exploring remington arms shot tower.
Exploring Remington arms shot tower in Bridgeport CT. Abandoned it is. Abandoned shot tower. Bridgeport is falling to poverty and ruin. So isn't the Remington arms factory. Exploring with josh and Adam the woo shoutout from the muscle Russell
exploring an old chemical storage bunker. (waterbury ct)
Exploring an old chemical storage bunker and near by woods, here in Waterbury CT. And with a twist you have the mad river. And when I say twist, it is one twisty river. But for the abandoned storage bunker. Very creepy structure. With a few relics littered around the surroundings. Subscribe for more muscle
the wrong side of the tracks! (Hartford ct)
Taking a nice walk on the railroad tracks in Hartford CT. Seeing lots of tags and graffiti and I thought I was going to get jumped be a gang member. just kidding. take a look at this graffiti. and is that a fisher cat I hear? love you all subscribe for moe muscle..
Putnam CT is the place to be
Get off that couch and get out and explore Putnam CT. Here in Putnam I find an old bridge and some old relics. And an old factory.
waking up in Vermont.
A day trip to Vermont. Here we are exploring the longest wooden bridge in America. Along with a beautiful stone house. Scenic views and Kermit the frog.
Monroe Massachusetts is turning into little Detroit.
I bring to you an old abandoned paper mill, here in Monroe Massachusetts. Monroe may not be Detroit but, they do have a few things in common? Broke no money. And a bunch of abandoned buildings. Enjoy this one
Abandoned Mount Tom ski resort.( Holyoke Mass)
Exploring abandoned Mount Tom ski resort / waterpark. This place looks like a big coloring book. lol..... Abandoned for 20 years or so, surprisingly the ski resort is still intact. lets take a brief look back at some history. come explore with the muscle Russell. "relic found, old truck.".......bonus found abandoned quarry...
Abandoned farm video that makes no sense!
Take an explore with the Muscle Russell, the drunken cameraman, and last but not least THE LOST TURTLE! Here in Massachusetts at the spectacle pond farm. Located in the Otis state forest there are creepy old farm houses that boarder a beautiful pond. Old abandoned structures of the past. This site has been abandoned for 20 plus years.
Exploring Willimantic CT(frog bridge,abandoned building,underground manhole)
Hanging out in Willimantic CT. Frog bridge is a sight to see. And I walk the longest foot bridge in the united states. The Willimantic foot bridge. We also discover some cool graffiti and some old abandoned buildings. (Willimantic USA nutmeg records all credit)....FROG BRIDGE.....WILLIMANTIC FOOT BRIDGE....ABANDONED BUILDINGS AND MORE................
exploring an abandoned paper co. (part 1)
Strathmore paper co. is now in ruin! all of the machines are still in the buildings but, rust and decay has taken over. there is plenty of water damage and one of the basements is almost completely filled with water. this abandoned paper co. is a total shit hole.
abandoned connecticut highway. (route 11)
taking a hike down the abandoned route 11 highway. Along the hike I find two abandoned overpasses, a drain hole, and very high cliffs that where made from exploding rock from highway crews. And I had to do a little bit of rock climbing. Connecticut had to abandoned this highway project due to lack of funds. But nevertheless it is a beautiful place with nice views. subscribe like and share.
Waterbury CT is turning into little Detroit
Detroit Michigan you may have a challenger. I present to you, Waterbury CT. The home of drugs, violence, corruption, and run down abandoned buildings. Here we are today at the Waterbury company. Other wise known as the Waterbury button company. These structures have been neglected for more then 30 years so, like I always say bring a buddy with you. Happy exploring.
abandoned home in enfield ct
Finding an old abandoned home in enfield ct. and I found doctor green thumbs grow room lol
abandoned music barn..East Windsor CT.
