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CSR - We gotz game
another great CSR tune uploaded by NG lyrics by sir mix a lot - i got game Here's a little somethin' for you whacked out suckers Rollin' twenty-third, sellin' dope to cluckers Your bank is thick, but you got no game Spittin' at freaks runnin' superfly slang I'm pullin' up the ave' hard as hell In a droptop 'vette with a greenwood tail Girls are jockin', lookin' for a knockin' Smart investments, keep me clockin' Bye-bye baby, Mix gotta roll Switch to the Benz and I gotta get mo' Hit the strip, seen this skinny Butt shook like a four twenty-six hemi Not just butt, baby hadda motor Stacked to the max, hair to the shoulders She's older but I can mold 'er Dropped that game and it hit like boulders Now she's sprung, sittin' in my Benz Rollin' up the tent so you can't see in Playin' that old Luther stuff "You wanna get with me, this ain't wild enough" Two down, two to go. Can't live a night right if I don't knock four I'm in a big five hundred S E L Interior hot, with a perfume smell Took it on home, hit the shower 'Bout to get busy in one more hour Ducks look, but they never will find me Hopped in my number two Benz, one ninety Here a skirt, there a skirt Everywhere a skirt, skirt Gotta have game, if you wanna get work "Ah, you ain't nothin'" Some suckers wanna crush me Smooth, wit' a move, baby girl. Rush me. Here it is, from the wizard of hip-hop A lesson in game, make the girls get hot Picked up a girl named Mattie Caught static from the sucker in a seven two caddy Mattie was hot, but her name was "not" I ain't worried 'bout that, I ain't tyin no knot Took her to the hotel, game went strong She thought I spent bank, but I really spent coupons But it's cool, 'cause my rhyme went smooth Savin' my money, 'cause my mouth is a tool Rolled up close, when I hit the spit I ain't worried 'bout my breath, 'cause I brush my teeth Popped that game, freak got weak Hit that jackpot, slapped them feet Mattie got busy with the bedroom eyes Layin' on the big king-sized Through with Mattie that makes three "I'm gonna miss you babe, you gonna miss me?" Got loose 'cause the girl hadda big caboose Hadda break down 'cause the girl had juice "I'm gonna miss you baby" Smooth ain't it? Girls so sprung that she almost fainted Headin' for the crib, tired brother When I spotted me another. Baby looks good So you know what the means Drive around the block when the gangsta leave Open that sun roof, crank that beat Bumpin' up the avenue, impressin' them freaks What's up baby? Grow so big, the girls all tip like funk 'ol pigs Runnin that game, 'cause I wanna get work Sit don't rip rap home girl shirt Here she comes, hopped in my car Somethin' 'bout my Benz goes far in bars Spit, spit, runnin' that game I'm feelin' confident about another thick dame All of a sudden, my game got crushed Some sucker pulled up and his ride was plush Rolled up smooth, the girls was waitin' 5 point Oh, twenty four K Daytons Oh-oh, think quick 'cause my girls jumpin' on home boys tip Better change my game, try another lure 'cause home boys lookin' like Al B. Sure But it's cool, 'cause I whipped out bank Big dead presidents made her think Back in effect, situation in hand I'm the brother that the others can't stand An' I got game, I got game, you know I got game
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Bomfunk MC's - Free Styler (lyrics)
Lyrics: Freestyler...rock the microphone Straight from the top of my dome Freestyler...rock the microphone Carry on with the freestyler I gotz to fiction to throw on And go on, you know i gotz to flow on Select us on ya radio play us 'Cause we're friendly for ozone But that's not all so hold on Tight, as I rock the mic right Oh.. excuse me, pardon As I syncronize with the analyzed Upcomin' vibes the session, Let there be a lession, question You carry protection Or will your heart go on Like Celine Dion - Karma Chameleon Yeah, straight from the top of my dome As I rock, rock, rock, rock, rock the microphone Yeah, straight from the top of my dome As I rock, rock, rock, rock, rock the microphone Yeah, straight from the top of my dome As I rock, rock, rock, rock, rock the microphone Yeah, straight from the top of my dome As I rock, rock, rock, rock, rock the microphone (Scratches) Styles, steelos, we bring many kilos So you could pick yours, from the various Ambitious, nutrious, delicious, delirious Or vicious, just tell us We deliver anything from accappellas To propellers, suckers get jealous But their soft like marshmellows you know they can't handle us like debbie does dallas Yeah, we come scandalous so who tha fuck Is alice, is she from buckinham palace? Yeah, straight from the top of my dome As I rock, rock, rock, rock, rock the microphone Yeah, straight from the top of my dome As I rock, rock, rock, rock, rock the microphone Yeah, straight from the top of my dome As I rock, rock, rock, rock, rock the microphone Yeah, straight from the top of my dome As I rock, rock, rock, rock, rock the microphone Freestyler...rock the microphone Straight from the top of my dome Freestyler...rock the microphone Carry on with the freestyler Yeah, straight from the top of my dome As I rock, rock, rock, rock, rock the microphone Yeah, straight from the top of my dome As I rock, rock, rock, rock, rock the microphone Yeah, straight from the top of my dome As I rock, rock, rock, rock, rock the microphone Yeah, straight from the top of my dome As I rock, rock, rock, rock, rock the microphone
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Flo Rida ft T-Pain - Gotz To See - NEW!!!
