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Cocaine blues cover Johnny Cash
My version of Cocaine blues I was going to say Red Bull Blues. I in no way condon the use of any Illegal drugs. Bud lite is another story.
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Johnny Cash Cover "HURT"
This is dedicated to my father who I lost to cancer. He was a Johnny Cash Fan to the end. I credit any musical talent I may have to him and God. I don't do this song very much because it stirs up to many emotions. I hope you enjoy my videos and will subscribe. Please leave a comment and rate. Till Next time......... Doug
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Folsom Prison Cover Acoustic version
This is my acoustic version of Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison. I am playing a Taylor 314ce. I hope yall like it.
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BIG RIVER  Johnny Cash cover  with bloopers at end
This is for SANDRA in Japan. One of the Johnny Cash Greats. I play the keyboard with my feet, play the guitar, and sing. I have put some bloopers and screw ups at the end. I hope you enjoy this. PLEASE RATE AND/OR COMMENT it lets me know you like it or hate it or just don't care. P.S. COOL SHIRT HUH.
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That Lonesome song Cover by Homepicking
Jamey johnson (Cover) That Lonesome Song
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Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Blues Cover  Ray Wells
This is one of the last performances by my dad shortly before he passed away from cancer. I think he is in Texas. He loved to play and sing for people. I hope you like...... more to come soon
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Statue of a fool Ricky Van Shelton Cover
I have seen many people record in the bathroom for acoustics, so I thought I would try it. Tell me what you think. This was recorded at my place in Myrtle Beach S.C. With my old Takamine I got in High School.
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The girls all get prettier at closing time (Cover) Gilley
My new Les Paul studio and me. If you are thinking of getting a Les Paul DO IT. I am playing the keyboard with my feet. I hope you like it. Rate it and comment please.
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All The Gold In California Gatlin Brothers Cover
I have always enjoyed the Gatlins. They have a a great style and harmony. I sang this and then went back and did the second track to it. This is the first time I have tried this. Please comment and/or Rate it. If any of you are close by I would like to get together and pick awhile. I am using one of those Flip video cameras I got at block buster for $99.00 I like it better than my Sony handy cam. I edit in windows movie maker. If you have any request let me know. Doug
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Long Line of Losers  "Cover" Montgomery Gentry or Kevin Fowler
Hey guys this is a cover of a new song from MG These guys are awesome. If you don't have the new CD yet go get it now. Great stuff. The song "Big Revival" is great. One line from the song "You will never forget the first time you said praise the Lord and pass me a copperhead". Being from the Blue Ridge area I can relate to that. Thanks for watching yall. Doug
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Wine into Water T. Graham Brown Cover
His Tness has always been a favorite of mine since I saw him perform at the peach festival in Gaffney S.C. back in the mid 80s I still have a cassette tape of his. I hope you enjoy my cover of Wine into Water. Doug T. Graham Shoot me an e mail and we will go hang out in Muscle Shoals at Fame Recording Studios and go across the street for a Crystal Burger.
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Long Black Veil Johnny Cash Cover
Here is a cover of long black veil. One of the great songs done by Johnny Cash. I am playing my daughters new Epiphone Hummingbird. I hope you like it. PLease rate or comment.
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I'll remember you
This is a song that I listen to often. I am not certain I have the chords right. I can't read music so I play by ear. I hope you like my covers. Please comment and like or dislike. I really appreciate all the feedback I get.
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Just a closer walk with thee (cover)
If you listen Close you can hear my 94 year old Grandmother singing in the back ground. She didn't know I was recording this. Pretty great for 94 years old. I am going to get her to do an on camera video with me soon. PLease rate and leave comments.
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Won't back down Cover Johhny Cash / Tom Petty
two artist covered in this video. First I will do the Johnny Cash Version then Tom Petty. I was just playing around doin the Petty one. Notice the different chords used in each version. Johnny changed them to accomidate his range. I hope you like it and will rate or comment.
