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New York Times Square: Amazing Artist With Spray Paint
This guy just does a perfect painting in just 5 Minutes using only spray paint, spatulas and kitchen pots and pans. Amazing Artist in New York Times Square, a painting done by Spray Paint, awesome talent. A must watch video.
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Put Down The Phone And Look At Me - JW Broadcast | JW.Org
Look at Me Lyrics JW Broadcasting - October 2017 Think—think outside the box. Be someone who talks. Don't waste away behind that tiny screen 'Cause you know that there's much more to life Than friend requests and likes. Think of all the things we haven't seen. Well, you— You'll never see them if you're focused on the superficial. You need real friends, if you know what I mean. Look at me, Can you see What I see? Around the world, this happy family. Look at me. Do you know What I know? That you belong. Put down the phone, and look at me. Take—take the time to see. See what others see. Don't trade that plastic box for all your friends. You can make friends you know are true, Who love Jehovah too, Who'll stand right by your side until the end. But you— You'll never meet them if you're focused on the superficial. You need real friends, if you know what I mean. Look at me, Can you see What I see? Around the world, this happy family. Look at me. Do you know What I know? That you belong. Put down the phone, and look at me. Put down the phone, and look at me. Don't let it play you for a fool. What you're getting could be fact or could be fiction. Life in the cloud can be so cruel. Why don't you come back down to earth, converse, and reverse the addiction? Put—put down your device 'Cause if you don't think twice, The best in life will surely pass you by. Look, listen, taste, and touch— The things we love so much Have been here all along. All you need to do is Realize what's in your hand is only superficial. You've got real friends, if you know what I mean. Look at me, Can you see What I see? Around the world, this happy family. Look at me. Do you know What I know? That you belong. Put down the phone, and look at me. Can you see What I see? Around the world, this happy family. Look at me. Do you know What I know? That you belong. Put down the phone, and look at me.
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Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 Key
This key is only for Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 Do Like and Share this Video :D Cheers :D
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तेरा वचन है अटल (Your Words Endure Forever - Hindi) - JW Broadcast Music - JW.Org
English Lyrics: They looked up at the stars With godly fear in their hearts. They thanked their God up above For revealing to them his love. So you gave them your name, A Kingdom hope to proclaim. They’re words preserved for our day. They’re faithful words to show us the way. They loved you from their heart, And they were proud to play their part​— को Approved by you to preserve your Word, Wrote it down so you would be heard. (CHORUS) Your Word endures forever, And your sayings are, oh, so deep. The good news you declare is a breath of fresh air, And your sayings I just want to keep. 2. Oh, whatever your enemies tried, They could not silence you. Your loyal ones who loved your Word Kept their faith, integrity too. And when they tried to ban their Bibles, They were prepared to give their lives. For so strong was their faith and the witness they gave, Not one of your words was erased. (CHORUS) And so your Word endures forever, And your sayings are, oh, so deep. The good news you declare is a breath of fresh air, And your sayings I just want to keep. 3. And you told us your name is Jehovah. In your Word it’s plain to see. So your name will endure, All your words will come true, And we’ll praise you all of our days. (CHORUS) So your Word endures forever, And your sayings are, oh, so deep. The good news you declare is a breath of fresh air, And your sayings I just want to keep, All of my days.
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Remember the Wife of Lot—Part I
Remember the Wife of Lot​—Part 1 - JW.Org How is a modern-day Christian family torn between being loyal to God and striving for riches? The warning Jesus gave nearly 2,000 years ago is more important than ever. See how Brian and Gloria learn to protect their family from the dangers Jesus warned about. Copyright © 2017 Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania.
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I Sing To You | JW Music November 2017 Broadcasting | Lyrics
JW Broadcasting Music Video-November 2017 Inspired by Your Wonders I hear the birds singing out to the sunrise. I see the strars fading away in the morning light. Golden sun shines on down through the treetops, Where there is a summer breeze that whispers so soft. *And I sing, "O Jah, Jehovah my God, The work of your hands fills us with awe." I stare at the stars, Wondering how you care who we are. I see your wonders, and I sing to you. I see your wonders, and I sing to you. I sing to you. These wonderous, moving, breathing creations- Oh, in the night, in the day- can you hear what they say? From mountaintops to the bottoms of oceans, Let ev'ry living thing sing out to your praise. *And I sing, "O Jah, Jehovah my God, The work of your hands fills us with awe." I stare at the stars, Wondering how you care who we are. I see your wonders, and I sing to you. I see your wonders, and I sing to you. I sing to you. Looking past what we can see with our eyes, We will come to know more about the One who gave us life. *And I sing, "O Jah, Jehovah my God, The work of your hands fills us with awe." I stare at the stars, Wondering how you care who we are. I see your wonders, and I sing to you. I see your wonders, and I sing to you. I see your wonders, and - I sing to you. I see your wonders, and - I sing to you. I see your wonders, and - I sing to you. I sing to you. I sing to you.
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Why Smiling Can Change Your Life - the 5 Letter Word that increases the Face Value
Beautiful Video that will make you smile and make you think logically our day today life. Problems in life Will Come, But Smiling should never stop. With English Subtitle. God has beautiful plan, Keep Smiling! Make sure to watch the full - Share if you like & Subscribe.