Flo Rida ft T-Pain - Gotz To See - NEW!!!Snoop Dogg - Snooperman NEWW HOT Young Buck- What Did Yall Do ft. C-Bo. lil wayne t-pain ft ludacris can't belive hot music by dj khaled and t-pain. soulja boy rick ross kanye west akon jay z 50 cent beyonce rihanna booba diam's young jeezy eminem snoop dogg daddy yankee. vive le rap algerien surtou groupe double kanon lotfi&waheb et aussi le groupe mbs. rai d algerie cheb khaled cheb mami cheb hasni produced by tayebjacky hip hop style.young buck g-unit lil wayne akon t-pain timbaland rihanna g-unit 50 cent akon lil wayne t-pain timbaland nas rihanna xxx lil wayne akon t-pain timbaland barak obama new rap 50 cent lil wayne t-pain young jeezy akon timbaland 50 cent nas jay-z akon lil wayne t-pain ludacris 50 cent g-unit jay-z nas kanye west t.i t.i.p brisco young jeezy big boi birdman fat joe rick ross dj khaled flo rida busta rhymes weezy f baby fabolous three 6 mafia the game jody breeze dolla tay dizm daddy yankee don omar static major r.kelly nelly ja rule timbaland justin timberlake pharell w snoop dogg eminem dr dre nate dogg wisin yandel hector el father sean paul zion lennox elephant man shaggy soulja boy bow wow omarion mike jones twista wiz khalifa konvict tito el bambino gorilla zoe arcangel de la ghetto young buck lloyd banks b.g redman ice t ice cube lil jon pitbull ace hood lil boosie trick daddy plies paul wall chamillionaire slim shady raymond ayala ricky martin franco rl gorilla enrique iglesias carter III chingy chris brown metalica linkin park jurmain duprey bounty killa vico c tego calderon eddie dee voltio dj feli fell p.diddy outcast m.pokora booba soprano tony parker baby bash sean kingston bob marley rihanna fergie nicole scherzinger pussycat dolls ciara ivy queen kat de luna hilary duff jesica simpson britny spears beyonce jlo jenifer lopez jojo cathreen mcfee shareefa mary j blige maria carey lil mama avrile lavigne celine dion will im pink from 1995 to 2002 records D.N.C records hichemissmart jackyhichem ahichema i love you iman iman the big boss 2008 new beatiful days rjem r19 renault mercedes bmw clio lamborghini ferrari toyota dodge carrera audi citroen pepsi coca cola real madrid barcelona manchester united bayern porto benfica algeria portugal puerto rico fuck israel flag bouteflika quaresma c.ronaldo figo zidane rui costa euro 2008 ziani team hichem mila records mila country d.n.c records fuck pussy xxx porno seducing kissing tenn milf lesbian old gay arab belly dancing danc sweet ass motherfucker worst bad funny times startimes youtube google www.youtube.com/hichemissmart www.jackyhichem.skyrock.com vive l'algerie algeria anthem from1995to2002 i still love you djezzy nedjma mobilis youth 2008 2009 please i don't care (more) (less)
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dancein always talkin bout wut u gotz
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EPMD - You Gots To Chill
EPMD Strictly Business You Gots to Chill 1988 Samples "Jungle Boogie" by Kool & the Gang "More Bounce to the Ounce" by Zapp "I Can't Stop" by John Davis and The Monster Orchestra "Catch A Groove" by Juice "Strictly Business" by EPMD Lyrics [Parrish Smith] You gots to chill.. TO CHILL.. *echoes* * DJ K La Boss cuts "Jungle boogie" * [Erick Sermon] Relax your mind, let your conscience be free And get down to the sounds of EPMD Well you should keep quiet while the MC rap But if you tired, then go take a nap! Or stay awake and watch the show I take Because right now -- I'm bout to shake and bake The E-R-I-C-K is my name, I spell Thanks to the clientele, yo I rock well I'm not an MC who talkin' all that junk About who can beat who, soundin' like a punk I just get down and I go for mine Say 'check one-two', and run down the line [Parrish Smith] To the average MC I'm known as The Terminator Funky beat maker, new jack exterminator Destroying a ploy, when your rhymes are not void Never sweatin your girl (Why P?) Cause she's a skeezoid When I'm on the scene I always rock the spot I grab the steel with the crown on top In the beginnin', I like to let my rhymes flow And at twelve I press cruise control Sit back and relax, let my rhymes tax Maintain MC's