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Photoshop Elements Tutorials-Change color of an Object
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/tips.html In this Photoshop Elements tutorial we will change color of a shirt from green to a blue that we pickup from a different garment in the same photo. Visit http://essential-photoshop-elements.com for more free content.
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Photoshop Elements 9-Newest Features
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/tips.html Adobe announced the release of Photoshop Elements 9 for both Mac and Windows! This version has some awesome new features. This video shows some of the new features. Visit http://essential-photoshop-elements.com for more free content.
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Make It Snow With Photoshop Elements
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/make-it-snow.html Use Photoshop Elements to make It look like it's really snowing by following the steps in this video.
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Smooth Skin with Photoshop Elements
Here's a link to the written version: http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/smooth-skin.html You can smooth skin quickly with Photo Elements. Follow the clear directions in this video to help the people in your photos look their best! Here's the link to download the action: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6_vf9zXUPvYS2VfaHJSZ2lxblE/view?usp=sharing
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Remove Background Around Hair In Photoshop Elements 11, 12, & 13
GO TO: http://bit.ly/1CYQyPY To see the written version & download the free "cheat sheet"! The powerful Edge Detection feature in Photoshop Elements lets you make selections around hair and other fine detail. Now it's easier to move a subject from one photo to a different photo. This is Part-1 of a 2 part series. Here's the link to Part-2: http://youtu.be/PBWryhANgLE
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Make A New Background With Photoshop Elements Part-1
Written version: http://bit.ly/1DnY1Lq You can make a new background for your photos with Photoshop Elements. In this first part of a 2-part tutorial we'll see how to separate your subject from its background. We'll even select fine hair detail of the subject. Here's the link to Part-2: http://youtu.be/lLJUVpvIM6U In Part-2 we'll look at all of the options Photoshop Elements gives you to replace the background.
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Photoshop Elements Tutorial: Make A Transparent Overlay For Text
Photoshop Elements Tutorial: How to Make a Transparent Overlay for Text. It can be difficult to read text that you add to a photo because it can get lost in the background of the photo. You can use Photoshop Elements to add a Transparent Overlay to make the type more readable and still see the image below. Check out this video tutorial to see how easy it is.
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Photoshop Elements Tutorials- Make a Copyright Watermark Brush.
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/tips.html Use Photoshop Elements to protect your photos when you put them on the Web by creating your own copyright watermark brush.
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Photoshop Elements Background Eraser Tool
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/tips.html Photoshop Elements Background Eraser Tool can help you remove people or objects from the background of the photo.
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How To Blend Two Photos Together In Photoshop Elements
See how to blend two photos together using Photoshop Elements in this video
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How To Do A Feathered Oval Effect with Photoshop Elements
See a fully illustrated written tutorial of this video at http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/feathered-oval.html This Feathered Oval effect gives a nice finishing touch to a portrait. And with Photoshop Elements you can achieve it in a few easy steps. Give a nice vignette to the photos of your friends and family. This video tutorial clearly shows how to do it each step of the way. Be sure to get my Free "20 Essential Photoshop Elements Tip" videos and printable cheat sheets here: http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/tips.html
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Photoshop Elements Slimming Technique
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/tips.html Look Skinnier with Photoshop Elements. It's easy and the results look natural!
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Photoshop Elements Tutorials- Sepia Tone
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/tips.html Use Photoshop Elements to create a classic Sepia Tone. This technique gives your photos a sophisticated look borrowed from the past. Visit http://essential-photoshop-elements.com for more free content.
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Change Background Color With Photoshop Elements. A Quick And Easy Tutorial Shows How To Do It
Probably the quickest way to change the background color of a photo with Photoshop Elements is to use the method shown in this video. To see a related Tutorial of this go to: http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/change-background-color.html Or, if you want to see all the Photoshop Elements Tutorials I have available go to: http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/photoshop-elements-tutorials.html First you have to make an accurate selection of the background of your photo. Usually the Quick Selection Tool does a good job. I was surprised that with this photo I got my selection done faster using the Magic Wand Tool. After getting the selection you just go to the Layers Panel and click on the "Create a New Fill Or Adjustment Layer" icon and choose the first item in the pop-up list which is "Solid Color..." That will bring up the Color Picker Dialog where you can pick the color that you want to use as your new background color. You should also check to make sure you have a nice smooth transition to your new color. If the edges are too sharp you can soften them by blurring your Layer Mask. Once you have that Solid Color Layer you can easily change to any other color you might want your background to be by double-clicking on the Layer to bring up the Color Picker and then choosing a new color. Instead of a solid color background you might want to show the detail from your original photo. In that case you just change the Layer Blend Mode from "Normal" to " Color." The effect of that is more like putting a new color tint over the background of your photo.
