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Next USA Conflict Iran Caspian Sea & Pakistan 2012 6
This Is 'The Great Game': to control Caspian oil, block Irans Gas pipeline, surround Russia and China with bases, control Petro markets, and apply leverage to China economic development by controling her access to resources. If you want to know the future International lanscape understand Obama's International Relations Advisor - Zbigniew Brzezinski - the man behind the curtin.
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Next USA Conflict:  Iran, Caspian Sea & Pakistan 2012 1
This Is 'The Great Game': to control Caspian oil, block Irans Gas pipeline, surround Russia and China with bases, control Petro markets, and apply leverage to China economic development by controling her access to resources. If you want to know the future International lanscape understand Obama's International Relations Advisor - Zbigniew Brzezinski - the man behind the curtin.
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13 Trillion $ Oil in Caspian Sea and Future Wars
Report about politics of 13 Million $ oil reserve in Caspian sea This pipe line have to pass through afghanistan and pakistan .
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Next USA Conflict  Iran, Caspian Sea & Pakistan 2012 3
This Is 'The Great Game': to control Caspian oil, block Irans Gas pipeline, surround Russia and China with bases, control Petro markets, and apply leverage to China economic development by controling her access to resources. If you want to know the future International lanscape understand Obama's International Relations Advisor - Zbigniew Brzezinski - the man behind the curtin.
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Next USA Conflict Iran, Caspian Sea & Pakistan 2012 5
This Is 'The Great Game': to control Caspian oil, block Irans Gas pipeline, surround Russia and China with bases, control Petro markets, and apply leverage to China economic development by controling her access to resources. If you want to know the future International lanscape understand Obama's International Relations Advisor - Zbigniew Brzezinski - the man behind the curtin.
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Next USA Conflict Iran Caspian Sea & Pakistan 2012 2
This Is 'The Great Game': to control Caspian oil, block Irans Gas pipeline, surround Russia and China with bases, control Petro markets, and apply leverage to China economic development by controling her access to resources. If you want to know the future International lanscape understand Obama's International Relations Advisor - Zbigniew Brzezinski - the man behind the curtin.
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В.Путин.Интервью Иранскому гостелерадио.16.10.07.Part 1
Interview with IRNA Information Agency and Iranian State Television and Radio.Part 1 October 16, 2007 Tehran Интервью Иранскому гостелерадио и информационному агентству ИРНА. 16 октября 2007 года Тегеран ABBAS ALI HADJI PARVANE: In the name of Allah! Mr President, we are very grateful to you for finding the time to give us this interview in spite of your busy schedule and to answer our questions on Russias international position and bilateral relations between Russia and Iran. As we do not have much time, can we begin straight away with the questions? VLADIMIR PUTIN: Of course. QUESTION: Iran and Russia are two friendly neighbours that have many opportunities for developing their cooperation. How do you assess the current state of bilateral relations and what kind of prospects do you see ahead? VLADIMIR PUTIN: Russia and Iran are indeed friendly neighbours. Our peoples are the bearers of ancient cultures that have interacted with each other over the course of centuries. We have a longstanding tradition of building good-neighbourly relations. Cooperation between Iran and Russia has great importance for the region and the world, but this is not the only thing that determines the nature of our relations. It is also the interest of partners in both countries in developing trade and economic ties, supporting humanitarian cooperation and settling a number of problems regarding the Caspian region and the Caspian Sea that help to shape our relations. Indeed, we have gathered here in Tehran today precisely to work on problems related to the Caspian. Bilateral trade between our countries is growing and has now reached a figure of around $2 billion. Promising new areas of cooperation are emerging such as space, civil aviation and infrastructure, including major infrastructure projects such as developing the North-South transport corridor. Today, as you saw, a relevant agreement was signed between three parties Iran, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan opening up the possibility of then joining up with the Russian railway network. In other words, our cooperation is developing in positive fashion in practically all areas. Of course, cooperation in the energy sector is one of the most visible areas in which we work together. This covers not only nuclear energy but also hydrocarbons. Iran and Russia are two of the worlds biggest exporters and our actions have a considerable impact on world markets and the state of the world economy. We are aware of our responsibilities before our partners, whether in the oil and gas or the electricity sectors. Today, for example, the President of Azerbaijan proposed examining the possibility of unifying our countries electricity systems, unifying the systems of three countries so as to make electricity flows as effective as possible at different times of the year. Here in Iran, for example, your electricity consumption goes up in summer because you are using air conditioners, while in Russia electricity consumption goes up in winter. We already have this kind of cooperation with other countries. Finally, there is nuclear energy and the well known matter of the nuclear power plant in Bushehr. I am sure that the plant will be completed and that we will be able to outline plans for our future cooperation. Overall, I think that our work together is positive. QUESTION: Mr President, what proposals do you have for ensuring security and stability in the Caspian region, Central Asia and the Trans-Caucasus? What bilateral and regional decisions do you consider essential for preventing the rise of tension in the region, especially given NATOs eastward expansion and the plans to install missile defence systems in European countries?