Checking out the abandoned music barn. Here in East Windsor CT. These type of music stores are a dying business. Due to the fact.. Technology! Who buys tapes, cd's, and records in this day and age. And most musicians buy there musical merchandise on line. But to recap the music barn sold arts and crafts, t-shirts, guitars, drums, and all musical accessories. And they even gave music lessons. this property is up for sale four million dollars. So count your pennies people... subscribe for moe muscle...
exploring echo bridge and hemlock gorge! (newton massachusetts
on my way to echo bridge and hemlock gorge in Massachusetts. I stumble across an old abandoned train bridge. soon after I discover echo bridge. echo bridge is masonry, was built in 1876. underneath this bridge are the best acoustics by far for any bridge. and hemlock gorge is a sight to see with beautiful water falls and crisp green forest. and plenty of walking trails for the adventure. subscribe for more muscle.
Dilapidated Amusement Lodge.(Colchester CT)!
Exploring the abandoned dilapidated Lincoln lodge here in Colchester CT. Once was the amusement getaway with plenty of activities. Including live bands, a twelve acre lake to swim and relax. With over seventy rooms, a dinning hall and much more. But now total decay is setting in. Vandalism has taken its tool! Not to mention the vagrants and squatters. Subscribe for more MUSCLE
Exploring the slums of Bridgeport CT.
The Remington Arms factory is far from abandoned! It's a death trap. For the unwary explorer. Deep within the complex, beneath the main structures' are flooded out hallways and rooms. So watch your step! The buildings are in total decay. Putrefying I must say, vile in a way. Disgusting and nasty so stay away. The faint ain't getting off Dat couch and putting that soda away. But I am!!!!! Here I am with the Hobie Kat and the lost turtle. Here in the slums of Bridgeport CT. u
Exploring an old military radar base
Waking up on top of Radar mountain here in Vermont. It was def a creepy place. The isolation and all of the abandonees led to one fun explore.
Muscle finds the green beauty!
Graffiti Urbex at it's best here in Bristol CT. Here we are at an old abandoned Oil storage refinery! And you know how much we like finding these old places and structures. Number ONE, we stumble across an underground storage container! SECOND a few abandoned OIL storage tanks! THREE, the main pump station! And cant forget my green beauty. urbex, exploring, abandoned with the muscle.
dirty rotten imbeciles. (DRI). cover video
Full speed ahead album. Underneath the surface. (made with #spliceapp - http://get.spliceapp.com)
Exploring Wadsworth Falls! (Middle town CT)
Hiking the trails in Wadsworth state park here in Middle town CT. I stumble across some old ruins. Built in the late 1800's. An old bridge and an abandoned Dam.
The Heroes Tunnel
The Heroes Tunnel here in New Haven CT, Was dug out in the 1930's. Fifteen men died in the digging and blasting through the mountain. On route 15, there are two tube tunnels that run parallel. On top of the mountain there sits an air inlet. So lets go check dis place out.
exploring some old structures(along the salmon river)
Exploring some old structures along the salmon river here in the great state of Connecticut. I happen to drive up to an old brown stone train tunnel. And cant forget the beauty of the salmon river. But the brown stone tunnel is in the best condition ever. Most brown stone falls apart over time so, this was a great find. Unexpected I find an old mill along side the salmon river. Along with the bread and butter of this explore THE OLD WARREN TRUSS BRIDGE! thanks for tuning in
Centralia Pennsylvania is a waistland.
Exploring Centralia here in Pennsylvania, I quickly discover there is not much to see. Maybe some abandoned lots. Some tagged up walls and a one mile stretch of completely tagged up highway. But while driving through Centralia, you get the vibe of hauntingly, ghostly, dreary, dark, abandoned, scary, spooky, and very foggy...…. so wit dat thanks for tuning in.
Abandoned mill (Plainfield CT)
Exploring the old abandoned interRoyal mill factory, here in Plainfield CT. This mill manufactured high end furniture and shelving. But sadly in 1985 due to chapter 11, closed forgotten and abandoned. Lets take a drone ride and explore on foot this economic ruin.
