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Walt Disney Animation Studios' Steamboat Willie
The classic Mickey Mouse cartoon
Demi Lovato | Gift of a Friend Music Video | Official Disney Channel UK
From Disney's Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure Movie and Demi Lovato's album 'Here we go again'
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The Best Christmas of All
Join Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Ariel, Cinderella and all of your favorite Disney Characters for a Christmas celebration. 'The Best Christmas of All' official music video. From 'Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse'.
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Bambi on the ice
Bambi with Thumper on the ice A Walt Disney Classic. © Disney. All rights reserved. (my first split)
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Plane Crazy Mickey Mouse Classic Walt Disney 1928 Sound Cartoon
Mickey Mouse goes on a wild ride in the classic 1928 cartoon, 'Plane Crazy.' If you enjoy classics like this, you'll love all the great content we've shared at Walt Disney Animation Studios , become a fan today!
Friendship Sing-Along for Wayne Allwine
Sing-Along with Wayne Allwine, Bill Farmer and Tony Anselmo as our best pals, Mickey, Goofy and Donald in an inspired performance of "Friendship"
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The Princess and the Frog - Kiss the Frog
Available On Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Movie Download NOW. Like us on Facebook: http://Facebook.com/ThePrincessAndTheFrog
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The Jungle Book - I wanna be like you w/lyrics
Now I'm the king of the swingers Oh, the jungle VIP I've reached the top and had to stop And that's what botherin' me I wanna be a man, mancub And stroll right into town And be just like the other men I'm tired of monkeyin' around! Oh, oobee doo I wanna be like you I wanna walk like you Talk like you, too You'll see it's true An ape like me Can learn to be human too ( Gee, cousin Louie You're doin' real good Now here's your part of the deal, cuz Lay the secret on me of man's red fire But I don't know how to make fire ) Now don't try to kid me, mancub I made a deal with you What I desire is man's red fire To make my dream come true Now give me the secret, mancub Cmon clue me what to do Give me the power of man's red flower So I can be like you You! I wanna be like you I wanna talk like you Walk like you, too You'll see it's true Someone like me Can learn to be Like someone like me Can learn to be Like someone like you Can learn to be Like someone like me! © Walt Disney Pictures. All Rights Reserved. For Viewing Purposes Only.
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Friends To The End PUGGSY: Mmmm... We two we're friends to the end Ain't we, my friend? We kinda blend together Coffee and cream Boy, what a team! PUGGSY & FRANKIE: You'll never find two other guys Compatible as steak and fries FRANKIE: We're two of a kind Much of a mind We find our way together Thinkin' as one Searchin' for sunny skies PUGGSY: True, the sun may turn to rain FRANKIE: We don't mind a drop of rain PUGGSY: But you won't hear us complain FRANKIE: Doesn't help to stop the rain PUGGSY: What's to gain if we complain? FRANKIE: Causes lots of stress and strain PUGGSY & FRANKIE: We keep smilin' And the pitter-patter Doesn't matter Why let it drive us insane? PUGGSY: We know the weather will mend Won't it my friend? PUGGSY & FRANKIE: We'll weather life together So what the heck? Here's what we recommend: The greatest gift in life's a friend PUGGSY: Take it, Frankie! FRANKIE: Pays a daily dividend PUGGSY & FRANKIE: Be like us and start a trend Be friends to the end PUGGSY: Come on, one more time! PUGGSY & FRANKIE: The greatest gift in life's a friend FRANKIE: Take it, Puggs! PUGGSY: Pays a daily dividend FRANKIE: Uh huh PUGGSY: Be like us and start a trend Be friends to the end PUGGSY: Hey, come on, guys! You two try! You can do it! Be friends! TOM: All right, I'll give it a shot. Here we go. We two we're friends to the end Ain't we, my friend? We kinda blend together Coffee and cream Boy, what a team! TOM & JERRY: You'll never find two other guys Compatible as steak and fries JERRY: We're two of a kind Much of a mind We find our way together Thinkin' as one Searchin' for sunny skies TOM: True, the sun may turn to rain JERRY: We don't mind a drop of rain TOM: But you won't hear us complain JERRY: Doesn't help to stop the rain TOM: What's to gain if we complain? JERRY: Causes lots of stress and strain TOM & JERRY: We keep smilin' And the pitter-patter Doesn't matter Why let it drive us insane? ALL: We know the weather will mend Won't it my friend? TOM & JERRY: We'll weather life together So what the heck? Here's what we recommend ALL: The greatest gift in life's a friend TOM & JERRY: Pays a daily dividend ALL: Be like us and start a trend Be friends to the end PUGGSY: Again, again! TOM: Take it home! ALL: The greatest gift in life's a friend TOM & JERRY: Pays a daily dividend ALL: Be like us and start a trend Be friends to the end
Views: 500960 ThatTrojanKid
fantasia walt disney's 1940 original movie part 1-with pegasus and their babies
Fantasia is a 1940 American animated feature produced by Walt Disney and the third film in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. Fantasia features animation set to classical music and no dialogue—only spoken introductions by the host, American composer and music critic Deems Taylor, before segments. The music was recorded under the direction of Leopold Stokowski and seven of the eight pieces were performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra
Views: 5025190 chiasma16
Scenes from the movie Pocahontas. I am not associated with Disney, and all trademarks and copyrighted materials in this video are the property of their respective owners. No copyright infringement is intended.