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Truly in Love JW Broadcasting - JW Music Video
Having Jehovah God in your marriage will make it strong! JW Broadcasting Lyrics: There is a gift that comes from above, A lovely gift called being in love. When two hearts begin to beat as one, Then a wonderful time has begun. (CHORUS) It’s simple, so easy. And it’s something we know. With a threefold cord, Love will grow. With Jehovah to guide us in all that we do, How I love to be truly in love With someone like you, Someone like you. 2. Trials will come our way, But our love will grow stronger each day. We will build a bond that no one can break. We will build a love that no one will take. No, no, no one, no. (CHORUS) It’s simple, so easy. And it’s something we know. With a threefold cord, Love will grow. With Jehovah to guide us in all that we do, How I love to be truly in love With someone like you, Someone like you. (BRIDGE) Nothing can destroy our love. This precious gift is from our God up above. Exclusive devotion​—‘love’s as strong as death.’ You are “bone of my bones”; you are “flesh of my flesh,” Such an excellent woman in all that you do. I will spend all my life loving you. 3. I want you to know how I feel ’Cause my love for you is so very real. I bless the day you came into my life. I bless the day I made you my wife. Yes, I do. (CHORUS) It’s simple, so easy. And it’s something we know. With a threefold cord, Love will grow. With Jehovah to guide us in all that we do, How I love to be truly in love With someone like you, Someone like you. How I love to be truly in love With someone like you.
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Palghar District Bodybuilding Championship | Final Bodybuilding Posing
Dhrmavir Shree Wada 2018. Final Pose for the Winner of competition of 2018 held at Wada Palghar District of Maharashtra.
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Face Cutting Artist at Saturday Night Market Goa (Exact cutting, Flawless) Must Watch Talent
I was in the Saturday Night Market in the Second week of Feb. Happen to see this amazing talent this guy had. He made face cuttings in just few minutes without a mistake. His cuttings were just perfect. Watch the video to see how he does real face cutting. amazing craft talent.
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Palghar District Bodybuilding Championship | Final Bodybuilding Posing
Dhrmavir Shree Wada 2018. Final Pose for the Winner of competition of 2018 held at Wada Palghar District of Maharashtra.
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Choices  - JW.Org Broadcast | JW Music
Lyrics: Caught up in circles. I don't know which way to turn. My heart rules; Had my head fooled. Too late, I've fallen in love. To do what's right is a constant fight. Don't want to let my heart decide. I want God's Word to be my guide. It's so hard to break free. This desperate heart inside of me. Makes wrong feel right and right feel wrong, But Jehovah makes me strong. He says, "Know that I love you "I don't want to lose you. Trust in me in all you do. I'll be here to help you through." (But are you making the right sacrifices?) Our life is shaped by the choice we make. We have to realize what's at stake. Right from the start, It's a war for our heart, But it's ours to give away. To safeguard it means our life. Looking back, the choice I made To do things Jehovah's way, Seemed so hard, emotion's strong, But Jehovah helped me along.
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Sushant Tanaji Shelar in Bodybuilding Competition from S2 Fitness Wins the 1st Place in 60Kgs Weight
Sushant Tanaji Shelar from S2 Fitness GYM Koparkhairne Navi Mumbai - Wins the 1st Place in 60Kgs Weight on Sunday 3-Sep-17 evening. Another great achievement to his profile. He has been absolutely passionate in fitness and bodybuilding ever since his teenage days. He is a coach/trainer and personal training at his own GYM in Koparkhairne known by the name S2 Fitness. He has been running this GYM for the past 3 years. He looks forward to make a great progress in FITNESS and NUTRITION industry. He also has been inspiring many young guys who have joined his GYM in Koparkhairne. Born and raised in Mumbai City, he aims to be Aspire and Inspire.
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What's a Real Friend - JW.Org | JW Broadcast
What's a real friend? Can friends be toxic? How to look for a friend who you can trust. Do you have a trusty friend? Be smart and make a smart decision. In this video learn how to make good friends, how to understand who is your real friend. Choose wisely.
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Aakriti Grover at India Beach Fashion Week
Fashion Designers Flirtatious is a brand started in 2013 by designer Aakriti Grover from Istituto Marangoni, Milan. An uber-chic swimwear brand, now also everyone’s favorite, Flirtatious, believes in making its customer feel stylish, chic and in-line with the contemporary trends. Inspired by “bright styles and breezy vibes”, the brand also holds a beachwear line for the urban customer, who’s in for making a seaside statement. Uplifting colours, plush fabrics and cutting edge silhouettes. Flirtatious adds an exquisite touch to the idea of affordable luxury! India Beach Fashion Week is one of the most sought-after fashion festivals of India today! Currently in its fourth season, India Beach Fashion Week 2017 is going to be three days of absolute creative madness in Goa that will define the trends in beach, resort and bridal couture for the coming season. Source: Source: https://mytoch.com/ibfw.html?id=0
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Sushant Shelar Tag #110 - Bodybuilding Posing Competition Held at Wada - Palghar District
Mr. Sushant Shelar from Koperkhairne - Navi Mumbai, S2 Fitness Gym, a very enthusiast and crazy for bodybuilding, posing at the Wada Body Building Competition held in Palghar District on the 10th Feb 2018, Saturday. He won the 4th Place in the 80 KG Category. He also loves to help others in the fitness industry by sharing his knowledge and best practices. For many Sushant has been a role model in his very own GYM S2 Fitness. He sets a good example for the youngsters in the fitness industry. Sushant Shelar has been training very hard over the years and never backs-down by keeping him self highly motivated throughout. Subscribe to this Channel for more Updates!
