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Dr. Bob Sears talks about The Hep B Vaccine with HBTV
HBTV sits down with Dr. Bob Sears to talk about Vaccines. In this video Dr. Sears goes through the Hep B Vaccine and the pros and cons related to this vaccination.
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Dr. Bob Sears addresses Mercury in Vaccines
The Healthy Belly's Dr. Bob Sears addresses Mercury in Vaccines and alternative ways to handle each vaccination for your child. HBTV has many useful vaccine related videos available to watch here on our Healthy Belly Channel!
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HBTV meets the founder of MotherLove
HBTV runs into the founder of the natural mommy and baby product line Kathryn Higgins of MotherLove. Watch as Kathryn takes us through her unique, mom inspired line!
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Dr. Bob Sears talks about an alternative vaccine schedule
The Healthy Belly.com brings you exclusive interviews with Dr. Bob Sears on our very own HBTV. In this video Dr. Bob talks about how you can approach an alternative vaccination schedule for your child.
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Natracare Organic Baby Wipes
HB TV takes a moment to interview Susie the founder of Natracare as she talks about her line of all organic products. Plastic and paraben free, natural fragrances safe for mother and baby.
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Dr Sears talks about The Vaccine Book and Going Green
Interview with Dr. Bob Sears about his book "The Vaccine Book" and his upcoming book "Happy Baby". Dr Bob talks about the Sears family line of vitamin chews, fish oils, and nutritious snacks for Toddlers and Children.
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Mrs. Meyers Clean Day
HBTV Talks with Mrs. Meyers clean day about the importance of Organic cleaning products and your baby!
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Macrolife Naturals at the Natural Products Expo 2009
HBTV talks with Macrolife Naturals at the 2009 Natural Products Expo, and our very own Amber Goetz learns a ton on this amazing product!
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HBTV Talks to Dr. Sears and Shazi about Happy Baby Organics
An Interview with Dr. Sears and Shazi from Happy Family Organic Baby Food. Dr. Sears shares the importance of feeding your baby and toddlers Organic foods.
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Flu Season is Here and Dr. Bob Sears talks about the Flu Vaccine
HBTV presents the Dr. Bob Vaccine Series. In this video Dr. Bob Sears talks about what to watch out for when choosing to get the flu vaccine.
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Dr. Bob Sears on The Rise of Autism
HBTV talks with Dr. Bob Sears and The Rise of Autism
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Dr. Bob Sears on the importance of Vaccinating your child
HBTV talks with Dr. Bob Sears on why it's important to Vaccinate your child and how to find a schedule thats right for your family.
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HBTV visits CorCell to learn about the Cord Blood Banking Process
Recently we where lucky enough here at The Healthy Belly to get invited over to the CorCell facility in Las Vegas, NV and talk with Dr. Oneal about the process and steps CorCell takes in banking cord blood. We also had the chance to talk with Natalie Curry about her part as Spokesperson to CorCell and her amazing journey and learn how Cord Blood Banking Saved her Life!!
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Squeakers Shoes talks with Amber Goetz of HBTV
Learn about Squeakers shoes and proper heel to toe stepping!
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Nine Naturals Organic Shampoo for Pregnant Woman talks with HBTV
HBTV had the pleasure of talking with Grace Lee from Nine Naturals, and learned the importance of proper hair care during pregnancy! Watch and find out what your missing and where to purchase this amazingly lush hair care product.
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HBTV talks with the inventors of Belly Buds
HBTV stops by the Belly Buds booth at the ABC show 2009
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HBTV's Amber Goetz talks with Ingrid the creator of the orignal Bella Band
The Healthy Belly's very own webisode HBTV goes to the ABC expo 2009! Watch and see what Ingrid & Isabel will come up with next. Fan of the Bella Band? Well good news more comfy maternity wear is here.
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HBTV talks with Keith Garber of Babyganics
HBTV talks with Keith Garber of Babyganics about their all organic and baby safe cleaning and baby care product line.
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HBTV talks with Wendy Spry from PacifiCord about if Cord Blood Banking is right for your family!
