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What if Bruce Lee Competed in the UFC
The age-old question. Ask anyone who is remotely interested in martial arts, especially UFC champions themselves and they will list above all others Bruce Lee as their main inspiration. And as a personal role model of mine; let me shed some light on what I think he would have been like if he was born today. http://scastproductions.blogspot.co.uk/
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Sam Raimi's Delta 88 Classic
The director best known for the Spider-Man trilogy and Evil Dead films has had a certain somebody cameo in all his films -- and its not Bruce Campbell. ► https://www.youtube.com/user/MikeyWilzyPictures?sub_confirmation=1 ► www.mikeys-movies.blogspot.com ► www.mikeysmovies.com
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Exposing Steven Seagal - The Great Pretender
I hate. hate, hate Seagal. Yes, that does make be bias and prejudice. But really; when you look at his celebrity, you cant help but see, there is no good reason to celebrate this hack. You know who you are! As part of explained movie series, this video applies to any and all films featuring Seagal. I realize months in advance I have spelt exposing wrong. nothing I can do about it know, except own it. http://scastproductions.blogspot.co.uk/
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Sam Raimi's Spider-Man
I always wanted to make a video on Raimi's trilogy ever since I made my first video essay. I grew up on these films so its kind of a bias opinion, but I think Sam Raimi is brilliant and his hero trilogy is such a great example of how to do it right and (the third film) wrong! I also go over his Evil Dead trilogy. Because why not.
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Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy
I had to edit this video down from a half an hour to fifteen minutes because of copyright trolling. I thought I'd never get it published as it took me a month of editing and uploading. An in-depth look at one of my favourite filmmakers incomplete trilogy. Hellboy. I review the films and go on to talk about del Toro's ability to make personalised commercial films and how Hellboy highlights his arch as a filmmaker in becoming more comfortable inside studio system and still keeping his individuality as a leading director. There is a lot missing in this video.
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Signs - The Demon Theory
► Really underrated film because of M. Nights reputation. I like nearly all his films so I thought I would shed light on his most overlooked one. Signs Explained!
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What If Jim Carrey Played The Joker
An old video essay from my archive files that I re-edited and finished in hopes it will find its place on here as a huge fan of Jim Carrey since I was a kid. In this video I practically run over about 4 or 5 of Jim's underrated comedies and ask the question what would his Joker look like among over things. Basically a big old brain dump on my favourite comedic actor.
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Exposing Bruce Willis  - The Soul Crusher
► Soul crushing to work with - Kevin Smith
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Christopher Nolan - Are You Watching Closely?
(RE-UPLOADED) I've been busy with personal things lately, so I found this little gem in the video vault; I am currently working on five big videos that are taking me some time to smooth over. Will return soon. A video on the great Christopher Nolan -- Enjoy Video made in 2016.
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Inside the Coen Brothers
A lengthy essay on ten of the Coen Brothers films. Each film I highlight an aspect of their work that defines them like the story structure, generic convention, sound and music, actors and what the future holds for the brothers films.
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Exposing George Lucas - The Rogue Creator
► A look what happened when George Lucas made Star Wars Episode I - and its repercussions on a franchise that was abandoned by its creator.
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Resident Evil: The Trashterpiece
Recently I found the light at the end of the tunnel in Paul W.S. Anderson's films. I thought I''d share why he mistakenly not just bad, but the most important B-Movie director working inside the industry.
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The Matrix - A Hard Pill to Swallow
Writing this essay as I had written a draft once before that had the complexity and the paradox of the film ingrained in that video that was forty minutes long and full of mistakes; I came to the assumption after almost a year away from You Tube to return I would work on a video that would take time, patience and the ability to make the complex look simple and understandable. I can say as I write this I know it is gonna take me a long time to write, construct and above-all edit these videos. I would only hope it holds some fruit. I got this idea like a lightning bolt; and I have scrapped my original format for this video that was in four parts for a simpler look at the Matrix; particularly one specific scene. I may make another three of the these, or I may take another year off youtube.
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Exposing Michael Bay - The Pyromaniac
► why everyone hates Michael Bay and his Transformers series. Song: https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads/your-the-best-vlog-music ^^^^^^^^^Follow Dj Quads on SoundCloud. ^^^^^^^^^^^
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The Repeater or: How I Learned to Like The Terminator
I had three different video's that were going nowhere, so I stuck them together and created this. Not sure if you can tell. Rather than delete the videos I thought I'd just combine them. The film used as a comparison for the Matrix is called World on a Wire and the films I compare with First Reformed is called Winter Light.
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