In 1982 ISMAIL recorded his first CASSETTE which released into 20 albums which sold HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS in KARADENIZ AREA. ISMAIL TÜRÜT became a well known BLACK SEA POP PERFORMER. In 1998, TÜRÜT was signed to large ISTANBUL laber IDOBAY and marketed across TURKEY. ISMAIL TÜRÜT then took a number of series on CHANNEL 7 [Turkey's only ISLAMIC TV STATION at the time with VEILED PRESENTERS]. Later he moved to TGRT for VARIETY SHOWS plus other work on TV and live concerts. CONTROVERSY and TÜRÜT ISMAIL TÜRÜT has always been a HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL POLITICAL character. Many of his songs have INDIRECT or BLUNT attempts at POLITICAL CRITICISM. The 2000 song 'KRIZ' or 'CRISIS' made a FESTIVAL SONG about the 50% collapse in the value of TURKISH LIRA with, "We've had another crisis but let's make it the best one we've ever had!" At the time whole families were jumping to their deaths from balconies across the country due to loss of their money in banks and savings. ISMAIL TÜRÜT was a LONE VOICE in a TURKEY that was DISCRETE about POLITICAL MATTERS. A lot of TÜRÜT'S later songs were POLITICAL for NATIONALISTIC or LAZ causes. Some people accuse him of being a FASCIST of some type or another. The SATIRIAL VITROL from MASTER TÜRÜT, however, are always done in a bombastic and LAUGHING manner which is maybe how he managed to be so outspoken and not get jailed or murdered!
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Turkey Black Sea Region
http://www.iwasinturkey.com azure waters of the Mediterranean, Aegean, Marmara and Black Sea surround Turkey to the south, west and north, making a treasure chest of coves, inlets, bays and beaches in which yachtsmen can choose a different and private anchorage each night. The sailing paradise of Turkey is also home to the Mavi Yolculuk, or Blue Voyage, an idyllic cruise which travels to the private beach of Cleopatra, the eternal fires of Mount Olimpos and the remains of thousands of ancient civilisations. Sailing in Turkey also allows visitors to experience the hospitality of the people in the coastal villages and towns. The tempered winds blowing from west and northwest make the long summers ideal for yachting, and seem to encourage an appreciation of nature. From some of the turquoise coast's unspoilt and sheltered bays you can see mountain peaks rising to almost 3000 meters above the sea level.
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Turkey.Home - Black Sea Region: Feel The Tranquility
Watch more Turkey videos on Turkey Home channel: https://goo.gl/gn2Kc3 Get lost in the green, touch to the clouds and feel the tranquility under your skin. Black Sea of Turkey: Simply inspiring... #Turkey #Homeof #Greenery
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The Black Sea Coast of Turkey
The Black Sea Region of Turkey.One of the most beautiful places in the World.
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Trabzon - Turkey
Trabzon is a city on the Black Sea coast of north-eastern Turkey and the capital of Trabzon Province. Trabzon, located on the historical Silk Road, became a melting pot of religions, languages and culture for centuries and a trade gateway to Iran in the southeast and the Caucasus to the northeast. The Venetian and Genoese merchants paid visits to Trebizond during the medieval period and sold silk, linen and woolen fabric; with the Republic of Genoa having an important merchant colony within the city that was similar to Galata near Constantinople (north across the Golden Horn) in present-day Istanbul. Trabzon formed the basis of several states in its long history and was the capital city of the Empire of Trebizond between 1204 and 1461. During the Ottoman period, Trabzon, because of the importance of its port, became a focal point of trade to Iran and the Caucasus..God bless all
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Black Sea - Turkey - Turkiye
The Black sea region. Turkiye Kara Deniz
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The whistled 'bird language' of Northern Turkey | Culture | Showcase
The Black Sea region is a famous for its cuisine, folk dance and thanks largely to the Giresun province, its ‘bird language’. The 400-year-old whistled language is part of the region's cultural heritage and has made its way onto to the UN cultural agency's list of endangered languages. For this and more from the world of art and culture, subscribe to Showcase: https://www.youtube.com/showcaseontrtworld