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Adjustment Layers in Photoshop Elements Part 2
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/tips.html In this 2nd Part of Adjustment Layers in Photoshop Elements you see a side-by-side comparison of different ways of making a move and how much better Adjustment Layers are.
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How To Add A Smile With Photoshop Elements
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/tips.html You can add a smile to a grumpy-looking subject with Photoshop Elements. The secret for beleivable results is knowing how to use the Liquify Filter. Check out how quick and easy it is.
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How To Use Layers In Photoshop Elements
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/photoshop-elements-tutorials.html Layers in Photoshop Elements are probably the most important feature in this photo editing program. If you're avoiding Layers because they seem too complex, this short video will give you a good basic understanding of how Layers work.
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Layer Masks In Photoshop Elements
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/photoshop-elements-layers.html This video is geared towards beginners to Layer Masks in Photoshop Elements. Finally understand what Layer Masks are and how to use them.
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How To Put A Person Into A New Photo
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/put-a-person-into-another-photo.html Photoshop Elements has tools that make it fairly easy to take a person from one photo and put them into a different photo.
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Add A Border With Photoshop Elements
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/add-a-border.html A quick and easy way to add a border around your photos using Photoshop Elements.
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How To Use The Healing Brush In Phototshop Elements
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com Photoshop Elements Healing Brush is a must-know Tool for your editing arsenal. Works similar to the Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop Elements but it adds some intuitive blending for great results. Watch this video to see when and how to use the Healing Brush. You'll also see it's major drawback and how to work around it.
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Photoshop Elements Tutorials- Size For Prints
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/tips.html Use Photoshop Elements to make sure your photos print at the best quality.
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Photoshop Elements Put Photo Inside Type
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/photoshop-elements-tutorials.html Photoshop Elements makes it easy to put a photo inside of type. See all the details clearly explained in this video.
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Photoshop Elements Tutorials- How To Add A Frame
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/tips.html Photoshop Elements comes with hundreds of frames that you can use to put around your photos.
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Remove a Person from a Photo with Photoshop Elements 13, 14
Step-by-step written version: http://bit.ly/2bzpa7h Use Photoshop Elements 13 or 14 to Remove a person from a photo with amazing speed and accuracy.
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Photoshop Elements Lasso Tool Selection Secrets
Photoshop Elements Lasso Tool is a great Selection Tool. It allows you to make freehand selections on any part of your photo.
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How To Use Photoshop Elements to Clone
Use Photoshop Elements to Clone objects and/or people out of your photos. This video shows you exactly how to use the Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop Elements and which settings to use and why.
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Photoshop Elements: Content Aware Move Tool
The Content-Aware Move Tool in Photoshop Elements can move people and objects around in your photo. It not only moves stuff but then it fills in the area where the object was originally. Plus the Content-Aware Move Tool blends the item into its new position. It does an amazing job but sometimes you need to go in and do a little touchup with the Clone Stamp Tool. Check out my tutorial for using the Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop Elements: http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/clone.html
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Photoshop Elements Magic Eraser Tool
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/tips.html Magic Eraser Tool in Photoshop Elements works like the Magic Wand Tool except it removes a photo's background and changes it to transparent.
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Photoshop Elements 9-Super-Fast Cloning
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/tips.html By combining the Spot Healing Brush with this keyboard shortcut you can remove unwanted objects from your photos with just 2 clicks of the mouse! Go to http://essential-photoshop-elements.com for lots more info on Photoshop Elements.
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Photoshop Elements Tutorials- Make Gradient Text
http://essential-photoshop-elements.com Use Photoshop Elements to fill any text with a gradient. This technique is very quick and easy to do and allows for lots of different options. Visit http://essential-photoshop-elements.com for more free content.
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Make A New Background With Photoshop Elements Part-2
Written version: http://bit.ly/1DnY1Lq This is Part-2 of a 2-part tutorial that shows exactly how you can make a new background for your photos with Photoshop Elements. Check out Part-1, here's the link: http://youtu.be/65eqwKwrnuE And there's lots of different options for your new background. From a solid color to a completely different photo. In this video you'll discover the different kinds of options and the different areas of Photoshop Elements where you can go to find your new background.
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Change a White Background to Color with Photoshop Elements
With Photoshop Elements it's quick and easy to change a plain white background to any color you want.
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Lighten Skin Tones with Photoshop Elements
You can easily lighten skin tones with Photoshop Elements. This video shows how easy it is to target exactly the parts of the skin that you want to lighten. There are also lots of tips and tricks along the way. Photo by Joseph Pérez on Unsplash
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Using The Eraser Tool-Photoshop Elements Tutorial
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com Here's how the Eraser Tool works in Photoshop Elements. This video was made with Photoshop Elements 10.
