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The Friedman Double J Jerry Cantrell Signature Amp Demo
Jerry Cantrell demos his Signature Friedman Amp the "Double J"
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Fractal AX8 Setting up an Expression Pedal and Volume block.
Short video to help you setup an expression pedal and volume block on your AX8
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Friedman Steve Stevens Signature Amp with Doug Rappoport
Doug Rappoport (Edgar Winters Band) playing the SS-100 at the LA Amp Show. Shot with an iPhone 4s with Tascam iM2 mic. Doug is such a smoking player. No FX on this one. Buy Doug's "Bionic" on iTunes
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Separate Ways Cover AxeFX II USB ReAmping
This is for demo and educational purposes only, PLEASE PURCHASE the original Journey CD from iTunes and others. This is my band doing Separate Ways. Roy did the vocals, drums and keys and Don did the bass track. Roy sent the file to me and I added the guitar part. I used the AxeFx II's USB to do two tracks and two reamped tracks. 1 performance and you get as many layers as you want, in this case there are 4 actual guitar tracks plus the 2 dry tracks that I used to reamp. I mute the dry tracks during mixing. There are no track eq's or blocking eq's on the guitar.
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Blue Collar Man Solo
Demo of Mark Day playing the Blue Collar Man Solo. Axe-Fx II XL direct into Logic ProX. Purchase Styx music from iTunes and more. They are GREAT!!
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In My Dreams AxeFx II
In My Dreams Cover using a Fractal AxeFx II
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Lukather/ The Tubes "Talk To Ya Later Solo" Cover
Lukather/The Tubes "Talk To Ya Later" Solo Cover. One of my favorite Lukather solos. My LP is tuned to 440hz with 9-46 Elixirs. Seymour Duncan Distortion in the bridge, Axe-Fx II XL using the Friedman HBE amp model and FW18.
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White Lion's Hungry Intro and Rhythm AxeFx XL FW19
I love this riff, Intro to White Lion's Hungry. I'm using the Axe-Fx XL with FW 19. I've also changed my usual amp model to the 5153 100w Red. Direct to my MacBook's line IN. Don't forget to purchase White Lion's Pride CD!!
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Pink Taco Speaker Cab Comparison Demo
Pink Taco into different speaker cabs...same settings same room mic.
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Axe-Fx II XL Feedback Preset
This is a demo of the Axe-Fx performing instant amp like feedback at low or direct or even silent levels. All editing and recording done on an iPhone 6.
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Anyway You Want It Suhr Aldrich Passive Pickups
Here's a Journey cover called "Anyway You Want It" The backing track was done by my band mates. Roy Nichol does all the vocals...AMAZING!!! Don Lecompte plays bass and I did the guitar. I'm using Suhr Aldrich pickups...man do I like them. I hate passive pickups but these are just incredible!!! Love them! Using my Suhr OD100se+ into a Suhr 2x12" cab miked with an Apex 435 and a Shure SM57. I accidentally damaged my Apogee Duet so I borrowed an Edirol UA-25 I used my Joe Meek Twin! as the mic preamp and went into Logic Pro 9 Mark
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Promises In The Dark Solo (Pat Benetar Cover) AxeFx II XL Quantum 8.00
Neil Giraldo's frantic cool solo in Promises in the Dark, covered by moi. There are no guitars on the backing track. Using my AxeFx II XL with Quantum 8.00 firmware. I wish I had this thing when I was 17 years old!!!
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Fractal Audio FX8 Teaser Demo With Friedman BE100
Here is a little FX8 Pedalboard teaser video. Please purchase Whitesnake tunes from iTunes and others. All guitar parts in this tune were played by me. This song is not in the same key as the original. This is for demo purposes only and to educate the public about the Fractal FX8 pedalboard. Using the Friedman BE100 amplifier
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The Spirit Of Radio Intro Lesson
Like the title says :)
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Comfortably Numb Solo Using Suhr OD100 and Modern
Testing my new Apogee Duet and SM57 with Garageband. I'm using my Suhr Modern and OD10se+ into a Randall 2x12" with Celestion 70/80's. I am at a fairly low volume. Pickup is a Duncan Blackout AHB3. Like always this solo is not note for note but my take on it :) Mark
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AxeFx 2 Photograph Cover
It's been awhile. I'm finally settled in my new place in California so I thought I'd do a cover. No guitars on the backing track just me. I overdubbed the rhythm under the solos. I do NOT own the rights to this music and it is presented for demonstration purposes only. Please buy Def Leppard Pyromania from Amazon or many other retailers.
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Is This Love AX8
Solo section and more of Whitesnake's Is This Love. I'm using the Fractal Audio AX8 into Logic ProX. All scene changes were done in Logic.
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Winger Hungry Solo Using the AxeFx III
The solo section from Winger's Hungry. All guitars are me there are no guitars on the backing track. Used my AxeFx III. I previously released this but didn't tell anyone it was the AxeFx III, pretty sneaky, huh?