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The Black Sea Region Lush and green throughout the year, rocky mountains, the cool waters of the coast and plantations of tea, hazelnuts, tobacco and corn, the Black Sea is a unique part of the country. The main industry is farming, thanks mainly to the high rainfall, andin the summer the roadsides are lined with hazelnuts drying in the sun. The culture, cuisine, climate and even dialect is different to the rest of Turkey, and the coastal road stretches from east of Istanbul to the border with Georgia. The cities in this region are Amasya, Artvin, Bolu, Corum, Duzce, Giresun, Gumushane, Kastamonu, Ordu, Rize, Samsun, Sinop, Tokat, Trabzon Zonguldak, Bartin and Karabuk. Akcakoca is on the far western side of the coast, with endless hazelnutorchards. Inland to the east is Safranbolu, with a wonderful collection of old Ottoman houses, and Devek, famous for its intricately carved walking canes.Further along the coast are Inkum, Amasra and Cakraz, and then Sinop which has been a port for 1000 years and is still one of the biggest in the Black Sea. The town takes its name from the Amazon queen Sinope and local mythology suggests that femalewarriors, called Amazons, lived in this region. It is now an important industrial and commercial centre.Unye and Fatsa, east of Samsun, are popular holiday resorts with natural scenic beauty, beaches, accommodation, campsites and restaurants. Ordu is a charming city with hazelnut orchards stretching out for miles in all directions and 46km east isGiresun, with its castle perched on a steep rocky slope, crowning the city and overlooking the beach. This is where the Roman general Lucullus saw cherries for the first time, and liked them so much he introduced them into Europe.Trabzon is another important commercial port on the Black Sea, and it connects with ports in other Black Sea countries. Trabzon Castle was founded on an area shaped like a table, and the architecture that developed around the castle reflects Byzantine,Commagene and Ottoman styles. The city's most important building is the Ayasofya Museum, the interior of which is decorated with frescoes, and the exterior with reliefs. From Boztepe Park and the Ataturk Museum there are stunning panoramic views ofthe city. Inside the Altindere National Park near Macka, the Sumela Monastery is perched on high cliffs overlooking the Altindere valley, and was founded in the 14th century by Alexius III. Inside the monastery is a church, a library, various other rooms and asacred spring.The area around Rize is the wettest in the country with wonderful shades of green, and is the centre of Turkey's tea production with plantations on the high terraces. Hopa is the last Turkish port before reaching the Georgian border, and to the southis Artvin. The city was established on the terraced hills overlooking the Coruh River, which is well known for rafting, and within the province are old Georgian houses and churches.
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Turkey  - Black Sea Coast & Asmara
The Black Sea coast is less touristic than the Mediterranean, but has beautiful places and traditional daily life. We visit the historic town Asmara. We visited Turkey on our overland trip from the Netherlands to South Africa and South America; see our channel https://www.youtube.com/user/JanvanBekkum for hundreds of clips. The used background music is royalty free music: Promenade by Purple Planet Music (http://www.purple-planet.com/) and Shoot False Love I Care Not by Jon Sayles (http://www.jsayles.com)
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Rize city blacksea North of Turkey - www.tour4arabs.com - 00905074301564
Rize city blacksea North of Turkey - www.tour4arabs.com - 00905074301564.....مدينة ريزي البحر الأسود شمال تركيا
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A Forest Camp near Black Sea (Turkey, June 2011) [2011-06-24 bis 06-26 Forest Black Sea.mp4]
International Workshop on 'Mobile Occupational Health Units' in Ankara, Turkey - A Trip of Lecturers to Black Sea (June 24-June 27, 2011)
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Turkey's Black Sea Mountains - Relaxing Drive (2) #Travel "4K"
Subscribe (Abone ol): https://www.youtube.com/user/2331152channel?sub_confirmation=1 Road Trip - Black Sea Mountains - Turkey - 4K (1) https://youtu.be/qp-0nq7FPAo Turkey's Black Sea Mountains - Relaxing Drive (2) https://youtu.be/NC4A2lDtAZA Camera: Samsung Galaxy S8 Location: Trabzon, Turkey 40°34'48.20"N 40° 7'8.59"E Date: September 5, 2017 http://www.facebook.com/YusufAliogluPhotography https://www.flickr.com/photos/yusufyusuf85 https://twitter.com/yusufalioglu http://instagram.com/unbornart https://twitter.com/UnbornArt http://yusufalioglu.tumblr.com https://www.patreon.com/unbornart http://www.istockphoto.com/tr/portfolio/yusufalioglu Chris Zabriskie sanatçısının The Sun is Scheduled to Come Out Tomorrow adlı şarkısı, Creative Commons Attribution lisansı (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) altında lisanslıdır. Kaynak: http://chriszabriskie.com/honor/ Sanatçı: http://chriszabriskie.com/
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Hopa by the Black Sea - Craziest but most beautiful place ever!!
