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Grey's Anatomy Then and Now: The Cast Before They Were Famous! Photos
Here are some kids, teens, young adult photos from the cast of The Grey's Anatomy before they were famous. In this video are: Ellen Pompeo - Dr. Meredith Grey Sandra Oh - Dr. Cristina Yang Patrick Dempsey - Dr. Derek Shepherd James Pickens Jr. - Dr. Richard Webber Sara Ramirez - Dr. Callie Torres Justin Chambers - Dr. Alex Karev Eric Dane - Dr. Mark Sloan Chyler Leigh - Dr. Lexie Grey Kevin McKidd - Dr. Owen Hunt Jessica Capshaw - Dr. Arizona Robbins Jesse Williams - Dr. Jackson Avery Sarah Drew - Dr. April Kepner Katherine Heigl - Dr. Izzie Stevens T.R. Knight - Dr. George O'Malley If you love the series and you want to see how the actors and actresses looked like before they were famous, watch this video.
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This video is about the Top 3 Worst Anxiety Disorders. Anxiety and stress affects a lot of people worldwide and really reduces people's quality of life, so it is definitely an important topic to tackle. Be sure to share your experiences with others down on the comment section.
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See how the Walking Dead Cast looked like as kids in these photos. Included in the video are: - Alanna Masterson; - Andrew Lincoln; - Chad Coleman; - Christian Serratos; - Danai Gurira; - Emily Kinney; - Jeffrey Dean; - John Bernthal; - Josh McDermitt; - Lauren Cohan; - Laurie Holden; - Melissa McBride; - Michael Cudlitz; - Norman Reedus; - Seth Gilliam; - Steven Yeun; What do you think of these before and after pics?
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Merlin Then and Now: How Merlin's Cast Looks Like Today
We Messed up and didn't include all characters in this clip. The Part II can be seen in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEKR8ySx_h8 Merlin (2008) was a TV Series by BBC with a lot of talent and success. If you want to see the Merlin Then and Now video and how the cast aged and looks like now, see this. Included are: Colin Morgan (Merlin) Richard Wilson (Gaius) Bradley James (Arthur Pendragon) Anthony Head (Uther Pendragon) Katie McGrath (Morgana) Angel Coulby (Guinevere Pendragon) Nathaniel Parker (Agravaine) Don't forget to like and subscribe for more, and suggest our next list!
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NCIS Cast's Kids Photos: Then and Now
See how the NCIS Cast looked like as young adults or kids in these photos. Included in the video are: Sasha Alexander - Caitlin Emily Wickersham - Ellie Joe Spano - Tobias Cote de Pablo - Ziva Lauren Holly - Jenny Sean Murray - McGee Michael Weatherly - DiNozzo David McCallum - Ducky Pauley Perrette - Abby Mark Harmon - Gibbs What do you think of these before and after pics?
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Welcome to the list of Top Ten Dating Games or, specifically, Top 10 Dating Simulator Games. I have some cool snapshots of each game, and I am the first to tell you that I can only build this list based on my personal opinion even though I’m sure many of you disagree. Bear in mind making these lists is always difficult, but there are some cool dating games here and for those interested in romancing. See this list.
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Lost Then and Now: How the Cast (or Castaways) Aged
If you loved Lost then you probably remember these actors. Now, let's take a look of how they aged through the years. Included in this clip are: Matthew Fox as Jack Shephard Evangeline Lilly as Kate Austen Josh Holloway as James “Sawyer” Ford Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet Burke Jorge Garcia as Hugo “Hurley” Reyes Terry O’Quinn as John Locke Daniel Dae Kim as Jin Kwon Yunjin Kim as Sun Kwon Emilie de Ravin as Claire Littleton Dominic Monaghan as Charlie Pace Naveen Andrews as Sayid Jarrah Harold Perrineau as Michael Dawson Malcolm David Kelley as Walt Lloyd Maggie Grace as Shannon Rutherford Ian Somerhalder as Boone Carlyle Michael Emerson as Ben Linus Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond Hume Michelle Rodriguez as Ana Lucia Cortez Rodrigo Santoro as Paulo Kiele Sanchez as Nikki Fernandez Don't forget to share this video, and subscribe if you want to see more from us.
