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Microdose of Psilocybin Mushrooms - Trip Report
I don't glorify the use of ANY psychedelic substance, this video is for educational purposes. It wasn't hard to handle, it was something and it would be insulting to say it didn't change anything. No visuals, No auditory hallucinations... Rather a change in tactile sensations and perception.
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The Psychedelic Properties Of Marijuana
"The herb reveals you, to yourself." - Bob Marley Many individuals find Cannabis to be VERY effective into treating their symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, fatigue so on and so forth.. Some people think there's much more to it, including myself! In this video, I'll be discussing the PSYCHEDELIC Properties of this plant! Never underestimate it!
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Be Careful With Your "LSD"
There's a multitude of people claiming that they're selling LSD, but in actuality it's NOT LSD! In this video, I'll be teaching you how to identify these research chemicals that very well could take your life! You can never be too careful, here's a testing kit: https://dancesafe.org/product/ehrlichs-reagent-testing-kit/ Please feel free to like, comment your opinions and subscribe! :)
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Alcohol vs Benzos - My Experiences #HarmReduction
In this video, I'll be discussing the similarities and differences of both Alcohol and Benzodiazapines. I've had numerous experiences with both and I'd love to share my subjective experiences, as it may be harm reduction! Music in this video: Holy Wave - California took my Bobby away
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Psychedelic Video - Tommorow
Appreiciate what you have, while you have it. NOTE: We do not advocate the usage of any mind altering substances, if you do ANY substance, be safe with it! Song: Strawberry Alarm Clock - Tommorow
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My Meditation Experience - Exploring your Subconscious?
Very VERY interesting, Meditation has been scientifically proven to decrease anxiety, ease depression, give more energy and to reduce anticipation of what life can throw at us! Meditation is very interesting, because it allows you to examine yourself through your sub-conscious. It's therapeutic and I HIGHLY recommend! I'd love to hear what you think, don't be afraid to comment. No judgement whatsoever, I love to gain more knowledge.. You'll be doing me a HUGE favor! :)
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First And WORST Experience With Weed
I was trippin', please learn from my mistakes!
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Peculiar Weed High | Hallucinogens Summarized!
READ BELOW: Apologize for lack of editing at the end, wasn't planning on making two videos in one haha, but I guess itll compensate for lost times not uploading, hope you all are doing well! More videos to come soon! a Bit of the reason why I've been gone is due to the fact im tapering off of Zoloft and finishing school!
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SSRI Anti-Depressants and Psychedelics?
You're likely to be in a disappointment if you try Psychedelics while on SSRis, in this video, I explain exactly why that is. this video is from about 4 months ago, it's a re-upload.
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Spy Strategy TF2 on 2Fort!
I upload gaming content as well :) If you want to see more videos like this one, comment to let me know! I love doing these videos to help you guys out. Remember, spy is an Opportunistic killer! Stealth, Stalk, and Stun! One of his quotes " this will be the last time you see me " ^ Don't be seen, be an AmbushPredator!
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MDMA - First Time Usage!
It was a good trip, if you guys would like me to make a video in depth on what this experience is like or just general information about the drug... Feel free to comment letting me know! MDMA Testing Kits (HARM REDUCTIONAL PURPOSES) : https://www.amazon.ca/Ecstasy-MDMA-Test-Kit-Tests/dp/B00H9ZNK6U https://testkitplus.com/ I hope you enjoyed, sorry about the quality! Be safe and trip safely!
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Psychedelic Video - Love is Forever
Time by itself, isn't meaningless.... You give it meaning. Song in this video, in case somebody didn't watch until the end: Yanni- Until The Last Moment
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