#32 - In this Episode i show you around Hopa - a small town and region on the Black Sea 17km from the Border of Georgia! This area of Turkey is amazing and i had a wild time exploring all the mountains, beaches and waterfalls with an old travel friend of mine!. Follow me on: Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/zakroams/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/ZakRoams Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Zakroams/ Zak Roams Music Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/zakroams Youtube -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTaOh3xDrDdPhxkpJyuPKwg Contact: [email protected] Hitchhiking Gear: Tent: - http://amzn.to/2zMCBIS Gps Tracker (Safety) - http://amzn.to/2hixdpX Portable Gas Burner - http://amzn.to/2y98A9z Bottle - http://amzn.to/2zdmDuS Camera Gear: Talking Camera - http://amzn.to/2gQaXXt Shooting Camera: - http://amzn.to/2hiwHZ3 Camera Microphone - http://amzn.to/2hggnI3 Editing Software - http://amzn.to/2hgZGMT Music Gear: Software - http://amzn.to/2zUOuNr Computer: - http://amzn.to/2yaZ3iw Audio Interface - http://amzn.to/2y9JLKV Microphone - http://amzn.to/2zMmLOr Audio Interface - http://amzn.to/2y9JLKV Mixing Head Phones - http://amzn.to/2zVvQ8t ♫Music By♫ ●Markvard - Losing My Mind ●Song/Free Download - https://youtu.be/WCTvBUB5Hh4 ●Follow Markvard - http://smarturl.it/Markvard & Song: Dj Quads - Running (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: https://youtu.be/Ochfq3BHBTA
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TurkStream gas pipeline: work starts - economy
Russia's Gazprom says construction has started on the "TurkStream":http://turkstream.info/project/ undersea gas pipeline through the Black Sea. A Swiss company, Allseas, is laying pipes between Anapa on the Russian coast and Thrace, the European part of Turkey, north west of Istanbul. Gazprom's Chief Executive Alexei Miller said the Turkish Stream project would be finished by the end of 2019. #Gazprom commences construction of #TurkStream #gas pipeline’s offshore section: https://t.co/PcZ3… READ MORE : http://www.euronews.com/2017/05/08/turkstream-gas-pipeline-work-starts euronews business brings you latest updates from the world of finance and economy, in-depth analysis, interviews, infographics and more Subscribe for daily dose of business news: http://bit.ly/1pcHCzj Made by euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe.
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I travelled 1200 km from bursa to explore trabzon naturals in black sea north turkey ( Karadeniz ) , just want to raise awareness of natural places which we are privilege to be part of. Music : Tony anderson - Dream Life All Footage was shot by Dji Spark #dji #spark #karadeniz #trabzon
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Opel Astra and Powered Parachutes Istanbul Black Sea.MP4
During launch of new Opel Astra Sports Tourer in Turkey we stopped at a beach by the Black Sea North of Bosporus. A number of motorised parachutes came by.
