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Rep. Trey Gowdy to Obama Admin "No Statute of Limitations on Truth!" @ Benghazi Hearings 5-8-2013
Congressman Trey Gowdy to Obama Admin "No Statute of Limitations on Truth" @ Benghazi Hearing 5-8-2013
Piers Morgan Says Pro-Gun Advocates Were Right All Along About Tyrannical Government
Piers Morgan admits Pro-Gun advocates were right all along about tyrannical government. CONNECT WITH PNO http://www.PatriotNewsOrganization.com http://www.facebook.com/PatriotNewsOrganization http://www.twitter.com/PatriotNewsOrg ----------------------------------------­-------------- Background Music for Presentation http://www.BackgroundMusicforPresentation.com Licensed Through: Tristan True Giallani http://www.Giallani.com Email: [email protected] http://www.youtube.com/MusicForPresentation ----------------------------------------­--------------
William Cooper - Hour Of The Time - Very First Broadcast - Legendary.
This is legendary folks. William Cooper was a real patriot. If you think Alex Jones is the leader of the Patriot Movement, you don't know who William Cooper is. He was the first leader of the radio movement to wake America up, before being assassinated by police. Alex Jones turnes ghost wite when you mention William Cooper, and for good reason. William Cooper could see right through Alex Jones even in the early days, and called him out accordingly. They clashed a bit back in the late 90's early 2000's. Connect With Us http://www.PatriotNewsOrganization.com http://www.facebook.com/PatriotNewsOrganization http://www.twitter.com/PatriotNewsOrg In memory of William Cooper
DEATHBED CONFESSION of Top Secret Government Agent -  UFO's, Aliens, Roswell, Eisenhower Breifing
Anonymous' interview with Rich Dolan as part of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure - http://www.patriotnewsorganization.com Rich Dolan: Eisenhower was going to invade Area 51? Witness: Yes.. with the first Army. They told us the government had no jurisdiction over what they were doing... So he said, ..."I want you to give them a personal message. I want you to tell them, whoever is in charge. They have this coming week to get into Washington and report to me and if they don't ...I'm gonna get the first Army from Colorado, and we're gonna go over, I'm gonna take the base over... I don't care what kind of classified material you got.. We're gonna rip this thing apart." - Eisenhower CONNECT WITH PNO: http://www.PatriotNewsOrganization.com http://www.facebook.com/PatriotNewsOrganization http://www.twitter.com/PatriotNewsOrg
BREAKING Government Surveillance Plane/Drone Spying On Massachusetts Residents
5/13/2013 - Government isn't saying anything, except that the FAA acknowledges the flight path and confirms it but won't say anything more, claiming it's top secret/classified. However, they did reassure us that we shouldn't be worried. They also said it isn't a drone (even though there is no way to know that, they wouldn't tell us if it was). So we feel better now :sarcasm:
Nuclear Device found in San Diego confirmed over two years ago
Port Authority confirms (by accident) that nuclear devices have been found in San Diego, before his "Handler" stops the interview and explains that they will stay on subject. From 2 years ago
The Truth About School and What It Means to Our Society - Homeschool Your Children! Share This!