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Merlin Then and Now Part II
This is Part II of the Merlin Then and Now Video as we messed up and inadvertently cut the clip in half. Merlin (2008) was a TV Series by BBC with a lot of talent and success. If you want to see the Merlin Then and Now video and how the cast aged and looks like now, see this. Don't forget to like and subscribe for more, and suggest our next list!
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Buffy Then and Now: The Vampire Slayer Cast Today
If you want to see the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Then and Now Video you've come to the right place. Here's how the cast aged, so for the better and others not really. Included here are: Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy) Alyson Hannigan (Willow) Nicholas Brendon (Xander) Anthony Head (Giles) James Marsters (Spike) David Boreanaz (Angel) Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn) Seth Green (Oz) Eliza Dushku (Faith) Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia) Amber Benson (Tara) Don't forget to like and subscribe to help my tiny channel!
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Criminal Minds Then and Now: Criminal Minds Cast as Kids and Teens
If you're curious to see how the Criminal Minds cast looked like before they were famous, this video is for you. In this clip we have the following actors / Criminal Minds Characters: Shemar Moore - Derek Morgan Thomas Gibson - Aaron Hotchner A.J. Cook - Jennifer JJ Jareau Joe Mantegna - David Rossi Kirsten Vangsness - Penelope Garcia Mandy Patinkin - Jason Gideon Matthew Gubler - Spencer Reid Paget Brewster - Emily Prentiss Liked it? Then make sure you like and subscribe for more!
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Game of Thrones Cast's Kid Photos: Then and Now
See how the Game of Thrones Cast looked like as young adults or kids in these photos. Included in the video are: - Lena Headey: Cercei - George R. R. Martin: The Architect - Nathalie Emmanuel: Missandei - Jack Gleeson: Joffrey - Kristian Nairn: HODOR - Emilia Clarke: Daenerys - Sophie Turner: Sansa - Peter Dinklage: Tyrion - Maisie Williams: Arya - Kit Harington: Jon Snow - Jason Momoa: Khal Drogo What do you think of these before and after pics?
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Baywatch: Then and Now - How does the Cast Look Like Now?
If you are wondering on how your favorite Baywatch character looks like now, then you have to see this Baywatch then and now video. In this video we included: Brooke Burns - Jessie Owens Jose Solano - Manny Gutierrez Jason Simmons - Logan Fowler Jeremy Jackson - Hobie David Chokachi - Cody Madison David Charvet - Matt Brody Michael Newman Gena Lee Nolin - Neely Capshaw Alexandra Paul - Stephanie Holden David Hasselhoff - Mitch Buchannon Yasmine Bleeth - Caroline Holden Pamela Anderson - CJ Parker If you like it, don't forget to subscribe for more, and give us a thumbs up.
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34 Strangers Who Met Their Doppelgangers and Befriended Them: Strangers Who Lookalike!
If you're looking for doubles, doppelgangers and strangers who lookalike, then here's a treat for you. These strangers look so much alike they could pass for twins, which shows our DNA really is very similar, and our genes are shared throughout the world. How weird must it be to find your look alike?
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Top 10 Worst Mass Hallucinations or Delusions Ever: When one person hallucinates, it is pretty weird especially for the one seeing things. When many hallucinate at the same time, things get weird really fast. Today’s video is about the 10 Worst Mass Hallucinations or Delusions in History.
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Top 50 Strongest Most Powerful Sith Lords of All Time
Made in Collaboration with Instageeked.com. Instageeked was the first crew to take on a challenge as exciting and daunting as ranking the Sith Lords. Before this happened, there were only top 10s and top 15s, but they blew it out of the water and created the TOP 50 Strongest Sith Lords of all time. A legendary list we now take pride in sharing - video form! Enjoy!
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20 Amazing Mother-Daughter Celebrity Look Alikes:
If you want to take a look at some celebrity look alikes, why not start by those closest to home? There are a lot of Hollywood stars who look alike, and here are 20 examples of them.