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The importance of Iran
Iran lies at the very heart of the Greater Middle East, and in a way or another is implied in each of the many regional problems. First of all, Iran is the direct heir of the great Persian empire and of its secular cultural influence on the neighboring regions. Tehran’s ruling elite considers Iran a major regional power and for decades has been trying to acquire nuclear capabilities. Moreover, the Islamic Republic is the reference point of the Shiite galaxy, the minority branch of the Muslim world whose members live along the coast of the Persian Gulf – core of the world’s oil production – as well as in Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the region. This Shiite crescent is perceived as a serious threat by Saudi Arabia, a mainly Sunni country, and by other Gulf States. But there’s more to it. Iran is home to the world’s third largest oil reserves, that in fact cannot be fully exploited because of the country’s long international isolation. Also, Iran’s strategic position makes it able to blockade the Hormuz strait, a bottleneck on the world’s most important oil sea route. Through its axis with Syria, Tehran finances the Shiite Hizbullah movement in Lebanon and the Sunni extremists in the Gaza Strip, thus posing a direct threat to Israel. Finally, the Iranian plateau is located between the Caucasus and the Indian Sea. Thus, it could be a valid alternative to export the oil and gas from the Caspian basin without crossing Russia. But, at the moment, this remains un unconfessed Western dream.
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Tajik Girl In Iranian Series Dar Cheshme Baad Part 2
Tajik Girl In Iranian Series Dar Cheshme Baad Tajik iran afghan persian parsi tehran dushanbe kabul harat shiraz mirza kochak khan lorestan samarghand bukhara aryan shomal rasht gilan mazandaran sogdian meden parthian history belgium brussels tabriz Azarbaijan Kurd Kurdestan Kermanshah Sanandaj Mahabad Kermanji Sorani Zaza RezaShah Balkh Khorasan Kandehar dar cheshme baad bad
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Next USA Conflict Iran, Caspian Sea & Pakistan 2012 4
This Is 'The Great Game': to control Caspian oil, block Irans Gas pipeline, surround Russia and China with bases, control Petro markets, and apply leverage to China economic development by controling her access to resources. If you want to know the future International lanscape understand Obama's International Relations Advisor - Zbigniew Brzezinski - the man behind the curtin.
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5000 km - Baku
The main idea of the film is to depict my last expedition to Caucasus... Baku is enormous, it never ends where your sight can reach... It is a custom made city made specially for money makers, private manufacturers, crooks, the kings of Baku oil. Baku's wealth has always been made from oil... In 1900 Baku provided half of the world oil production. Empires used to compete for these lands. The border between European and the Middle East culture is here. "This is how hell must look like" - wrote Gorky about Baku. Azerbaijan is the most densly populated country of Transcaucasia. More than 8 million people live here, more than half of them in Baku. Monumental architecture, millions of cars, and one very specific smell of oil in the air. This is a police ruled city. Hundreds of police cars speed like crazy through wide streets. Policemen shout at the cars passing by. On every corner you can find portraits of "the Sun of the Nation" - Mr. President. The President on the bus, the President on the train, the President doing shopping... The President leads this authoritative republic to the better tomorrow... I am very curious whether the president is aware of the size of corruption ruling on the border. To enter Azerbaijan you have to bribe border guards. And everything is happening in broad daylight, no embarrassment. On top of all that there is "the great lake" the Caspian Sea, where the oil rigs are the only shapes on the horizon... Equipment info: Camcorder: JVC GZ-HD 6 Editing: Final Cut Studio Pro No color correction. Baku jest naprawdę ogromne, nie kończy się tam gdzie sięga wzrok... Jest miastem zrobionym na zamówienie, dla prywaciarzy, dla dorobkiewiczów, dla królów bakijskiej nafty. Baku zawsze robiło karierę na nafcie... W 1900 roku Baku daje ponad połowę światowej produkcji ropy. O te ziemie rywalizowały imperia, tędy biegnie granica kultury europejskiej i bliskowschodniej... "Tak musi wyglądać piekło" - napisał o Baku Gorki... Azerbejdżan jest najludniejszym państwem