Schools aren't places of higher education anymore, they are indoctrination camps. This video analyzes the way the current school system is run, and how it is affecting our youth and future. Please share it with friends and family! It is VERY important to homeschool your children, you don't have to be that smart! Look up www.RonPaulCurriculum.com (Ron Paul's Home School Program that he Just Released, it's free til the 5th grade, video professors, online education forums, etc) http://www.PatriotNewsOrganization.com http://www.facebook.com/PatriotNewsOrganization http://www.twitter.com/PatriotNewsOrg
Police Beat a Father To Death While He Begs For Help - Then Arrest Witnesses and Confiscate Video
Article : http://www.patriotnewsorganization.com/police-brutally-beat-father-of-4-to-death-while-he-begs-for-his-life-david-silva/ Visit us on the Web : http://www.PatriotNewsOrganization.com 'Like' us on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/PatriotNewsOrganization Follow us on Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/PatriotNewsOrg 5/11/2013 : BAKERSFIELD, CA -- Kern County deputies beat an intoxicated man to death in the street Tuesday night, then detained and intimidated witnesses, confiscated video evidence, and arrested another man who spoke out. David Silva was beaten with batons, left in a pool of blood until an ambulance finally arrived after he was already dead. A female 9-1-1 caller named Selena told the dispatcher, "There's a man laying on the floor, and your police officers beat the (expletive) out of him and killed him." She said that she witnessed the victim do nothing wrong to cause 8 officers to bludgeon him to death. "These cops had no reason to do this to this man." A 19-year-old male witness, Ruben Ceballos, was awakened around midnight by screams and loud banging noises outside his home. He said he ran to the left side of his house to find out who was causing the ruckus."When I got outside I saw two officers beating a man with batons and they were hitting his head so every time they would swing, I could hear the blows to his head." He said that Silva was on the ground screaming for help, but officers continued to beat him After several minutes, Silva stopped screaming and was no longer responsive, according to Ceballos. Another witness, Jason Land, said that he witnessed the beating of David Silva. "They jumped out, reached for their bats, and beat that man until they killed him," he said, "right in front of my face." Land spoke up about what he saw and was arrested as retaliation. The witness was on probation and says police responded to his eyewitness report by claiming he was high on PCP and arrested him without any proof. Witnesses also say that the victim's body was left to bleed out in the street for a prolonged period without any medical attention, wasting crucial minutes before the ambulance arrived. By that point, it was too late and CPR attempts were futile. Other witnesses, including Melissa Quair, were harassed and told that they must surrender their cell phones as "evidence." Their houses were even searched as a crime scene in order to confiscate the video evidence. The victim's brother, Christopher Silva, says his brother was murdered and wants justice. He is demanding that his brother's body be released so that he can see the result of the beating. He wants the confiscated videos to be released. "My brother spent the last eight minutes of his life pleading, begging for his life. The true evidence is in those phone witnesses that apparently the sheriff deputies already took. But I know the truth will come out and my brother's voice will be heard." Article : http://www.patriotnewsorganization.com/police-brutally-beat-father-of-4-to-death-while-he-begs-for-his-life-david-silva/ Connect With Us! Website : http://www.PatriotNewsOrganization.com Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/PatriotNewsOrganization Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/PatriotNewsOrganization
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*BREAKING* WIDESPREAD POLICE CORRUPTION - Drug Planting - Murder West City, UT 4-23-2013
http://www.facebook.com/PatriotNewsOrganization WIDESPREAD POLICE CORRUPTION IN WEST CITY, UT When it happened in Los Angeles and Chicago, it became the stuff of legend, books and movies. But even a city the size of Utah's West Valley is not immune from police corruption. The scale of what has been acknowledged by the West Valley City Police Department in its narcotics unit is damaging to the city's image and dangerous to its residents. It may not be possible for the department to restore trust. West Valley residents aren't getting the law enforcement they deserve. City officials should be looking at how best to provide that service, and joining the Salt Lake County Unified Police Department may be the best answer. If Mayor Mike Winder and the City Council reject that option, they should get busy finding a new police chief from outside the department who is capable of directing a complete overhaul. City leaders are not properly overseeing law enforcement. The current citizen review board is a failure. More revelations continue to erode confidence in West Valley's ability to fix its problems. The city manager last week described an incredible level of misconduct and incompetence among officers of the city's disbanded narcotics unit. The detectives' shoddy work has led the Salt Lake County district attorney to dismiss 88 cases, the U.S. Attorney's Office to throw out eight federal cases and the FBI and DA to investigate. And, so far, no one in city government is acknowledging the seriousness of the negligence. Former Police Chief Thayle "Buzz" Nielsen, who resigned after disbanding the narcotics unit in December, called the infractions found by an internal audit "minor." However, it's doubtful that taxpayers who were paying his salary would say the same. Going back two years, the audit found mishandling of evidence, officers keeping "trophies" from investigations and failing to get warrants before using GPS tracking devices to track suspects. They improperly used confidential informants, some of them illegal immigrants; cash and drugs are missing. Detective Shaun Cowley, who, with another detective, shot and killed an unarmed suspect in November, kept evidence in the truck of his car, apparently for months. The department has still not explained or justified the fatal shooting of Danielle Willard nor the unsolved disappearance of Susan Powell four years ago that ultimately led to the suicide of her husband and murder of their two sons. West Valley City is not L.A. or Chicago, but there is always opportunity for corruption, especially in the investigation of drug cases. West Valley should take its law enforcement responsibility more seriously or get out of the business. This case is now spreading out deeper into the force and a lot more cases have been dismissed than in the video
Audio of Police Finding Amanda Berry & 2 Other Girls in Ariel Castros Home RELEASED 5-9-2013
*JUST RELEASED* 5-9-2013 You can hear over the police chatter the noise of the crying girls as police bust in and find them.
