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"Bad Girls Club New Orleans" HQ
In a city built to play come seven girls, born to party. "Bad Girls Club" takes New Orleans by storm, and y'all better get ready for Angelic, "The Bronx Bombshell"; Nastasia, "The Powerhouse"; Priscilla, "The Staten Island Spitfire"; Shelly, "The Lady Killer"; Tasha, "The Posh Princess"; Tiara, "The Goofy Gangsta"; and of course Judi, "The Voodoo Vixen".
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BGC 7 Reunion Best Moments
Harlem World
Views: 102618 Harlem Thickyy
Stasi Vs Shelly BGC7 New Orleans
Stasi retaliates on Shelly for putting eye makeup remover in her contacts
Views: 8116 Jeffery Lewis
BGC7 - Tiara Pops Off On Tasha (Throwback) HD
Views: 791030 Teezy Vidz
Bad Girls Club:New Orleans Judi and Shelly FIGHT
I do not own the copy rights to this video. *SUBSCRIBE*
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Bad Girls Club New Orleans - Extended Trailer
You think you know how 'Bad' a Bad Girl can be? You don't know BAD until you've seen the NEW ORLEANS season of Bad Girls Club -- premiering Monday August 1 at 9/8c -- only on Oxygen! Who do you think will turn out to be the Baddest Bad Girl of them all? Like us on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/thebadgirlsclub Follow us on Twitter - http://twitter.com/BGCONOXYGEN
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Nastasia vs Shelly
Bad Girls Club Season 7: Nastasia vs Shelly
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My BGC Experience Part 1: The Bad Girls Club audition process & making BGC7 New Orleans! JUDI
GRAB YO SNAX & SATiVA! 🤣😜 My Bad Girls Club Experience Intro... my audition for BGC & where I was at in my life! This is a video talking about my audition process and what led me to the Bad Girls Club. It’s been so many years but this is to the best of my memory! My next BGC experiences for all of my shows and all of my show offers from Oxygen is coming and will be an actual video of me. #BGC7 #BadGirlsClub “Judi The Snowman” ⛄️ turned “Bad Girl Judi” 💘 😂 #BGC talk starts around 24:50 ... but all of it leads into it! So listen! :) I drop gems about reality tv, so if you ever wanted to be a reality tv star... check it out! Also: I ONLY TRIED OUT *ONCE* & made it ;) Yay! WARNING ⚠️: I ramble! 😅 I love to talk honey! AND I KEEP SAYING “long story short”.. buuuut bish WHERE!? It’s long asf. Lmao. 🙆🏻‍♀️ And I keep saying “MIND YOU...” ☝🏽 like, GIRL! We get it! 🙄😆 I’ll get better with editing as time goes. 💯 Points of interest: I have hella cameras, a few digital and a go pro... but I am about to set up my new camera for future vlogs. I also chose Columbia College because I had family members who graduated from there who were very successful in journalism. My freshman “dorm” actually had 28 floors I think. And one of my other apartments was actually 64th and Dorchester. Not 63rd. Throughout college I lived: 2 East 8th St. (State St. & 8th/South Loop). The Automatic Lofts (West Loop). Dixmoor (South Suburbs). Irving Park (Upnorth by O’Hare Airport). 64th & Dorchester (Out East). Clermont St. (Little Italy/Taylor/Oakley/UIC campus). I didn’t end up putting the pics of what I wore to the first round of the audition, or my first green screen, or when I flew to Cali for finals. I totally forgot and it takes forever to edit and upload soo y’all good! Lol. Just look at my casting tape here: https://youtu.be/pMe0RGaF98E & keep a look out whenever I #TBT, I always repost hella pics from the past. Haha. (These are only SOME of the hella pics I have from this era in my life before Bad Girls Club! I had Facebook littttt with the albums. Most are still up on my personal #Facebook). It was groups of 8 or 10 depending on crowd or what city you were in. Girls have had groups of 12, to as low as 6 at their first round group audition. ‪My neon glow lights I got for my YouTube area and around my house are from: https://ampedandco.com/collections/neon & https://www.aoos.com/ (the “It was all a Dream” light is actually from Aoos). ‬ Also, RIP to the homie Shawty Lo. He was such a nice person. He literally always showed me and my friends hella love in any way he could. Warm memories. Gone too soon. LONG LiVE LO. 