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Maaz Khan Tag #29 - Bodybuilding Posing Competition Held at Tilak Nagar Mumbai
Maaz Khan Tag #29 a young Bodybuilder inspired by many takes part in the Bodybuilding Posing Competition on the 3rd September 2017 held at Tilak Nagar. Watch him in this video proudly Posing, representing the S2 Fitness Club Koparkhairne. He has been working out absolutely hard at the S2 Fitness Club Koparkhairne aspiring his dreams. Maaz Khan has been driven by passion for Fitness and inspires many.
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Ding Dong Christmas Bells are ringing (Funny Dance make sense - Must watch this Hilarious talent)
Funny Christmas bells are ringing. Nice presentation with creative mind. Watch these guys while the Christmas Bells Rings melodiously. Really Well Synchronization and special effects. Must watch and share. Subscribe for more funny videos.
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Facilitators Training at Maersk GSC Airoli - with the concept of 4Cs
Best way to Teach Adults. Adults have a different way of learning than kids in school. 4Cs concept and Pareto Theory of 80/20: Connections Concept Concrete Practice Conclusion A facilitator is someone who engages in the activity of facilitation. They help a group of people understand their common objectives and assists them to plan how to achieve these objectives; in doing so, the facilitator remains "neutral" meaning he/she does not take a particular position in the discussion.
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Why Did God Create the Earth  - JW.Org | JW Broadcast
World is filled with breath taking beauty. A unique planet in the universe. Who created it? or Did it just exist? Who controls the system? Watch this amazing video to know why earth is the only unique and beautiful planet and what happened to the earth now.
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Lessons From the Book of Job—Natural Forces | JW Broadcast
Natural Forces. The four types of invisible pressure consisting of strong and weak nuclear, electromagnetic and gravitational forces that are produced naturally and studied by physics. Video explains the Natural Forces on EARTH: Thunderhead Clouds, Lightning. Ocean Waves. What controls the motion of the start? Gravity.
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Think Past the Drink
Many people equate drinking with having a good time. But the bibles says that the alcohol can bite like a snake. Are there laws on alcohol where you live? If so, you can be fined, lose your freedom to drive, or even go to Jail. Alcohol can make you later regret. An intelligent person sees trouble coming and avoids it. Stop and think about consuming excessive alcohol or making it a habit, or drinking at the wrong place or wrong time.
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Remember the Wife of Lot—Part II
Remember the Wife of Lot - Part II - JW.ORg The warning Jesus gave nearly 2,000 years ago is more important than ever. See how Brian and Gloria learn to protect their family from the dangers Jesus warned about. What could blur our spiritual vision and cause us to compromise spiritual and moral values? Watch in this part II. Copyright © 2017 Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania.
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Think You Are Going Nowhere in Life? This One For You!
We all run our own race in our timeline. Remember that we cannot run for someone or with someone, we'd not make it. Watch this motivational video and understand, not to disappoint your self when others have made it, you are still on your way to get there. Keep Going, there is no STOP! Life is certainly not on the same phase for everyone, but in it's own timezone. You are in your own timezone. Like Subscribe Share.
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Fitness Coaching & Demo with Sushant Shelar - Trainer & Bodybuilder (Marathi Edition) @ S2 Fitness
Sushant Shelar with passion for Fitness and Healthy Living from Koperkahirne, Navi Mumbai India conducts a session on Fitness and correct techniques of Lifting Weights at his Own GYM - S2 Fitness. This session explains basic Fitness & Nutrition and Few Lifting Techniques & Demo. He is passionate about FIT LIFE and love to help others staying fit and helping with clean eating habits. He thoroughly guides on correct weight lifting techniques and helping to develop good muscles (muscle building) while eradicating high fats (fat loss) from the body. Fitness means being able to perform physical activity. It also means having the energy and strength to feel as good as possible. Getting more fit, even a little bit, can improve your health. Do watch this full video and leave a comment.
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Qawwali at Haji Ali Masjit Mumbai | Amazing Voices | True Singers
Visited Haji Ali for the first time and what found Qawwali at Haji Ali playing live. Never had seen such form of music live before and people placing the 10 Rupees Note for them to sing more. Superb Voices. Good to Know: Haji Ali Dargah is one of the most popular mausoleums in India. It is the mausoleum of Sufi saint Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari. Haji Ali is located on a small islet in the Arabian Sea. Built in 1431, the dargah or mausoleum is one of the most popular landmarks of Mumbai located in Worli. Over 30,000 people, cutting across religious faiths, visit the shrine every week. According to legends, the Sufi saint came to India to spread Islam. Before his death, he asked his followers to cast his body in a coffin into the sea and to bury it at the place where the coffin is found. The dargah is built on the small islet, where the coffin had rested. Built in Islamic style of architecture, the white domes and minarets are fine examples of Mughal style of architecture.
