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Eine Führung durch das Fetzysworld Areal
Salmsee Steyregg AUSTRIA Kamera: Patrick "Froanz" Haebig Führung und Schnitt: Daniel Fetz August 2012
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Wakeboard Camps 2012 Fetzysworld Salmsee
Get a little inside into the Fetzysworld Wakeboardcamps 2012! Edit: by myself (Daniel Fetz) Musik: www.facebook.com/traindlay Spot: Salmsee Steyregg OÖ Austria Date: Summer 2012 More at www.fetzysworld.com
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Wakeboarding On Ice And Snow at Fetzysworld AUSTRIA
It was a sick experience to rider over the ice and break it. Thanks to Alex Haderer for filming and operating the cable to the same time. 8.Dec. 2012 (2.Advent) Spot: Fetzysworld Wakeboardschool Salmsee Steyregg AUSTRIA! Rider & Edit: Daniel Fetz - Musik: Thomas Kohlhauser aka Tom Hole - more at www.fetzysworld.com
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Truelove Hochzeit - Bine & Fetzy - Dreamwedding
Bine is more than my wife, she is my best homie! We are a special force! The moment we met, none of us was expecting a new relationship, but that's life: the less you force it, the more it will come! And then it was here: the TRUELOVE. Our secret is that we play with the cards on the table, this we promise for the rest of our lives. We support each other in good times and in bad for the next 68 years until death do us apart. Enjoy the video from this very very special day in our life! #truelove #dreamwedding #wakewedding 1.7.2017
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Wake Parade 2012 - Red Bull Wake of Steel Qualifier
2.June 2012 - Fetzysworld - Salmsee Steyregg Austria - Musik: Just Banks, Editing: Daniel Fetz, Filming: Max Humer.
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Statement 1.5 Wakeboard Movie Fetzys Part
A really Amazing Wakeboard Cable Movie filmed by Christian Grüner at the CWC Philippines 2007. With the worlds best Cabel Wakeboarder
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One day at Fetzysworld 2017
Eindrücke von einem Tag bei Fetzysworld am Salmsee in Steyregg. Danke an Gregor Berthold (www.gregorproductions.at).
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Statement Wakeboard Movie Fetzys Part
2006 Fetzys Part at the Statement Wakeboard Movie, filmed by Chris Grüner at the CWC Philippines
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Bruno Rixen - Inventor of Cableways
The History of Cable Wakeboarding in 10 minutes.
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Gerald Maurer ist Cable Wakeboard Weltmeister
In der Kategorie Masters (30+) errung Gerry bei der IWWF WM in Clark Philippines am 9.Nov 2012 den ersten Platz. Er macht es spannend, nachdem er im ersten Lauf geführt hatte, dann im letzte Moment wieder am zweiten Platz war, behielt Gerry die Nerven, hat nochmal draufgelegt und sich den Titel gehohlt. Ich sind so stolz auf dich lg Fetzy!
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Fetzy in Action
Ich komme den ersten Schritt näher, in Arnold Schwarzeneggers Fussstapfen zu treten :-). Das ist ein Bewerbunsvideo für ein Österreichische Extremsport Fernsesendung die Moderatoren Suchen. www.casting.at/moderatoren Astalavista Baby
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Daniel Fetz WM Qualy Run
CWC July 3. 2008, WWA Wakepark Worlds at the philippines
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ORF2 Linz am See - Salmsee - Fetzysworld
Hier ein kleiner Auschnitt einer wunderschöne Reportage von Erich Pröll. Gefilmt: August 2010, Ausgestrahlt: 13.März 2011.
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ORF Jetlake
Aus der 15-teiligen Staffel "Wilde Reise mit Erich Pröll" ausgestrahtl am 2.1.2014
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My first Flyboard Ride!
Daniel Fetz, October 2012, Goldcable in Alanya Turkey! more at www.fetzysworld.com
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Fetzys WM Runs 2012
4 years ago I was angry about 7th place at worlds, now I am happy with the 11th place at the World Championships 2012. The Level was very high, I was enjoying the comp, was nice to be part of it. Thank you to all riders, organizers, volunteers and sponsors! Daniel Fetz - IWWF Cable Wakeboard Worldchampionships in Clark Philippines 2012
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ORF III Salmsee
Aus der 15-teiligen Staffel "Wilde Reise mit Erich Pröll" ausgesendet am 2.1.2014 auf ORF III (Die Dreharbeiten dazu erfolgten 2010 + 2013)
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Hochwasser Steyregg Salmsee Fetzysworld Wakeboard & Wakesurf Camps
3 Tage nach dem Hochwasser hat es immer noch 3m zuviel Wasser am Salmsee. Der Pegelstand der Donau war aktuell 700cm. Beim Hochwasser waren es 930cm, beim Hochwasser 2002 waren es ca.830cm und regulär hat die Donau ca 400cm. Alex Haderer & Wögi
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Fetzy rocks Goldcable
Acually I went there for some Privat Coaching, put then this nice footage come together. Location: Goldcable Alanya Turkey, Date: 4 Days at October 2012, Camera: Peter Magyar, Rider & Edit: Daniel Fetz, Musik: Two Door Cinema Club - Cigarettes in the Theatre www.fetzysworld.com
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Julia Rick zu Besuch bei Fetzysworld
Julia Rick 2 fache Weltmeisterin bei ihren ersten Wakesurf Turns und eine kurzen Warm UP Session am Nachmittag am Salmsee.