🙏🏽 ‪Also, during filming and even during #BGC7’s run and after it aired.. til this day, people always ask “What is #Creole?”, “Am I Haitian?”, or just try to argue with me about being #LouisianaCreole! (Even tho I clearly stated in my #castingtape that all my moms side was from #Louisiana smh 🤦🏻‍♀️). WELL, I took my #AncestryDNA & I am most def ⚜️ Louisiana Creole ⚜️ baby! I also have #Nigerian, #Congo, #Togo and #Mali roots. 😱 It also says my biggest percentage is #WesternEurope (#French). 🇫🇷 Also in my lower confidence regions, I DO have #Asian in me. Producers told me the world was going to think I was Asian and many did think I was Blasian. My mother said even as a baby strangers use to ask her was my father Asian or if I have any Asian in me because my eyes are so chinky. Well, guess we got our answer. I also have many other roots from #Polynesia, #Senegal, #IberianPeninsula, #Finland / #Russia & hella other stuff. #MixedAF. 😜 Even though I already knew my biggest mix was #French, #ChoctawIndian, #Spanish & #AfricanAmerican which = LOUISIANA CREOLE, it feels good to shut the naysayers up! Voodoo for you b*tches! Haha! ✨💋 You can see my #ancestry #DNA results on all my social media platforms. Get yours today! http://refer.dna.ancestry.com/s/bookjudijai 💙💛💚❤️ #realitytv #realitystar #tvstar #tv #BadGirlJudi #VoodooVixen #VoodooQueen 💘 www.SoJudiJai.com
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Bad Girls Club New Orleans Mardi Gras vs Street Preachers
At the 5:25 mark, the Bad Girls Club cast battles with street preachers at Mardi Gras 2011 on Bourbon Street. Look for this scene in Season 7 on Oxygen. Shelly gets herself soaked trying to dump water on a street preacher.
Views: 11740 Buddy Fisher
Bad Girls club 7 New Orleans theme song
Breakout-By hero Dont forget to subscribe
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Bad Girls Club Season 7 Super Trailer
Teaser for Season 7 of the Bad Girls Club
Views: 29929 BadGirlsClubBrawls
Bad Girls Club New Orleans Fights
The best of the BGC7 fights (so far).
Views: 18821 doubleyouteffdude
Angie Z - The 10th Annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival (Bad Girls)
The Annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival is an international burlesque festival that takes place in New Orleans in mid-September. Created and produced by Rick Delaup. For information go to www.neworleansburlesquefest.com Bad Girls of Burlesque is an annual showcase in the festival, and also a twice-monthly show at House of Blues New Orleans. Go to www.bustoutburlesque.com for dates and showtimes.
Views: 9101 burlesquefest
Bad Girls Club: New Orleans House Tour
Go on a vintage tour of the Bad Girls Club Season 7 house in classy New Orleans with hosts Jeffrey Eyser and Alexis Karpf! Check out more at www.flipthisbitch.com
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Bad Girls Club: New Orleans [Supertrailer]
My version of what #BGC7 trailer would look like, finally I got the CLEAR version up [SUBSCRIBE] to me and [LIKE] this if you want me to continue to do trailers for other seasons!!
Views: 19814 TheBGCx
Bad Girls Club 7: New Orleans (Episode 11) Review
Follow Me: @Mr_StillStandin
Views: 1206 MrStillStanding
Bad Girls Club 7: New Orleans (Episode 1) Review
Follow Me: @Mr_StillStandin
Views: 1230 MrStillStanding
Bad Girls Club 7 New Orleans.
Sorry if ita going too fast pause if you need to.
Views: 29521 GirlFightsVidz
BGC 5 Will Be coming back to the United States to turn up in New Orleans and Filming will start with in the next two weeks and this is the house the ladies will be staying in. I DO NOT OWN ANY AUDIO
BAD GIRLS CLUB: New Orleans |EPISODE 1 | SKITS | @papi.barron
Been gone for a long time but I'm back to posting videos This is a parody of the iconic Bad Girls Club Follow me on Instagram: @papi.barron
Views: 33 barron
Bad Girls Club Season 7: New Orleans (Episode 7) Review
FOLLOW ME: @Mr_StillStandin
Views: 2043 MrStillStanding
Bad Girls Club: New Orleans (Recap)
Go back to the beginning of Bad Girls Club: New Orleans look what they have been threw since they first walked into the house.