while the Double E macks Always calm under pressure, no need to act ill Listen when I tell you boy, you gots to chill.. *echoes* * DJ K La Boss cuts "Jungle boogie" * [Erick Sermon] I be the personal computer information on rap Like the B-I-Z Markie says, I'll make your toes tap I format the rhymes, step by step Make em sound def to maintain my rep Prepared to come off, in case of a diss Not worried about a thing, cause we can do this I can turn the party out just by standin' still Make the ladies scream and shout while the brothers act ill Take total control of your body and soul Pack a nine in my pants for when it's time to roll [Parrish Smith] I'm the P, double-E, M-D-E-E And one thing I hate, is a bitin' MC When I enter the party suckers always form a line Then they ease their way up, and try to bite my lines I did thousands of shows, dissed many faces And deal with new jacks on a one-to-one basis But every now and then a sucker MC gets courageous And like an epidemic it becomes contagious But never the least they all R.I.P For all those unaware it means Rest In Peace Cause M.D. -- stands for Microphone Doctor And the capital P (capital P) capital M (capital M) Capital D-E-E's no doubt the chief rocker Don't like to get ill, but if I have to I kill So believe me boy, you gots to chill.. *echoes* * DJ K La Boss cuts "Jungle boogie!" * [Erick Sermon] Catch every word I'm sayin', no there's no delayin' Don't hesitate to motivate the crowd I'm not playin' Seein' is believin', you catch my drift? Don't try to adapt because I'm just too swift (How swift?) I'm so swift and that's an actual fact I'm like Zorro, I mark a E on your back I don't swing on no ropes or no iron cords The only weapon is my rappin' sword [Parrish Smith] Intimidate MC's with the tone of my vocal throne When I'm pushin' on the microphone Cause I'm the funky rhyme maker, MC undertaker The one who likes to max and relax And when it's time, issue dig-em-smacks I keep their hands clappin', fingers snappin', feet tappin' When it's time to roll Uzi patrol is packin' The PMD, the mic's my only friend And through the course of the party, I kill again and again So if you're thinkin' bout battlin' you better come prepared Come with your shield and your armor geared
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Herschel danceing boo to she gotz a DONK
party like a rockstar
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The Water © Rainer Johannes Hofmann
homegrown one man music video about nude showering and the metaphysical power of water may be...written, performed and recorded by rainer johannes hofmann
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Cab Calloway - Minnie the Moocher
Minnie the Moocher
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Chamel & Chanel Show [[Girls Jockin Boyz]]Make Way Birdman
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Gots To Be A Gee - Mr Capone-E
#2 Gots To Be A Gee By Mr Capone-e From The Album Voices Of The Streets. AFTER YUR DONE WATCH THESE TOO: pizza delivery, short e, get high, smoke weed, how high, redman, method man, BUFU, breakdance, asian fun, AZN pride, holy bible, bone thugs, ressurrection, jesus christ, hotel rooms, big girls, naked bitch, paris hilton, britney bald, stevie wonder, steve urkel, beyonce, fergie, snoop dogg, mike jones, paul wall, chamillionaire, christina aguilera, 2pac shakur, tupac, fuck the police, chili, beans, border control, drop it like its hot, darth vader, innocent women, star wars, streets, indastreet, seattle, washington, everett, 425, northwest, deep throat, nasty nate, half baked, westside connection, sex, mature content, fox news, cbs, faux news, prince, the prince and the pauper, white boys, white rapper, eminem, jin, big will, pawl, pawly p, paullie p, paulie p, pauly p, pauly shore, microsoft word, notepad, windows vista, xbox live, halo 2, itunes, ipod, nintendo, nes, n64 kid, boyz, brokeback, headphones, madonna, lenny kravitz, adam sandler, tyra banxxx, jenna jamieson, eve lawrence, chris n bailey, ewupawly, eastern washington univeristy, central, jack in the box, fast food, mcdonalds, super size me, burger king, stay