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S2 Fitness Koperkhairne with Sushant Shelar - Exclusive Sneak peak | Power-pack Workouts
S² Fitness Gym in Koperkhairne, workout with Sushant. He has experience more than 6 years in the fitness Industry. Sushant driven by passion for fitness, believes in: No excuses when it comes to fitness for life, Only hard work Or go home. He coaches in using the correct techniques while workouts and proper nutrition plan. One of the Best Gyms in Koperkhairne, Navi Mumbai. Fitness means being able to perform physical activity. It also means having the energy and strength to feel as good as possible. Getting more fit, even a little bit, can improve your health. Address: S² Fitness, City Enclave , First Floor , Opposite Allahbad Bank , sector 2A , KoperKhairane , Navi Mumbai. Follow the Page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Squarefitnessgym/
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Janmashtami - Dhai Handi near D-Mart Koperkhairne
Dhai Handi near D-Mart Koperkhairne. The boys just do amazing. This is an Indian tradition they follow every year. Janmasthami is the birthday of Lord Krishna and is a popular religious festival observed by Hindus. also known as Krishnashtami, Saatam Aatham, Gokulashtami, Ashtami Rohini, Srikrishna Jayanti, Sree Jayanti or sometimes merely as Janmashtami. Janmaashtami/ Gokulashtami ( Marathi- गोकुळाष्टमी ), popularly known in Mumbai and Pune as Dahi Handi, is celebrated with enormous zeal and enthusiasm. The handi is a clay pot filled with buttermilk that is positioned at a convenient height prior to the event. The topmost person on the human pyramid tries to break the handi by hitting it with a blunt object. When the handi breaks, the buttermilk is spilled over the entire group, symbolizing their achievement through unity. Handis are set up around the city, and groups of youngsters --called Govinda Pathaks -- travel around in trucks trying to break as many handis as possible during the day. Find me on https://www.facebook.com/nelvis.rodrigues Like and Subscribe!
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"Mummy Mhaka Tuje Vengent Dhor" A Small Konkani Skit/Tiatr
A small Konkani Skit for all the lovely mother's in the world. Title : "Mummy Mhaka Tuje Vengent Dhor" A Small Konkani Skit/Tiatr Story credit to Mr. Albert Content Editor : Melroy
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Around the Corner JW Broadcasting - JW.Org Broadcast | JW Music
You can hear the songbirds singing, F#m And you watch the clouds roll by. B7 Then you’re walking in the valley, E As the sun shines in a clear blue sky. A You’re welcoming your loved ones, G#m7 C# And you can’t believe your eyes. A B Yes this earthly Paradise, F#m B E Was just around the corner. F#m B E E There’s a house down in the valley, F#m And a house high on the hill. B7 There is singing by the river, E As the water flows and turns the mill. A The golden fields are waiting, G#m7 C# Let the harvesting begin. A B Once the world we’re living in, F#m B E Was just around the corner. A It’s great to share with friends who care, G#m7 C# The things that we look forward to. F# Now every tear has disappeared. B7 B The world is young, and life is new. E There’s a sound of happy voices, F#m And the scent of new mown hay. B7 Now you’re calling to your loved ones, E As you start another perfect day. A Then we thank our God, Jehovah, G#m7 C# For His tender loving care. A B Yes the blessings we all share, F#m B E Were just around the corner. A And ev’ry day I smile and say, G#m7 C# “How good to see your happy face!” F# ‘Cause once, it seemed, I only dream, B7 B That you’d be in my warm embrace. E Waiting ’round the corner, F#m Is a world I long to see. B7 It’s a promise from Jehovah, E It’s a guaranteed reality. D And it’s hard to get downhearted, G#m7 C# When I think of what’s in store. A B It’s the day I’m waiting for, F#m B E And it’s just around the corner. ENDING: |A…|B…|F#m B..|E…|
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King Hezekiah - O Jehovah, I Trust in You! JW.Org | JW Broadcast
What can you learn from Hezekiah about putting your full trust in Jehovah God? It is important for us to trust in Jehovah God both in good times and in bad. How did Hezekiah show he trusted in God? Watch this movie based on the Bible “O Jehovah, . . . I Trust in You” Hezekiah prays. It is important for us to trust in Jehovah both in good times and in bad. (Ps 25:1, 2) In the eighth century B.C.E., the Jews in Judah faced a crisis that tested their trust in God. What occurred provides many lessons for us. (Ro 15:4) After watching the video “O Jehovah, . . . I Trust in You,” how would you answer the following questions? What crisis did Hezekiah face? How did Hezekiah apply the principle found at Proverbs 22:3 when anticipating a possible siege? Why did Hezekiah not consider surrendering to Assyria or making an alliance with Egypt? How is Hezekiah a good example for Christians? What situations today test our trust in Jehovah?