HBTV talks with Wendy Spry Health Care Educator about the importance of banking your babies blood. Also why Pacificord is the right choice for your family when banking your childs blood.
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HBTV gets a taste of GoGoSqueeze!
Squeezable yummy fruit in a pouch, what a perfect snack to go for tots! David from GoGoSqueeze talks about their product line and all the delicious flavors. Who says it's just for kids :)
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HBTV's Amber Goetz Talks with Yuki from Wagamama Baby!
HBTV's host Amber Goetz talks with Yuki from Wagamama Baby about her unique products!
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G Diapers talks with HBTV at the Natural Products Expo 2010
HBTV had the pleasure of meeting up with Kim Graham Nye CoFounder of G Diapers. Not only has G Diapers brought a whole new option to green families out there, they've really found a unique way to reduce the carbon footprint for each and every baby that proudly wears their product! Watch and learn more about G Diapers.
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Brandy Flores of HBTV talks with Mabels Labels
Brandy Flores Host of HBV for The Healthy Belly.com talks with Christine from Mabels Labels. Mabels Labels is a customizable label that you can place on your childs clothes, cups, toys, spoons etc. and the best part it doesn't wash or come off.
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HBTV talks with Lynn from Kids Konserve
HBTV stops by the Kids Konserve booth at the Natural Products Expo 2010 and gets a peak at their super unique line of reusable kids food storage items. No more brown bagging it Moms!! Check this stuff out, really cool!!
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HBTV Talks with Shawna of Be Nice the Prental Vitamin Drink Mix
Amber Goetz of HBTV talks with Shawna about Be Nice the Prenatal Vitamin Drink mix
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Sama Baby Organic Clothing
HBTV stops by Sama Baby at the natural products expo 2009 too their new stuff check it out!
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HBTV runs into Pure Bar the all natural snack bar thats safe for expecting moms!
Meeting up with Veronica at the Natural Products Expo 2010 we got to learn all about the tasty Pure Bar line. Bars made up of all natural ingredients make a safe yummy snack for all moms, especially those on the go!
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HBTV talks with Dr. Alan Greene about his book and his collaboration with Seventh Generation
The Healthy Belly.com's HBTV crew heads out to Anaheim for the Natural Products Expo 2010. We met up with Dr. Alan Greene and talked about his books, Raising Baby Green and Feeding Baby Green! Also Dr. Green talks about his collaboration with Seventh Generation on their line of Natural cleaning products that are safe for babies and children.
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HBTV talks with Julianna Shaw from ZoLi a true Healthy Belly Favorite
Julianna takes us through her exciting new product line, launching in November. Watch as we get up close and behind the scenes to see whats coming next!
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HBTV talks with Baby's Bliss about their natural product line for baby and mom
Healthy Belly's HBTV heads out to Anaheim for the Natural Products Expo 2010. Amoung many of the great companies we got to speak with Yasmin from Mom Enterprises took us through their natural baby and mom care line. Watch to learn more...
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HBTV Talks with Adrienne of Blanky Clip
The Healthy Belly and HBTV brings you The Blanky Clip. Watch as Brandy Flores of HBTV learns about this inventive little product for holding your blanky's to your childs stroller and bouncy seat!
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HBTV talks with Erin of Scandanavian Child
Amber Goetz Host of The Healthy Belly's HBTV talks with Erin of Scandanavian Child about all of their innovative products.
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HBTV's Brandy Flores Talks with Rachael from Babee Lite
Brandy Flores of HBTV talks with Rachael of Babee Lite on this creative little product, watch to see more!
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Dr. Visser talks about Childhood Obesity and the link to Breastfeeding Part 2
Dr. Visser talks with Amber Goetz of HBTV about the link between Childhood Obesity and breastfeeding.
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HBTV talks with Brigitta of Healthy baby Vitamins
HBTV's Amber Goetz talks with Brigitta from Healthy baby Vitamins and learns about the importance of a quality prenatal!
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Brandy Flores of HBTV Talks with Green As We Grow
Brandy Flores stops at the Green As We Grow booth to talk a little on the importance of Organic baby clothes
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Dr. Visser of Toddler Health talks with Amber Goetz for HBTV
Dr. Visser specialist in the field of Childhood Obesity talks about all things related to proper infant and toddler nutrition.