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13 Minor Roles of Celebrities Before They Were Famous: Background Stars as Extras
Big stars, actors and celebrities were not always as famous and solicited as they are now, they once had to scrape the bottom and play out extra roles with no lines or just one liners. Today we're going to look over famous movies who had stars in them before they were famous, actors and actresses who are famous and well paid today on extra roles in the past. Included in this video are: 1. Brad Pitt, extra on "Boy at Beach". 2. Jason Segel, Watermelon Guy on "Can't Hardly Wait". 3. Meghan Markle, Nurse on "General Hospital". 4. Renée Zellweger, Girl in blue truck on "Dazed and Confused". 5. John Hamm, extra on "The Practice". 6. Kristen Stewart, girl in fountain line on "The Thirteenth Year". 7. George Clooney, extra on "Centennial". 8. Alexis Bledel, Student on "Rushmore". 9. Megan Fox, Stars-and-Stripes Bikini Kid Dancing Under Waterfall on "Bad Boys 2" (only 15 years old). 10. Leonardo DiCaprio, extra on "Roseanne". 11. Julianne Hough, extra on "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone." 12. Jack Black, Wasteland Scrap on "Demolition Man". 13. Steve Carell, Waiter on "Curly Sue". If you like the video, give it a thumbs up, subscribe and comment. See you around, Cheers.
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What the Cast of Vikings Looks Like in Real-Life: Off-Screen Appearance
What does the Cast of Vikings Loook like in Real-Life? If you want to see their offscreen appearance and how they look like normally, then this is the video for you. Included in the video are: Travis Fimmel - Ragnar Lothbrok Katheryn Winnick - Lagertha Alexander Ludwig - Björn Ironside Clive Standen - Rollo Gustaf Skarsgård - Flóki Alyssa Sutherland - Queen Aslaug Maude Hirst - Helga Linus Roache - King Ecbert Moe Dunford - Aethelwulf George Blagden - Athelstan John Kavanagh - The Seer Jennie Jacques - Judith Alex Høgh Andersen - Ivar If you like the video, thumbs up and subscribe. Cheers
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5 Bizarre Historical Items and Uses: Strange Old Objects
Here are some strange historical objects and their uses, learn more about these 5 bizarre historical items and their uses. In this video are included: - Toy Washing Machine - Perfume Necklace - Pocket Sundial - Egg Peeler - Antimony Pill (Everlasting Pill) If you like the video, share it, subscribe and like it! Thanks!
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Hideaki Akaiwa: The Story of A Real Hero in a Sunken Deathly City: How would you feel about diving to a recently sunken city? How about if we add it is still full of corpses and live wire? Doesn’t seem too welcoming does it? Today I bring you a tale that has both catastrophe and heroism, and that can really warm your heart and chill your spine. The story I’m about to tell you is a real story, the story of Hideaki Akaiwa. An unsung hero that not many of us know about.
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Through this video we're going over how some animals transcend all of their obligations and save humans from injury or death. There are some wild and domestic animals in this list, but one thing is for sure, they have generosity in common
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22 Unknown Facts About Antarctica That Are True: South Pole Little Know Secrets
Antarctica is a mysterious continent and there are tons of conspiracy theories about it, including Alien bases, government military bases, private bases and flat earth theory. Today I'm bringing you 22 less known facts about Antarctica... some broadly unknown trivia pieces
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53 Hilarious Clothing Fails: Funny Design Fails
If you want to see some hilariously funny clothing design fails, then this is the video for you. Be careful not to wear one of these in public, enjoy! If you like the video, give me a thumbs up and sign up as a subscriber for my channel. Cheers
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F.R.I.E.N.D.S Then and Now: How the Friends Cast Aged
See how the cast of FRIENDS aged throughout the years and how they looked then and now. In this video you'll find: Courteney Cox (Monica Gellar) David Schwimmer (Ross Gellar) Lisa Kudrow (Pheobe Buffay) Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green) Matt LeBlanc (Joey Tribbiani) Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing) Please do like and subscribe, that will help a lot!
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What the Cast of Mean Girls Looks Like Today: Then and Now!