Views: 109791 Nalinn
The Fox and the Hound - Saddest Moment
The saddest moment in The Fox and the Hound. I'm 18 and this small scene still makes me cry even to this day. All copyrights belong to there owners.
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The Buzz on Maggie - 19b - Best Best Friends
---- I DON'T own this. This episode belongs to Walt Disney Television Animation and Bardel Entertainment Inc.
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Mickey Mouse presents Walt Disney's Silly Symphony - Three Little Pigs
http://youtube.simply-gaming.net Mickey Mouse presents Walt Disney Silly Symphony - Three Little Pigs Tags: Silly Symphony Three Little Pigs walt disney wolf classic animation cartoon old youtube rich view views music song songs house blow mickey mouse funny presents
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Disney's Proud Family Movie: Dance Off
A scene from the Disney's Proud Family Movie where Penny and her friends dance battle the peanuts.
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The Work Song cinderella ENG
Every time she'd find a minute That's the time that they begin it Cinderelly, Cinderelly Cinderella! Cinderelly, Cinderelly Night and day it's Cinderelly Make the fire, fix the breakfast Wash the dishes, do the mopping And the sweeping and the dusting They always keep her hopping She goes around in circles Till she's very, very dizzy Still they holler Keep a-busy Cinderelly We can do it, we can do it We can help our Cinderelly We can make her dress so pretty There's nothing to it, really We'll tie a sash around it Put a ribbon through it When dancing at the ball She'll be more beautiful than all In the lovely dress we'll make for Cinderelly Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry Gonna help our Cinderelly Got no time to dilly-dally We gotta get a-goin' I'll cut with these scissors And I can do the sewing Leave the sewing to the women You go get some trimmin' And we'll make a lovely dress for Cinderlly We'll make a lovely dress for Cinderelly
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Censored Cartoons
This is the Censored Cartoons video that I had on my old channel before it got banned. Surprisingly, this one never got removed. This was originally made on January 20, 2008. I don't remember the day it was originally uploaded, though. It couldn't have been long after. It was probably the same day, actually. This was originally made as a response to Zigzad4ever's "Random Cartoons Censored" series, but for whatever reason, he never accepted it as a video response. Download the generic censor beep here (it's the 1kHz one): http://www.mediacollege.com/audio/tone/download/ 3-22-10: 10,000 views. 5-08-10: 20,000 views. 6-19-10: 30,000 views. 10-06-10: 85,000 views. 1-07-10: 150,000 views. 3-13-11: 200,000 views. 6-07-11: 300,000 views. 9-20-11: 500,000 views. 10-08-11: 600,000 views. 10-21-11: 700,000 views. 10-27-11: 800,000 views. 11-01-11: 900,000 views. 11-07-11: 1,000,000 views. 11-29-11: 1,500,000 views. 12-15-11: 2,000,000 views. 1-14-12: 3,000,000 views. 2-15-12: 4,000,000 views. 5-19-12: 5,000,000 views. 7-08-12: 6,000,000 views. 9-05-12: 8,000,000 views. 6-23-13: 10,000,000 views. 11-11-14: 12,000,000 views. 9-23-15: 13,000,000 views.
