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The girls all get prettier at closing time (Cover) Gilley
My new Les Paul studio and me. If you are thinking of getting a Les Paul DO IT. I am playing the keyboard with my feet. I hope you like it. Rate it and comment please.
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November Rain solo cover (Guns N' Roses)
Here's my Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/lauracoxofficial Official website : http://www.lauracoxband.com ... Epiphone Les Paul Goldtop Slash Signature + Vox VT15 :)
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Michael Jackson - Liberian Girl
A fan made video for Michael Jackson's Liberian Girl. Rest in Peace, my dear Michael. ♥ God wanted one of his angels back, I know it's better on the other side. I can't stop crying because of this huge pain in my heart, but I know you will be with me always. The loss has been and still is devastating and my heart is absolutely shattered, but Michael will live in our hearts, in our minds, in our souls .. No one can ever replace him. His extraordinary talent and magnificently beautiful spirit never dies. Michael lives through us and in his Music forever. Thank you Michael, for everything you've done. You brought such joy and happiness to my life, and I am endlessly grateful for that. You taught me how to live and love, you taught me to be a better person. You gave your all and everything you ever could. Now it's your time to rest. I once promised that I will stand by you for the very last day of my life and I will, Michael. Even though you're not with us anymore, I will keep fighting for you. I always believed and will believe in You. ~ I love and miss you dearly. Goodbye my Angel, my Forever Love. ♥ See you on the other side, I love you. ~
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Bond - Fuego (official video)
Official video for Fuego by Bond, from their album Shine.
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Testing my new Epiphone Les Paul Goldtop Slash Signature - (Estranged GNR)
Here's my Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/lauracoxofficial Official website : http://www.lauracoxband.com You should watch this in HIGH QUALITY! This Epiphone is AWESOME!!! Great pickups, amazing sound, a lot of sustain... I love it Anyway, this isn't a cover, it's about the sound of the guitar; so please forgive me for my "bad bends", I think they're out of tune :S The song is "Estranged" by the Guns N' Roses (I thought it was appropriate since I got a SLASH Signature^^) I only play some parts of the song (my favorites) - Epiphone Les Paul Goldtop Slash Signature + Vox VT15 Thanks for watching! PS: I LOVE THIS GUITAR!!!!!!!!!!! and "Go For The Gold!"
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Funny Girls - Royal Variety Performance 2005
Cardiff 2005 - Swine Lake
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An End Has A Start Guitar Cover
Me playing An End Has A Start by Editors on my Epiphone Les Paul Junior.
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Don Felder talks about his gibson
Don Felder talks about his gibson http://www.myspace.com/jags87
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SLASH (Guns n Roses) at Les Girls 8 Event at AVALON
Subscribe http://bit.ly/mrSda2 Slash from Guns 'n' Roses B-Roll/Highlights at her arrival for Les Girls 8 Red Carpet event at Avalon October 6, 2008. LES GIRLS 8 - A cabaret feat. celebrity performances to raise funds for the NATIONAL BREAST CANCER COALITION. © Ricomix Productions / /
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Fleet Foxes - Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (Cover)
We're First Aid Kit and we're a sisters-duo from Sweden. In the summer of 2008 we did this cover of "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" by Fleet Foxes. First Aid Kit's latest album 'Ruins' is available now: http://smarturl.it/FAK-Ruins Follow First Aid Kit: http://www.firstaidkitband.com http://www.facebook.com/firstaidkitband http://twitter.com/firstaidkitband http://instagram.com/firstaidkitband ---------------------------- We went out in the forest this morning and recorded this cover of the wonderful song "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" by Fleet Foxes, our favourite band right now. We saw them live this weekend in Sweden and it was absolutely amazing. If you get a chance to see them live don't hesitate for a second!