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"DOIN MY TIME" Johnny Cash Cover
This is doin my time a song by Jimmy Skinner that Johnny Cash recorded I think on his first album. Please rate and or Comment.
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I'm so lonesome I could cry    Cover
I had some time today, so I thought I would do a quick video. It has been awhile. I am remodeling the third floor making a music room please excuse the sheetrock work.
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True Blood Theme Cover
This is a cover of Jace Everette's I wanna do bad Things
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Bluest eyes in Texas cover Restless heart
This is a cover of the ballad Bluest eyes in Texas by Restless Heart.PLease rate and comment. I hope you like it. Doug
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tequila sunrise cover
This is the first video I have done since my neck surgery. I had a vertebrae pressing into my spinal cord at my c6 and c7. They went through my throat to fix it. I feel alot better. No more constant headaches. I also got a new quitar a Taylor 314ce I like it very much.
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Amarillo by morning (cover)
This is my daughter and me playing a song we both like. This is our first video. Before you say anything yes I play it in C Em and F and G
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" STAY " A silly cover of me singing like the Chipmunks
I sing this way for my daughters sometimes. It makes them laugh. I don't use helium or use a mixer to change my voice I can just restrict my voice this way. I hope it makes you laugh alittle or at least grin. Doug
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Legend in my  Time  "cover"  Ronnie Milsap
This song is so true that it just cuts to the bone. Ronnie milsap is a very talented artist and I am honored to be able to do this song. Please rate and comment. Doug
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Galveston Cover
I saw Fretkillr do this and wanted to give it a try. I hope you like it. Please leave a comment or rate it.
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Elvis Presley "Love Me"  Cover
I thought I would try an Elvis song.I hope yall like it. Please rate and comment.
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"One more Drink"  Original
This is my first attempt with a BOSS BR-900 home studio. I played all the instruments and wrote this song. please comment
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Johnny Cash Folsom Prison  cover
I tried playing the keyboard, singing and pickin at the same time. My toe is to big to hit just one key sometimes. I had fun anyway. I hope you like it.
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Are you lonesome tonight
Recorded on September 11, 2012 NEVER FORGET
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Polk Salad
Recorded on September 12, 2012 using a Flip Video camera.
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Mary did you know cover Christmas is not about Santa it is the birth of Jesus.
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Elvis Presley "Hurt" cover
I was goofing around upstairs and did a cover of Elvis Hurt. It was fun just singing upstairs.
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My Edited Video
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Ballad of Baddie and the Dame
This is a song written by "Baddie and the Dame" They asked me to do this, I hope I did it justice check them out. I did two takes one is a bit slower tempo. I took the liberty of adding some words.
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"One more" Original Music by me
This is a song I wrote. It decribes my best friends life during the 90s and probably alot more peoples too. Please rate it and comment. © 2008 "One More" By Douglas Wells 03/11/08 One more drink to kill the pain One more pill to keep from going insane One more night calling out your name Walking home in the rain, trying to find something to blame for my life and this shame. No one around me knows why. Some people are just born to cry. So I take.... One more drink to kill the pain One more pill to keep from going insane One more night of calling out your name I never planned to live this long. Everything seems to have gone wrong. How did I loose what I had? I don't know where to turn. Seems like everything just started to burn away. SOLO One more drink to kill the pain One more pill to keep from going insane One more night of calling out your name Make the pain go away. Make me look forward to another day. So there will be No more drinks to kill the pain No more pills to keep from going insane. I just want to forget your name. Make me not want to play the game Of what went wrong. Of what went wrong. Of what went wrong.
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"Always on my mind" Elvis cover.
This is my cover of You were always on my mind. TCB
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Burning Love cover
Burning Love cover in the style of Elvis Presley.
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Blue Christmas
Blue Christmas cover
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Lead me guide me.
via YouTube Capture
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Myrtle Beach Snow Fall 2010 movie.wmv
It started Snowing on 12-26-10 I took some video from the dash cam.
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