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The Hints Book: Notepad++ text parsing - cleaning SQL query from Java code
Views: 3001 Krzysztof Jelonek
The Hints Book: Notepad++ text parsing - cleaning SQL query from Java code
Views: 583 Krzysztof Jelonek
Simple XSLT Tutorial - XSLT in 5 minutes
A simple tutorial showing how to create XSLT style sheets for XML files. This is a powerful and easy to use technology if you want to change the style and presentation of your XML files.
Views: 244669 Jeremy Morgan
CD 41: Type Checking Part1
Compiler Design
Views: 14990 Oresoft LWC
TracerPlus Calculations and Data Parsing: Part 1
This Tutorial focuses on the how to automate steps when collecting data with a mobile device by setting up either mathematical calculations or creating parsing rules for both numerical and non-numerical data. In part one, we show how to configure each type of calculation field and discuss what it might be used for. Part two shows real world examples of actual mobile application using these features.
Using Python Enumerate Built-in Function to Mimic AWK
AWK does a great job on text processing, now let's try python to do that too...
Views: 463 kholidfu
13 Win Update Exploit Code - Easy and Quick Vulnerability Hunting in Windows
This demo shows the exploit code used to exploit the 0day vulnerability
Views: 283 rococholo
XML Log Toolkit: Compiling the Source
Views: 52 leoliu1992
Screencast for From Patch to Proof-of-Concept: MS10-081
BreakingPoint Systems engineer Nephi Johnson uses this screencast to walk through the steps of his proof-of-concept exploit of the Microsoft heap overflow vulnerability he recently discovered. (Note that this screencast has no audio.) The corresponding explanation of the vulnerability and exploit is here: http://www.breakingpointsystems.com/community/blog/microsoft-vulnerability-proof-of-concept/
Views: 1162 BreakingPointSystems
Python SQL Dumper - How to extract all table names from a database
Views: 115 tdxev
Tool Based Approach to compiler design.
Compiler Design
Views: 14438 Oresoft LWC
XML Part1
Views: 92 samirelsamir
How to program Java | Part 9 | Switch Statements
http://effectsdude79.com Links: Java http://java.com/en/ Java JDK http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/java-se-jdk-7-download-432154.html Eclipse http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/packages/eclipse-classic-37/indigor First Video in the series: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-yLMxTz-y0
Views: 3491 effectsdude79
WDM 6:Tradeoffs in implementing an Inverted Index
Tradeoffs in implementing an Inverted Index For Full Course Experience Please Go To http://mentorsnet.org/course_preview?course_id=1 Full Course Experience Includes 1. Access to course videos and exercises 2. View & manage your progress/pace 3. In-class projects and code reviews 4. Personal guidance from your Mentors
Views: 6370 Oresoft LWC
Python SQL Dumper - How to extract all table names from multiple databases
Views: 100 tdxev
VideoNonJavisti: Creating your First POJO
In this short video tutorial I'll show you how to create a simple POJO (Plain Old Java Object)
Views: 3515 Manuele Piastra
WDM 75: Cluster Pruning
Cluster Pruning For Full Course Experience Please Go To http://mentorsnet.org/course_preview?course_id=1 Full Course Experience Includes 1. Access to course videos and exercises 2. View & manage your progress/pace 3. In-class projects and code reviews 4. Personal guidance from your Mentors
Views: 2027 Oresoft LWC
text file import
Views: 293 L Adams
JAXB Spice
JAXB Spice is a plugin to the elcipse JAXB Builder that provides the ability to extend the generated JAXB sources. The plugin allows a user defined class to decorate the generated source files and is detected by the plugin's Spice annotation processor. The spice processor is applied after each JAXB generator process and can be used with all supported code generators including Castor and XJC RI.
Views: 2420 Peter Doyle
EDI 850 Purchase Order TO SQL Server
Available on http://www.pervasive.com/Galaxy
Views: 3032 PervasiveGalaxy
SAP Business Objects Universe - Information Design Tool
Headset / Mic used for recording - https://amzn.to/2RrKwrm . Also watch - https://youtu.be/NJShChQF4Ec Create a Universe on a MS Access Data base using SAP Business Objects 4.0 Information Design Tool How to create universe in business objects - Create an ODBC connection to a MS Access database. - Create a project within IDT. - Create a connection to the Database. - Create a Data Foundation. - Create a Business Layer. - Publish the Business Layer Locally. - Create a report using Web Intelligence. - Publish the connection. - Change connection in the Data Foundation - Publish the universe to the repository. You can download SAP Business Objects Edge at any one of the links below... http://www12.sap.com/campaign/2011_CROSS_EDGE_BI_FREE_TRIAL/WTY_2011_CROSS_EDGE_BI_FREE_TRIAL.epx?Level=1&FormResultID=e58415a1-6d92-4aed-bd29- OR https://www.sap.com/campaign/2011_CROSS_EDGE_BI_FREE_TRIAL/WTY_2011_CROSS_EDGE_BI_FREE_TRIAL.epx?Level=1&FormResultID=e58415a1-6d92-4aed-bd29-104c98e5fe0b&ContinueURL=%2fcampaign%2f2011_CROSS_EDGE_BI_FREE_TRIAL%2findex.epx%3fkNtBzmUK9zU&kNtBzmUK9zU=1 AND Fill out form to get a trial key https://sap.com/campaign/2011_CROSS_EDGE_BI_FREE_TRIAL/index.epx?kNtBzmUK9zU&...... Thanks, Naresh Headset / Mic used for recording - https://amzn.to/2RrKwrm .