DHS Crisis Actors Are Real - Hidden Part of Department of Homeland Security Website
Crisis actors not only exist, but the complexity, and capability of these operations are incredibly vast. The links from the video are below: http://www.PatriotNewsOrganization.com http://www.facebook.com/PatriotNewsOrganization http://www.twitter.com/PatriotNewsOrg Link for DHS HSEEP Site (Main Site) : https://hseep.dhs.gov/hseep_Vols/default1.aspx?url=rightTreeDisplay.aspx? Link #2 (One from Video) : https://hseep.dhs.gov/hseep_Vols/rightTreeDisplay.aspx?q= ----------------------------------------­-------------- Background Music for Presentation http://www.BackgroundMusicforPresentation.com Licensed Through: Tristan True Giallani http://www.Giallani.com Email: [email protected] http://www.youtube.com/MusicForPresentation ----------------------------------------­--------------
Benghazi Hearings Whistle-Blower Hicks "Stand Down Order Came From AFRICOM or SOCAFRICA" 5-8-2013
Benghazi Hearings Whistle-Blower Hicks "Stand Down Order Came From AFRICOM or SOCAFRICA" Benghazi Hearing 5-8-2013
9/11 *RARE* CLEAR Video of WTC Building 7 Controlled Demolition
Demolition of WTC Building 7, 9/11/2001 (September 11th Attacks) - This SHOWS CLEARLY Proof / Smoking Gun of what happened to Building 7.
Sen Lindsay Graham "The dam is about to break on Benghazi" Obama administration is in BIG trouble
Sen. Lindsay Graham on the Susteren show - "The dam is about to break on Benghazi"
Obama Kicks Door Open
President Obama gets irritated and kicks a door open after a speech. http://www.PatriotNewsOrganization.com http://www.facebook.com/PatriotNewsOrganization http://www.twitter.com/PatriotNewsOrg Visit our Facebook and 'Like' us! RATE & SUBSCRIBE! =)
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The Road to World War 3 - Share this to Wake Up the Masses
You must share this with everyone you know, demand they watch it. This will help put in perspective a lot of what is going on in the world and why we are nearing World War 3.
