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Soundgarden - Pretty Noose - Drum cover
The bass drum fell off the pedal during the first attempt.
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Alice In Chains - Rooster - Drum cover
Staying perfectly timed with half beat hi-hat hits at this tempo is difficult.
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Alice In Chains - All Secrets Known - Drum cover
This album is so annoyingly loud it won't play with full quality on my windows media player
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Soundgarden - Ty Cobb - Drum cover
I don't feel like trying to think of a description right now.
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Pearl Jam - Spin the Black Circle - Drum cover
Used two mics instead of one. Sounds like I need to get some more bass drum out of the setup.
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Alice In Chains- Check My Brain - Drum cover (drums only)
There had to be a camera placement change due to drum set movement due to the necessity in finding a place for the electric drum set due to the necessity in assembling the electric drum set due to the need to sell it.
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Alice In Chains - Hate To Feel - Drum cover
Whatever this video might have, a description isn't one of them.
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Rage Against The Machine - Township Rebellion - Drum cover
Well...I don't know what to put here
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Alice In Chains - Love,Hate,Love - Drum cover
Somebody suggest something.
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Soundgarden - Zero Chance - Drum cover
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The National - Graceless - Drum cover
The magnets from a Neocube. Excellent for a highly customizable sizzle effect.
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Soundgarden - Switch Opens - Drum cover
Since description ideas are depleted and I don't like to see these say "No description available" in italics, I'm just going to stick random nouns in them.
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Soundgarden - Limo Wreck - Drum cover
I did not wear the same shirt three times in a row on purpose.
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Soundgarden - Never The Machine Forever - Drum cover
I have known, been trying to properly learn, and played this song for about a year and a half now, and I still have to fine tune the toms part.
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Soundgarden - Never Named - Drum cover
My bass drum head has been pack-a-punched, but now it's even more difficult to hear it through the microphone.
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Alice In Chains - Junkhead - Drum cover
First Alice In Chains song I learned.
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Soundgarden - Gun - Drum cover
The tempo change in this song is what makes it as awesome as it is.
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The National - Brainy - Drum Cover
I can see that I need to put some more flambouyance into my snare hits, but I've been having too much trouble with my timing on this song to pass up the relatively good auditory portion of this take.
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Alice In Chains - Rain When I Die - Drum cover
It rained on the day I recorded this. And it rains about three or four times a year where I live. I just thought it was interesting.
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Alice In Chains - Dirt - Drum cover (drums only)
Another stick broke.
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Soundgarden - The Day I Tried To Live - Drum cover
Which Soundgarden or Alice In Chains song next?
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Soundgarden - Overfloater - Drum cover
I think I was just a little heavy on the crashes in the chorus.
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Soundgarden - No Attention - Drum cover
...The tempo change in this song is what makes it as awesome as it is.
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Alice In Chains - We Die Young - Drum cover
I like the new hi-hat more
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Soundgarden - Spoonman - Drum cover (drums only)
Testing out the new mic location. I like it more.
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04 Cummins 1-6
Hauling a load of construction garbage. 9,000 lbs
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Alice In Chains - A Looking In View - Drum cover
It's nice to play again after being unable to for four days because of a wrist problem.
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The National - Fake Empire - Drum cover
It is my goal to upload videos at a quality level high enough to where I myself can watch them without a strong urge to leave the page. I'm getting closer, but am not quite there yet.
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Soundgarden - Kyle Petty - Drum cover
Le description
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Straight-Piped 92 12-Valve Cummins Five-Speed
Freshly Painted. This camera doesn't do this truck's sound justice.
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Temple Of The Dog - Your Savior - Drum cover
This song is full of really offbeat....stuff
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Soundgarden - Birth Ritual - Drum cover
I thought I was hitting the snare with a reasonable amount of force. It doesn't look like it. This took one take. Somehow.
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Soundgarden - Rusty Cage - Drum cover
Still out of description ideas.
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Soundgarden - Applebite - Drum cover
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Alice In Chains - Sickman - Drum cover
There is no need for a description
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Soundgarden - Kickstand - Drum cover
This too needs no description.
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Challenging Independence-Working Drum Pattern
This took a total of about four hours to figure out with both hands. It's a good exercise for somebody with a standard setup as it works left hand leading on the hi-hat. Unless I'm just amateur and this isn't actually difficult. It definitely was for me.
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Soundgarden - Karaoke - Drum cover redo
I did not like the first one
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Tool - The Grudge - Drum cover 2.0
The first attempt was waaay too sloppy. Even in this one the end is rushed. I also tried a new mic location.It picks the bass up better.
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The National - Squalor Victoria- Drum Cover
This one took one take, as opposed to Brainy, which I gave about five attempts a week for a few months.
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Soundgarden - Boot Camp - Drum cover
Well...no I still can't think of anything.
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