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FORTNITE *win* SQUADS - ghosts of tilted- virtual psychpoaths
psychosis-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIovY-E9vj6TkeHmYtw6N-A give psychosis some loooove psychosis edited this video and tried to make it better quality, but since it came from a mixer stream and our internet is shit its...well shit streams will be how i record from now on, psychosis will edit and upload my videos again, make sure to give him some love peace out, and make sure to subscribe, and tell your friends, spread the insanity viewer info haha bitches, you think killking wrote that, hell no xD i psychosis did only i say spread the insanity xD im done xD enjoy
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Hey guys this is killking plays here and sorry the first video I did was not a play video so what I have decided is that I will upload dubstep and EDM so I hope you like the video's and hope that you slap that like button and subscribe and I'll see you in the next video
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evolve w/ friends-part 1
wolf bros.-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIovY-E9vj6TkeHmYtw6N-A golden-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYuxS_OgIyIZe9osdw8m1fQ
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Trying the Spirit Board App
Hello everyone killking plays here and today I am using the haunted app the spirit board I did have some problems with the app. I will be making a part two soon. If you like this video please smack that like button and subscribe! I'll see ya'll in part two! Chills https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN64HIrZNqFQYZ2BuyY-4zg Psychosis https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIovY-E9vj6TkeHmYtw6N-A Ya'll go check them out and go and subscribe!!
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School Vlog one
Hey guys killking here and today I’m getting back on my recording horse and I’ll be uploading videos every few days. Hope you enjoy and peace out!
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(Talking to and evil spirit!!) The Spirit Board App Part 2
Hey guys killking plays here and shortly after I recorded the first part of the spirit board video I ran into a well unhappy spirit. I hope you guys enjoy the video and sorry if the board was loud I have to fix that. So please smack that like button and subscribe!
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evolve-hoomans ded
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Dubstep 2
Hey guys I'm back with another custom dubstep I hope you enjoy the video and please slap that like button and subscribe for more YouTube videos
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Something Paranormal Is In My Bedroom...
Hello everyone Killking plays here and I really need your help... I've been hearing things for the past couple of hours and I have no idea what it could be.. As I was texting my girlfriend good night I felt some odd feeling and I heard a bang from the inside of my wall.. After that I started to record. No editing was used in this recording so everything I hear or show is perfectly real.. Let me know what you guys think it could be and how I could handle the situation.. I'll try to update you guys if I can!..
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Relearning how to play far cry primal and messing around
Hey guys Killking here and today i finally decided to upload sorry for not having an intro or an outro. I hope you guys enjoy the vid of me well messing around i can't really make many long video's because of my cam. Pls smack that like button and subscribe and I'll see you in the next video!
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Forgot to show you guys something for dark daubeny
Sorry guys i forgot to show you the rest of my dark daubeny. This video only covers the effects that my dark daubeny uses if you guys like the video slap that like button for more dark daubeny!!
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The making of my dark daubeny
Hey guys killking plays here and today i wanted to show off DARK DAUBENY!! Yes y'all heard me dark daubeny. Pls give me a comment on how you felt creating this badass villain. Thx for watching guys andbill see you in the next video!! Bye!!
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Lilly's Day Off Episode 1
hey guys killking Plays here and i want to let you know that i have tryed to put Lost Pause and the Wolf Bros channels in the link below but i can't do it on my phone for some reason and also sorry about the music i know you can barely hear me but please help me out by liking and i hope you subscribe thx guys and I'll see you in next video bye
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