fly, hotmail, google, yahoo, xxx, tr3nut, anna nicole smith, anna nicole, american online, beavis and butthead, ren and stimpy, futurama, simpsons, family guy, south park, iraq, iran, donald trump, rosie, superbowl, football, baseball, nicole ritchie, natalie portman, law protector, v for vendetta, vagina, full moon, jason vorheez, michael myers, lep in the hood, chucky, child's play, wake me up, wham!, make it big, hurricane katrina, faggot run, gay guys, haha, howard stern, prank call, cnn, like a boss, i need a boss, TMZ.com, video games, p diddy, busta rhymes, las vegas, limp bizkit, marilyn manson, operah, whitney houston, bobby b, girl you know its true, dr dre, strippers, lil scrappy, foxy brown, girl vomit, disgusting, repulsive, gore gallery, dead people, girl throws up, blood, ogrish, anna nicole stoned, michael jackson, neverland ranch, oj simpson, bart simpson bomb ass hard track jam song latin hip hop bang bangin banging ese ese's homies homie's homie homeboy homeboys vato vato's vatos cholo cholos cholo's bald head heads brown pride rag rags mexicano aztlan L.A LA L A Los Angeles SD S.D San Diego 619 westside Fingazz talk box boxing boxer talk-box talkbox mainstream radio hit 99.1FM FM KGGI Power 106 105.9FM FM Pocos Pero Locos Loco ODM O.D.M Latino 96.3FM FM .
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Kwame - The Rhythm
http://www.allhiphopreview.com/ http://www.myspace.com/allhiphopreview All Hip-Hop Review is a Rap and Hip Hop talk show featuring Album Reviews, interview analysis, special features (Female eMCees, G-Unit Edition, Dipset Edition) and opinions on current hip-hop/rap artist. This show gives equal time to both rap (Nas, Jay-Z, 50, T.I., Lil Wayne) and hip-hop (O.C., KRS-ONE, Sadat X, K-Rino, Redman). Hosted by: Phraze, Task, Chaos & Daniel.
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animated DANCE contest!!
um..yea...i gotz bored...but still...say wateva u want...ahhh...im still bored!!Commment plz!!;p
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Brush up your Shakespeare
Broadway concert variant. Best performance I ever saw. Lee Wilkof and Michael Mulheren *************************************************************** ARTIST: Cole Porter TITLE: Brush Up Your Shakespeare Lyrics and Chords [Kiss Me Kate] The girls today in society go for classical poetry So to win their hearts one must quote with ease Aeschylus and Euripides One must know Homer, and believe me, Beau Sophocles, also Sappho-ho Unless you know Shelley and Keats and Pope Dainty Debbies will call you a dope / D - - A / - - / - D / - - / - A / - - / - D / But the poet of them all Who will start 'em simply ravin' Is the poet people call The Bard of Stratford on Avon / AD A / / / E A / {Refrain} Brush up your Shakespeare Start quoting him now Brush up your Shakespeare And the women you will wow / DB7 E7 / A7 D / G D / E7 A7 / Just declaim a few lines from Othella And they'll think you're a hell of a fella If your blonde won't respond when you flatter 'er Tell her what Tony told Cleopatterer If she fights when her clothes you are mussing What are clothes? Much ado about nussing Brush up your Shakespeare And they'll all kow-tow / " / " / DB7 E7 / A D / {Refrain} With the wife of the British ambessida Try a crack out of Troilus and Cressida If she says she won't buy it or tike it Make her tike it, what's more As You Like It If she says your behavior is heinous Kick her right in the Coriolanus Brush up your Shakespeare And they'll all kow-tow {Refrain} If you can't be a ham and do Hamlet They will not give a damn or a damlet Just recite an occasional sonnet And your lap'll have honey upon it When your baby is pleading for pleasure Let her sample your Measure for Measure Brush up your Shakespeare And they'll all kow-tow - Forsooth And they'll all kow-tow - I' faith And they'll all kow-tow ... / A D / DA D / / {Refrain} Better mention "The Merchant Of Venice" When her sweet pound o' flesh you would menace If her virtue, at first, she defends---well Just remind her that "All's Well That Ends Well" And if still she won't give you a bonus You know what Venus got from Adonis Brush up your Shakespeare And they'll all kow-tow - Thinkst thou? And they'll all kow-tow - Odds bodkins And they'll all kow-tow {Refrain} If your goil is a Washington Heights dream Treat the kid to "A Midsummer Night's Dream" If she then wants an all-by-herself night Let her rest ev'ry 'leventh or "Twelfth Night" If because of your heat she gets huffy Simply play on and "Lay on, Macduffy!" Brush up your Shakespeare And they'll all kow-tow - Forsooth And they'll all kow-tow - Thinkst thou? And they'll all kow-tow - We trou' And they'll all kow-tow
