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School - SoLong
https://www.facebook.com/Schoolmusik https://soundcloud.com/s-c-h-o-o-l https://soundcloud.com/luxury-gbg
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Trementina - Not Everybody It's The Same (2013)
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Trementina/359350117508550 https://soundcloud.com/trementinachile
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The Pyramid - Summer of Last Year (1967)
The Pyramid were a British group that put out just one single, "Summer of Last Year"/"Summer Evening," in January 1967. They are known (if at all) because one of their singers was Ian MacDonald, soon to change his name to Ian Matthews and join Fairport Convention. The Pyramid single contained California pop/rock-styled originals from the pen of member Steve Hiett, with harmonies heavily indebted to the Beach Boys. It sounded like a more mainstream take on the mid-'60s Beach Boys, and given the blatant summer themes of the lyrics, it was odd indeed that the record was released during the winter. John Paul Jones, though not a member, played bass on both sides, which were produced by Denny Cordell, then also producing the Move.
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Carousel - Into The Night (2013)
http://www.carouselmusicpage.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Carouselmusicpage https://soundcloud.com/carouselmusicpage http://thecarouselpage.tumblr.com/ Lyrics: she's looking back over her shoulder i'll be back in a minute he told her baby we're ok we're gonna be ok and when he gets back in the car he said he shot the man behind the bar but baby we're ok we're gonna be ok just look in my eyes you'll be alright we can just drive I'm right by your side we'll be alright we can just drive into the night into the night she says baby did you get what you came for he says yeah and i got plenty more baby we're ok we're gonna be ok all these moments passin by but something isn't feeling right are we ok are we ok
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http://ecstasytheband.tumblr.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ecstasy/149241295218709 https://soundcloud.com/ecstasytheband
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Bam Bam & The Calling - Secret Meeting (1987)
Thanks to: http://fanningsessions.wordpress.com/2013/09/10/bam-bam-the-calling-1987-session/
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Favela - Easy Yoke
https://www.facebook.com/musicfavela https://soundcloud.com/favelamusic http://favelamusic.bandcamp.com/
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Fargo - Sunny Day Blue (1968)
Salt Lake City-based psych-pop duo Fargo teamed Tony Decker and Dean Wilden. After debuting in 1968 with the Capitol single "Robins, Robins," the pair signed with RCA; when their 1969 LP I See It Now--arranged by Al Capps, best known for his work with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, among others--met with virtually no commercial recognition, Fargo dissolved. "Sunny Day Blue" is the B side of their 1968 Capitol single. Sunshine pop perfection.
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Worries - Asleep (2013)
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Worries/354698974649755 https://soundcloud.com/wlxlw http://worrries.bandcamp.com/album/fall-asleep
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The Apple Moths - Kymri
Formed in 1986 by school friends Matthew Bolton on bass, and Eddie Taylor with his guitar, in Eddies dads garage. A recording of Everything was added to numerous compilation tapes and The Apple Moths quickly grew, adding Matthews brother Richard on vocals and tambourine, and cousin Steven Hadcroft (the ginger wizard) on Keyboards. The band moved offices to Richards attic bedroom where they wrote some tunes and began to gig. Soon after, The Apple Moths were picked up by A Turntable Friend, and released the Fred Astaire ep on 7 the band split shortly after with Matt, Steven and Richard going on to form Windy Miller. Today Matthew is still teetering on the outskirts of the bradford music scene but prefers rock band on the wii, Steven moved into programming games for mobile phones, he is still a ginger wizard. Eddie rides his bike and is in a local covers band and Richard is the front man of Bradford Punk Pop band Idiot Box. Kymri appeared only on compilations, it wasn't officially released by the band. Jangle pop perfection.
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Twin Caverns - Swell
https://www.facebook.com/twincavernsmusic http://twincaverns.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/twin-caverns
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Charles William - We Are The Ones (Own The World)
https://www.facebook.com/acharleswilliam?ref=stream https://soundcloud.com/acharleswilliam
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Sensible Jerseys - Go to Work (1985)
Sensible Jerseys were: Andrew Cunningham (Guitar, Vocals), David Clifton (Backing Vocals, Guitar, Organ), Stephen Booker(Backing Vocals, Bass), Simmy Richman (Drums). Releases: Right And Wrong (7") 1985 on Jersey Records - SJ01 2 Way Radio (7"+12") 1985 on Virgin Records - VS 813 Go to Work was composed by Andrew Cunningham and is the b-side for their second 7" and 12", "Two-Way Radio". The song is brilliant. One of the best jangle pop songs I've ever heard. They should've been famous.
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Sunbeam Sound Machine - Shake (Sleepwalking)
https://www.facebook.com/sunbeamsoundmachine https://soundcloud.com/pauzeee/sunbeam-sound-machine-shake https://soundcloud.com/sunbeam-sound-machine Video credits: Lisa Barnstone - http://vimeo.com/user4935547
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The Cavalcade - Voices (2009)
Formed in 2009, The Cavalcade are a three piece indie pop band from the rain-swept town of Preston. "Voices" is taken from their deput EP - "Meet You in the Rain", the best release of the year so far. Fantastic jangle pop with heartfelted vocals.
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Driffs - Back To Bellevue
https://www.facebook.com/Driffs https://soundcloud.com/driffs http://driffs.bandcamp.com/
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The Desert Wolves - November
The Desert Wolves were a 5 piece pop group from Manchester set up during the mid 80s in Manchester. In 1987 they released two singles on the Ugly Man Record imprint, which received much critical acclaim at the time but commercially did not make much impression outside of their native Manchester. The Line up at that time was - Martin King (lead singer), David Platten (Lead Guitar), Nick Platten (Rhythm Guitar), RIchard Jones (Bass) and Craig Winterburn (Drums).