WMD Used in Syria? Experts Say Yes, Others Not So Sure
Article : http://www.patriotnewsorganization.com/wmds-being-used-in-syria-assassination-attempt-on-assad/ According to Greg Thielmann, an expert on arms control policy, "The fact of the matter is, what we are seeing in both these cases is a tactical nuclear strike, probably by cruise missiles launched from aircrafts near the borders of Syria or right off the coast in the Mediterranean." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greg_Thielmann This was posted in a UK news article before being taken down. The 'Google Cached' page still exists, however, http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache%3Ahttp%3A%2F%2Fblogs.channel4.com%2Fsnowblog%2Fnuclear-strikes-syria-genie-bottle%2F20846 Visit us @ http://www.PatriotNewsOrganization.com for more breaking news around the world. Follow us on Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/PatriotNewsOrg 'Like' us on Facebook - http://www.fb.com/PatriotNewsOrganization
American Spy Caught in Russia Trying to Recruit Secret Service Members
(Reuters) -- Russia expelled a U.S. diplomat on Tuesday after saying he had been caught red-handed with disguises, special equipment and wads of cash as he tried to recruit a Russian intelligence agent to work for the CIA. Apparently detained in an incongruous-looking blond wig, with props reminiscent of a schoolboy's spy kit, U.S. Embassy Third Secretary Ryan Fogle hardly looked like a Cold War secret agent. But the announcement still came at an awkward time for Washington and Moscow as they try to improve relations and bring the warring sides in Syria together for an international peace conference. Nevertheless, there was little sign that either country wanted to escalate the affair beyond a minimum response. The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned U.S. Ambassador Michael McFaul to discuss... (Read more on http://www.PatriotNewsOrganization.com/wig-wearing-american-spy-caught-in-russia-trying-to-recruit-russian-secret-service-agent/) http://www.PatriotNewsOrganization.com http://www.facebook.com/PatriotNewsOrganization http://www.twitter.com/PatriotNewsOrg
Spain's Revolution! Citizens fighting against GIANT Police Brigade (April 27, 2013)
The revolution WILL NOT BE TELEVISED. Alternative media is the ONLY way this gets out. 'Like' & 'Share' this so hopefully more people will wake up and see that it is citizens of ALL the nations that are growing completely tired of the same old agenda. Patriot News Organization (Facebook Link) http://www.facebook.com/PatriotNewsOrganization
Henry Kissinger: "Obama will create a New World Order"
Henry Kissinger says "Obama's main task will be to develop a New World Order"
Glenn Beck BREAKING NEWS 4-22-2013  Saudi National the REAL Boston Bomber
Glenn Beck BREAKING NEWS 4/22/2013 -- The news that he made us wait all weekend for. http://www.facebook.com/PatriotNewsOrganization (Like our page for Patriot-Related News & Events) Background points: A Saudi national originally identified as a "person of interest" in the Boston Marathon bombing was set to be deported under section 212 3B — "Security and related grounds" — "Terrorist activities" after the bombing As the story gained traction, TheBlaze's Chief Content Officer Joel Cheatwood received word that the government may not deport the Saudi national, originally identified as Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano refused to answer questions on the subject when confronted by Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) on Capitol Hill. An ICE official said a different Saudi national is in custody, but is "in no way" connected to the bombings. A congressional source, however, says that the file on Alharbi was created, that he was "linked" in some way to the Boston bombings (though it is unclear how), and that documents showing all this have been sent to Congress. Key congressmen of the Committee on Homeland Security request a classified briefing with Napolitano Fox News' Todd Starnes reports that Alharbi was allegedly flagged on a terrorist watch list and granted a student visa without being properly vetted. Sources close to the investigation also told him the Saudi is still set for deportation. New information provided to TheBlaze reveals Alharbi's file was altered early Wednesday evening to disassociate him from the initial charges Sources say the Saudi's student visa specifically allows him to go to school in Findlay, Ohio, though he appears to have an apartment in Boston, Massachusetts Sources tell us this will most likely now be kicked from the DHS to the DOJ and labeled an ongoing investigation that can no longer be discussed. Monday morning Glenn Beck laid out what he knows about the Saudi connection to the Boston marathon bombings. It is a story that the mainstream media has all but completely ignored, though Beck says TheBlaze's Chief Content Officer Joel Cheatwood reached out to numerous other networks in an effort to get the story out. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano refused to acknowledge the story even existed when questioned by Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) last Friday. But now a number of congressional sources have confirmed that the story is as TheBlaze reported last week, and Beck is presenting more pieces of the big picture. "This week has changed me," he said at the top of his radio program on Monday. "The events in Boston changed me....The events in Washington around Boston changed me." We crossed an "extraordinarily disturbing threshold" last week, Beck said, but we know "exactly who we're dealing with now." After a discussion of how Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who is currently under guard in the hospital, wasn't read his Miranda rights, Beck proceeded to lay out a number of key points on the case. "While the media continues to look at what the causes were of these two guys, there are, at this hour, three people involved," he said. "The first one is the one we are going to address." Beck proceeded to highlight the background of the Saudi national first identified as a "person of interest" in the Boston bombings, Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, noting that the the NTC issued an event file calling for his deportation using section 212, 3B which is proven terrorist activity. "We are not sure who actually tagged him as a '212 3B,' but we know it is very difficult to charge someone with this — it has to be almost certain," Beck explained. "It is the equivalent in civil society of charging someone with premeditated murder and seeking the death penalty — it is not thrown around lightly." Beck continued, noting that after Secretary of State John Kerry met with Saudi Foreign Minister Saud on Tuesday, the FBI began backtracking on the Saudi national from suspect, to person of interest, to witness, to victim, to nobody. Then, on Wednesday, President Obama had a "chance" encounter with Saudi Foreign Minister Saud and Saudi Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir. "Wednesday at 5:35 p.m. the file is altered," Beck said. "This is unheard of, this is impossible in the timeline due to the severity of the charge....You don't one day put a 212 3B charge against somebody with deportation, and then the next day take it off. It would require too much to do it." "There are only two people that could revoke the deportation order — the director of the NTC could do it after speaking with each department, the FBI, the ATC, etc. — which is impossible to do in such a short period of time, — or, somebody at the very highest levels of the State Department could do it. We don't have any evidence to tell you which one did it," Beck said.
Seal Team 6 Funeral Ceremony w/ Obama Hired Muslim Priest to Damn Them To ETERNAL HELL
-Translation- "Amen. I shelter in Allah from the devil who has been cast with stones. In the name of Allah the merciful forgiver. The companions of the "fire" (the sinners and infidels who are fodder for hell fire) are not equal with the companions of heaven. The companions of heaven (Muslims) are the winners. Had we sent this Koran to a mountain, you would have seen the mountain prostrated in fear of Allah (mocking the God of Moses). Such examples are what we present to the people, so that they would think (repent and convert to Islam). Blessings are to your God (Allah), the God of glory of what they describe. And peace be upon the messengers (prophets) and thanks be to Allah the lord of both universes (mankind and Jinn)." 5/11/2013 Seal Team 6 Funeral Ceremony w/ Obama Hired Muslim Priest to Damn Them To ETERNAL HELL. The military brass ALLOWED this to happen! We are deeply saddened here at PNO! MOLON LABE! 5/11/2013 http://www.facebook.com/PatriotNewsOrganization http://www.PatriotNewsOrganization.com http://www.twitter.com/PatriotNewsOrg
Department of Homeland Security TRAINING Video depicting Patriot Militia's as Terrorists #2
After watching this, do you still ask; "Is our government even capable of making such things up?" This is how they'll get our guns, they'll start making Patriot Miltia's into "Domestic Terrorist Organizations" and people will BEG for their guns to be taken away. Taken straight from DHS Website - https://hseep.dhs.gov/hseep_Vols/rightTreeDisplay.aspx?q=4.3&NodeID=145
Boston Marathon Bombings Explosion #1 Close Up [HD] **WARNING - GRAPHIC**
**WARNING** Graphic Content --------------------------------------------- Caught by Boston Globe journalist, this video shows explosion #1 of the Boston Bombings, with the 2nd explosion being heard in the background. The people responsible for this need to be hung.