What does the Cast of Mean Girls Look Like Today? Here's the Mean Girls then and now you were looking for. Including in this video are: Lindsay Lohan Rachel McAdams Amanda Seyfried Lacey Chabert Tina Fey Amy Poehler Daniel Franseze Lizzy Caplan Jonathan Bennett Nicole Crimi Diego Klatenhoff Rajiv Surendra If you like this video, please leave me a thumbs up and subscribe. Thanks! Cheers
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What the Cast of Matilda Looks Like Today: Matilda Cast Then and Now!
If you want to see how the cast of Matilda looks like today, then see this Matilda then and now video and find out. Included in the clip are: Danny DeVito, Mr. Wormwood Rhea Perlman, Mrs. Wormwood Embeth Davidtz, Miss Honey Pam Ferris, Miss Trunchbull Jimmy Karz, Bruce Bogtrotter Paul Reubens, FBI Agent Bob Tracey Walter, FBI Agent Bill Kiami Davael, Lavender Jaqueline Steiger, Amanda Thripp Leor Livneh Hackel, Julius Rottwinkle Sara Magdalin, 4 year old Matilda If you enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe. Thanks Cheers!
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Big Bang Theory Cast's Kids Photos: Then and Now
Curious to how the Big Bang Theory Cast looked like as kids vs how they look now? Included in the video are: - Kaley Cucuo - Penny - Mayim Bialik - Amy - Simon Helberg - Howard - Johnny Galeki - Leonard - Jim Parsons - Sheldon - Melissa Raunch - Bernadette What do you think of these before and after pics?
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Private School Lunches Around the World: School Lunches for Rich Kids in Different Countries
School Lunches for Rich Kids in Different Countries? Find out how they look here. 9 Photos of how private school lunches look like around the world. A Sweetgreen (https://www.sweetgreen.com/) report.
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Modern Girl Problems: Artist Depicts Modern Women's Struggles
Akshara Ashok, an artist who you can visit by going to her page (https://www.instagram.com/happyfluffcomics/) has created a series of comics that depict modern girl problems and modern women's struggles. An hilarious piece of work we advise you to see. Check out her other work at her Instagram page @happyfluffcomics Cheers!
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Original and Creative Shoes: Food Shoes, from the Shoe Bakery Collection.
If you love food and you love shoes, then you're going to love the Shoe Bakery Collection by Chris Campbell from Orlando. You can reach their webpage through this link: https://shoebakery.com/ High heels, low tops and more, all with an appealing twist that makes any foodie crazy. Original, Creative and Perfect!
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Throughout this video we will go over 10 creepy mysteries that are less known than those on the lips of everyone. We are covering a bit of everything, from ghost ships, to disappearances, weird phenomenons, cursed bridges, devil foot tracks, zombies and more. Sorry for the microphone quality, we're a buch of begginners but we're trying.
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Funny Brexit Signs: Brexit Protester Meme Signs
The Anti-Brexit March can be either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on who you ask, but some of these protesters tried to think outside the box to get some laughs, a point across or just to be snow-flakey. Here are some Brexit Memes from that march and some signs we thought were worthy of a share. Cheers
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This video has some witty, funny and legendary quotes from personalities such as Oscar Wilde, Sir Churchill, Margareth Thatcher and more. Hope you like it, and leave me your own choices in the comments section.
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This video is all about medical occurences that were mysterious or just unbelievable. They are all real though, so watch it if you want to be amazen at some of the most memorable medical moments in history.
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20 Rare Photos That You Probably Haven’t Seen Before: Historical Pics
If you want to see some historical pictures who still haven't flooded the web, then this clip is for you. The pic that is seen the most in this vid is the Austrian boy receiving some pics, but we went and included it anyways because it's an all time classic. Sorry for the captions being hard to read at times, but the pics are black and white and that always poses some challenges, a backcolor on the letters would eat away at the pictures and we decided to reveal as much as we could. If you liked the video, like, subscribe and don't forget to share. Cheers!
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10 Old Toys That Will Make You Rich: Do You Have Any?
Included in this video are: - Vintage 1959 Barbie - Original Tamagotchi - Game Boy - Peanut The Royal Blue Elephant Beanie Baby - Where the Wild Things Are - Monopoly Original Version - Garbage Pail Kids - Luke Skywalker - Action Figure
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