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Singing for Survival | Mumbai Local Train | Talented Couple | Singing and Playing
LIKE + SHARE this video: I was traveling to work today and happen to see this couple get in the train. The guy was limping and had this instrument with him. The girl lovingly helped him get in the train. They stood just opposite to me and started singing. I really liked the tune he played so quickly recorded whatever I can. At the end just when they were done playing and singing the melodious song, they asked for money. These people and any one should not call them beggars. They are talented and using their talent they make money for living. They simply do not beg. Deserving reward should be given for a good job done. This was so much entertaining. People gave them like Rs.2 and Rs.5. Can you buy food with Rs.2 or 5? Such a shame! At least Rs.10 makes some sense. So here is the video I am sharing. You guys Watch, LIKE and please SHARE. I know every one shares videos of those who are famous artists and not these . . . Thank you! http://youtu.be/f1BX6o2RO1w Funny, Stand up comedy, Nights, day, Humor, Senses Awkward Situation in Train Bus Theater Cinema Kapil mall collage school hospital station office love boy friend girls kid childish must watch crazy craziest discovery National Television Indian Sharma Kapoor Women fighting and shouting to get into local train People risking their life while getting into train 2014 - Mumbai Local Train... real local train railway accident on tracks caught on camera Highly risky Accident Indian Railway Mira Road Dahisar Bhayandar Vasai Virar Dhanu Naigaon Nalasopara Borivali Andheri Joseshwari Malad Kandivali Goregaon Parle Santacruz Khar Road Bandra Mahim Matunga Dadar Mumbai Central Churchgate CST Shivaji Terminus Kurla Ajmer Nashik Nasik Igatpuri Kasara Ghat Delhi Mumbai Kolkata India Metro Train Mono Rail United States of America United Kingdom London Pakistan Saudi Arabia Dubai Oman Germany France Train Crossing Fatak traffic signal Fast Slow Train Suicide Coal Engine Locomotive Passenger Layout crossing railway track India 2013 Accidcent stunts video documentary funny fight speed working rush announcement Mega Block 31st Dec 2012 Andheri bound local train departing from CST Mumbai Harbour line! Mumbai Local Train Documentary Film By Lok Sabha TV Best video for the Mumbai Local Train mumbai local train vs express train Dangerous act by local boys Mumbai Local Train Accident 2013 Mumbai: 72 new local train in western railway Heavy Rains In Mumbai Western Local July 2013 Mumbai: New local coach for western railway Overcrowded Local Trains in Mumbai, India In Mumbai, Kejriwal's 'aam aadmi' travel by auto, local train [email protected] local trains move faster than mail trains near kanjur marg station india BRC WAP4 22541 'Cheetah' being chased by Mumbai local EMU. Train: 12490 DDR-BKN SF Exp Watch: Kejriwal travels in 'special' local train in Mumbai mumbai local train stunt youth died First time Dahanu MEMU train in Mumbai which is dominated by EMU local trains. Strange Train Enters Mumbai Suburban Region And Surprises People Arvind Kejriwal arrives in Mumbai, travels by Local train No more roof top travelling on mumbai local trains Raju Shrivastav - Mumbai Ki Local Train - Awesome Video Again A Boy Doing Stunt and Had Accident In Mumbai Local Train. Don't Try It Arvind Kejriwal takes local train to woo 'aam aadmi' in Mumbai How To Get Inside a Mumbai Local At Rush Hour!! mumbai local train very danger accident [email protected] 7 million people and mumbai local trains /part 1/new local trains,bombay, india Navi Mumbai : Local Train Accident bollywood hollywood
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How Can I Stop the Gossip - JW.Org | JW Broadcast
Gossip - may seem like harmless talk but Gossip can Hurt. Words can stab like sword. How can you improve in this? It's normal to talk about others, but how can you maintain the talk? Sometimes talk can turn ugly and damage a persons good reputation. When comments about others get sarcastic you know that the conversation is going in a wrong direction. Before, you talk about others, ask your self, Do I really know all the fact of others? is other person's reputation going to be damaged? what about your own reputation? Stop Gossip, by doing this, people around you will be happy and so is you.
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Australian Cricket Player (Phillip Hughes) Dies After Being Struck During Match
Australia team doctor Peter Brukner said he passed away in hospital, never regaining consciousness. Hughes, who also played for Hampshire, Middlesex and Worcestershire, was hit by a delivery from bowler Sean Abbott. "It's an understatement to say we're completely devastated," said Cricket Australia boss James Sutherland. "The word tragedy gets used too often in sport, but this freak accident is a real life tragedy." Australia captain Michael Clarke read out a statement on behalf of the Hughes family at a news conference held at St Vincent's Hospital, where the player, who would have been 26 on Sunday, was treated. Speaking on behalf of parents Greg and Virginia, sister Megan and brother Jason, he said: "We're devastated by the loss of our much-loved son and brother, Phillip. It's been a very difficult few days. A clearly emotional Clarke then stood up and left the room. Hughes, batting for South Australia, collapsed face first on the ground after being hit by a bouncer from 22-year-old Abbott during a Sheffield Shield game against New South Wales. Hughes had been wearing a helmet but the ball struck him at the top of the neck, causing the injury. He had CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation at the ground before being taken to St Vincent's Hospital, where he had a 90-minute operation to relieve pressure on his brain. Abbott and members of the Australian national team, including Clarke, visited Hughes in hospital. But his death was confirmed in a statement on Thursday. "It is my sad duty to inform you that a short time ago Phillip Hughes passed away," said Brukner. "He never regained consciousness following his injury on Tuesday. "He was not in pain before he passed and was surrounded by his family and close friends. "As a cricket community, we mourn his loss and extend our deepest sympathies to Phillip's family and friends at this incredibly sad time. "Cricket Australia kindly asks that the privacy of the Hughes family, players and staff be respected." Speaking at the news conference, Brukner explained that Hughes had died as a result of "vertebral artery dissection". He said the artery had been compressed, causing it to split and leading to a "massive bleed" into the brain. Brukner said the injury was "freakish", adding: "Vertebral artery dissection is incredibly rare. If you look in the literature, there is only 100 cases reported. There is only one previous example caused by a cricket ball." Dr Tony Grabs, who treated Hughes at St Vincent's, said scans had shown that the stricken cricketer needed surgery quickly to help get the pressure down in the brain. "He had extensive surgery to remove some of the skull from around his brain to help allow the brain to expand," added Grabs. However, his recovery did not go as hoped. "Over a period of the first 24 to 48 hours, he did not make very much improvement and unfortunately, as a consequence of the injury, he died,'' said Brukner. England batsman Nick Compton, whose friendship with Hughes was forged when the pair played cricket