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Amber Goetz of HBTV Talks with Nancy Odell from Access Hollywood about her new book "Full of Love"
Nancy Odell host of Access Hollywood talks with HBTV about all things Mommy. Nancy shares mommy to mommy tips!
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HBTV talks with Organically Grown about their adorable organic line
The Healthy Belly's own HBTV stops by the Organically Grown booth at the LA Baby Celebration Expo 2009 and Amber Goetz gets to talk with Bob Stein.
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BeeCeuticals Organics
HBTV stops by the BeeCeuticals booth at the Natural Products Expo 2009 in Anaheim California. Host Amber Goetz talks with Julie Gerber Co-Founder of BeeCeuticals.
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Violets Peapod and HBTV
HBTV talks with Lenor from Violets Peapod about this innovative little must have!
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HBTV At the New Mom Expo
HBTV talks with Child Author
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Kids Switch and HBTV take a moment to talk about their creative product!
HBTV meets up with Wendy of Kid Switch. I switch to help toddlers turn on and off their own lights, watch and learn more.
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HBTV's Amber Goetz talks with Birgitta Lauren
The Healthy Belly's webisodes HBTV brings you in touch with all positive and healthy information for a great pregnancy. Watch as Birgitta Lauren teaches us some pre and post natal workout tips!
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HBTV's Host Amber Goetz learns about Coursing Around!
Coursing Around at the Baby Expo LA meets up with HBTV and Amber Goetz gets to learn about the innovative activity product for children of all ages.
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HBTV's Amber Goetz talks with My Baby Nest a secure and stylish baby carrier
The ABC Expo 2009 brings us up close to all the latest and greatest products coming to stores near you. Listen and learn about this creative baby carrier My Baby Nest as Amber Goetz talks with Sar the owner.
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Introducing Dooddles.com A Family-Safe Social Network!
Dooddles.com is the first family oriented social network for proud parents to show off their kids and expecting mothers to connect by sharing pregnancy experiences and stories with one another! Inspired by the birth of their own baby, Jeff and Amber Janke came up with the idea to start a positive, pregnancy, child development and parenting website, geared toward todays health-minded families. The idea grew from the positive pregnancy website, to a network of parenting websites, including this proud family social network, Dooddles.com. Dooddles.com gives parents a tool to connect and share their positive stories and milestones with close friends and family. Children are a dynamic personality, meaning that they are continuously changing. Dooddles.com gives families and friends an easy way to connect and share these every day changing experiences, thru the Dooddles family social network. Being a parent has always come with its rewards and its challenges. When you join the Dooddles family, you can automatically network with other proud parents; join and start clubs; share stories; share child and pregnancy growth; share milestones; and share and receive parenting tips with others. Being part of the Dooddles family, you also gain access to The Healthy Belly.com family of websites. Shop The Healthy Belly for our list of recommended quality products and services, helping to make your child-raising experience a more positive one. Take advantage of our Healthy Belly Essentials product line, Healthy Belly Podcasts, HBTV Webisodes, Freebie offers, Personalized Newsletters, and much more! Help us to spread the word, and lets create the most positive parenting social network--designed for the proud parents, expecting parents and families--to connect and share their wonderful experiences with each other!
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HBTV gets a sneak peak at the Weil Baby Breast Pump to be released this summer!
Stopping by the Weil Baby booth at the Natural Products Expo 2010 worked out well for us here at The Healthy Belly. HBTV's Amber Goetz gets to speak with Joan a registered nurse/lacation consultant and co creator of this amazing new breast pump. Watch the pump in action and awe!
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Wallables talks with HBTV's Amber Goetz about their unique take on kids rooms decor!
At the ABC Expo 2009 Amber Goetz catches up with Dan and Umberto from Wallables and gets a sneak peek at all the cute wall stickables coming soon! Watch and see
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Amber Goetz talks with Anaroo only on HBTV
HBTV meets up with Tony from Anaroo about the great new product to help teach kids to sleep in. Thus giving parents more sleep time as well!
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