Views: 179746 Naresh Ganatra
Primavera P6 Tips and Tricks: Removing Activity ID Spaces
During the conversion of P3 to P6, the Activity IDs display extra spaces preceding the first character. This video demonstrates how to quickly remove these spaces.
Views: 7508 PrimaveraUsers
Sync & Swim With CouchDB For Mac & iOS
This talk introduces CouchDB and Couchbase Mobile to Mac and iOS developers who are looking for a way to synchronize app data between mobile devices, desktop computers and the cloud. I'll describe CouchDB and its elegant NoSQL "property-lists on steroids" approach to data storage; explain how replication and synchronization are built into it at a fundamental level; show some different topologies that can be used for different types of sync; and cover the basics of building Couchbase Mobile into your app. About Jens Alfke: Jens Alfke is a Mobile Engineering Peer at Couchbase, Inc. where he's developing Couchbase Mobile for iOS. He has a long history as a Mac developer and spent 15 years at Infinite Loop working on everything from AppleScript and Stickies to iChat and Safari RSS, followed by two years at Google and RockMelt extending the Chrome browser. He's an avid proponent of decentralized social software, despite never having managed to release any. In his spare time he pretends to be a DJ, and cuts things out of plastic with lasers.
Views: 2510 O'Reilly
This video demonstrates how to: (1) Create a XML Handler from a Schema. (2) Generate a COBOL XML Writer and Test Harness. (3) Compile and run the Test Program to create an XML document using Micro Focus COBOL.
Views: 415 CanamSoftwareLabs
JAXB Builder
JAXB Builder eclipse plugin for Castor and XJC Java code genration
Views: 22146 Peter Doyle
TempWorks WebCenter 6 Demo & New Features
Enhanced client relations. Greater operational control. Increased productivity. Easier branding capabilities. Those are some of the features of TempWorks' WebCenter 6.. "Speed, speed, speed! WebCenter 6 offers super-fast load times due to a ground up refactor of our database, code and UI. We have re-imagined the staffing experience." says Andy Cohen, Web Products Manager for TempWorks. WebCenter is a web module that consists of four major components: Applicant Portal, Employee Portal, Customer Portal and Job Board.
Views: 2638 Gregg Dourgarian
New free plugin SQL Server Management Studio - view the demo here!
Save time creating SQL Server traces for Project Lucy with this free plug-in for SQL Server Management Studio. The Project Lucy Team have created a tool that brings you another step closer to complete automation in performance analysis. Currently suitable to use as a plugin for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2008, 2008 R2, 2008 Express and 2008 R2 Express, this handy tool creates a server-side trace in the background while you're doing other things! Download the plug-in here: https://www.projectlucy.com/Developers/SSMSPlugin or visit Project Lucy: https://www.projectlucy.com
Views: 2492 qsftprojectlucy
MySQL - Importing Data From CSV - BASH - Linux
http://filmsbykris.com/wordpress/?p=320 Got Questions? visit http://FilmsByKris.com/forum Chat with us and learn more http://FilmsByKris.com/irc
Views: 32316 Kris Occhipinti
Convert an Integer to a String in Java Challenge Part 2/3
Follow more CS videos @ http://hackercs.com... Please like, comment and subscribe so we can make more free CS videos :) Code: http://pastebin.com/KQvHbU1E PDF: http://bit.ly/oS6kBg
Views: 1435 Agilowen
CSV to XML Converter for Flash and Flex Apps
This video will show you have to use my free online API's to convert your csv files into XML format so that they can be read in Flash or Flex projects. You can see how I have done this with writing less than 10 lines of code. Much better than programing a parser yourself.