together in Sydney, said the cricketer had a "huge impact" on his career. "He was a very, very close friend of mine," said Compton, who shared a house with Hughes when the Australian played for Middlesex in 2009. "He was a cheeky, funny, positive guy. Looking back, I feel like he's made the most of his 25 years and it breaks my heart to think of a guy who I certainly thought would go down in the record books as one of the better run-scorers in Australian cricket. "I think everyone who played with him found him a complete revelation. He was a fantastic player, a real run-getter from a young age and he was really exciting." The England team also released a statement on Twitter, writing: "Our deepest sympathies go out to Phil Hughes' family, friends and team-mates at this incredibly sad time. "Phil was admired and respected by all he played with and against and will never be forgotten by the cricket community." Giles Clarke, the England and Wales Cricket Board chairman, said Hughes was "an extremely popular and hugely respected cricketer in England and Wales" and "will be missed throughout the world of cricket". Former England star Kevin Pietersen said Hughes was "growing and maturing into a magnificent cricketer". "He was on course to do some really great things for Australia," he said. "He had a brilliant start to his career, it's just such a sad loss." Indian icon Sachin Tendulkar, who played alongside Hughes in the Indian Premier League, added: "Shocked to hear about Phil. Sad day for cricket. Deepest condolences to family, friends and well wishers. RIP." Click to read more... Source [BBC News]: http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/cricket/30219440
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How Can I Earn More Freedom - JW.Org | JW Broadcast
You think if you had more time, you would have more freedom? To have good freedom, you must manage time wisely. Handle money responsibly. Following through the promises you make. Of course no one is perfect, so when you make mistakes, seek apology. Let know what mistakes were made and don't repeat. Trust is much harder to gain, but it's much worth it.
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Was It Designed—The Elephant’s Trunk | Pondering Upon Nature's Design
An elephant's trunk is the most conspicuous part of its body, but gaze upon an elephant skeleton and you'd never realize that such an appendage existed, as there are no bones to mark its presence. A fusion of the nose and upper lip, the trunk is an elephant's most versatile tool, used for breathing, smelling, touching, grasping, and producing sound. It's probably the most amazing body part in the animal kingdom! Here are seven facts you didn't know about elephant trunks: 1. Elephant trunks can lift up to 770 pounds! That's right, an elephant can hoist Ulambayaryn Byambajav, a 340-lb world champion sumo wrestler, like he was a bag of peanuts. 2. Elephants are the only animals that can snorkel without aid. By holding the tips of their trunks above the water's surface, elephants can traverse rivers totally submerged. They simply walk across the riverbed. 3. Elephant Trunks actually have "fingers." African elephants have two while Asian elephants only have one. That's why the former is able to grasp objects by pinching the opposing tips of the trunk while the latter must wrap its trunk round objects like a boa constrictor. 4. The elephant's trunk contains over 40,000 muscles, divided into as many as 150,000 individual units! Compare that to the human body, which contains a paltry 639 muscles, and you start to get an idea how intricate the appendage is. 5. Thanks to its trunk, an elephant sports a sense of smell up to four times as sensitive as a bloodhound's. It's been reported that an elephant can smell water several miles away! Key to this ability are millions of receptor cells housed in the animal's upper nasal cavity. 6. Humans have a body part similar to a trunk, and that's the tongue. (The nose, of course, is also analogous.) Both the tongue and the trunk are muscular hydrostats -- body parts composed almost exclusively of muscle tissue that utilize water pressure to move. These body parts have muscles oriented in many varied directions, which grant acrobatic maneuverability. 7. Elephant trunks are stunted at birth, then rapidly elongate over the course of a few days. Calves (elephant babies) aren't at all adept at using these complex appendages at first, so they often tread on their own trunks. Luckily for human children, they don't have to worry about tripping over their noses, only their feet.
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The Soundtrack: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Western Classic "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly " (Dec 1966) In the five decades that have followed, it has had a huge impact on cinema and popular culture. The soundtrack is widely considered as one of the greatest and most original film scores in history. Keith Lockhart conducts BBC Concert Orchestra performing Ennio Morricone's soundtrack to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly at the Royal Albert Hall. Use of Headphones recommend, it's a masterpiece.
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Sunburn 2015 GOA - Aftermovie (MiniClips)
Sunburn is a commercial EDM (electronic dance music) Festival held in the beach and party destination Vagator, Goa. It was previously in Candolim, Goa, India every year. It is considered to be Asia's largest music festival. The festival is an amalgamation of Music, Entertainment, Food and Shopping, and was ranked by CNN in 2009 as the 9th Best Festival in the World. The Festival is organized by Percept. Spread over 3 days, the festival has multiple stages with artists playing simultaneously. Sunburn Goa 2015 The 9th edition is another 4 day event at Vagator, Goa. Sunburn Goa's international ticketing partner, viagogo, announced that the festival has become one of the largest international music festivals in Asia, with people from more than 42 countries buying tickets on the viagogo platform. On November 24, 2015, the management of Sunburn Goa also released a statement citing this fact and proving to fans in India that they did not need to travel half way around the world to get the same experience as Festival Tomorrowland. Sunburn Goa 2015 is expected to draw the largest crowds since its inception.[8] This year's artist lineup will be equally lavish with over 120 artists like Sam Feldt, KYGO, Seth Troxler, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Martin Garrix, Kshmr, David Guetta, Dyro, Felix Jaehn, Zaeden and Art Department taking the stage. Skyscanner was announced as the Official Travel Partner for Sunburn Goa 2015 The 8th season saw ecstatic crowds entertained by superstar DJs including Axwell Ingrosso, Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Afrojack, Blasterjaxx, Knife Party, Sander Van Doorn, Krewella, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Jamie Jones, Sasha, Subfocus and many many more artists across 5 monolithic arenas / 3 mega festivals in India. Held in late December, Sunburn Goa is the perfect haven for those hoping to escape cooler climates and fully immerse themselves in world-class electronic music. Not only does Sunburn provide the perfect soundtrack to round-off the year, but festival goers can also let loose with a range of adrenaline powered activities such as bungee jumping, volleyball and zorbing, offering the ultimate holiday experience.
