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Color Dialog Box in WPF
In this WPF Video tutorial, I am going to show you , How to show Color Dialog Box in WPF. Actually, here i am using Windows Forms Color Dialog Box. If you want to more about windows forms color dialog then you use this link.
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How to Create Sqlite Database using EntityFramework in UWP
Hello, Everyone, today i am going to show you, How to add sqlite database in UWP.
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Dynamically Create CheckBoxes from Database table in WPF
Dynamically Create CheckBoxes from Database table in WPF . In this Video, I am going to show you, How to create CheckBox in Code file from Database table.
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Save file dialog in WPF
In this Video, I am going to show you, How to show save file dialog in WPF. In this video, I teach you some following things like --Initial Directory property --Filter Property --ShowDialog Method
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Drop Shadow effect example in WPF
Learn Source code : http://dotprogramming.blogspot.com/2015/11/drop-shadow-example-in-wpf.html In this WPF video tutorial we will learn: --How to draw Ellipse and Rectangle with Shadow effects --How to use BitmapEffect property of drawing objects --Above mentioned URL Contain DropShadow effects on controls --
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Get last record from Database using LINQ in WPF
Learn: How to add EDMX file in the project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1BKN9WGwHM In this video tutorial, I will teach you: --Get last record from database table. --First to convert all database record into array by using TOArray() method. --use LastOrdefault( ) method to get the last record.
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Digital clock in WPF
In this WPF Tutorial We will learn: --How to Show time on Window in WPF --How to use DispatcherTimer class in WPF --How to Handle Tick event of DispatcherTimer class --How to set Start on Application Load
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Create ListView Programmatically in UWP Tutorial Part-17
In this Video, I am going to show you, How to create ListView Programmatically in UWP. Also how to fire event on Listview using code
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Two Way DataBinding  underlying data can be reflected in the view through INPC
In this WPF Tutorial we will learn, How to change data on view section. These are the following things we will learn in this Tuorial: --Example of INPC(INotifyPropertyChanged) Interface in WPF. --Example of Two way DataBinding Example in WPF
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Listview Bind with Array Item in UWP Tutorial Part-15
In this video, I am going to show you, How to bind list view with and array also you can learn how to get selected item from the list.
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Flyout Control Example in UWP Tutorial Part-11
In this UWp Tutorial, I am going to show you , How to use Flyout Control in UWP. Flyout control is a light weight control which is used in many light weight application like used for back button, Esc key etc.
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Button with Image in WPF ListView
In this WPF article i will show you how to add button and image in ListView. Also When we click on button then get result.
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UserControl inside WPF ToolBar
In this WPF Tutorial i will teach you, How to use userControl in ToolBar control. We all know that UserControl is looking like a window , where you have to put controls. So by using UserControl we can design graphical module.
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Get the Selected column and row from DataGrid in WPF
In this WPF Tutorial I Will show you how to get columns of selected row in WPF DataGrid. First to bind the Grid With user Defined datatype i.e class. After that you get the selected item as a class. So, finally you can can get the result.
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insert data into database using EDMX in WPF
In this WPF video tutorial, I will teach you, How to insert data from TextBox into Database table in WPF. Here we use EDMX file for prepare model as well as DataContext class.
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C# WPF Value conversion with IValueConverter
In this C# WPF Tutorial i will show you, How to convert one type to another in WPF. We have an Interface IValueConverter , by using it we can convert One type to another.
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How to determine mouse action in wpf
How to check mouse button click in wpf. Example of mouse binding event in wpf. Example of mouse left button click in wpf.
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How to put an image into a button control in UWP Tutorial part-7
In this UWP Tutorial , i will show you how to put image on Button control. You know xaml Button control is a container , so you can add stack panel in it. After that You can add image and Text Block control in stack panel.
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Font Dialog Box in WPF
In this WPF Video tutorial, I am going to show you, How to use Font Dialog box in WPF. I am giving to you an example of Font Dialog Box in WPF.
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Check internet connection without ping command using WPF
In this WPF video tutorial, I will show you how to check the internet status without using ping command. --How to use System.Net namespace --How to use WebRequest class --How to use WebResponse class
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Delete row from dataGrid using Entity framework in WPF
In this video : How to load dataGrid in wpf How to add delete button in dataGrid How to use CanUserDelete property How to delete row from dataGrid
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Change Text To Speech, male and Female in WPF
In this WPF Video Tutorial we Will Learn: --How to change Text into Speech using WPF Code --How to use System.Speech Namespace in WPF --How to use SpeechSynthiser class --How to read text in voice of male as well as female --How to add System.Speech.dll file into the project
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WebBrowser in WPF C#
In this WPF Article i will show you, How to design web browser in WPF. Web Browser with back, Forward and go button. Search in the TextBox and press go button to navigate url like google.com
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UWP Hyperlink Example Tutorial Part-9
UWP Hyperlink contain navigateUri property in xaml code. Which is used for navigation purpose. I mean to say that you can go to the specified URL.
