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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator// 100 marines vs 10.000 chickens
Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator source: https://twitter.com/younasi/status/852699714017308672
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Zmey Gorynich — Чуешь Мою Страсть (BMTH Cover) (звук наложен на видео с феста)
IT"S NOT A LIVE RECORDING. The audio is edited in from an mp3. The Original fest video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRxQA2D_1ME
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Lights of Euphoria - White Wall (State of Union Remix)
artist: Lights of Euphoria album: Gegen den Strom year: 2004 publisher: Metropolis
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Magicka - Yeti - chapter 11
1. you can charm them and kill, charm and just walk away, build a wall around you then teleport and run or even block them if you know where they spawn. 2. and ofc the dull way is to pop an invulnerable bauble you and kill them. though its kinda funn breaker. see my other vid: http://goo.gl/WyLei 3. learn to Thunderbolt real quick and strike a Yeti 2 times like i did with the first one :)
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Sheep dynamics
videos from facebook.com/australianfarmalbums/
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Restoring and saving videos and music from Google Chrome cache with bare hands!
Short Explanation (IF YOU DON"T UNDERSTAND THE VIDEO, READ PLS^^) TL;DR;DW Just find all the vid's pieces in "Cache" or "Media Cache" folders, copy them to an empty folder, navigate to that folder via your console and use "copy /b * wholevid.mp4" command. The idea is to find all the vid's pieces Chrome cached on your local drive and glue them back together into a vid. Though this approach works perfectly with Chromes's "Media Cache" folder, it doesn't work that well for Chromes "Cache" folder. The video can be played back but it seems like it's header is missing or something like that. Additional info you probably would want to know or not Chrome has 3 folders on your disk it keeps stuff in. They are: Cache, Media Cache, Pepper Data. The last one is used only for Flash(*.flv). Vids are stored as singular files with *.tmp extensions. Basically. just wait for a vid to load, copy and rename that file. "Cache" folder stores both pictures and vids, but in fragments(multiple tiny files). I think vids fragments are in a form of 'stream' and have no header because each fragment is an independent video on it's own. You can stitch those pieces back together (as I showed in this utube video) and play them back in any video player though the result you get is not an actual 'normal' video file and some online video upload servisec might not accept it at all(not utube though). "Media Cache" stores only videos. They are fragmented into multiple files, as well as in Cache folder, but with preserved internal structure which enables us to put it back together exactly as it was.
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Mass Effect 1 surprise geth armature with Mako at liara's digsite entrance
this video shows how you can pass the wall on Mako where you supposed to dismount and proceed on foot and fight that Geth Armature with bare hands. so 1st time it took me like 1h to get pass that crack. but when you know the right angle its just 1min to set Mako up properly. as you can see if you make it there with Mako then armature and geths wont even shoot you back.
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Fallout 4 mod - Human Relocation Program
HRP mod adds several craftable weapons with knockback effect. http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/5209/? music: Leisure Cruise - H.R.P.
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ff14 Bums Raid T13 kill (p4 whm pov)
[ Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn ] Bum raid team 1 doing Final Coil of Bahamuth turn 4 aka t13. Killed it at last!
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Dota 2. Pudge "double" hook
Pudge saves a teammate and "pulls" enemy huskar at the same time
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[planetside 2] Ridiculously long flight with drifter jetpack
it was like 5th or 6th time I bombed these same guys, so i had to take a detour instead of going straight at them. Next round they pulled 3 skyguards against me :3
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Just a normal day in Russia.
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Ведьмак 3 // Интересный у вас Василиск...
— Интересный у вас василиск — Понятное дело, интересный. В наших краях такой бестии не увидишь. Они только в далекой Зерикании родятся. Из яиц, петухом высиженных. — Из яиц петуха, говоришь? — А как же! Такого петуха, который навроде квочки другому петуху дупло подставляет. А яйца, которые такой петух отложит, должен потом сто один ядовитый гад высидеть! И тогда из них василиск вылупляется...
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чимми после стрижки
выглядит даже забавнее и меньше похож на енота, хотя вещи ворует все так же. http://img.leprosorium.com/1178911 http://img.leprosorium.com/1178908
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мой маленький собачка
Шпиц. чуть меньше, чем два месяца. Грызет, кусает, забавно рычит. смотрите со звуком поэтому.
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Planetside 2 // Hory Shet
x multiple holy shit
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bf3 rpg air-to-air
Shooting down heli with rpg in mid air. gif: http://i.imgur.com/BVmzh0F.webm
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Шпиц — Чимми(chimmy) ~2.5месяца
мой шпиц снятый на сраную нокию. может быть я куплю уже кассету для видеокамеры.. сам по себе собачка очень хороший
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How to troll a Japanese
This is a part of this talk "ЖИЗНЬ С ЯПОНИЕЙ Василий Молодяков" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqZfIGTZSjo
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Planetside 2 // drifter jumping some bums playing hospital and repairs shop.
TR's Fracture is probably the worst weapon in the game. If you have medi-glue gun in your hands a lot, you probly gonna die a lot.
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Planetside 2 // Another Trusted Companion(Juido) reported me for nothing
date: 06.14.2016 retard: Juido server: Miller
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(Battlefield 3) just messing with nabs
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crow is trying to play with my dog
чипи всегда ищет заначки еды, которые делают вороны и жрет прямо всю гадость, которую они закапывают.
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Chimmy on treadmill
Чипи на беговой дорожке
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germans raiding t13
Шен практикует русский
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Planetside 2 gameplay. Scythe with dual photon pods пыщь-пыщь
Коза рогатая со сдвоенными фотонными лубками в деле. У меня деревянный комп и довольно тяжело прицеливаться с 20-ю фпс, но даже так получается весело.
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Shadow Warrior Classic// 2nd level max difficulty without aim assist
Shadow Warrior Classic or Redux
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Planetside 2 // being anonymous dick
Death shows up as suicide. the last one is accidental tk
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No Man's Sky // How to get v3 Atlas pass アトラスのパス v3
How to get v3 Pass: Blue/White Star(har to tell because it looks white but has bluish halo) Korvax planet. Operations Center. Amazing video editing skills, i know.
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T9 Nael derp kill last 2 mins
t9 with pf group that said "fuck you mechanics". Farmed 3 thunders, occasional fire ins instead of outs and still killed it.
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