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Dirty dancing
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Sexy yoga for feeling attractive goddess
that is more like meditation for feeling good in your body, no metter what age or shape it comes...because life is too short to not live it funny..ps im not professional, so you dont have to repeat it after me.
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My Calvins haul !
yes, even if you are fat/ older girl like me you can look/ feel sexy in undies...
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Behind the scenes of making video !
Yes, my page is launched....for thoses who asked me to go there, i have arrived !!!! Yeah !!
Views: 708 crazy houeswife
Im pregnant! (my italian bf try to kill me)!
Just another roust! pardon ladies and gents for this vulgarity...
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Calvin Klein underwear try on haul..
Fat girls can also be sexy in everyday underwear.. patreon: crazy_housewife ps sorry i have put weigh on and dont look so fit at the moment..i ll be working on it in the future.. promise !
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Lingerie try on! Drama Queens secret- girl2girl advice!
Be open book to your mom, dad, sis, granny ect but never to your partner or he will lose an interest of hunting this precious birdie !!! Steal ideas from French woman.
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UGG s story/my fetish/sheep rodeo!
Thats my catwalk...dare to be different, dont be sheep,- dare to be you !
Views: 1612 crazy houeswife
Come & fly with me! 4 boy eyes only ! (restricted)
This video is made strictly for boys! from crazy with love ! xx
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Sexy yoga
To feel beautifull....imagination works and manifests when time is right, you can become butterfly. Believe in it, live it !!
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Valentine's butt-dance !! RED (stricly private)
This video is dedicated for those who maybe feel lil bit lonely today..Have fun! Live your days like they are last once and you will find out what is important in life for you !! ENJOY !!!
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Sexy things 2do b4 u Die !! (MIKADO eating Challenge)
This video is made just for entertaining reasons only. I show only my own ideas of how to make woman happy, i m no selling or promoting enything! enjoy!
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Be romantic ! titanic move
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Should i become lesbian?! my out of closet moment...
this video is made for entertainment purpose only. its not made to harass somebody, my sense of humor is just introvertly crazy rude! and im not sorry for that. You know why i can make many bad jokes? ....coz im not famous or celebrity...i dont care...doesnt make my income...
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In the Bed with transgender !
Be yourself, be best of yourself,- pls stay who you are created to be,- i decided to stay positive even if whole world is negative around me, polite if whole world is inpolite ect...
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Drama Queen, Stop Manipulator- girl2girl talk!
If you ever have been victimize without any reason and that leaded to your life drama, addiction, emotional instability,- maybe this trick will help you GET BACK YOUR LIFE !! just say: "i have no more place for you in my life!"
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Fat girl dancing in tights
I think you can loose weight if you add high heel shoes....
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Sexy goddess yoga
smile. feel good.
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i bought big nipples ! (future of robots)
This video is made just for lol; and curiosity about how can future look !
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Crazy eating... almost ketchup !
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Trendy Summer ! D*A*R*E !
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How i cope with depression, swarovski fox ring review !
Im sorry for bad video quality, but even in not perfect world you can find happiness...
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My new fetish! Life update! UGG's
I love this shoes...very comfy...the singer in the background is real canarry bird aka Pavarotti..
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My sugar Daddy !
My Birthday is coming soon, so in this video i post what my boyfriend does for me to make it special!
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Sexy mukbang (banana eating show)
Express yourself don't depress yourself, life is too short to be serious. There is nothing bad about beeing childish sometimes and explore the world and sense your feelings...
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WTF ! dumb blonde
Just for entertaining purpose !
Views: 448 crazy houeswife
Life pinyada surprise! (no jew was hurt in the process?)
This video is made for entertainment purpose only, if it offended any real jew,or taxs person that was not my intentions !
Views: 369 crazy houeswife
Be who you are made to be !
Just entertainment purpose!
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Smashed girl ! (citizen X)
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Almost nude !
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Warning this video is disturbing! of my wine tasting experience gone wrong..
This video is made only for me to perform chiken dance for you. If i offended you, im extreemly sorry for that. pls accept my apologies ! Birds, you know, birds are everywere, also in my head !!
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Vegans fight !
Views: 246 crazy houeswife
My summer wibes !! (Bitch babe!)
This video is made for entertaining purposes only, so If i offended you with my video, im extremely sorry!
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Enjoy your self
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Hot steamy mamma
simple work makes you humble person
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Merry Christmas !! Crazy cancan/ sausage eating..mmm
Just put the xmas music on, put xmas lights and enjoy ur day !! if you are alone and lonely, GO to those who are alone too and HAVE FUN together!! LET US LIGHT UP THE WORLD !!
Views: 298 crazy houeswife
What's in my closet/making out with boots!
I like soft leather boots with high heels...yeah, i know there is a label stiking out of my panties, but thats ok with me...i love it!
Views: 921 crazy houeswife
Whats in my bag awkward moment !
Follow me to see what is in my daily bag. I know that it is old task or fashion, but you never know what you can find there nowdays !
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