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this is my les paul not
lol all improv first try
Neal Schon's Journey Rig
ALL ABOUT NEAL SCHON'S GUITARS AND AMPS: (From Guitar Player Magazine, November 2008) During the more orchestral segments of the Journey set, you'll find Neal Schon playing his 18.5"-scale Veillette Gryphon High 12 acoustic-electric. ("That guitar is tuned really high and has lots of unison strings, so it rings beautifully," says Schon's tech, Adam Day). And when it's time to play "Lights" or other Strat-powered Journey classics, a Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster finds its way into Schon's hands. But for the bulk of a Journey concert, Schon's main guitar is a cherry sunburst flametop Gibson Neal Schon Signature Custom Les Paul. And if you think the Floyd Rose locking bridge and nut are the only custom features, look a little closer. The only truly standard features on a Neal Schon Paul are the tuning machines and the Gibson BurstBucker Pro bridge humbucker. The neck heel has been heavily sculpted—almost erased—to grant easy access to the high frets, and the fretboard is angled more parallel with the body than those on standard Les Pauls so that Floyd bridge sits flush. The neck pickup cavity is occupied by a single-coil-sized DiMarzio Fast Track 2 humbucker and a Fernandes Sustainer Driver. The knobs are widely spaced and have been rewired to include a master volume, a push/pull master tone (the pull position activates a Vari-Tone-type circuit that gives Schon wah sounds without a wah pedal), and a master Sustainer volume. The mini-toggle switches behind the tailpiece control the Sustainer settings. And if you take an MRI of Schon's cherry sunburst Paul, you'll discover it has been chambered for weight reduction. "Its taken many years to develop this guitar with Gibson, but it was worth it," says Schon. "It just works." Resonant with lyrical, B.B. King-style vibrato and ornamented with R&B trills, Schon's guitar playing is still very much alive with the simple blues mojo that gained him notice in the Bay Area clubs when he was still in his early teens. Its the delivery medium thats gotten more complex. When Schon's tech, Adam Day, is asked if he can think of a more complex stage rig, he can only cite the Edge's famously elaborate U2 rig. Schon's setup starts a Lectrosonics wireless. ("Neal had been on the wire for a while," says Day, "but when he heard this system, he liked the sound enough to go wireless again.") From the receiver back in his amp racks, Schons signal passes through 45-foot Mogami cables to and from his pedalboard, which includes a Dunlop Buddy Guy Wah, a Boss compressor pedal used mostly for Strat solos, and Xotic AC- and RC-Booster pedals. ("Lectrosonics systems tend to run a little bright, so the extra capacitance created by all that long cable actually serves to balance out the sound a bit.") A TC Electronic G-System controller at Schon's feet handles all MIDI-implemented effects and amp channel changes, an expression pedal controls the overall delay level (the delay time seems to work nicely for most songs when set to 600ms), and Schon uses a Gibson Digital Echoplex to create the loops he solos over during instrumental interludes between songs. Thats the simple part. Things get more intricate back at the amp racks where Schon's signal is split five ways courtesy of Framptone Amp Switcher and 3-Banger pedals. One signal feeds a drawer-mounted Boss GT-6 processor that runs through a Demeter tube preamp into a Roland M120 line mixer feeding Schons in-ear monitors as well as a Marshall Dual MonoBlock power amplifier driving two 1960B 4x12 cabinets. Schons signal is also split between two Marshall JVM heads with G-System effects in their loops, and two Diezel VH4 heads running in stereo courtesy of an Eventide Eclipse processor in their loops (used primarily to fatten things up with a little detune). Each amp drives a separate 4x12. And because one of the Diezels is run flat out to get a full sound, its cabinet is turned backwards and miked up behind the stage, thus keeping Schon's stage volume down. —Jude Gold, August 2008 (Filmed at Sound Check at the Sleep Train Pavilion, Concord, California, September 24 2008)
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Queen - Killer Queen (Top Of The Pops, 1974)
Subscribe to the Official Queen Channel Here http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen Taken from Sheer Heart Attack, 1974. Queen - 'Killer Queen' Click here to buy the DVD with this video at the Official Queen Store: http://www.queenonlinestore.com The official 'Killer Queen' music video. Taken from Queen - 'Greatest Video Hits 1'.
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Paul O'Grady and The Tenorions
The Tenorions on The Paul O'Grady Show
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Stations of the X - 3 the rex/les girls/el alamein fountain
belinda talks about the rex hotel, the bottoms-up bar and les girls remembered from her KX holiday as an 11-year-old in 1980 and louise talks about KX icon the el alamein fountain.
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Talk Dirty to Me Cover
I Got My New Les Paul and Im ready to put a video on youtube enjoy have any requests send me a message plz rate and comment
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les paul smoke rings and good ole
better quality music
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Серцевий Напад - Punk Girl, Субкультура (live)
live from Тарас Бульба fest
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The Smiths - bigmouth strikes again (guitar riff) on GIbson Les Paul 68'
smiths bigmouth strikes again guitar riff (true to form) on GIbson Les Paul 68' Custom thru Fender 65' Deluxe Reverb Amp.
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Girls (Working title)
A new song, written and performed in its entirety by me.