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Forgive One Another - JW.Org Broadcast | JW Music
Artist : Jw Broadcasting Song : Forgiving One Another Intro : Dm G C Am G Verse 1 : C Am Yes, you had the best of intentions F Dm G Kindnesses too numerous to mention C Am But thoughtless words just cut me to the heart F C Then, as a tear appears, I see Dm G C Things aren't what they seem to be Chorus 1 : Am Dm Before the sun slips from the sky, G C Am Let's be sure we both see eye to eye F We'll forget the things we said, E7 Am A7 And, please, let's forgive Dm G Sisters today, sisters we'll stay Verse 2 : C Am Getting along is not always easy F Dm G Angry words can bring you down, believe me C Am Then you find the reason to forgive, F C And now you realize it's true Dm G C Letting go's the thing to do Chorus 2 : Am Dm Before the sun slips from the sky, G C Am Let's be sure we both see eye to eye F We'll forget the things we said, E7 Am A7 And, please, let's forgive Dm G Brothers today, brothers we'll stay Brige : Dm G C Am Not one thing said or done Dm G C Am can break us up Love's a bond of unity Dm E Am Cancel the debt; forgive and forget Dm G C That's the way true friendship should be Chorus 3 : Am Dm Before the sun slips from the sky, G C Am Let's be sure we both see eye to eye F We'll forget the things we said, E7 Am A7 And, please, let's forgive Dm G Here in our hearts, that's where it starts C Am Wooooowooouuu Dm G C Bonded in love, forgiving one another
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How To prepair Delicious Chicken Momos. Chinese Snack | Momos recepie below.
Main Ingredients Chicken mince, Refined flour (maida) Cuisine - Chinese Course - Snack Level Of Cooking - Medium Preparation Time : 21-25 minutes Cooking time : 21-25 minutes Method: Step 1 Combine flour and salt in a bowl, mix well. Add sufficient water and knead into a soft dough. Combine minced chicken, spring onions, ginger, green chillies, garlic, soya sauce together and set aside. Step 2 Divide dough into sixteen small portions. Shape them into balls and roll out thinly. Put a teaspoon of the filling in the middle. Bring all edges together to the centre, making small tight pleats. Step 3 Pinch and twist the pleats to ensure that the momo is closed tightly. Steam in a steamer for about twenty minutes. Step 4 Serve hot with tomato-garlic sauce. - See more at: http://www.sanjeevkapoor.com/recipe/Chicken-Momos.html#sthash.uqRE32lI.dpuf
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Words Of Positivity - The Be Happy Project by Paras Tomar
Talking about self image and self actualization, in your day today life. Think about the use of your language no matter where you are, what the words you are using. What are the phrases you are constantly using? Are we cursing our future or making positive effects on our life? We have our own choice of words to use while we talk. The best is to use words of positivity. The the full video by Paras and understanding how can you make a difference to your life, when you talk to others, when you are in a meeting or when you talk to your friends at home or social gathering. Let us chose our words carefully and make a great difference to our self, to achieve the best in life. Be a positive person. - The Be Happy Project. Like | Subscribe | Share | Comment
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BMX Stunts | Freestyle BMX | Awesome Bike Stunts | Amazing stunt talent
Freestyle BMX is bicycle motocross stunt riding on BMX bikes. It is an extreme sport descended from BMX racing that consists of five disciplines: street, park, vert, trails, and flatland. These tricks take place in the air. Freestyle dirt BMX involves many air tricks. Tabletop: While in the air the rider will bring the bike up to one side of him/her by turning the handlebars and using body movement making the bike look like it is flat like the top of a table. Commonly confused with the trick, invert, which does not include much turning of the bars, but still executes the move in a tabletop manner. Superman: The rider removes both feet and extends them outwards to resemble Superman in flight. Superman seat grab: A variation of the superman where the rider takes one hand off and grabs the seat while extending their body before grabbing back on to the bars and landing Barspin: Spinning the handle bars one full rotation around while in the air and catching them. Tailwhip: The rider throws the bike out to one side while still holding onto the handle bars so that the frame goes 360° around the steering tube; the rider then catches the frame again and stands back on the pedals. Decade: Similar to the flatland decade, the riders throw themselves around the bike while still holding on the handlebars before coming back round to meet the bike and land on the pedals. Backflip: Both rider and bike do a backward flip while in midair. Frontflip: Both rider and bike do a forward flip while in midair. Flair: Both rider and bike do a backflip combined with a 180, to land facing back down the ramp. Usually performed on a quarter pipe. 180°: The rider and bike spin 180° in the air and land backwards, in what is called fakie (riding backwards). 360°: The rider and bike spin 360°. 