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Fox and the Hound~Best of Friends
That didn't take long!Haha this is the song that everyone thinks of when they hear 'Fox and the Hound' What a wonderful concept! Trip down memory lane: I'm sure everyone has their share to say about this song,but I want to give a shout-out to my best friend determindsailorscout.We can get into trouble,but we always manage to stay together through thick and thin.To get right down to it- I love you determindsailorscout^^ Lyrics! When you're the best of friends Having so much fun together You're not even aware, you're such a funny pair You're the best of friends Life's a happy game You could clown around forever Neither one of you sees your natural boundaries Life's one happy game If only the world wouldn't get in the way If only people would just let you play They say you're both being fools You're breaking all the rules They can't understand the magic of your wonderland When you're the best of friends Sharing all that you discover When these moments have passed, will that friendship last? Who can say if there's a way? Oh I hope, I hope it never ends 'Cause you're the best of friends
Views: 374874 DisneyPup10
The Princess And The Frog
Views: 4617961 243334
Top 20 Disney and Nick Best Friends
This is my opinion on disney and nicks top 20 best friends. Also this video is my first so please don't be mean and That's so Raven didn't come out right. 1.High School Musical 2.Boy Meets World 3.iCarly 4.H20:Just Add Water 5.Wizards of Waverly Place 6.Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide 7.True Jackson VP 8.Hannah Montana 9.Unfabulous 10.That's so Raven 11.Zoey 101 12.Spongebob Squarepants 13.Drake and Josh 14.Phineas and Ferb 15.Lizze McGuire 16.Recess 17.The Cheetah Girls 18.Just Jordan 19.6Teen 20.Sunny With a Chance
Views: 2655 disneyslovechild
Upp - Meet Russell
Up clip "Meet Russell" - New Disney Pixar movie
Views: 1993366 Disney Sverige
UP | Meet Russell | Official Disney Pixar UK
Meet Russell, the loveable main character from Disney/Pixar's Up. Visit www.disneymovies.co.uk/up for more info!
Views: 196315 Disney UK
The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald: Scared Silly (1/4)
One day Ronald and friends decide to go camping. After they get their camp site set up it suddenly starts raining so they run for shelter and find an errie looking house. They go and and loads of crazy things happen. This is the very first episode of the Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald series. ------ Any comments referencing to gay the Spongbob cartoon on Nickelodeon or any gay characters in it in anyway (other than saying it sucks) will be removed. This is a Gay Spongebob-free zone! Also Sundae the dog is not voiced by the same person as Squidworda and PatrickFAT is not voiced by the same person as Grimace, and they are not the same as the characters from Spongebob are gay, stupid and not funny at all while the opposite is true of characters in this cartoon.
Koko the Clown sings "St. James Infirmary Blues" in Betty Boop's Snow White
In the Betty Boop short film "Snow White", Koko the Clown (voiced by Cab Calloway) sings "St. James Infirmary Blues" when he believes Betty Boop is dead. Cab Calloway's voice is unique and specially eerie for this song. Koko's dancing during the "St. James" number is rotoscoped from footage of Calloway.
Views: 4330324 rahree
Mickey Mouse - Haunted House (1929)
This is another classic black and white Mickey Mouse cartoon. This cartoon was released on December 2th 1929. In a stormy night, Mickey Mouse takes refuge in an old house, where some ghosts and some dancing skeletons live there. Directed By: Walt Disney. Produced By: Walt Disney. Written By: Walt Disney. Music : Carl W. Stalling. Voice: Walt Disney (Mickey Mouse).
Views: 2458505 vriosm
disney best friends
i dont claim any rights to these materials at all songs are bye eminem fox and the hound --disney little jackie all clips belong to disney
Views: 2029 oxladiebug16
The Miracle of Ellie "Adventure is out there!!" Disney Pixar UP!
