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Bobby Brown - On Our Own
Bobby Brown - On Our Own Soundtrack from Ghostbusters 2 1989
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The Movie Game Theme
The Movie Game Theme The Movie Game cbbc 1988-1996 The Movie Game was a UK children's game show that ran from 8 June 1988 to late 1996. The format was three teams of two players answering questions about films, the team with the least points at the end of the first round were eliminated. The other two teams moved on to a board game-style end game. The winning team could, depending on the points they earned, move on to the series final and the winner of that would win a film related prize such as meeting Steven Spielberg. Each show featured a celebrity guest. Presented by Phillip Schofield (1988--1990) Jonathon Morris (1991--1993) John Barrowman (1993--1996)
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Top 15 Underrated Movie Villians
TOP 15 UNDERRATED MOVIE VILLIANS 1 Kurtwood Smith as Clarence Boddicker RoboCop 1987 2 Clancy Brown as The Kurgan/Victor Kruger Highlander 1986 3 Wesley Snipes as Simon Phoenix Demolition Man 1993 4 Dolph Lundgren as Ivan Drago Rocky IV 1985 5 Vernon Wells as Bennett Commando 1985 6 Joe Pesci as Tommy DeVito Goodfellas 1990 7 Robert Carlyle as Francis "Franco" Begbie Trainspotting 1996 8 Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber in Die Hard 1988 9 Joseph Pilato as Captain Rhodes Day of the Dead 1985 10 Russell Crowe as SID 6.7 Virtuosity 1995 11 Rutger Hauer as John Ryder The Hitcher 1986 12 Nick Cassavetes as Packard Walsh The Wraith 1986 13 Bill Paxton as Severen Near Dark 1987 14 Brian Dennehy as Sheriff Will Teasle First Blood 1982 15 Joan Severance as Eve See No Evil Hear No Evil 1989
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