540°: The rider picks up the bike and spins it 540 degrees. X-up: The rider turns the bars at least 180 degrees, so the arms are crossed and then turns them back. Can can: The rider brings a foot over the bike to the other side. No-footed can: The rider does a can can but takes the other foot off the pedal as well, so that both legs are on one side of the bike. Tire grab: The rider grabs the front tire. Toboggan: The rider takes one hand off the bars and grabs their seat, then returns their hand to the bars before landing. Tuck no Hander: The rider tucks in the handlebars and takes both hands off. Turn down: The rider will whip the bike out to one side and turn the handle bars into his or her legs wrapping them around their leg. Crankflip: The rider bunny hops and kicks the pedals backwards so the crank arms spin one full crank around and then the feet catch back onto the pedals to stop the cranks. ET: The rider is in mid air and pedals one full crank as though he is riding normally. TE: The rider is in mid air and pedals backwards one full crank quickly. Basically an ET, but in reverse. Bikeflip: The rider flips his bicycle without moving his body in mid air. Similar to a tailwhip. Truckdriver: The rider spins the bike 360 degrees whilst doing a barspin in mid air. Half cab: The rider fakies/rollouts and gives extra pedal pressure to pick up the bike and make a 180 degree rotation, completing the fakie, rollout. Full cab: The rider fakies/rollouts and gives extra pedal pressure to pick up the bike and make a 360 degree rotation, making the bike return in the same position, and having to finish the fakie/rollout. 540 cab: The rider fakies/rollouts and gives extra pedal pressure to pick up the bike and make a 540 degree rotation, with no need to finish to fakie/rollout. Nothing: The rider lets go of the handlebars and pedal at the same time in mid air. Suicide no-hander: The rider lets go of only the handle bars similar to a tuck no-hander, but rather stretches his/her arms out to the sides without tucking the bike. doubele peg stall: the rider going up the ramp spinning 90 and land on the pegs and balance. Variations and combinations of these tricks also exist, for example a 360° tailwhip would be where the rider spins 360° in one direction and the frame of the bike spins 360° around the steer tube, both bike and rider will then meet again, with the rider catching the pedals, facing the same direction as before the trick.
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Introduction to Nahum
The prophet Nahum was likely living in Judah when he wrote the book baring his name. Nahum's message focuses primarily on a single theme "The complete destruction of Assyrians City of Nineveh". Nineveh known for it's violence and brutality was referred to the city of bloodshed. The book of Nahum was completed sometime before 632 B.CE., the year Nineveh was destroyed. The book of Nahum contains 3 chapters.
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Asif Merchant at India Beach Fashion Week
Mr. Asif Merchant serves as Managing Director and Director at Catwalk Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. With focus on product design and development Mr. Merchant anchors retail & strategic planning for the business. With 30 years of experience in Indian footwear industry he governs designing, developing & implementing of all strategic plans for the organisation. Source: Source: https://mytoch.com/ibfw.html?id=0
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Introduction to Amos
Amos came from the Judian Town of Tekoa located to the South of Jerusalem. Amos hypothesized sometime from the 829 to 804 B.CE. during the reign of King Jeroboam II. The book of Amos has 9 Chapters. Jehovah uses humble people to do his work.
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Photograph Ed Shreeran - Cover Song by Nelvis Rodrigues
Photograph Ed Shreeran cover song by Nelvis Rodrigues. Still need more polishing in Voice but glad I could sing this one. just raw voice, no editing at all! Listen, Like, Comment and Share. Thank you
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Who’s in Control—You or Your Devices - JW.Org | JW Broadcast
We all use electronic devices for various other reasons. However, sometimes we may be addicted to the devices, and it can cost your Job, your Friends, or more. It's better to look out for more import things than just devices. Don't give up, take back control. 1. Stack the phone when you have your meal. 2. Set a Time Limit and stick to it. 3. Keep your devices away from site and drive. 4. Set aside a screen free evening. 5. Keep your tech out of your bedroom you'll sleep better. Remember to exercise self control all time, you'll enjoy more of your life.
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Make Your Relationship Last - The Be Happy Project by Paras Tomar
How to make your relationship last, Paras Tomar explains it beautifully in this video. Do leave a comment after you watch the full video. Maintaining Love Relationship sometimes becomes a torture to many. We always love to have the relationship bloom into a beautiful thing, but it may go in a different way altogether. No matter how much we fight in relation, we still love the person so much and we do not want to lose them. If we see them with someone it makes our heart bleed. But by experience we all learn by our mistakes. Watch the full video. Follow: The Be Happy Project - https://www.facebook.com/thebehappyproject Follow Paras on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/parastomar Follow Paras on Instagram @parastomar Make Your Relationship Last. No matter how long you've been together, there are some simple, fundamental rules of the road. Putting them into practice isn't always easy, but it is critical. Make your relationship stronger, and the good stuff—fun, sex, trust, affection—will be better than ever.
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Monica Richardson A Physician Explains Her Faith
Monica Richardson A Physician Explains explains how she came to believe that there is GOD behind the creation. She beautifully explains how the baby's respiratory system works when the baby is born. She also believes through the bible that life is cleverly designed.
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Introduction to Lamentations
Prophet Jeremiah composed the book of Lamentations shortly after witnessing the sage and destruction of Jerusalem by Babylon in 607 B.CE.
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