In under 4 minutes Pixar created a brilliant imaginative positive super fun role model for children everywhere. She is proactive, engaged in the world, exploring on her own terms, inviting others to join adventures in her clubhouse with minds wide open. Ellie is unencumbered by ideological baggage, social conventions, burkas or glass ceilings. She is 1,000 percent: Center of Action. Her mind is alive and she is animated by it. There is no excuse for our screens not being inundated with such female characters. Ellie should be the norm. Instead, role models for girls -- particularly in children's animation -- are virtually non-existant. That is the result of decisions which can change. Maybe the concern has been young boys not being interested in films about princesses and fairies. Fine. Ellie is the girl every guy has fallen in love with, some of us over and over and over again. Guys dream Ellies. Dads will take their children to see movies with all sorts of female characters embodying Ellie's fun, proactive, inviting spirit. She is a phenomenon. A precious archetype. She is the embodiment of a philosophy which must be woven into the fabric of culture worldwide -- ultimately the reason some of us believe in the power of Art. Ellie is a MIRACLE. It is conceivable Ellie may become the most important character Pixar ever creates. We need more Ellies, less excuses. (Congratulations to Ronnie del Carmen, Peter Docter, and the story crew for creating such a profoundly important character.)
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Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends intro *Best Quality*
Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends is an animated series produced by Marvel Productions starring established Marvel Comics characters Spider-Man and Iceman and an original character, Firestar. As a trio called the Spider-Friends, they fought against various villains. Peter Parker (Spider-Man), Bobby Drake (Iceman), and Angelica Jones (Firestar) are all college students at Empire State University. After working together to defeat the Beetle and recovering the "Power Booster" he stole from Tony Stark (a.k.a. Iron Man) the trio decide to team-up permanently as the "Spider-Friends." They live together in Peter's Aunt May's home with her and a pet dog, Ms. Lion, a lhasa apso. Together, the superheroes battle various supervillains. Some stories featured team-ups with other characters from the Marvel Universe, including Captain America, Iron Man, Sunfire, and the mid-1970s X-Men.
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Best of Disney Movies
Video about the best disney movies..These are my favorite. Please comment and write wich disney movie is your favorite. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please subscribe ♥
Views: 3363 Kimberley S
Deck The Halls - Disney Very Merry Christmas Songs
Disney's Very Merry Christmas Songs 2002
Views: 883203 Chiêu Nguyễn
Kingdom Hearts: Destiny Island/ Disney Castle Day 1
Donald Duck is a cartoon character from The Walt Disney Company. Donald is a white anthropomorphic duck with a yellow-orange bill, legs, and feet. He usually wears a sailor shirt, cap, and a red or black bow tie, but no trousers (except when he goes swimming). Donald's most famous personality trait is his easily provoked and occasionally explosive temper. According to the Disney canon, particularly in the 1942 short Donald Gets Drafted, Donald's full name is Donald Fauntleroy Duck. Donald's birthday is officially recognized as June 9, 1934,[2] the day his debut film, The Wise Little Hen, was released. However, in The Three Caballeros (1944), his birthday is given as simply "Friday the 13th", which is in reference to the bad luck he experiences in almost all his cartoon appearances. Donald's Happy Birthday (short) gives his birthday as March 13. Donald Duck is a well-known and very popular character especially in Scandinavian countries. Donald's voice, one of the most identifiable voices in all of animation, was performed by voice actor Clarence "Ducky" Nash up to his death in 1985. It was largely this semi-intelligible speech that would cement Donald's image into audiences' minds and help fuel both Donald's and Nash's rise to stardom.[citation needed]In 1969, Disney On Parade which toured all over the United States and Canada, hired Ellard Davis as the live voice of Donald Duck. Mr. Davis did the voice for 3 years. Since 1985, Donald has been voiced by Tony Anselmo, who was trained by Nash for the role.[citation needed] Donald is a V.I.P. member of the Mickey Mouse Club. Goofy is an animated cartoon character from the Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse universe, and is one of Mickey Mouse's best friends. His original concept name was "Dippy Dawg" in cartoon shorts created during the 1930s; then his name was given as "George Geef" or "G.G. Geef" in cartoon shorts during the 1950s, implying that "Goofy" was a nickname. Contemporary sources, including the Goof Troop television show and A Goofy Movie, now give the character's full name to be Goofy Goof. The Goof Troop pilot also refers to 'G. G. Goof' on a diploma, likely a reference to the 1950s name. On the other hand, the comics sometimes refer to him as Goofus D. Dawg. Along with being not extremely intelligent, Goofy's main flaw is, predictably, clumsiness. His birthday is May 25, 1932. Goofy is a V.I.P. member of the Mickey Mouse Club.