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Add style in WPF example
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Wrap panel and canvas panel in WPF
In this article i will Show you, How to use WrapPanel Control and Canvas Control in WPF. We know that the meaning of the wrap panel. By using Wrap panel we can set the Boundary around the controls layout. When object/control cross the boundary then automatically align to the next row. In canvas panel we can set the controls at right position.
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Drawing on WPF Windows using InkCanvas
In this C# WPF Tutorial i will show you, How to use InkCanvas in WPF. InkCanvas is used to draw something on WPF Window. Lets check this.
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C# WPF Trigger animation Example
In this C# WPF Video Tutorial, I will Show you, How to use EnterAnimation and ExitAnimation in StoryBoard. Lets check this video for an Example of Trigger animation
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ListView Bind using Complex Data Binding in UWP Tutorial Part-16
In this UWP Video Tutorial, I am going to show you, how to Bind ListView with complex data binding. In this tutorial, i am going to show you, How to bind listview with model data using repository pattern.
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Getting Started with UWP || Hello World Example in UWP Tutorial part-1
UWP means Universal Windows Platform App design Tutorial. In this Tutorial, i have to teach you, How to start with UWP app using Visual Studio. When You install visual studio 2017 then you can easily find this app in file menu. Select File, New Project, Under C sharp select Windows Universal.
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Change Wpf Background using ComboBox
Change background color dynamically in WPF. I mean to say that Combobox bind with colors using colors class property. For this, you can use GetProperties( ) method of Color Class. When you Change color from ComboBox then Background color also change. Lets see this video.
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C# WPF Web Cam Example
Download source code from here http://easywebcam.codeplex.com/ , After download you can follow my video to see the output and use web cam assemply.
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open new form, close existing wpf form c#
Source : http://dotprogramming.blogspot.com/2015/10/open-new-form-close-existing-wpf-form-c.html WPF Application still runs in background after closing. My Windows Store app is still running in debug mode after I close it. VS2012 Debugging fails on subsequent runs. WPF Main application stops responding if a child window is being moved around. Application doesn't exit if it creates a window which is not shown. How main WPF window knows when secondary WPF window is closed. When shutting down the application, not all windows are closed.
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Window attributes Icon, ResizeMode, TopMost, WindowState, etc in WPF
In this WPF Video, We will learn many more window tag attributes like --How to Show Icon on window --Resize mode property of window tag. --ShowInTaskBar property of window tag --TopMost property example --WindowStartupLocation property example --Window State Property Example
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Checkbox group Example in UWP Tutorial part-2
In this video tutorial, i will tech you, how to use multiple checkbox as a group of checkbox in UWP. I will show you, Selected checkbox content display on result textblock.
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WPF Formatting TextBlock Text using Code
In this WPF Tutorial we will learn: --How to add style using code file in WPF --How to use RUN( ) in Code file of WPF --How to use Inline.add( ) method in WPF --Formatting of TextBlock Text using code file
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Change width,height, title and icon in wpf application
In this video article we will learn how to change height, width, title and icon of the window in wpf application.
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UWP Slider Example Tutorial part-8
In this UWP Tutorial, I will show you, How to use Slider Control, how to change font size when slider move.
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Use of OpenFileDialog in WPF also read the TextFile
In this video tutorial we will learn: 1.How to use OpenFileDialog control in WPF. 2. How to get the path of file using OpenFileDialog control. 3. How to use filter of OpenFileDialog. 4. How to load text file in WPF using OpenFileDialog. 5. How to read TextFile using OPenFileDialog
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ListView  Alternative Item Style in UWP Tutorial Part-18
In this Video , I am going to show you, How to change the color of the Row of Listview in UWP.
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WPF Show each row details in datagrid
In this wpf video tutorial we will learn: --How to bind DataGrid in WPF --How to bind DataGrid with DataGridTextColumn in WPF --How to take RowDetailTemplate in DataGrid of WPF --Example of Row Detail in WPF DataGrid
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Example of Viewbox in wpf
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How to insert data into Ms Access database in WPF
In this video tutorial i will give you a simple example of inserting data into ms access database table using WPF. If you bind the DataGrid with the access database then you change only in two places one is change sql query like insert into command and second is executeNonQuery() method to insert the data into ms access database. Use System.Data.OleDb namespace.
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WPF Common enable all checkbox in the Top
In this WPF tutorial we will learn: --How to design Single checkbox for enable all remaining checkboxes. --How to design common checkbox for other checkbox. --Example to show single checkbox box enable also other child checkbox is also enable , if it is unchecked then other also unchecked
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TabItem Position of TabControl in WPF
In this WPF Tutorial i will show you: --How to use TabStripPlacement property of TabControl --How to set position of Tab Items --How to set rotation in tab items --How to apply style on tab items
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