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girls playing guitar
just jammin
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The Beatles- Girl Cover
Hey there!This is my second complete cover of the Beatles' song 'Girl'(Rubber Soul 1965). I followed again the same method of recording as in my other cover(Words Of Love):Recording each part separately and mixing them together.The only difference is that this time the guitar amp is directly plugged into my pc so there is less hiss...In the first version I had also backing vocals but I decided that they are not good...I used my electric epi les paul studio with an acoustic pedal(boss ac-2).This time you can hear bass.Of course I do not own a bass(unfortunately).I played the bass part on the guitar and with a mixing program I lowered the pitch.That's it...Enjoy;) P.S.You've got to hide your love away was planned to be uploaded first but there were problems with the mixing and I also want to make a sort of 'video clip'...We'll see...Stay tuned:)
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Female Agents - In Cinemas June 27th
www.femaleagents.co.uk A member of the French Resistance, Louise (Sophie Marceau) flees to London after her husband's summary execution. She is recruited by the Special Operations Executive (SOE), an intelligence and sabotage service overseen by Churchill himself. She is immediately assigned to an urgent mission: the rescue of a British agent who has fallen into German hands while preparing for D-Day on the Normandy beaches. The man hasn't talked yet, but there is no time to lose. Louise must first put together an all-female commando unit. She will stop at nothing to get exactly the right women for the mission's special requirements, even if it means lying, blackmailing or securing pardons for serving prisoners. Suze (Marie Gillain) is a showgirl who excels in the art of seduction. Gaëlle (Déborah François) is a chemist and explosives expert. And Jeanne (Julie Depardieu) is a prostitute who has already killed in cold blood. Parachuted into Normandy, they are joined by Maria (Maya Sansa), a Jewish Italian radio operator and the final member of the team. The mission begins well but there are soon complications. Their SOE bosses give the women a new, almost suicidal objective: they must move on to Paris to eliminate Colonel Heindrich (Moritz Bleibtreu), the head of Nazi counter-intelligence, who has gleaned too much information about the Landings. They are five ordinary women, destined to become heroines.
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Mean Girls - Il Avait Les Mots
My first video. Clip from film "Mean Girls"
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Volbeat - Radio Girl (Electric guitar cover)
I have been hearing this song from the radio a lot lately and wanted to do a quick cover of it. I hope you like it. Give a look at my other videos as well. Sounds: Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2 Guitar: Epiphone Les Paul Standard
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good girl gone bad les 3 sisters
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Queen - Don't Stop Me Now (Official Video)
Subscribe to the Official Queen Channel Here http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen Taken from Jazz, 1978. Queen - 'Don't Stop Me Now' Click here to buy the DVD with this video at the Official Queen Store: http://www.queenonlinestore.com The official 'Don't Stop Me Now' music video. Taken from 'Greatest Video Hits 1'.
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Boys Like Girls - Let Go (Frou Frou Cover) @ Duke University
Boys Like Girls playing their amazing cover of Let Go! Feb. 9th at Duke University's Page Auditorium
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Les spice girls du torre del barone 2008
Romain, Robin, Paul, Benoit et Peppe dequisés en filles pour la soirée clients aout 2008
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Bob marley "no woman no cry" 1979
A great performance of No Woman No Cry from Bob Marley. For the real fans!! Enjoy it!!
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Bits of Facts about TUTSI people.Their characteristic is similar to that of Jews.Over a million of them were massacred, 6 million Jews were killed.Tustis were hated by the Hutus,Jews are hated by many.Tutsis are among the most intelligent Africans ,Jews are the wisest.....also Tusis are thought by some to be descendants of King TUT of ancient Egypt. appology:Some of the pictures used in this video maybe of Abbysian origin not from Rwanda/Burudi,due to luck of correct phoptos at the time of video making.However there are no differences in similarities from the pictorial models displayed and that of the subject.
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Lao Girl
Havnant performing Lao Girl at the Kanzeon Centre, Exeter, England on September 20th 2008. The song is written and sung by Mike using a Boss Loopstation operated with foot pedals to record the guitar while he is playing it and play it back after while he plays the flute. Backing performed by Yatro on keyboard and Robert Nicholas on piano.