Views: 11450 norgizfox
Betty Boop 1933 Cab Calloway "The Old Man Of the Mountain"
"The Old Man of The Mountain" is non-stop Cab from beginning to end. He appears first as an owl, singing the title song. The words have been changed for the cartoon, in which the Old Man is a villain. In the original song, the Old Man is a benevolent character. Next we see Cab as the Old Man himself, rotoscoped and singing, "You Gotta Hi-De-Hi," followed by "The Scat Song." The cartoon begins with live footage of Cab and his Orchestra playing around with the tune of Minnie the Moocher while Cab scats mildly and grins at the camera. Whereas Cab may have been caught by surprise when they used live footage of him in the earlier cartoon, "Minnie the Moocher", this time he is ready. He and his band are in dress white uniforms, Cab's hair is slicked back, and he pays attention to the camera. (The drummer, Leroy Maxey, is still playing with his drumsticks, though!) Of the three cartoons starring Cab Calloway, this one has the least interesting and least surreal plot, and the animation is the crudest. Never-the-less, the very early live footage of Cab is a treasure, and this cartoon showcases his music from beginning to end, featuring three of his songs. He does some of his most remarkable ever scat singing in this version of The Scat Song. In all of the Fleisher cartoons, Cab's characters are set in caves with menacing and ominous background illustrations: skeletons, skulls, ghosts, leering faces, and gambling, alcohol and drug paraphernalia. People have claimed that the Fleischers were unaware of the drug references in Cab's songs (for example, "kicking the gong around" meaning "smoking opium"), but the imagery in the animations suggests otherwise. ________________________________________ SOURCE : http://www.heptune.com/oldmanbb.html ________________________________________
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Recess  Good Ole T.J
Family Guy Not Avalblie YouTube Wont Let Me Upload It Off The CopyRight's Of Fox Series I Cannot Upload It To YouTube But I Can Upload It To Another Website All CopyRights are owner by Walt Disney Co.Uploaded By:Jojo122USACOPS
Views: 541609 jojo122usacops
Selena Gomez on Demi Lavato's Disney TV Show
Selena Gomez guest stars on Demi Lavato's 'Sonny With a Chance.' June 7th. Gomez has her own Disney Channel show, 'Wizards of Waverly Place and they co-star in the upcoming Disney TV movie, 'Princess Protection Program.' (June 2)
Views: 2062708 Associated Press
The Best Scene in Mulan
This is, in my opinion, the best scene in the entire Disney movie. I laugh everytime I watch this and noticed no one else had it on here. Disclaimer: I do not own Disney or any Disney characters, this is just a fan video.
Views: 4083001 micheleinspace
Treasure Planet - My Best Friends - Tribute / Music Video
Tribute to Treasure Planet and a birthday present to my dear friend Syani =) The song is "My Best Friends" from the first Pokemon soundtrack.
Views: 3366 RoyEngineer
Sleigh Ride - Disney Very Merry Christmas Songs
Disney's Very Merry Christmas Songs 2002
Views: 789359 Chiêu Nguyễn
Trashin' The Camp - Tarzan
Love it :) xoxo
Views: 2453933 Anjaxo
Disney Jingle bells
jingle bells, singing mickey mouse, donald duck, goofy and daisy duck WE ARE GOING TO 18 MILLION VIEWERS...SHARE THIS VIDEO :-)
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The Beautiful Liar [Friendship/Family]
(For xNightshadex's Contest) Just so you know, I like Aladdin, kay? (This vid is not available in Germany apparently) Movies: Aladdin Hercules Song: Beautiful Liar by Beyonce (ft. Shakira) This video is about Meg and Jasmine. They were best friends until they found out Aladdin was dating both of them. Meg and Jasmine talked about their encounters with Aladdin, then by each other, accusing of betraying the other. They realize they shouldn't be mad at each other since one didn't know about the other, but Aladdin did. They decided to get even with Aladdin. Spoilers Jasmine invites Aladdin in, only to be attacked by her tiger Raja(I am pretty sure I spelled that wrong). Aladdin stepped too far back and fell. He looks up at Meg as she grabbed his hand. Jasmine watches them from above. They wanted nothing more to do with him since he almost destroyed their friendship. Jasmine leaves for Meg to finish the job.