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Wakeboarding over Thin and Sharp Ice
This was super thrilling, but dont try this at home ;-) All Stunts were performed by professionals ;-) 31.12.2013. Rider: Daniel Fetz, Operator & Camera: Wögi, Spot: Fetzysworld.com I wish you all a happy, healthy, successful and funny year 2014!
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50 Years of Stefan Peter  1965-2015 R.I.P.
Exactly one year ago a good friend, a father, a mentor, a patient wakeboard teacher, a successful cable manager, a great person and good soul died while surfing in Bali. I would like to share with you the video I've edited for his memorial ceremony that took place this spring at the cable wakeboard park Ausee. Dear Stefan, you had a beautiful and fulfilling life and if we believe to once who came back (near-death experience) you have it wonderful now. Maybe your task was done. For many you have been a good friend, a mentor, a father,... Thanks that you have been here. I don’t worry about you, your soul will find another beautiful life. I will keep you in best memories! Fetzy Lieber Stefan, du hast ein schönes und erfülltes Leben gehabt und wenn man denen glaubt, die schon einmal zurückgekommen sind (Nahtod-Erlebnis), dann hast du es jetzt wunderschön. Vielleicht war deine Aufgabe hier getan, du warst für Viele ein guter Freund, ein Mentor, ein Vater,... Danke dass du hier warst! Mach mir um dich keine Sorgen, deine Seele wird wieder ein schönes Leben finden. Werde dich in bester Erinnerung behalten! Fetzy
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Salmsee Steyregg
Feiern am See (Kindergeburtstage, Familienfeste, Firmenfeiern...) - ganz exklusiv und privat - oder mal schnell nach der Arbeit etwas Spaß haben. www.salmsee.at / www.fetzysworld.com
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Salmsee Best of 2009
Fetzysworld Wakeboardschool, it was the second summer at the new spot in Steyregg. Thanks to everybody how visited and supported us.
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Almost the first Invert - Tolga (35years, kg100+) you can do it soon
My friend Tolga alias TC came all the way from turkey, he almost landed the backroll and raley. Salmsee Steyregg fetzysworld.com edit by Daniel Fetz
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Wakeboarding In Winter - Christmas Wakeboard Session
System 2.0 Advent Session at Fetzysworld Wakeboardschool, Salmsee Steyregg AUT Dec 2011 Edit & Rider: Daniel Fetz
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Snowboarden Dachstein Juli 2004
Daniel Fetz, Michi Stöbich, am Dachstein Burton Park
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Wakeboarding on Ice and Snow at Fetzysworld AUSTRIA part 2
4cm Ice and 10 cm snow on lake, pipe and the kicker. It was an unforgettable moment, the price I had to pay were some scratches in my face on the first fall on the frozen lake. The spontaneous session was a two men show, one guy was operating, filming and freezing to the same time. The other guy was having a 40min ride on the System 2.0 and was not freezing at all because you are always moving. I have to say when I am snowboarding it can get more cold than on this icebreaker session on the water. Date: 12.12.2012 Location: Salmsee Steyregg Fetzysworld Wakeboardschool Austria Outside Temperature: -5°C Rider/Filmer/Operator: Daniel Fetz & Alex Haderer Edit: Daniel Fetz More at: www.fetzysworld.com
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Out Of The Fog Mobe5
16. Dez 2013 -1°C, Daniel Fetz, Fetzysworld Wakeboardcamp, Camera: Wögi, Musik: Underwood - Born Slippy
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Salmsee 2011
Best of photo collage, from Fetzysworld Wakeboardschool & Wakeboardcamps in Steyregg Austria. Thanks all for coming! Edit: by myself (Daniel Fetz) Date: Summer 2011 Musik: www.facebook.com/traindlay
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Statement Wakeboard Movie Winch Session
Pyne and Fetzy are rocking
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Worldcup Tokio 2012 - Fetzys Run
With this run I won my qualification groupe, unlucky I didnt made it into the Top 6 final and ended up on 15.Rank. It was a sick event. 80.000 dollar cashprice + plus all flights and hotel paid. They put a temporary Cable up in the middle of the city center.