Exploring river underneath the city of Hartford
The parks river otherwise known as HOG river. Flows directly for 3 miles underneath the city of Hartford. created in 1940 due to flooding. The hog river is one sight to see and is a canoers dream. The parks river got it's nickname Hog river because the river is polluted. The main entrance is covered in graffiti. As one walks into the tunnels it becomes as dark as the eye can see. There is a abandoned car in the conduit as well. With a few escape hatches and cat walks that lead to the streets of Hartford. subscribe for more muscle.
Exploring Abandoned mill (Manchester CT)
Exploring an old abandoned mill alongside the Hockanum river. This mill was the old writing paper co. And many years later it became a recycling center. Hidden away and falling apart nestled close to the Hockanum river this is a place to see.
Abandoned rock quarry. (massachusetts)
This abandoned rock quarry in becket Massachusetts is a sight to see. Left abandoned 60 years ago, exploring the quarry I found old trucks, engines and one massive rusty container. Metal litters the woods so if you explore this site watch your step.
Exploring Scotts Watchtower! (Holyoke mass)
The Muscle Russell, goes on a cardio, exploring trip. In the hills of Holyoke mass. I stumble across an old watchtower, totally covered in graffiti and the stairs that lead to the top of the tower are crumbling to pieces. and also at the top of Scotts watchtower is a beautiful view of MT. Tom . And for bonus, a little bit of muscle flexing at top of tower.
Exploring Greenfield Massachusetts (abandoned)
While hiking through the forest in Greenfield Massachusetts, I stumble across an abandoned slaughterhouse and some abandoned vehicles. The slaughterhouse is in total ruin. The vehicles are in very bad shape but, left abandoned. tags and graffiti and burnt out remains are left. Thank you
Hidden structures in the woods.(middlebury CT)
An abandoned gas station unbelievable. Here in the woods in Middlebury CT. And some remains of some crazy homeless guy. I love these abandoned places. thank you so much for taking the time to watch. THE MUSCLE RUSSELL
Exploring plastic pollution IN OUR WORLD,(garbage)
Pollution is just about everywhere. Unfortunately there happens to be millions of uneducated, unaware and uninformed people that share our world. Plastic is a cancer that is rapidly sweeping across vast waterways, parks, rivers, and oceans. People who litter may not be aware of the damage caused by there actions. So tell your sister, brother, and friend. In a friendly caring way? Be like Oscar the Grouch. USE A GARBAGE CAN MAN! Fair use' a life worth finding...I totally disagree with the way his foul mouth goes on about trash education. You can't blame the world Gary. The Muscles avenue and way of spreading garbage pollution is much people friendly. So wit dat it was a pleasure roasting some life worth finding trash! GARY! thanks for your upload. It's a perfect example to show everyone you don't need to call people disrespectful names for people to listen to you. There are other ways to spread a good message. So with that I'll see you around.
rain rain go away come back another day.
Another rainy day here in Connecticut. But you know me! That won't stop muscle.. Sit back sing along and you never know maybe we can play a game of tennis. So with that get off that couch and go explore.. And can't forget, put away them chips and soda lol
man gets kidnaped and put in a cage.
After being punched in the face, knocked out, and being thrown in the trunk of my own car. The lost turtle brings me to my next Explore. The shade swamp trail or in other words the shade swamp sanctuary. There where once abandoned animals that where housed here. In cages, in pens, and fenced in. But now this sanctuary is no more. Relics of the past. Subscribe for more muscle...
millions of dollars left behind abandoned paper co.