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Rap - 2 cents - Naughty Booty
Got ta listen to this one .. It's gotz a message.. Bro
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Gitti & Erika - Adelheid (Oktoberfest Version)
Der Stimmungshit, den jede Kapelle und Band im Repertoire hat
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My Boyfriends Always Had Girlfriends
My Boyfriends Always Had Girlfriends - Written Arranged Produced & Performed by BjustB. A BjustB-eye view of The DL Chronicles. It is what it is. Errbody gotz a story to tell. www.bjustbmusic.com The DL Chronicles by Quincy LeNear & Deondray Gossett. www.dlchronicls.com
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Akon - We Takin' Over 2008 DUB Show - WebRidesTV
High quality version here: http://www.webridestv.com/videos/dub-tour-2008---akon-montage-116065 Akon blew up the DUB Show and WebRidesTV gets exclusive footage of Akon on stage performing his popular single "We Takin' Over". Check out this hot music video which also features DUB Show booth babes and the hottest west coast rides including customs, lowriders, exotics, classic cars and trucks. The 2008 Dub Show Tour concert also featured rap music performances by Rick Ross and David Banner. For more WebRidesTV exclusive coverage from the 2008 DUB Car Show Tour and Concert in Los Angeles, California, check out the latest footage at: http://www.webridestv.com/autoshows.html
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Mad Flava - Fatherless
Dope indie rap here! Mad Flava did so much classics ! 1997 Tx representin' !
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Jonas Brothers Living The Dream Eps. 1
***Disney and Jonas Brothers Own , Ever Thing***
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Yung Ro ft. Chamillionaire - Gone
All fans of Chamillionaire and Chamillitary come visit www.chamillination.com
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Lil Wayne - She's a Ryder (Radio Rip) [NEW OFFICIAL EXCLUSIVE]
http://www.NewRapDaily.com http://www.NewRapDaily.com http://www.NewRapDaily.com Click here to get exclusive rap songs now! Download the newest songs too! http://www.NewRapDaily.com SUBSCRIBE to our channel! Click the yellow button to the right. Hear about the newest songs right away! Click on our channel: http://www.youtube.com/HotNewRap3 -More New songs! Lil Wayne - She's a Ryder (Radio Rip) Lil Wayne - She's a Ryder (Radio Rip) She's a Ryder (Radio Rip) - Lil Wayne Lil Wayne - Shes a Ryder (Radio Rip) Lil Wayne - She's a Rider (Radio Rip) Lil Wayne - She's a Ryda (Radio Rip)
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BB Good Chp. 38
*at the cafe* Sharii: you know what i don't think we should talk about boring stuff. . . Joe: we gotta do this though Sharii: ugh , Julie, Mickie wanna go shopping? Julie: sure Mickie: ok you guys go ahead do your thing and plan whatever it is you're doing Sharii: call us when you wanna go home Guys: k bye luv you Sharii: oooo *runs back* joey may i please have some money? *smiles & bats her eyes* Joe: yea uh huh here *gives her 50$* Sharii: are you kidding me? how do you expect me to live? Joe: alright fine here *gives her a 50* Sharii: ahem *cough* more money *cough* Joe: do i look like an atm Sharii: well right now... um since we're in an area with many shopping places... Joe: oh my god here just take this *gives her $300 more* Sharii: that's just the right amount. thanks sweetie *kisses his cheek & runs back to the girls* k i gotz da cash I'm ready to shop Julie: how much did you get? Sharii: eh about 400 Mickie: wow joe's cheap Sharii: i know right! Mickie: he could've just given you a