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Entertaining Physics Demonstration - Torque
balancing a human with a plank
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The Two Little Kittens (With Interesting Commentary)
that blond kitten is causing the black kitten to have a rather peculiar problem
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Random Kid Attempts to be a Ninja & Gets Kneed in Butt by Girl
this is weird it was kinda funny
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FRAGMENT 3: The Forlorn Samurai
had my phone out and caught my roommate being a doofus again, natually i decide to turn the footage into the sorrowful sequel to HOMEWARD BOUND, my original short flim
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Evan's Awesome Dance Moves
Evan shows his skills
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Funny Michael Jackson Dance Game
my friend ridge plays the dancing micheal jackson game! poop loop
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FRAGMENT 1: Homeward Bound
a grand adventure where two sirs journey back to their humble abode filmed using an iphone
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Really Fast Knee Slapping Kid
Poop loop look at him go! this is funny
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How to Poop in the Woods
I was on a camping trip with my class and this guy taught us how to poop in the woods, listen to him hes an expert! poop loop
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Cow Eye Dissection
enjoy i guess. . . Listen to people in the background... there is some funny dialogue going on from the people watching the disection here are some I heard: "Cut the fat off the chicken!" "I cut fat off bacon too!" "The other class gunna do it after lunch" "Remember, its like opening an egg!" "Some old guy for like a year..." poop loop
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Well Dressed High Schoolers Place a Tree in a Hotel Elevator
We dressed up because we need to look our best while doing the prank, maybe this is funny yuriy is crazy poop loop
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Dodging a Table-Top into Pool [Field Day]
nearly got him =(
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Epic Cartwheel Fail
very funny attempt of a cartwheel
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Trust Fall Fail [Field Day]
kinda funny, not done correctly
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Guy Electrocutes His Tongue
AP Physics in a nutshell Van de Graaff generators are fun
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Yet Another Funny "Failed" Imitation of Arnold Schwarzenegger
REMEMBER TO SUBCRIBE AND COMMENT!!! ------------------------------------------------- A very funny imitation of Arnold This is a copy of the one Cole made. THIS AIN"T ME PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW ME!!!! poop loop
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"Epic" School Fight: Khari vs Jake
during break one day, this fake, acting fight occurred FYI: nobody here is mentally challenged, just high-schoolers messing around, acting stupid khari won, this was weird involves pokemon balls, dragon ball z thingys, rabies, and other miscellaneous things
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Spontaneous Screaming on a Bus [10 Hours]
crazy kids --------------------------------- upload time: 32 hours (yay)
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Table Topping Prank (Field Day)
Dow got table topped yay
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INVASIVE SPECIE - a music video
[GENE3000 Extra Credit] +5 points to my final grade (thank you dr. mauricio!) The vocals were recorded on my laptop (hence the terrible quality) and the singer learned the song and recorded in 2 hours (wow) i never noticed how unique muse's singing is.
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Girl Tries to be Cool
kids these days....
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Dirt Fight at School
Dec 2015: god damn we were so weird in middle school...
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Khari tries Gymnastics in Grammar Class
strange school
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