Zakaukazia, mieszka tutaj ponad 8 mln ludzi...ponad połowa z nich mieszka w Baku... Monumentalna architektura, miliony samochodów i jeden charakterystyczny zapach nafty w powietrzu. Miasto policyjne, tak jak cały kraj, gdzie setki radiowozów pędzą w oszalałym tępie przez szerokie ulice, a policjanci pokrzykują na mijane samochody. Na każdym rogu ulicy znajdziesz zdjęcia "słońca narodu" - prezydenta. Prezydent jedzie autobusem, prezydent jedzie pociągiem, prezydent robi zakupy...prezydent prowadzi autorytarna republikę ku lepszemu... Ciekaw jestem czy prezydent wie, jaka korupcja panuje na granicy...by wjechać do Azerbejdżanu trzeba zapłacić łapówkę pogranicznikom, a wszystko na widoku, bez ściemy... Do tego wszystkiego "wielkie jezioro", zwane Morzem Kaspijskim, gdzie jedynym widokiem na horyzoncie są szyby naftowe...
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カスピ海!/Caspian Sea!!
In 17th of September 2008,I was finally on Caspian Sea. It takes 3 months from the border of China/Kazakhstan,and about 2 months from Bishkek(Kyrgyzstan). Over the Pamir mountains, and some deserts, I finally crossed Central Asia. Here it's the town of Aktau(Kazakhstan). The town was developped in Soviet era, for the sake of boring oil and resort. There is lots of Russian so I feel like it's no more Asia. (Translation from the video)
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Trip to iran. Darband's beauty
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Anzali Kharg
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Klardasht - Persian Carpets
http://www.carpetvista.com http://www.carpetencyclopedia.com http://www.rugvista.com These carpets are rather unusual, but very well-known from several antique paintings. The village, Klardasht, is situated in the north of Iran, south of the Caspian Sea, near the Alborz mountains.
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Im on the Caspian Sea in France
Im on a boat riding back to my cruise ship in france
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KBR "Offshore" Azerbaijan and South Korea
Video debuted at OTC and was shot on location in Baku, Azerbaijan and Geoje, South Korea. It won an ADDY award for cinematography for Dave Henry's camera work. http://www.ifilmprod.com/
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Roving Report: Ancient Iran (1)
http://www.arabia2day.com A visit to Iran, ancient and modern, looking at caviar and carpets, oil wells and airports. Tim Brinton visits Iran on the New Golden Circle service from London to Tehran. Looking around the city of buildings and people Brinton travels north towards the Caspian Sea through the Karaj Valley and towards the Alborz Mountains. Brinton meets some nomads and shares some of their unleavened bread. Travelling onwards, past the construction of the Karaj Dam and visits locals in the village due to be swamped by the dam. There are many small farms on the plains towards the Caspian Sea and new motels are springing up around the Caspian. The Pahlevi Dynasty built hotels for royal guests, that are now available for paying guests and Brinton interviews one of the hotel managers. Date: 15/06/1960
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Inside Story - Growing times: Iran and Russia - 04 August 09
Iran and Russia are getting closer as they carry out joint naval exercises in the Caspian sea. Both countries say the maneuvers are aimed at improving security in the Caspian sea region. Ownership of some of the Caspian sea is still under dispute after the fall of the Soviet Union. Iran is one of the countries that has yet to settle how much of the Caspian sea is their territory - but the country maintains that this activity is part of international military obligations and does not have ulterior motives. Russia and Iran have enjoyed close ties for a number of years. Russia has been helping to build Iran's controversial nuclear reactor in Bushehr and has agreed to supply it with fuel when it is operational. Iran is one of Russia's biggest military customers and has plans to update its airforce with Russian MIG fighter jets. How strong are these growing ties and, with Tehran coming under increasing pressure over its nuclear activities, just how does Washington view this budding alliance? Inside Story presenter Hashem Ahelbarra is joined by Vyacheslav Matuzov, a former Russian diplomat and Middle East expert, Mehrdad Khonsari, a former Iranian diplomat and a senior research consultant at the centre for Arab and Iranian studies, and Richard Weitz, a senior fellow and director of the centre for political-military analysis at the Hudson Institute.