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ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man (Live In Texas)
http://store.eagle-rock.com/title/one-night-only/ For more info - http://www.eagle-rock.com/artist/zz-top/#.U-jPljhwYdU ZZ Top peform live from their home state of Texas. This awesome performance captures ZZ Top at their very best. The full concert DVD, with plenty of bonus footage, is out now from Eagle Rock. There is also a fantastic Blu-Ray version available. Clean shirt, new shoes And I don't know where I am goin' to. Silk suit,black tie, I don't need a reason why. They come runnin' just as fast as they can Coz' every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man. Gold watch, diamond ring, I ain' missin'not a single thing. And cufflinks, stick pin When I step out I'm gonna do you in. They come runnin' just as fast as they can Coz' every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man. Top coat, top hat, I don't worry coz my wallet's fat. Black shades, white gloves, Lookin' sharp and lookin' for love. They come runnin' just as fast as they can Coz' every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man. http://www.eagle-rock.com/1v5y7dp
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Led Zeppelin - Going To California (Live at Earls Court 1975) (Official Video)
You're watching Led Zeppelin perform 'Going to California' at Earls Court in 1975 from the Led Zeppelin DVD. More info about this concert: http://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/may-25-1975 Subscribe to the channel! http://bit.ly/LedZeppelinYouTube The Official Led Zeppelin Playlists... The Music Videos http://bit.ly/ZeppelinMusicVideos Live Performances & TV Appearances http://bit.ly/ZeppelinLIVE Led Zeppelin Off-Stage http://bit.ly/ZeppelinOffStage The Zeppelin Rare Film Series http://bit.ly/ZeppelinRareFilm Alternative Mixes & Deep Cuts http://bit.ly/ZeppelinDeepCuts Stay Connected with Led Zeppelin... http://www.ledzeppelin.com http://www.facebook.com/ledzeppelin http://www.twitter.com/ledzeppelin https://www.instagram.com/ledzeppelin --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Led Zeppelin channel is the band’s official YouTube home, featuring a catalog of live performances, official music videos, archival footage, and Zeppelin-approved playlists. Subscribe to join the Led Zeppelin YouTube community and check back for product announcements, updates from the band, and more! Led Zeppelin formed in 1968 and went on to become one of the most influential, innovative, and successful groups in modern music, having sold more than 300 million albums worldwide. The band rose from the ashes of The Yardbirds, when Jimmy Page brought in John Bonham, John Paul Jones, and Robert Plant to tour as The New Yardbirds. In 1969, Led Zeppelin released its self-titled debut which was produced by Page, as were all the subsequent albums. It marked the beginning of a 12-year reign, during which the group was widely considered to be the biggest and most innovative rock band in the world.
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girl playing guitar hero at easy
easy beacause i suck and im a girl who cant play :(
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nervana- smells like teens spirit cover
the cover to smells like teens spitits this should have been easier then it was ;)and there is no solo but enjoy and dont forget to subscribe R.I.P Kurt cobain -nervana gear used: -ibanez les paul (black) -fender g-deck - monster cable
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8 Year Old Sunny Girl Jam Session
Sunny Girl's TV debut in 1999 On AfterHours
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GH2: The girls rock out
Nadia and Mette rocks out in Guitar Hero 2
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12-year-old Girl Sits In at Local Club
Please check out the other videos, I have improved a LOT since this one was done. This is a short clip of me, Lyn, playing at "Gillary's" in Bristol, RI with Lou Cero and the Colby James Band. This was my first real gig!
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Kick Yo Booty by Crazy Girl
Kick Yo Booty by Crazy Girl Killer Rock Anthem!!! Music by Crazy Girl Video by ladypat Starring Crazy Girl, Johnny woo and Keeli Jean Drinkwater Tummy Touch Records
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Revolush in the studio (Part 6)
Revolush bassist, Maxwell Emmet contributes a guitar track to "NYC Girls" from the upcoming Revolush album--this time on a CHERRY Gibson Les Paul!
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JJ Cale - devil in disguise - studio live
recorded in Dutch studio 1994
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The Girl Across the Road-original song
Original song,again from way back.Try electric rather than acoustic 'cause the Lowden records so poorly on this camera.
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Rock Blues Jam on a Gibson Tak Matsumoto Les Paul ( Guitar Solo )
The guitar I'm using here is a Gibson Tak Burst. There's an Epiphone version on sale in the US if you are interested. This guitar is going through Line 6 Tone Port and coming out from Klipsh computer speakers.
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girls on play guitar (Tak Matsumoto - Take five)
Tak Matsumoto -Take five rock version
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Waddy Wachtel Band "Girl's Got Rhythm" (AC/DC) Jamie lead v
Waddy Wachtel Band performing (AC/DC) " Girl's Got Rhythm " at Joe's Tavern with Jamie vocals. 9-15-08
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Classic Rock 101 - Rock Girl Search - Krista
Classic Rock 101 - Rock Girl Search - Krista
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Girl Guitarist Fucking Around
I don't know this is for Squid haha
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Don't Cry Gibson (Gimme That Cool Slash Les Paul Gibson)
Test of neck cam for Gimme That Cool Slash Les Paul Gibson
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