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WinCCOA RDB-Manager with Oracle vs WinCC OA with MongoDB
Keep in Mind: It is not a comparison of the database only! With Oracle we used the WinCC OA RDB Manager with OA Query-RDB Direct option, and the RDB-Manager has lot of more functionalities than the NoSQL Prototyp! The other databases were tested with a NoSQL Logger Prototyp written in Java, and the implementations for writing and reading are different, because there are different interfaces for each database - for PostgreSQL we used the PostgreSQL JDBC driver, MongoDB has it's own Java API and InfluxDB uses REST/HTTP. So, not only the speed of the database itself is compared - also the interfaces to WinCC OA and the implementations of reading are taken into account. Oracle and OA RDB-Manager Results: 2016.07.29 09:09:03.302["start..."] 2016.07.29 09:09:39.628[36.326][33669] 2016.07.29 09:11:22.051["start..."] 2016.07.29 09:11:36.213[14.159][33669] MongoDB Results: 2016.07.29 09:10:37.449["start..."] 2016.07.29 09:10:53.171[15.72][33669] 2016.07.29 09:11:42.932["start..."] 2016.07.29 09:11:52.918[9.986][33669] InfluxDB Results: WCCOAui1:2016.07.29 09:47:33.441["start..."] WCCOAui1:2016.07.29 09:47:42.477[9.035][33668] WCCOAui1:2016.07.29 09:48:12.733["start..."] WCCOAui1:2016.07.29 09:48:18.745[6.011][33668] it is faster than MongoDB. And our InfluxDB is running on a MacMini (Hyper-V) and the data is stored on a shared Synology NAS for home usage (DS414 slim) - much less power for InfluxDB compared to the four 7.2k disks and to the i7 where the Oracle DB and MonogDB is running on. PostgreSQL Results: WCCOAui1:2016.07.29 09:56:55.062["start..."] WCCOAui1:2016.07.29 09:57:03.475[8.41][33669] WCCOAui1:2016.07.29 09:57:14.767["start..."] WCCOAui1:2016.07.29 09:57:20.196[5.427][33669] PostgreSQL is running on the same machine and disks as Oracle and MongoDB.
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OCC - L - After
This is an overview class of the 5 systems for the ASFU process and the 6 systems for the Lifetime client process, these two make the AFTER process one that is connect the dots for not only more loans, but less time and more fun. The after implies "after closing".
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