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Sister Christian Solo
Night Ranger's Sister Christian Solo originally by Brad Gillis. This is a backing track with NO guitars. I added the guitars using an AxeFx XL.
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Foolin' Guitar Cover with the AxeFx II
This is for educational purposes only. Please purchase Def Leppard's Pyromania, cd or download from iTunes. This is to demonstrate the AxeFx2. The backing track had ZERO guitar on it. All guitar parts are from me playing. This is not to try and copy the original recording's tone, just a demo of how I would play it in a live situation. This is one stereo guitar track except a rhythm track was added for the guitar solo.
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3 Canadians Playing Separate Ways Using the AxeFx III
Here's our rendition of Separate Ways by Journey. I am using my AxeFx III.
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Friedman BE100 Video Manual
Friedman BE100 Manual
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Steve Stevens Friedman Proto Sig Amp
Steve Stevens playing through a Steve Stevens Signature Amp by Dave Friedman. This is the prototype. Shot with a Zoom Q3HD
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AxeFX 2 Another Thing Comin' Cover
Another example of the AxeFx2 and it's reamping stuff :) This is for educational purposes, please purchase the original Judas Priest Screaming For Vengeance CD at iTunes and other locations.
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Rainbow In The Dark Cover Axe Fx II XL Mark Day
Of course it's not perfect but it's a fun tune. It's tuned down 1/2 step from the original. All the guitars were played in the take you see here. There were no guitars audible on the backing track. Please purchase Dio music from iTunes and other retailers. Dio is a legend in Hard Rock and so is Vivian Campbell. I'm using the Axe-Fx II XL and my Gibson Custom Shop Lifeson Sig Axcess LP direct into Logic ProX for this demo.
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Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains Rig Video Bio: RackSystems, Friedman Amplification
This is for showing with permission, Jerry Cantrell's guitar rig. We at Racksystems were hired by Jerry to wire and configure this rig. We have Jerry's permission to shoot the video and he was present when we did so. Educational use only ---- DISCLAIMER! ---- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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3 Canadians Playing a Toto Cover "Carmen" Fractal AxeFX
The 3 Boneheads from Canada are back doing Carmen by Toto. All Guitars and Bass guitars were recorded using the Fractal Audio AxeFx II XL. Roy Nichol: Drums, Keys, Vocals Don Lecompte: Bass, Vocals Mark Day: Guitar, Vocals
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Turn Up The Radio AxeFx2 Cover
This is how I would play this tune live, not perfect, not the way Steve Lynch played it. Still a fun song to listen to and a very tricky song to play. There are no guitars on the backing tracking. All the guitar is me playing through the AxeFx 2. Fender Strat has a Motor City Hot Head in the bridge position. Educational use only ---- DISCLAIMER! ---- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Please Purchase Autograph CD's and Albums from iTunes and many others.
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Friedman Brown Eye BE100 with Doug Rappoport
Lots of FX....stop whining. This is Doug at the LA Amp Show checking out different FX through the BE100.
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Friedman SS100 Steve Stevens Amplifier with Steve Stevens Demo and Interview
Steve Stevens demos his new signature amp by Dave Friedman and Friedman Amplification.
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Limelight Cover by 3 Guys From The Great White North, eh?
3 Boneheads from The Great White North covering Limelight by Rush Guitars are Axe-Fx II XL FW18
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Dokken So Many Tears Solo AxeFx Mark Day
One of my favorite George Lynch solos that I covered using the AxeFx. I re-did this in my home studio with some new video gear. Tell me what you think. I know I need some back lighting :) BTW I do Skype lessons....HIT ME UP on FaceBook
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Friedman BE-100 with Phil X
Phil X demoing the incredible Friedman BE-100 Tube Head. PAN HARD LEFT TO HEAR DRY ONLY. IT"S THAT SIMPLE :) I'm certainly glad that Van Halen used delay on VH1 to create the benchmark Brown Sound, that most of us love!!!
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Round And Round Ratt Cover Featuring The Suhr Riot Distortion Pedal
I learned this last night so be kind :) It's far from perfect. I am using the Suhr Riot Distortion into the CLEAN channel of my OD100..no distortion from the amp itself all from the Riot. I used an SM57 and some cheap Apex condenser mic into my Apogee Duet into Logic on my MacBook Pro. I used a Randall 2x12" with Celestion 70/80s. I stuck the cab in my bathroom and played along with the backing track. I did NOT double the guitar just added the harmony guitar solo. I got the backing track from FreshBT. There are no guitars on the backing track except for the rhythm parts during the solo sections and small parts here and there. I didn't learn the harmony solo parts correctly. I overdubbed the harmony parts. The end solo is just improvising.