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"Bad Girls Club New Orleans" Judi Jai Promo
"Y'all better get ready," says Judi Jai, referring to "Bad Girls Club New Orleans", premiering on Oxygen this summer. SO NEW CLUB, SO NEW CRAZY, SO NEW ORLEANS. "Bad Girls Club Season 7" is sure to bring you all the hair pulling, drink tossing, ear splitting drama you love.
Views: 10722 Judi Jai
Bad Girls Club 7: New Orleans (Episode 9) Review
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Views: 1615 MrStillStanding
Bad Girls Club 7: New Orleans (Episode 2) Review
Follow me: @Mr_StillStandin MzHell0kitti's youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/theHauteTEALine
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Bad Girls Club 7: New Orleans (Episode 6) Review
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Views: 985 MrStillStanding
Bad Girls Club (Season 7: New Orleans) Episode 8  Review
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Views: 1170 MrStillStanding
Bad Girls Club 7: New Orleans (Episode 4) Review
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Bad Girls Club 2: New Orleans - Episode 7 "Drama Bomb"
I like this episode but it has way too many flaws like The Confessionals completely fucked up so not one of my best but enjoy
Views: 378 muffinmonster64
My 22nd BDAY in New Orleans! Bad Girl Birthday (BGC7 Extra)
In this SO NEW extra, "Bad Girl" Judi is sitting back and observing that she can have fun without being drunk. Fortunately for her, Nastasia has a plan to lighten Judi's mood for her 22nd Birthday. Find out what her plan is.
Views: 15586 Judi Jai
Bad Girls Club New Orleans House
the 7th season house.
Views: 6054 megatrojanboy14
BGC2: New Orleans || Ep.1 "The Big NOT So Easy" HD
S02EP01 // Seven new "bad girls" enter the mansion in New Orleans. Friendships and cliques are formed leaving Krystal an outcast making her a target . Twitter || https://twitter.com/theDreaBadAss Fa
Bad Girls Club 2: New Orleans - Opening Fight  [READ DESC]
Flaw 1: There is BGC3 on there but this is BGC2 Flaw 2: Jayci's Tattoos are gone BUT I WILL FIX THESE Also this is my 100th Video!
Views: 2791 muffinmonster64
Welcome to "The Bad Girls Club" Judi
When "Bad Girl" Judi Jai arrives to the Bad Girls house during the season premiere of "Bad Girls Club New Orleans", it's definitely a sight to see. This "Bad Girl" is ready to drink, have fun, party, and live it up. And she also meets a special friend, check it out here.
Views: 105679 Judi Jai
Bad Girls Club Sims 2 Episode 3 New Orleans
Enjoys ppl i think imma upload videos randomly or imma upload 2 a week :)
Bad Girls Club, New Orleans: Judi and Her Purse
Judi and her purse.
Views: 1931 Ragan Fox
Bad Girls Club 2: New Orleans - Episode 14 "Reunion Part 2"
Last Part!!! Bye Bye BGC2 but heres a sneak peek of BGC3 St. Thomas!
Views: 650 muffinmonster64
Blaze - The 9th Annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival
The Annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival is an international burlesque festival that takes place in New Orleans in mid-September. For information go to www.neworleansburlesquefest.com Bad Girls of Burlesque began as annual showcase at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival in 2011. In 2014, it became a monthly show at House of Blues New Orleans, featuring a local cast and occasional special guests. For dates and showtimes visit www.bustoutburlesque.com Video shot by Andrew Madden. Edited by Michael Sauer.
Views: 45130 burlesquefest
Bad Girls Club Sims 2 Episode 4 New Orleans
Imma Start uploading 2 videos a week
BGC4 New Orleans: Episode 1 "I Got the VooDoo for you" (HD) *Re-Uploaded*
Since Youtube decided to mute the original Episode 1 and since my mobile fans couldnt watch the premiere, I decided to re upload Episode 1 with the audio fixed :) (2014) "I Got the VooDoo for you", Seven new "bad girls" enter the mansion in New Orleans. The first night starts off well until Tori starts to dislike Christina for not making an effort of hang out/get to with the rest of the girls. After hearing Tori talk about her,Christina taunts Tori to make her snap. All hell breaks loose in the BGC New Orleans house when Giana and Danielle step into the altercation. I don't own any of the audio,so i ask you nicely to not mute the audio.
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Bad Girls Club New Orleans Cast
I own NO copyrights
Views: 6799 Jorge Lopez

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