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Love Minus Zero - Fade Away (1986)
Australian 80s band. Bass: Gregory Kasch Drums: Je Genua Guitar, Vocals: Kieren Fitzpatrick Guitar: Michael Royce
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The Summer Suns - Waiting for My Love
THE SUMMER SUNS (1985-1996) were part of the vanguard of the Perth pop scene in a truly halcyon era. They played a melodious blend of '70s influenced power pop and '60s folk rock and featured a revolving door line-up that included most of Perth's best pop musicians at one time or another, including Kim Williams, Dom Mariani, Jeff Baker, Martin Moon, Joe Algeri, and Pascal Bartolone. Releases appeared on many of the world's finest pop labels including Easter, Waterfront, Bus Stop, Parasol, Get Hip, and House Of Wax.
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East Of Ely - Came Without
https://www.facebook.com/eastofely http://www.eastofely.com/ https://soundcloud.com/eastofely
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The Train Set - She's Gone (1988)
Signed to Playhard discs, the Train Set were set for big things. Their first EP "She's Gone" received great reviews and sounded perfect but maybe 1 year or so too late. Arriving as it did in 1988 record buyers were spoilt for choose over the vast output that came not only from Manchester but just about every other UK city at the time. Being released as a 12 inch only did no favours for the band because at the time there was a massive debate about the requirement for indie singles especially to be released in the large format, so the Train Set's audience was cut considerably. Nevertheless the track "She's Gone" stand up quite well after 16 years and their place in indie collectability is secure because the present prices fetched for Playhard discs holds up quite well as the Bodines, Whirl and the King Of the Slums were also on the label. The bands 2nd and final EP is just as collectable "Hold On." Both EP's are now very scare and are easily worth double figure pound prices.
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Worries - Distance (2013)
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Worries/354698974649755 http://worrries.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/wlxlw
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Horsebeach - Dull
https://www.facebook.com/ryan.kennedy.58726823 http://horsebeach.bandcamp.com/album/horsebeach https://soundcloud.com/horsebeach
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She Sir - Bitter Bazaar
https://www.facebook.com/pages/She-Sir/360917473035 http://www.shesir.com/ https://soundcloud.com/shesir http://shesir.bandcamp.com/
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The Candyskins - She Blew Me Away (1991)
Emerging from the same Oxford, England pop scene which also yielded Radiohead and Supergrass, the Candyskins were formed in 1989 by frontman Nick Cope, his guitarist brother Mark, lead guitarist Nick Burton, bassist Karl Shale and drummer John Halliday. Debuting with the UK hit single "Submarine Song," the group was soon signed by Geffen, which issued their LP The Space I'm In in 1991; Fun? followed in 1993, but the Candyskins' major label tenure was largely disappointing, and two years later they signed with the British label Ultimate. After scoring a major hit at home with the single "Monday Morning," the group issued their comeback LP Sunday Morning Fever in 1997; Death of a Minor TV Celebrity, recorded with new bassist Brett Gordon, followed the next year.
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The Wallflowers (UK) - Blushing Girl, Nervous Smile
The Wallflowers were an obscure jangle pop band from England. Releases: Blushing Girl, Nervous Smile (12) 1986 Thank You (7+12) 1987 83.7 (7+12) 1987 Blushing Girl, Nervous Smile is a glorious jangle pop song, celebrating life and beauty.
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Ever - Sleepyhead (jangle pop)
This song appeared first on the compilation "Uncle Arthur's Pop Parlour" released in 1987. Then, in 1988, they released "Sleepyhead" on a split flexidisc release with "Summer" by The Grooveyard. Jangle pop at its best.
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The Shrinking Violets - She Said (1988)
The Shrinking Violets was a band from Sydney, Australia (1987 -1990). The band members were: Marcus Clement: Vocals, Guitar; Julian Knowles: Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards (Even As We Speak, Big Heavy Stuff); Barry 'Fuzz' Hayes: Bass, Vocals; Andrew Clement: Drums (Other Voices).
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Brandenburg - A Lovely Place (2013)
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Brandenburg/167610219932144 http://brandenburg.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/brandenburg https://myspace.com/brandenburgband
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Magdelene Fields - Christmas Island (jangle pop)
From the compilation "New Reaction" released in 1988 on Reaction Records.
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Lawrence & The Comfortable Society - Heartache
This british band was formed by Leigh Gracie on vocals and guitars, Nick Hardy on guitar, Jeff Powell on bass, Sara Dimmer on keyboards and Chris Wyatt on drums. They only released one 7″, with "Sleeper" on the A side and "Heartache" on the B side.
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Captain Cocoa - Ring Me Up
Captain Cocoa were an indie jangly pop group active in the 1980s. Formed in Melbourne, Australia by twin brothers Glenn and David O'Neil (now a well-know comedian), Captain Cocoa gigged around Melbourne for nearly 8 years, playing bars, scout halls and once on a train. The band released 1 Album (Kite) and three singles (Bicycle Thieves, Paul Weller (was formerly yours) and Born to Shop).
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Fickle Friends - SWIM
https://www.facebook.com/FickleFriends https://soundcloud.com/ficklefriends http://www.youtube.com/ficklefriendsuk
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