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Hold The Line Solo AxeFX III
Toto's Hold The Line solo using my AxeFx III and Gibson Axcess LP
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Stone In Love Cover Using AxeFx 2 Mark Day
This is a cover of Journey's Stone In Love. This is a live version that SamHill used to cover. The backing track is by Roy Nichol, Don Lecompte and Mark Day. I place some rhythm guitar behind the solos before I played the song on video. Roy Nichol is doing the singing and playing drums He does a bang up job and Don is solid as a rock. Roy is now the permanent drummer for April Wine. This is for demonstration purposes and contains no recording of the original Journey song. Please purchase the original Journey recordings from iTunes, etc.
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Eddie's Comin Out Tonight Solo AxeFx
One of my all time favorite solos from Night Ranger. Dueling guitar mayhem. The backing tracking was done by my band dudes Roy Nichol (April Wine drummer) and Don Lecompte bass. I kept all the flubs and mistakes. I did have a very nice track but posting that would be, not accurate. This is a single take. AxeFx pitch block supplying the harmony guitars. Charlie patiently sitting behind me.
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Rush "Tom Sawyer" Cover AxeFx and full band
This time I thought I'd let you guys see the other dudes in the band. All instruments were recorded by us, NO backing track...we are the backing track. I used my AxeFx direct into an Apogee Duet. I recorded ONE stereo track, NO doubling. My first time doing this kind of video editing and I am kind of green at it, not to mention my 4 year old MacBook Pro was struggling at times . I should have shot everything in 720p instead of 1080p. When I exported the vid I dropped it to 720p so it looks a little funky. Learn as you go I guess :) Roy Nichol: Drums, Vocals and Keyboards Don Lecompte:Bass Mark Day: Guitar Mark
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In My Dreams Cover Friedman BE100 and Two-Notes Torpedo Live
We had a request to do a Dokken Under Lock And Key sound demo, so I put this together yesterday. BE100, Torpedo Live and my FX rig. No guitars were on the original backing track. I overdubbed the rhythm for the solo part. The main guitar is one track including the solo. Gibson LP Axcess with Duncan JB.
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Friedman Pink Taco Official Video Demo
The Official Friedman Amplification video demo for the PT20 (Pink Taco). 20watt EL84 hand wired guitar amp.
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Heartbreaker AxeFx II FW 7.00
Neil Giraldo's most excellent solo. All guitar parts are the AxeFx. There are NO guitars on the backing track.
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Axe-Fx Direct with Budget Guitar
Direct into iPhone with iXJ2 interface. Using crap Radio Shack cable and $90 guitar.
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Ratt's Lay It Down Solo Lesson Mark Day
Here is a breakdown of Ratt's Lay It Down Solo. This is for educational purposes. Please purchase the Ratt single or CD or download available at iTunes and many others. I'm using my Suhr Modern and Fractal Audio AxeFx2 for this video.
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Hold The Line Cover Friedman BE100/ Torpedo Live
This is for Demo purposes only. Please purchase Toto Music from many online retailers. This is to show the BE100 and Two-Notes Torpedo Live, Motor City Pickups and Gravity Picks.
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AxeTekro Preset TNT Like Tone on The AxeFx
Here's my attempt at recreating a TNT Ronni LeTekro type guitar tone on the AxeFx. Ronni uses a BOSS BF2 to get his tone. He sets it so it is like a notch filter or PEQ. Before you guys start getting on me about too much gain please download the preset and check the settings...the gains are set pretty darn low and I am NOT using the SPC control on my guitar...lol BTW the preset is available through the AxeFx Editor/Preset mgr/AxeChange Tab Bank K.
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Jessie's Girl Solo AxeFx
All guitars are played by me through the AxeFx II XL Quantum 4 FW. I'm using a Jackson PC-1 with a Seymour Duncan Distortion in the bridge. Elixir Strings and Gravity picks. Celestion speakers! There are NO GUITARS on the backing track. Yes it is heavier than the original. The solo is double tracked.
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Electric Eye 2014 Cover Axe-FxII XL FW 17.02
This is for demonstration purposes only. Please purchase Judas Priest music from iTunes and other retailers. They kick ass!!! I've done this tune before a few years back but I wanted to do it in my new digs with FW 17.02. Fun tune. I thought I'd leave the mistakes in. It's too hard to start over with 3 cameras and a DAW, lol. Screw it if you can't make a mistake or two or three, it's like playing live. After 30 years of playing live I've made enough mistakes I should get a few free here lol. This Gibson sounds so great with the Axe-Fx, plays great too!!
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Therapy Lick For Mark
Getting my fingers back into shape after starting meds for Parkinson's.
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Chicago We Can Last Forever Solo AxeFx III
Dann Huff's killer solo in this tune. I'm using my AxeFx III.
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Feel Your Love AxeFx XL Quantum 5.0
This is NOT a Brown Sound attempt. I'm just playing aVH cover with my tone and a very cool guitar. It's an EVH Striped Series that was distressed into a Frankenstrat by Judah Guitars in Hixson, TN
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