subway sandwich instead Sharii: i know I'm starving Julie: oh wanna get pretzels Mickie: nah, i think i'll just look around in this store while you wait in line Julie & Sharii: yea ok Mickie: *walks in & bumps into someone* ow Justin: o I'm sorry Mickie: o hey you came, *gives a hug* that means you got my tex Justin: uh yea Mickie: cool when Justin: it kinda woke me up Mickie: oh sorry Justin: it's ok *Julie & Sharii come in* Sharii: that line went pretty fast Julie: yea Sharii: *sees justin* hey justin! *hugs him tight* Julie: so wanna go shopping with us girls Justin: um yea sure Sharii: good coz we need help picking out clothes Mickie: totally Justin: um ok? so where are the bf's? Julie: planning out the tour, stage, & stuff Justin: o ok ladies, let's go **2 hours later** *The girls come back laughing and holding hands with Justin** Nick: And here they come! *sighs* Kevin: With Justin...... Joe: Yep! Sharii: Joey! *runs up to him and hugs him* I missed you! Joe: Aww I missed you too! Sharii: Oo i bought this:http://tinyurl.com/8c7eda and i bought you this:http://tinyurl.com/794jst Joe: Sweet! I love you! *kisses her* Sharii: *hugs him for a very long time* Nick: So....how was shopping! *put his arm around mickie* Mickie: Fine....I guess! Nick: Well, I missed you. *kisses her forehead* Mickie: Aww, I missed you too. *kisses him* Julie: Kev, Stop jumping around, You look like your about to wet your pants. Kevin: Sorry, Im just so excited to see you. Julie: Well, Thanks. *kisses him* Justin: Well I think i have to go Mickie: o wait no i'll go with you *walks toward him* Nick: *pulls her back by the arm* what are you doing Mickie: nothing just being nice Justin: yea I think I'll go . . . alone Sharii: NO! No! You don't have to go! Julie: yea you can hang out with us Joe: aww but Sharii *puppy dog face* Sharii: *kisses him passionately* Please? Joe: *rolls his eyes* I guess.... Mickie: Nick? *kisses his cheek* Nick: *crosses his arms* fine Justin: thanks, but what about kevin Kevin: dude, at this point, i really don't care Mickie: yay, oooo I wanna go roller skating Nick: okay Sharii: let's just go back at the house & change Joe: uh okay? **At the house** Girls: see ya in a couple minutes *they run up the stairs* Mickie: *comes back* come on Justin we need help picking outfits Justin: yea sure *goes with them*
white kid thinking he can rap
Please rate and comment!!!!!!!!!! HAHA my friend matt goetz is singing sexy can i and this is why im hot lol. atleast he was brave enough to do this..... wow matt.....
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she got a donk--mia skyy
very professional,sexy redbone,,shaking it fast for ya!!
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The Great Cover Up Mike Ingram Band covers Journey
Mike Ingram warms our hearts with "Faithfully" as performed by Journey.
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BR ( BR and TIMEBOMB )"Eatcha Food"
BR, V.I.P, Lord ANT & JB Smoov Eatcha Food http://www.myspace.com/brdaone
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dancing to so what
holl and alex dancin 2 so what . we are wearin face masks. dont judge us!
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The comedy workout room! Showcase, July 2008
I produce an OPEN MIC a the local comedy club. We hold the weekly shows on Wednesdays at the Pepperbelly's comedy lounge (right next door to the majestic Pepperbelly's Comedy Theater). This video was shot at our first showcase, which we held at the big stage. It features local (Fairfield, CA) comics David Aragon, Matt Gubser, O.J. (Mr. 1800), Ellis Rodriguez and Sean P. You can find out more about our show at www.myspace.com/comedyworkout or by writing to [email protected]
Views: 268 Victor Escobedo
Victim is a dramatic tale meant to be a study of machismo, race, and cultural paranoia. When Max Goetz, an arrogant young DJ and hip-hop hipster, moves into a not-yet gentrified neighborhood in Brooklyn, he finds himself in a whole different world, both physically and psychologically. After his arrival, Max realizes he must take a hands-on approach to how his future there will play out, for better or for worse.