The abandoned Strathmore paper company was once a thriving business for western Massachusetts. Doors closed and abandoned over 20 years ago. Everything left behind from: rolls of paper to press parts. And cant forget the place looks like something straight out of a horror movie. Abandoned places have lots of dangers and hazards so be very careful exploring. So wit dat get off that couch and get out and EXPLORE
exploring wit mans best friend
Thanks for tuning in. I would like to introduce to you Titan or known as little T. Mans best friend! But that's besides the point. Here we are today at above all state parks. And I would like to share an old Airforce radar building that sits on top of the park in Warren CT. Not is much remaining to this abandoned site but, it was all about little dog T today. Brief history, watch the video. and wit dat I'll see you around.
exploring the Thomaston DAM.(flood control)
Here we are exploring the Thomaston dam here in CT. This structure was build by the us army back in the 1950's. For the purpose of flood control. This is a so called dry dam. But with lots of hazards around. Thanks for tuning in.
A old hidden bridge in Middletown CT
After asking strangers if they have any grey poupon. "Prank". We discover an old abandoned bridge in Middletown CT. Take a look back in time at one of CT oldest bridges.
House is Condemed in Enfield CT
Tuck smashes into the Muscle Russell resident. So much damage that the town Condemn, the house unlivable! The house was knocked off it's foundation. Lets take a closer look inside the home for damage. thanks for exploring with the muscle Russell
bench pressing at club fitness
360 pounds on hammer strength machine. /subscribe to have a chance at winning cold hard cash (made with #spliceapp - http://get.spliceapp.com)
Exploring Pennsylvania's abandoned Highway.
Pennsylvania is the place to visit. The lost highway and abandoned tunnels alongside the Oregon rd. are an amazing sight. The tunnels are very creepy and I must say eerie. As you approach ever so near, the mouth of the tunnel sends cold spells straight up your spine. And one may even get goosebumps, hair may tingle, may even faint. That's because mother Earth gives A+ BLOW JOBS. In other words a very nice flow of air underneath a mountain. And of course a few extra's along the way . like subscribe and share .. ps. I was sick and had a cold this day was feeling very blue and under the weather. love you all for watching da muscle!!!!!
Creepy abandoned  school (new Britain ct)
exploring an old abandoned high school in new Britain ct. with the school opening in 1955 and its closing in 1999 this school has stood the test of time. But with half the windows smashed or boarded up this old school is an eyesore. Collapsing ceilings, graffiti, over grown trees, and know hope for future renovation. Meanwhile inside the school is a death trap for animals. With the black mold, fungus, and asbestos nothing can survive! But take an adventure with the muscle Russell and explore the past. this school is very much intact with lots of relics............
Abandoned underground bomb shelter (Portland CT).
Driving down a secluded dirt road in Portland CT. I run across an old abandoned bomb shelter. Was once used for storage of military ammunition. Now in total ruin, all that remains are a few rooms and very tight crawl spaces: dark, dirty, grimy, smelly, wet, disgusting place . subscribe for more muscle
Abandoned mental institution.(Elm crest)
Exploring an abandoned mental institution for youth. ELM CREST! This institution went abandoned because to many deaths occurred under the super vision of staff. a young boy was body bagged and suffocated. There are rumors and allegations of some boys and girls behind sexually assaulted. But there is no merit for these claims, so lets go explore elm crest.
a very bizarre bowling match
Bowling is fun. Sit back, pop open dat soda pop and rip open dem bag of chips. Kick back on dat couch, cause da muscle and the wondra women can bowl one hell of a game. Bizarre it is. Laughter is on its way. One hell of a close match. And last but not least this is one sexy ass bowling match. Thanks for tuning in.
break dancing at abandoned mill (Norwich CT)
Getting my dance on at abandoned capehart mill here in Norwich CT. Abandoned in 1985. 32 years of neglect this mill is in total ruin. In other words this place is a death trap. just a run of the mill. DEATH TRAP
The male body
Subscribe like share win prizes
Gillette's razor blades..(ABANDONED)
"The best the best a man can get"....abandoned Gillette! Oh to Harry's, thank goodness...With over I million men switching to Harry's razors. With the controversial cloud that surrounds the billion dollar Gillette. If your a hairy man? Grab a Harry's razor blade.