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Burn Obstacle Only Contest 2011
at Jetlake by WBCF 30.Juli 2011 2.000 € Preiseld 3.000 € Sachpreise 58 Teilnehmer 6 Kategorien www.wbc-feldkirchen.at www.fetzysworld.com
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First Double S-bend 14 year old Timo Kapl
In total timo kapl learned 6 new tricks in 2 days. (TS Raley, Scrarecrow, TS BR Rev, S-bend blind, Double, hs fs 720) Location: Fetzyswold Salmsee Steyregg AUSTRIA, System 2.0 Date. 31.sept.2011 Musik: Spearhead Coaching and Editing by Daniel Fetz www.fetzysworld.com
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CWC Pool Wrestling
march 2008 filmed by max. with ck, robi, aron and fetzy. actually it happend at lior sofas googbye party which ended in an poolparty... everybody got wet!
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First Raley from 12 year old Elias Götz
At Fetzyswold Salmsee Steyregg AUSTRIA, 31.sept.2011 System 2.0 Coaching, and Editing by Daniel Fetz. www.fetzysworld.com ps.: watch out for Elias he will be a good one. Musik by Spearhead
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4 days privat coaching and riding at the new Goldcable Park in Alanya Turkey in October 2012. Camera: Peter Magyar, Edit & Rider: Daniel Fetz
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Fetzysworld 2016
Hier ein kleiner Auszug von den vielen grandiosen Momenten, die wir im Sommer 2016 am Salmsee mit euch verbringen durften. See you next year! Fetzy & Crew! Musik: Beda mit Palme - "Schaust da d'Leid" - www.mit-palme.at
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Salmsee Construction 2012
By hand we built up 2.000 bricks, mixed 30 cubic of concret, rolled out 1300 meters lawn, etc.... It took us 6 weeks, luckily we had great weather in march and april 2012! Thanks for helping to: Madl, Gerum, Emi, Wögi, Meikel, Jawin, Alex, Thomas, Brauni, Froanz, Hermann, Astrid, Max, Michi, Jörg, Josef, Marta, Daniela, Hörni, Philip, Katzi, Birgit, Harald, March,...and everybody I forgot. Spot: Salmsee Steyregg AUT Edit: by myself Musik: www.facebook.com/traindlay Date: March 2012 More at www.fetzysworld.com
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Philip Christiansen 3 Inverts in 2 days
My student from hamburg struggled hard to whole summer with doing his first invert, he was so happy when he learned how to to a backroll with in the first 20min set on the system 2.0. Then he imidiatly learned how to do a raley and switch backroll. 27.August 2011 Salmsee Steyregg AUSTRIA www.fetzysworld.com
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Salmsee Steyregg 2017 from the Top
Magic moments captured from the top - I am thankful every day to be at this wonderful place.
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Malibu Surfgate Salmsee erste Testfahrt
Funktioniert super und das ohne zusätzliche fatsacks... Traumhaft!
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28.August 2007 we stopped at the Cabel Island in Magdeburg GER. Filming Edwin Fetz, riding Daniel Fetz! They got very nice Obstacles
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Salmsee 2012
"Fetzysworld ist zur vermutlich vielseitigsten und besten Wakeboardschule Europas gewachsen - sichert euch eure Termine bei der österreichischen Wakeboardlegende Daniel Fetz!": The-Gap-Magazin: Edit: by myself (Daniel Fetz) Date: Summer 2012 Musik: www.facebook.com/traindlay More at www.fetzysworld.com
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Wakesurfcontest - Battle of the Boards - 3rd European Wakesurf Tour Stop 2013
27.July 2013 - Fetzysworld Salmsee Steyregg AUSTRIA - thx to: Malibu, ION, Fox, Blue Tomato, Airbaze, Liquid Force, Kings Crown Sound. Camera & Edit by Fetzy
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Fetzy Surfgate Waketravel
First sess without neo & second try. Salmsee steyregg. Www.fetzysworld.com
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Wakeboard Olympic Vision 2020
The IWWF (international Waterski and Wakeboard Federation) produced this video to present wakeboarding to the IOC (International Olympic Committee) in the year 2012.
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CWC Salsa
with Florenzia from Chile and Fetzy, it happend at the Hip Hop Flip Flop Party at the Philipino Wakeboard Nationals!
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CWC Night Rope Swing Session
with Ben Hitch, Irish,... camera by Daniela Geppert. Swinging from the 5th tower in CWC, it was pretty high, dark and late. I was a virgin but it didnt hurt
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Fetzyonboard Season 2004
Locations: ECWT Stopps (Budapest, Mailand, Leipzig), Regensburg King of Lake, Döbriach CTOCLAN, Maria Mörth ÖM Boot, Ausee, Jetlake. Edit: Daniel Fetz 2004
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