Department of Homeland Security TRAINING VIDEO Showing Gun Owners as Terrorists
--LIKE & SHARE-- THE WORD NEEDS TO GET OUT THAT THIS IS HOW OUR AGENCIES ARE TRAINING-- More Below: Department of Homeland Security FAKE NEWS VIDEO of "Domestic Terrorists" Very disturbing video straight from DHS website - they use it to help train all of the deputized agencies during a crisis, even hospital administrators, media faces, everything and everyone that would be involved in such an event. (Sources Below for DHS Website) #1: https://hseep.dhs.gov/hseep_Vols/rightTreeDisplay.aspx?q=4.3&NodeID=145 #2: https://hseep.dhs.gov/hseep_Vols/default1.aspx?url=rightTreeDisplay.aspx? 'Like' our Facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/PatriotNewsOrganization Department of Homeland Security FAKE NEWS VIDEO of "Domestic Terrorists"
Boston Bomber Suspects Screaming "We Didn't Do It!!" "We Give Up!!" [HD Sound]
Video captured from a local resident of the two brothers screaming "WE GIVE UP! WE GIVE UP!! WE DIDN'T DO IT!!" while the cops ignore it and continue firing. 'Like' us on Facebook for more news : http://www.facebook.com/PatriotNewsOrganization
Obama Tells Ohio State Students That Tyranny Doesn't Exist in Government 05/05/2013
Obama telling students @ Ohio State University, that the voices they've listened to growing up, telling them that the government is turning tyrannical, should be rejected and not to listen to those people. Here it is folks, Nazi Germany 1930's
Chinese girl walking falls into a 20 foot sinkhole!
Chinese girl is walking and talking on the phone when suddenly the concrete caves in and she falls down a 20 foot sinkhole.
Hillary Clinton on Benghazi Scandal "What difference at this point, does it make?"
Hillary Clinton in big trouble over Benghazi. Here she is defending herself and disrespecting the investigation of the deaths of these Americans.
Comet Arriving November 2013 Will Be 15x Brighter Than Moon & Visible In Broad Daylight
There Will Be A Comet Arriving November 2013 That Will Be 15x Brighter Than Moon & Visible In Broad Daylight
Benghazi Whistleblowers Under Fire in Widespread Smear Campaign by Government
Benghazi Whistleblowers Under Fire in Widespread Smear Campaign by Government
Ron Paul discusses the differences between him and Rand Paul (4/26/2013) on Geraldo
Ron Paul discusses him and Rand, and a few of their differences.
What **SOUNDS** like a Missile hitting the Waco, TX Fertilizer Plant
You can actually hear what sounds like a missile hitting the West, TX Fertilizer Plant in this video of the explosion. Try looking away from the screen when listening for it, you be the judge.
Next False Flag Coming? Over 30 Incidents of Radioactive Materials 'Lost' in UK
Many expect there to be more 'attacks' in coming future to finish off the theft of our rights. Could this be the first clue as to what we can expect? You be the judge. Subscribe, Share, Like, Follow! http://www.PatriotNewsOrganization.com http://www.facebook.com/PatriotNewsOrganization http://www.twitter.com/PatriotNewsOrg
Truck Launches Off Bridge w/ Trailer Attached
A man driving on Interstate 96 near Kentwood, MI, when he crossed a median, and launched his pickup truck with an attached trailer over the guardrail. The truck landed into nearby Sycamore Creek, 10 feet below the roadway. The driver, 58-year-old Mark Moerland, suffered a concussion, a fractured leg and dislocated ankle in the accident, but is expected to make a full recovery. Visit us @ http://www.PatriotNewsOrganization.com
Rachel Maddow rants about Alex Jones, False Flags, and Conspiracy Theories
Rachel Maddow rants like the whiny progressive liberal she is, whines about Alex Jones, Infowars, 9/11 Conpiracy Theory 'Nuts', and more in this revealing piece.
Judge Jeanine Pirro Compares Boston Bombings with Benghazi False Flag Attack 5/04/2013
Judge Jeanine Pirro on Fox blasts the Obama Admin & FBI on the Boston Bombings and compares it to the Benghazi False Flag incident in which the investigation STILL isn't complete on figuring out exactly how much of it our government was behind.
Everyday Life in Syria (Video) 5-8-2013
This is a video taken from inside Demascus, Syria. It depicts buildings in ruins, and forces fighting. Share & Connect: http://www.PatriotNewsOrganization.com http://www.facebook.com/PatriotNewsOrganization http://www.twitter.com/PatriotNewsOrg
The Dam Breaks on Benghazi - Liberal Media Joins the Coverage of the Benghazi-gate Scandal (ABC)
The dam finally breaks on the Benghazi Scandal. ABC's Jon Karl reports on the Benghazi-gate intentional cover-up by Hillary Clinton and Obama administration.