Views: 1119 Michael Crosby
Creating Stored Procedures and Functions
لمشاهدة كورس pl / sql كاملا http://gatewaycourses.com
Views: 834 it3lm
WDM 24: Discussion on Positional Index Size
Discussion on Positional Index Size For Full Course Experience Please Go To http://mentorsnet.org/course_preview?course_id=1 Full Course Experience Includes 1. Access to course videos and exercises 2. View & manage your progress/pace 3. In-class projects and code reviews 4. Personal guidance from your Mentors
Views: 2355 Oresoft LWC
Vb.NET: Passing Parameters from one application to another (Visual Basic 2008/2010)
This is my first 1080p tutorial.. so hopefully you will actually be able to switch it to 1080p mode! This video explains how to pass parameters from one vb.net application to another, very easily. Thanks for watching! http://brandonsoft.com
Views: 19970 BrandonioProductions
[DB]session6-4-XML DB.wmv
Views: 127 kjjang33
SQL Data- Video 3 of 11
Need to paste to notepad, you will be using this information throughout the process
Views: 53 everetthesia
See how easy it is to create your first real Android App with the PRO version of JavaIDEdroid.
Views: 16077 TomOnTube66
Metasploit Twitt Plugin
Blog : http://eromang.zataz.com Twitter : http://twitter.com/eromang Twitt Metasploit plugin was developed, in ruby, by Carlos Perez, aka Dark Operator. This plugin permit you to send a twitter direct message to a configured account when a Metasploit session is created or shutdown. Each message will contain informations about the related session. http://eromang.zataz.com/2011/01/01/twitt-metasploit-plugin-on-ubuntu/
Views: 753 Eric Romang
WDM 14: How an User Interact with IR System
For Full Course Experience Please Go To http://mentorsnet.org/course_preview?course_id=1 Full Course Experience Includes 1. Access to course videos and exercises 2. View & manage your progress/pace 3. In-class projects and code reviews 4. Personal guidance from your Mentors
Views: 2467 Oresoft LWC
Using SOAP Web Service in PHP
This is a short demo in PHP for accessing a SOAP web service.
Views: 77049 life michael
Mod-09 Lec-15 Control Flow Analysis-Part2
Compiler Design by Prof.Y.N.Srikant,Department of Computer Science and Automation,IISC Bangalore. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in
Views: 4355 nptelhrd
Parcial en JPA, AJAX, JDOM
Desarrollo de Software
Java Pi Calculator
A java pi calculator made by me. If you guys want, I'll give a download link. There's only one problem, numbers don't go farther then 15 decimals so the numbers won't be perfect and it can't get more exact. I might fix this later. Source: https://sourceforge.net/projects/pifinder/files/
Views: 383 cobrarick780
How To Hack A Website
Keep in mind i made this when i was 13 so i like to think i was pretty smart with computers when i was that age. I understand the information is a little out of date and it might not even work anymore. Im not going to post a link to the programs to actually crash the site, because i dont want to encourage the process of hacking. This video is really only posted for memories of the things i did when i was 13. So enjoy, and if you really want the programs i used, just try to google it. Good luck
Views: 331 Drew Poi
Express Yourself! Regular Expressions
Learn how to make use of regular expressions with Informatica Cloud to identify badly formatted emails or data within your salesforce org. Ensure the quality of your data is always trusted and in top condition.
Views: 927 Informatica Cloud
Wireshark Trace File Reporting Using Excel
A little trick I like to show people in my classes and seminars. It is basically how to take a trace file and create an Excel Graph Enjoy
Views: 6671 The Technology Firm
Crockford on JavaScript - Chapter 2: And Then There Was JavaScript
Yahoo!'s JavaScript architect Douglas Crockford surveys the features of the JavaScript programming language.
Views: 120762 YUI Library
Modernize Legacy Applications: Cobol to Java
For more details, visit http://www.ResQSoft.com Discover how you can maximize the use of your existing legacy applications, through legacy modernization.
Views: 270 Trevor Andy Brims
Firefox 3.5 unicode stack overflow
Authors: Andrew Haynes , Simon Berry-Byrne For more info and download http://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/9158/
Views: 125 spiunicode
Визуальные компоненты ActiveX (2) [3042]
ВНИМАНИЕ! Это вторая часть урока, начало здесь - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wl2oKq2mJ0M Если вам не хватает стандартных визуальных компонентов HiAsm, а делать их вы не умеете и ждать не хочется, то можно воспользоваться сторонними разработками в формате ActiveX. Компоненты ActiveX находятся в отдельных файлах *.ocx и могут быть использованы в программе... Автор видео: 3042 Статья в блоге автора: http://hi-asm.blogspot.com/2010/06/activex.html http://hiasm.com/ - сайт проекта http://forum.hiasm.com/ - форум http://hiasm.com/donate.html - поддержи разработчиков HiAsm http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/HiAsm - страница в Википедии
Views: 5019 HiAsmVideo