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Roving Report: Ancient Iran (2)
A visit to Iran, ancient and modern, looking at caviar and carpets, oil wells and airports. The Pahlevi Foundation have provided irrigation for local farmers to farm their paddy fields. Brinton visits a Persian bath in the area, as well as the beaches along the Caspian Sea and looks out for fishing boats fishing for Sturgeon for caviar. Brinton interviews the manager of a fish factory about caviar. Brinton tries to visit another fish factory in Bandar-e Pahlavi, now known as Bandar-e Anzali but local bureaucracy prevented his visit. The report concludes with views of the Caspian Sea. Date: 15/06/1960
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Iraq, Russia sign deal to develop Badra oil field - CCTV 091225
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Georgian coup Russian backed - USA & NATO dragged into WAR?-  May 2009
Russia's failed coup will not stop Russia invading Georgia again. Russia needs to cut the USA Gas pipeline through the southern Caucus and set an example to its former soviet regions not to deal with British and US oil companies. Oil and Gas pipelines are highways to modern conflict. Georgia's US built oil and gas pipelines from the Caspian to southern Europe compete with Russia's northern pipelines through the Ukraine. The Caspian Sea region holds the second largest proven reserves of oil and gas. The war in Afghanistan and the destabilising of Pakistan is about control and supply of Eurasia's oil and gas. This is the Great Game between Russia and the West, the winner will leverage Europe, China and India's future energy supply and economic development. Huge stakes with global implications and all going under the radar of the international media until war breaks out soon.
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Gorgan Road.wmv
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Iran's growing power worries Arab countries - 3 Feb 09
Iran's growing power and strong ties with countries and armed groups in the region, is a chief concern among Arab countries. This influence has revived fear of the creation of the so called ''Shia Crescent.'' (Majority Shia populations or strong Shia minority) Al Jazeera's Zeina Khodr reports from Tehran.
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Iran and Iraq: The Story of Oil
The story of oil in Iraq and Iran is a long and complicated history. Please visit our website for more information: http://www.oilbasics.yolasite.com/
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Spotlight: A slice of the Caspian cake
Since the collapse of the USSR, the status of this strategically important oil and gas-rich area remains undetermined. This year, it seems the Caspian states are about to reach mutual understanding on delimitation of the Caspian Sea area. Our guest today is Aleksandr Golovin, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry's working group on Caspian issues.
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Olives growing in Forest Gate E7
A few olives (olea europaea) on the new wood of this thriving (over 10ft tall) olive tree in Forest Gate East London E7. The tree is in the family Oleaceae, native to the coastal areas of the eastern Mediterranean Basin, from Lebanon, Syria and the maritime parts of Turkey and northern Iran at the south end of the Caspian Sea. Its fruit, the olive, is the source of olive oil, but theres not enough here yet for Olio di Forest Gate. Maybe later, as the olive tree can survive for more than 2,000 years.
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Iranian rig
oil rig in the distance
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Russia's very own Venice
The Venice of the Volga is how locals describe the lower Astrakhan region where Europes longest water course splits into a fan of more than 250 channels that feed into the Caspian Sea.
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Iran Pakistan gas pipeline
Inter governmental projects are the key to international cooperation. In the ongoing crisis and militancy economic important projects like the peace pipeline between Pakistan and Iran are expected to bring the governments of two countries together for checking more immediate problems like terrorism in the region. Such projects are also vital to the growth of economic development of these countries. In the context of existing tensions between India and Pakistan it wont be pointless to suggest that such a deal needs to be signed between these two traditional rivals as well so that rivalry transforms into brotherhood.
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Oil has become the economic lifeblood for Azerbaijan -- a country on the Caspian Sea. Its oil boom is one of the longest in history, stretching back 150 years. But the industry has left a deadly legacy. UNTV. MaximsNewsNetwork. July 2009.