Mothers Day Parade Shooting (At Least 12 Injured, including 10 year old girl)
Mother's Day Parade Shooting Leaves 12 Injured, 4 in the hospital (unknown condition) little girl is in good condition.
Justin Bieber ACTUAL VIDEO being ATTACKED (NOT the aftermath video) by crazy fan and Piano falls
ACTUAL VIDEO OF ATTACK - Not the one posted that shows the aftermath, THIS IS THE 100% RECORDING Of a fan attacking the SHIT out of Justin Bieber, haha, and the music never stops, he's lip synching!
Rick Santorum DROPS OUT OF RACE!
Rick Santorum announces that he is dropping out of the race! I apologize for the video and audio not synching correctly, it's youtubes fault :( I wonder if he was threatened to drop out?
Judge Napolitano - Government used FEAR to strip away Constitutional Rights
Patriot News Organization FB : http://www.facebook.com/PatriotNewsOrganization Judge Napolitano Calls Out Officials' Contradiction In Delaying Suspect's Miranda Rights: 'Can't Have It Both Ways'
So You're Going to the Armed March on D.C of 1,000 People? Don't Be a Kokesh Zombie!
"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves." ― Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Just realize that real patriots don't get the limelight. Real patriots are assassinated before they can light a real fire underneath the government's ass. Bill Cooper is a prime example of that, he was so big by the time they murdered him, that ranking organizations starting including him in the ranking lineups for radio talk show hosts even though he only broadcasted by internet, and by shortwave. I advise you go listen to some William Cooper to get you started on the path toward real patriotism. http://www.patriotnewsorganization.com/so-youre-attending-the-armed-march-on-d-c-july-4th-2013-consisting-of-1000-people-dont-be-a-zombie-be-a-patriot/ CONNECT WITH PNO http://www.PatriotNewsOrganization.com http://www.facebook.com/PatriotNewsOrganization http://www.twitter.com/PatriotNewsOrg ----------------------------------------­-------------- Background Music for Presentation http://www.BackgroundMusicforPresentation.com Licensed Through: Tristan True Giallani http://www.Giallani.com Email: [email protected] http://www.youtube.com/MusicForPresentation ----------------------------------------­-------------- adam kokesh exposed, adam kokesh shill, obama for america, organizing for action, armed march dc, july 4th armed
John Kerry is All Beat Up !!!! State of the Union Presidential Address 1-24-2012
Looks like the NWO got to John Kerry - and BEAT the living shit out of him! lol
Jay Carney Blames Mitt Romney for Benghazi 5-10-2013
5/10/2013 - White House Press Secretary Jay Carney blames Mitt Romney for Benghazi
Democrat Congressman Blames Benghazi Scandal on Congress "Being Cheap" - 5/8/2013 Benghazi Hearing
Democrat Congressman Blames Benghazi Scandal on Congress "Being Cheap" - Typical Democrats This is the kind of non-ownership we need in our leadership!
Ron Paul CENSORED on FOX NEWS - Bill O'Reilly claims he is "Out of the race"
Bill O'Reilly claims Ron Paul is 'Out of the Race'. Look at how much trouble Fox News goes too, to convince the public that Ron Paul will not be a presidential candidate. Sickening. LIKE + SUBSCRIBE
Geraldo Rivera Defends Obama Administration on Benghazi Scandal 5/10/2013 O'Reilly Factor
Geraldo Rivera Defends Obama Administration on Benghazi Scandal - Says "When has truth and politics EVER been hand in hand?" on O'Reilly Factor
BREAKING  Dozen Shot @ Mother's Day Parade in New Orleans 5-12-2013 **More False Flags?**
*BREAKING* Shooting just occured @ Mother's Day Parade in New Orleans. 10 year old being one of the shooting victims. This one stinks folks... They know how many, and what kind of victims, but aren't ready to show us yet... http://www.PatriotNewsOrganization.com http://www.facebook.com/PatriotNewsOrganization http://www.twitter.com/PatriotNewsOrg