Views: 2962 Wafflez69Cookie
Disney Pixar's Up -Married Life - Carl & Ellie (HQ)
Una delle più belle scene mai viste...ho pianto io ç_ç sono troppo belli!!! La Canzone è Married Life, di Michael Giacchino.(premio oscar miglior colonna sonora)
Views: 5850013 UruvielClo
Enchanted - Carrie Underwood - Ever Ever After
Carrie Underwood sings in Disney's movie "Enchanted"
Views: 15115877 disneymusic
Disney Crossover -Belle & Ariel (Friends/Sisters) - May Angels Lead You In
PLEASE READ: UPDATE: I hear that these days Kelby's been doing much better! Thanks to everyone for your prayers and kind words. I know that Kelby and her family heartily appreciate it! :D BACK-UP ACCOUNT: http://www.youtube.com/user/xNightshadexx This is specially requested dedication video for LittleAlice1991, who's twin sister is currently battling a severe heart condition. Kelby Poplett, if given a doctor's approval, will go in for surgery on March 7th. Pray for her health. I know I will :) God Bless! Story: Ariel and Belle are best friends, but Ariel puts her boyfriend first. She spends all her time trying to impress him and often needs Belle's help. Belle always helps her. But of course, Eric's a cheater (we crossover artists tend to make him a jerk, don't know why lol) and leaves her. Belle finds out the night before, but decides to say nothing. When Eric leaves Ariel, Belle comes to her aid. Ariel realizes where her heart should have been and forgets Eric. She puts friendship first. The ending is just of good times these best friends have. If anything, their friendship has gotten stronger. -NS #10 - Most Discussed (Today) - Film & Animation - Canada #41 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Film & Animation - Canada #24 - Top Favorited (Today) - Canada #2 - Top Favorited (Today) - Film & Animation - Canada #96 - Top Favorited (Today) - Film & Animation #22 - Top Favorited (This Week) - Film & Animation - Canada #39 - Top Rated (Today) - Canada #5 - Top Rated (Today) - Film & Animation - Canada #72 - Top Rated (Today) - Film & Animation #21 - Top Rated (This Week) - Film & Animation - Canada #91 - Most Discussed (Today) - Canada #10 - Most Discussed (Today) - Film & Animation - Canada #41 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Film & Animation - Canada #31 - Top Favorited (Today) - Canada #5 - Top Favorited (Today) - Film & Animation - Canada #94 - Top Favorited (Today) - Film & Animation #22 - Top Favorited (This Week) - Film & Animation - Canada #48 - Top Rated (Today) - Canada #7 - Top Rated (Today) - Film & Animation - Canada #86 - Top Rated (Today) - Film & Animation #19 - Top Rated (This Week) - Film & Animation - Canada #87 - Most Responded (Today) - Film & Animation - Canada
Views: 23571 xNightshadex
Up On The Housetop - Disney Very Merry Christmas Songs
Disney's Very Merry Christmas Songs 2002
Views: 315053 Chiêu Nguyễn
The Best Christmas Of All - Disney Very Merry Christmas Songs
Disney's Very Merry Christmas Songs 2002
Views: 1589324 Chiêu Nguyễn
Roxanne and Max farewell scene
This is when Max tells Roxanne he cant go to the party with her. Anyways this is owned by Disney. I claim no right and no copyright infringement intended -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "I'M BACK!!!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDyZJvPvYwQ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
Views: 1161463 thrillakilla07
Disney's Sit. Stay. Act. - Diary Of A Dog Actor
See the life of a dog actor through this video.
Views: 5224 DisneyXtras
[MMV] Send It On - Disney's Friends for Change [Short]
An MMV for Send It On (Short only). It is a short only because the whole version isn't out yet...hehe. I dont know exactly who sings it, but my best guess is Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and the Jonas Brothers. Songs Used: Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Jonas Brothers - Send It On I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING. NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED.
Views: 1093 PokeFanPiplup
Disney Villains - Governor Ratcliffe
I do not own this.
Views: 369763 FanOfDisneyVillains

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