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Д.Медведев.По прикаспийскому сотрудничеству.17.08.09.Part 2
Opening Remarks at Meeting on Cooperation in the Caspian Region.Part 2 August 17, 2009 Astrakhan Вступительное слово на совещании по прикаспийскому сотрудничеству. 17 августа 2009 года Астрахань The Caspian Seas mineral resources have enormous significance in providing regional and global energy security. Typically, questions of exploiting and transporting those resources are of interest not only to the five states surrounding the Caspian Sea, the so-called Caspian Five, but to our partners outside that region as well, those who are interested in exploiting these kinds of resources. We understand this quite well, we are not shutting out but nevertheless, I would like to specifically emphasise our principal position. For our part, when it comes to the Caspian Sea, we place priority on the interests of the Russian Federation and the other Caspian states. That is the priority we will focus on as we discuss the rules and principles of Caspian Sea cooperation. What is our main goal? Without a doubt, it is to preserve the Caspian Sea for future generations, not allowing it to be spoiled. In this regard, it is imperative to implement a variety of actions aimed at exploring and developing the riches that the Caspian Sea offers, preserving its unique and diverse flora and fauna as well as valuable species of fish, and reinforcing our multilateral contractual and legal foundation in preserving the environment. In particular, we must complete work on the protocols to the Tehran Framework Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the Caspian Sea. As you recall, this convention was signed in 2003 and went into effect on August 12, 2006. Still, preparations of the conventions protocols are going very slowly. They are devoted to a variety of very important issues, such as preserving biodiversity, ascertaining sources of pollution, assessing the effects of pollution on the environment, and many other issues. The next point I would like to make is that naturally, Russia is profoundly interested in having the Caspian region remain a zone espousing good neighbourly relations, stability, and mutually beneficial cooperation. To achieve these goals, it is imperative that we hold active talks on defining the legal status of the Caspian Sea. We have been working on this for over 12 years, and frankly, these talks are very difficult in fact, they are sometimes at a standstill. They involve tough, heavy, sensitive work. Still, it is quite clear that providing new momentum to the work on drawing up a Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea is in all of our interests. In the time since we first began, we have achieved certain results, including in the area of managing subsoil resources. We were able to delimit the seabed in the northern part of the Caspian Sea with Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. We feel that this positive experience could also be used to delimit the southern part of the sea. Clearly, there are some difficulties; these include issues regarding the formula for delimitation, delimiting the seabed, and delimiting the water, but nevertheless, I think that with good will and taking into account the approaches we generally use, these decisions can be made. Initiatives on multilateral security cooperation around the Caspian Sea are progressing, albeit slowly. In our view, the key goal is to provide security in the fight against terrorism. We must also act to prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction and illegal drug trafficking. I therefore think that we must do everything in our power to convoke an expert meeting in Baku to develop a pentalateral agreement on security cooperation around the Caspian Sea as soon as possible; our side will give corresponding instructions.In order to strengthen our position in the region, we need to work on economic development of Russias part of the Caspian coast: first and foremost, we are looking at improving transport infrastructure, modernising shipbuilding and ship repairing facilities, building harbour facilities, and developing new methods for hydrocarbon production and transportation. We have here at our meeting heads of major Russian companies both state and private companies. So, we need to think of possible solutions to these problems as well.The creation of the Caspian Sea Economic Cooperation Organisation could contribute significantly to improving our economic ties. This matter was discussed last autumn, here in Astrakhan, at the Intergovernmental Economic Conference. And although no decision was made, there was significant interest in such an organisation.
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Daniel Mongiardo Says Afghan War About Oil
Please visit http://www.PageOneKentucky.com for more information Daniel Mongiardo says we're in Afghanistan because of oil.
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Iraq strikes deals with Big Oil
Iraq struck deals with consortiums led by energy giants Shell and CNPC over massive southern oil fields Friday, part of a two-day auction that seeks to dramatically boost the country's crude output. The successful bids from the Anglo-Dutch and Chinese giants kicked off the sale, which aims to catapult Iraq towards the top of the list of the world's oil producers. Duration: 00:34
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Iran ELECTORAL FRAUD proof june 12 Wahlbetrug Madrake Taghalobe Entekhabat
Iranian Revolution - ELECTORAL FRAUD proof june 12 Wahlbetrug
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IRAN Sea of green - 1388/2009 - renewal?
1388 - a time for renewal?
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Iranian desert
Contrary to popular misconceptions, there is nothing interesting about deserts.
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Suicide Bomber in Iran Kills Revolutionary Guards.
The Middle East Heats Up as the 6th Trumpet War Grows.
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Astrakhan - gateway to the Caspian
Astrakhan is the administrative center of a region that is almost the size of Denmark. Home to more than a million people, the area is hoping for much-needed economic development after oil was recently discovered here.