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Text on a Circle with Photoshop Elements
See the Text On A Circle step-by-step tutorial on my website: http://bit.ly/2e8GNMx See exactly how to make your text follow a circular path. Clear and concise instructions that even a beginner can follow.
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Photoshop Elements Tutorials- Grunge Effect
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/tips.html With Photoshop Elements it only takes a few quick steps to achieve the Grunge Effect
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Photoshop Elements Tutorial Removing Unwanted Objects - Items Photoshop Elements 9, 10, 11, 12
Click the link below for a written version of this tutorial. Get your free cheat sheet for the Spot Healing Brush at the bottom of the written tutorial! http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/spot-healing-brush.html Photoshop Elements Tutorial Removing Items With Photoshop Elements. In this Photoshop Elements tutorial, I will show you how to easily use the Spot Healing Brush Tool . You will learn how to quickly remove blemishes like acne and moles. Get rid of dust and distracting wires from your photos.
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Adjustment Layers in Photoshop Elements Part 1
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/tips.html Adjustment Layers have many advantages. In this video we'll look at how to make Adjustment Layers and exactly what they are.
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Photoshop Elements 10 Easy Depth of Field
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/photoshop-elements-tutorials.html New in Photoshop Elements 10 is the Depth Of Field technique. It's in the Guided Edit section of Elements which means it's easy to implement. I'll also show how you can touch it up a bit if you need to.
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Photoshop Elements Tutorials- Paste Into Selection
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/tips.html You know how the Paste command works in Photoshop Elements. But if you know how to use Paste Into Selection it gives you all kinds of new options when doing photo editing. Go to http://essential-photoshop-elements.com for lots more info on Photoshop Elements.
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How To Create A Vignette With Photoshop Elements
If you use Photoshop Elements 11 or newer you can add a nice vignette to your photos in about a minute using "Guided" edit. But if you have an older version of Photoshop Elements or you want a more custom vignette, you can do that pretty easily too. You'll see how to do each technique in this video.
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Install Brushes In Photoshop Elements
See the step-by-step written tutorial of this on my website: http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/install-brushes-in-photoshop-elements.html Photoshop Elements comes with lots of different Brushes installed in the program. You can add additional Brushes to Elements that you download from the internet or that you create yourself. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how easy it is to install additional Brushes. This is Part 1 of a 3 part series on adding and using Brushes in Photoshop Elements.
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Photoshop Elements Picture-In-Picture Effect
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/tips.html We will learn how to frame a picture inside a picture with this Photoshop Elements tutorial. This is a very versatile and clever effect.
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Add A New Sky Behind Trees
Written version: http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/new-sky-behind-trees.html See how to add a new sky behind trees with Photoshop Elements. It can be tricky to add a new sky in between all the small leaves and branches of a tree. Follow along as I create a mask to get around this problem.
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How To Use Actions In Photoshop Elements 15, 14, 13, 12, 11
See how to use Actions with Photoshop Elements. Download my free Action: Here's the link to download the action: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6_vf9zXUPvYS2VfaHJSZ2lxblE/view?usp=sharing Skin Smoothing Tutorial: https://youtu.be/9Iq9TSskymg
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Auto Selection Tool Photoshop Elements 2018
The Auto Selection tool was added to Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018. This video shows how to use the Auto Selection tool and what the different options are for it. Here's a link to a written version: http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/auto-selection-tool.html How to use the Lasso Tool in Photoshop Elements: https://youtu.be/ON-Kwr2PkUM How to use the Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop Elements: https://youtu.be/CFioBL5mqvE?t=50s
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Put a Stroke Around a Feathered Oval with Photoshop Elements
Link to written version of tutorial: http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/stroke-around-a-feathered-oval.html Why put a stroke around a feathered oval? Making a feathered oval around your subject is a nice technique. Sometimes you might feel the need to tie it together a little more so that it doesn't look like it's floating out there on the background all by itself. If you put a stroke around a feathered oval it helps to do just that.
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Photoshop Elements Tutorials- Straight Lines
http://www.essential-photoshop-elements.com/tips.html You can easily draw perfectly straight lines with the Brush tool in Photoshop Elements...if you know this little secret. Go to http://essential-photoshop-elements.com for lots more info on Photoshop Elements.
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Photoshop Elements - Black and White with Some Color
See the illustrated written version of this tutorial: http://bit.ly/1Nw3mS2 Use Photoshop Elements to make a photo black and white with some color.
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