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Steinberg 24 im Frühstücksfernsehen 2
Steinberg 24 im Frühstücksfernsehen 2
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Smooth Terrorist by Berny
Smooth Terrorist by Berny A tiny remix by Berny, just 4 fun ;-) The quality isn't so good as on my cd...sorry 4 that :-( So please enjoy.
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Funny Christmas Dance
christmas presentation
Views: 4699 Dramaticvixen
tha macarena at school?
uhmmmm; yeh.
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Where my Nukkas @
Rap video By Taylor Made and C-Note look it look it look it look it here my Nukkas I'm a spit this real shit right here my Nukkas Cuz I Love you my Nukkas stand tall with you my Nukkas keep it real with you my Nukkas share it all with you my nukkas I Love it up here its like living in heaven/ play basketball in the sun 24-7/No shit this place is legit all the way from Kugluktuk to the ends of Iqualuit/One love when it comes to this Northern trip/never stuck never fucked cuz we take care of shit/If ya hungry come by the house even gotz cheese for the mouse put this good country food in yo mouth/up North is where its at so Believe that/so fresh so clean you'll never want to go back/when I think about it down south is so whacked/bunch of stank stupid ass bums getting High off the crack/Mann I'm so good and so Happy every I walk is like we all good like family/chillin like a villin smoking weed cuz its filling/sale an once with the bounce then you be top billing/ look it look it look it look it here My Nukkas.........
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2008.3.8--Unique AllStyle Battle Popping Best 16
阿凱(Funk Crew) vs Mr.Wu(Air Con)
Views: 1957 gogoeri
charlie and dad beat box competition
Views: 306 bayb3g1rlthu9
What Kind of A Jew Are You? (Part 2)
MARGOT FRANK: THE DIARY OF THE OTHER YOUNG GIRL A New Musical Comedy Winner of the Fourth Annual NJ Playwrights Festival Authors/Composers: Book & Lyrics by Lori Mooney & Diana Rissetto Additional Lyrics by Warren Helms Music by Warren Helms, Cooper Cerulo & Michael Sangiovanni Production Dates: April 9-14, 2008 Shea Center for Performing Arts Video by: Russ Crespolini
Views: 119 WPUCOAC
Ghost- 2pac ft. Jewelz
check it out
Views: 485 JewelzA90
I GoT WhAt ChA NeEd/RoUnD & RoUnD
video from gut dvd wit kila kas
Views: 6599 eishenhowerave
you'll see :)
Jazzy Upbeat Improv Song. Mike Larkowski- Guitar Sam Dziobek- Vocals
Views: 91 Dziobek14
II Tone Committee - One
http://www.dropzonerecords.com/shop/index.php?productID=124 Free Album http://southsidedeluxe.com/ Classic hip hop from Scotland greats
Views: 10724 stybo
at manila bar
wer from london bar...sayaw sayawan at manila bar...busan,south korea...
Views: 5454 gotz81
New York Auto Show - Pontiac and 50 Cent
NY Auto Show. 50 Cent. The new Pontiac G8. Watch the hip-hop artist shill the latest high performance sedan from GM's Australian counterpart, Holden.
Views: 17268 WebRidesTV
The River At Music City - Dance "Lamb of God"
Worship Dancers perform at The River At Music City in Nashville, TN, through dance and sign language...
Views: 4823 auntcrayla
Fast piano action - playing Final Fantasy at GC 2008 (Part6)
A guy played ingame soundtracks at Games Convention 2008. Recorded with digital camera.
Views: 107 loxer88
booty shakn
Views: 796 sexykeysha706
ICDC 2008
Lightshow at ICDC
Views: 3408 kstatefan40
Bun B 22s or Better Live with Orgone
At the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis on December 15.
Views: 2358 Randy Sorensen
BR (of BR and TIMEBOMB ) We Do It Up
featuring V.I.P and JB Smoov http://www.myspace.com/brdaone
Views: 504 clyde7719
15 Minutes: Jo-Ann Morgan & Nancy Kwang Johnson
Premier episode of an interview series that focuses on Western Illinois University community members. In this initial episode, the hosts introduce themselves be interviewing one another on the concept of fame.

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