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The President's Message to the Iranian People
I will not bomb Iran, but the jury is out on Pakistan. That is not to say I will not cut the Iranian Gas Pipeline to Pakistan, India and China. The new Iran-Russian Gas Market is upsetting the US currency and the pipeline is in direct competition with our Pipe from the Stans.
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U.S. and Iran Conflict - Part II
John Calabrese, a professor of U.S. foreign policy at American University, offered this insightful lecture during a July 2008 Teachers Workshop on Persia, sponsored by the World Affairs Councils of America.
Ralation between world economy and oil industry prices - Presstv
While the world economy is suffering from decline oil industry prices are going up Presstv
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Iran Liberation p2 9/9/09
To revive Liberty, Law, Justice, Solar, Free Education in Iran! We boycott the IRI financially to put them to court.
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Russia, Turkmenistan to develop Caspian gas fields - RT 091309
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Video Dispatch: A New Front in the U.S.-Russian Contest
STRATFOR : http://www.stratfor.com : Russia moves to draw Serbia further into its orbit -- signaling a potential new challenge to the United States, which is sending signals of its own from Georgia and Poland. Also, the latest from the Pakistani military's battle in Taliban strongholds. About Stratfor: Stratfor brings global events into valuable perspective, empowering businesses, governments and individuals to more confidently navigate their way through an increasingly complex international environment. For individual and enterprise subscriptions to Stratfor Worldview, our online publication, visit us at: https://worldview.stratfor.com/ And make sure to connect with Stratfor on social media: Twitter: https://twitter.com/stratfor Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stratfor/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/stratfor YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/stratfor Learn more about Stratfor here: https://www.Stratfor.com Get the latest company news here: https://marcom.stratfor.com/horizons Or review and purchase our longform reports on geopolitics here: https://store.stratfor.com And listen to the Stratfor podcast for free here: iTunes - http://bit.ly/Stratfor_Podcast_iTunes Stitcher - http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/stratfor-talks Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/stratfortalks Libsyn - http://stratfor.libsyn.com/ Download the All New Mobile App for Stratfor. You can also access Stratfor Worldview Content in the App when you are offline. Free Download for iOS (from Apple App Store): http://bit.ly/Statfor_Mobile_App_for_Apple_Devices Free Download for Android (from Google Play Store): http://bit.ly/Stratfor_Mobile_App_for_Android_Devices To subscribe to Stratfor Worldview, click here: https://worldview.stratfor.com/subscribe Join Stratfor Worldview to cut through the noise and make sense of an increasingly complicated world. Membership to Stratfor Worldview includes: Unrestricted access to Stratfor Worldview's latest insights, podcasts, videos, and more. Members-only community forums. My Collections - your personal library of Stratfor insights saved for later reading. Discounts to our long-form reports on the Stratfor Store.
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Iran's Guardian Council Admits Voting Irregularities in Election. Democracy Now. 6/22/09 1 of 2
Irans powerful Guardian Council has admitted that voting irregularities took place in at least 50 cities and that the number of votes cast exceeded the number of voters by a difference of as many as 3 million ballots. This comes as reformist presidential hopeful Mir Hussein Mousavi has called for another round of big street protests after a brutal crackdown this weekend. We speak to Iranian-American independent filmmaker and journalist Kouross Esmaeli.
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Russia-China Economic Forum warms up buyers and tills
The financial crisis has cut trade volumes between Russia and China. But that hasn't stopped the partners signing billions of dollars of new deals at the Russia-China Economic Forum.
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Central Asia and Russia: Gas partners
President Dmitry Medvedev heads to the Caspian and Central Asia this weekend for talks with Russia's gas suppliers. Business RT spoke with Mikhail Krutikhin, Partner at Rusenergy about the significance of the links.
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The Great Game
Scene from "The Devi's Wind", a documentary by Iqbal Malhotra. If you are interested in the full high resolution version, please visit: http://www.docsonline.tv/documentary/20 If unavailable in your territory, or if you are interested in other license requests (feature movie, television, documentary, commercial...), please contact AIM television: [email protected] Story In "The Devil's Wind" Indian director, Iqbal Malhotra, follows in the footsteps of Kipling's Great Gamers and tries to juxtapose the lessons of the past with the reality op the present. The result is a fascinating and unusual travelogue about Central Asia set in the backdrop of history and modern politics - the Old and New Great Game. This film captures unusual images of this region that are interconnected to one another and transcends the boundaries of time.
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