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Bulgarian Black Sea Coast - Best Travel Destination
The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast covers the entire eastern bound of Bulgaria stretching from the Romanian Black Sea resorts in the north to European Turkey in the south, along 378 km of coastline. White and golden sandy beaches occupy approximately 130 km of the 378 km long coast. The region is an important center of tourism during the summer season (May–October), drawing millions of foreign and local tourists alike and constituting one of the country's most popular tourist destinations. Prior to 1989 the Bulgarian Black Sea coast was internationally known as the Red Riviera. Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, however, its nickname has been changed to the Bulgarian Riviera. The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast has a humid subtropical climate, with considerable maritime and continental influences. The area's average air temperature in the summer is about 28 °C, with the average water temperature at 26 °C. There are more than 240 hours of sunshine in May and September and more than 300 hours in July and August. The Balkan Mountains cross the country reaching to the edge of the Black Sea at Cape Emine, dividing the coastline into a southern and northern part. Parts of Bulgaria's northern Black Sea Coast feature rocky headlands where the sea abuts cliffs up to 70 metres in height. The southern coast is known for its wide sandy beaches. The southernmost section is included in Strandzha Nature Park. The two largest cities and main seaports on the Bulgarian Riviera are Varna (third largest in the country) and Burgas (fourth largest in the country). Varna is located on the northern part of the coast and Burgas is located on the southern coast. The two cities' international airports, Varna Airport and Burgas Airport, are the main hubs servicing the region. In addition, the Trakia motorway was completed in 2013, providing fast access between Burgas and Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, and Plovdiv, the second largest city. Hemus motorway, scheduled to be completed after 2020, would make the trip from Sofia to Varna substantially easier and faster, while the Cherno More motorway is planned to connect Varna and Burgas. Major road I-9 runs along the Black Sea coast between the border with Romania, at the village of Durankulak, and the city of Burgas. Check out more awesome videos at http://besttravelvideo.blogspot.com
Black Sea Region of Turkey: Best Plateau Advices
Black Sea Region of Turkey, has a different climate, especially in the plateau places... If you want to see the the best places, we will show you the best plateau places, for an inordinary holiday... When in summer, you feel chilly in the evenings , at Black Sea Region... Here you are, turkey travel tips at Black Sea Region...
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Bagpipe Performance 1 The Black Sea Region   AegeanFolk/TURKEY
Tulum (bagpipe) is a Turkish folk instrument of the wind type. It consists of three parts with Deri Kismi (leather section), Nav and Agizlik (mouth piece). The air is stored in the leather section and is let into the nav section by pressing the bag under the arm. Nav is the part where the melody is played. It also has two parts called Analik and Dillik. Agizlik is the section which sends the air to the leather bag of the pipe. Tulum is used in Turkey at Trabzon, Rize, Erzurum, Kars, Northern and Eastern Anatolian regions and in Thrace. Tulum, which is generally made from lamb or kid skin, is called Gayda in Thrace.
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Doppelmayr Transport Technology - MGD-M "Cerattepe", Turkey - English (2017)
The Cerattepe underground copper mine of the Turkish Eti Bakır A. Ş. mining company (a member of Cengiz Holding) is situated in very mountainous terrain approx. 3.5km southwest of Artvin, a city in the Black Sea region in north-eastern Turkey. From there, the ropeway transports the ore into the valley over a distance of 4.5km across steep, wooded terrain. The incline is more than 43° at the steepest point. The ropeway can also be used to transport backfill material from the valley to the mouth of the mine. Furthermore, the Cerattepe ropeway allows for the combined transport of material and people. Apart from the material buckets in which the ore is transported, the system will also be equipped with some passenger cabins. In these cabins, the mineworkers can travel to their workplace comfortably and in safety. Find out more on our website: https://www.doppelmayr-mts.com/en/projects/projects/ropeway-cerattepe/
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Cargo vessel sank in the Black Sea off Turkey's coast
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Turkey Plane Accident | Slide into the Black Sea |
A passenger plane has skidded off the runway while landing at Trabzon airport in north-eastern Turkey. As Christine Pirovolakis reports, the Pegasus Airlines flight was just metres away from plunging into the Black Sea.
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Turkey - Black Sea & Eastern Turkey
Anatolia - Nicaea, Hattusa, Amasya, Trabzon, Lake Van, Diyarbakır, Harran, Mount Nemrut & Cappadocia.
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